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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 28, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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be responsible, shapiro says trump said, quote, sometimes it's the reverse, to make people or others look bad. that's a quote from the president. hundreds of headstones, as you may recall, vandalized at a jewish cemetery over the weekend. police responded to several reports of threats to local jewish community centers yesterday. this happened after a jewish cemetery near st. louis was desecrated just last week. shapiro said it wasn't exactly clear what president trump meant. others are outraged at this hour. the anti-defamation league sent a statement to nbc 10. we are astonished by what the president reportedly said. it is incumbent upon the white house to immediately clarify these remarks, end quote. we have an update on the philadelphia police and fbi investigation into the cemetery damage. we'll have more on that in just a few minutes but now pack to philadelphia and the studio. >> we'll see you shortly.
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20 minutes of nonstop news continuing with rain heading our way. the first alert weather team is tracking showers tonight and a threat for severe weather tomorrow. >> not a bad day today for a walk on the beach. this was the scene in atlantic city today. check that out. not a bad mid-winter day down the shore. but record warmth tomorrow as well. coming back again. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the changes in your most accurate forecast. >> february's been a wild month. no reason it shouldn't end on a wild note. we have cloudy skies now, but despite the clouds the temperatures have been shooting up through the 60s. we do have rain on the way. you can see this area, maryland is coming straight to the east. so it does look like it's going to be affecting us during the evening hours the heavier rain back to the west in and around roanoke, virginia. it does look like most of the
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action will be from philadelphia southward. this is not the severe weather threat that you may have been hearing about. as we go through the evening, you see some of this rain. and maybe even a thunderstorm down here in delaware. by 10:00 there's some more. and very little up to the north. this is the first batch. this has nothing to do with tomorrow's severe weather. look at these temperatures. 65 in philadelphia, 67 in mt. holly. these are close to record levels right now for today. and then tomorrow it's going to be ridiculous. here we are with the showers this evening. look how warm it is during the night tonight. by 6:00 a.m., 60 degrees in philadelphia. even the lehigh valley, 55 degrees. an incredibly warm start to the day. record warmth, but also severe thunderstorm threat. i'll have the timing on that for your neighborhood coming up. all right, back here live in
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washington. we are just hours away from president trump's address to the joint session of congress. tonight's speech expected to touch on a number of campaign promises including bringing back jobs and coming out with a new health care plan. in his budget, the president calls for major spending increases to strengthen our military and sbenintelligence b cutting funds to the state department and the environmental protection agency. house speaker paul ryan touched on the healthcare issue this morning on "today" with matt lauer. >> obamacare is collapsing. i think the democrats got too far ahead on their ideology and they gave us a system where the government runs healthcare. they gave us a system where costs went up not down. they gave us a system where choices went away. >> now, traditionally the president invites special guests to join him for the speech. the white house confirming six guests will be in attendance tonight including three family members of people killed by
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undocumented immigrants and maureen scalia, the widow of the late supreme court justice antonin scalia will be there as well. our coverage begins in less than ten minutes. lauren mayk also here in washington with us. she's been speaking to local lawmakers about what they expect to hear the president say tonight. for now back to philadelphia, jacqueline and erin. >> a lot of anticipation about what will be said tonight by president trump. 20 minutes of nonstop news continuing with what could be a big break in the vandalism at a local jewish cemetery. philadelphia police tell nbc 10 they've found a new clue, a fingerprint at the crime scene. also more money is being offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction. nbc 10's deanna durante at the wissinoming cemetery as people came together to help clean up. >> reporter: still no arrest but this new clue is a step in the right direction. >> reporter: they talked about that and other forensic evidence
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they found here at the cemetery. it's believed this cadge happened between friday night and sunday morning. you can see some of the headstones still toppled behind me. you had about 100 volunteers out here cleaning up today. they were able to clean up the cemetery but told not to touch the actual headstones. they came lending rakes, muscle, and determination. >> it definitely seems that its it's a little forgotten. >> reporter: mt. carmel is not an active cemetery. >> i've never been this close to it. >> reporter: the stones date back to the 1800s. most who showed up today have never been here before. they can't touch the headstones but they wanted to help in any way possible. the jewish federation organized the effort. >> this is the kickoff of our cemetery cleanup here at mt. carmel. >> reporter: no one is quite sure who was behind the toppling of more than 100 headstones but
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those who were here today say they're so affected by it they wanted to make sure they lend a hand. >> reflect on and get some gleaning from what happened here and how we can be a part of making this a better place. >> reporter: it was the act that brought them all to this place. >> even cleaning up and raking the leaves to make it look prettier and show some attention probably overdue. >> reporter: now, that reward now $35,000 and climbing for people who have information about what happened here over the weekend. if you know anything, you can asked to call philadelphia police. reporting live in wissinoming, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. the gathering at pat toomey's office and police taken away in police van. police arrested nine people for disorderly conduct after they refused to leave senator toomey's center city office. hundreds more chanted and cheer katie as officers led the
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protesters out one by one. they weren't going to leave until toomey agreed to have a town hall meeting with his constituents. senator toomey believes that civility is a necessary part of a productive conversation. he does not support the actions of the protesters today who disobeyed the lawful requests from the philadelphia police department. new details in the case of a bucks county nurse accused of secretly recording his patients while they were nude. police today told us james close's fames ranged in age from 17 to 70 years old. close was a nurse at penn medicine dermatology in lower makefield. we talked to investigators who were tipped off by a teenaged girl earlier this month. she found an iphone on the ground and recording as she undressed at the facility. >> she goes in, comes out, she sees the phone actually and she sees that it's recording and she
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freaks out. >> reporter: james close was arraigned on new charges this morning. up until now he was aonly chargd with recording that 17-year-old but police say they found other videos featuring seven women undressing on his phone. governor christie delivered his final budget address today in trenton. he promised to improve the state's public education system, roads and bridges and he pushed for big pension reforms and more financial responsibility. the speech comes as governor christie's approval righting is at an all-time low. some new jersey residents have mixed feelings when it comes to the governor's plans. >> haven't had faith in him since he upped the taxes on the gas. when he did that, it just hurt everybody is what it did. >> the urban areas need more money for education, i'm all for that. >> the south jersey reporter cydney long talked to many taxpayers who say they're fed up with broken promises.
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she'll have that story at 5:00. the atlantic city firefighters union is back in court fighting to save jobs. the union wants the judge to stop the state from cutting 100 jobs this fall as part of its takeover of the city's finances. firefighters insist the layoffs could put the public in danger. but state officials say atlantic city is half a billion dollars in debt. school jobs are on the line this afternoon as voters head to the polls in delaware. the colonial school district in new castle is asking home owners to approve nearly $11 million in spending and about 4.5 million for security upgrades. the superintendent says if the referendum does not pass, the district could lose staff members. polls are open until 8:00 tonight. families in delaware are about to have someone new looking out for them. governor john carney today signed an executive order to establish the family services cabinet council. the council will coordinator
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services that include housing, mental health and substance abuse treatment as well as early childhood education. your gas bill could be going up if you rely on pgw for service. it's looking to increase rates for the first time since 2009. the hike would cost $10.59 more per month. the public utility commission has to approve it. it's taken a hit from warmer weather and efficient energy use. burned-out homes and charred metal are what remain after a deadly plane crash in southern california. it went down in a neighborhood outside los angeles last night. it was carrying a family back from a cheerleading competition at disneyland. three people on board were killed two others injured including someone on the ground. this afternoon surveillance video has surfaced showing the plane nose diving into the home. two homes were destroyed, several others damaged.
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one of the homeowners says he was sitting in his living room when the plane crashed right through the ceiling. >> that old say iing, came out with the shirt on my back. that's it. that's all i have. >> two women were ejected from the plane and pulled to safety. federal investigators are on the scene trying to figure out what happened to cause the plane to go down. frustrated teachers will take their case to the school board in coatesville after nearly 14 months of negotiations, teachers are still working to get a new contract. they plan on presenting a petition to the school board tonight. that petition features the signatures of more than 2,000 people. the teachers say the hope is to show the schoolboard that the community wants the situation to end. philadelphia's class of 2029 starting to take shape. nbc 10 at the george child school in gray's ferry where
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students were enrolling for kir kindergarten. the enrollment process runs through september 1st of this year. disaster during a mardi gras parade in alabama today. >> this video here shows the aftermath of an accident that saw a car accidentally plow into a high school marching band. 11 people were hurt, three of them critically. the car was part of the parade and driving behind the band. witnesses say it appears the driver's foot slipped off the brake pedal and on to the gas. an army of police officers are watching over new orleans this afternoon as mardi gras comes to an end. the streets of the big easy are filled with costumed revelers and dazzling floats for fat tuesday. at the stroke of midnight police on horseback will clear everything out before lent begins. a south jersey bakery has the skinny on fat tuesday. summit cakery has been busy throughout the day making king
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cakes. king cakes are the signature mardi gras confection. summit started making them entire by accident. someone tried calling a new orleans bakery but they got this one instead. >> didn't know what a king cake was. we got the right phone number, called that bakery down in new orleans. and my husband talked to the baker. he got a recipe and we've been making them for 30 years here in new jersey. >> summit said they'll sell about 100 king cake today. then back to traditional cakes and doughnuts tomorrow. welcome back to washington. for the first time since becoming president, donald trump will address a joint session of congress tonight. top of the agenda, strengthening our borders and the military and a bill to repeal obamacare. she's been talking to local lawmakers on both sides of the aisle about what they expect tonight. what are they telling you?
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>> reporter: jim, you know, they are hoping that the president will say something to bring people together. this is something interestingly that i heard especially from republicans. they know that their districts are divided and they're hoping that president trump will help to unite people tonight. inside the capitol, it will be a first. president donald trump addressing a joint session of congress. that means an audience including political opponents and critics as well as supporters. we asked members of congress from our area what they want to hear and for several the first things they mentioned were policy items. >> i certainly would like to hear about bringing our country together. it's been a tumultuous election and the period since. and i don't think it's good for america to have a divided nation. >> reporter: that's congressman tom macarthur from new jersey. he's not the only republican to be looking to president trump for word of unity. >> there's some things we all agree on and when you have a
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joint address like this, i think you should focus on those areas that can bring people together with a shared sense of mission. >> reporter: one house democrat said she'll skip the speech, senator bob casey said he thinks it's important to be there. he's also looking for unity. >> i hope he projects some unity for the country. if there's one thing we need right now is to bring people together. >> reporter: casey and donald norcross both citing infrastructure as an issue they'd like to hear about when president trump speaks to a divided chamber in a divided country. how do you feel about sitting there and listening to him. will you applaud? >> absolutely, if he says something that's positive and helps us. he's the president of the united states. i respect the presidency, and certainly he is our president. but by the same token, if he says something that is offensive, he'll hear from us on that end. >> reporter: i asked if he would
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make that known in the chamber, and he said yes. so we'll be listening for that. and you know, one thing to watch for tonight -- let me show you something you might see tonight. lapel pins they say "fix not fight" on them worn by members of the congressional problem solvers caucus. among them brian fitzpatrick. he's also encouraging his fellow freshmen members of congress to all sit together tonight in the chamber, both republicans which he is, and also democrats. live in washington, d.c., i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. something else you may see tonight. women wearing white. a group of democratic women will try to send a message during the president's speech tonight by wearing all white. both congresswoman lisa blunt ro chester and congresswoman bonnie watson coleman plan to wear white tonight. it's the color of the women's
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suffrage movement. they're showing their commitment to protecting women's rights. ahead of tonight's speech president trump signed off on another executive order. something we've seen him doing since he took office. this one approval of a federal initiative aimed at bolstering historically black colleges and universities. part of his campaign promise to bring a new deal for black americans. during a meeting with the president and leaders of historically black schools, education secretary betsy devos sparked some controversy today herself. she said historically black colleges and universities are living proof that when more options are provided to students they are afforded greater access and equality. a quote from betsy devos. some have taken issue with the comments as insensitive to the history of black colleges and why they were established and also inaccurate. now, still ahead at 4:30, nbc 10 goes back to burks county where several helped turn the keystone
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state red for donald trump plus a behind the scenes tour we'll show you of the holding room where president trump will be minutes before he makes his address. and you can watch the entire speech right here on nbc 10 beginning at 9:00 tonight. and afterward join me again for live coverage from washington on nbc 10 news. for now let's send it back to philadelphia and erin and jacqueline. >> jim, thanks for that. we'll check back in with you in about ten minutes or so. turning to our weather. it was a great day to work outside. we found these window washers high in the sky today in center city. but we're tracking some changes. the threat for severe weather is heading our way. >> yeah, erin, it is a threat and part of the reason is the warmth that is coming in. these flags illustrate that. when they're blowing that bay, we got cold air. this way warm air coming in. southwest wind. and this first area of rain is not the severe weather, but it obviously is rain and it
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obviously is getting closer to the philadelphia area. so this is round one. take the umbrellas with you if you're headed out for the evening. then we've got other issues. we got record warmth coming in tomorrow. many places in the 70s. severe thunderstorms during the afternoon and several windy days ahead in the forecast here. it's 65 in philadelphia. 67 in mt. holly, 63 atlantic city international. so it is already close to 20 degrees above average and in some places even warmer than that. claymont at 64. ready point at 67. the wind direction is critical. coming right up delaware bay. lewiston is 66 degrees. farther to the south the temperature is a little bit warmer. the temperature trend over the last couple of days and the next
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couple of days, it's pretty wild. advertised 47, 54 yesterday, 66 today. 76 tomorrow. and then we start going back down again. and then we go back up again and then down again in the seven-day forecast you see at the bottom of your screen for your neighborhood. the first alert is for all neighborhoods for tomorrow between 2:00 and 7:00. in general severe thunderstorms, damaging winds, hail and frequent lightning. here is the hour by hour. first the showers for tonight coming through and that's gone by morning. we heat up during the day and then we're going to be seeing these storms develop during the afternoon. they are going to be quite strong in parts of the area and i expect wind gusts up to over 60 miles per hour in parts of the area. more on the timing of this and the neighborhoods being affected
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by it coming up a little bit later. we know those storms will be stronger than what we had saturday. glenn, we'll see you soon. more parties on the parkway. >> from the pope to the pops and how the nfl is transforms philadelphia before april's big draft. and the "hole" story, what led to this massive sinkhole that swallowed a car. sponsored locally by crash proof retirement. shielding your future with truth.
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now a look at some of the best video we've seen come into the newsroom today. >> you're having a better day than the owner of this suv. a monster sinkhole swallowed the vehicle after a water main
4:25 pm
break. the hole is so deep, no one knew it was in there until the water receded. >> check out seattle's famous space needle taking a direct hit from a bolt of lightning. a camera was rolling as lightning struck the tower yesterday afternoon. the space needle more than 600 feet tall. so it's bound to be hit by a bolt now and again. in fact, it has 25 lightning rods at the top of it to protect it. we could get lightning in our area tomorrow afternoon. >> first alert weather is tracking this threat of severe storms. >> absolutely. we have a first alert issue for those storms tomorrow but of course we have to get through another round of rain first. it's on our doorstep. i'm tracking the changes in our most accurate weather forecast. and i'm jim rosenfield live in washington ahead of president trump's address to congress. we'll take you behind the scenes of the capital to the holding room where the president will be before his speech tonight. plus you'll hear from the lehigh valley voters who helped turn
4:26 pm
pennsylvania red for president trump. live coverage next.
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welcome. i'm jim rosenfield live from washington, d.c. where president trump will make his first address to continue tonight in the building behind me, of course. but it is comments president trump made earlier today at the white house to some state attorneys general that stealing the spotlight right now. president trump speaking out about the recent attacks on jewish cemeteries including one in philadelphia this week. what president trump said has some people confused, others outraged. attorney general josh spa peer was in the room. when talking about who might be responsible, shapiro says the president said, quote, sometimes it's the reverse, to make
4:30 pm
people -- or others -- look bad. now, the anti-defamation league tells nbc 10, quote, we are astonished by what the president reportedly said. we'll have more from washington coming up in just a minute. for now let's send it back to philadelphia and jacqueline and erin in our studios. >> interesting to see if mr. trump tries to answer that tonight. he's been crafting his speech throughout the hours. >> we'll check back in with you. now to nbc 10 first alert weather. tracking rain that's heading our way in the next couple of hours but there's even more on tap for tomorrow. we're also monitoring a threat for severe weather. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the changes in your most accurate weather forecast. >> we do need the rain. it's been pretty dry around here. but you don't need thunderstorms with 50, 60-mile-an-hour rains causing damage. we've got cloudy skies out there right now and that really hasn't stopped us from getting exceptionally warm. average high this time of the
4:31 pm
year is 47. it's 65 now. 67 in mt. holly. the record for today is 68. so we're pretty close to record today. we should be tying or breaking a record tomorrow. 76. look at that jump. and then the temperature goes crashing down again later on during the week. by saturday morning some places will be in the teens. here comes the first round of rain. this is not the severe area. this is a nice little soaking rain coming in through maryland and going into delaware and south jersey. it's not going to hit the entire area. as we go through the night tonight, you can see the greatest chance is from philadelphia southward down towards central delaware and parts of south jersey. some of it on the heavy side, but it's not going to last all night. a few hours worth, then that moves out just in time for morning when it will be mighty
4:32 pm
warm. 60 degrees at 6:00 a.m. on the first day of march. we have the showers in for the evening. you need the umbrellas then and you'll need umbrellas tomorrow but not any coats. you'll need the coats as we go through the forecast for the weekend. wait till you see that coming up. glenn, back here in washington, d.c., tonight's speech will be the most important president trump has given so far during his administration. and his legion of supporters across pennsylvania, of course, they'll be watching. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live for us at a diner in berks county. i know you were at this same location the day after the election talking to people there, eating their meals. what do people say they're expecting from the president tonight? >> reporter: well, jim, they're expecting a checklist on his promises, hopefully an update. the president can thank voters in this part of pennsylvania for sending him to the white house. we checked in with some diners
4:33 pm
to get their take on his big speech. in rural berks county, the americana diner full of trump supporters today looking forward to his speech tonight. >> what he needs to say is that everything he's doing is for the good of the country. >> reporter: it was places like this where trump ran up the vote count, flipping pennsylvania. nbc 10 was at this same diner the day after the election. we talked to bob and maria werner. >> people are looking for change. >> reporter: now 16 weeks later we tracked them down once again sitting at this same spot at the counter. >> so far i think he's doing what he promised, so far. and i hope he continues. >> reporter: tonight they hope to hear more about trump's plan to deport undocumented immigrants. >> working on the immigrants, that's what i like to see. >> i don't want people coming in here and slipping under the radar. >> reporter: despite some optimism, supporters also faced a tough reality of politics, the growing pushback from the left. >> they're stopping him from
4:34 pm
everything he wants to do. they're trying to. >> there's so much backlash against him and no one's giving him a chance. >> reporter: tahead of the biggest speech of his short tenure even spoents want him to stand up and unite the country. >> just because i don't agree with him doesn't mean i don't want him to not try his best for the good of our country. >> reporter: those voters will be pleased. we're expecting the president to speak at length on that issue. some of the guests he's bringing to the speech are families who have people killed by undocumented immigrants. mean deny time we're also expecting some sort of compromise proposal on the issue of border security and immigration. live in berks county, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. right there is a live look at our nation's capitol. just a beautiful building. that's the place where nbc's matt lauer offsays the presiden offers up a glimpse of where the
4:35 pm
pretty will be. >> president trump will be brought into this office. this is the speakers or speaker of the house's ceremonial office. all presidents come here before they deliver a state of the union address. everything is traditional washington except for one thing. over in this corner there is a very modern television monitor. this is so that the president can watch what's happening in the house chamber before he enters the room. >> true behind the scenes glimpse there. just one of the many places "today" show host matt lauer visited during this morning's broadcast. you can watch the entire speech coming up tonight right here on nbc 10, 9:00 tonight. afterward join me for live coverage from washington on nbc 10. for now a lot going on in the nation's capital. >> and a lot's going on back here at home. here's a look at some of the other news we're following. in camden county parents and other community members will gather at henry h. davis
4:36 pm
elementary school in one hour to demonstrate against the proposed closing of a nearby school. the camden school board says the nearby school has seen a sharp decline in enrollment. the proposal would consolidate the schools. the school board will host a public meeting tonight. and chester county, construction has started on major upgrades to septa's paoli station. it will improve accessibility and safety with platforms, elevators and ramps. in cape may county ez pass is being added to five bridges at the jersey shore. the middle thoroughfare wrij, grassy sound bridge, townsends inlet bridge and ocean city-longport bridge. they'll all get ez passes by june. and in new castle county, a little league is getting relief
4:37 pm
from a huge electric bill. about $4400 is now what's owed by the new castle little league. the league was on the hook for 17,000 bucks after being und underbilled for more than a decade. but county authorities have decided that the electric company can only bill the league for the past three years. the league offered our tim furlong thanks for shedding light on this story. >> from baseball to football. are you ready for a football fantasy? >> the nfl is transforming parts of philadelphia for a big draft in april. a sneak peek at the party on the parkway. plus, new concerns over cancer. the form of the disease that's on the rise among millennials. next on nbc 10 news at 4:00. and all new at 5:00, she has served lunch to school kids for decades. today students serve up a grand good-bye.
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a new report shows philadelphia teenagers are smoking more cigars than cigarettes. the city's commissioner blames cheap candy-flavored cigars that are marketed specifically to attract kids. in 2015 more than 16% of teenagers in philadelphia use some sort of tobacco product. almost 28% used either tobacco or electronic vapor products. a new study finds rates of colon or rectal cancers are rising in millennials. screening for colon cancer is recommended to begin at age 50, but the american cancer society study says rates are rising for much younger aduts. those born in 1990 have double the risk of colon cancer than those born 40 years earlier. unclear what the cause is, but researchers say obesity may play a factor. we have showers headed our way. just over the next few hours. but we could also see some
4:42 pm
severe thunderstorms by this time tomorrow. i'm tracking the threat plus record warmth for the month of march. and all new at 5:00, some of the items that didn't make it through airport security. why tsa leaders are reminding everyone now. pay attention to what you pack. the following ad is being condensed for your viewing convenience. so i just switched to geico. what took you so long?
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y29ijy y5yy the nfl draft is just 58 days from now. and that means millions of eyeballs will be on the city of philadelphia. >> it's an event of such magnitude mayor jim kenney compared it to the pope's visit two years ago an the democratic national convention last year. the draft begins thursday april 27th outside the museum of art. our keith jones has a glimpse into what's coming. >> the draft has never been done like this before. >> reporter: excitement at a fever pitch as officials reveal
4:46 pm
plans for the nfl experience, a free outdoor space on the ben franklin parkway equivalent to 25 football fields. the biggest the nfl has ever done. >> kicking games run the board, we've got youth activities. so something for every age across that whole time. >> reporter: more than 200,000 fans are expected in the parkway. the economic impact? officials suggest as much as $80 million for the city. >> people will have an opportunity both internationally, nationally and in the region to come into philadelphia to see what we have to offer. >> reporter: a draft theater will be constructed outside the steps of the art museum. 3,000 tickets will be issued randomly in the coming weeks for those who want to get close to the players, but even if you're not in the theater you'll still get the draft experience. >> everywhere you turn, you are not going to miss the draft. the draft is going to be on l.e.d. screens everywhere. >> reporter: that means hearing -- >> the philadelphia eagles select -- >> reporter: of course, we don't know that yet but the birds are
4:47 pm
pumped to have the draft in your ba backyard. >> you get juiced, you get excited. >> that will be so much fun. a huge event. >> maybe it will about good luck for the eagles. >> we'll see. we don't know what the weather will be like. who knows? in april it might feel like january. >> a little bit of pressure on the forecast. a couple hundred thousand people out in the elements. we do have some rain headed toward the philadelphia area right now. some of it is on the moderate to heavy side. the area is about to get it first in our region is in chester county, coatesville, right on the edge, east nottingham getting in there, west chester will be getting some of that rain within the next hour. you can see the extension goes all the way back to almost
4:48 pm
cincinnati. this is not the one we're talking about for the severe weather potential for tomorrow. 65 in philadelphia now. 63 in vineland. 67 in dover. one of the cool spots out there at the moment. and as we take a look at some of these temperatures in new jersey, a lot of temperatures in the 60s, but look at that, mt. laurel is 68 degrees. turnersville, 67 degrees, atco 67, florence 67, cool spots in the mid-60s. that's amazing. it will be much warmer tomorrow. that will help trigger some of these thunderstorms. that's why i have the first alert out. just about any part of the area is capable of getting it. the general timing between 2:00 and 7:00. western areas get it first. severe thunderstorms and damaging winds with frequent lightning. here's the timing. this is tonight's rain coming across mostly delaware and south jersey.
4:49 pm
tomorrow morning we start off pretty quiet, but we can even see showers and storms in the morning to the north and west. that's not the main area. this is it. it comes in a line very strong gusty winds. with that any line of thunderstorms capable of producing 50, 60-mile-an-hour winds. there's 5:00 and there's 7:00. and then it moves out. to get a little bit more specific on the timing, these areas in orange, 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. in pottstown and reading and allentown. 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. king of prussia, ashton, woolridge, wilmington, newark, delawardela philly, gloucester, trenton. and dover, milford, georgetown, seyfert, lewis, cape may.
4:50 pm
you won't have your day totally ruined. there's going to be a brief period of time with these powerful thunderstorms out there. the threat for downpours lightning and even damaging winds is fairly high. and also some threat of hail and even a small threat of tornadoes. keep you updated on this threat. >> all right, glen. warranty woes. >> a woman's problem with her couch had her calling nbc 10 responds. next how they were able to get the woman some answers she could rest easy.
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so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪ in today's nbc 10 responds, a woman has problems with a new
4:54 pm
couch just weeks after buying it. >> she thought a five-year warranty would protect her but she called harry hairston and nbc 10 responds. >> you buy that warranty, it's like a little insurance and you can relax. this huntington valley woman said she bought the warranty for peace of mind but all she got were pieces of fabric coming off her couch. >> we had it just a very short time. >> reporter: margaret mchale bought this sofa from ashley furniture one year ago and she bought a warranty. >> a five-year plan. we assumed we were good for at least five years. >> reporter: but after a few weeks she noticed dark specks of fabric popping up on her couch. >> you can pull them off. >> reporter: plus stuffing coming out of the sides. >> you don't buy a sofa and expect it to go in a year. >> reporter: she called ashley and twice they sent out a repair man to take off the black specks and repair the stuffing but the problems kept coming back. mckale kept calling, the sales
4:55 pm
actually told her there was nothing else they could do. >> they just told us, well, that's the fabric. that's the way it is. >> reporter: so mchale's husband had another idea. >> lets a just call harry. >> reporter: the company told us customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. a week after we got involved ashley furniture told the mchales to go pick out a new couch. >> i'm thrilled that you came out. are you kidding? oh, my god. oh, thank you so much! >> she's really thrilled about having a new couch. mchale did have to pay a little extra because the new couch cost just a little bit more. by the way, the warranty did not mention the mchale's specific problem and we don't know what caused it. but this is another good reminder to always read your warranty carefully and ask questions about, you know, specific questions about what's exactly covered. and if you're not getting any satisfaction there, of course, call nbc 10 responds and we'll dig in a little deeper for you. >> and get you a new couch.
4:56 pm
>> indeed. >> and a hug to go with it. >> i get the hug. they get the couch. let's check that recovery counter. getting money back for you in the delaware valley, now at $347,378. and if you have a consumer complaint for nbc 10 responds, give us a call or fill out the form on and we will respond to you. we're working on several stories you haven't seen yet for nbc 10 at 5:00. tonight at 5:00, ready for the president's historic speech. we just talked to a local marine who got a seat for the event. we have live team coverage in washington, d.c. all new at 5:00, a woman was captive in this home for days. tonight we've learned new details on what the attacker took from the home. and we're tracking your first round of rain for tonight, then thunderstorms for your wednesday, plus some record warmth. we'll track it all out hour by hour coming up.
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
the sun goes down and here comes that rain. the next 24 hours will be wet. >> presidential address. we're live from the white house and capitol as the president gets ready to reveal his plan for america. and she puts smiles on kids' faces for decades. a special send-off for a special lunch lady. nbc 10 news starts fou. now. >> tonight we're learning the president thinks the waeb of
5:00 pm
anti-semitic acts and threats in the delaware valley are reprehensible. >> the president made the comments to attorneys general this morning. >> pennsylvania attorney general josh shapiro told the media that the president said sometimes it's the reverse, to make people or to make others feel bad. nbc 10's deanna durante joins us live with new clues into the jewish cemetery in wissinoming. >> reporter: right now the reward money leading to the arrest of the people who toppled these headstones has risen to $35,000. they've recovered forensic evidence as well as a fingerprint. >> just all the stones that have been turned. what kind of -- what thrp were they thinking? >> reporter: he's never been to mt. carmel cemetery. he doesn't live in philadelphia.


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