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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  March 18, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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. on this saturday night, airport attacker. chaotic moments in a paris terminal as a man grabs a soldier's machine gun before he's shot and killed. a terror investigation now under way. attack by tweet. a man charged for sending a tweet the fbi caused a prominent journalist to suffer a seizure. what could be a new frontier in cyber crime. life and death. critical medical research facing big cuts in the president's budget. tonight how the funding has helped save lives. fear on the freeway. a new warning to drivers in california after another motorist is shot. and let's dance. how they begin the day in a school where tradition provides an important lesson. "nightly news" begins now.
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>> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with jose diaz-balart. good evening. paris once again the site of a possible terrorist attack. in one fortunately thwarted. a man saying he was "there to die for allah" stole a machine gun at the airport killed before he could take a single life tonight france remains on edge under a state of emergency since a number of terror attacks. from charl"charlie hebdo" from the scene of the attack. an automatic weapon on his chest. in the last hours of his life, injured a police officer, hijacked a car and for a few terror filled minutes held a soldier hostage at paris orally airport. the french prosecutor
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said i am here to die for allah. i was carrying a copy of the can you remember your on. he was holding her by the throat and he was holding her arm and her weapon this witness says. the airport, the second busiest in france was evacuated. total panic says another witness. people running in every direction. >> translator: we heard two, three, four gunshots says another. then we thought it's an attack. how fast was the airport's response to the attack. instantly. >> in the early morning, shots were fired at police in a northern paris suburb. after being stopped for speeding, wounding a female police officer in the face. on the run, he abandoned his get away car, hijacking a second car at gunpoint. at 8:30 a.m., attacked the group of soldiers at the airport. he was shot and killed.
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then police surged at homes in paris. the man's father, brother and cousin questioned. the prosecutor revealing tonight. europe has seen its terrorists including the bombing at brussels airport and france has witnessed shootings. the paris attacks in 2015, seeing 130 killed. the country remains on an emergency footing. the french president urging, we must remain vigilant. tonight the airport has reopened, but thousands of passengers have been delayed or rerouted and france, with crucial presidential elections started next month, is once again a country on edge. jose? >> keir simmons in paris. thank you. a maryland man under arrest charged with criminal cyber stalking that could have resulted in death. it happened on twitter to a prominent journalist who says he suffered an epileptic seizure after opening an animated image sent to him. case is the first of its kind. here are the details.
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>> reporter: it's an alleged cyber world crime the fbi says it's the first of its kind in the u.s. 29-year-old arrested on friday in maryland accused of sending a tweet with the intent to kill. >> you have the problems in south korea -- >> his target, police say, newsweek writer and msnbc contributor kirk iek en walled who has epilepsy and collapsed after receiving a tweet with an animated strobing image back in image. if true, it's how people can use social media to literally hurt someone. >> we're talking about people researching these things people have and trying to attack him. >> federal investigators say besides the tweet to iek en walled with the words you deserve a seizure for your post, he uncovered messages to other users saying i know he has epilepsy and i hope this send him into a seizure. among evidence from the icloud account, a
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screen shot of his wikipedia page with a fake date of death one day after the alleged attack. today, iek en walled who believes he was targeted thanked law enforcement agencies after the investigation on twitter saying dozens of others sent similar flashing tweets adding details of their cases are with the fbi. stop sending them. >> we need to get ahead of this because it is dramatically changing. it changes every minute so far on the internet. >> marking a new way to commit crime in the digital era. maya rodriguez, nbc news. there was a new warning about north korea today from secretary of state, rex tillerson. he met in beijing with his chinese counterpart who called for restraint ahead of the meeting tomorrow with china's president. janice mackey frazier has more from beijing. >> in china, secretary of state rex tillerson maces his toughest meetings yet.
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his mission to use china's clout to reign in north korea. >> the tensions on the peninsula are quite high right now and that things have reached a rather dangerous level. we've committed ourselves to do everything we can to prevent any type of conflict from breaking out. >> with the threat level at a high and signs a nuclear test is imminent, tillerson rejected ties. yesterday, warning a preemptive strike against them could be next. >> strategic patience has ended. >> chinese officials urged cooler heads. the meetings were cordial but tense and landing hours hours before tillerson did, a tweet by president trump saying north korea is behaving badly and slamming china for doing little to help ease the threat. also complicating talks for the u.s. here the missile defense system it's deploying in north
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korea. experts warn it could trigger an arms race. >> very important decision is that china will dramatically increase the nuclear armame armament. >> the secretary of state declared a new plan is needed but has yet to say what that is. tomorrow he meets with china's president expected to meet president trump next month. jose? >> thank you so much. health care will be a major issue this coming week. the house is expected to vote on the health care overhaul bill. right now, republicans may not have enough support to pass it. kelly o'donnell joins us from west palm beach. kelly? >> reporter: good evening, jose. the president and vice president are in palm beach days before a crucial deadline on a major campaign promise. repealing obamacare. today it was mike pence who made the public sales pitch. he visited jacksonville, florida and a paper supply company trying to drum
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up support. they may not have the support to pass it. >> just yesterday president trump made it clear. he supports the bill 100% and we all do. every day more and more members of congress are getting on board. >> reporter: the take was very different in texas where long time conservative held a long time meeting. the auditorium was packed and much of the reaction boiled over. >> we continue this no member of congress -- >> trying to ease some of those concerns, the congressman explained what's in the gop plan and said that many of the changes would be phased in over the next couple of years. jose. >> kelly, the president also tweeted this morning about meetings with german chancellor angela merkel. >> he was trying to
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get the last word via twitter on the white house visit with the german chancellor. in the same tweeted breath, he accused them of owing vast sums to nato for defense. he said the u.s. has carried too great a burden for too long. >> kelly o'donnell, thank you. cutting billions of o'donnell for medical and scientific research is causing an alarm in that community. tonight nbc's anne thompson looks how the money is used and how it's helped save lives. >> this woman is a 19-year-old college freshman just back from spring break. something few would have thought possible ten years ago when she was diagnosed with stage 4 hodgkin's lymphoma. >> right away i began experimental treatments which thank gosh worked. >> her life saved by a chemotherapy regimen funded in part by the national institutes of health dimh. >> i am so grateful that 9-year-old me was saved by research.
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>> it's the engine of biomedical -- is on the chopping block. the trump administration wanting to cut nearly $6 billion. 20% of its budget calling for a major reorganization to focus resources on the highest priority research but offering to specifics. money from the nih fund the vast majority of research at columbia university medical center. dollars chief executive dr. lee goldman says the country can't afford to lose. >> so if you say working the heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, alzheimer's disease and cancer, pick one, we'll stop working on it, or say we'll do 20% less of everything and 20% fewer discoveries will occur. >> for 80 years, nih led to many of the most significant breakthroughs in medicine. azt and anti-retroviral drugs that transferred hiv-aids to a manageable condition. numerous advances in the fight against
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cancer, including the chemotherapy that cured brianna. >> ten years cancer-free and i'm living life, i'm happy and healthy. >> >> a future made possible in part by federally funded science. anne thompson, nbc news new york. much more about the budget battle tomorrow morning on "meet the press." omb director, mick mulvaney and adam schiff will be among chuck todd's guests. there was another brief security scare at the white house today after a man jumped over a barrier on pennsylvania avenue. never made it to the white house fence and was arrested by secret service within minutes. the incident follows the arrest of a man who did scale the fence one week ago, was on the grounds for more than 15 minutes. in california there were new warnings to motorists this week after another shooting on a busy freeway. the number of shootings is alarming. far more than in previous years and police fear that innocent drivers will be killed. we get more from miguel almaguer.
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>> the shootings plagued some of northern california's busiest freeways. on thursday, during the rush hour commute, a 17-year-old is shot twice on the busy 101 in san jose. >> gunshot to the right side of the jaw. >> in among the latest in a series of near deadly encounters. shots fired on roads packed with drivers. >> i know it's dangerous, you know. >> the highway patrol says nearly 80 shootings have been reported on bay area freeways in the last 15 months. many gang-related, others cases of road rage. but all endanger the lives of innocent commuters on the state's most congested freeways in the shadows of the iconic golden gate and bay bridges. just last week, an innocent college student killed. >> it's horrible. it is very dangerous. these people were targeted but they were mistargeted. it could have been anybody driving down the road. >> with the chp investigating a new
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freeway shooting in southern california, officers tell us, arresting suspects who open fire car to car can be challenging. >> the most difficult is making a clear identification of who was involved in that shooting. >> tonight some say more freeway mounted cameras and license plate readers would help officers speed up their investigations. but that may not stop the shootings and the growing risk so many face behind the wheel. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. still ahead tonight, how we ran into violence along the border as the president calls for billions more to protect it. also, remembering one of the pioneers of rock 'n roll. legendary chuck berry.
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nitrites or artificial ham has preservatives.tes, now it's good for us all. like those who like. sweet those who prefer heat. sfx - a breath of air and those who just love meat. oscar mayer deli fresh. sweet! the issue of border security came into sharp focus this week with the president's call on his budget proposal for billions to finance detention, deportation and his border wall. violence along the border was also highlighted this week with a deadly shooting in the rio grande. nbc's gadi schwartz was there as it unfolded. >> reporter: this week on the texas/mexico border, a rush to the river. a border patrol agent found people shot and a boat riddled with bullets. >> the gunfire from mexico. this is a case in point on why more protection is needed. >> as volume tile as it is.
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we want more agents to make this safe. >> president trump's new budget proposal for increasing border security with $314 million for 500 new border patrol agents and 1,000 more ice officers and more additional agents president trump originally promised. the largest border expense, 4.1 billion in taxpayer money over the next two years to start under proposed border wall. this despite campaign promises that mexico would pay. >> mexico will pay for the wall. >> reporter: even before the budget proposal, there were indications that the hard stance on immigration was having an impact. border apprehensions down 40%. >> here down river you still see rafts that litter the sides of the riverbanks. but these days the surge of crossings isn't as obvious. >> the last time we were here, right before president trump's inauguration, we saw nearly 100 immigrants rounded up by border patrol. this time, in the same
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place, we saw only two. jessica enriquez is trying to escape the violence in honduras. she says that four years ago they killed her brother and she was hit by a bullet and lost her leg. >> her journey starting after trump was elected and before a new push for expedited deportations. >> if necessithey deport you, what's going to happen? she can't go back to honduras. until recently, she would be given an ankle monitor and released. now it's detain and deport. this family a few months ago, may not have been deported immediately. now they most likely will. yes. i believe that the removal procedures will be initiated as soon as we turn this family over. >> another deportation border patrol sector chief hopes will send a message that border laws are being enforced. gadi schwartz, nbc news, mcallen, texas. coming up, remembering a legend
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i'm so happy. ♪ whatever they went through, they went through together. welcome guys. life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you. k late word tonight that one of the kings of rock 'n roll has died. chuck berry known for his colorful lyrics and stage presence. in the 1950s and '60s. he made rock 'n roll a world obsession. tonight on his life and extraordinary career. >> chuck berry's
6:52 pm
johnny b good is one of four songs on the voyager spacecraft. that's how good he was. born charles edward anderson berry. 1926 in st. louis, missouri. but the world knew him as chuck. he learned to sing in church, but caught the showbiz bug after performing in high school at age 15. >> i came with the blues, and that was sort of raunchy then. >> like t bone walker and muddy waters, he developed his own distinctive style. it was muddy waters who helped him get a deal with chess records where in 1955 he had his first big hit, maybelline. >> i came right in at the right time when afro-american music was spilling over into the mainstream of pop.
6:53 pm
his guitar playing was matched with his instinctive showmanship. a string of hits like rollover beethoven, rock 'n roll music and johnny bee good established him as a star and a new american music genre. he received a grammy lifetime achievement award and inducted into the rock 'n roll hall of fame and he was named the number 6 best guitarist in history. >> if you really have good intentions, some of your ventures may be wrong but you come back. >> he continued to perform well into his 80s and said it was the music that kept him going. morgan radford, nbc. chuck berry was 90 years old. up next, harry smith goes to a school where the day still smith goes to a school where the day still begins with a dance. the valiant taste times of death, but once!! uh, excuse me, waiter. i ordered the soup...
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finally tonight, in a age an many of us are plugged in much of the time to our devices, whether for entertainment, work or school, it's nice to know that some still find value spending part of their day engaging in actual real human interaction, harry smith found one example in montana where they dance. >> at the foot of the rockies in northern
6:57 pm
montana sits the school where the calendar may claim 2017, but you think otherwise. ♪ >> every morning the children dance to melodies and rhythms that maybe only their grandparents remember. >> they love dancing. they love to be there. you put a record on and they're out there. they race to get a partner. they do. >> and when the dancing is done, they sing. ♪ >> a song that predates the civil war. the morning ritual goes back to the great depression. the idea of ira perkins who taught here for more than 50 years. susan was his protege. >> he would always say, if you come to school angrier with a chip on your shoulder, if you dance for 20 minutes, you'll feel fine. it's usually very true if you try that. >> perkins high paypothesis was simple.
6:58 pm
singing and dancing would put ranch towns and poor kids and kids with plenty. it still works. >> you think dancing helps you get along with people? >> yeah. because you dance with people that you may not like, and if you dance with them, you get along. >> you kind of have to get along. >> yeah. >> a curriculum of kindness. >> it builds a strong sense of being and helps build children who have a better sense of who they are when they go out into the bigger world. >> that friday night there was a community dance. the place was packed. generations joined hands. the past was present and all were thankful for it. harry smith, nbc nice, bynum, montana. >> curriculum of kindness. that's "nbc nightly news" for this saturday. tomorrow on "nightly news" with kate snow, how a famous poem inspired one community to give new life to a
6:59 pm
fading tree. i am jose diaz-balart reporting from new york. thank you for the privilege of your time. good night. s only we watched the season finale of "this is us" with milo and mamdy. welcome to "access hollywood." i'm liz hernandez. alex spoke to the entire cast on the finale red carpet. >> what was the reaction when you first read the script? >> i was just excited to dive in. i knew mandy and i would have a
7:00 pm
lot of work to do, to see the beginnings of jack and rebecca, but at the same time, to see the cracks form into canyons. >> i devoted my life to you. >> it's the scene everyone is talking about, the epic fight between jack and rebecca. the script was so powerful that cast members, including sterling k. brown, chrissy metz and susan collechi were onset to watch them perform. >> we sat and ate popcorn. they were both so in it. >> i didn't pay attention. >> we sort of had such a tall order. i remember thinking like, just speaks to like the lovely spirit of the people that were lucky enough to work with. >> then you shut it out and go, time to get to work. >> of course, fans have been anxiously waiting to find out how jack died. but we didn't find that out. not even a


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