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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  February 27, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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what this nurse is accused of doing while his patient is undressing. >> they offer their time, money and talent at this jewish cemetery. >> climbing to the moon? no problem, how two average joes will take a trip into outer space. right now at 11:00 a nurse ask accused of victimizing women when they were most vulnerable. >> he might have gotten away with it if an alert teenager hadn't spotted something strange. we have new details from bucks county. >> reporter: trust at a popular
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dermatology practice, betrayed by a nurse who is accused of secretly video taping patients. >> it is scary actually. >> she is a patient at penn medical dermatology where the nurse worked since january 2016. >> i have never seen that person there myself but that is very concerned. >> police first started investigating him in mid-february when a 17-year-old patient came forward. the 17-year-old victim was getting treated when she noticed an iphone recording her while she was nude. she grabbed the phone and went to staff members to get some help. >> a search warrant showed up videos. the recordings happened from january 16th to february 13th, 2017 while the victims wore eye protection and couldn't see what was going on. >> that's crazy especially
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around this neighborhood. it's usually -- no. it's actually really shocking to me. >> penn medical said we are a l appalled by the actions of our former employee. the district attorney's office wants to talk to former patients as they believe more women may have been recorded and not known it. new at 11:00 a woman tied up in a closet for four days before she was found by her daughter-in-law. the 72-year-old woman said she was getting out of the car last wednesday when she was grabbed from behind and hit in the head by a man dressed in black. her daughter-in-law did not find her until yesterday. the person who assaulted her stole her car. it is a 2013 silver fiat 500 with rej jtj-0600. did you get stuck in this
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mess right here on the ride home? look at the traffic. earlier tonight on i-95 south. two cars and a dart bus crashed. it is south of delaware route 141. you can see it on the left of your screen. all of the lanes were reopened by 9:00 tonight. also tonight, who did it, why and how do we fix it? those are the answers victims want. >> dozen of volunteers will head to the cemetery tomorrow. they will spend hours trying to fix the hundreds of headstones that were toppled over the weekend. >> we have new details. you spoke to several people and groups that are stepping up to help. >> reporter: city councilman said he is in talking to get security cameras out here. a local muslim group will donate tens of thousands of dollars to help clean up. it will likely address this
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fence which is easy enough to crowe crawl through where you see the broken gravestone tons other side. >> the site of more than 100 toppled gravestones was enough to get to mount caramel cemetery. >> it is not supposed to happen herement we a here. >> she has no tie to anyone at the jewish cemetery. >> it starts with you serving your community and protecting your community. >> they are organizing a clean up effort tomorrow. other groups including the anti defamation league offering a $10,000 reward for an arrest and convicti conviction. >> in my time this is the worst we have seen as far as anti-semitism. >> to see something as heinous as this is disheartening. >> reporter: he says union groups will donate time to
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install security cameras. a similar act happened at a jewish cemetery. a local muslim group raised more than $130,000. some of that money will go towards helping mount caramel. >> whatever they are trying to destroyed we will rebuild even stronger. >> the jewish federation will be out here tomorrow at noon organizing volunteers to clean up. tonight we saw two police cars in various parts of this cemetery guarding these areas. the district attorney will figure out if hate crime charges will be applied. reporting live, brandon hudson,. a wave of bomb threats. at least four more jewish organizations received those threats. since january more than 90
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threats have been made in three states. today three locations were evacuated and given the all clear by police. president trump has not kmentd on the three incident but spicer says this the president continues to condemn these and any anti-semitic attacks. the white house called the mission a success and gathering important intelligence. tonight multiple officials say it raided no of value. in addition to the death of ryan owens six other service members were wounded. the pentagon has at least three investigations into the raid underway. >> why now? what happened and what the actual output was.
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>> ryan owens father is dema demanding an investigation and criticized the trump investigation for timing. owens told miami herald he refused to meet when his son's body was flown to dover air force base. >> he requested it last month. the plan outlines possible military, diplomatic and financial measures to bolster efforts. the president is expected to address the plan tomorrow. president trump's full budget plan will be revealed tomorrow night. defense spending get a $54 billion boost. today more than 120 retired generals and admire rd mierls s now is not the time to retreat. they also say medicare, social security and medicaid will be protected in the budget outline. you can watch the president's
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full address right here on nbc 10. our live coverage begins at 9:00 and we'll continue until right at 11:00. i'll be in washington d.c. to bring you all of the analysis and reaction from the president's speech. live reports begin tomorrow at 4:00. new at 11:00, at least four people are dead and two others injured after a plane crash into a house in california. this is about an hour outside of los angeles. a woman who lived near by heard that crash and said when she opened her front door it felt like opens her oven. bill cosby's sexual assault trial is staying in montgomery county. the jury pool will come from outside the county. which county will be determined by the state supreme court. intense media saturation would make it possible for cosby to get a fair trial. he is accused of assaulting andrea in 2004. a battle brewing over a
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bridge near villanova university. this is an artist rendering. not everyone is on board with the project. tonight the plan was a topic of discussion at the commissioner's meeting. some voiced their displeasure. they say the crosses have no place in a township of many faiths. >> in this day and age i feel that we should all be more -- and not push our own religious symbols on the public. >> we learned the commissioners approved the plan and project will proceed as planned. tomorrow elected leaders on whether to give themselves raises. if the vote is yes their pay would double. that means $10,000 for city councilme councilme council members. it would be the first since 1987. the major says he will waive his health benefits so taxpayers
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won't be footing the bill. another vote tomorrow at a delaware school district could save jobs. he is asking homeowners to approve nearly $11 million in spending in about 4.5 million for security upgrades. they say if the referendum doesn't pass he could lose staff members. polls open at 10:00 in the morning. move over nasa, a new era of space travel is about to begin, see who is sending tourists into outer space. rent or buy? real estate experts tell us what is best for your money. also taking the blame tonight, we have a name to go with one of the biggest blunders in oscar history. well, spring returns this week. every day we are getting a little bit warmer and getting closer to the threat for several thunderstorms. i'll have your most accurate neighborhood forecast next. and coming up in a few hours, the dos and don'ts of
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spring break, what you need to know to stay safe and protect your money. plus, slow and steady for fast results. we test out one of the hottest new work outs to help you get in summer shape. that's on nbc 10 news today.
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this is a trip to space in a fashion, in a vehicle that can be readily accessed by any regular person as long as they have the money. >> the price they paid remains a secret. the only thing he is saying about the passengers is they aren't from hollywood. ten years ago when virgin announced it would give rides to space the price was $250,000. also tonight, 1.3 trilli$1. is how much student loan debt we carry. >> more millennials are -- we
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discovered several incentives for young potential home buyers. >> homeowner ship has fallen to a historic low due in part to millennials. >> i am with buddies that needed someone to take an extra space. >> charles rents. >> you got a car payment, rent, food, you want to go out. you are young. you a girlfriend. >> and he just graduated. charles tells me he has $27,000 in student loan debt which compels him to rent rather than buy. >> there are assistance programs that weren't as prevalent. >> chief braanking officers has three millennials at home. >> make sure they are paying their bills on time. to really look for the area and the community they want to stay in. >> like philadelphia. maryland now offers a smart buy program. it sells renovated foreclosed
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homes took on during the mortgage crisis. if you buy one they agree to pay off student loan debt up to 15% of the home's value. they urge you to take advantage of tax credits depending on where you live and if you qualify. t >> my best advice is to apply early. the funds are released on march 15th. it's a first come first serve basis. >> reporter: nbc 10 news. senators confirm ross to be the secretary. ross is known as the king of bankruptcy. he is being criticized for shipping jobs overseas. ross is expected to be sworn in
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tomorrow. a former head of philadelphia school district honored today. con stance clayton was honored. clayton was the first african american superintendent was honored for her service to the city's youth. so nice. nearly 24 hours after envelope the accounts firm the blaming one of its top employees. >> yeah. in a statement pricewaterhousecoopers is calling him out. he mistakenly handed the back up envelope. the problem wasn't corrected quick enough and it extends its deepest gratitudes. >> someone had to fall on the sword. not a lot of people wearing winter coats tonight. tomorrow night you might not even need a coat. >> yeah.
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glenn "hurricane" schwartz has more with mild temperatures continuing. >> yeah. it will get milder tomorrow. tomorrow night will be warmer than tonight and then wednesday it will warm us to fall. you may actually get a little bit of snow by friday up there. weather pattern is going to change. unseasonably mild right now. in philadelphia we have readings very close to 50. it is 47 at the airport but 49 near society hill, port richm d richmond, fox chase, cool spot at 44 degrees. it is not very cold. look at the difference in the last 24 hours. it's 27 degrees warmer tonight than it was at this time last night. it is 24 degrees in atlantic city, 10 in philadelphia. it is really jumping. it went way down from saturday to sunday. now it's going back up.
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30 more degrees. it's taken three days to do it. about 10 degrees each day. the price you're going to pay for that are strong to severe norma norm thunderstorms on wednesday. wednesday afternoon possibly into wednesday evening in some areas with severe storms with damaging winds, hail and frequent lightning. very high likelihood of those thunderstorms developing wednesday afternoon. we'll get more specific on the timing and locations tomorrow as we get closer to the event. things are pretty quiet right now. we are seeing the moisture building up to the west. as we go hour by hour we find it pretty dry to start off the day tomorrow. we get some sunshine pushing us way into the 60s. tomorrow evening may get showers coming through. that's not the main threat. this is one of the threats wednesday and perhaps even in
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the morning there's showers coming through. then we get the breaks. temperatures go up into the mid-70s. here comes this line of thunderstorms. we have very strong winds in the atmosphere for wednesday. we could see gusts to 60 miles per hour with this. you could see it is right during the afternoon rush and continuing towards the shore as we go into the evening hours. i mean that is going to be a rough time. but not tomorrow. lots of dry weather and unseasonable warmth except at the shore with this cooler sea breeze. >> thanks. penns landing already has a wat wat waterfront view. >> we have the first look for a big park. that's next on nbc 10 news at 11:00.
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we are expecting to learn where money will come from. we should learn that during the budget address on thursday. help could be on the way far local little league that got slapped with a hefty electric bill. they were under billed for more than decade and now it has to pay back $17,000 as we previously told you. tonight the municipal services commission held a meeting to figure out how to deal with this. they are considering spreading out the payments over a three year period. nbc 10 was out in force tonight. ahead of the sixers tip with the golden state warriors. they were handing out cards for people to take part in free give aways. more bad news and ben simmons has another procedure
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and sixers fighting hard against the best team in the nba but would they get knocked out? that is next.
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i'm john clark from csn. if i told you curry would have his first shooting night, 0 for 11. it matches a record for most without making one you would think the sixers beat the warriors rg right? no. up top to holmes. elevati elevation. huge extension to go up and get it. battling underneath takes a couple of shots here. an elbow to the face here. warriors too much in the end.
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draymond green, look at this. wow. they hang onto beat the sixers 119-108. >> that's the holy grail what they have. that is the king, in my opinion, as we speak. we have had heavyweights come into our building. that's a different beast. >> you said it. >> more bad news. he was schedule today have an mri today. you to be thinking he may not play again this season. on philly sports talk seemed a little more optimistic. >> i think we are all hopeful to get them out there would be great for us as a unit to have him out there as we continue to strive towards winning as the season concludes but at the end of the day the health and perfo performance of our athletes, we don't want to jeopardize the
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long-term health. and simmons had a foot procedure. t phillies is tearing up spring training like he did last year. this little girl excited. he gets the third homer of the spring. he lead baseball in homers last spring. he was the phillies entire offense. they lose to the raies 7-2. congrats to archbishop wood. i'm john clark. we are right back. (vo) what if this didn't
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stormy weather late tomorrow. >> tomorrow evening one round. that's not the severe stuff. it comes on wednesday afternoon possibly into the evening. that's where we have first alert for that. wednesday and thursday and look how cold it gets friday into saturday. briefly warmer sunday and monday. we have a more winter-like pattern for first of march. >> that 76 comes at a price with storms. >> thanks for joining us tonight. we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- aaron paul, keri russell, musical guest 2 chainz


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