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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  May 21, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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right now on nbc10 news today, a sheeting spree sends nine to the hospital and two in critical condition, and we are live in the search for the shooter or shooters. a local couple that says they were attacked at a philadelphia carnival while they were with their kids talk to us about their ordeal. and now they are getting more threats. and then containing a fire that burned 87 acres at a forest in south jersey. good morning. i am rosemary connors. that breaking news is in north philadelphia where nine people were wounded in a shooting spree and two of the victims in
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critical condition. let's get to matt delucia is live at the hospital where many were taken. >> reporter: those who are in critical condition are at temple hospital, and police are not sure what the motive was at this point and the shooting happened around last night at 10:30, and this was a group of relatives who live in the area, and they were outside having a good time, and police think this should be one or two shooters that walked up to the victims and open fire. police at the scene counted 27 shell victims. the victims range in age of 18 to 26 years old and seven are being treated here and two are over at hahnemann. and there's no description of the suspect. matt delucia, nbc10 news.
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>> we will stay on top of it. thank you, matt. stay with us as we continue to follow the breaking story throughout the morning here on air and throughout the day online. we will take a live look here where two people were hurt in a row home fire. firefighters had to rescue one of the victims from the house. we have learned another victim was treated at the scene and one was taken to the hospital. we will stay on top of this as well. south korea says north korea launched a ballistic today, and south korea said it lifted off this weekend. experts say they may one day be capable of reaching alaska or hawaii. now to the first alert weather. here's a live look at center city philadelphia where we can
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see the sun coming up to cloudy skies. and krystal klei is tracking it all for us with the most accurate forecast in the region. >> we are looking at temperatures that are not bad to start in the 40s and 50s, and i have friends in town and we were running around old city and looking at all of the different elements outside. temperatures yesterday were in the low to mid-60s and today going to be another cool day. you start out, you want the jacket at 47 in al tentown, and we are at 46 in atlantic city and 50 right now in millville. likelihood is the jacket you wear this morning you will probably wear most of the morning. what you don't need is an umbrella. it's dry and clear out there through much of the viewing area currently. you see the line of clouds setting up to the west and that will shift into a good portion of our viewing area, but some
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may see a bit more sun than what we got on saturday. what happened, saturday we were at 65 in the afternoon in philadelphia, average 10 degrees warmer today, and we will be alow that today. we will talk more about a warmup in the temperatures and a rainy period ahead. >> thanks, krystal. this morning more than a dozen people are recovering at a deck collapse in philadelphia. medics took 11 people to the hospital to be checked out. none of the injuries are serious, and the city licenses and inspections department will look at structural damage. and then we are hearing at a couple attacked at a carnival, and threats continue online. it happened at the carnival in
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bustleton. police are now investigating the attack at the blessed virgin mary church carnival. organizers will only confirm a fight among girls had to be broken up. the husband and wife got attacked and describe what was happening to them. >> i have two black eyes and a small cut under my eye, and numerous lumps and abrasions. >> they said we don't care. we don't care. kick her in the face again. >> nbc10 went to the carve srul ask about the assault and told the police to ask our crew to leave. and then the search from
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antoine fox went from a rescue mission to a recovery mission. >> he never came back up. they were all trying to go and look for them and the current took them out and everybody took them over, and he just jumped in and never came back. >> crews are expected to return to the river to search for his body this morning. crews will continue to battle a brushfire in south jersey. they made good progress yesterday and the fire burned roughly 300 acres of forest and is about now 50% contained. crews established a large containment area around the fire, setting backfires to stop the flames. >> we used torches and go along and are looking to consume all the pine needles and leaves, and ahead and alongside of where the main fire is burning. >> officials have not ordered
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any evacuations yet. now to a laundromat fire. the fire started inside the superstar laundromat yesterday, and a man who was outside saw the smoke and bolted across the street to make sure everybody was okay, and that's when he spotted a baby still inside the laundromat. >> the door was locked and we kicked the door open so the mother and the baby came out together and we made sure there was nobody else inside. >> investigators are working to find out the cause of the fire. there will be a moment of silence today at the commencement center at the university of maryland to remember the victim of a deadly stabbing. the victim was stabbed outside of the dorm toitory at the coll
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park. out west in california officials at los angeles international airport, l.a.x., are investigating what caused a plane to collide with a utility truck. the truck, as can you see, flipped over during the crash yesterday afternoon, and two people inside were hurt and six people had minor injuries and nobody on the plane was hurt. i really just opened up the whole floor plan. you wanted a wow factor? >> remodeling as doubled over the pags few years, but not just the young buyers driving this business. we have the details coming up at 5:45. ♪ ♪ >> started off the season finale of saturd"saturday night live" n nbc nbc10, and we have the highlights next.
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we'll start with a live view outside in philadelphia. it's fully a good view here and
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there's more sunshine on the horizon than what we saw yesterday. it was a gray day yesterday and i was outdoors almost the entire day and it did not warm up. tomorrow a little warmer, but not by much. and we have some clouds move throughout today, and i think it's going to be a mix of mostly to partly cloudy conditions, back and forth throughout the day, but you will see some sun. and still wanted to show it to you, though. and when you have an east wind you don't see that temperature warm up to where it should be this time of year. look at your neighborhood planner for today in philadelphia, we start in the low 50s at 7:00 a.m., and we go to the mid-60s as we get ready for the lunch hour, and then 69 degrees. that's as good as it should get in the upper 60s. and then in the 70s we see a little more sunshine but we are going to see in the 60s again below average. in the suburbs, 71.
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a mix of clouds and sun and leaning towards mostly cloudy, and same deal in the lehigh valley, about 67 at 3:00 p.m., and new jersey getting to upper 60s for highs and low 60s today at the jersey shore. we will talk about all the rain that comes in for your workweek in just a bit. today a new beer will make its debut aboard the battleship new jersey. devil's creek brewery will serve its new black dragon beer, and the battleship earned that nickname when it was painted dark blue to avoid being spotted by the enemy. we will explain who is driving the remodeling business trend. and then coming up tomorrow morning on "today," if you are using an app or device to keep tabs on your sleep habits, it could be doing more harm than good. what you need to know to get the
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homeowners are sinking cash back into their homes again, and diana oilic explains what is driving the current remodeling boom. >> it really just opened up the whole floor plan. >> anne adores her newly remodeled home, especially the personalized wine dispenser. >> you wanted a wow factor. >> originally she was not in the market for a fixer-upper. >> i looked for sometime, and i lost contracts on other places. >> the competition was rough and the prices kept going higher. >> you can't put contingencies in your contract -- >> so she settled on a project
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and got to work and it's a story repeated from coast-to-coast and it's one of several factors driving huge gains in the home remodeling business, and not only are they doing more projects with growth this year predicted to be up to 7%, and they are spending 60% more on the average projects than they did a year ago, according to home adviser, and that could be because equity has doubled. demographics are also behind the growth. >> and baby boomers are behind the boom. >> they can age in place, but they have standards. they want to move into a place that is ready for them and a lot of times they will have us fix it up before we move in. >> so you are fixing up condos downtown? >> a lot of condos.
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>> the cost of moving, financial and emotional. >> she's a financial planner, and a lot of clients in the end tend to stay put. >> the competition is too fierce. >> yeah, it's out of control. now to the effort in south jersey to raise awareness about and eliminate the stigma of opioid ep ducktion. police, prosecutors, doctors and educators spoke about recovering from opioid addiction, and how tips on how family can get treatment and prevent getting hooked in the first place. >> we hope somebody's life will be changed or they will want to be changed when they come and see the story or get help for
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themselves. >> and she started the group. and holding undergraduate and graduate commencement ceremonies. more than 850 students will receive their degrees during la salle university's commencement. today's grads will follow thousands of others to receive others, and more than 700 students got to turn their tassels in delaware county, and st. joseph's university also celebrated the class of 2017 yesterday. the school awarded more than 2,200 doctoral graduate and undergraduate degrees and congratulations to all of the graduates.
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now your nbc10 first alert weather. >> let's start off the sunday checklist if you have plans and they are outdoors today. grab the jacket. i was talking about this, yesterday i was outdoors all day long and i did not take off the jacket almost at all because we had cool air coming in from the east, and you don't need an umbrella aside from parts of burks valley and the lehigh valley valley. and high tree and mold spores, and there will be all kwruler - aur skwrepbts. and then 54 degrees, and 51 for graduate hospital. cooler in areas like park side,
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both at 46 degrees for the current readings. now to our new jersey neighbors. about the same, 46 degrees in mt. laurel. and 53, a little warmer, for florence. those temperatures will be boosting up, but not a lot, in the 60s later on. we are clear across much of the region right now and you see the line of clouds setting up to the west, and that's headed our direction, and i don't think it's going to totally fill us out but we will see clouds today mixing in with the sun. at times you may see a gray sky and at times you may see breaks of sunshine, and the glow against the clouds makes it seem brighter. we do have a good shot at consistent rain in the days to come. today, though, looks dry. 69 degrees in center city. mid to upper 60s for the suburbs. and that's the same for the lehigh valley, easton, you are about 67 for the forecast.
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cooler along the shore, 63 along the board. we may sneak in low 70s for parts of delaware by later today but overall temperatures are going to struggle to get into the 70s because, again, you have winds from the east and you have cooler air and it's hard to warm up. with some of the surrounding clouds, we have breaks of sun throughout the viewing area and through today, there are no issues. you have brunch planned, it should be nice. sprinkles and lehigh valley, that's about it for today. and then we really start to see more rain move in overnight out west and then particularly into the morning tomorrow, this starts to spread across our viewing zone. the pockets of deep green and yellow, and those continue to pass throughout the late morning and afternoon. we could see thunderstorms and the rain will last all through your monday. 42 seasons of "saturday night live" now in the books,
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and the season tpau tphfinale fa opening surprise in the opening monolog. take a look. >> we're doing it! >> hey, hey! >> and that's tom hanks joining duane "the rock" johnson for running. ♪ ♪ i told the truth ♪ hallelujah ♪ >> i'm not giving up because i didn't do anything wrong. but i can't speak for these people. >> the show was the final appearance forecast members bobby and vanessa bayer. 5:22, the phils come up
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good morning to you, and happy sunday. i am danny pommells from csn. the preakness stakes was held on saturday afternoon in baltimore. and here's larry coalmans with the call. >> and defeated classic empire in the preakness. >> it was close. cloud computing wins it by a nose. there will be no triple crown winner this year. we turn to the phillies trying to secure back to back
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wins since the first of april. and then struggles continue, and velasquez gives up five earned and a 6-3 loss. didn't hold back regarding his performance afterwards. >> i'm just clueless right now and i am just running around like a chicken without a head. i have to talk with mack and just start all over. >> how about the union playing their third game, and they are looking for a franchise record, four straight wins. and take the free kick and curbs it beautifully and the union win a franchise record four straight, 2-1 over the rapid. that's a look at sports.
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csn, danny pommells. tommy lasorda is said to be resting comfortably in a hospital, and be he was born in norristown, montgomery county and is 89 years old, and his last public appearance was earlier this month at dodger stadium. and then raising money for money affected by breast cancer. the run and walk begins at 8:30 this morning. the event is hosted by the delaware breast cancer so hre s coalition. >> nine people wounded in a shooting spree in north philadelphia, and matt is checking their conditions. >> reporter: some are critically condition and coming up after the break we just got new information from police and we will have that for you. today looking like a mostly dry day with sun in the forecast, but take a look
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further west and we are tracking rain on the extended ten-day on 10. a live look from philadelphia, and we'll have the details on your sunday and beyond coming up. ♪
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whether you're after supreme performance... advanced intelligence... or breathtaking style... there's a c-class just for you. decisions, decisions, decisions. lease the c300 sedan for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. breaking news this morning. more than a dozen bullets
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unloaded in a north philadelphia neighborhood. nine people in the hospital, and that's where we are live following the investigation. jury selection starts tomorrow in the bill crosby sex assault trial, and jurors will be chosen in pittsburgh and the trial set to begin next month in montgomery county. and the president will wrap up his visit to saudi arabia with a full day of meetings with muslim leaders and a much anticipated speech. good morning. i apm rosemary connors. nine people were shot overnight and the crime scene stretched for a few blocks. and two of the victims are in critical can condition. >> you mentioned the two who are in critical condition a


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