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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  February 26, 2017 11:00pm-12:06am EST

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hundreds of gravestones toppled or damaged in philadelphia as a wave of anti-semitic acts spreads around the nation. cosby in court. the kplood yan returns in just hours from now. what his defense team will be
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asking. the how prurp is joking with the local leaders. plus a first the president is making tonight. nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 11:00, a growing effort toe clean up hundreds of vandalized headstones at a philadelphia jewish cemetery. as the search intensifies. good evening, i'm denise, this vandalism is the latest in a strong of anti-semitic actions as well as threats across the nation. we're bringing you live team coverage of this morning's discovery. we begin with drew smith who's live at the cemetery. drew, the reward has grown since your report at 6:00. >> reporter: yes, 3,000 more added by the fraternal order of police, that's in addition to the 10,000 that the antidefamation league is offering. they're hoping it'll bring someone out to bring information about whoever got past this fence and a locked gate here to
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damage hundreds of graves. ♪ ♪ an evening prayer at sundown to bring some comfort to people disturbed by the toppled and damaged headstones at mt. caramel jewish cemetery. >> hundreds of headstones toppled, it was very, very hard to see. it just made me cry frankly. >> reporter: philadelphia police say it happened after dark saturday night. >> this is not just a random act. to top some many headstones clearly a concerted effort with intent. >> reporter: new jersey man here to visit a relative's grave made the first report. >> it's horrible and cowardly. >> reporter: those are echoed by pennsylvania's governor and the stay's mayor who says hate is not permissible in philadelphia. >> i don't know whether to cry or scream. >> reporter: after the initial shock, people of several different faiths got to work. >> we came out with a crowbar. >> reporter: volunteers repaired the grave sites while police stand guard and work to track
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down who did this. >> it's for those people who have that kind of hatred, i think they have to face justice for it. >> reporter: and mayor jim is proemsing to prosecute those responsible to the full egs extent of the law. he says the city is doing all it can to catch them. we're live at the cemetery, drew smith, nbc 10 news. this vandalism is only intensifying vigilants in local jewish communities. they were already on high alert after threats against jewish facilities nationwide. nbc 10's andrea clyne-thomas joins us live. you were with more than 100 people tonight taking a stand against hate. >> reporter: yes, and brings increased fear and sadness. many people say it reminds them of their painful past. in hebrew, people lifted their voices to sing we must build
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this world with love. they arrived at the park with just hours notice to denounce the vandalism of hundreds of headstones in mt. caramel jewish cemetery. >> today's event in philadelphia was shocking. >> reporter: it comes as communities across the country are on high alert after receiving dozens of bomb threats, including community centers and schools in the philadelphia area. >> it's like the first time in my life i've ever felt this type of threat. >> reporter: that fear intensifies as the cemetery is targeted. historically, it bring back painful memories, especially of the holocaust. >> jews saw that the desecration of a cemetery was a warning and was a horrific reminder of how many people were out to do harm. >> reporter: that's why on a chilly sunday evening, so many of all ages came out to stand of take a stand. >> i'm feeling somewhat thirsty for justice. >> reporter: rabbis say this hate isn't stopped, they fear for the group that may be next.
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>> this isn't really just about jews. this is about the muslims, it's about the blacks, it's about every immigrant group and the sense that they can divide us by sort of sectioning off different groups for hate. and we need to research that. >> reporter: now according to to the antidefamation league, in addition to philadelphia police, the fbi, and pennsylvania's state police are investigating. reporting live from the digital operation center, nbc 10 news. more than ten jewish community centers were evacuated last week due to bomb threats. and last weekend, 180 gravestones were toppled at a jewish cemetery outside st. louis, missouri. tonight, the st. louis jewish community is pledging support to their philadelphia counterpart. tonight, some in the jewish community are calling on the president to do much more to denounce this rise in anti-semitic acts. last week, in an exclusive interview with nbc, president trump called the recent pattern
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terrible. >> i think it's terrible. i think it's horrible. whether it's anti-semitism or racism or anything you want to think about, having to do with the divide. >> but some groups say the president has not gone far enough. the u.s. anne frank center sent a statement in response to the today's vandalism in philadelphia. calling for the president to give a prime time speech about combatting anti-semitism, quote, whether or not you're intention, your presidency has given the oxygen of excitement to some of the most viciously hateful elements of our society, end quote. and we have more reaction to this vandalism, plus updates on the investigation. get our continuing coverage right now on the nbc 10 app. turning to our first alert weather now, a dry and chilly night outside your window. you're looking live at broad street in center city from the campus camera. you'll be dealing with a chilly start to the day tomorrow, but it'll start feeling like spring
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soon after. first alert meteorologist erica martin joins with the most accurate neighborhood forecast. >> we had a chillier day today than yesterday about a 20 to 25 degree difference across the valley, but something really important, we're seeing the wind shift. they were northwesterly earlier, and west northwesterly, but now we're seeing southwesterly winds even though they're calm right now one the good news is we have some warmer air working it's way up from the southwest towards the northeast. but let's take a look at the pa suburbs right now. temperatures below the freezing mark. these are actual temperatures. right now, currently at 29 degrees, at 26 for you, collegeville, 28, elroy seeing 28, bed minister, warmer at 32 and ft. washington, 26 degrees. future temperatures starting this at 1:00 a.m., we're staying pretty much in the upper 20s to low 30s. that's going to be the trend, so
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get ready for a chilly start to your monday morning, bundle up, but we will top out warmer, details in most accurate forecast, back to you. bill cosby will be back in a montgomery county courtroom. the judge in the sexual assault case will hear a motion to move the case out of montgomery county. defense lawyers say any local potential jurors have seen and heard too much negative press about cosby. the judge could move the case, have a jury brought in from another county or deny the motion altogether. tonight president trump saluted the nation's governors, keeping things light and starting out with a joke. >> i just want to salute and toast the governors, the great governors of the united states. they have done an amazing job -- such an easy job you have. so easy. >> governors tom wolf, john kearny, and chris christie, are all in washington for the
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governor's ball. and tomorrow, they'll meet again for business. replacing obamacare is on the agenda. tuesday night the president gives his first speech to a joint session of congress. president donald trump has done what no other presidents before him has, his approval rating reached a record low for a newly inaugurated president. now a new nbc news/wall street journal poll found 44% of americans approve of president trump's performance. 48% disapprove. well a top republican congressman is calling for a special prosecutor to investigate possible russian interference in the u.s. election. representative darrell issa from california, who supports the president, cautioned that there may or may not be false uncovered. now others say the inquiry from the senate intelligence committee and the fbi's investigation are enough. >> special prosecutor gets involved, the thing gets completely out of control. >> the president has denied that
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anyone on his campaign had any contact with russian officials during the campaign. and today president trump tweeted about a possible investigation, saying russia talk is fake news put out by the democrats, and played up by the media in order for the defeat and the illegal leaps. the medical examiner is running dna tests on a human leg found in a national park. a woman walking her dog along the delaware river made that discovery. investigators stay apparently washed up from the river. there was no clothing or markings and no other body parts were found. also new at 11:00, a seven-year-old girl is in the hospital tonight after being chased into a house and attacked bay dog. animal care and control team of philadelphia says the girl was walking in her germantown neighborhood when she was run down by a dog that's usually chained up. they're now trying to get custody of the dog, but the
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judge needs to weigh in. hundreds of people poured into the arena this afternoon to pay their final respects to al boscov. long-time employees, customers, friends, and family, formed a long line in the cold to pay their final respects to a giant in the retail industry. speakers called boscov a visionary whose will to serve the community in his 45 department stores was matched only by his philanthropy. many says his presence in the community will be missed. >> saddest day in our community. >> anyone who had the opportunity to know him was, and should, consider themselves to be very blessed. >> boscov died from cancer earlier this month. he was 87 years old. up next on nbc 10 news at 11:00, this car plummeted seven stories off a parking garage today. why fire officials it is a
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guide. get the coats out, chilly night tonight and monday morning, but we are also dragging a warm-up. i have your most accurate forecast coming up in just a bit.
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in delaware tonight, funeral arrangements made for two off-duty dover police officers killed in an early morning crash car. robert was with the department for two years. cadet james wauts was there for six months.
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investigators say he was driving and wauts was in the passenger seat. the two were on haslet road when they slammed into a utility pole. new details about the man plowing his truck into a crowd of people in new orleans last night. he had a blood alcohol level nearly three times i the legal limit. he is facing several charges related to causing serious injuries with a vehicle and hit-and-run. >> i seen the truck hitting the people on the ground coming through the crowd. >> 28 people were hurt. city and state officials are praising the quick action of first responders and the public who helped during the chaos and confusion. san diego now, police are searching for the person who left their suv in the side of this home. police say they were chasing the driver around 3:00 this morning. the driver slammed into the home leaving a gaping hole and then
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took off before police arrived. no one inside the home was hurt. in houston, this gives a new meaning to crash landing. amazingly the driver is okay tonight. emergency crews showed up this afternoon, the driver was outside the car and alert. the car fell three stories off a parking garage and landed in a plumbing and hardware store. the fire captain told nbc news, god was on the driver's side today. residents in parts of lancaster county are assessing the damage after high winds tore through several homes. the national weather service says straight line winds caused more than nine miles of destruction. roofs were ripped from homes and silos and strong enough to flip this 10,000 pound semi truck on it's size. residents ran for the basements when the storms moved through and when they came out, they could not believe what they saw. >> when we came back up, it was
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a disbelief. i mean, we just -- hugged and just cried. unreal. >> wind gusts were clocked at between 75 and 95 miles an hour. well conditions are calm outside right now as we take a live look at the blue cross river rink on penns landing. looking serene out there. erica, chilly when we wake up tomorrow, then we warm up? >> that's right, another warm-up in the works. we have temperatures for tonight mainly in the 20s and 30s. so below the freezing mark. bottom of your screen for your local seven-day most accurate forecast. live look outside, it is high and dry, all due to a high pressure system just offshore. now whether headlines inl collude below freezing temperatures for tonight, a chilly start tomorrow morning, be sure you bundle up, but the good news by tomorrow afternoon, we'll be warming up and temperatures will be above average. we're expecting to hit 50. satellite and radar image right now, notice we're not seeing
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much going on, it's high and it's dry. high pressure system keeping everything offshore, really just a great night for sky conditions go. neighborhoods right now for the pa suburbs seeing lots of 20s and some 30s. currently at 28 degrees, naz rhett, 31 for you. bethlehem, 21 degrees. conditions right now are pretty chilly, but we have a warm-up in the works by tomorrow. for new jersey, seeing lots of 20s and 30s. so you know, just above the freezing mark for mt. laurel at 33 degrees. along with florence, pam, cooler, chillier at 28 degrees. coil field at 24. hope well township, 28 for you. and robinsville currently in the 30s. so future temperatures i'm going to start this tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. we are going start off in the 20i and 30s, but the one good thing we have going is that notice here, we're seeing
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southwesterly winds. so at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, we're going to see those upper 20s and those 30s. by 10:00 a.m., we warm up nicely, 43 degrees for.milstown, 44 for philly, 44 for westchester and allentown, your expected temperature, 41 degrees. by 1:00 p.m., we're hitting 50s. now the average high temperature for this time of the year, 47 degrees. 51 degrees for philly, 51 for borhee and 50 again by 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon. pause this at 4:00 p.m., southwesterly winds. this is why we are seeing that nice warm-up, even though your monday morning does start off pretty chilly. so expect the high temperatures across the area, seeing mainly some 40s and 50s, but look at this, you're expected high temperature, keeping it in the mid-50s, nice stretch of weather for the nice couple of days. all due to the fact that we have the nice southwesterly wind and high pressure system keeping everything high and dry, at
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least until tuesday. so notice, delaware, seeing lots of 50s with some clouds starting to develop. and here's why. your hour by hour forecast, picking up on those clouds, moving in from the southwest towards the northeast, and i am tracking some showers moving here by tuesday into wednesday. and the threat of some isolated thunderstorms moving in by wednesday. so coming up on the ten day on ten, we're going to talk about this warm stretch through wednesday, and then we're going to cool down behind a cold front on thursday, friday, and saturday, i have that information coming up in your most accurate forecast in just a bit, first, here's danny. >> hey, thank you. the phillies lift off against the blue jays in spring training action while the fliers admit it's now and ever. try to climb back into the playoff race. and easier for the sixers. try to bounce back after a heartbreaker by battling one of the top teams in the league. that's next.
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this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x1 from exkpinty will change the way you experience tv. >> hey, good to see you. back on the diamond and great league play today battling the blue jays. opening day in cincinnati, over a month away, how about it? alive today. they're alive against the jays. blanco, living the hard knock life. third inning smokes one, gone to right, phils up 4-2, then rock in the fifth inning. little off the field action. left center. chase milton, not that one, chase, chugging around third. scores another throw to make it 5-3. you can't have chase and wear
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the phillies red uniform. and the big expectation for this kid in the future. knocks in two with a base knocks single. 10-3. let's turn to the sixers who hosted star-studded warriors tomorrow night, joel won't play as he continues to work back from the knee contusion. trying to bounceback from a heartbreaker last night in the big amtz. swapped back from 17 to take a lead. another ten seconds to go at the garden, then this happened. stepped back and robert's drill hits the fadeaway with .3 seconds to go. wasn't good enough. this team just does not give up. >> every time we step on the court, you know, people look at it as we don't have joel, we don't have our four guys that we are there. everybody expectations, you know, kind of are, you know, dwindled a little bit, but within the locker room, just because we lost guys doesn't mean that, you know, we're still not going to play and do what
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we've been doing. >> one more note, the warriors and sixers battle tomorrow night here at the wells fargo center. kevin durant is nursing a bruised hand. according to reports is expected to play. the warriors use the facility in camden to get a practice in today. not even 24 hours after they became the fastest team in nba history to clench a playoff spot. the sixers find themselves on the other side of the nba spectrum of success. steve kerr knows what it would mean for the sixers to reemerge. >> this place has so much history and tradition. and great fan base and i would love to see the sixers get it going. and i do think they've got a lot going for them. a lot of young talent, they're playing hard. they've had some big wins this year. you can see that things are finally turning for them. >> as for the co-inhabitants, fliers continued last night in the game with the penguins at
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heinz field which you saw right here on nbc 10. the penguins scored in every period. notching two goals and the fliers were playing catch-up all game long. and the orange and bureaucratic now sit six points out of the final playoff spot. and they know if they're going to make a run, the time is now. >> i don't really care. we're six points back now. that's the biggest thing in all of our heads right now. i mean, you know, it's getting down to the grit, and we're getting down to a lot of games. >> and those are 21 games lost. we never say die attitude, we're going to keep push nothing matter what. it's not over. we're going to keep going. let's go to the race daytona 500 this afternoon. had a couple of drivers going for it all late on in this one. kurt bush surges ahead to take the lead and didn't look back. three times the bride at daytona. opens the season, only one left.
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but it was the one that mattered most. your winner of the detroit in a 500, kurt bush. i'll be back later to sit down with the three seniors who are the winningest group in school's history. until then, nbc 10 news. coming right back.
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flipping for a purpose. today 3,000 young gymnasts from around the country came together to raise money for breast cancer. it was all part of a pink invitational at the pennsylvania convention center. girls from kind garden to middle school competed in front of 10,000 people who supported the event. >> it's a great opportunity for young, young girls to really start to experience what fundraising is about, to understand some of the challenges that are out there for women who are suffering, excuse me, from breast cancer. >> since 2009, the pink invitational raised more than $2 million for those living with cancer. yep, interrupt the salon
11:32 pm
treatment and expect to get barked at. blowouts for bow wow. the salon offered blowouts for 25 bucks and donated some of the proceeds to the providence animal center. they're all pets up for adoption at the salon. well in just a few hours, volunteers are preparing to head back to philadelphia jewish cemetery to help clean up and repair hundreds of gravestones that were vandalized. we have the latest on the investigation when nbc 10 news at 11:00 continue next.
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this is nbc 10 news. tonight, philadelphia's mayor says the city is doing all it can to find the people who desecrated the jewish cemetery. hundreds of gravestones were toppled over damaged. thanks for staying us with us. tonight, nbc 10's drew smith is following the police investigation into this intentional cemetery destruction. >> reporter: there have been a lot of police out here tonight keeping an eye on the mt. caramel cemetery. and detectives right now are working to figure out who got passed the locked fences and gates here to damage hundreds of
11:36 pm
tombstones inside. visitor to a relative's grave reported the vandalism this morning. that brought out several jewish groups and volunteers from different faiths to help make repairs. the mayor says hate is not per miss nbl philadelphia. police are searching to see if that was indeed the motive here. >> that's a massive number, and how much effort that took to do that and how many people, and how did they do it? >> reporter: there is a big incentive for someone to come forward with information about who did this. the antidefamation league and the fraternal order of police have teamed to over $14,000 as a reward. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. one of the most well known unsolved murders happened 60 years ago in philadelphia. and no one knows who killed the boy in the box. a small memorial service was held in fox chase today near where a boy's body was found naked stuffed in a bas net box in february of 1957.
11:37 pm
police believe the child was four or five years old at the time he was killed, his body bruised and beaten. police never learned the child's name or found his killer. >> because they know nothing about him. they finally did take some dna, but it was after a number of years. >> if none of the boy's family ever had dna samples taken, it's going to be hard to find a match. cooper health insurance is renaming one of the buildings after the former president whose death remains unclear. camden three cooper plaza will be the health center. john and his wife joyce were found dead in their summer set county home back in 2014. a prosecutor ruled that sheradon killed his wife, set a fire, and then killed himself, but the couple's son still dispute that and last month, the state medical examiner changed sheradon's cause of death from suicide to undetermined.
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now for another check on our weather, a live look outside at boat house row. we are expecting a return to spring this week, but then winter follows. meteorologist erica martin is tracking the changes in the most neighborhood forecast, erica, it's hard to keep up. >> it is, it's a roller coaster ride all week long. right now we're seeing cold temperatures, some of us below the freezing mark right now in philadelphia, 37 degrees with westerly winds. so be sure you bundle up because we have a chilly night in the forecast. look at this, currently below the freezing mark at 28 degrees and dorn 28. chestnut hill, 29. and west mount currently at 33 degrees. let's get to your future temperatures early tomorrow morning, when you get ready for work and school, bundle up, we have 29 degrees for allentown, i dostown, 31 for you and philadelphia, 32 is your expected temperature. but then we warm up with those
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southwesterly winds, so notice, we're seeing mid-40s for philly, burlington, low 40s for allentown and that really is going to be the story for tomorrow. in fact, it's going to be a warm monday and we're going to trend warm for the next couple of days. we're going to stay well above normal through tuesday and wednesday, but i am tracking some thunderstorms for the middle of the workweek, and then, a cooldown by thursday and friday. i have your most accurate ten day on 10 coming up in just a bit. back to you. fresh off election as the new chairman of the democratic national convention, tom perez appeared on "meet the press" this morning and talked about uniting the democratic party and president trump's first months in office. >> frankly, donald trump's greatest nightmare. he's tweeting this morning about the election being rigged. and you know, frankly, he ought to be looking at the u.s. election last november through a special council. >> perez went on to say that
11:40 pm
president trump hasn't proposed anything but chaos and carnage from the day he has campaigned began. former president jimmy carter wants his sunday school class to pray for president trump. the former head of state often teaches sunday school in his hometown of plains, georgia. president carter says he doesn't agree with donald trump on much, but he has faith in our country. and these women are getting more involved in the political process. organizers of the philly women's march created an organization called philly women rally. and today they organized the postcard party where participants gathered to reach out to their legislators. some addressing concerns about specific issues. >> so that people can walk away saying, okay, i can do this, it's baby steps. i can contact my legislators, and try to get my voice heard about these issues that are affecting my daily life. >> the affordable care act and immigration are some of the issues the organization is focussing on. and one of the biggest goals is
11:41 pm
to get more women elected to political office. well your social media feeds are probably full of movie buzz right now after the oscars tonight. one philadelphia woman has a movie collection so impressive it's worthy of the smithsonian. she shows us the unique find as part of our black history month, next.
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bill paxton best known for twister, apollo 13, and titanic has died. doctors say it was from complications following surgery. paxton was 61 years old. and now, to nbc 10's celebration of black history month. tonight, we move to the influence of black cinema. collection of films so impressive that 1,000 of the items are now housed in the new smithsonian museum of african american history. jacqueline london introduces us
11:44 pm
to dr. beverly richards and her most prized possessions. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: lena acted in singing during an era of elegance in stormy weather. but stormy times were just as prevalent. dr. beverly richards owner and cure rater of a cinema apart, a collection of black film recounts what the most well-known black actors of the 1920s to '50s endured. everyone from le in a horne to dorothy. >> she was performing there and she went to take a dip in the pool, she put her toe in and drained the pool. same thing. stopped at a roadside cafe to go in and when she came in, they told her they couldn't serve her, but, they asked for her autograph. those were the times. those were the times. >> reporter: remembering those times with the collection of
11:45 pm
more than 3,000 photographed films and movie posters all in her home. it was the passion of dr. richards late husband larry. she now continues his dream of collecting and educating on early black film. do you realize the magnitude of what you have here? >> absolutely. every day. >> reporter: the collection she owns is extremely rare, valuable, and perfectly preserved. >> if i don't have it here, then it probably doesn't exist. >> reporter: all of the items she's collected, highly coveted. >> not the jewelry from dorothy dandridge, le in a horne, i have a wonderful bracelet from josephine baker, lingerie. >> reporter: what is your favorite item in the house? >> without a doubt, the red ming cape, and i threaten to wear it out. >> reporter: you have it? we're going to have to try that on.
11:46 pm
1,000 of dr. richard's pieces are on display at the new smithsonian emu seechl african american history. where she was at the grand opening with her husband in hand. >> knowing that this is what he really wanted and how thrilled he would be, absolutely thrilled, and proud. >> reporter: and back to the favorite prized possession of hers. do you feel like her? >> oh yeah, very fresh and exotic. french american. french african american. >> reporter: do you think there's one central theme after the watching all of these films that people walk away with? >> i think it's pride. i think it's pride. >> that was jacqueline london reporting. festival of people throw tomatoes at each other. northern italy, it is the battle of the oranges, and the fruit
11:47 pm
fight is part of the annual carnival. first festival began in the middle ages. well the russian folks holiday of pancake week was celebrated today in one small town. spectators watching chefs attempt to cook the biggest pancake of the country. unfortunately, they did not reach their goal. the holiday proceeds the orthodox christian calendar and ushers throughout the winter. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> first alert meteorologist erica martin with your most accurate forecast. live look outside over philadelphia, it's high and dry. we have clear skies for tonight, but certainly a chilly night in the forecast. satellite and radar image, you're not seeing much right now, high pressure system, this offshore and that is our weather maker, but notice the winds right now, they are calm. and southwesterly. philadelphia six mile per hour wind speeds for you, allentown,
11:48 pm
five, dover air force base, five mile per hour and coming out of the southwest, of course that tells me, we have warmer air moving into blades. let's look at those temperatures in the suburbs earlier at the lihigh valley. below the freezing mark. and at 31 degrees, 28 degrees, and now again, lots below freezing. elroy, 28, bed minister, 31, and currently at 28 degrees. the jersey shore also seeing a chilly night in the forecast. egg harbor township, 24 degrees made landing at 24. upper township, 29. and summer's point, one degree warmer at 30. hour by hour forecast, we're going to take our time here. starting this at midnight. notice we don't start to see much until tomorrow afternoon when we see clouds developing from southwest to northeast. now, we may see one or two scattered showers. atmosphere may squeeze some out, i'm going with mostly cloudy skies. it's not until tuesday when we
11:49 pm
start to see more showers and some activity move in from the southwest towards the northeast. so a little unstable in the atmosphere. we keep hour by hour going, and pause this at 9:30 p.m. on tuesday. and here we start to see the threat of some isolated thunderstorms moving across the delaware valley. however, it looks like we will see some active weather moving in by wednesday, look at this, wednesday afternoon, wednesday evening, a line of thunderstorms, certainly could affect us here. keep that in mind, especially for this commute going home on wednesday afternoon wednesday evening. now the ten-day on 10, we have that warm-up in the works. temperatures topping out in the upper 60s, showers in the forecast, again, one or two thunderstorms late on tuesday. i'm keeping thunderstorms on wednesday, high of 70 degrees, behind that cold front, temperatures dip into the 50s, then 40s, we may see fog wednesday into thursday. saturday, 40 degrees, and then we see 50s on sunday. and it looks like next week, we see more 40s. be sure to follow us on social
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media. >> thanks, erica. tomorrow comedian bill cosby will head back to a courtroom. the judge will hear a motion to move his sexual assault case out of the county. nbc 10 deanna has the latest in the cosby case. >> reporter: comedian bill cosby appeared at all hearings. the hearing where they challenged to bring 13 women in front of the jury. the 13 claimed to have been assaulted by bill cosby. some accusers have accounts that date back to the late 1960s. only one woman can testify. bill cosby assaulted her in the 1990s. the woman claims cosby forced her to take a pill and she was offered red wine. some say the woman's account is similar to that of ann dra, the woman at the center of this sexual assault case. she claims cosby assaulted her in 2004, in his home after she drank red wine and took pills cosby offered her.
11:51 pm
in 2005, the district attorney then declined to prosecute cosby. but the case was given new life after a floofd women came forward. in a battle for district attorney, the eventual winner used the cosby case in this campaign ad. defense lawyers say kevin steele branded cosby a sexual predator and defense says the international headlines and this ad are only some of the reasons why the case should be moved out of montgomery county. >> and that was deanna reporting. she will recap everything that happens in cosby's case tomorrow starting on nbc 10 news at 4:00 p.m. and now a look at what's ahead in sports, danny. >> thanks. next we'll show you how the explorers came undone earlier today. tough luck to them. plus we'll sit down and sterling senior class as they look back at the records they broke and what brought them together before they ever reached campus. catch that next.
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again. four years on the main line. the villanova senior class has won 127 games including going a perfect 16-0 in big five play. amy fe dual looked back at the record-breaking college career. >> reporter: they are the winningest class in villanova basketball history. and the key to the shared success of josh hart, chris jenkins, and darrell reynolds is a bond that dates back to before they even arrived on campus. >> our relationship has grown over the years. it's continuing to grow. until now, you know, we just around each other all the time. we understand each other. and you know, we have a genuine love and we really care about each other. and i think spills on to the court. i don't like either one of them. >> just kidding. >> it was something that, like i said before, we were blessed to have. it was something that clicked. we had similar upbringings in
11:55 pm
many ways which is something that contributed to it. our parents have always taught us to realize they were going to be a part of something bigger than you. and that's okay. >> really cool, they all really started honestly me and chris from the d.c. area. you know, the 301, we knew each other before that. and you know, darrell fit in well with that. we were committed. we all text darrell, and i text him to figure out his decision and he's like yeah i'm coming. and the first thing, not to sound quaint, let's do this, i want to win. >> reporter: and win they have. namely a national championship and four straight big east championships. not only do they hold the school record for most career wins, they've won more games than any class in the long and storied history of the big east conference. >> oh my goodness. josh hart with the tip in. >> reporter: seniors have become a dying breed in big time college basketball, but not at
11:56 pm
villanova. where four year players are the backbones of jay wright's program. >> good luck seniors, it's about everything but himself. when you get to be a senior in this program, you get about so many times guys become seniors and they focus on themselves and their next steps. your job is to make sure everybody else is okay. coach is staying alive. that you know the team is what the team needs to do, thaw yo will coach on the same page. so honestly, it is a little great for me. you know in the purest form. >> we are taking a great deal of pride in it because, you know, when you get up to this point, a lot sf expected of you. and these younger guys look up to you, nebl you, and the guys before us, they set the standard high and they expect nothing less. >> villanova seniors now set out to finish their careers nor style. with the opportunitile to defend last year's national title awaiting. >> we owe it to each other to
11:57 pm
finish the year out, you know, the right way. if you don't make it all the way, and you play as best we can, we play villanova basketball way. we'll be able to look each other in the eye in the locker room and we'll be hurt and sad. probably be some tears being shed, but we'll be able to look each other in the eye and know we gave it up for each other. that's the biggest thing and the best feeling. know that we battled to the last second for our brother. >> one big five team in action on sunday, la salle, quite a first half for the man they call pookie powell. the memphis transfer. getting it done in the opening 20 minutes. explorers will trail by five and umass has taken over. pick out to lewis, trifecta and averaging eight points a game. get this one, 37, this one, dr. john, ouch. smart one o this 84-71.
11:58 pm
that is your look at sports. we'll be right back.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
first alert traffic update for you. if you take the bus route for work or school, the route is splitting in two tomorrow. it's part of changes making to adocument date more riders. today to bus service and during rush hours. also, route 44 buss will begin making extra evening trips. today's weather was more of
12:01 am
what we can expect and do expect in february, but it seemed like a shock to the system for these runners after a few really warm days. >> very cold. i'm windy. i think if it weren't so windy, it wouldn't be as bad. the wind whips right through you. i have two shirts on and i'm cold. >> and she has sunglasses. some still opted for shorts today braving the cold temperatures for their sunday run. it was confusing. >> it was, but she had sunglasses on. i love those. >> and the temperatures, they're now going up. >> here's the deal, chilly night tonight, but variety is the spice of life, correct? and really spicy. >> exactly. we're good spot today. cold tonight in the 30s and upper 20s. below the freezing mark for many, tomorrow southwesterly winds, 50s is expects. 50s tomorrow, may see a couple of random spot showers. we're getting moisture moving in from the southwest. tuesday, i have some showers, but we may see one or two isolated thunderstorms. wednesday, we could see severe
12:02 am
weather, of course keep your eyes on that. fog wednesday and thursday, then friday, temperatures dip into the 40s, now we could see a wintery mix early friday and temperatures will be colder behind the cold front wednesday to thursday, we see the 20 degree drop, cooler temperatures on friday, we could see wintery mix on friday, so that's something to be mindful of, right now it feels like spring. by the end of the week, it's going to be back to reality, temperatures in the 40s. >> and another mixed bag, and unstable air on wednesday, even 70, i see 70 there -- >> that's right. so this basically the deal. any time we're getting like a cold front moving in, you see thursday, 50 degrees, so we have that warmer air on wednesday, that's 70, any time you get the cold front moving in, that'll destabilize. thunderstorms, of course. that's right. boom. i like that. >> and unstable air. oh my gosh. how do we keep up? >> thanks erica. >> and that's the news for now, from all of us here, i'm denise, have a great monday.
12:03 am
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