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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 30, 2017 4:00am-4:14am EDT

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out ips? good morning. happy thur. leaves 13 people killedhe pickup own, the vuck t the scene to determine severe thunderstorms. many homes were that tore throun credible. bill karins is coming up called. thiner canceled business over the any ning other than a f a federal judge n predominantly muslim countries sotalt the on twitter the what it . this morning first president. sh complying with alleral employees. campaign thatngs that are very hardly a conservative a lot of prg.ident, a
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things done with ants to get the republican congress bess al suggesting that as as new n poinumpnd republicans' failed health care 62% gave the bill and the han todling thp it was theen issues the polls tested economy, foreign policy and ba 24 hours, really b wit bill ka with our >> well-advertised three-day outbreak, tir l
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conditio f ilated tornado or to the a, m csissippi and they will continue to plow to we go day tomorrohenlw wit. it's dry. phile sphshine this morning. warming into t some clouds la at 4:30. >> back open drivers cridge damd a few days ahead. suddenly deathly ill. how a chance entrang saved his . that's a story you w and news y need before you
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puoring women from around the world at a monday. leading the news ontelling the manufacturer 2oc engines, administration held hardware because he sale of of concerns oveeamahead. this morni coalition bomive. like the one reported civilians were killed. asays, it is wile we consideris incident important to clearly enemy does humanli use civilian casualty allegation a operations.
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>> the chief former christie have been sentee scandal. bridget kelly and bill baroni sentenced to 18 monthsars in pr in the september closures on the george washington bridge that caused massive gridlock. all revenge against christie opponent. both saywere part of a traffic . kelly spoke to the media senten. >> this fight is far fromov. i will not allow myself to bse. >> both kelly and baroni planap. so this is an interesting story. you won86-year-old doris at a mall soon. the jewel thief has been sentenced to 120 daym atlanta malls after pleading guilty stealing a $2 necklace in
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december, her career spanned decades, her past chroniced in a documey. plan to steal anything. she says the sales woman lefthe counter and walked away. >> a lot of history there when lifting things. just ahead, theof stormchasers,n for thenobob dylan. per roll
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spacex expected this evening
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reusing a rocket booster recovered from a previousp comm communications satellites. >> acamy says bob dylan will receive hishi weeken. he was awarded the prize in october but initially said in p. one of crayola's signature crayonor retirement. for the first time one color from its iconi will be retired to mark national crayon day. th livestreamed on facebook tomorrow. as a k was get a brand-new both 64, th all. >> i was pie?s when their vehic collid >> chasing storms is a dangerous his accident was prevti
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miguel almaguer explains the risks and thego, look at that. >> ror dangerous. trouble while others run weather warnings can save lives. tuesday, three tornado.sers were killed the two blew through a stop sign slamming into as th storm. this was their live feedly before the crash. williamson a veterans. >> go back totors for the weather channel owned inc contr. >> people can sit at home where it's safe and we're out thethem. >> reporter: in pursuit of treacherous weather stormchaser
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driving to the go. >> reporter: but their research on tornado formati from e on. >> reporter: is often used by meteorologists to warn the not ride this out in your home. >>t' the national weather service calls the practiceky job that can save li and miguel almaguer, nbc news. >> certainly thinking of them and the oho will be out there in the next -4 at the for hangovl it march cuteness.di th. you're watching "e t e toee whatr really looks like. rapid wrinkle repair. clinically proven to reduce wrinkln
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is >> deadly police encounter. an officer opens fire and kills a man dght. jamar jan move. lawmakers in delaware are calling for recreational marijuana. police arrest a worker accused of havg bullets under the same roof as students. thursday morning, just abou. this is "nbc 10 news today". i'm tracy davidson.
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>> i'm vai sikahema. 41 degrees. let's get to bill henleyborhd forecast the most accurate forecast in town. >>hirning. temperatures have dropped overnight into the 30s and still a little bit i philadelphia at 41 degrees. feels like it's in the 30s. 36 in the suburbs and ligh vall. just barely into the 30s for uns morning. not as warm as yesterday. we made it in the 60s yesterday. 50s this for the entire area. partly sunny skies. dry in philadelphia. the suburbs and the lehigh valley, though, may be later evening hours. i'll take a look at that and the warm up during ten minutes. jessica boyington is watching your first alert traffic. >> we're watching 76 in around street. no problems headed towards the philadelphia area. that's where these lanesre
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few cars heading in that direction towards the bridges. speaking of bridges going to the walt whitman bridge, two lanes are open with a speed restriction. about 35 miles per hour. there's also some construction over the burlington bristol bridge. so watch for lane restrictions approaching the bring. benjamin franklin bridge is nice and clear. pennsylvania turnpik ndelays. drive times eastbound and westbound 23 moments from valley forge to route 1. 4:30. happening today in delaware the general assembly is expected to introduce a bill that would make the recreational use of marijuana legal. if passed the bill would tax an the state. at right now no stat o tobacco, some sayhy littler on today
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