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tv   Today  NBC  February 27, 2017 7:00am-10:01am EST

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then march will feel more like march as the week goes on. >> thank you, bill. local updates on nbc 10 app throughout the day. >> thank you for joins us. good morning. oscars so wrong. a stunning moment of confusion during the announcement for best picture. >> and the academy award -- for best picture. >> come on. "la la land." >> celebration from the cast and producers of "la la land." and then, a shocking twist. >> guys, i'm sorry. no. there's a mistake. "moonlight," you won best picture. >> the star-studded audience in disbelief. >> this is not a joke. "moonlight" has won best picture. "moonlight," best picture.
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>> "moonlight" the ultimate winner, after one of the biggest flubs in hoscar history. this morning how it happened and who is taking the blame. state visit, as governors comes to the white house. as president trump touts his first weeks in office. >> we've accomplished almost everything we've set out to accomplish. >> while a group of republicans launches a push to have a special prosecutor, look into the ties with russia. will the issue be front and center when the president spokes to a joint session of congress tomorrow night? and "today" exclusive. a rare interview with former president george w. bush, as he joins us live in studio, today, monday, february 27th, 2017. from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today," at the oscars. with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza.
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>> and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on this monday morning. in honor of the oscars, the producers of our show have decided to inform me who i am co-hosting with this morning by giving me this envelope to open live on the air. so, today's co-host is -- that can't be right. seriously? it says savannah grut uthrie. >> that's right. >> is it? >> it is. savannah guthrie. >> good morning, everybody. >> how are you, my dear? >> so good to see you. i'd like to thank the academy. hoda, tamron, lester, bryant. how many dates did you have? >> it's like the movie "50 first dates." so good to have you back. >> to good to be back. i went to bed saturday night. but i did hear about it. >> that was one of the craziest scenes i've ever -- steve harvey
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miss universe. nothing compared to this. >> i cannot believe it. and i cannot imagine who is waking up with the biggest pit in their stomach. like, ooh, i printed the wrong card. happy to be here. >> by the way, this should be our top story. but the other top story of the morning is the awards moment that will be talked about for years to come. natalie is in los angeles for us this morning. natalie, good morning to you. >> i'm still shaking my head, guys. welcome back, savannah. we missed you so much. >> thank you. >> we brought you a lot of drama. hollywood's big night, filled with amazing moments and diverse winners, leading to the best picture announcement. and in an instant, pure chaos erupted on the stage. it was the ending that nobody saw coming. after 2 million people waited four hours to hear the best picture. a mix up at the 89th academy awards. >> "la la land." >> reporter: the unthinkable happened.
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warren beatty and faye dunaway, announced the wrong winner. >> there's a mistake. "moonlight" you won the best picture. >> "moonlight" won. >> this is not a joke. i'm afraid they read the wrong thing. >> this is not a joke. "moonlight" has won best picture. "moonlight," best picture. >> reporter: a shocked audience as the "moonlight" team gave a stunned acceptance speech. >> i don't know what to say. i'm shoot your this is real. >> reporter: it was a show that got off to a rousing start with justin timberlake spreading sunshine throughout the dolby theater. and first-time host, jimmy kimmel, playing politics. >> we're two hours into the show and donald trump hasn't tweeted at us once. >> reporter: and pulling off a great gag, bring tourists in to meet the stars.
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>> you may kiss the bride. >> he's denzel. it's legal. >> reporter: as for the rest of the night, mahershala ali becoming the first muslim to win an oscar. viola davis, giving an emotional speech after winning best actress for "fences." >> i became an artist and thank god i did. we are the only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life. >> reporter: and casey affleck for "manchester by the sea." but the undercurrent of politics was never far away. some were barred by immigration authorities. >> he had a u.s. visa. tried to board a plane and he wasn't able to come. >> reporter: with the best picture snafu, the big winner of the night was "la la land," recommended for 14 oscars, the
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film took six sat chtatues. >> i want to thank my fellow nominees. i was honor and floored to be in your company this year. >> reporter: and on a golden night where candy rained down from the sky, price water house issued an apology. saying the presenters had been given the wrong category envelope. and when discovered was corrected. two announcements for best picture, and only one winner. still, there were no losers. >> god, i love "moonlight" so much. i'm so excited for "moonlight." and of course, you know, it was an amazing thing to hear "la la land." i think we all would love to win best picture. but we are so excited for "moonlight." i think it's one of the best films of all-time. >> i'll say, those guys were extremely gracious, in handing over and calling us up to the stage. and so much love to them. >> reporter: well, i got to say, guys, it was a night that even hollywood could not have scripted that ending. truly unbelievable. and again, in warren beatty's
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defense, he was handed the wrong envelope. that has only happened once before. it happened in 1964. back then, to sammie davis jr. so, wow. let's hope it doesn't happen again, guys. >> so bizarre. >> is there going to be a bipartisan investigation? >> yeah. an investigation, for sure. >> thanks, nat. we found a photo that really sums it all up. it was taken as the confusion unfolded. that's a stunned warr ren beatt being informed by the mixup. and anxious john legend. looks over beatty's shoulder at the direct envelope. and there's the expression on emma stone's face. pure shock as to what is kind of unfolding there. >> the award for best poker face does not go to emma stone. we're going to have more on oscars throughout the morning. some drama in politics, as always. president trump meeting with the nation's governors. this, as his war with the media reaches new heights.
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nbc's peter alexander at the white house this morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. we're glad you're here. a day before the president makes an address at the joint session of congress. a historic his approval rating, he's the only president in modern polling to degin his presidency under water. 44% of americans approve. 48% decisiisapprove of his job far. and today, trump will outline his priorities. senior officials tell me that will include a massive hike in military and homeland security spending, made up for with cuts to several agencies, including the state department and the epa, while protecting social security and medicare. at the white house sunday, tgliz and glamour was reserved for america's governors. >> we accomplished mrm everything we set out to accomplish. >> reporter: it comes out as the president is attacking reports that some of his campaign aides
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had improper contacts with russian officials. mr. trump dismissing the russian talk as fake news put out by the demes to mask the big election defeat and republican leaks. republicans are calling for a prosecutor. not the attorney general, to oversea the russia investigation. >> you cannot have somebody, a friend of mine, jeff sessions, who was on the campaign, and who was an appointee. you're going to need to use the special prosecutors statute and office. >> reporter: republican, tom cotton, briefed by james comey, argues that's unnecessary. >> there's no allegations of any crime occurring. there's not an indication there's criminal investigations under way by the fbi. >> reporter: this morning, sean spicer is reportedly cracking down on white house leaks. with increased security measures. that, according to politico, include random phone checks of staffers, overseen by white house attorneys. spicer's effort to shut down leaks, leaked. he didn't respond to an nbc news request for comment.
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meanwhile, bill owens, the father of ryan owens, the navy s.e.a.l. killed in a special operations raid in yemen last month, says he refused to meet with president trump when his son's body returned home. owens criticizing the white house for calling the mission a success. >> i think anybody who undermines the success of that raid, owes an apology and a disservice to the life of chief owens. >> reporter: telling "the miami herald," the government owes my son an investigation. president trump signed at his d.c. hotel on saturday, with ivanka, jared kushner and nigel, the politician behind brexit. the president says he will skip the correspondents dinner in april. the last president to miss the event, ronald reagan in 1981 when he was recovering from an assassination attempt. and the table is set for 2018,
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with democrats electing a new party chairman. former labor secretary, tom perez. president trump tweeting, i could not be happier for him or the republican party. perez's response. don't get too happy. democrats united across the country will be your worst nightmare. also this morning, the trump administration is once again looking for a new navy secretary after the president's pick, phillip bilton, said he is withdrawing from consideration, after separating from his business interests. bilton is the second military secretary to withdraw his name before going through the process. let's bring in nicolle wallace. welcome to you. >> thank you. >> over the last several weeks, your enthusiasm level for an investigation into russian ties into the election of the trump teams, seems to be tied to your party affiliation. now, enter darrell issa, who says we may need a prosecutor.
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what does it mean? >> darrell issa's comments about a special prosecutor, reorders the defense that the trump white house has deployed. every time the topic of russia and donald trump's apparent affection for all things putinesque has been dismissed as a media war or democratic efforts to undermine his electoral victory. can't say any of those things about darrell issa. he is in a different category from john mccain and lindsey graham, who have been suspicious of vladimir putin and his efforts in the region. i think this is a game-changer for the white house. and their arguments against darrell issa cannot mimic the attacks on the media and the attacks on their critics. >> does that open the floodgates for the republicans? >> i thought the arguments, they sent out the surrogates on the sunday shows. and they weren't tight in the common sense reasoning for why not. when the public starts to think, just prove you're innocent and let everyone look into it in a
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bipartisan manner? just prove that you're clean on the question of ties to russia. when it gets easier to make the case for getting to the bottom of it than against, i think the white house is in trouble. >> sean spicer, the white house press secretary, according to an article in politico, is conducting a leak investigation, trying to figure out who in my press office is talking to reporters in a way that is not authorized? first of all, if true, is that significant? is this white house any leakier than the average white house? >> it is leakier. but leaks are in any organization, not just in a white house. leaks are a symptom. they're not a cause. and in this case, it's a symptom of a lack of any central leadership and a symptom of the way their boss hears from them. he hears from them by reading his own clips. not by a strong central management system at the white house. >> sean spicer said according to that report, he's doing spot-checks on staffers' cell phones to find out. can i see your cell phone, please? >> you'll find a lot of
7:14 am orders. >> thanks very much. coming up, former president george w. bush will give us his take on all things washington in an exclusive live interview. and he's going to introduce us to veterans he's brought along with him. and tomorrow, live on capitol hill ahead of president trump's first address to congress. house speaker paul ryan will be our guest exclusively. and will take you on a tour live of the capitol. also this morning, new information on a terrifying crash at a mardi gras parade that happened over the weekend. the driver was highly intoxicated when he slammed into a crowd is facing several charges. gabe gutierrez with the latest. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. 20 people were taken to this and other hospitals. incredibly, no one was kill eed. but now, we're finding out what
7:15 am
the driver did after that crash. this morning, neilson risuto is being held on bail, charged with multiple crimes. police say his pickup truck plowed into a crowd of bistanders. among them new orleans police sergeant, michelle woodfor, in stable condition. >> how she wasn't killed is a miracle. >> reporter: he saw the horror unfold and ran to help. >> when he sped up, people were bouncing off of the hood of his car like bowling pins. >> reporter: he says a police officer tried to open the driver's side door but it was jammed. so, he ran to the passenger side. >> he was curled up in a fetal position, facing the driver's side. i reached him and grabbed him by the collar and yanked him out. he flew on to the ground. and the thought crossed my mind was he realized what he did and he was so scared that he was just like a scared little child.
7:16 am
>> this could be a mass casualty incident. >> reporter: his blood alcohol content was 0.23, three times over the legal limit. >> it's hard to talk to somebody that is intoxicated that runs into a crowd. >> reporter: but some say the street should have been closed. >> this sends a clear message this has to be done. >> reporter: do you believe that street should have been closed off? >> that street, 100%, should be closed off. if they don't close it off for next year, there's a problem. >> reporter: also among the injured, a 1-year-old child. matt and savannah, authorities say more charges are possible as this investigation continues. >> gabe gutierrez, thank you. just before the oscars last night, movie fans were stunned to learn of the sudden death of bill paxton. in a statement, his family says he died due to complications
7:17 am
from heart surgery. joe fryer has more on paxton's life and career. >> reporter: bill paxton drove us through the eye of the storm in "twister." he helped bring us home after a failed mission to the moon in "apollo 13." >> game over, man. >> reporter: and he said what we all were thinking in "aliens." >> three years. i thought of nothing except didn "titanic." >> reporter: paxton showed he was a versatile player. he found his niche as a character actor as he told katie couric in 2002. >> i like playing guys from the heartland. >> reporter: and everyman, loved by fans and actors alike. tom hanks tweeting, bill paxton was a wonderful man. and kevin bacon -- some of my favorite memories are floating around in a tiny vessel with a brilliant big paxton. and charlize theron tweeting, you were a great friend to me,
7:18 am
bill, and one of the finest actors to share a set with. paxton found success on tv, playing a polygamist on "big love." just two weeks ago, paxton recalled a conversation he had with an agent early on in his career, on nbc's "last call with carson daly." >> she said what kind of career do you want? i want to work in features. she said, if you stick to this, in the long term, it will pay off. and she was right. it really did pay off. >> reporter: now, hollywood is showing big love for this admired actor. for "today", joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles. >> a great body of work and a sudden death. >> you look at him and his face matches the kindness he exuded. it's really sad. al, we'll switch to you. what's going on in the weather, my friend? >> it's been kooky. >> recap the last few months. >> i'll send you a link.
7:19 am
we have strong storms firing up in northern mississippi. this is the beginning. it will push through the southeast. and another round of showers and thunderstorms fire up later today, on into tomorrow morning. and tomorrow, we've got an enhanced risk. 26 million people under the risk of severe weather. little rock, springfield, paducah, jonesville, into parts of western ohio. and during the afternoon tuesday, you have chicago into the mix. strong storms will be firing up later. we move into wednesday, from new york all the way down to new orleans. 62 million people at risk for large hail. one-inch diameter. possible tornadoes in kansst ke and mississippi. even new york will get into some strong storms by late tomorrow afternoon. all the way down to new orleans, we'll be watching this very carefully.
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good morning. cold morning. we will see a nice warmup today. ten degrees warmer than yesterday. in spite of clouds increasing today. 56 degrees high temperature for philadelphia. sunshine in the suburbs will fade this afternoon. temperature climbs to 54. up to 57. just a little bit cooler at the shore. mixed with cooler ocean water. lehigh valley sunshine will fade this afternoon. mostly cloudy later on for delaware. have a great day. coming up, a community in shock a shock after a deadly shooting in a bar in kansas.
7:21 am
the fbi is investigating this as a possible hate crime. this morning, we'll hear from the victim's widow and witnesses. we're happy to say that former president george w. bush is joining us live. we'll have a wide-ranging discussion about his time in office, the current white house, and what he's doing to honor our nation's veterans. it's an inspiring project. he is. just arriving at the studio. >> he didn't wave back. >> this is "today" on nbc.
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newark. marshalton in the 20s. 36 in louis. 50s this afternoon, but skies will be turning cloudy. >> let's get a check on traffic. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. jessica, situation on 76. whereabout are we looking and
7:27 am
how does it look now. >> watching still for big delays. this accident scene on the eastbound side just around gulf mills we're seeing massive delays on the eastbound side. had to close down the road a few times to get all the cars over to the right-hand shoulder. several vehicles involved there. as i approaching the blue route on the eastboundside. today in philadelphia, thousands of leaders plan to denounce the desecration of a jewish cemetery. latest anti-semitism act across the nation. meantime, volunteering resume repairs at thesomary. sky force so over the cemetery this morning. vandals damage more than 100 head stones standard night. $13,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. pamela osborne. another update in about 25 minutes. get the latest weather on the nbc 10 app.
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7:30, now, on a monday morning. it is the 27th day of february, 2017. people out there on the plaza. a lot of people excited this morning because we have the return of miss savannah guthrie. >> you think i'm not going to say what happened right there? >> what happened? >> you know whose turn it was to read that? back it up. back, now at 7:30. >> i'm so used to just -- not having that happen. >> it's not a solo. i have a whole speaking part now. >> i know. we should be playing peaches and herb's "reunited" right now. >> i'm a little misty to see you. >> it's great. most people thought you were coming back at the end of the week. when you saw the oscars last
7:31 am
night, you were like, i need to be there. >> must cover this story. a lot going on in the headlines. >> let's start with this, beginning with the awkward moment at the oscars. "la la land" was announced with best picture. with its producers in the middle of the acceptance speeches when they were told they didn't win. >> i'm sorry. i'm sorry. no. there's a mistake. "moonlight," you guys won best picture. >> "moonlight" won. >> this is not a joke. this is not a joke. i'm afraid they read the wrong thing. >> pricewaterhousecoopers, released an apology, saying warren beatty and faye dunaway were given the wrong category envelope. and an official from south korea claims the murder of kim jong-nam was ordered by the foreign ministry and ministry of national security. and the american academy of
7:32 am
pediatrics with a new warning about pot in the journal "ped ra tri ya tricks." it opposes recreational and medical marijuana use for kids. other news. a navy veteran is due to court to face charges in a deadly shooting at a bar in kansas. an indian man was killed in the attack. and two other s wounded. blake mccoy has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: good morning to you. the fbi investigating this as a possible hate crime. there were dozens of people at the bar at the time that has left this community in disbelief. this morning, a kansas community grieving, and in shock after a possible hate crime claimed one man's life and left two others injured. police say adam purinton opened fire inside an olathe bar on wednesday.
7:33 am
he reportedly yelled get out of my country at two indian men before being escorted out. witnesses say he returned with a gun. >> two down. gunshot wounds to the chest. and a third, with a wound to the hip. >> reporter: srinivas kuch haute la was killed. this was what led to the shooter at an applebee's 70 miles away. when he confided in a bartender. >> i kept asking him. and he said he would tell me if i agreed to let him stay with me. i finally got him to tell me. and he said, like, that he shot and killed two iranian people in olat olathe. >> reporter: purinton's family tells our affiliate kshb he was a navy veteran who was diagnosed with blood cancer and suffered from ptsd. >> we're concerned collectively, that he would hurt himself. i never in a million years thought he would hurt somebody else. >> reporter: two of the men
7:34 am
targeted were born in india, and worked for gpsmake er garmin. a third man was shot when confronting the gunman. he released this video from the hospital. >> i was doing what anyone should have done for another human being. >> reporter: kuch hot to's widow spoke to her husband about leaving the country, concerned about shootings in the u.s. >> he always showed me that only good things happen to good people. >> reporter: at a vigil late last night, a standing ovation. survivor said it all feels like a nightmare and he lost his best friend. his body will arrive later tonight, where his family is trying to make sense of a senseless act. purinton will make his first court appearance in kansas late their morning. charged with one count of murder
7:35 am
and two counts of attempted murder. he could face up to life in prison if convicted. meantime, an outpouring of support for the victims' families here in kansas. more than $1 million has been raised. guys? >> blake mccoy, thank you. what are you covering, mr. roque center. >> more wet weather moving into southern california. the drought just about eliminated in the last several months. now, more rain moving into san diego. there's ample moisture coming in from the pacific. so, heavy rain stretching from southern california all the way into parts of arizona. and there will be mountain snows, as well. this is combining with a cold front. you look at the heavier rain. one to three inches along the coast. two to three inches in the mountains and the upper elevati elevations. the rest of the country, warming up in the northeast, after a xhily start. more showers and thunderstorms down to the southern gulf. look for snows in the rockies and heavy rain in good morning. meteorologist bill henley. a cold morning. we'll see a nice warmup today.
7:36 am
wind up about ten degrees warmer than yesterday. that's in spite of increasing during the day. sunshine and fades this afternoon. temperature climbs to 54. 57 for new jersey. just a little bit cooler at the shore. thanks to keecooler ocean water lehigh valley sunshine fades in the afternoon. mostly cloudy for delaware. have a great day. natalie has our inside look at hollywood's biggest night of the year the year her spot on the oscar when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz. taltz is proven to give you a chance at completely clear skin.
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so that's it, all right. (vo) not just unlimited. verizon unlimited. 4 lines, just $45 per line. ♪ we're back at 7:41. more of "today" at the oscars. the best picture mixup is this morning's big talker. >> before the show, hollywood's biggest stars had other things on their minds as they walked the red carpet. natalie is there again. >> the academy awards is one of the most fashionable nights of the year. and this year, the glitz and the glamour was mixed with politics. ♪ here on the red carpet, all that glitters is gold with the stars with the latest colors and cuts. tell me what you are wearing. >> armani.
7:42 am
>> reporter: you look amazing in velv velvet. >> this is velvet? >> reporter: the gowns and tuxes, the shapes and lots and lots of bling. i'm already voting you the best-dressed of the night. i'm telling you. what do you think is the overall mood? >> fairy tale. the whole night feels like up with. >> reporter: along with fashion statements, there were plenty of political statements. >> the news media under attack. the truth is under attack. >> i wanted to choose a designer from a predominantly muslim country. we should be inclusive of all people. >> reporter: your dress is a political statement in itself. >> it is. >> we're artists, we speak the truth. that's the point of our existence. >> reporter: and the most diverse oscars ever. >> yeah. it's great. >> reporter: it had to be a proud moment. >> reporter: emma stone wore a gold planned parenthood pin. sting wore an ampersand pin for
7:43 am
gladd. and ruth negga and lin-manuel miranda supported the aclu. >> i get points for life for this. we've been talking about this since i was a kid. >> reporter: can you believe this is the end of the awards season? >> i know. is this the end. you promise? >> brie? >> reporter: getting all of the stars to chat was easier said than done. ryan? ryan? the "today" show. scarlet, "today" show. and another back, looked beautiful. one thing for sure, this crowd couldn't wait for the after-parties. what are your party plans tonight? are you taking mom out for a special celebration? >> after-party is my hotel. >> reporter: do you have pockets? >> i have pockets. >> reporter: you keep anything? >> one gave me a bottle of tequila. >> reporter: oh. a little tequila goes a long way. those were handy pockets. as always predicted, the fashion was definitely dazzling.
7:44 am
the rest of the night, we saw, it kind of fell apart at the end in the last two moninutes. >> but everyone's talking about it. and that counts. >> karma dictates, we haven't hit the end of our show. we could fall apart at the end. >> natalie, thank you very much. we'll see you in a little while with the a roundup of the fashions on the red carpet. we're looking forward to this. george w. bush joining us in the orange room, ahead of our live interview with him. >> he looks great. >> doesn't he? >> he does. >> he does. >> carson is♪ ♪ with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level.
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the citi double cash card. double means double. ♪ back, now. we join carson in the orange room, to great special guests. george w. bush and four of the veterans featured in his new book called "portraits of courage." >> you may have seen their stories on for the past ten days, we've been running the wonderful profiles of each of them. they have excerpts of the president's book. we learn about their service to the country and how they came to meet the former commander in chief. we will have a great conversation this morning. so happy to have you here. this is combining the two of your loves, veterans and painting. >> it is. and hanging out with the vets is great. particularly these four. >> must have been amazing to
7:50 am
find out he had chosen you to paint. >> very incredible. very honored. >> we'll have more about this. matt and savannah will talk to them in the next half hour. and we'll keep the conversation going on facebook live. tune in for that, as well. great to have you in the orange room. >> how is the coffee here? >> really good. >> really? >> all right. we're back after y hi, thanks for coming. this year, chevy received more j.d. power initial quality awards than any other car brand. i'm very, very impressed. did i mention they received more of them last year too? look at that. oh wow! and the year before that... more doors. oh my god! what?! and the year before that... oh man! it keeps going! in fact, chevy has received more j.d. power awards for initial quality than any other car company, four years in a row. i'm speechless! impressive! chevy, stepping up their game!
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good morning. i'm pamela osborne. let's get you right to your ferk with bill henley with the most accurate neighborhood forecast. cold start this morning. they will be climbing. sunshine in new jersey. the suburbs and philadelphia, some sunshine, but you can also see the clouds that are moving in. in spite of the clouds moving in, temperatures will warm. 46 at 10:00. then to the 50s this afternoon. skies turn mostly cloudy today. nice warmup, cool spot will be the shore at 53 degrees. let's get a check on traffic with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. still watching the schuylkill. we are seeing some improvement. we only have one lane getting by on the eastbound side. just past the accident scene on gulf mill.
7:57 am
big clay delays a approaching blue route. had to stop traffic several times to move the cars to the right-hand lane. big delays. and frankford line delays up to 20 minutes because of equipment problem. bill cosby back in courthouse for a hearing in sexual assault case. judge will hear defense motion to move the trial in june out of the county because of negative press about the case. cosby charged with sexually assaulting a temple university employee in cheltenham home in 2004. burkes county school officials will take the first step towards closing elementary school next year. meet to schedule a public hearing to go over the plan. due to declining enrollmentment another update in about 25 minutes. i'm pamela osborne.
7:58 am
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♪ it's 8:00 on "today." and coming up, "today exclusive." former president george w. bush joins us live in studio 1a for a rare interview, and to share his new tribute to american veterans. >> each one of these paintings was painted with a lot of respect and affection. our country is blessed that people who are willing to sacrifice for something greater than themselves. then, glitz and glamour. we have your complete roundup from the oscars red carpet, as we talk fashion hits and misses from hollywood's big night. and she's back. >> good morning, everybody. >> we're celebrating savannah's return from maternity leave. as we welcome her back, we'll look at the precious memories
8:01 am
she's made with her growing family. >> smiling, too. >> are you smiling? >> i'm smiling. >> aw. >> today, monday, february 27th, 2017. ♪ >> hi to all off our friends in kentucky. go, cats. >> celebrating my 21st birthday in nyc. >> all the way from florida, we love "today." ♪ >> hello to our kids in michigan. your moms are on the "today" show. >> tall way from florida, we love "today." >> welcome back, savannah. [ cheers ] >> good morning. >> we're back, now, 8:30 on a monday morning. the gang is back together again. we say that because savannah is
8:02 am
back from maternity leave. it seems like only six to eight months. >> so happy to be here. i'm a little rusty. i was sitting there chatting. you know we're on right now. >> that's why we brought a president in for you. >> exactly. we have a special hour ahead. former president george w. bush. there he is on our plaza, greeting some of our fans. we'll get his take on all things washington, of course. but he's here to talk about a passion project. "portraits of courage," it honors this nation's veterans in a special way. >> he is enthusiastic about the project and wants to talk about it. we'll meet some of the veterans in a little while. first, a lot to get to on a monday morning. here's your news at 8:00. >> we begin with major drama at the oscars. i'm natalie morales in los angeles. it started out as a relatively normal night, with lots of big winners. and the academy awards saved the
8:03 am
best for last, with a plot twist that the best writer in hollywood couldn't have written. >> this is not a joke, "moonlight" won best picture. >> reporter: the oscars grand finale was too unbelievable for hollywood. warren beatty and faye dunaway, were on the stage to read the award. and beatty was confused. and handed the card to dunaway. >> reporter: academy representatives realized a mistake had been made. they jumped in, graciously announcing the real winner. >> no. there's a mistake. "moonlight," you guys won best picture. >> reporter: barry jenkins and the entire audience, clearly stunned at the film's surprise win. >> very clearly, even in my treatme dreams, this could not be true. to hell with dreams, i'm done with it. this is true. >> reporter: despite the major
8:04 am
mish mishap, "la la land" danced away with six awards, including best actress for emma stone. damien chazelle was youngest to win best director. casey affleck one best actor for his performance in "manchester by the sea." >> the oscar goes to viola davis. >> reporter: viola davis get the best supporting actress for her role in "fence." the best supporting actor award went to mahershala ali for his performance in "moonlight." first-time host, jimmy kimmel kept things light. even tweeting the president, asking, trump, you up? and this moment when sightseers crashed the oscars ceremony. despite the show's surprise ending, hollywood made the best of a bad situation. >> the folks from "la la land" we were so gracious. i wasn't speechless was we won.
8:05 am
i was speechless was it was gracious to them to do that. >> reporter: overnight, pricewate pricewaterhouse, issued a statement saying, the presenters had been given the wrong category envelope. and when discovered, was immediately corrected. and pricewaterhousecooper s sai in its statement, it's investigating how this incident could have happened. matt? >> natalie, thanks very much. now, to washington. president trump rolls out his budget proposals today, with an eye towards increased military spending. he's meeting with the nation's governors at the white house. he told them that his first four weeks in office have been a lot of fun. on sunday, the president dismissed the latest reports of alleged contact between his associates and russians during the presidential campaign. he called the russia talk fake news. designed to mask the democrats' election defeat as well as illegal leaks. but a fellow republican
8:06 am
congressman, darrell issa, is calling for a special prosecutor to investigate those russia ties. i turn to al. and i see a big red spot in the middle of the country. >> topcy tufsy-turvy weather. look at these temperatures out west. fresno, a really chilly -- it will be warmer in st. louis, dallas, new orleans and almost boston, as far as the temperatures are concerned. tuesday, las vegas is chillier than kansas city, indianapolis, d.c., savannah and jackson. but by the time we get to the latter part of the week, things norm aal normalize. new york city, 72. down to 42. nashville, down to 53. chicago, you will stay in the w to mid 40s.lo good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. le cool morning, but we will see a nice warmup. and this is despite of the clouds increasing in the day,
8:07 am
and 56 is the high temperature for philadelphia. sunshine in the suburbs will fade this afternoon, but the temperature climbs to 54 today and up to 57 for new jersey and a little bit cooler at the shore thanks to the cooler ocean water. lehigh valley and that sunshine will fade this afternoon and mostly cloudy later on for delaware. have a great day approximately weather. matt? >> all right, al. when we come back, our exclusive live interview with my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis . e anything but simple. so i had an important conversation with my dermatologist about humira. he explained that humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults taking humira were clear or almost clear, and many saw 75% and even 90% clearance in just 4 months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened;
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8:10 am
[ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "today" on a monday morning. much of george w. bush's post-presidency work has been dedicated to issues that veterans face after returning home. with a growing number suffering traumatic injuries and post-traumatic stress, president bush is working on programs that ease them back into civilian life. "p "portraits of courage," he uses
8:11 am
his painted to highlight the sacrifice and courage of the military veterans. we'll talk to them in a moment. thanks for joining us. >> it's been a while. >> it has been a while. let me get caught up on some things. you took office in 2001, after a contentious election. controversial. and the supreme court decided it. the nation was incredibly divided. how would you compare the divisions we faced then, to what we're living through right now? >> it's hard to compare times. one thing is for certain, the job is a tough job. everybody looks at the presidency when they campaign one way. then, they get in office and find out there's a reality to the job. and you know, there's been times when we've been divided. i remember growing up as a kid. i got out of college, we were really divided. and it's -- you know, it requires a lot of people coming together to try to make us united. >> but there's enormous division right now. and although president trump
8:12 am
says he hopes to unify the country, have you in the first month, seen him do or say anything that in your opinion would be an attempt to heal the wounds of the election? >> first of all, there's only with been one month in office. secondly, i they you have to take the man for his word that he wants to unify the country. we'll see if he's able to do so. it's hard to unify the country with the news media being so split up. when i was president you mattered a lot more because there were three of you. and now, there's all kinds of information being bombarded out. and people can say things anonymously. and it's just a different world. >> you bring me to an interesting point because you were a guy that faced praise and criticism from the media during your time in office. even at the times when you were dealing with the worst criticism, where it must have been very difficult to hear and read some of the things that were being said by the pressure in this country, did you ever consider the media to be the
8:13 am
enemy of the american people? >> i considered the media to be indispensable to democracy. that we need an independent media to hold people like me to account. i mean, power can be very addictive. and it can be corrosive. and it's important for the media to call to account people who abuse their power. whether it be here or elsewhere. one of the things i spent a lot of time doing, trying to convince a personal like vladimir putin, for example, to accept the notion of an independent press. >> right. >> and it's kind of hard to tell others to have an independent, free press and we're not willing to have one ourself. >> you mentioned vladimir putin. so many questions about the contacts between trump associates during the campaign and the russian government. as a former president, would you like to see a special prosecutor appointed to look into this for once and for all and give the american team answers? >> i think we all need answers. whether or not the special
8:14 am
prosecutor is the way to go, you're talking to the wrong guy. i have great faith in richard burr. he's the head of the intelligence community. and independent thinker. if he recommended a special prosecutor, i would -- it would have credibility with me. but i'm really -- i've never been a lawyer. i'm not sure the right avenue to take. i am sure, though, that that question needs to be answered. >> it was only eight or nine months after you took office that the attacks of 9/11 occurred. the worst terrorist attack on american soil. and just after those attacks, you gave a speech and you said this -- i want to speak tonight to muslims throughout the world. we respect your faith. it's practiced by millions of americans and by millions more in countries that america counts as friends. its teachings are good and peaceful. that's very different talk than what we're hearing today about a muslim ban. do you think the president's position on this has been well
8:15 am
thoughtout? >> i think it's very important for all of us to recognize one of our great strengths is for people to be able to worship the way they want to or not worship at all. the bedrock of our freedom, a bedrock of our freedom, is the right to worship freely. and i -- you see, i understood right off the bat, matt this, is an ideological conflict. and people who murder the innocent are not religious people. they want to advance an ideology. and we've faced those in the past. >> but banning people from seven muslim countries from this country, do we make it easier or harder to fight the war on terrorism? >> i think it's hard to fight the war on terrorism if we're in retreat. and i think we learned that lesson. if the united states decides to pull out before a free society emerges, it's going to be hard to defeat them. the enemy is very good about
8:16 am
exploiting weakness. it's going to be important. if that's the goal, to defeat isis, which i believe it should be, that we project strength. now, whether or not the domestic politics plays helps them or not. >> you for or against the ban? >> i'm for an immigration policy that's welcoming and upholds the law. >> you sat at the inauguration. you listened to president trump's inaugural address. and he talked about carnage and so much has gone wrong in this country and so much is wrong. is that the america you see when you travel around this country? >> the america i see often is the america these vets represent, people willing to sacrifice for the greater good to put their lye lives on the l and make america a great place to live. that's why i'm here. i'm selling this book because i want america to realize how fortunate we are to have people in our midst and help them
8:17 am
transition from being a vet to a civilian. >> and you transitioned me perfectly. you're going to stick around. let me tell people, we want to talk about "portraits of courage" and meet some of the military veterans that the president is honoring. first, though, a few of the stories behind the paintings you'll see. >> my name is alexander glen-camden. >> i was a staff sergeant in the united states infantry. >> i was a medic in the army. >> our country is blessed to have people who are willing to sacrifice for something greater than themselves. >> at a young age, i realized how lucky we were to live here an i wanted to give back. >> it was the best decision i ever made. and i would do it again in a ha heartbeat if given the opportunity to. >> not only do the vets have physical injuries. but they are also dealing with pts and tbi. >> we do a good job of hiding it, we don't get the help we need. >> i found i was in my room a
8:18 am
lot of times. >> i knew i had to change something about my life. i was actually dying. >> i wanted to draw attention, not only to their courage, but to the fact that they've contributed once and they need to know they can contribute again. >> i've done more in my life with one leg than i probably ever would have done with two. and i feel lucky and fortunate. >> there's a lot of veterans that die by suicide. get them out of the house and doing things and back together with other veterans, has been huge. >> blacksmithing is my form of expression. it's become my therapy. it's become what i do. it's my healing. >> wow. look at there. that's me. wow. that's amazing. >> i guess it does kind of resemble brad pitt, you know? >> that's pretty cool. i love that hat. >> that's really cool that the president actually thought of
8:19 am
painting me. >> each one of these paintings was painted with a lot of respect and affection. i know each person i painted, i was thinking about their backgrounds, their service, their injuries and their recovery. and so, there's a lot of compassion and a lot of energy in each one of these paintings. >> we're happy to have savannah joining us along with some of the veterans featured in "portraits in courage." chris self, melissa stockwell. michael rodriguez. and air force master sergeant, israel del toro. we call him d.t. good morning to all of you. >> i wish everybody could see how all of you interact when the cameras aren't on. these are true friendships among all of you, which made your job, i would think, all the harder. here you are, they're portraitist. you have to capture the essence of them. what was going through your mind? how did you feel? first of all, i want to sell a lot of books to raise money for
8:20 am
helping our vets. that's where the proceeds go. secondly, i got to know all four of them pretty well. and i felt great pride. and people asking me, do you miss being president? not really. but i miss saluting people who volunteer to wear the uniform. and all four of them did. >> you said to people over the years as all presidents do, the most sobering responsibility of a commander in chief, is making the decision to put americans into harm's way. getting to know these people and especially in your postpresidential years, do you have a new view of that? >> no. it's still hard. hard decision to make. my view is this -- how can we help these great americans transition from the military to civilian life? they've got visible wounds. invisible wounds. but all four of these vets are willing to stand up and say, i had an issue. and i want to help somebody else. and so, we have done a lot of work on this issue. it's peer-to-peer the counseling helps a lot.
8:21 am
there's groups like the langdone center here and the vet centers around the country that are able to help vets. it starts with, and these are what vets are important. vets saying, i got a problem. in other words, there's a lot of denial because there's a stigma. and our message is, it's courageous to talk about it. and seek help. >> first, i have to say, did he get the portraits right? did he capture you guys? >> i think so. >> chris, you said he made you better looking. talk about it. you talked about the invisible injury. the injury that you can't see. what's your message to people? what do you want them to understand about this transition to civilian life? >> i think the message is that first, don't keep it to yourself because, like the president said, the peer-to-peer counseling, peer-to-peer mentorship, through the hard times, are the best way to come out with it. and you know, find someone you can trust. you can talk to. and make sure you're discussing the feelings for those wounds
8:22 am
that people can't see. >> by the way this, guy was in combat twice on one leg. >> yeah. the stories of actual perseverance are unbelievable. melissa, you lost a leg when your convoy hit an ied in iraq. what has transition to civilian life been like for you? >> i feel fortunate to have the mentorship, the camaraderie of the military. and being backed by the president, i can't tell you enough about going to the president's ranch on the w-100 and riding a mountain bike with other wounded soldiers and showing there is life after disability. i've done more in my life with one leg than i would have done with two. i feel like a lucky girl. >> you were rememberable to the president, other than a rock star, the only one wearing sunglasses when you first met. and can you talk about why and the significance of that. >> it was one of the traumatic brain injuries i had. i was sensitive to light. i would hide my double vision a
8:23 am
lot. i was always winking. after a visit to the boss' ranch, i saw the connection he had with us. and when you have sunglasses on, you lose that connection with someone. and i used to use it to hide behind. i was hiding what i was dealing with. when i saw he reached out and he opened his heart and home to us, and the caring way that president bush does, it inspired me to try to connect with people, as well. >> yeah. it was nice to take the glasses off. it was awesome to paint his eye. >> d.t., you are -- talk to me, first, about the injuries you sustained. and i want to mention as you do, you're still active duty, aren't you? >> i am. i'm still active duty. the first 100% disabled airman to re-enlist in the air force. i'm pretty happy that i'm still able to serve because it's hard to find a job, a job that you truly love. and i love being in the military.
8:24 am
i love being with these guys. did i think of myself as be this person that people look up to me? i just -- no. this is never going to be my ideal job. i was going to be an operator. do my job. call in air strikes. but my injuries, 80% of my body has third-degree burns. i was almost -- i almost died three times. they told me i'll never walk again. i'll be on a respirator for the rest of my life. and i would still be in the hospital another year and a half when i woke up from four months in a coma. and two months after they told me that, i walked and breathe on my own out of the hospital. >> well, your spirit is undeniable. all of you. i'm not going to put you on the couch, president bush. i know you wouldn't like that. you know what rod said. he thinks this painting of portraits is as therapeutic and beneficial for you. >> no question about it. it's beneficial. it keeps me active so i'm not on the couch chewing potato chips. two, it's one of the great
8:25 am
learning experiences. and it keeps me in touch with our vets in a unique way. when i was president, i said i'm going to have your back in a minute. and the post-presidency, i vowed that i'm going to help our vets as much as i possibly can for the remainder of my life. >> we have 45 seconds left. what don't americans get? what don't we get about transitioning back to civilian life for a lot of you folks? >> i don't think they get the fact that when veterans transition back to civilian life, they don't need a handout or favors. they want opportunities. i have the privilege of helping veterans in my postmilitary job and helping them find employment. from employers, we want to hire vets. we can't find them. that sounds like an excuse to me. they're out there, give them the opportunity. they'll excel in your business. >> i'll tell you one thing. these vets don't want self-pity. they don't want to be pitied. they want to be helped.
8:26 am
>> we're going to continue this discussion with the five of you on facebook live. we good morning. i'm pamela osborne and the time is 8:26. and right to the first alert forecast with meteorologist bill henley. hl hello, bill. >> we are seeing the temperatures climb and also the clouds moving in. this is hockessin, delaware. still chilly, but this is a nice warmup from the 20s this morning, and the 40s in south jersey and 37 in philadelphia and below freezing for the suburbs and the lehigh valley. >> now, let's get a check on the traffic with first nbc 10 trafficle alert reporter jessica boyington. how is it looking out there? >> we are e seeing the
8:27 am
improvement of the schuylkill with the accident at i-76 and gullph mills. if you are approaching the blue route, you might see some of that and some big delays on 95 near chester. and near the commodore bridge there, you can see the big delays and approaching the blue route as well. pamel pamela. >> and today, the interfaith leaders plan to denounce the desecration of a philadelphia jewish cemetery in westnomming. there is a $13,000 award for lead ing to the arrest. and investigators are still assessing damage from a crash. i'm pamela osborne.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ we are back, at 8:30 here on a monday morning. the 27th day of february. greeting our enthusiastic crowd here in rockefeller plaza. i'm al roker, alongside carson daily. natalie is standing by in los angeles. big night there. >> we'll get to natalie in a second. matt and savannah are in the middle of their facebook live chat with president george w. bush and some of the veterans of
8:31 am
his book "portraits of heroes." we have people here to break down the highs and lows of the oscars red carpet. and savannah will give us a look at her world over the past few months, adjusting to life with baby charley and little vail. and if you're looking for something to cook for dinner tonight, we have you covered with a delicious baked pasta dish. >> i like the sound of that. first, a reminder of some of the big things we have going on on "today." we go to capitol hill. and matt speaking to house speaker paul ryan and gives you an unprecedented look inside and all around the capitol. on wednesday, "the tonight show's" jimmy fallon is going to swing by. thursday, one of the biggest stars in hollywood and music will be here, jennifer loemz. there's a ton we're looking for to next week on "today."
8:32 am
al, how about a check of the weather? >> starting off with the week ahead. unseasonably mild in the east. heavy rain in the gulf. and heavy rain in southern california. and snow in the rockies. storms in the western plains and wet weather in the pacific northwest. and by the latter part of the week, much colder in the northeast. plenty of sunshine from the plains down to the gulf. more heavy rain in the pacific northwest. good news is, things arts dryistng i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold morning, but we will see a nice warmup today and wind up about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday, and that is in spite of the clouds increasing in the day. 56 is the high for philadelphia. and sunshine in the suburbs will fade this afternoon, but thele temperature climbs to 54 degrees today and up to 57 for new jersey and a little bit coolerer at the shore, thanks to thele cooler ocean water. lehigh valley, and that sunshine will fade this afternoon, and
8:33 am
mostly cloudy for delaware later today. >> that's your latest weather. >> al, thanks very much. more on the oscars and the fashion on full display. let's head back to natalie. >> thanks, guys. here to break down the best red carpet looks and trends, we have olivia copal, former miss universe. and we have celebrity stylist brad garlesky. guys, thanks for getting up early with me this morning. good to have you here. olivia and brad, you rocked the target last night. who were you wearing, olivia? >> well, i was wearing a markese gown. it was custom made. and the dress was out of custom chalice pieces. and for every chalice sold, five years of clean drinking water was for someone in the
8:34 am
developing world. >> it was fashion for a purpose. brad, you look great. >> thank you. >> as always. and rockin' the velvet this morning. >> and velvet last night, too. >> it was a cool night. >> it was. >> let's talk about the celebrities that we saw. and everybody i thought looked really great. let's look at the looks that got the biggest buzz. starting off with viola davis who takes home an oscar for fashion. >> that was armani prive. i love the cutout on the shoulders. it was fantastic. >> i spoke to elizabeth shue, her stylist. and she was telling me she was wearing a stuart wiseman shoe. but she was having a custom-made platform red sneaker to hit the dance floor. >> i love her in color. she looked amazing. >> and the fit of that dress was perfect. every single angle was perfect.
8:35 am
>> well, she is a star. and she knows how to certainly dress for the occasion. one of my favorites of the night, and i told her on the carpet, was hailee steinfeld. what did you think of her? edgy and young but gorgeous. >> so beautiful. in person, too, even more stunning with her green eyes and the eye makeup popped. she always does it on the carpet. she goes for it. she always goes for it. and i think she's just such a fashion darling. and she took a chance. >> what did you think? >> she did a fantastic job of marrying that ethereal world. it could have been risque. but it was planned. and i loved the scalloped edges and wonderful neckline. >> she was going for fairy tale. >> and he nailed it. and she wore russo to the "vanity fair" party. >> she looked gorgeous in that, also. >> there was a lot. >> their couture collection was outstanding. >> ruth negga is another one that was a big -- got a lot of buzz last night.
8:36 am
>> wearing a color similar to yours. beautiful red valentino. love that dress so much. and the hair, as well. she had a crown. and had a bold lip. it paired together. everything came together so well. what did you think of it? >> i loved. it and i loved the irene neuwirth rubies in her headband. and the pin she wore, which was poignant. and all these girls had a little planned parenthood gold badge made, as well. there was a real statement. >> emma stone wearing it, as well. let's look at trends. you're perfect to talk about the friends we saw. i saw a lot of high necklines. >> we saw some beautiful ones. janelle monae, i spoke to her stylist after she hit the car t carpet. this dress was decided in december. the neckline was part of the dress. we've seen it in fashion. the turtleneck.
8:37 am
the necklines. this was a fantastic moment for her. >> a lot of gold last night, too. emma stone on. >> the metallic. >> emma's was a knockout. >> i loved emma stone. i love that she brought something more edgy. she plays it safe sometimes. and it breaks my heart. >> this was such an optimistic dress. and it paid off. >> went to the winner's circle. >> when i saw her on the red carpet, i thought she came to win tonight. this is a winner's gown. and this is actually the last gown that ricardo tici will design for ggivenchy. >> it took 1,700 hours to make that dress. >> every detail was perfection. the men don't often get credit. but let's give them their due. who of the guys brought it last night? >> i'm a big fan of ryan
8:38 am
gosling. and he always has the perfect little twist to his tuxedo. >> oh. >> a little ruffle. >> the ruffle was great. >> it fit with his character, right? >> yeah. he had a dark navy tuxedo with a ruffle shirt. i have to get a ruffle shirt. i have to have what he wears. >> trend setter. >> he looked so cool and effortless. and never like he's trying too hard. >> i know. that's so true. how can he pull it off? there is a lot going on. but it doesn't look like it. >> there's a little something special there. >> besides ryan, chris evans. >> chris evans. i loved the beautiful bright blue hue of this farragamo suit. the tuxedo was so great with the contrasting shawl color. he looked so handsome. and every woman at the elton john party was like, oh. >> someone that looks edgy and cool on the carpet is pharrell williams. >> pharrell, always pushing the
8:39 am
boundaries. right? so great with all of those chains, the cummerbund, the broach. he always knocks it out of the park for me. always pushing the fashion boundaries. >> i like the tails. >> i love the tails. yeah. >> he's so awesome. >> and honorable mention, mahershala ali, who took the oscar home, as well. >> sleek. >> and i like the all-black version with the bow tie and the shirt. >> what they did in designing this. this is zenya, they used different the exchurs and patterns to make sure there was variations in the black. but what a great look. and he went home a winner. >> he just had a baby. four days ago. >> i know. >> i know. oscar and a new baby. it doesn't get better. thank you, brad, donna, olivia. you can see more on the red carpet oscars looks on e! news and "fashion police." coming up next, a recipe for an irresistible comfort food classic. we're going to get to that.
8:40 am
a little salt there. >> do the cobra. >> no. normal salt. normal salt. this is "today" on nbc. >> come on.
8:41 am
8:42 am
and we're back with "today food." this week, putting a new twist on beloved pasta dishes. first up, donatella aitella in new york city. donatella, good morning. >> good morning. >> let's start with the ingredients. what are you making today? >> i'm making pasta purses. chicken breast. egg pasta sheets. spinach, tomatoes. >> a light pasta dish. >> it's a versatile dish. first, you take a pasta cheat. egg pasta. get it in a gourmet meal. >> it's a little purse. >> a purse of love.
8:43 am
>> cook it to al dente. >> you can buy the pasta sheets like that? >> yes. >> a little al dente. >> you're going to finish it in the oven. you stop the cooking process. >> i love it. >> you take it out right here. i'm going to make the filling. i'm sauteing the mushrooms. you want to saute them first. >> is this a cousin to lasagna? >> it's an original recipe. my brother has a restaurant in midtown. it was an envelope pasta. we created it years ago. >> you can put anything in the purse, right? >> anything. >> any protein. veggies lying around. >> you can make a seafood purse. do a lot of things. add some spinach. okay. saute this up. and i have grilled chicken here. we take the mixture. let it saute another minute. add it in. and we have more warm besh mel
8:44 am
sauce. >> what is besh mel? is that the cousin to zooey deschan deschanel? >> it's a rich, creamy butter milk sauce. it's easy to make. add the warm besh mel. a little parmesan cheese. >> this is prepurse in the bowl. >> mix it up in the bowl. >> got it. >> it's mixed. and you take your pasta. you add the mixture. how are you doing, al? >> al is right in front of us at our tasting table. >> can you make the mixture ahead of time? >> yes. this is a great dish to make ahead of time in general. just wiping my hands. let me add one more scoop. >> how is it, al? >> it's terrific. >> you fold it like an envelope. boom, boom, boom. >> like diapering a baby. >> these are great for dinner parties. >> like an incorrect oscar envelope. >> yes. a little vodka sauce on the
8:45 am
bottom. okay. most importantly, you put this in the oven with sauce on the bottom, for ten minutes at 475. and look how beautiful. >> ten minutes is all you're going to cook it. >> everything is cooked. >> and you add a little vodka sauce. and garnish with a little parmesan cheese, of course. it's not rich enough. toasted almonds. >> al, what would your protein be? >> i would use chicken thighs. >> the dark meat is thicker. yes. it's nice and easy. >> donatella, thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> once you learn the technique, you got it. this is a recipe you can make tonight. go to coming up next, savannah shares a personal and precious look how she spent maternity leave. first, this is "today" on nbc. donatell thank you.a,
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
back, everyone, has a special meaning. we mean welcome back to savannah have maternity leave. so nice to have you. >> it is like riding a bike. >> what did you think when you got to work this morning? >> i was so excited. so happy. happy to be here. i got a little weepy because it's a transition. end of an era. for those of you wondering what i've been doing all these long 12 weeks, here's a look -- >> who is counting? >> here's my maternity leave. one, two, three, smile. >> i could be. cheese. >> cheese. say cheese, charlie. >> round of applause for charles maxwe maxwell. >> this big, bouncing boy came to us two weeks before christmas. and immediately took up residence in our hearts. hi. what's your name? you new here? see mommy. and watching vale meet her baby
8:49 am
brother for the first time was one of the most magical moments of our lives. little baby charlie brought vale a lollipop. one thing i learned about having a second child, is having a second is just as much about the first. do you know baby brother's name? >> charlie. >> where is your brother? yeah. is he holding your hand? >> yeah. >> reporter: mike is double the dad, now, stepping in wherever and however duty calls. to all a good night. we're having a lot of fun as a family of four. from our first family trip to arizona, to visit my mom. where are we going? >> arizona. >> reporter: what's the desert? it's a place where there are mountains and cactus. and that's where nonny lives. to taking a on the double-stroller and, of course, matching family fashions. good morning. every day brings new moments of
8:50 am
joy and infinite gratitude. hi, charlie. ♪ >> smiling. >> yes. >> smiling, too. >> are you smiling? >> i'm smiling because charlie. >> oh. is that your baby brother? >> cheese. >> cheese. >> oh, man. >> too bad he doesn't have chubby cheeks. >> i know. past the tissues. they have that tissue thing that comes down. it's been such a lovely and magical time. and i have to say, i know that that burden fell a lot on you. and you worked very hard in my absence, picking up a lot of slack. and i want to say thank you to all my colleagues. >> an act of love. and thanks to all of the people who filled in over the last couple months. >> we would name them but we'd run out of time. >> we're soo happy to have you back. >> i'm delighted. it's the best place to be. >> we're back in a moment.
8:51 am
this -- there we go. >> i knew it. i knew it. >> this is "today" on nbc. ♪ >> oh, yeah. that picre.tu
8:52 am
back at 8:52. mr. roker, let's celebrate birthdays. >> let's fire up the smucker's jars. who are we celebrating today? happy 100th birthday to lugussie
8:53 am
dean. a springfield grandma. she has 28 grandkids and 28 great, great grandkids. robert kissell of cheyenne, wyoming is 100 years old. a darely farmer for 70 years. that's a good hat. happy 100th birthday to paul resene. a baseball fan from bird city, kansas. says the secret to longevity, marry a good cook. georgia rosbouroug, she was value tiedictorian of her high l class. this former blimp pilot is from kansas city, missouri. he and his college sweetheart have been married for 75 years. happy 75th anniversary to ernest and mary floyd. world travelers from columbus, north carolina. they say their secret to a long and happy marriage, always hold
8:54 am
hands. that's right. this way, they can't run away. if you know someone that is celebrating a milestone or anniversary, tell us about it. >> squeeze it really tight. >> we took the beauty and squeezed right out of it. tell us about it at and remember to include a photo. >> that's great. the nominees from the oscars that didn't win, not going home empty-handed. >> that's right. the swag bags. natalie, i hope you got one to send over here. >> there is some swag, guys. every year an outside company puts together the gift bags. a consolation prize for the nominees who didn't win an oscar. this stuff is not going to have a place on the mantle, some is pretty cool and handy. this is a casper pillow. you've heard of the mattress and this dog bed, designed to be cool and comfortable. i can attest to that, as i lay my head on it. very cool with the hour sleep i had last night. this could be going home with me. my dog is too big for that. next up, every star likes a
8:55 am
brand-new box of crayons. these are personalized. and inside each one, a golden crayon. ooh. and then, there is the jules k. anteater purse. don't know. but it's a unique luxury handbag, designed in the united states. >> i have the aardvark. >> but a very cool thing. this is neat, the oomi. it turns any home into a smarthome. it can do things like control your lights. >> oomi, oprah. >> now, you have the oomi. and this last one is a biggie. apparently, it's so big they couldn't bring it in for me. it is a five-night stay in a villa at the kaloa landing resort in kauai. i know some that would like a getaway. a few oscar presenters. a few people like me, who want a little getaway, as well. but also a special congrats to an extended member of the "today" family, willie's sister,
8:56 am
won for best documentary feature last night. she was one of the executive producers. congratulations to libby. >> so proud of her. >> natalie, thanks for doing double-duty. get some rest. >> nick lachey. >> and john lithgow coming up. >> see if i can do marchesa. good morning. i'm vai sikahema, and sit is about 9:00 a.m. and to first alert meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate neighborhood forecast. bill, warming up? >> it is slowly despite the clouds moving in. the clouds are increasing in philadelphia and the suburbs is and the temperature now, and 41 in philadelphia and 411 in delaware, too. mostly cloudy skies this afternoon and will be out of the clouds this afternoon, and the temperatures will climb into the
8:57 am
50s later today. the winds will pick up to help with the warmup. 50s today and 60s tomorrow, and then wednesday into the 70s. vai? >>le well, thank you, bill. and let's have a check at traffic with jessica boyington. what are you seeing? >> an accident there at the bottom of the screen where they moved the camera out, but it is over on the off ramp and it is not blocking the lanes on the eastbound side. so watch for some slowdowns there. and in chester, watch for a crash just before 322 in chester, and southbound delays and traffic approaching delaw e delaware. back to you. >> thank you, jessica. today, philadelphia leaders plan to denounce the desecration of a jewish cemetery, and also, volunteers will continue with repairs at the mt. carmel jewish cemetery. there is a $13,000 reward that
8:58 am
leads on the a arrest. and bill kcosby is going to be back in a montgomery court for a hearing as they want to move the trial out of montgomery county, because of negative press. and today, camden will break water for a new headquarters. it will house 500 employees when it opens up next year. i'm vai sikahema, and you can always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app.
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ this morning on "today's take," we're turning up the heat to 98 degrees. nick lachey our co-host. and golden globe winner, john lithgow. and the most shocking hollywood ending ever. glitz, galam, and the gaffe fro last night's hollywood oscars. >> from nbc news this, is "today's take." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and welcome to "today." on a monday morning. february 27th, 2017. listening to "give me just one night." >> a little noche to get the week started. >> 98 degrees. welcome to our guest, nick lachey. >> thank you. thank you.
9:01 am
thanks for having me. >> you hear that? >> that was the song that got the applause. >> no. it was you, my friend. it was you. if you went to bed before the oscars were over, did you stay up to see the whole thing? >> i did, actually. i was flying in. >> me, too. i fell asleep right before the end. everything is going great. it's fine. and i woke up this morning, and i thought, what? >> they what? >> you missed a moment that will live in oscar history. take a look. >> and the academy award -- for best picture -- >> come on. "la la land." >> there's a mistake. "moonlight," you guys won best picture. this is not a joke. >> this is not a joke. i'm afraid they read the wrong thing. >> this is not a joke.
9:02 am
"moonlight" has won the best picture. "moonlight," best picture. >> i'm still not sure this is real. >> i mean, can we unpack this a little bit? >> sure. >> let's talk about what happened here. >> okay. >> you explain. >> here's the deal. so, warren beatty opens the envelope. and you can see he's obviously flustered. >> he was hesitant. >> he's trying to figure out. >> it was kind of that john travolta moment. totally confused. >> he looks offstage. he shows it to faye. she thought he was milking it. and she blurts it out, "la la land." and the producers on their third speech. about 1:50 in to their speech, when producer, jordan horowitz, who announces it's a mistake. >> he shows everybody, it's almost like the proof is in the pudding. we're all skeptical. >> that picture shows it all.
9:03 am
>> yeah. >> it was a bit of a train wreck. but the way he handled it. the way that jordan handled it with grace and poise, i think it diffused what could have been a very, very -- >> awkward. >> awkward and uncomfortable situation. "moonlight" team comes on the stage accepting their award. the counting firm, price wat er house coopers said the presenters were given the wrong category envelope. and it was corrected. we're investigating how this could have happened and deeply regret this occurred. you're warren beatty. you're standing up there. what do you do? >> i have to think he was thinking, it's the most prestigious award. let me confer with the counting firm. >> who would think of all of that? >> i can't claim i would do that in the moment. >> i don't think i could have. to his credit, he tried to -- he was vamping, i think. hoping that somebody from
9:04 am
offstage was going to help him. >> he's out there, dangling by himself. and he knows something is wrong. but no one has told him how to handle the situation. >> how terrific did he and faye dunaway look? >> fantastic. all the things we would be talking about this morning, which we will, justin timberlake and the dancing and the performances and the speeches. that's all anybody is talk about is this. >> how about the job jimmy kimmel did? >> he was fantastic. >> he was incredible host, the entire night. it was a bit unfair. he was trying to diffuse it and saying, i knew i would screw it up. i promise i will never host again. and being self-deprecating and take the attention off what happened. but i thought he did a phenomenal job all night long. walked the line very well. >> when he brought the tour group they surprised. they had no idea they were going to end up front and center at the oscars. take a look. [ applause ] >> hello there.
9:05 am
>> this is nicole kidman. discovered in redondo beach at a qu quizno's. >> i pronounce you husband and wife. >> gary was trending on twitter. >> gary from chicago. >> let's be honest. it's normally not that exciting a tour. just got a whole lot more exciting for those folks. >> look at their faces. >> meryl streep -- i think it's a great honor. how many people do you want p t kissing your hand? >> jennifer aniston didn't want to give up the glasses. those are my favorite pair of glasses. >> you can tell. those are some nice glasses. >> oh, yeah. >> once you get called out on national television, you got to give them up. >> she will send you another pair. >> how about the music? >> it was fantastic. justin timberlake to me, kicking
9:06 am
off the entire show. he set the mood. he was fun. he set the energy. >> and the way it was directed, too. walking through with the whole crowd and getting everybody into it. they did this when "happy," but it was in the middle of the show. everybody was up and dancing. a great way to kick it off. >> and the actress from "moana." she was terrific. >> she was to me, fantastic. you have seasoned actors and actresses there. it's great when somebody new comes along and gets their moment. she met the moment. gorgeous girl. >> and john legend, my goodness. the man has never sounded bad a day in his life. >> killed it. once again. ♪ are you shining just for me >> he practiced more than ever for this one because it wasn't his song. really? john legend, you have to practice? but he nailed it. >> he did. i defer to you. >> do you? >> as far as fashion is concerned because i have no taste. >> the only thing i can say. you start to see the trends.
9:07 am
you would know this. do the stylests talk to each other and say, the trend is gold? >> the only reason they would talk to each other so you don't end up in the exact same thing. that would be the worst case scenario. >> that's what i was thinking. a lot of people wore gold. emma stone and givenchy. and i loved jessica biel's best. and i can tell you kaufman franco. they looked like statues. it was gorgeous. >> i would have been in target. >> gold is in. >> you can wear golden suits tomorrow. >> gold is back bigley. taraji p. henson. how about the blue velvet dress from alberto ferretti. >> and viola davis. this is red armani. look at that dress. just absolutely fantastic. >> how about naomie harris in
9:08 am
white from calvin klein. >> it was a shorter dress. you could see her shoes. >> ryan gosling looks good in everything he wears. but he went for it. >> the ruffled shirt. the gucci shirt. >> go ahead. >> it was like the '70s called back. >> but it worked. >> it worked because he's ryan gosling. >> he can pull off anything. >> you don't any you can do that? >> lachey can pull it off. >> i wouldn't do it as good. >> if i walked out in that, it would be -- what an idiot. >> not if you wore it with confidence. >> no. >> al, you rocked it the first time around. >> the sad thing is, i didn't get to go to my senior prom. >> wait, what? >> we need to get into this now. are you serious? >> i couldn't get a date. i did make an extra 75 bucks working at a-to-z vending that night, my after-school night. >> this is more of a tragedy than the best picture going south. >> i feel horrible. >> that wasn't the idea.
9:09 am
>> inside i cry for you. >> i think we need to have a "today" show progrm. >> tweet us if you think we should have a "today" show prom. on the thing? >> i am predisco ball. i was. >> no. >> i graduated high school in '72. they had not done the disco ball yet. just ahead -- >> dang. >> dang, he's old. you can smell the oldness coming off. nick and vanessa's newest bouncing bundle of joy. the photos you need to see of baby phoenix. >> we'll play 98 degrees at our prom. ♪ (gasp)
9:10 am
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9:13 am
a 2-month-old baby at home. young master phoenix. >> sleeping in is a thing of the past. >> look at that. >> oh, wow. >> i love that picture. >> that's gorgeous. >> someone gave us that blanket. >> did you name him phoenix because of that? or no? the meaning like a phoenix rising. like that. >> no. we were looking for a name. my wife, river phoenix was on her mind. phoenix is a great name. >> what's interesting is you've got -- your kids are name affidavit places. >> we like to travel. we like to travel. >> and little sister, brooklyn. >> so, camden came about. we wanted him to be a "c" name. i thought it would be collin. and we came up with camden. and brooklyn because she was conceived here in new york. and that's a beautiful name. and now, phoenix.
9:14 am
not because he was conceived in phoenix. >> i was about to say. >> just random. >> would have been great if you were north. and the kid's name was the bronx. >> columbus. >> camden and bronx. brooklyn. >> i'm very, very blessed. they're great kids and doing well. >> congratulations. >> that's fantastic. we want to send love to savannah guthrie, who returned from maternity leave this morning. young master charlie. >> look at the cheeks. >> what a cutie. >> and vale. the cheeks on those kids. >> just adorable. >> amazing. another adorable person, our co-host from last week, jordin spar sparks. and she spent the weekend flying with the thunderbirds of the u.s. air force. that's pretty incredible. >> is this actually real video? >> yes. >> go, jordan. >> oh. >> i don't see the barf bag yet. she is doing well. >> i couldn't do that. >> oh, look at that. >> and here comes the gs. >> look at that.
9:15 am
>> there's nothing -- you have never done this? >> i've never done it. >> have you? >> i was lucky enough, yes. i was lucky enough to do this -- actually, i did a uso trip. we were at ramstein air force base in germany. they took me up in an f-16. if you're a thrill-seeker and if you're not, you would give a toe to do it again. >> i heard the force is insane. >> they put you through survival training before it. and teaching me how to parach e parachute. how to skin a rabbit. if you're in the german countryside. it gets intense. when you're in there doing the ride, it's like nothing else. >> that's crazy. we have something just as crazy planned for you this week, being with us. we're going to be in a double-decker bus. going to get up to about 20 miles per hour. >> maybe we can roll through -- we don't have the oscars. >> you are reading down my bucket list. this is amazing. how did you know? >> we can sense it. also, we want to shoutout.
9:16 am
jordan peele on our show. his horror/comedy "get out," a huge debut. took over -- took number one with more than $30 million. jordan on the show, as was bradley wit fowhitford. you see one of the stars. we're thrilled they came on. we helped push them over the top. >> you get a back end on the movie. >> that's it. >> you want your movie to be number one. >> come on our show. sister company, universal pictures producing. they came on "today's take." >> you made it happen. >> just like that. just like that, wow. let's see what we've got. not so much. i thought i would say that. here's your weather. we have strong storms firing up through the southeast right now. more wet weather coming into extreme southern california, making its way into the southwest. we're going to watch that very closely. temperature-wise. look at the 90s, 80s, 70s
9:17 am
through the gulf coast. a little cool in the northeast. but will be warming up. unseasonably chilly in the pacific northwest, where we have mountain snows. also through the rockies. look for the strong storms to continue to fire up through the gulf. we're looking at more extreme weather tomorrow into wednesday. and we will see a gradual warm-up in t northeast and he good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold morning, but we will see a nice warmup today, and wind up 10 degrees warmer than yesterday and that is in spite of the clouds increasing today. 56 is the high for philadelphia. sunshine in the suburbs will fade this afternoon, but the temperature climbs to 54 degrees today and up to 57 for new jersey and a little bit cooler at the shore, and thanks to that cooler ocean water. and up in lehigh valley, the sunshine will fade, and mostly cloudy later on for delaware. have a great day. next, something every
9:18 am
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9:22 am
i do. you take out the coffee pods and put in play-doh. and look how perfectly it fits. >> you can see the colors. >> that's cute. right now -- where do you have them? all over the place. >> in a bin. this is perfect. >> we need to get them to put the lids back on the play-doh. >> this will make them want to. >> my kids have a lot of puzzles. but the pieces are everywhere. the boxes break down. you have a good trick for keeping the puzzles contained. >> all of the pieces fall out. we have our pencil bags here. you can slide the picture of the puzzle right in. and zip it closed. >> you're so organized. >> if i can zip it. there we two. and put them right in the bin and put them away. >> you're mother of the year. puzzle pieces. >> i recognize these. >> they're everywhere. >> these are really hard to stack because they have pegs and they end up in a drawer. we use a dish rack to keep them
9:23 am
vertical. and the nice thing is kids can see what they have. an they're going to get more use out of them. >> you brought up a really good point. try to had everything. we put them in trunks and bins. they don't play with them. a dish rack. >> i have these in a book shelf an they look nice this way. >> nice. what's next? >> next up, the beautiful art work, have to give you a shoutout for the lovely stuff. this is a clipboard art gallery. you have three kids, right? >> we're all parties of five here. >> every time i pick my son up, he has a new piece of art. i don't know what to do with the stuff. >> they bring it home. you're like, thank you. this is great. you can clip it right in. and then, clip it off. we'll switch this up. this is a picture of our family, by the way. we'll put this right in. >> that's cute. and they say the kids like to see their artwork on display. that's a great idea. >> one day, they're going to see it again. >> what's up with this? >> my son has hot wheels all over our house.
9:24 am
how do you keep these organized? >> how do kids pick up after themselves. how do you get them to do that. make it cool. this is awesome. we use picture ledges as a garage for the cars. instead of stepping on them and hurting your feet, have them put them in here. >> perfect. >> that's really cute. >> and they're on display. >> it looks nice. >> that's cheap. >> much better than the big bucket of cars i have at any house. >> these are toys out and about, but displayed nicely. >> and the instruction manuals with every toy. >> i am not an organized person. i could never find these things. you put them in clear sleeves in a binder. >> a binder in a drawer. >> i'm so inefficient. >> you never have to be scrambling for these again. >> very smart. great tips. >> thank you so much. >> that's right. just ahead, natalie catches up with hollywood's biggest stars from nicole kidman to viola
9:25 am
why am i so devastatingly handsome, i'm in a fragrance..., and my sweethearts gone sayonara. this scarf, all that's left to remember. what! she washed this like a month ago! how's a guy supposed to move on! the long lasting scent of gain flings. only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast, for fast pain relief. tylenol®
9:26 am
♪ good morning. i'm vai sikahema and it is about 9:30 on this morning, and let's get to the first alert meteorologist bill henley. >> one of the last mornings of february and e feels like. today, the temperatures are climbing from the 30s and into the 40s, and nice warmup with mosley cloudy skies. it will be cloudy later on. breaks of sunshine in the lehigh valley. 34 degrees and 30s in the suburbs. the rest of the area warmed into the 40s. the jersey shore is 44 degrees. the colder neighborhoods in northeast philadelphia where we are in the 20s this morning, and now 38 in bustleton and northeast airport and 44 in
9:27 am
tarsdale. >> than ing you, bill. we go to our first alert traffic report jessica boyington. it is looking pretty good. >> we are, a few accidents on the schuylkill, but they are all clear and normal volume. here is the jerard avenue slow coming off of the ram arep, but that is normal here, and the eastbound with the drive time 22 minutes from the blue route to the expressway on the vine. and an accident near the butler pike. it is 9:30, and just about half hour, bill cosby will be back in the county court for a hearing in his sexual assault case. his attorneys want to move the case out of the kocounty becaus of negative press. and leaders plan to denounce the desecration of a cemetery at the mt. carmel cemetery. showing vandalism to headstones there, and there sis a $13,000
9:28 am
reward for any information that leads to an arrest. we will see you at the top of the hour.
9:29 am
9:30 am
♪ ooh. >> isn't that nice? >> yeah. if you couldn't stay up late last night, we have all of the moments that everybody is buzzing about from last night's oscars. >> from the red carpet, to the awards show shockers and after-partie after-parties, natalie has the scoop from l.a. >> good morning. everyone is still talking about the best picture mixup. but one thing is for sure, it's an oscar night that will go down in history. and we were there for all of the action. ♪ ♪ >> a cloudy, cool night here in "la la land" is not keeping the stars from sizzling on the red carpet. casey? can you believe it?
9:31 am
the end of the awards season. >> it's been great. it's been amazing. being here tonight and all of the things that came before this really is a bonus that none of us, truly -- none of us expected. and it's incredible. >> you look stunning tonight. tell me about this beautiful dress that you're wearing. >> that's a dress by giorgio armani. and it's really nice to wear. >> it looks warm. >> i'm warmer than you are. >> you must be so proud of her. >> very proud. and proud of the film. >> hi, viggo. so good to see you. >> you look sparkling. >> you look fantastic. >> i love that you brought your beautiful mother here tonight. >> i do, too. i get son points for life for this. and we've been talking about this since i was a little kid. >> you have been? >> yeah. she always said, when you go, you're going to bring me as your date. and here we are. >> wow. i'm voting you the best dressed of the night. >> thank you. >> it was the only dress i tried
9:32 am
on. >> that is good to be around my friends an enjoy the last night of the awards season. i'm loose and relaxed tonight. it's good. >> you get to party then, right? >> yes. >> i want to party with you. and pockets. you have pockets. you keep anything in the pockets? >> one of them gave me a bottle of tequila. a little tequila goes a long way. >> after you perform, is it relief? is it, i can relax? >> the feeling is, now, i would like a glass of wine. ♪ >> oh, my gosh. that ending. wow. >> you couldn't write anything better than that. >> i'm reeling after what just happened. >> if you told me it happened in a movie, i would say, no. that's too unbelievable. >> that was a jaw-dropper. it was pandemonium in there. >> how are you doing?
9:33 am
>> i'm really good. but what a night. what a strange night. >> let me see that oscar. it's got -- that looks good. a baby and oscar in three days? >> yeah. quite a bit. new kind of tired. but it's amazing. >> surreal, out of body, yes. both those things apply. >> what's it like to hold this oscar? >> feels good. >> what will you do to celebrate? >> jump on the bed. >> what have you got? show me the dance moves. >> my work has ended after a night that even hollywood couldn't have scripted. and with that, that's a wrap. natalie out. according to selalma hayek who s backstage when all hell broke loose, jimmy kimmel had one final bit planned, starring matt damon. after the unscripted mixup, damon was in the wings, shocked as the rest of us as to what happened. one thing is for sure, it was a show-stopping finale. i don't think anybody is going
9:34 am
to forget this oscars. back to you guys. >> you would almost think that kimmel planned it, like one last shot at damon. that's the greatest running gag ever. >> next year, i will watch until the very end. >> there you go. >> learned a lesson. john lithgow making his big return to tv comedy, back here on nbc in "trial and error." he's going to tell us about this. and the iconic tv role you never knew he turned down. it's a prett to feel this special... need to eat this special. kellogg's special k... ...made with whole grains and fiber to help a body thrive... folic acid and vitamin d... make a body feel this good. start your day with 150 nourishing calories... a bowl of special k. ♪ eat special, feel special. introducing special k nourish bites. a new way to snack special.
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9:39 am
rollercise. >> you mean roller skate? >> no. roller skate is for children. rollercise is a very graceful form of self-expression. it's much easier when you're not shackled. >> john lithgow, good morning to you. >> you're laughing. i'm delighted. >> let's talk about this. it's a comedy. but your character is on trial for killing his wife. >> that's right. i may or may not have murdered my wife. a bona fide comedy premise. and, yeah. it's a sendup of "the jinx," "making a murderer," "the staircase." the creators of the show, jeff sastrof and matt miller, you turn one shift and that's what
9:40 am
you got. >> i've never heard of rollercising. were you an avid roller skater before this role? >> avid? i think i roller skated a bit about 50 years ago. >> back when you had a skate key. >> i won't tell you if i had an opportunity rollerciser or not. >> you come off of this role that everybody is raving about in "the crown." that's just incredible. the transformation. did you have any hesitation about taking on such an iconic character in history? >> oh, yes. i was very excited. but very scared. all at the same time. that's a good way to approach a job. i mean, i was acting with a hundred wonderful english actors. and i was absolutely the only american. except the ones playing americans. and i just plunged in. they were incredibly welcoming. they made me feel more confident
9:41 am
than i felt myself. and i just did lots and lots of work. just immersed myself in his history and his physical life. >> do you get a gut feeling that something is going to be -- i mean, "the crown" is huge. it's one of the things when i wanted to see it. i sat one afternoon and binge watched, as say they'd. episode after episode. people love it. >> it's amazing. we knew we were doing something fine. we didn't realize it was going to be quite this popular. and then, go leaping into something completely and utterly different. "trial & error." >> yeah. >> you talk about a gut, about a role. you were offered the role -- is it true you were offered the role of frasier on "cheers" and you turned it down? >> sadly, yes. on the other hand, if i had played frasier, it never would have been a huge hill.
9:42 am
i defer to kelsey. he is frasier. i did appear as one of the voices. the call-in voices. and kelsey and i played william f. buckley and gore vidal, the voices. "best of enemies" a wonderful documentary a couple years ago. >> and talk about "dexter." we were coming down the stairs and, nick, you mentioned how much you love it. >> my favorite season, when you play the serial killer. >> i try to mix it up. and in this case, i just spent the entire fall laughing my head off. this wonderful cast of factors. nick deaugusto and sherri shepherd. and steve who played the fool when i played king leer. a wonderful experience. >> you've done stage and features and television.
9:43 am
that do they all work different muscles as an actor? do you have a favorite? >> i grew up in a theater family. and the first one-third was almost all new york broadway theater. that's kind of my tap root. and talk about using all your muscles, that's the one that requires all of your muscles. >> john lithgow, you are fantastic. it's a delight to meet you. >> thank you. wait until you see this comedy. >> "trial & error," it premieres tuesday, march 14th, here on nbc. >> that's right. >> like the good old days. "3rd rock from the sun." i have to do weather. the big giant head. yes, we miss him, as well. the weekend ahead, unseasonably mild in the east and in the ohio river valley. strong storms through the grulf coast. heavy rain in the south, southern california. the severe weather moves in the
9:44 am
eastern half of the u.s. midsection of the country drying out. snow in the northern plains. and getting a break from the rain in california. as we look at the latter part of the week, you can expect to see colder air in the northeast, into new england. the gulf coast looking good. more wet weathern the pacific i hello. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold morning, by we will see a nice warmup today and wind up at 10 degrees warmer than yesterday, and that is in spite of the clouds increasing in day. 56 is high temperature for philadelphia. sunshine in the suburbs will fade this afternoon, but the temperature climbs to 54 today, and up to 57 for new jersey and a little bit cooler at the shore thanks to the cooler ocean water. lehigh valley, the u sunshine is going to fade later on and mostly cloudy for delaware. have a good day. john lithgow. >> i'm going to sing and dance with rebel wilson.
9:45 am
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♪ this week our "today food" team wants you to make the perfect pasta for dinner. we called in eric bren wits. the executive chef of the tupelo cafe. >> he will show you how to whip up dishes that will seem like you spent hours in the kitchen. >> this is a mushroom valute. we roast mushrooms and salt and pepper. throw them in the oven. by the magic of television -- >> how long and how high? >> 35 minutes at 350 degrees. you are trying to get the water out and caramelize them. if you want to start a rue. butter and flour equal parts. it's a classic way to make a valute, which is just vegetable stock or a stockaded to a thickening agent.
9:50 am
>> any technique? >> no technique. then, add the garlic to the rue. and straight in about 30 seconds with that. and then, in with the vegetable stock. and what you come out with is a thickened, beautiful vegetable stock. and then, we take the mushrooms and throw them in here. and hand blend them. and make them a little on the chunky side. >> here we go. >> hey, now. >> it's fighting back. >> oh, my god. >> going in. >> taking longer than i thought. >> okay. >> i don't know what i'm going to do. >> mushrooms are tougher. imagine if you will. >> imagine that it blended fully. we have two different pastas. >> you already tocooked the. >> are those larger than rigatoni? >> the other pasta is much larger. so, we're going to toss this up with a little arugula. and --
9:51 am
finish it with some aged gouda cheese, which is one of my favorite things in the world, to take a classic pasta dish and use something a little different. >> i like the mushrooms in there. >> not so bad. >> let's head out front. we have a second one. >> that was a superquick and easy one. this is pacri. that cooks up more than your rigato rigatoni. i'm from a restaurant in the south. we use country ham more than prosciutto. we're going to saute up garlic. >> no whisking for me? >> you can shake. saute the onions and the garlic. >> you want it tran lucent? >> you want to take the onions to translucent. and you want color on the country ham. >> and can i stir? >> in the meantime, you get the
9:52 am
sauce going. >> super easy, all you do is add herbs and a little bit of cream. herbs and a little bit of cream. >> is it like an alfredo? >> it is an alfredo. the cream is supposed to be a light accent to it. and it actually will thicken the pasta with the addition of a little cheese. we take this pacckri here. >> this is heaven on a plate. >> thank you. >> this whole process can take about five minutes. >> knees are cooked already? >> cooked already. >> what are these? >> they're pacckari. they're large, unribbed, tubular pasta. you can use rigatoni. you can use penne. >> that's good. >> unbelievable. >> so good. try the mushroom one. i'm sure there's a better name. >> eric, thank you so much.
9:53 am
this is fantastic. get the recipes. we're back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ more cheese, eric. ♪
9:54 am
9:55 am
so great having nick with us this morning. stay with us all week. >> congratulations on the new baby. >> what's coming up? one word. her daddy. >> my dad is going t
9:56 am
good morning. i'm vai sikahema. just ant 10:00 a.m. on this monday february 27th. right over the first alert meteorologist bill henley with the first accurate forecast. bill. >> we have a warming trend with the temperatures climbing to almost adds warm as yesterday. 41 in philadelphia. seeing a little bit of the sunshine in the lehigh valley, but the clouds are increasing. it is going to be a mostly cloudy day, but in spite of the clouds look at the warmup. 53 at 3:00 this afternoon. heading into 50s today with
9:57 am
warmer weather torl. >> thank you, bill. a-check on the road with traffic report jessica boyington. what are you seeing? >> well, an easy drive on i-95 and most of the major freeways look like this. girard avenue looking good. and no problems on 95, but we are watching an accident on hor sham around welsh and blair road. >> this is brand-new video into nbc 10 as bill cosby is arriving moments ago at the montgomery courthouse in norristown. he and his team wanted his sexual assault trial moved out of the county because of bad press. meanwhile, leaders will be denouncing the desecration of headstones at a jewish cemetery
9:58 am
at wissiming. there is a $13,000 reward for anybody who has information leading to an arrest. i'm vai sikahema, and we will see you at the bottom of the hour. dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to worry about student loan debt. i graduated into it. so i couldn't do the things i love, like traveling. but i knew there had to be a way to manage it.
9:59 am
citizens bank education refinance loan. call... an education refinance loan helped me save on payments each month. if you have a question about whether refinancing is right for you, ask me. sincerely, robert kennedy, fellow grad and fellow citizen. call... to refi now.
10:00 am
from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio1a in rockefeller plaza. >> so glad you are joining us with our fun day monday. jenna bush hager is in for mama hoda who is on maternity break with her little girl. i marine this of course, there's all things oscars. we're going to get to all of that, but honestly, this is a first for me. we are so welcome -- so happy to welcome your father who is with us today. >> i know. can you believe it? >> former president bush. where is he? >> has he -- yes,


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