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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  March 31, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> announcer: nbc10 news starts now. plenty to get to this afternoon. first at 5:00, torrential downpours. we've been telling you you would need your raincoats and umbrellas all day long. no matter where you live, the wet weather will find you and has found you. windshield wipers are working overtime tonight. in gloucester county as we check the conditions out on the road. >> from the roads to the air, flights are getting backed up at philadelphia international airport. be sure to check with your airline in you do have a flight out of town later tonight. we checked, and flights on average were delayed by at least an hour. here's a live look outside from our camera on top of the loews. you can see the rain and some fog beginning to roll through. >> let's take a look at the nbc10 first aletter radar. that swath of green covering the screen is pouring rain and not ending anytime soon.
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tonight nbc10 has you covered with first alert weather and traffic as we start the weekend. >> we have team coverage starting with meteorologist tammie souza. >> the rain isn't going anywhere fast. if you have any plans this evening, you're going to have to pack your patiencpatience. we have a first alert for heavy rain out there. the entire viewing area. we may get some breaks in this rain, but don't be deceived. it's going to continue on and off through late evening. even pre-dawn saturday we could see a few showers but those will be light at best. we will see periods of heavy rain, localized flooding on some of the roadways and we've gotten reports already of a lot of ponding. cars are slowing down. you need to exercise caution there. we do have a flood watch in effect until 1:00 tomorrow morning. that's for all of our area. you can see all the counties shaded in green. that's simply because of this possible ponding on roadways and localized flooding. so, again, be aware of that. we've already seen one to two inches of rainfall across the area. in some places we could see another one to two inches of rain, especially if you're here
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in, say, oh, new jersey. if you're out here toward atlantic city, down to cape may, bridge ton, all the way up to tom's river, everywhere south and east of philadelphia, i think that's where we're going to see the heaviest rain falling tonight. i think if you're in the lehigh valley and berks county, you've already seen the majority of what you're going to see tonight. so the good news is you'll still see showers, but you're not going to see quite as much. hour by hour, we're going to be heading on through the overnight hours. you see it kind of diminishes towards pottstown down to philadelphia but still quite heavy over new jersey. we'll talk more about this. we'll go neighborhood to neighborhood, and i will show you those rainfall totals. some of them quite impressive when we come back in just a few minutes. now to your first alert traffic. the rush hour commute home. live look from storm force 10. checking the roads in newcastle county, delaware. >> francesca, tell us what the trouble spots are this evening. >> rosemary, and erin, as you just mentioned and heard from
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tammie and erika, a lot of heavier porkts are moving towartowar towards area of the south. watching traffic near the new jersey turnpike. very light rain but the roadways are still pretty wet and slick so allow extra time and exercise caution. we did get a flooding report from a road closure. this came in from penndot along conshohocken road between station and diamond avenue right over here. that's very important to make mention of. we're going to be keeping an eye on these incoming flooding reports. as well, take your time out there out and about. >> be sure to count on the nbc10 app to get the latest on these heavy downpours anytime for your neighborhood. it is a free download. now to breaking news. a death investigation is under way in philadelphia. a son found his parents stabbed in their home in the point breeze section of philadelphia. a woman was killed and a man is in critical condition right now. police say it happened just before 4:00 this afternoon. we are sending a reporter and photographer to the scene right
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now. count on nbc10 for updates. all new at 5:00, a school funding fight in south jersey. where is the tax money going, and why isn't it going to schools in sweetsboro? those are the questions at the heart of the battle between parents and a local assemblyman. reporter cydney long reports from gloucester county. >> reporter: from the quiet of her dining room, jennifer -- >> in terms of frustration, i'm at mass capacity. >> reporter: with the help of dozens of parents and tafxpayer, this mom is waging a war. >> why should some districts suffer while others are receiving double the amount they need. >> reporter: it's a fight she started called the fair funding action committee, a fight for her two children and for the 2,700 students at kings way regional school district. a fight to save teacher jobs and to save middle school and freshman sports, programs right now being slashed. here's why. while some school districts in new jersey are receiving 150% in
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state aid -- >> we're struggling. our programs are being cut and they're being funded for kids who aren't even sitting in seats anymore. >> reporter: this is a district that has grown 44% in student enrollment over eight years and without a penny more in state funds. and property taxes are skyrocketing. they claim speaker prieto isn't acting urgently to holt a vote on the assembly side when the senate is working towards a remedy. superintendent jim lavender took 27 signatures. prieto's office told me the speaker confirmed a meeting yesterday to meet with superintendent lavender next week and that his fight continues. >> one students getting one level of education in this very competitive school and another kid's getting barely, barely an education. >> there's no reason why a kid here in king's way is worth 43
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cents while a kid in another school district is worth $1.75. >> cavallero has parents gathering and galvanized in a fight for equal student rights and stabilizing taxes. from sweetsboro, cydney long, nbc10 news. in other news tonight, the gunman wanted for shooting into the parking lot at delilah's club in philadelphia is in the camden county jail charged as a fugitive with an illegal weapon. authorities say 29-year-old lawrence mitchell will soon face an extradition hearing. he's accused of opening fire from the fifth floor window of this building under construction near front and sprang garden streets on monday night. according to police, he used a high-powered rifle to fire as many as three shots into the parking lot of delilah's. no one was sured but the bullets hit this white chevy pickup truck. investigators call the shooting random. new details on the investigation ins to what killed twin babies in south jersey. medical examiner in camden
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county said the 7-month-old girls died of natural causes. their mother called 911 last week saying the girls were unresponsive in their crib at the family's apparent in lindenwold. a source working on the investigation confirmed to nbc10 the baby girls were born three months premature. philadelphia district attorney seth williams has accept aid temporary suspension of his law license while he fights a federal corruption indictment. williams was back in court today to get permission to switch attorneys. defense lawyer thomas burke has taken the case. there had been concern that williams wouldn't be able to pay for his own attorney. but burke says he will remain williams' lawyer and fight the 23-count corruption and bribery indictment against him. williams says he will remain in office in an administrative capacity as he fights the charges. more than 40 years after it was stolen from a south jersey home, a norman rockwell painting is back where it belongs. >> today in center city, the fbi returned the painting to the owners. it was turned in by an art
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dealer who had it hanging in his kitchen. he thought it was a copy. robert grant paid $100 for the artwork after damaging it while playing pool. his family says for the rest of his life, he talked about finding his norman. >> he truly loved this painting and was very sad when it was stolen. now it's been returned, and i can see that he is probably smiling down on us right now. >> the painting by the way could be worth a million dollars or more. within the last hour, president donald trump signed a pair of executive orders that crack down on trade abuse. the first order called for a large-scale report to identify every form of trade abuse that contributes to the u.s. trade deficit. that report is set to be done in 90 days. the second order will focus on making sure international goods are sold at a fair price. this comes a week before president trump hosts the president of china at his florida estate.
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tonight white house press secretary sean spicer says president trump, quote, finds it unacceptable that cities across the u.s. are becoming sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants. the trump administration says failing to follow federal laws can have tragic consequences, and spicer directly referenced our area today. >> particularly concerning in a place like chicago and other cities like yours and philadelphia where there's been increased violence. immigrants, both legal are not safe from criminals who have committed egregious acts. >> sanctuary cities offer safe harbor for undocumented immigrants and limit cooperation with federal immigration officers. no deal. the senate intelligence committee has rejected an immunity deal that former national security adviser michael flynn wanted in exchange for his testimony. flynn's attorney says, quote, general flynn certainly has a story to tell, and he very much
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wants to tell it. but he wouldn't say anything without a guarantee that he would not be prosecuted. you may remember flynn served as president trump's national security adviser for three weeks. he resigned after the administration said he misled vice president mike pence about his contacts with a russian ambassador. president trump tweeted early this morning that flynn was right to ask for immunity, calling this a, quote, witch hunt by the media and democrats of historic proportion. speaking of president, he has to shell out some cash. a judge has approved an agreement today that orders president trump to pay $25 million to settle lawsuits over the now closed trump university. thousands of people say they were misled by promises to learn success in business at the nationwide seminars. president trump has maintained that he's done nothing wrong. two special visitors are coming to the white house next week. the president will welcome the king of jordan on wednesday. they plan to discuss the fight against isis, the conflict in syria, and relations between
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israelis and palestinians. on monday, the president of egypt will visit the white house. tonight the phillies are remembering former player ruben amaro sr. who died today at the age of 81. amaro sr., shortstop from 1960 to 1965, winning a gold glove in '64. phillies chairman david montgomery praised him today, calling him a joy to be around. his son, ruben amaro jr. played for the phillies too before becoming the general manager for seven seasons. this all comes just one week of course after former phillies player and manager dallas green passed away. next at 5:00, no more nuggets. why rutgers is getting rid of some fast food favorites. and 3457b8g walking down the street and a manhole explodes. where that scary scenario actually played out. and shrinking tumors. tonight, why doctors call their dramatic therapy results a medical breakthrough. seals getting stranded all
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along the east coast. this one bitten by a shark. >> one of the flippers is bitten down to the bone. >> i'm ted greenberg. how rescuers at the jersey shore are now running out of room. and is it raining at your house? if not, it will be soon. you may just be getting a break like hockessin is getting. wilmington all the way down to salem, we have some steady showers. and, yes, our camera verifies that. look at all the rain on the roadways. we'll have your full forecast and go right into your neighborhood when i come back.
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welcome back. the schuylkill expressway is a mess tonight. we continue to track heavy rain throughout the region. you can see cars just crawling bumper to bumper there. nbc10 first alert meteorologist tammie souza will join us in just a few minutes. tonight we're learning from authorities down south that it will take months to rebuild the part of interstate 85 in atlanta that collapsed in this raging fire last night. >> i know the area very well. the fire erupted at the height of rush hour yesterday evening. then around 7:00, the bridge collapsed in flames, sending thick, black smoke high into the air. about 40 minutes before the collapse, state troopers were
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able to get cars off of the road. no one was hurt, but crews were not able to get in to start cleaning up until this afternoon. they think some plastic piping underneath the bridge caught fire. now, i-85 is one of the busiest freeways in the country. three northbound and three southbound sections of the highway will need to be replaced. according to a company that studies traffic, atlanta already has the fourth worst traffic in the country. well t wasn't a pleasant community for people in new york city this morning either. >> loud bangs from manhole fires frightened people in union square. others say they felt buildings shake. firefighters were first called around 5:00 this morning for a smoking manhole. about three hours later, another manhole started smoking. one fire truck was damaged when a manhole cover blew off the ground during one of those blasts. >> it sounded like a bomb. >> i heard a huge clap of thunder, i thought, but it shook more than thunder would have.
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and it's also not thunder weather. so it made me wonder what had just blown up. >> a building on broadway had to be evacuated for high carbon monoxide levels, but nobody was hurt. as we reported earlier this afternoon, president trump is calling the investigation into his campaign's ties to russia a witch hunt. now he's urging former national security adviser michael flynn to take immunity. we spoke to nbc political director chuck todd about the investigation involving russia and whether it's starting to overwhelm this presidency. >> it's hard enough that he couldn't get health care through with those political problems. the ideological political problems inside the republican party. throw in the russia crisis and the dysfunction that's inside the west wing, where it's not clear who runs this place after the president, and you have the combination has ground the entire presidency to a halt. that's what should be concerning them. i don't want to use the term
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lame duck yet, but that's what they are facing here. this assumption that they can't do anything, that it is going to be nothing but stalled status quo for the next year and a half at least if they don't do something to change the direction of this administration. >> "meet the press" with chuck todd airs every sunday morning at 10:30 right here on nbc10 after nbc10 news today at 9:00 and 10:00. more than 40 women were sblated at city hall today for the women on the move luncheon. these women are all leaders in their fields and are making big contributions to the community in philadelphia every day. march, as you know, is women's history month, and i was honored to serve as this year's keynote speaker. so many women so well deserve that honor. >> impressive women there, you included. good thing you were inside because a wet one out there. rain or shine, thousands of people will be lacing up their sneaks for the phillies chari
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charity's 5 k tomorrow morning. 6,000 runners will take part in the race. the race begins at 9:00. well, better tomorrow than today because it's been soaking all day long. >> i mean washout. nbc10 first alert meteorologist tammie souza standing by, tracking heavy, heavy rain. and it's still coming down. >> some places still getting torrential downpours. tomorrow morning i think it will be damp out there. there will be puddling and ponding but by 9:00 i think the rain will have stopped. it will just be overcast and rather dank outside. the beams are sweeping the sky, so where are we seeing the heaviest amount of rain? it's actually here in south jersey. i think that's where when it's all said and done we're going to see the heaviest amounts. if you go back up here toward say allentown and you get out here toward lehigh valley and berks county, you're starting to see things taper off. so that's good news if you want to dry out, but we do have a little bit more on the way. not the heavy, heavy rain west of the metro area, though. so that's good news there.
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let's take a look at what's going on from norristown down through philadelphia. that's where we're seeing some scattered showers, heavier pockets of rain. also from chester to woolrich, we're seeing some heavier rain. we head into south jersey, and that's where you see from wince low to galloway, the swath of heavy rain. this is likely going to dump another inch or two of rain before we start to see things kind of taper off this evening. all the way down toward cape may where you've already seen a pretty good downpour, now things are starting to quiet down there. if we look at the big picture, for the most part, what we're watching is this huge swirl, this area of low pressure that's now making its way through west virginia. this is going to cross the area late tonight and early tomorrow morning sometime after midnight. once that happens, those winds will shift. instead of coming in out of the southeast, bringing more moisture in off the atlantic, we're going to see those winds shift, and they're going to be more out of the northwest and the west. so that's going to kind of shut
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down the moisture flow. and it's also going to shut down the lift. that's the mechanism that is creating all of this mess. let's take a look at who's gotten wet so far out there as far as rainfall amounts. you can see this is all doppler estimated. but we have seen some pretty impressive amounts of rain. 1.2 inches to 0.7 to 0.7 to 0.8 to 1.2 across the area. anywhere from a half inch to about an inch and a half has fallen with some pockets of rain a little bit hivier than that. let's take a look hour by hour. you can see that heavy rain in south jersey and on out to the shore, and you can see overnight it starts to taper off. we get the lighter shades of green. still out towards tom's river and atlantic city, we're looking at a little bit of heavier rain. then by the time we hit 1:00 in the morning, everything is beginning to wind down to light showers. maybe a little bit of a freezing rain mix toward mount pocono. we wake unin the morning. i think the 30s outside of the metro area are absolutely
5:22 pm
possible. but i think in the metro area we stay in the low 40s. then tomorrow in the afternoon, we have overcast skies. we're not looking at rain here in the metro area of philly. and this is how much more that we're going to expect tonight. you notice those heavier totals, places like millville, atlantic city, tom's river. it's over there in south jersey. mount pocono, only 0.7 of an inch. in philly, perhaps just over an inch of rain making its way through the area. we're not going to be looking at a whole lot of rainfall. now, you're weekend ahead, it does improve. we get past the overcast skies tomorrow and all the puddling that has to recede. we see the low 50s tomorrow, and we may -- may if we're lucky -- see a few peeks of sunshine just before sunset. but it truly is sunday. that's the spectacular day you can get back outside. we're looking at low 60s across the area, and you'll need the sunglasses once again. >> quite a turnaround. >> yeah. >> but until then, take it easy. be careful. >> take it easy because this is a lot of rain to fall all at once. some of those roadways are very
5:23 pm
slick. there's a lot of muddy and slippery places. it could just pond into one area, especially after dark. >> happens fast. tammie, thank you. next at 5:00, a local university ditches its fast food menu. the food getting tossed out. plus haven't gotten your refund yet? why tax officials in our area say the delay is for your own good.
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all right. it's friday. it's rush hour, and it's raining. so that means pack your patience this evening because you know it's going to be a little bit of a slow commute. this is a live look toward 95 in south philly. dreary night across the delaware valley. the entire weekend, though, will not be a washout. nbc10's first alert meteorologist tammie souza is tracking the system. she'll join us in just a few moments. did you ever have that one food that you were looking forward to eating at the dining hall in college. maybe not one food. more than one, but if it's chicken nuggets and you go to rutgers, we got some bad news for you. rutgers is chucking the chicken nuggets and cold cuts to make its menu healthier. right now this is only on the main campus in new brunswick and it's not all bad. there will still be chicken wings, but baked not fried. the director of dining services said it was actually students who wanted the healthy changes. new at 5:00, a new
5:27 pm
restaurant is being built at the philadelphia zoo. a new york construction company was awarded the contract today. the restaurant will be able to seat 650 people inside and out with a beer garden on the roof. no word yet on when construction will begin. next at 5:00, we continue to keep an eye on the heavy rain across our region. also ahead at 5:00, new developments tonight in the deadly shooting at a new jersey turnpike rest stop. plus we're following a death penalty case. what we learned in court today about the couple accused of killing a teenager. i'm nbc10's keith jones. >> and i'm erin coleman. missing us on facebook? >> like nbc's page. >> from breaking news to weather, be the friend that knows it first. >> nbc10 news, count on it.
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>> announcer: now your nbc10 first alert weather. >> talk about a messy rush hour. here is a live look over the schuylkill expressway. folks heading out of the city, not going anywhere. hopefully you wore a jacket with a hood today because that rain just came down. shoppers made a dash to their cars to get out of the pouring rain today. and bring your umbrellas if you are heading out this evening. here's a live look from our camera in center city. the nbc10 first alert weather team has you covered no matter where you live. it is a busy night in the weather center tracking the radar and all that rain falling. when is it going to dry out? we go to nbc10 first alert meteorologist tammie souza. >> we have the ugly shoe day, the bad hair day. it's all there in place, but it looks like it's going to come to
5:31 pm
an end late tonight. let's look at all of our kaerps. everybody has some clouds. everybody has rain drops on the lens, and everybody is in the 40s except delaware, a little bit warmer at 54. 42 in the pennsylvania suburbs. 43 in south jersey. 42 in the lehigh valley. temperatures are right where we expected them to be for today. let's take a look at the radar. it is lit up from philadelphia east and southward toward atlantic city. a little bit of activity up here toward allentown. let's take you on a tour so you can see what's going on in your neighborhood. right now from lehigh toward busch kill all the way down to north whitehall and allentown, we do have this swath of more moderate rain. let's go out toward king wood, down toward buckingham and sellersville. we have some pockets of heavier rain. let's go ahead and look at philadelphia. right now the metro area not too bad but into lower marion, bala cynwyd, we're looking at a light rain. it becomes more steady as you head out toward chestnut hill
5:32 pm
and bensalem and then we get into let's say chester, woolrich. that's where we're seeing pockets of steadier rain. the truly heavy rain that you have to be concerned with if you're going to be driving anytime in the next hour is going to be over here in south jersey from wince low to medford to ship bottom to galloway all the way out to atlantic city and cor ben city. this is going to continue to press off to the east and if is a bit of a mess out there. you're going to watch very carefully for a lot of localized flooding. things have quieted down toward cape may and also into delaware. we'll go neighborhood to neighborhood to see how much more you can expect when i come back in just a few minutes. tammie, we'll see you then. from the weather to the roads this rain is impacting rush hour. >> francesca is keeping an eye on the maps. show us what you're seeing. >> from a wider view, let's take a look at these majors. it's a nightmare right now. look at these travel times. they are in the teens and 20s. we are red all over the map. here's a look at the blue route. we're looking at the skookle
5:33 pm
expressway. everywhere you go, very slow going and the roadways are still really wet. you need to take your time. must you be out and about as of right now. we just saw an accident that just cleared up. crawling near academy road. towards the vine, it's going to take you anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes. be sure to count on the nbc10 app to get the latest on traffic and weather information anytime for your neighborhood. new at 5:00, bucks county prosecutors want the accused killers of 14-year-old grace packer to get the death penalty. jacob sullivan, who is accused of beating and strangling the teen stayed away from our cameras during a court appearance this afternoon. nbc10's dana durante was there and she has new information about the case. >> we're going to get justice for grace no matter how long it takes. >> reporter: and justice according to bucks county distribute attorney matt weintraub is death.
5:34 pm
for the adoptive mother of grace, sarah packer. she's a former social worker and foster mom and is accused of not only plotting a rape/murder fantasy but standing by and watching it take place. her boyfriend confeszed he beat grace and left her for dead in a hot closet on a july day. when the pair returned the next day to find grace conscious and alive, it was jacob who strangled her. prosecutors say the pair left her body packed in kitty litter for months until sara went and bought a knife big enough to dismember the girl's body. she was then dumped in a field near scranton. prosecutors say this is a first-degree murder case and one worthy of the death penalty. >> it will be up to a judge or jury to decide whether they should live or they should die. >> reporter: packer has already pled not guilty. sullivan was set to appear before a judge friday morning. at the last minute he waived that court hearing keeping him out of public view. a sheriff's van left the
5:35 pm
courthouse just as the hearing ended. no word if sullivan was quickly transported back to the county jail where he and packer are both being held but in isolation. sara packer was a foster mother to 30 children. the state says it's located about half of them. her defense team says that she has mental health issues and has been manipulated by men. she and sullivan are set to go on trial together next year. in doylestown, deanna durante, nbc10 news. >> deanna has been dicking tiny th -- digging into this case for months. here's a look at some of the stories making headlines county by count across our region today. in ocean county, facebook is all about connecting people. in this case, it's connecting police with a suspected thief. staff ordinary police ended up making an arrest after posting these pictures on facebook on tuesday. the man's accused of stealing a trailer from the ocean international market in man ahocken the day before. police say this guy's orange truck was key in helping people
5:36 pm
recognize him. in newcastle county, a ma r merger between two chemicals is postponed again. dupont and dow were trying to close the deal by the end of the summer but right now dupont is trying to sell a part of its company to msc corporation based in philadelphia. that deal is await ago profl. the mid county easy pass express lanes are back open ahead of schedule. the express lanes where you don't have to stop to pay the toll were supposed to be closed for another two weeks for repairs. new committdetails 0 on a s told you about yesterday. the man shot and killed by a trooper on the new jersey turnpike is from sussex county. undercover troopers says they saw christopher pizzichetta shooting up in his truck while they were investigating drug use at the molly pitcher service area. when the troopers moved in, pizzichetta hit one of their cars with his truck, then sped directly toward a trooper standing near an exit. that trooper then shot
5:37 pm
pizzichetta, who crashed and died. at villanova today, it was standing room only during a memorial for a former professor who had a profound impact on the school, its students and fellow professors. people lined the walls of gary hall to remember claude lewis. lewis made history as the first person of color to write a regular column at a major philadelphia newspaper. lewis, who helped found the national association of black journalists, inspired many others to follow in his footsteps. lewis died of complications from diabetes. he was 82 years old. next at 5:00, procrastinators beware. filing your taxes will cost you time and getting a refund. survival guide. a great-grandmother reveals how she managed to survive several days stuck in her car. and also ahead at 5:00, stranded seals. why it's becoming a bigger problem up and down the east coast.
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whether you live down the shore or in philadelphia, you have seen rain almost all day long. here is a live look from our came camera. wiping the lens there just a little bit. get a clear view. you can see that rain coming down. meteorologist tammie souza is tracking the system. she'll have the forecast for your neighborhood in just a few moments. now to some health news. a new therapy for a people with a form of blood cancer is putting patients with months to
5:41 pm
live in complete remission. it's called car-t and it's used on people with non-hodgkin's lymphoma. out of 100 patients, 80% saw their tumors shrink. one-third are in complete remission. doctors take immune system cells out of body and then reprogram them to destroy cancer. >> they become super soldiers with a gps navigation directed against the lymphoma cells in this case. >> the therapy is risky. it can derail the body's immune system. three people have died because of the treatment. still, the fda could approve it by the end of the year. the tax deadline is just about two weeks away. new jersey residents, don't expect to get your state refund for a few months. if you file electronically, it will take a minimum of four weeks and you'll have to wait a lot longer if you file on paper. that's a minimum of 12 weeks. the state says it's using extra tools to prevent refund fraud. next, saying good-bye to a
5:42 pm
color. dandelion departs, and now there's a new shade of crayola crayon on the horizon.
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
. this next one is an incredible story of survival. an 85-year-old woman spent five days stranded in her car in the colorado mountains, and she lived to talk about it. last week, ruby jean stein and her cat, nicky, were trapped in the mud, out of gas, with no cell phone service. stein used safety pins to make a blanket from clothing. she melted snow to stay hydrated and rationed the food that she had to make it nearly 120 hours in the cold. >> i just had to stay calm. i had to figure what's best.
5:45 pm
there wasn't a lot i could do about it. >> wow. ruby ended up driving 20 miles in the wrong direction before getting stuck. five days later, two hikers found her. now she is happy to be back home with her cat, nicky. >> warm, i'm sure. >> yes. okay. parents, this next one's for you. a first look insaid the area's newest ultimate indoor playground. nbc10 got a sneak peek inside the lego discovery center. there are thousands of lego bricks that kids can use to create all kinds of things. snars also a lego-themed ride and a 4-d cinema. it opens to the public next thursday. did you know that today is national crayon day? >> it is a celebration of color, but this year it's a bit sentimental as well. crayola announced they are officially retiring the color dandelion. the dark yellow color has been in crayola boxes for almost three decades. the easton based company is retiring the color to make room for a new shade of blue, which
5:46 pm
will be announced in just a few weeks. >> dandelion became a part of our crayon box in 1990, and it's been entertaining kids since then. >> we are really sad because dandelion is leaving, but we're excited for what's replacing it. >> the new blue color will be revealed in may. one week from today, the phillies will return to citizens bank park to play their home opener against the washington nationals. >> that game is right here on nbc10, and helping to call the action is one of the funniest men in philly's history. >> i'm the only guy that can hit .300 eight months pregnant. >> that is the one and only john kruk, one of the most popular players from the 1993 phillies team. he's helping to call the action for csn and nbc10. we are profiling kruk for our welcome home phillies special that airs next friday. we asked him about his approach to calling the game. his answer, as you may expect,
5:47 pm
was candid. >> there's a right way and a wrong way to play, and there's really no gray area. speaking over the years with, you know, david montgomery, people in the phillies front office, and they talk about the knowledge of the phillies fans, how smart the phillies fans are, and i agree 100%. so if something happens on the field, i can't talk to them like, you know, try to sugar coat something that happened wrong on the field that a player did wrong. >> we will be looking forward to it. >> oh, yeah. >> welcome home, phillies. the home opener is next friday. you can watch the game right here on nbc10. we will have our welcome home phillies pregame special at 2:00 from citizens bank park followed by the first pitch at 3:00. of course we're all crossing our fingers that it will not be raining next week. tammie, give us some good news. >> we're stuck in this pattern where it rains for two days and then clear for a day, day and a half. we're right on the edge of that pattern but we're going to see what we can do about that before that happens. first of all, i want to say hello to all of you in bensalem.
5:48 pm
i know i said the name wrong. you got to reach out to me. call me on it, and i will correct it. i'll do my best. please send me your pictures. all of your whether pictures, sunset, sunrise and rainfall pictures. you can send them to sam mooe.souza, nbc we have some pockets of heavier rain still falling out there. first let's head up here to the north. we're looking all the way from easton back through bush hill, into chestnut hill, and we have a steadier batch of rain there. the rain rain is slowly moving off to the south and east. bensalem, right now you are looking at some showers, periodic heavy showers. trenton, twin rivers, all the way down to pemberton. then we're going to head off toward ship bottom. not so much atlantic city, but it will graze atlantic city. all of this is going to continue off to the east. this is where the heaviest rainfall is going to be across the area. i think it's going to be in south jersey. what we have is this storm
5:49 pm
system being driven by this area of low pressure. you can see it's all moving off to the east. that low is set to cross the philadelphia area in the wee hours of the morning. it's pulling in all the moisture out of the south and the east from the atlantic. on the back side, it's pulling down drier air, so you can see it's already drying out in places like baltimore. so we're going to continue to watch this low pass the area. about 1:00 in the morning, it's past, and we start to see the drier air being pulled in. we may have a few scattered showers toward dawn, but after that things should quiet down. then we'll see those north winds coming in. that's going to really kind of keep us dry and cool as we head into sunday. but for our saturday, we're stuck in the cloud cover. again, we start to see some clearing. it doesn't happen until saturday night. i don't know that we'll get any peeks of sunshine prior to that. but look at this. sunday is exactly what it should be. a sun day. it's going to be a beautiful day with winds out of the north and the northwest. let's go ahead neighborhood by neighborhood and see how much more rain you could expect tonight. across philadelphia, we're going to be looking at anywhere from 1
5:50 pm
to 1.3 inches of rain. if we head into the suburbs, starting off with chester county, we could see a half inch to an inch of rain. lit's go back up toward bed minister, port washington. we could see an inch of rain, maybe 1.1 inches. we get up to the lehigh valley and berks county, we've already seen the bulk of the rain. perhaps another half inch or so there. some isolated amounts above that. whitehall you'll see perhaps 0.7 of an inch. let's scoot into delaware where we'll see perhaps another one to one and a half inches of rain. salton, you can see 1.4 inches of rain. in greenwood, 1.7 inches of rain. south jersey is where we'll see the highest amounts. bridge ton, you'll see two inches of rain. vineland, 2 1/2. oswego lake, 2.1. then we go to the shore. along the shore we're going to be looking pretty much at lighter amounts down toward cape may. the heavier amounts, 1.7 up
5:51 pm
toward atlantic city. so here's a look at what's going to go on for your ten-day at 10:00. we're going to be looking at 53 degrees with clouds tomorrow. 61 on sunday. fantastic day on sunday. monday, some rain comes in at night. heavy rain again on tuesday. we get a break on wednesday. we could see some heavy rain thursday, perhaps some rain in the morning on friday, which again is the phillies' home opener. guys, over to you. >> thanks, tammie. a lot of people wondering what's been happening out in the ocean. some trouble out there. >> the local center that cares for these mammals is now running out of space.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
welcome back. we check in now with savannah guthrie, who joins us from the nbc studios in new york. she has a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." >> hi, savannah. >> good to see you guys. coming up tonight, seeking immunity community. fired national security adviser michael flynn wants a deal from the federal government to testif testify. plus using your own body to attack cancer. what could be a revolutionary way to fight the disease, giving patients a second chance. and cinderella goes for glory this weekend. we'll explain when we see you shortly for "nightly news." now back to you in philly. >> we'll see you at 6:30. thanks, savannah. >> sure.
5:55 pm
new at 5:00 here on nbc10, there's some trouble in the ocean, and it's creating a bit of a ripple effect at new jersey's only facility that's dedicated to rescuing sick and injured marine mammals. >> there is barely any room left because stranded seals keep turning up on garden state beaches and beyond. nbc10's jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg dives into the problem. >> this is the one that came from virginia. >> reporter: seals turning up stranded along the east coast, putting a squeeze on brigantine's marine mammal stranding center. >> in the past two weeks, it's been pretty busy. >> reporter: this gray seal now recovering from what staffers believe were bites from a young great white shark. >> one of the flippers is bitten down to the bone. >> reporter: the creature among gray harbor and harp seals being treated at the center, which is quickly running out of room. some came from southern states where seals are turning up sooner than normal. experts say that's likely because of our unusually warm
5:56 pm
winter. >> some of the southern places don't have tanks because they normally don't see that number of seals coming in. >> reporter: this empty tank is the only one still available in the icu. so at this point the stranding center isn't taking any more seals from out of state. >> we have to save for animals that are still coming up in new jersey. >> reporter: the nonprofit stranding center has enough food to feed these animals, but the seal surge is still driving up costs. >> we really rely on donations, especially when times are tough right now. >> reporter: this harp seal ready to be returned to the wild on monday. >> that's one less we have to worry about. >> reporter: but with seal stranding season likely continuing, a couple more months, the available space here might not last long. ted greenberg, nbc10 news. >> at least for now, those guys are in a safe place. >> yeah. nbc10 news at 6:00 is coming up next. >> here's jacqueline london. >> up next, a professor under fire for a tweet about an american soldier. we'll explain what's causing the
5:57 pm
controversy. but first, breaking news. a son finds horror inside his parents' philadelphia home. nbc10 on that scene. plus all now at 6:00, i go one-on-one with media mogul kathy hughes talking about her $400 million empire. how she's in second place only behind oprah for one prestigious title. and we're talking rain. how much have you gotten, and how much more are you going to get? what about your weekend? is it a washout? i have all that straight ahead with the full forecast.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
right now at 6:00, dangerous downpours. heavy rain hitting every part of our region. >> what do you think of this weather today? >> it's for the birds. >> several inches falling in some spots. >> makes you appreciate the good days. >> count on nbc10's first alert weather team to take you through the eye of the storm. >> announcer: nbc10 breaking news. that breaking news, right now at 6:00, this heavy rain is causing a nightmare on a major road tonight. you're looking live the at the schuylkill express way at city afternoon. traffic at a standstill. and a similar scene all around the area right now. frustrated drivers in delaware inching along in wilmington tonight. live along i-95 right there where it has been slow moving for hours.
6:00 pm
and a little further north on 95, conditions are slow and slippery in south philadelphia. it will be a struggle anywhere you're trying to go on a major highway this evening. good evening to you. i'm jacqueline london. a first alert is in effect tonight as this rain will keep pounding us for the next several hours. you see that system hovering right there on first alert radar. everything is drenched in center city. live at broad street where those side wauks are soaked, conditions are terrible for your friday night plans. and storm force 10 is struck in traffic in newark. drivers are moving cautiously out there right now. let's get to first alert meteorologist tammie souza who is timing out this rain hour by hour. how much longer? >> we have to go through at least mid to late evening before we're going to be in the clear. we have a first alert for the heavy rain out there. the entire viewing area is still going to see periods of heavy rain although it is starting to diminish from northwest to east. we are going to be looking at maybe sy


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