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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 27, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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onslaught of activity on an onslaught of activity with nafta, tax cuts, as president trump races to 100 days. >> we are seeking 100 senators. overnight, an internal review of the controversy. john f kennedy's collection sells for over 100 grand. >> an impersonator of you know who? >> flood see you this morning. >> developing overnight,
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president trump said the united states would explicitly not be pulling out of the north american free trade agreement. just hours he was saying he was seeking an executive order to do just that. he will not return to nafta at this time. to enable the nafta deal for all three companies. it surged on the overnight developments. the news comes so what does it do? it changes it to 10% and 20% and 35% and deduction for individuals and married individuals. >> that would make filing taxes easier. >> but it would also slash it
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down to 15% the overall goals are to stimulate the economy. >> when we have an agreement we will be back with firm details. z of detai details. >> this morning the "new york times" calls it laughable and another plan would proceed a hole in the deficit. it can overhaul up to $6 billion. capitol hill was in a frenzy. republican house lawmakers got behind the administration's latest plan to repeal and replace obamacare. with a conservative freedom caucus now backing the revised health care plan. it was instrumental in blocking the president's attempt to deal away with obamacare.
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conservatives are rallying behind an amy that would allow states to opt out of principle services like maternity care. it likes to charge people with pre-existing conditions. once more with the goal of lowering premiums. some republicans risk ailents nateing moderates. all right. top republicans are busy getting their ducks in a row. all 100 senators made a trek to the white house, boarding buses for a briefing on a threat posed by north korea with a top admiral saying it's within distance of north koreas arsenal. >> kim jong-un is clearly if a position to threaten hawaii today in my opinion. >> it's such a ware appearance to see them going to the white house. what are we learning about what exactly they learned there?
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>> francis, ki tell you, it's an unusual step to have him in this briefing at the white house. the president and vice president were both in thiss1.5÷ meeting that alone shows the importance of the increasing escalation of tension with north korea. a senior administration official saying the company poses a quote grave threat. senator inc. us king who is on the senate intelligence committee was in that briefing. he says he learned that 90% of north korea's trade is with china. the administration wants to pressure china to show it is not in their best interest with long range missiles trying to get the chinese to get the north koreans to sort of back down. he also says that senator king also says the administration wants to unveil plans to have economic and military pressure in order to pressure north korean leaders to back off.
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>> china is certainly being a higher controversy. thank you. just released, after midnight, a true review of that passenger incident earlier this month. dr. david dao was removed after passengers didn't volunteer to give up their seats. united is proposing changes, aimed and saying that this will never happen again. united will offer up to $10,000 to customers who volunteer to take a different flight. unite willed no longer involuntarily remove a passenger from a flight unless safety or security is at risk. you can find more online at conservative fire brand says he will not be speaking at the university of berkeley. he insisted heé%l r would make a despite university concerns that
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violence could break out. >> reporter: it seems like this violence at a trump rally and the university forced to sacrifice its reputation for safety, according to officials. coulter insisted she would go regardless. it's sickening she said on twitter when a radical prominent university so easily snuffed out the american's right to free speech. they have clashed in the city several times in recent months. in february. berkeley crashed mil milo yanopoulous. they said this is a university, not a battlefield t. civil
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rights advocate scenario raises real concern. >> it's very important that the government not buckle down and not allow people to silent speakers' point of view. >> reporter: they made them come to her defense, including senator bernie sanders who called the move intellectual weakness, growing questions about the first amendment roots. nbc news, los angeles. >> we want to show you a dramatic police rescue. >> that officer is being credit ed for saving a woman's 9mlife. he chased the man up to the 6th floor and out to the balcony and then this. >> hey, hey, hey.
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a man pulled him off the railing. neither was hurt. it's traumatic to see all that. >> all right. wicked weather is causing major road out. heavy ra enis causing it to collapse, leaving a gaping hole behind, unbelievable. cell phone video gave way after heavy rain surrounded homes and businesses they have more for friday, though. >> yes, yesterday, we caught a break. we had a moderate risk. no tornado reports. we did have a lot of damage reports. they will roll through the southeast today. tomorrow on friday, we have a large area of enhanced risk.
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late day, large hail storms. even very large hail storms formed in oklahoma and arkansas. a lot of these will be after the sun sets. that's a look at the big weather story today and tomorrow. now, here's a closer look at your day ahead. nine minutes after 4:00 and 61 degrees. look at this, clouds overhead, we will see them break for sunshine, a warm one here. '80s this afternoon. we have your neighborhood forecast coming up at 4:30. right now, we are following breaking news on nbc 10 news today. >> the suspect police say is barricaded in a house and neighbors are evacuating. also, a jury reaches a decision about what will happen with the man accused of shooting and killing a pennsylvania trooper. >> draft day is finally here. we are out ahead of the draft in philadelphia.
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there is a lot this morning, we have you covered on all of it, weather, traffic, news you need to know before you head out the door. >> we will see you in about 20 minutes.
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>> welcome back. trending this morning, tons of questions. this time president trump's 100 days will take place saturday. users searched for trump 140% more than they did for president obama in his first 100 days in office. some of the top questions about the 46th president, how many executive orders has he signed. what countries did he ban, how many days has he been in office and why did trump bomb syria and what has he done so far as president. they include immigration, h 4 vis sarks syria and dhaka. wow.
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a new audio was released after a fatal car accident earlier thisj(@dweek. >> the names of the injured? >> yes. i rear ended her. >> yes, stay on the line, we have law enforcement, medical and rap sheets. >> the accident happened in iowa a. 66-year-old was killed. he was arraigned tuesday on the felony charge. his lawyer says he was devastating. his prayers are disappointing. popular energy, many of us when we need it. a new study of the american heart association says there are actually one-third than drinking caffeine alone. they say drinking 32 ounces of energy can cause potential harmful changesnzo6 in heart function.
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experts say people with high blood pressure or underlying heart conditions want to use caution or avoid consuming them all towing. >> it's a little shaky. >> arms up here. >> yes, you can kind of feel the beating. up next, how about getting ready to become a newly minted millionaire. prices are skyrocketing around the country. why right now may be the best time to sell your home. you are watching "early today." zplmpltsgh
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zplmplts. >> fast forwarding into thursday. congress has until tomorrow nic nice. they have dropped opposition on obamacare subsidies. the draft pick is out in philadelphia after fans if furious of people and also anchor jay crawford. >> ellen degeneres. >> i'm ellen and i'm gay.
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20 years ago, i said that, it was a much greater deal then. >> wow, 20 years, much success in years to come. so your market, you may know the u.s. housing market is gearing up more than it has in a decade. so where does that lead buyers? >> for christopher hendrix and his wife, this is getting ridiculous. >> it's quite overwhelming. >> hoping to buy a home in southern california, but are facing fierce competition. this open house drew more than 100 potential buyers. it sold six years ago for $300,000, now it may go for $800,000. >> the reality of what things cost here is completely different. >> in dallas, things have skyrocketed 35% above their he
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high, denver, 36%. realtors say entry level homes are in highest demand. >> it's been crazy. every house goes for the list price. there is usually ten offers. i tell my mooi buyers, we have  o aggressive. >> family houses have jumped 15% and half of homes sold in march were on the market less than a month. why? not enough homes tore sale and not enough new construction t. advice for buyers, be ready with a sizable down payment. 10% will no longer cut it. don't wait 24 hours to put in that first offer. >> this spring buying season is a seller's market. for home buyers, it is shaping up to be the worst in decades. >> abc news, los angeles. just ahead the robot that will judge how you look.
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in their birthday suits. >> there you go, they are suffering for a 500,000 subscribers. the video not surprisingly has 6 million views. >> bending down over there. you get bodies like that. that's how you celebrate. >> all right a. few trump impersonators. they try to pull off the speech and marry into the very best. >> there's a lot. but there is only one trump. >> i think you have two things everybody has, you have to be orange and have some kind of hair. for me, i have a little bit and talk about it. >> it's a third place and it's a very unusual inon theation and vocal production that he has and so much of it is attitude. i see a tremendous unfair and it's incredible.
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>> police believe a suspect killed a trooper barricaded himself in a house. right now the swat team has the home surrounded, they have been following breaking news for about 16 hours. it is an active vision i situation this morning. >> here's what we know right now. this all started in a barricade in bear, delaware, just after noon yesterday at the rush hour. a trooper was shot after approaching two people inside the car. >> we learned that steven ballard died shortly after the shooting. now, here's a live look at the barricade situation in the brick
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mill farms neighborhood. there is a heavy police presence there as a suspect is holed up, officers from all over the state is there. no neighbors have been allowed in or out of the area for some time now. we are told some are hiding in their basement. meantime, hundreds of officers paid those debts to corporeal ballard. they offer a line to the road there. they lined a casket. >> corporeal ballard was 32-years-old t. eight-year veteran is assigned to troop two. he was on duty and walked up to a suspicious car with two people inside. a witness told us there was a struggle and she we heard them say stop. >> i we heard a cop the guy stepped two steps forward and pop pop two more times. >> that witness performed cpr on
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the trooper. he died at the hospital. police arrested one suspect at the shooting scene. the other ran off and as we told you is now barricaded in that home. we will bring you updates every 15 minutes on our nbc 10 app. in other news, a jury sent eric freed to death. >> the bell atop the courthouse last night. the three had been sentenced to die by eitheral injection. the jury is the same jury that convicted corporeal dixon and alex douglas. >> corporeal dixon will always remain in the heart of all members of the pennsylvania state police


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