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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  May 22, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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foster children cared for by a woman charged in the murder of her daughter. >> announcer: nbc10 news starts now. >> tonight the start of a critical step in deciding the fate of bill cosby. >> 18 men and women from western pennsylvania will be selected as the jury in cosby's sexual assault trial and within the last 15 minutes we've learned that two more jurors have been picked bringing up the total now to five. take a look. they will go from pittsburgh all the way to montgomery county courthouse in norristown where the trial will be held. keith jones joins us live right now from the courthouse in pittsburgh. he was the only local reporter in the courtroom today. walk us through what happened. >> reporter: erin i just tried talking with bill cosby as he left the courthouse. there were five jurors.
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necessity wrapped up for the day so far. they need 12 active jurors, six alter nats and so far they have three white men and two white women. bill cosby walking through the courtyard didn't say anything, the only time the 70-year-old opened his mouth was to tell a judge he couldn't hear a potential juror seated feet away from him. he appeared interested in the selection process. each potential juror answered questions like had they or a loved one been convicted of a crime and were they or a loved one the victim of sexual assault. the judge essentially looking for someone who could put that behind them and be fair and impartial. so far it hasn't mattered whether they were aware of the cosby case or are a fan of the 79-year-old. so there are five selected jurors thus far. they need 12 and six alter nats so this could take a few days now and from what i can tell you 50 of these potential jurors will return, 50 new people will also enter the courtroom and
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have to go through the same process. >> because of cosby's celebrity, do people seem more interested in serving on the jury for this case? >> reporter: erin, in theory you might suspect the answer was yes, but, in fact, when answering those questionnaires out of 100 people, 67 of them wrote down an undo hardship, something would preclude them from serving on the jury in this trial that starts june 5th. the jury once their selected must be sequestered be taken from pittsburgh from their homes and then have them stay in a hotel in montgomery county for at least three weeks of this trial. >> reporting live from us from pittsburgh, thank you. >> quite the process for them, if they are selected. nbc10 has you covered from start to finish in the trial of bill cosby. you can watch our reports from pittsburgh step by step breakdown of the trial and what to expect.
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it's all on to our first alert weather now we're tracking a rainy workweek. the wet weather moving across pennsylvania, south jersey and delaware as we get ready for rain today, tomorrow, and thursday. >> here's a look at first alert weather radar. you can see our entire region is dealing with the rain. south jersey and delaware, they are bearing the brunt of all of this. >> tammie souzza is here with your most accurate forecast. >> with all this rain it's all about where you are, which neighborhood you're in. >> location, location, location. if you were anywhere from delaware through the jersey shore and south jersey you saw the heaviest rain. about a quarter of an inch in philadelphia. some of the spots out here in south jersey picking up between two and three inches of rain. let's go ahead and zoom in to give you an idea of what's going on. you're starting to clear out in cape may. avalon still a few sprinkles and on up into atlantic city. a lot of this is now pressing
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off to the north and east out across the water. that's very good news. here say look at where the heaviest rain fell. if you were in dover and you moved right on through perhaps even atlantic city, you moved into ocean county that's where we saw this line of two to three inches of rain. if you were in allentown and reading, you got very light rain. sprinkles, perhaps not much in the way of accumulation, just basically a cloudy, lousy day out there. this is what we're looking at right now in cape may and you can see it's just mainly cloud cover. we don't have a lot of rain drop on the lens. let's check the temperatures, 66 degrees, we should be in the upper 70s. the winds out of the east at 3 miles an hour. that's part of the reason we'll stay so cool at this point. in philadelphia, 65 degrees and calm winds. we'll continue with the cloud cover and the fog overnight tonight. let's see where we go. during the swroefr night hours we'll be 65 by 8:00 tonight. 11:00 about 66. we'll hover in those mid-60s and
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continue to watch the winds out of the east. we'll deal with cloud cover. the rain will be gone now but about every 36 hours we're going to see another little system coming by. we'll time it all out in your neighborhood for you when i come back in just a couple of minutes. >> okay. in the meantime, check this out. philadelphia police want to find the man who robbed this check are's restaurant by climbing right through the walk up window. it happened on west oregon avenue in south philly last month. he grabbed the deposit money from the counter top and left the same way he got in. >> sports betting may soon be allowed in new jersey casinos. state lawmakers approved a bill to legalize and tax daily fantasy site websites. at least 10 other states have passed similar laws for fantasy sports games. >> tonight a man is in critical condition after a philadelphia police officer used a taser on him. he became combative when
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officers tried to arrest him following a domestic violence situation yesterday. that's when an officer shocked him with pay shun gun and he fell to the ground. >> an offduty delaware state trooper shot and killed her boyfriend overnight. police say it was self-defense. during an argument. in pike creek new castle county he beat her. the trooper managed to grab her service weapon and shot him in the chest. she was rushed to christiania hospital. her boyfriend was taken to the hospital where he died a short time later. neighbors tell nbc10 they've never seen any signs of problems in the troopers home. tim furlong will have a live report coming up at 6:00. >> president trump is in israel tonight. the second stop on his overseas tour. earlier today mixing diplomacy with a bit of tourism, israeli met with israeli leaders and met with holy sites.
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president trump went off script when pressed on allegations he shared classified intelligence information with russian diplomats, the president said this. >> i never mentioned the word or the name israel, never mentioned it. they were all saying i did. so you have another story wrong. >> that's important to note that media reports did not say that mr. trump named the israeli's during the oval office meeting. shortly after the president arrived, palestinian protesters battled israeli troops in the west bank. they want better conditions for palestinian prisoners in israeli jails. at least 6,500 palestinians are incarcerated in israel. former national security advisor michael flynn is pleading the fifth. he will not testify and will not turn over documents subpoenaed by a senate panel investigating russian's meddling. so what happens now? according to the congressional research service, flynn can be
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detained until he complies with the request by congress. he could be charged or congress can ask a judge to enforce the subpoena. and you can see much more on president trump's first overseas trip on a special edition of "nbc nightly news" with lester holt live from jerusalem. lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle are demanding answers about what intelligence information president trump revealed to russian officials. >> in interview today republican senator pat toomey said he wants and still hasn't received a full explanation from the trump administration about what happened. >> legally there's not an issue here but there might be a judgment issue, a policy issue here if the president had a good reason to share information with the russians because he believed it was likely get the russians to be more cooperative with us, now that might be a good reason. if he didn't have such a reason, then it might have been an in prudent disclosure of sensitive information. that's why i'd like to know. >> the national security advisor
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is claimed what the president shared was appropriate. >> here at home if you take septa's wirl newark regional airline. a new construction project could cause problems for your commute through july. amtrak crews became a rail improvement project today. not finished until sunday july 2nd. they're replacing rail ties. both inbound and outbound trails could be running 20 minutes later than normally scheduled. >> a man is recovering after someone shot him as he sat in a parked car in north philadelphia. police say the gunman walked up to the car and fired several shots along york street overnight. the victim was hit in the hip. no one else was hurt. investigators are checking nearby camera videos for clues. >> neighbors in one delaware county community will have a chance to voice their concerns over plans to build a new
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shopping center. at the corner of ridge road in chadds ford. neighbors are concerned this will lead to more traffic congestion and noise in the area. chadds ford leaders are holding a public meeting on the issue tonight at 7:00 at the township building. >> a landmark sign will get a green upgrade, a new color changing and energy efficient l.e.d. lighting system will replace the current trenton makes the world takes sign. the project was approved by the delaware river joint toll bridge commission. the $647,000 project will be completed later this year. >> jeers and boos for united airlines passenger. he delayed his flight from shang hawaii to newark for three hours delayed for himself and the other passengers because he refused to get out of another passenger's seat. take a look. >> lock him up! lock him up! >> those are his fellows
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passengers shouting lock him up as he walked by making america great again. he asked to be upgraded to first class and when that didn't happen he went to the back of the plane and wouldn't let anyone else sit in his row so the rest of the passengers had to get off the plane so security could step in to remove him. united said in a statement, we're grateful for the patience shown by our customers who endured the disruptive behavior of this passenger swelgs the exceptional poise and professionalism of our flight crew. smoking ban on the boardwalk. what shore destinations could stop you from lighting up? also a kink in your memorial day travel plan. what jersey shore bridge will be closed during the busy holiday weekend. unaccounted for. they were once cared for by an accused killer. how the state is searching for former foster kids of sara packer. >> and next emergency hacking from police cruisers to
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ambulances. one local county's emergency crews could be putting your personal information at risk. we'll show you how that's happening.
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. >> announcer: this is nbc10 news. >> it was allegedly an open door for hackers. first responders may have unknowingly made you a victim. >> investigator reporter george spencer has a previewer of the
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story you will only see on nbc10 at 11:00. >> for any one who's called an ambulance to their home or been pulled over by police your personal information is likely run through laptops like these by the first responders involved in your case. but a whistle-blower insists the laptops in chester county's computer-aided dispatch system were not properly protected. >> it's the same as your computer at your home. so if you don't have the proper protection at your house and your surfing the internet, your information is going to be captured. >> reporter: the impacts may be even broader potentially violating federal rules and even endangering the police working to keep you safe. >> we are taking those allegations to a top cybersecurity expert and will have that whistle-blower lay out for us exactly who he believes was put most in danger.
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>> we'll see you then. now that prom and graduation parties are in full swing, police across the country are reporting a spike in teenage drinking. >> tonight some departments are using very strong message to warn kids about drinking dangers. hidden camera experiment that you just have to see police recreating drunk driving accidents with students to show them what can happen if they drink and drive. a recent study found 53% of eighth graders say it's very easy or fairly easy to get alcohol. 71% of 10th graders had the same response. this is an absolutely wakeup call for parents and those that are serving alcohol should obey the law and absolutely should be doing everything they can to make sure those that they are serving are the age of 21. >> experts also say a rise in liquor store deliveries can make it easier for kids to get their hands on alcohol. we'll show you how police in more than a dozen local towns
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are cracking down for the next two weeks on certain drivers during the holiday weekend. >> state police want to make sure you have your child's safety seat installed correctly. beginning today through memorial day weekend, they have inspection sites set up for free of charge. to find a location near you go to our website. >> the owner of a popular jersey shore restaurant is apologizing after his employees wrote a gross message on a receipt. it says cops pigs and the spanish word for pigs there and it was handed to a police officer. romaneli's says it is gross and drptful and the employee was fired. >> i've grown up in this town and i have always relied on the local police department to keep myself and my family and friends safe. i would appreciate it if you could understand our frustrating
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situation it said. >> starting tomorrow voters who want to cast their ballot early for the june 6th new jersey primary can do just that. the early voting is open in gloucester township. it's a convenient way to avoid the big rush on election day. it will be open from monday through friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. >> natural gas industry, that was the focus of a public hearing today in harrisburg. lawmakers talked about how the severance tax on natural gas drillers will be put into effect. natural gas pipelines to expand has been met with much resistan resistance. tom wolf reports the taxing, it would promote natural gas production and bring in money for schools. >> first alert weather. and right now we are tracking a rainia workweek for you. this is a live look downtown wilmington. delaware, south jersey, you both will see the most of the rain that's moving across our entire
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region. and here's a live look across the river at camden right now. parts of south jersey were under a flood advisory today but that was lifted just about 30 minutes ago. tammie souzza has your most accurate forecast. >> the good news is a lot of that heavy rain is making its way out of the area. and that's what it did from delaware through south jersey and much of the area from philadelphia north and west now picking up anything today, maybe just a few sprinkles. the heaviest rain is now moved out across the atlantic and you can see this is what has been going off over the last six hours and you can make a line from dover all the way through south jersey, you can see that that's why they had these flood advisories issues and a lot of ponding and just very localized flooding. if you look up here toward allentown, well pretty much nothing just a very brief shower or sprinkle. let's go in closer. things are drying out in cape may, atlantic city, looking at some sprinkles and showers.
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for the most part we'll start to quiet down. you have to keep the umbrellas handy because we have more on the way this week. here's that heaviest swath right here stretching from dover just passed the north area of atlantic city and it pretty much did encompass much of new jersey. let's take a look at some of those totals. some of them were fairly impressive. you can see 1.2 inches in dover, this is just over the last eight hours. we had more of that that actually fell before that so just in the last eight hours, camden 1.4 inches. let's go to seederville with 1.7. you're looking at 1.3 inches, 1.8 millville, laurel lake at 1.2 inches, 1.2 for commercial. a little bit further to the north, buena vista at 1.6 inches, newfield at 1.8. you get the idea in eight hours nearly two inches fell across much of the area. you add on what fell prior to that. we have two to three inches in many of these areas. galloway at 1.4 and weymouth at
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1.7 inches. look at this 0.2 of an inch. so not a great deal once you got out of that swath of heaviest rain that had formed across the area you can see it all now moving across the atlantic but yes there is more coming out of three different areas. look at this. i drew little areas so you can see all these of these systems will have to move right through philadelphia so we'll have a busy week and a little bit of hit and miss weekend. here's your hour by hour. we'll be looking at temperatures -- well this model wants us to be in the 70s but i think for the most part we're in the 60s. we could climb into the 70s just a bit overnight. by 6 tomorrow morning we're in the 60s and we get a little bit of clearing. by tomorrow night we start to watch another system come in by the south. this is the one that was moving across the gulf cost. heavy rain tomorrow morning. clearing in the afternoon.
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then we get more activity on thursday. and then we get more of it coming through perhaps on saturday night and sunday and monday. here's how things look. we'll be looking at for tomorrow showers tomorrow night and into wednesday morning. 72 tomorrow, 73 on wednesday. 69 on thursday with thunderstorm possible. we'll see 74 on friday 81 on saturday. this is the nice day for the holiday weekend we could see showers both on sundays and monday. plan accordingly. >> thank you. security concerns ahead of the holiday weekend. why you need to watch where you park on your memorial day weekend trip and next moving out new jersey governor chris christie says he's leaving the state house at the end of the week in the midst of a controversial project planned for the building.
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new jersey governor chris christie says he is moving out of the trenton state house this friday so a controversial renovation project can begin. the governor says the state house is long overdue for the repairs. parts of the building date back to the 18th century. but the $300 million project is come under fire from governor chris christie's opponents some even sued to stop it. the governor says those lawsuits were all politically motivated.
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>> i'm here when we're putting the plastic up on the windows to keep the draft out in the winter. i'm here when the air-conditioning doesn't work in the summer. i'm here when you can't utilize your computers because they're so slow because the internet coverage here is so awful. >> governor christie will work out of a state building a few blocks away while the renovations are underway. >> a star studded event turns into a battle to get cash back. >> "nbc10 responds" comes to the rescue after a celebrity cancellation. >> then foster kids that can't be found. new at 5:30. how the state is now searching for people once under the care of a woman charged in her daughter's murder. >> and soggy evening, well, this is the tip of the iceberg. we'll talk about all the rain you'll see this week but keep the umbrella handy this evening as well.
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>> announcer: this is nbc10 news. >> where are they? all new at 5:30. nbc10 is looking deeper in the grace packer case and the foster children an accused killer cared for in the past. prosecutors say montgomery county foster mom watched her boyfriend rape and murder her daughter grace last year. >> she's facing murder charges in grace's death. the state is still looking for the 30 foster kids sara packer cared for in the last decade. about a dozen of them who are
5:30 pm
adults now are unaccounted for. >> deanna durante is pushing for answers. she joins us live from chestnut hill. >> reporter: we talked about child advocates here in the city as well as in the suburbs. they say we should all be alarmed at the fact that there are possibly a dozen people out there that have not yet been accounted for since it's been five months since prosecutors laid out the case against sarah packer. >> packer story's a very, very sad, very electric, very upsetting story about -- >> reporter: he says he's watching the packer criminal case very closely and has contact with individuals who claim to have lived in the home with sarah and david packer. foster children who were placed by the impact project. the private foster care agency that placed all 30 kids in the packer home.
5:31 pm
>> this is somebody who had a predatory lifestyle, who was preying on young children. >> reporter: bezar and other chiel advocates say the state and federal investigators need to do as much as they can to locate foez foster children. while many choose not to be found, he is concerned given the severity of the charges that other kids were harmed in some way. >> i think it's no coincidence. i think unfortunately we might have to suspect the worse. >> reporter: sarah had no criminal record until she was arrested for the rape andçf#hór boyfriend jacob sullivan. sarah's former husband served time for sexually assaulting grace and another foster child. the fbi confirms it is searching nationally for those foster kids. in a statement, i've seen your stories on this awful tragedy and know you're looking for some accountability on behalf of grais and any other potential victims. rest assured it's something we take very seriously.
5:32 pm
now late today the fbi confirmed it was local law enforcement agency in bucks and montgomery counties that asked for its assistance, not the state in trying to track these children down. advocates say another issue of concern here is the amount of time that foster care agencies have before they're allowed to destroy records complicating the search for these individuals. reporting live in chestnut hill, deanna durante, nbc10 news. >> question for u when these foster kids turn 18, is there still information available so investigators can track them down? >> reporter: according to some of the offices of children and youth we spoke to in pennsylvania, they say that there are exit interviews so to speak when a child ages out of the system. they're giving information that they may need and they're given some information back to that county, but there is no back and forth consideration here that they have to keep checking in with the county because again they're 18, they're adults at this point. >> all right. with another installment of the story you keep following. we appreciate it. >> turning now to your first alert forecast.
5:33 pm
we have a rainy start to your workweek. taking a live look at the beach in cape may. there was a flood advisory for parts of the jersey shore earlier today and now a live look at i-95 in wilmington, delaware, little bit of rain there on the road for the commute home. >> delaware's been dealing with downpours all day, a live look or a look here at newark where people had to bring out that rain gear and you'll want to keep those umbrella's handy. >> meteorologist tammie souzza is tracking the showers. she joins us now. >> a few minutes ago i was channelling mary pop pins, keep it very handy, umbrella, umbrellaly all of it because even though we have a lot of shower activity beginning to move out, we still have just a few sprinkles and showers making their way up to the south. you'll see this in south jersey and along the shore. it's going to feel damp and drizzle out there because we have fall and a lot of moisture
5:34 pm
in the air. here's what happened over the last six hours and you can see the heaviest from the dover all the way through south jersey. very little of it falling in lehigh valley or berks county or even in the pennsylvania suburbs, that's where one to two tenths of inch of rain fell. let's go to mt. pocono where it's 54 degrees. that should tell you something about the clouds and fog that are out there right now. 63 in coatesville. calm winds. 100% humidity. doylestown 61 and 100% humidity. cape may '66, light winds out of the east, 96% humidity there. overnight tonight we'll be hovering in those mid-60s. we are going to start to dry out as far as the heavy showers but don't put that thing that you keep yourself dry with it or whatever you call it away because there's a lot more on the way. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. >> happening tonight a call to peace rally in philadelphia after a weekend of violence sent
5:35 pm
nine people to the hospital. they were shot in north philadelphia saturday night. the victims ranged from 17 to 26 years old. witnesses tell police two men walked up to a group on 23rd street and started shooting. tonight at 6:00 p.m., people plan to gather there to stand against violence. >> and an update tonight into a deadly multi-car crash into hundred tinton park neighborhood. around 8:15 last night a white honda was speeding eastbound when the driver lost control and crashed into four other vehicles. the driver of that honda died. investigators still not releasing his name. we just learned that the five other people who were hurt are expected to be okay. >> in delaware county the trial of a former mainline politician accused of molesting an elderly woman got on today. sexually assaulting a 103-year-old woman at wayne nursing home.
5:36 pm
witnesses told police spinningler groped the woman several times. board of commissioner and was a delaware county councilman for eight years. tensions are heating up between the u.s. and north korea this evening as the country's conduct his second missile test within a week. north korea launched a medium-range missile that landed into the sea of japan on sunday. today north korea said the test was perfect. the country's conducting more tests from different locations. an experts say kim jong-un is pushing toward creating a missile that can reach the u.s. >> to times square now where the father of the 18-year-old killed in that rampage left a touching letter at the make shift memorial. it sits in a frame at the memorial. in it the dad describes his grief and heart ache but also gratitude to those who have supported his family. >> now here's a look at some of the stories making headlines, county by county across our region today in cape may county.
5:37 pm
ocean drive bridge over towns send inlet will not open in time for memorial day. it's closed between avalon and sea isle city. no word on when the bridge will reopen to traffic. in lehigh county, back from the ashes. this all comes two years after a fire ripped through the restaurant in lower macungie township. these been in the community for 300 years. >> in atlantic county the ball is rolling to develop a 19 acre piece of land inside galloway township. we don't have that video there. >> it's bringing new jobs to the area. the historic town of smithville will expand the lot adding a hotel enand gas station and convenience store and two senior living communities. >> starting today in gloucester
5:38 pm
county, police are beefing of patrols looking for drivers not wearing their seat belts. they put $40,000 into what they call saturation patrols in 15 towns. it's part of the national click it or ticket campaign. the patrols will run through memorial day weekend. >> in ocean county, police want neighbors to be on the lookout of black bear. officers snapped this picture of bear trying to climb a tree in ,+p)d. they gote(c$ the bear to go inte woods but they're worried it might wonder back toward homes. >> it's the swat seen around the world. the overseas interaction between the president and first lady that has social media talking tonight. and watch where you park a jersey shore community is dealing with security concerns ahead of the busy holiday weekend. >> take a look at your screen right now. rain on the radar. tammie souzza is tracking the showers. her forecast straight ahead.
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>> announcer: this is nbc10 news. >> it's the swat seen around the world. the president is in the midst of his first trip overseas but social media is buzzing about this. president trump and the first lady arrived in israel today. the president met with israel's president and prime minister but this video is going viral right now. take a close look. president trump reached for melania's hand and she appears
5:42 pm
to push it away as the couple walked across the tarmac at the airport. >> meanwhile in washington, the trump administration is working on the president's budget. it's expected to be unveiled tomorrow. if it passed there will be an $800 billion cut to medicaid. it's a move that could leave nearly 10 million people without health insurance over the next decade. >> two popular shore destinations could ban smoking on the boardwalk. the plan would be to keep you from lighting up for 38 blocks in wildwood and north wildwood. wildwood city leaders will talk about the proposal wednesday. north wildwood will meet to discuss it next month. the proposals will go into effect on january 1st, 2018. >> the leap academy charter school are teaming up to develop gardens for fresh fruits and vegetables located on cooper street. one of the students involved explains the community impact.
5:43 pm
>> this will bring the community together. this will beautify camden. we'll have -- >> program the possible thanks to a $50,000 grant from the state farm youth advisory board. right now only one supermarket shows all of camden's 77,000 residents qualifying it as a food desert. well, she was ready to meet her favorite stars. >> but a celebrity siting cancellation had one woman calling "nbc10 responds." how harry helped out. >> and a criminal targeting cars. why you need to watch where you park if you head to the shore this holiday weekend? >> more rain is ahead. you can actually seal the clouds enveloping the buildings in the sky. and actually 90% humidity. so we can still see a fru sprinkles and showers. come on back. >> coming up.
5:44 pm
brand new zika concerns. as the summer season approaches, more concerns.
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
>> announcer: this is nbc10 news. new at 5:30. security concerns at a jersey shore destination ahead of memorial day weekend. someone is slashing car tires. about 30 vehicles have been targeted in beachwood ocean county in the last few days. detectives are now asking people to be on alert and take a close look at their security cameras. officers have no leads as of yet as the community gets ready for the holiday weekend. >> one thing, just like going around ringing door bells, harmless things like that when it starts to cost a lot of money, i know he paid like 700
5:47 pm
bucks to replace his two tires. that's -- it gets to be ridiculous. >> police are asking victims to check their security cameras from 11:00 p.m. through 7:00 a.m., may 15th and 16th. if you see something suspicious, contact police. >> a new push to study the effects of concussions here in philadelphia, the university of pennsylvania just received more than $9 million to be used for concussion research. the hope is to improve treatment for people with brain injuries. >> as the summer months approach, one of america's largest drugstore chains is taking steps to protect your skin from the sun. cvs will no longer sell sun screens than a lower spf 15. the american academy of dermatologist recommend an spf of at least 30. >> a wet start to your workweek. taking a live look right now at the camden skyline where rain has been coming down pretty much steadily all day.
5:48 pm
broad street low hanging clouds and scattered showers made for not so great monday for us and be sure to keep your rain gear handy. >> meteorologist tammie souzza is joining us now just the first round of rain this week. >> it is. it's okay to say crumby. i know the word they wanted you to say is crumbmy. bad hair, ugly shoes, you name it. we are watching the clouds drift through now. we do have a drizzle, a mist out there and we do have at times cloud covers that's coming up our beautiful big buildings downtown. 65 right now in philadelphia with calm winds and the humidity at 90%. and you can see that the rain is moved out across the atlantic. with the exception of places right along the jersey shore and a little bit down into delaware. not a lot of rain but what you see that big swath moving out that's what fell over the last six hours or so and it moved over the same areas again and
5:49 pm
again which is why we have a flood advisory for many of you stretching from dover right through south jersey. at this point we're looking at some light showers along the jersey shore, atlantic city, ocean city, avalon and we'll continue to watch this move out across the atlantic. so the heaviest rain, again, from about dover north of atlantic city. that's that big swath that we saw and here are some of those totals if you didn't see them before. this is the last eight hours. morris river, 1.7 inches, ship bottom 2 inches. atlantic city you did not pick up two inches but if you move further north, you get up toward philadelphia, 0.2, not a great deal, once you make it out of south jersey. so we'll still be saddled with the clouds. we'll have the mist and the fog and we have not one, not two, but three systems that are going to be pointed at us. the arrows. one coming out of the northern plains and central plains and
5:50 pm
deep south. this is how we'll break this whole thing down. we're going to be watching temperatures that are going to drop off into the about the mid-60s by tomorrow morning, winds coming in out of the north but we'll see some sunshine, maybe a break or two of sunshine. cloud cover by tomorrow night here comes another batch of rain. this is that southern system coming up through the area. we get a little bit of a break, about midday into early on thursday. here comes the next system on thursday and we'll get a break on friday and saturday and we'll do it all again on sundays and monday. for tonight, 59 in philadelphia. 61 along the jersey shore. could see a sprinkle still remaining out there especially along the jersey shore and in delaware. tomorrow 72 in philadelphia with clouds. could see a sprinkle south jersey, jersey shore and delaware. that would mainly be in the morning and here's your ten day on ten. we're going to be looking at 72 tomorrow with showers. tomorrow night showers on wednesday morning. 73 there. 69 on thursday. w a chance of thunderstorms.
5:51 pm
dry out friday and saturday. those are the two days headed into the holiday weekend that are lovely. guys. >> the rest are crummy. >> to this now holiday heart break. >> a star studded event meant one woman got to meet her favorite celebrities but things didn't work out as planned and she found herself out of hundreds of dollars. up next, what happened once harry hairston and the "nbc10 responds" team got involved. >> coming up at 6:00. brand new accusations against the man in the middle of the russian investigation, what michael flynn is accused of doing now? for years, fios has been promising fast internet to small businesses. but for many businesses, it's out of reach. why promise something you can't deliver? comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet
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>> announcer: this is nbc10 news. welcome back. lester holt joining us now from jerusalem. >> he has a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." hey, lester. >> from behind us is the old city of jerusalem, all lit up this evening. president trump making his historic visit to the region arriving with a message to israel about making peace. we'll tell you more about that. also we'll tell you about the push to make hearing aids cheaper and available over the counter. could it work for you. we'll explain and perhaps find out by now you've seen that video of a little girl snatched by a sea lion. tonight. wait till you hear what wide life officials are saying about
5:55 pm
that video. back to you in philly. >> we'll see you at 6:30. thanks lester. >> new right now. "nbc10 responds." a viewer says she paid bick bugs for a once in a lifetime chance to meet some of her celebrities. >> the problem is the event got cancelled, and despite her request, the company never returned her money. >> this was really tough. she was broken hearted about this. not only did the company fail to refund her her money it also ignored her repeated e-mails, texts, facebook messages and phone calls. >> i'm looking forward to -- >> reporter: kourtney mitchell couldn't wait to krafl and meet her favorite tv stars. for about $1,000 she and a friend would meet, shake hands and take pictures with celebrities. but that never happened. a month before the march 2017
5:56 pm
conference was to take place, organizers cancelled the event. icon sent mitchell offering a full refund within 14 days. >> the next day asking for a full refund. >> reporter: 14 days later still no refund. for weeks she tried to reach the company through e-mails, texts, facebook messages and phone calls, but her efforts got her nowhere. >> i was at my wits end. >> reporter: she wrote to "nbc10 responds." we contacted the company and while we were interviewing mitchell, we received some good news to share with her. they are giving you a refund. >> you're kidding. >> reporter: just got off the phone with them. >> oh, my gosh. thank you so much. that's amazing. >> reporter: you amazed? icon told us it didn't know mitchell still needed a refund. it now has a new e-mail address and a phone number.
5:57 pm
icon also said several people run its social media, so her messages may have been quote looked past, whatever that means. >> they just needed a little nudge from you. it was remarkable. we got the phone call just while we were finishing up the interview, they called, we checked, here it is. you'll be happy now. >> you're getting faster and faster. >> the next thing you know i'll do it before i get there. let's take a look at our recovery counter. we'll $684,774 was gotten back for you our viewers. >> if you have a consumer complaint for speedy harry hairston at "nbc10 responds," you can give us a call or fill out the form and we will respond to you. >> "nbc10 news at 6:00" is next. >> let's go to jacqueline london with what we're working on. >> accused of lying. the new twist tonight for the man at the center of the u.s./russia investigation. plus, advice for the white house. we sit down for an exclusive
5:58 pm
interview with republican senator pat toomey. what he thinks the trump administration could be doing better? plus, punching a stranger. this suspect was doing seconds before he sucker-punched a man with cerebral palsy on camera. >> i'm tracking rain off and on throughout your workweek, but what about memorial day? i'll help you get an early head start on your weekend plans in my most accurate first alert forecast.
5:59 pm
6:00 pm
right now at 6:00. sucker punch. a man caught on camera attacking a stranger and mocking his disability. ñr= brand new at this hour. a new twist for the man at the center of the u.s./russia investigation. >> slippery commute tonight for parts of our region and this rainy pattern won't let go of your week any time soon. >> announcer: nbc10 news starts now. >> right now at 6:00, a state troopers boyfriend shot dead and tonight police say she's the one who pulled the trigger. investigators tell us the boyfriend was beating the trooper at her home so she defended herself with her gun. good evening. i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. the officer is recovering tonight. let's go live to tim furlong live in pike creek with more on this story. tim. >> reporter: we're not naming the trooper and police haven't


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