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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  WCAU  February 27, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> reporter: for steve harken the vandalism carries a message. i don't think it's just kids that were doing a prank. the fbi joined the case calling it a civil rights investigation. this jewish cemetery sits in a cluster with several other cemeteries but it was the only one targeted sometime saturday night. nothing of this scale before, though? >> no, no. >> reporter: cemetery administrator in the past any vandalism was just one or two headstones, not the 100 plus discovered yesterday. this cemetery which opened in 1890 has no guard and no security cameras. >> it's a lot of area to put under cc tv. >> many of the overturned tombstones are clustered here away from roads and lights. the entire lot is fenced but as you can see here it certainly's not enough to keep anyone out. the headstones themselves don't
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capture fingerprints so instead investigators had to collect other evidence like beer cans and bottles. ultimately the district attorney would decide on hate crime charges if a religious attack was the motivation but freezing rain now investigators don't have a suspect and without a suspect they can't be certain about the motive. >> bigotry and hatred will never go away but it's the government's responsibility to tamp it down. >> reporter: reporting live. >> that is the latest case of a jewish cemetery vandalized and more threats over the last month. normally we do not cover bomb threats but today a national pattern continues as 21 jewish community centers were threatened. >> three of them in our area. the calls for bomb threats were made to jccs in a dozen states today. locally the kaiserman in wynnwood, the kats jcc in cherry hill all received threats. all three locations were evacuated and given the all
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clear by police. >> and take a look at the damage from last week at a jewish cemetery in st. louis. you may recall last weekend 200 headstones were toppled or damaged and police are still looking for suspects in that case. >> the jewish community center association of north america says there have been almost 90 threats to jewish center so far this year and the southern part found nearly 2,000 hate crime incidents in the 34 days after the election. >> calls are growing for president trump to take stronger action to fight this rise in hate. the president's campaign rivalry hillary clinton tweeted today, quote, we shouldn't have to tell the president to do his part. we must step up and speak out. the ann frank center is calling for the president to give a primetime speech of how he'll fight this wave of hate. if you can respond to saturday night live immediately, why can't you respond to anti-semitism immediately, end quote. we send nbc's lauren mayk where
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the president already plans to speak to congress and the nation tomorrow, what is the white house saying today? >> reporter: the press secretary sean spicer specifically addressed the incidents that has happened in the philadelphia region and he said that no one should be afraid to follow their religion freely. take a listen to what he had to say today. >> the cowardly destruction in philadelphia this weekend comes on top of similar accounts from missouri and threats made to jewish community centers around the country. the president continues to condemn these and any other form of anti-semitic and hateful acts in the strongest terms. >> reporter: now the president will be addressing a joint session of congress here in washington, d.c. tomorrow so today, we went to lawmakers, democrat and republican to get their reaction to what's happening back home and also ask how or whether the president should address this himself. from the delaware valley to
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washington, d.c., reaction to threats against jewish community centers on vandalism. >> i think it's tragic. i think it's scary. i think anti-semitism as with any form of hate is a cancer and i think that opportunity to see something like that spread. i think we all need to stand up and make our voices heard. >> reporter: republican congressman will hear from the tomorrow in his first joint address to congress. is it something you would like to see the president address? >> i think the president whether he's speaking about anti-semitism or the muslim faith. he does have cleanup work to do. but i think there's a lot of things that the president's going to have to speak out on moving forward. >> reporter: lawmakers we talked to on both sides said they'd like to bring the president together in his washington office, we talked to democrat donald norcross about the threats and actions happening back home. would you like this to talk about this tomorrow? >> i think it has to be brought
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out of the closet where much of this talk is going on. i just returned home on a mission to say thank you to the troops. the very first question that prime minister asked us, why are you trying to ban muslims? this is helping isis. >> reporter: and on the threats and incidents that have happened back in our area, congressman norcross also shared with us today a letter that he has sent to fema asking them to change the way that money security to prevent terrorist attacks is distributed and to get more of that money to south jersey. live in washington, d.c., i'm lauren mayk, nbc10 news. >> i'll be joining lauren live in washington tomorrow previewing the president's speech to congress. then nbc will bring you the president's address live at 9:00 tomorrow night. hour news coverage will begin as
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soon as nbc wraps it's coverage of the president's speech. >> other news tonight the philadelphia city council looking into the financial impact from the trump administration. council members are also looking at the impact from a republican congress and the state budget. democratic congressman spoke out against some of the republican plans they say people across philadelphia rely on many programs like medicaid and pel grants that could be in danger. >> bill cosby sexual assault case is staying in montgomery county but there is a twist. the jury pool will have to come from outside the county. which county will be determined by the state supreme court. once the jury is empanelled and the trial begins the jury can expect to be see questered. >> a nurse in is being charged after secretly taping patients.
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43 accounts after recording patients while they undressed. he is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow morning. >> turning to our first alert weather and another round of spring is on the way. a live look at the blue cross river rink in penns landing. skaters are taking a break right now. they've been out there in 50 degrees weather and it's going to get warmer for your tuesday. >> let's go to meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> it's going to continue to warm up. these temperatures today already well above average. the average high is 47, 52 right now. we did get up to 54 and compared to the rest of the area, 10 to 13 degrees warmer than at this time yesterday. we're going to have a similar jump for tomorrow and a similar jump again for wednesday. here we go through the evening. temperatures not dropping very
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much, 46 by 10:00 with a mere 4-mile-per-hour wind. it's going to be a mild night. we had that big temperature drop between saturday and sunday. now we're on the rise, tomorrow 66 wednesday, 76 and we have a chance of breaking some records. philadelphia i'm predicting right around the record level. allentown has the best chance of breaking a record, also trenton and wilmington could be breaking records as well. but there's a price to pay for that. possible severe thunderstorms. i'll have the timing on that in a few minutes. >> in an effort to stop people from smoking, new jersey is looking to become the first state to ban flavored ecigarettes. they are especially appealing to young people. it still needs more voting to become law. >> tonight officials at joint base mcguire two backup water
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levels are contaminated. those chemicals are found in firefighting foam used by the air force to put out petroleum fires. they're in the swapping out that foam for something for ecofriendly. 13 more wells at the base and the water in nearby lakehurst and did not find chemicals there. >> an hvac worker is taken to the hospital after he was shocked. an employee was trying to help that worker after he was found convulsing on the ladder. that ladder tipped over, the worker fell to the ground and hit his head. he was unconscious for sometime and had burns on his arms. we're working to find out his condition. >> coming up next, the dover police department holding a remembrance service right now for two of their own killed in a crash thatth weekend. we speak to one of the victim's brothers new at six. >> plus, giving yourself a raise, the south jersey town
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where elected leaders plan to do just that tomorrow. >> first a live look outside from skyforce10 over the delaware river looking towards center city. the lights aglow. nbc10 news at six continues. don't go away. what's more magical than playing pot of gold... with top prizes of $50,000? the answer's winning... on the spot. oh, yes!! play pot of gold, the new game from the pennsylvania lottery. and you could win... on the spot. keep on scratchin'!
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>> welcome back. a live look at skyforce10 flying over temple university where it is dry out there right now but glenn is tracking thunderstorms. he'll have your most accurate forecast coming up. >> elected leaders in a cumberland county city will decide tomorrow if they should give themselves a raise. vineland city council members are voting on a plan to double their current $5,000 pay next year. the mayor's salary will jump from 30,000 to now $60,000 but the mayor says he'll waive his health benefits insisting taxpayers won't be footing the bill. >> that's going to cover the majority of it that's for sure. if there's some short falls in there we've also. >> that money could be spent in other ways besides more money for them. >> this would be the first pay increase for vineland elected officials since 1987. the increases would also bring council salaries more in line in what they're counter parts are making in nearby cities.
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>> the delaware police department are mourning two of his own. the officers were offduty when the jeep they were in crashed. as we speak the victims coworkers at dover police department are holding a small remembrance service on the steps of the dover police department. tonight, tim furlong spoke to patrolman dufante new at six. >> it's something that you never really think of, you never really prepare for. >> reporter: trying to stay strong for his family. his 23-year-old brother was killed when he went around this hard curve. his passenger 22-year-old dover police adebt jimmy watts was also killed. he wasn't wearing a seat belt. >> for me it's more so trying to believe that it's real. trying to believe that this is, you know -- this happened. >> reporter: at the dover police department, one of the toughest
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days they've ever had. they've had words of support and now they're waiting to hear about funeral arrangements. alcohol doesn't appear to be a factor in the crash. roberts brother just thinks he might have been driving tired. whatever the cause lots of people feeling the loss the day after the crash. >> a lot of guys are hurting. we lost two good up-and-coming stars. >> reporter: in dover, tim furlong, nbc10 news. >> tonight delaware health officials are warning some at that time toou customers to get tested for hiv. he was running an illegal at that time toou in his home. >> a philadelphia recycling company is suing the taj mahal casino over two trump signs. the signs once hung over the casino in atlantic city. workers took them down two weeks
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ago. they paid $250 for the signs to a worker who was taking them down. the signs were put on ebay until the taj mahal the signs were stolen. >> now to our first alert weather. a windy walk down the shore. a couple and their two dogs were taking it all in stride. from our kimmel center campus camera, 50s today, 60s tomorrow. >> 70s on wednesday but that's the end of that warming trend. we're going to go back to feeling like winter as we head toward the weekend. it is not feeling so winter-like in delaware right now. 51 in glass go, martialton, claymont 51. 50 in felton, 52 in dover. 54 in georgetown but as we go over toward the beaches, once again we have a wind coming in off that cooler ocean.
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rehoboth and bethany beach 47. and as we head toward summertime we've got that neighborhood weather to keep you informed neighborhood by neighborhood down there. we took almost a 30 degrees temperature drop between saturday and sunday. if you add the wind in, it probably did feel 30 degrees cooler. now we're going to go 30 degrees warmer. we got up to 54 degrees now. a problem when we get to wednesday afternoon, all that warmth and the high humid is going to trigger thunderstorms. that's why we got a first alert out for that wednesday afternoon into the evening at least some parts of the area, severe thunderstorms with damaging winds the main threat, also hail and frequent lightning. this set up may be stronger than
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the one on saturday that created some damaging winds and a lot of lightning. we have a few sprinkles. allentown reporting a little bit. that's a trivial system compared to the one developing in the middle of the country. and then moving to the east coast on wednesday. as we go hour by hour we see clouds first thing in the morning, perhaps a couple of early showers toward the shore. then a little bit of sun helped push temperatures to the 60s and tomorrow evening we get one round of showers, maybe thunderstorms, then wednesday is the big day. we could see some early showers, maybe even thunderstorms. now normally that quiets things down for the afternoon, but there's so much time between that and this, that it may have a chance to redevelop the winds higher up in the atmosphere, extremely strong and any thunderstorm can bring some of those winds down to the surface
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and cause some damage. 60-mile-per-hour winds are possible. this is three or 4:00 in the afternoon so if this comes through at that hour, we'll have less of a threat of severe storms in the evening but we got heavy rain coming over the areas so there could even be some localized flood threats. a lot going on on wednesday. tomorrow not. just nice warm day. 66 in fairmount, 65 in owens. not expecting rain during the daytime hours. but at the shore, it's only in the 50s as we go into tomorrow because perform that sea breeze. we go up to 76 wednesday in philadelphia, then your record and then look at it drop. by friday that's windy too and
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allentown only 38 with a chance of rain and snow showers. so we go from spring back to winter again later in the week. >> tonight you have a chance to get two trees planted in your yard for free. rittenhouse square today where officials announced the tree giveway. registration is open. the program let's anyone living in philly have the chance to get two free trees planted on their property. for more information log on to >> all eyes on the sixers. an injury. >> more bad news for joel embiid and ben simmons has another procedure on his foot and a flyer gets suspended. that's all next.
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>> announcer: this is sports desk. >> i'm john clark. this is not what we wanted to hear. sixers center joel embiid is now out indefinitely. he has swelling in that knee from the meniscus tear. you've got to be thinking, joel may not play again this season but president brian joined philly sports talk seems a little more optimistic. >> i think we're all hopeful to get him out there. it would be beneficial for the fans to see him again. it would be great for us as a unit to have him out there as we continue to strive toward winning as the season concludes, but at the end of the day, our -- the health and performance of our athletes is first and foremost. we don't want to jeopardize the long-term health. >> baus it is a process. ben simmons already ruled out
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for the season. they injected bone mar roe to simulate hearing and bone growth. the sixers waived andrew bogut. >> steph curry in the house tonight. he's warming up. he nailed four straight from mid-court in practice. kevin durant will play tonight. phillies hosting the rays this afternoon. you got some angels in the outfield. what a start this spring? fighting off this pitch to right. he's going to score howie kendrick. 3-1 raise in the fourth. franko gets a pitch, middle in, boom. third homer of the spring. that's the most in baseball. that is the only phillies offense of the day. flyers will be back home tomorrow. the flyers are six points out of a playoff spot and they will be undermanned on defense. no brandon manning. he has been suspended two games for this hit right here in the
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stadium series saturday night in pittsburgh. brandon admits the hit was late. a lot of the flyers players think it was a bad call, though. michael del zatto will take his place. i'm john clark. we're right back.
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del zot >> welcome back. that is skyforce10 in the darkness looking over the night in delaware. you see those city lights down at the bottom of your screen. still very mild out there for this kind of year, glenn -- have you seen a february/march period like this in a while? >> we're ending up with the warmest february ever recorded by quite a bit. as a matter of fact, our temperatures could be zero tomorrow and we'd still break the record. now on wednesday we could break a record for the day as we start the month of march but windy and stormy. we got first alert out for that. then it gets cold by friday morning and saturday morning in the 20s. >> that will be a shocker. that's our news at six. thanks for watching.
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i'm jim rosenfield. >> and i'm jacqueline london. nbc nicely news with lester holt is next. have a good evening. tonight, nbc news exclusive. new information contradicts the white house account of that military raid gone wrong in yemen. as the father of a slain s.e.a.l. raises his own questions. a new wave of bomb threats and vandalism across the country targeting jewish community centers, schools, and another cemetery. kids evacuated. parents in fear. pressure intensifying for an independent investigation into russian meddling. and former president bush weighs in exclusively to nbc news. inside the oscar shocker. what went wrong in that jaw-dropping hollywood ending? healthy heart attack. as a star tv trainer is stricken, tonight a new warning. >> >> to the moon. private citizens going on an out of this world adventure. got your


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