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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  March 31, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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. stolen art work returned. see how a painting that vanished decades ago ended up back with its rightful owners. and right now it's a wet end to the workweek. a live look from the campus camera showing steady rainfalling now in philadelphia on broad street. it is getting heavier as the day goes on. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. the winds will pick up and flood
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watches are in effect. let's get to erika martin and the most accurate weather forecast. >> so here is the deal. we are tracking a system that's currently moving through the ohio river valley. we are seeing the leading edge of that system. we are seeing widespread steady rain moving in and we are also seeing that developing fog as you just mentioned. so a live look outside over the philadelphia skyline. we can see that the fog is getting pretty thick right now. current temperature 43 degrees and we are seeing easterlies at 10 miles per hour. let's focus on visibilities. it is poor across the entire viewing area. allentown 2 mile visibility for you. blue bell 2, philadelphia 2. this is poor visibility as you're driving. give yourself extra time. atlantic city 2 miles and this
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notice we are seeing the leading edge of that rain. it is moving from the southwest to the northeast. it isn't evenhe bk of the system. this system will redevelop as it crosses the peidmont. we are eti especially for your afternoon and evening commute. coming up in just a bit i'll time it out for you hour by hour. >> thank you. we look forward to that. new information about a shooting in the parking lot that happened monday night. rosemary is live with the update.
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police have a man in custody now? >> they do. i have a name. 29-year-old lawrence mitchell is faces extradition back to philadelphia. police are calling this a random shooting on monday night. police say this suspect had a high capacity weapon, an ak-15 with a scope. they are very pleased they tracked him down. this is a shooting on monday night just outside the club on spring garden street in philadelphia. nobody was injured but police have been working to track down that person. his name is lawrence mitchell. we'll come back to philadelphia later on today. reporting live in the breaking news center. nbc 10 news. >> thank you. good news for drivers who use the pennsylvania turnpike. all lanes have reopened.
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it is open two weeks early. work will begin on 276. time now far look at the roads with jessica boyington. what are you seeing? >> not doing too bad. this is approaching route 320. we had an earlier crash approaching route 320 mark. northbound moving up and average speeds into the 30s. also a crash reported up in abi abington. the tolls back open. the easy pass express lanes won't give you anymore problems. it is nice and clear. moving into new jersey there is a missing man hole cover. the right lane is closed there. the burlington dealt with
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construction from the earlier crash that happened way early this morning. single lanes of traffic moving in both directions. we are waiting for an opening around 11:15. back to you. >> thank you. we have more breaking news this morning. there are major developments in the case of a 14-year-old girl who was raped, tortured and killed last year. we are live with deanna. >> reporter: he did not appear in court. he waived his preliminary hearing. prosecutors have made it official. they want the death penalty for jacob sullivan and the adoptive mother named sarah packer, the mother of grace packer. they went public with the disappearance around grace packer's murder. she was raped and murdered in a
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home. her body was dismembered and left in a field. it was discovered in the fall. when prosecutors went public in december they had them add persons of interest and charged them both with the rape and murder. they are both awaiting that trial. we are told the trial will be held together next year, march of next year they say. prosecutors saying they are making it official. they want the death penalty for both of those defendants. we'll have more for you coming up tonight on nbc 10 news. investigations heating up with reports that the white house was involved in sharing classified information. wants to tell congress what he
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knows. tracie potts has the latest. >> reporter: mike flynn now wants to testify in exchange for immunity. >> we don't want people taking immunity so we don't get -- so that justice department cannot make the case they may want to make against them. >> president trump says flynn should seek immunity. this is details about the russia investigation. new york times reports two white house staffers, a national security official and attorney michael ellis helped congressman devin nunes seek classified information. the washington most named the third, john izenberg. >> so why all of the cloak and
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dagger stuff? >> they want to show collect lawmakers what it calls evidence that information about americans was mishandled or laeeaked. experts say the president used some of those same methods. >> this is the party tough on the soviet union and we have a candidate that is siting russian propaganda. >> and wiretapping by president obama, still unproven. as for those accused white house staffers, president trump stepped in to keep at least one of them from being fired. nbc news, washington. a woman is in the hospital following a car crash this morning. it happened at broad in east oak lane just after 4:00 this morning. police say a car crashed into a pole sending a second car on top of a third. philadelphia district
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attorney heads back to court to tell if he found a new lawyer. it comes after the lawyer ditched is case saying williams did not have the money to pay him. williams pleaded not guilty to federal bribely and extortion charges. a norman rockwell painting is back where it belongs. the fbi returned the painting to its rightful owners. special agents say it was turned in by an art dealer hanging in his kitchen. >> he was very sad when it was stolen. it has been returned and i can see he is probably smiling down on us right now. >> this painting could be worth as much as a million dollars. a raging fire in the middle of a major u.s. city, a highway inferno could lead to traffic
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detours for months. they are looking into how it all started. and a show stopping accident. we'll tell you how a circuit performer is doing after a frightening fall. and vai, this is the storm bringing us the rain right now. it will redevelop soon enough closer to us. we are expecting some heavy downpours for this afternoon and evening commute. details coming up in your most accurate forecast.
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a fire triggered an overpass collapse. there is no way to tell when the road will reopen. gabe has more details from atlanta. >> reporter: incredibly this morning the massive fire is still smoldering. that's the chunk of i-85 that is missing. georgia's governor declared a state of emergency. some area schools are closed. at the height of the evening rush hour. >> it is a huge fire. >> an inferno erupting near downtown atlanta. thick black spoke seen for miles after burning for about 40 minutes. an elevated section of the freeway. >> you can hear it popping apart. >> overnight traffic at a standstill in one of tthe count largest cities.
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>> i don't know how long to tell you this will correct. we have spring break traffic, the first braves game coming into town. it couldn't have happened at a worse time. >> they are working to find out what caused the fire. the area under the freeway was used to store plastic. no vehicles were on this section of the road because traffic had stopped when drivers first saw the flames. remarkably no one was hurt. engineers are inspecting this section of the road to see how much of it has been compromised. it could be months before this section of the highway is repaired. nbc news, atlanta. >> that was gabe reporting. a cirque du soleil reporter recovering after she was injured during a performance in washington state. she was flying from one swing to another last night when she fell and landed on her back. the performer was taken away
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from the arena on a stretcher. she was conscious and did not need to g hospital. rescue crews pulled four people aboard the boat to safety. they all had minor injuries. all four were wearing their life jackets. they blame high winds and rough waves for this accident. three, two, one, lift off. >> you're looking at a milestone for spacex. they successfully launched a reused rocket. it's the first time it has ever been done. it put a commercial satellite in orbit. it took four months to refurbish the rocket for launch. i'm erika martin with a first alert forecast. we'll start off with an aerial
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flood watch that has been issued from saturday morning at 2:00 a.m. it does encome pass the entire viewing area. we do have rain. it will only get steadier as we track a developing low that's due here by this afternoon. in addition we do have a weather advisory that does include freezing rain. we also have a coastal flood advisory that has been issued for ocean county as well as middle county. we track a system headed in our direction. this is why we have issued a first alert or heavy rain for the entire viewing area. this is going to be in effect through early saturday morning. the good news is this system will clear after a sunrise but we will have to contend with really heavy rain especially for this evening commute.
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so what can we expect? steady and heavy rain as a low develops across piedmont and heads in our direction. there is flooding concerns especially urban flooding. satellite and radar, this area of low is moving through the ohio valley. i want you to see here there is this associated warm front bringing us steady moist air into our area. it will continue to work from the southwest to the northeast. as we zoom on in this system will redevelop right around virginia and continue to work its way northeastward. as it does it will increase the instability in the atmosphere. what you're seeing right now is really more like nuisance weather we are seeing steady rain moving across the area. what you're going to see by this afternoon and evening hours will be downpours to say the least.
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doppler estimated rainfall totals so far we are already seeing saturated soil right now. there's not much more than the soil can handle. it is why we are concerned about this localized flooding. already seeing a half an inch of flooding for philadelphia. not much for redding right now. it is a tenth of an inch. keep in mind it is only going to get mier when it's all said and done. we are expecting between 1 to 2 inches for the jersey shore, parts of delaware. in and around the philly area it looks like we could see up to 2.5 and maybe 3 inches in total. your ten day on 10 brings us that rain through the rest of today into early tomorrow morning. the good news is we have a nice sunday ahead. >> all right. thank you. a local theater company bringing the classic shakespeare
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play and they are educating people. this is megan and matt here. welcome to you both. matt, let's start with you. this protection of a midnight summer's dream has a different feel. tell us why that is. >> you know, pretty much the last 100 years we have done shakespeare all over the world. it has done a great thing to bring shakespeare back in. for me i'm always interested in sort of being conversation with the way it would have worked on the play. they didn't have designers. they had actors intuition. what i want to do is kind of strip the play back to the text and actors and see if we can create magic that way. it is populated by some of the best young actors in
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philadelphia. music is composed bay great artist. today we sort of create actors putting on a play. that sensibility is infectious for those who might come in afraid of shakespeare. he didn't why write them to be read. he wrote them to be performed. >> megan, you're moderating a free panel called students speak shakespeare. tell us how it's helping modern students understand the language of shakespeare, the thes, the t t t thous. >> if we look at rap music they use words in really interesting ways.
11:21 am
shakespeare was doing the same thing. when we talk about shakespeare i ask them to let's decon trustru this a little bit and see how are these characters saying what you're feeling just in a different way. let's look at how they are using words and let's put them into your words and see where we meet in the middle. that's what we will be talking about tomorrow. >> i say this all of the time because i'm a former athlete. it is probably way too important in this country, sports. but having kids involved in these programs is vital to their future and the importance of them and how they grow up. you can get discounted tickets to tomorrow's 2:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. performances. use promo code kids win.
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we posted a link on and the nbc 10 mobile app. thank you very much, guys. >> thank you. new finding may help cancer patients fight the disease. we'll tell you about something you might have in your medicine cabinets that may make cancer treatments more effective. we'll see what that is coming up. philadelphia landmarks recreated in legos. a sneak peek that is sure to interest kids of all ages.
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radiation therapy may be risky for breast cancer patients who smoke. those who continued to smoke were more likely to develop serious health problems like a
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heart attack or lung cancer. if they quit most of those risks were lowered. the knew trial shows a lower progressi progression. they believe vitamin c weakens the cancer cells. much more ahead in our next half hour. we are tracking several new developments in the investigation into russian interference in the election. one of the president's former aids said he has a story to tell but he wants something in return. we learned which crayon is getting cut and we are getting ear early info on its replacement. ♪
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here is a look at the heavy rain. roads are very wet but traffic is moving along. erika martin is here with the most accurate forecast in the region. >> we are just seeing the leading edge moving into our area. it is moving across the ohio valley. a live look outside. it looks bad right now. we have been seeing developing fog. visibility right now is poor. i want to show you satellite and radar. approaching chester county you
11:31 am
can start to see some oranges and some yellow. i do think we'll see isolated thunderstorms moving in. now, hourly hour forecast at 11:30 a.m. i have a couple of them here. i want to show you how the moderate to heavy downpours are. by 1:00 p.m. lots of yellow including the entire lehigh county. by 4:00 p.m. we are in the bulls eye for philadelphia. this is one when i expect possibly isolated thunderstorms. one of my biggest concerns would be urban flooding. in other words, we have already accumulated quite a bit of rain, about a half an inch in total.
11:32 am
it does have to go somewhere. a lot of times we'll see that flooding in store. we can expect to track this for you as the dayprogresses. i have to toss this back over to vai v vai. >> all right. thank you. no robs getting -- the burl shows traffic in both directions. this scheduled for 11:15. the bet si ross is an alternate for you there. jersey shore a cover on route 40 eastbound. the right lane is closed there.
11:33 am
checking drive times here. this is right around mile marker 345. 27 minutes eastbound from valley forge. rail delays earlier this morning. 20 minutes delays due to equipment issues. back to you. >> thank you. checking out our nbc 10 headlines. police have a connection. they say the man had an assault rifle when they took him into custody and they believe the shooting was random. today seth williams will tell a judge if he found a new lawyer. his former lawyer said williams did not have the money to pay him. a norman rockwell painting is back with the owner 40 years
11:34 am
after it was stolen. special agents said it was turned in by an art dealer who had it hanging in his kitchen. he thought it was a copy. new reports tied to investigation. offering to testify in exchange for immunity. flynn said he will testify in exchange for immunity. a committee spokesman declining to comment. >> when you have given immunity you probably committed a crime.
11:35 am
>> two white house officials played a role in giving information to devin nunes who made this stunning allegation. the president elect and his team were -- i guess at least monitor. >> identifying them as michael ellis who formally worked on the intelligence house and ezra cohen wattnick. nunes is still refusing to reveal his source. they s on march 20th the fbi director confirms the fbi investigation while rebuking the wiretapping claim. >> i have no information that supports those tweets. >> nunes makes the secret trip
11:36 am
to the white house to review documents. the president said he felt vindicated. >> i some what do. >> spicer dismisses information. >> it doesn't really pass the smell test. i am not getting into any further details on this. >> inviting leaders to review new evidence that may show information collected about americans was mishandled and leaked. senate intelligence asking the white house to direct to agencies behind the documents to forward information to them as they launch the first public hearing with one witness former fbi agent accusing president trump of using russian tactics. >> part of this is because the commander in chief used this against his opponents.
11:37 am
>> we just learned moments ago that the senate intelligence committee turned down mike flynn's request for immunity. today the president met with rice. no word on what the two discussed. the white house meeting was closed to the media. hillary clinton is more visible lately. today she is attending an event aimed at promoting women, peace and security. >> that is not a partisan issue. >> she said turning our backs on di home si won't make our country safer. announced a lawsuit to try to void the results of a special
11:38 am
election in north philadelphia. democratic write-in candidate won to fill a state house eat. democrats still won the election using write-in votes. >> some of the stuff we saw without signing assistance boards. election board workers telling people they can't vote on the machine. they have to go outside. >> the gop already asked to state attorney general. election fraud task force looking into it. the lego land discovery center. take a look inside. the center includes lego themed rides and thousands of lego
11:39 am
buildings. they include philadelphia landmarks like citizens bank park and the city's skyline. we talked to kids to served. two are the children of nbc 10 producer. >> i like that you can be creative and do whatever you want with them. >> my favorite thing is the lego ride. >> all right. frankie and chloe, you guys know what you're talking about. we no which color will be added to the 24 count box. it will be a part of the blue family. the k more details will come in may. >> i think retirement will be my wildest adventure yet. it will replace dandelion
11:40 am
yellow. the cat got out of the bag a little bit early. someone tweeted this photo of a box they found at target. it says dandelion is retiring right on the bottom. they say a few packages got out of the factory a little early. so what do you think about the new bluish color? what should it be called? tweets your ideas and what you think about dandelion's retirement. i would like to share my opinion. i really liked that yellow. talking about yellow on the screen here. satellite picking up on pockets of heavy downpours. we do have a washout for this afternoon and this evening. details coming up on the other side of the break. we'll fill you in.
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kiosks would give anyone with a wireless device internet access. two middle east earn airlines
11:44 am
helping cope with a new ban on flights cover and are loaning laptops and ipads to people in first and business class on certain routes. it kwoub chewould be checked at prior to boarding. they charge $5 to stay connected the whole flight. a local organization will help take charge of their own health. here to tell us more is elizabeth. welcome. tell us more about the health fair. >> the junior league is committed to improving our communities to trains womens volunteers.
11:45 am
our commitment is healthy living initiative which is about improving greater philadelphia's food security and he'll. our impowering new health fair speaks to offering health screenings to those who may not be able to obtain them otherwise. >> there is a cooking demonstration. it is the phillies nutritionist. >> yes. katie is a published author, chef and dietitian. she is also on the faculty college of medicine. she is offering a seminar at 11:00 a.m. it includes three different cooking demonstrations. >> i would want to come to see what they are serving up. tell us more about the junior league, what you guys do. >> sure. the junior league of philadelphia was founded more than 100 years ago. we are a membership
11:46 am
organization, a nonprofit of 850 women. we are committed to leadership development and volunteer service. we are one of more than 290 junior leagues. >> when we started you said you were a little bit nervous. it wasn't that bad, right? >> it was not that bad. >> a great spokesperson for your association. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> we'll tell you more about the junior league. >> thank you. the health fair is tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. it is open to the public. for more information tap our nbc 10 mobile app. i'll start off with the aerial flood watch. it means we are seeing a
11:47 am
prolonged period of rain moving across the viewing area. it is slow and steady. we do have to keep in mind while conditions are not that bad we are just seeing passing rain. it only going to get steadying as the system develops to the west of us. first alert has been issued for heavy rain for the entire area through early saturday morning. the rain will clear by about 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. we do have steady rain at least through tonight. what can we expect? steady and heavy rain. downpours for that pm rush and flooding concerns which is why we do have the aerial flood watch. weather advisories include freezing rain advisories and a coastal flood advisory issued for ocean county. satellite and radar is picking
11:48 am
up on that storm moving through the ohio river valley. this will continue to work its way northeastward and bring us moist air.destabilize the atmosphere. we have more unstable air and it will trigger isolated thunderstorms. hourly pour this forecast starting at 11:00 a.m. notice the yellows and the oranges to the southwest of us. this is headed in our direction. by 2:00 p.m. already seeing some moderate certainly steady rain moving toward it is northeast and pockets of heavy downpours. i think we'll see isolated thunderstorms especially later this afternoon through the evening hours at 6:30 p.m. notice how we see these continuing to work their way northeastward. this will not clear through the overnight hours until early
11:49 am
tomorrow morning. at 10:00 p.m. still seeing pockets of heavy downpours. by 7:00 a.m. en though it looks like we could see a wintery mix everything will start to push northeastwafrd a northeastward and out of our viewing area. doppler so far looks like just under an inch for bucks county. right around philadelphia just a half an inch in total. philadelphia your ten day forecast, we'll warm up by sunday. as soon as that rain clears we are certainly going to see an improvement. we are tracking rain, another system moving monday into tuesday. we'll stay in the upper 50s to kick off the following workweek. follow us and we'll see you after the break. >> all right. thank you.
11:50 am
hopefully the weather will clear out in time for a special race tomorrow morning. it is one of the oldest womens nonprofit organizations. they will host a 5k race. >> this is outside of our clubhouse. we are kid friendly. >> tell me more about what it does, what you guys do. >> we are one of the oldest womens nonprofit groups in pennsylvania.
11:51 am
we work through the organizations we partner with and host events to raise money. >> those charities are specifically women and children charities from all over the kel ware valley. >> we have an annual grant program. it so any nonprofit we are open to receiving from them and reviewing it. >> do you have other events planned later in the year? >> yeah. our womens and childrens consignment sale is fabulous. we have amazing clothing, kids clothing, baby items, great prices, everything is in good shape. >> there you go.
11:52 am
you're about a week away from having your second child? >> yes. i am. >> so you will not be in the shuffle? >> no. i will not. i'll be there cheering everybody on. >> we expect you coming in. good luck with you and the baby. >> thanks for having me. >> it is tomorrow at 7:45 a.m. for more information go to our web site. thank you very much for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> we'll be right back.
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take a look at this sbee invasion at a baseball park in arizona yesterday. they are on the ground on their stomachs. players dropped to avoid getting stung. moments later the insects gathered and then of course the game resumed later on. take my word for it. coming up this afternoon sofia plays a visit to the ellen show. a viewer hired a contractor to
11:56 am
remodel her kitchen. >> so here is the deal. before we get there we do have heavy downpours especially for this evening commute. by later this afternoon into evening hours we could accumulate any where between 1.5 to 3 inches in total. >> keep our fingers crossed. i'm locking at saturday and sunday. >> 60 with sunshine, that's not that bad. >> and sheer the weekend for baseball. >> thanks for watching at 11:00 a.m. i'm vai sikahema. for erika martin and all of us here at nbc 10 have a terrific day and great weekend.
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