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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  May 26, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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colliding with a bus. 32 people injured after a tractor-trailer slams into their bus on the new jersey turnpike. memorial day travel. the rush set to begin for the holiday weekend. what you need to know before heading out. raising the fares. how much more it will cost you to ride septa. plenty to get to on this friday. good morning on this friday morning, "nbc10 news today," i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm vai sikahema. we'll get to meteorologist meteorologist for -- to meteorologist bill henley for the most accurate first alert weather forecast. check out the view from the lowe's hotel camera racing past the camera. a few breaks, not too many, a few breaks in the clouds. we'll see more as the day goes on. showers in the lehigh valley, most of this is done for the area. the last few showers coming through this morning.
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the wind pushing clouds through. winds blowing through this afternoon, as well. in the suburbs, breaks in the clouds over king of prussia. 56 now. 61 at 8:00. 67 the high. partly sunny skies. it will be breezy for philadelphia, the suburbs, and new jersey, up to 75. for delaware and the lehigh valley, showers will disappear. the clouds will take over. a nice warmup today. not the last of the weekend showers, more on the way through the holiday weekend. i'll bring you a look at that in ten minutes. first to traffic on a friday morning. francesca ruscio with an update. >> thank you. so far no signs of a holiday rush. we're watching the center city traffic at the vine street expressway from 24th from the schedule, westbound from 95. traffic is moving just fine with travel speeds in the 60s. no reported delays on the vine. let's look at the schuylkill.
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we usually see delays. pretty green right now eastbound from the blue route toward the vine. it's going to take you 12 minutes p. the opposite direction -- the opposite direction doing just fine. 60s. the accident at cute tan and sto -- at kutztown and stofflet drive. >> thank you. 32 people on board a bus injured following a collision on with a tractor-trailer on the jersey shore. it blocked traffic for hours overnight. the bus was hit in west deptford, gloucester county. it was carrying about 50 people at the time. katy zachry more from where some of the passengers have been taken. fill us in on this. >> reporter: we got to the woolwitch township municipal building not long ago. this is where the uninjured passengers were taken. state police say the passengers, the 15 to 17 or so who were here, have been taken to meet
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one their belongings because -- to meet up with their belongings because the vehicle involved is uprighted, off the road. new jersey state police wanted the people who were uninjured to be able to get their personal belongings so they could continue on their trip down. take a look at video if we haven't already rolled it. basically, around 12:30 this morning, a tractor-trailer collided with a bug, eagle bus, incorporated. it left from new york, headed to atlanta with stops in virginia and south carolina. in west deptford, as you said, it crashed with this tractor-trailer. it overturned, and more than 30 people on board were injured. fortunately no major injuries and no deaths involved in this. the drivers of the tractor-trailer and bus were uninjured. what you have is over 30 people taken quickly to six area hospitals where they're really being treated for minor injuries, pains to extremities
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and more precautionary reasons. there were a few children on board. again, no major injuries with any of the passengers involved. what we're doing is reaching out to the bus company and investigators trying to get the latest update as to where the uninjured passengers are. they may even be back on the road to their destinations down south. of course, cooper university hospital is one of the hospitals that is treating the most injured passengers. we'll have an update from hospital officials coming up in the next half hour. reporting live in woolwich township, nbc10 news. >> thank you. from the ground to the air, taking a live look at philadelphia national airport where the memorial day weekend travel rush is just beginning. things haven't been going so smoothly so far. storms causing problems for a lot of passengers. nbc10's pamela osborne joins us live from the airport. will people be crowding the airport and roads for the holiday weekend? >> reporter: yeah, they certainly will. going back to the weather
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situation, the faa delayed several flights. there have been residual delays this morning as we enter into the holiday weekend. it is going to be a busy one this memorial day. aaa is projecting the highest travel volume since 2005. what does that mean here locally? almost 29,000 people will fly to their destinations this memorial day. that's up almost 5% from last year and nearly 410,000 people from our area will be hitting the roadways. the pennsylvania turnpike commission says between this afternoon and monday, they're expecting to see more than two million vehicles on the roadways. reporting live, pamela osborne. >> thank you. 5:35. 60 degrees. we'll look at the stories we're following this morning -- >> two people recovering from minor injuries following a gas leak in gloucester county. it happened in an industrial park in swedesboro. officials tell us the leak was
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detected when gas wafted into the air from a rail car yesterday morning. crews manage today to contain the leak. officials went door to door to test air quality making sure that levels were safe. injure deliberations will -- injury deliberations will resume on tuesday in the d.j. creato trial. he's accused of killing his son and dumping his body in a creek in 2015. jed jurors asked to review portions the coroner's report that did not have an exact cause of death. mariah plekin will receive more than $95 million. yesterday an arbitrator awarded that amount to plekin who lost both legs trapped under the debris for 13 hours. seven people were killed and dozens of others were hurt in the collapse. we have new details about the suspect accused of suck sucker-punching a man with
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cerebral palsy. barry baker is in the yellow jacket. he's in trouble with the law again. police say he's the man seen punching the victim outside a store in westchester earlier this month. police arresting baker who was later released. police have now issued another warrant for baker after he didn't show up for court in a separate case. and drexel university has suspended a fraternity for five years for alcohol violations. it's the same fraternity under investigation for a pair of alleged sexual assaults. the fraternity was placed on interim suspension this month while the university investigated the alleged attacks. it's official. septa will be raising the fares you pay to ride the buses, trains, and trollies. yesterday the board approved fare increases for all of its travel services. septa got feedback on the price hikes. the fares will raise july 1st. the cash fare for a quick-trip pass will go up a quarter from $2.25 to $2.50. we've goat -- we've got the full
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breakdown of how much you'll pay for everything on our website and the nbc app. last night, storms sent people scrambling for cover at the mumford and sons show at bb&t pavillion. the venue told concertgoers to seek shelter. the performance was delayed. once the storm passed, mumford and sons took the stage again and finished the set. rain, hail, lightning -- you name it. we had it last night. nbc10 in south philadelphia where sheets of rain with hail pelted pavements. most of the region experienced similar downpours. 5:38 am.m. a cloudy view of easton. the rain will be done for most of the rest of the day. allentown a few raindrops.
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easton is dry. some showers will spin through the lehigh and into easton first thing this morning. that's going to happen within the next few minutes. the showers are mostly done for our area. the storms are long gone. they'll be out of the picture during the day. the clouds are starting to break. 60 degrees currently in philadelphia. we'll warm quickly into the low 70s this afternoon. it's not just the temperature that will be increasing. it is the wind picking up. winds are already blowing the clouds through at a pretty good clip. 17-mile-an-hour winds at 2:00 this afternoon. the suburbs will see sunshine today. the clouds are still overhead. a nine-mile-an-hour breeze and 57 by noontime. 69 degrees and into the 70s this afternoon. and the lehigh valley, you'll see those clouds break for some sunshine. partly sunny skies. there will still be lingering clouds even into the afternoon. the wind will blow them through. a slight chance of a sprinkle, a brief shower for the lehigh valley, the suburbs, and even into new jersey. most of the day it's going to be dry.
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won't be in for any more storms like we had last night. 58 now. 66 at 10:00. look at the 70s this afternoon. clouds will blow through the shore, too. the wind is blowing. a 16-mile-an-hour win at 10:00. that winds gets a little bit stronger during the afternoon. but it will be warmer, too, at the shore. 75 degrees this afternoon. delaware, the skies are already clearing. see something sunshine now, 59 degrees currently. up to 67 degrees later this morning. then 70s with the winds blowing this afternoon. great kite-flying weather. as far as showers possible, 1:00 this afternoon you see scattered, light showers moving through the area thanks to the winds even if they do develop, they won't last long. they'll keep on moving, and they'll be out of here by later today. over the weekend, we'll likely get more showers and possibly some thunderstorms, too. i'll show you when to expect those with the weekend forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. >> all right. see you then. 5:40. might have an accident on 95 this morning? >> yeah.
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this should serve as a reminder to our viewers to take it easy especially as more people are on the roads today. francesca ruscio is keeping an eye on it. it. i agree with you. we're looking at it an accident on 95. heading to 95 for the philadelphia national airport, hold up. we have an accident at 420. the left lane is blocked. it's causing major slowdowns much there is a few miles from the airport. bumper-to-bumper traffic in some cases. it is a multi-vehicle accident taking out the left lane, causing a slowdown. watch for delays. heading to route 202 this morning, still very green in some cases. as you see, either direction, northbound route 30 toward the schuylkill, ten minutes. opposite direction doing fine, ten minutes, as well. when we come back, we'll look at the accident on 95 and the majors. >> thank you. it might not be the birthday present you want exactly. the change that could mean spending your special day at the dmv. deflating a birthday. a neighbor goes to extreme lengths to interrupt a little girl's party.
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and tattoo tunes. the new trend that's turning body art into music.
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5:45. following breaking news this friday morning. more than 30 people are hurt following a crash on the jersey turnpike. here's the scene in west deptford, gloucester county. a bus collided with a tractor-trailer in the southbound lanes at 12:30 this morning. hospitals are treating people for minor injuries. traffic is getting by in both directions right now. in montgomery county, rainy weather may be to blame for this truck crash that happened in hatfield last night. the truck was carrying pigs. saw one of them there and there
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inside the door. the driver was roundsing a turn on clemens roads -- rounding a turn on clemens road when it flipped over. the driver is okay, and all of the pigs are accounted for. in trenton, chris christie's stuff is on the move. >> today movers will ship the contents of christie's office to temporary digs across town so crews can start renovating the state house. a committee approved $300 million in bond sales to pay for the repairs. a bipartisan group of state lawmakers are suing claiming the project violates borrowing laws and is unfair to taxpayers. also in new jersey, a change could be on the way that could ease wait times when you go to renew your driver's license. a bill is on the way to governor christie's desk that would change license expiration dates from the last day of a month to the driver's birthday. the move would eliminate long lines of crow craftnators at the -- of procrastinators at the end of every month. there's a bunch of them.
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a mother in florida is upset after a party popper disrupted her daughter's birthday party. >> party pooper the operative word. you see kids enjoying themselves in the bounce house when it loses air. parents rush over to help the kids trapped inside. that's not all that the security cameras captured. they capture this guy -- unplugging the bounce house. from an outdoor outlet. police went door to door but did not find the man. >> they should find him. >> now it's all over national television. all over the country. memorial day weekend, a lot of people headed to the shore. a lot of people end up on the wildwood boardwalk. >> yeah. >> new rides coming. >> i won't be one going over there really. the newly refurbished great northeastern roller coaster will open at maury's surfside peeier. the ride had a $5 million makeover to make it smoother. how about these grandmothers here? they've got the sunglasses on.
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they gave it a test run. feet out, no shoes. faster now, by the way. here's video giving a view from on board. >> look closely, vai. >> i've got my eyes closed. the one that i hate is the drop. 95 feet. that drop -- >> sear yhere you go! >> it's needed to be fixed for decades. maury's pier decided to give it a major overhaul and said it will replace it with something new. probably good decision. look at that. bill is like -- moving and grooving. >> he's coming in later. >> there you go. >> i want to say now for the record, a rose, two thorns. >> yeah. we have all seen tattoos, right? seen tattoos? have you ever listened to one? >> no, this is so -- interesting to say the least.
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a new high-tech trend. it's adding a special dimension to bodies art. >> i love you. >> they're called sound wave tattoos. an app called stint motion can turn any audio file into -- listen -- into an image of a audio wave. that image gets tattooed on to a person, and they can scan the tattoo using the app and hear the audio played back. here's what's interesting about this -- the sound could be the voice of a loved one -- >> really? >> a deceased loved one or favorite dog barking. >> actually get to share the sound of the person or moment they wanted to record of whoever they're sharing it with. >> it could even be you wishing people good morning. it launches next month. there's already a waiting list and no word on exactly how much it will cost. >> my luck, if i got one, they
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would immediately discontinue the app. i'd never be able to listen to it again. >> the minneapolis auto -- i swear, it's my wife. >> a little too weird for me to. >> that's a no? no for you? >> i'm out are the tattoo -- >> no sound tattoo. how about kite flying? >> i like kite flying. >> today would be the day especially at the shore. the winds churning up the seas. ocean city, new jersey. a live view. clouds overhead. but the clouds have started to break. the rain has ended at least for now. delaware, new jersey, cloudy. the clouds will break. we'll get sunshine and see a nice warmup. 60 in philadelphia. not much cooler for south jersey, delaware, the suburbs, and the lehigh valley. and at the shore, 61 degrees right now. the temperatures will be climbing into the 70s this afternoon. and turning warmer over the holiday weekend. right now, chestnut hill, west mt. airy, 57. 57 for parkside. 59 in tarsdale. and northeast philadelphia, airport at bustleton.
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59 degrees. that's the starting point. the showers, the storms last night, they're long gone. they have already moved up into new england. they can have it. the winds will stay with us during the day. the same storm system -- you see the spin in the storm that's giving us the wind that will send clouds through the area today. with the clouds, we'll see showers coming in over the weekend. clouds, sunshine, look at the warmup for philadelphia. 76. doylestown, 73 in the suburbs. and drying out in the lehigh valley. the last few showers came to an end this morning. partly sunny in allentown. 74 this afternoon. new jersey is seeing a nice warmup. clouds, sunshine, and the winds -- winds up to 15 miles per hour this afternoon for new jersey and just a little bit stronger at the shore. the winds are coming out of the west. won't be a sea breeze today. 77 degrees. keep an i -- -- you don't want to get in the water yet. there's a risk of rip currents and not all that warm for
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getting into the ocean kbryet. and wilmington, 75 this afternoon with partly sunny skies. clouds, well, they'll be out of here on saturday. today we'll be drying out. less windy by tomorrow morning. this is 6:00 tomorrow morning. i'm showing this because we'll start the day with sunshine. watch what happens as we go into the afternoon. here comes some clouds. that's at 1:00 in the afternoon. see the showers -- just approaching harrisburg. that's a possibility for us later tomorrow afternoon. this is 5:00, a chance of showers that will move through the area. drying out later saturday evening and starting the day sunday nice and dry. there's still a chance we'll see showers and thunderstorms later in the day on sunday. not a big threat. but just a possibility. 70s for tomorrow. nice warmup before any showers develop on saturday. 78 degrees for philadelphia. a little bit cooler at the shore. 72. by tomorrow afternoon, the clouds will be increasing once again. a chance of some late-day showers and thunderstorms. and that chance will be around later on monday, memorial day.
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it will be warmer to start the workweek. that holiday temperature up to 81 in philadelphia. 70 at the shore. a look beyond that with the ten day on 10 coming up in the next half hour. >> see you then. thanks. 5:53 on this friday. and already we've seen some trouble out there on the roads. >> yeah. francesca ruscio is looking at the majors. what are you seeing? so far, we're looking at a wide map of the majors and not seeing any noticeable signs of a holiday rush. if you head to the jersey shore from the route 42 freeway, atlantic city expressway, the jersey shore looks fine. not seeing any rush, the delaware beaches, rehoboth, bethany beach, no signs of reported problems or delays if you're heading to those points. we're seeing delays, 95 on the northbound side near route 420. the philadelphia national airport is a few miles away. traffic is crawling at this time. and spots at the shore that
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you can bring the whole family for memorial day weekend at no cost.
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we'll take you state by state and county by county for a look at stories from across our area. >> we'll start in delaware. the state has approved the plan in rehoboth beach to pump treated wastewater into the atlantic ocean. construction will start in april of next year on an outfall pipeline. environmentalists are worried but the state insists it meets legal and scientific standards. monday of course is memorial day. observances are already underway. in south jersey yesterday, members of the military and state police held their annual parade of wreaths ceremony at joint base maguire dix lakehurst. they laid wreaths as a tribute to those who gave their lives in service to our country. ♪ in the lehigh valley this evening, you can watch "star wars: rogue one" under the real stars. allentown is kicking off its movies in the park season with the popular film. the movie begins at dusk at the union terrace park amphitheater. guests are asked to bring a new "star wars" toy that will be
5:58 am
donated to local families in need. at the jersey shore this weekend, iron mike tyson, easton's larry holmes, and fight promoter don king will be enshrined to the boxing hall of fame. the former stars are part of a 24-member inaugural class. it will be tomorrow followed by an induction ceremony sunday at the claridge hotel. and chris kunitz scored in double overtime to lift the pens to the win over ottawa in game seven of the eastern finals last night. pittsburgh will play nashville. and the coach -- here a few years ago. starting saturday on the nbc sports network. we continue our week-long series of free events for the whole family this summer. >> with the memorial day weekend upon us, here are some free spots down the shore. the cape may county zoo and park is widely regarded as a hidden
5:59 am
gem at the jersey shore. my grandmother used to take me there. absolutely. you and your family can see over 500 animals. the zoo is industry. you can make a donation if you'd like. if it's the water you're after, beaches in the wild woods and atlantic city are free with no beach tags required. in new jersey and delaware, there's never a charge to stroll the boardwalks. >>a t-- if it's free, it's for me. i'll take three. guns and roses bringing their tour to philadelphia this fall. ♪ this up your alley or what? >> i like that song. i hear at the stadiums all the time. otherwise, not really. the band which introduced us to the jungle and serenaded us with "sweet child of mine" -- i like that song, as well -- will play october 8th. tickets go on sale next saturday, june 3rd. it's not my music, but there's a couple of songs i do like. and axl rose -- >> slash? >> yeah. couple of as long as but i'm
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more bee gees kinds of -- >> i got you. >> yeah. now for more of the stories we're following on "nbc10 news today" at 6:00 a.m. -- >> turnpike crash. we're following breaking news from overnight. dozens of people on a trip from new york hurt after their bus and a tractor-trailer collide and go flying off the road in south jersey. friday is off to a wet start. the first alert weather radar is tracking more rain and storms ahead for the holiday weekend. price hike. getting around on septa will soon cost you more. details on the new fare increases. lots to talk about on this friday before memorial day. thanks for being with us. this is "nbc10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm vai sikahema. i think the storms mostly moved out for now. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley for the most accurate weather forecast for your area. bill? the boardwalk is damp, but showers have ended, and the sky is starting to clear out. bl


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