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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 25, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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on this saturday night, hate crime. a community in the heartland mourns for a man in india. the fbi wants to know if he was gunned down because of the way he looked. was he targeted. the son of muhammad ali. on arriving back home from overseas. casting doubt. a draft report by homeland security questions the threat posed by people from seven mainly muslim countries in president trump's contested travel ban. source of outrage. political leaks fuel a war between the president and the press. perspective tonight on how leaks are the currency of the capitol. the comeback facing the struggle of his life. the warm welcome home for a beloved member. the voice of the team.
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"nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with jose diaz-balart. good evening. we begin with new developments tonight in two incidents in this country that some are viewing as troubling signs of our times. one is being investigated as a possible hate crime. the shooting death of an indian immigrant who had gone to a bar in kansas this week for a drink after work. the other was being described as the prolonged questioning of the son of boxing legend muhammad ali who says he was detained at a florida airport. their lawyer directly linking this to president trump's efforts to ban some from entering the united states. we start with the killing in kansas and nbc's morgan rad ford. >> reporter: in kansas, a community in shock. >> hate has no purpose, it serves no purpose. >> police say 51-year-old adam purn continue opened fire
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in a bar killing one and wounding another. what the fbi is viewing as a possible hate crime. >> our role is work jointly with local law enforcement to determine if an individual's civil rights were violated. >> reporter: both victims were born in india and working for garmin. he yelled get out of my country before being escorted out of the bar and then returning with a gun. >> i've got two down with gunshot wounds to the chest. >> 24-year-old chased the shooter and was shot in the hand and chest. he did what anyone should have done. >> about his ethnicity. we're all humans. >> it was too late for one. leaves behind a grieving wife. >> what they're going to do to stop this hate crime. >> this is the latest in a series of suspected crimes targeting religious or
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ethnic minorities. on friday, a mosque was set on fire outside of tampa which authorities are also i investigating as a possible hate crime. in the past two months, 57 separate incidents in 24 states against jewish community centers proving an early test for the trump administration in how it handles such attacks. when asked whether the kansas shooting may be linked to any of trump's policies or rhetoric, sean spicer called any connection absurd. last week, president trump tried to deflect criticism over his response to anti-semitism. days later calling the attacks horrible. >> we have to fight bigotry, intolerance and hatred in all of its very ugly forms. >> reporter: a fight more personal for some. >> he did not deserve a death like this. >> reporter: overseas, mourners in india have rallied behind the families of the victims with a u.s. embassy condemning the attack and promising a
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thorough investigation. meanwhile, back home, he's being held on a bond charged with premeditated murder. earlier this month in florida, a lawyer for muhammad ali jr. says he was detained at the airport in ft. lauderdale. steve patterson spoke with the lawyer and has our report. >> reporter: for nearly two hours, muhammad ali jr. claims he was detained at the airport. family spokesman says ali jr. was repeatedly questioned by customs officials about his religion, origin and name. in a statement to nbc news, mancini said "the whole thing was triggered business his beliefs." this is only about religion, make no mistake about this. he's the son of late boxing legend muhammad ali. like his famous father, the 44-year-old is muslim. he was traveling from
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jamaica on february 7th with his mother. muhammad ali's second wife. mancini says she was questioned but not detained after showing customs agents a picture of herself with her late ex-husband. it's unclear why he waited foreign e. more than two weeks to share his story. ali jr. was never detained before and can find only one explanation telling nbc news, his father fought for his religious rights and now that trump is president, he has to fight. the cbp is profiling. u.s. customs and border protection say they cannot discuss individual travelers, however, all international travelers arriving in the u.s. are subject to inspection. ali jr. was born in philadelphia traveling on a u.s. passport with no criminal record. in 2014, he told the new york post he was then living in poverty and had lost touch with his father. mancini says ali jr. is now considering filing a lawsuit, possibly putting on the gloves for a legal
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fight. steve patterson, nbc news. with his travel ban still on hold, president trump is expected to issue a new executive order in the next couple of days. a new factor emerged in all of this. it raises doubts about the president's argument for the travel restrictions. kelly o'donnell reports from the white house on the latest. >> reporter: when president trump signed this executive order to restrict travel from seven mostly muslim countries, controversy and court challenges are not what he expected. but he wore that opposition as a badge of honor as a conservative gathering on friday. >> if it means people speak badly of me, it's okay. doesn't bother me. the security of our people is number one. is number one. >> reporter: however, a new challenge to his policy comes from inside the department of homeland security. a three-page draft document surfaced that undercuts the president's argument by stating at that country of citizenship
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is unlikely to be a reliable indicator of terrorist activity and finds that terror groups in only three of the seven countries, iran, syria and yemen pose a threat of attacks in the united states. while the other four countries have terror groups that remain regionally focused. the president is undeterred. >> we'll be taking brand new action to protect our people and keep america safe. you will see the action. >> reporter: white house officials called the draft report incomplete and that broader assessment is under way driven by data and intelligence and not politics. as the president wages his battle against the media -- >> we are fighting the fake news. it's fake. phony. fake. >> reporter: the president tweeted that he will break decades of tradition and skip the annual dinner that honors white house reporting. the same event where in 2011 donald trump was a punch line for barack obama. >> no one is prouder
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to put this birth certificate matter to rest than the donald. and that's because he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter. like did we fake the moon landing? what really happened in roswell? >> reporter: still another issue for the trump white house, darrell issa says a special prosecutor is needed to investigate the russian interference in the election and possible contacts with the trump campaign. isiah is a trump supporter but says jeff sessions is too close to the president to oversee this kind of investigation. jose? >> kelly, thank you. the president will lay out his vision when he addresses a joint session of congress on tuesday. nbc news will have live kerj at 9:00 p.m. eastern, 6:00 pacific. the democrats will chart their future. in atlanta, they elected a new chairman
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to guide the party forward as the trump presidency unfolds. more tonight from sara doll off. a new leader promises -- >> tom perez elected chair of the democratic party. >> we will all be able to say the united democratic party led the resistance, ensured that this president was a one-term president. >> perez was endorsed by former vice president joe biden quickly nominated his closest competitor. bernie sanders represented keith ellison was deputy chair. >> all for? opposed? >> an immediate effort to unify a party shaken by the hacking and leaking of dnc e-mails. hillary clinton's november loss and barack obama's retirement. >> is today a turning point for the democratic party? >> i think we're very excited about today. you see people all
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across america, there's more rallies today. we're ready to hit the ground running. >> perez faces a challenging political landscape. republicans control the house, senate and majority of the nation's governorships. >> there has to be major alterations. >> a scenario former dnc chair howard dean believes his party can overcome. >> we left, we have the house, senate and the presidency. this time, the chore is bigger. we have to integrate a new generation into politics. >> a first step. transforming waves of liberal protests on the streets. and frustration in town halls into long-term political gains. guiding grassroots activisms into voting booths come 2018 and beyond. >> reporter: and former president obama released a message of support for perez this evening. president trump also tweeted out his congratulations saying he could not be happier for perez or the republican party.
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jose? >> sara dal off, thank you very much. president trump voiced outrage about information leaked to the press and public. information he says is secret and confidential. yesterday he once again called stories based on this kind of information fake news. he is far from the first president to let political leaks get under his skin. as ron allen reports, they're part of how business has always been done in washington. >> reporter: the trump white house in a pitch battle against leaks. >> a source says that donald trump is a horrible, horrible human being. let them say it to my face. >> reporter: the president sounding much different from the candidate. >> wikileaks, i love wikileaks. >>. >> reporter: but leading to the resignation of michael flynn. battles with the intelligence community about leaks. leaks saying that the president stays up late alone tweeting and watching cable tv. >> what's unprecedented in this first month of the trump administration
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is the shear volume of it and coming from all directions. >> perhaps obama staffers with a grudge or trump aides jockeying for person. insiders say it's the way washington works. >> donald trump has always been in the business world. he always had the people who worked for him sign nondisclosure agreements. he doesn't have that in this situation. >> the most famous leaker, deep throat. a top fbi -- the reporter who broke the store that i led to nixon's resignation warning all sides to de-escalate. >> the bottom line is it's in no one's interest the trump white house or the media's interest to have some sort of war over these issues. >> the president now cracking down, asking the justice department to investigate leaks about russia's meddling in the election, perhaps following president obama who used a 1917 espionage law to prosecute more alleged leakers than any other president. >> it's not the way to solve the problem. and trump knows in.
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he's a negotiator. you have relationships with the press where you can deal with these things. >> washington would not work without leaks. it's like an engine without oil. >> i'm against the people that make up stories and make up sources. >> a president who, no doubt, will keep fighting back. ron allen, nbc news, new york. still ahead tonight, they risked their lives working for u.s. forces in battle and were prom
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in the uncertainty over president trump's crackdown. thousands who -- they were promised a pathway to a life in the united states for their service. nbc's joe ling kent reports on how some are being helped by a veteran who has made it his mission to get them out. >> iraqi war translators at a loss for words. >> welcome back brother. >> this joy tempered by -- from seven muslim countries. while the order is tied up in court, it's left translators who served with the u.s. military in limbo. >> janice saved my life by shooting dead two taliban fighters who were about to kill me in an ambush. >> in 2008, he was an afghan translator with army veteran matt zelers infantry unit.
6:47 pm
when he asked why he risked his life for a stranger? >> you are a guest in my country. this was my responsibility to save your life. >> after his tour ended, he threatened to kill him. he called his friend for help. >> i owe him a life debt. >> he got his comrade home on a special immigrant visa. this experience led them to start a charity to help former translator obtain visas and resettle in the u.s. by collecting donated furniture and move them in. >> you find them job, get them cars and start their life. >> they should be celebrated as veterans. >> the recently translators there share this house with families. >> here your life is safe. >> no one left behind has helped more than a,000 families in nine cities. >> they're trying to convince lawmakers and voters to an immigration ban does not lead to a safer country. >> diversity is our
6:48 pm
greatest strength. >> as for the travel ban. >> it doesn't mean this issue isn't settled. there's still 35,000 people in the pipeline awaiting a visa. >> these combat veterans are now family. >> the american people ought to be known as a people who welcome and thank the people who stood with us. >> a brotherhood forged in war for an ideal that needs no translation. jo ling kent, springfield virginia. how a big increase in gas prices has are your allergies holding you back
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it was an eerie scene in kuala lumpur, malaysia, 12 days after the murder of a half brother of north korean leader kim jong un. forensic teams dressed in haz-mat suits searching for the nerve agent that killed kim jong nam. he was attacked by two women who splashed his face with liquid. the women, one indonesian, and one vietnamese were detained along with a north korean man. in mexico, tensions are high with constant protests aimed at the mexican government and at president trump for his insistence that mexico pay for a border wall. some of the protesters have gone to the border with california forcing u.s. officials to close part of the busiest land crossing in the world. gadi schwartz is in tijuana mexico with more. >> for six weekends in
6:52 pm
a row, borders have temporarily -- a fear of protests like this. in january, mexican authorities in rows rita were overwhelmed by protesters. across mexico, outrage is being fueled by a spike in gas prices. riots over a thousand arrests and six deaths. so far the gas hike has forced mexicans to pay 20% more at the pump. it's led to spontaneous takeovers of toll roads in mexico. >> this group of protesters here took over this toll road, waving people through for free and they're tired of the government's corruption. >> demonstrators taking aim at the u.s. border and president trump for his threats to tax imports and make mexico pay for a wall. meanwhile, the mexican economy is struggling. for taxi drivers like
6:53 pm
francisco via dominguez, the latest gas crisis has him working more, six days a week and at least one 24-hour shift. >> why do you do this? >> my family. >> your family? >> yeah. >> mexican president nieto says the price increase was needed to offset subsidies. nearly 50% of the population here lives in poverty. here the minimum wage is equal to 4 u.s. dollars a day. >> she says if people don't have enough money to buy gas, there's going to be violence that follows. >> many like this woman feeling trapped between their president and a new administration in the u.s. rising taxes and the devalued peso clashing with president trump's policy of america first. gadi schwartz, nbc news, tijuana, mexico. coming up, he's back in the booth after a personal struggle that had after a personal struggle that had when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment?
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♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. we end tonight with a real comeback story about a voice of professional hockey whose career was interrupted by cancer almost a year ago and who just returned to the delight of fans, players and just about everybody else. from dallas, his story tonight from jacob rascon. >> reporter: after a three-game losing streak, the dallas stars were down 2-0 in the first period last saturday. but in overtime. >> here he goes and i scores.
6:57 pm
>> an epic comeback for the stars and for star announcer, dave strader. >> i couldn't have gone through it alone. not knowing the magnitude. >> last june, he was diagnosed with stage 4 bile duct cancer. life expectancy less than a year. >> he left the ice to undergo treatment. >> how quickly things change in your life. >> he got his first nhl broadcasting job 30 years ago. >> he is an unbelievable hockey guy. he's been dedicated to the craft. that's why he's one of the very best in the world at it. >> dave announced for several nhl teams and at espn and nbc before coming to dallas to finish his career. >> i made -- i've always been a glass half full guy. i said, i'm going to fight this. >> the hockey world is fighting with him. sending cards, wearing stickers on their helmets. honored at hockey fights cancer night last fall. >> everyone thinking about dave here
6:58 pm
tonight. >> and then -- >> welcome to dallas stars hockey. i'm dave strader. has it really been 283 days since i said that? >> after their stunning win. >> they come to their seat at american airlines center. for the man who fought the fight. >> an unexpected tribute. >> cancer got nothing on you, dave strader. >> for four hours i felt like i wasn't sick and for four hours i felt like the last nine months never happened. >> much more than just a game. treatment of a different kind. jacob rascon, nbc news, dallas. >> tomorrow, dave strader will call the play-by-play as the boston bruins take on the dallas stars at noon eastern here on nbc. that's "nbc nightly news" for us this saturday. tomorrow on "nightly news" with kate snow. out of tragedy, inspiration. the woman who found her calling from the man who helped save her life and their reunion 15 years later. i'm jose diaz-balart
6:59 pm
reporting from new york. thank you for the privilege of your time. good night. this is heinz field in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. normally the home of the pittsburgh steelers. though tonight, hosting the flyers/penguins, two bitter rivals who sided ed decided tor fight outside.
7:00 pm
the pittsburgh penguins. >> i don't like them. >> why don't you like them? >> because i don't like them. >> the philadelphia flyers. >> boom, that's the way to start the game, claude giroux up against sydney crosby. you want to get the fans going in your own building. >> this is one of hockey's very best rivalries. nbc is ready for this fight. >> right here, now boom! >> as we bring flyers all-star and tough guy wayne simmons into the ring for a lesson from phillies champ bernard hopkin. >> you got skills, brother. >> appreciate it, thank you. >> we'll relive the very best moments in the storied rivalry history. >> unbelievable! >> this is over! >> ice-level in ways you've never seen. let's take it outside, shall we? it all starts right now.


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