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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  June 1, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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that's involved. so we're getting that situation under control. the southbound side of 95 is still open. also watching for this construction where we have this closure from broad street to the expressway on the vine. so both directions will be there and closed with that construction project for the next half hour. at least until 5:00. so we'll keep our eyes on that. also watching this crash on upper moreland around welsh avenue. end iing with the bridges. a lot going on. clear on the walt. we're following a developing story in philadelphia. right now, david oh is in the hospital after a robber attacked him last night in philadelphia. police are looking for the robber. katie zachary is live. what do we know about the
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councilman's condition roiight now? >> reporter: the last update we got is that the councilman at large david oh is inside. he was undergoing surgery. he is expected to recover, but when he was first brought here to the hospital, he was listed in critical condition after you said hefts stabbed outside his home last night. the philadelphia councilman at large has grown up on the same block in west philadelphia. since the '60s, it's where he grew up. it was on that block the 5800 block of thomas avenue he was attacked by an attempted robber. the councilman had just gotten home from work. it was close to 10:00 p.m. he was getting bags out of his trunk when a man walked up and said something. now the councilman could not ubs what the man said so he engaged him further and then this happened. >> the councilman was stabbed in
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his side and as you heard from police lieutenant johnny walker, he said that this was a crime of opportunity. they do not believe at this time that david oh was targeted because of the nature of his work. coming up in the next half hour, we'll tell you more about the hunt going on for the suspect. we'll also talk more about who the councilman is as a person in his job and how that may have affected him being a target. >> jim ken knee says we are praying for the councilman's quick recovery. whenever violence happens on our streets, it's a terrible tragedy. when it happens near our homes, we're supposed to feel safe, it's all the more devastating.
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we'll bring you continuing coverage of the investigation and have updates all morning long. you can get realtime updates on our nbc 10 app. breaking news in philadelphia. a woman is in critical condition after a man beat her and tried to put her in a trash bag. police say this happened last night across from the frankfurt hospital. a hospital worker ran to help the victim and brought her to the hospital. she never regained consciousness. police continue to lock for the attacker. meanwhile a teacher charged with using a hidden camera to take video up girl's skirts is scheduled to go before a judge. >> he taught chemistry. he used a camera hidden in a coconut water bottle in his briefcase to shoot up the skirts of at least three students. a student caught him in the act and reported it. >> they found several storage
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devices at his home. he's being held at the burlington county jail. now a follow up this morning a 7-year-old girl is on life support in extremely critical condition ask her brother is accused of trying to kill her. police arrested the 18-year-old yesterday hours after his young sister was found unconscious with a plastic bag over her head in the basement of her home. investigators believe alford strangled or suffocated her. jurors will hear from a a man accused of sexually assaulting six girls from the same family. >> yesterday the mother of six girls testified she knew about the sexual activity. but also said she trusted lee caplin. authorities allege caplin was gifted to the oldest girl bauds he helped her parents out financially. caplin's lawyers say the girl's parents forced the girl to lie about the abuse to keep
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themselves out of trouble. a pretile hearing is scheduled in the bill cosby sexual assault case. his attorney says his client will not be there. he's accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his home in 2004. his trial begins june 5th with the jury chosen near pittsburgh. >> septa will stop selling the pass and wub-day convenience pass. they can be reloaded online. septa will continue to sell tokens and trail passes. philadelphia collected less money in april than it did the month before. the beverage tax brought in $6.5 million in april. that's drop from the previous month. the beverage tax.
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brand new information about teen drivers. >> aaa just released a study that shows new teen drivers in philadelphia are three times as likely to have a deadly crash as adults. penndot also says the new crashes is up more than 6% sips last year. we take a closer look at the top three things exerts say cause deadly teen crashes. it's 4:36. a hung jury leads to a mistrial in the case against a camden county man accused of killing his toddler son. what prosecutors have to say about the end result and what's next for the man accused in the crime. and beach brawl, what police say led to a fight at the shore that included hundreds of kids and dozens of arrests. and hug it out. the unexpected end to a traffic stop between a woman and a police officer in south jersey. 4:36. some areas seeing a little patchy fog, but not on beach avenue. look at this live view from the hotel in cape may. right now, 6 4 degrees.
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good morning, checking on the roads and starting with 95. we have a situation. and this is the northbound side. we're seeing the two left lanes blocked and only one lane getting by now, which was not really typical even moving in this direction to see any delays in the morning time. right now one lane getting by on 95 northbound. and also watching this it construction project moving through center city.
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so within the next 20 minutes or so, you'll need an alternate route there. also moving over to new jersey and cher ri hill township. we're seeing sung l lanes in both directions. so a little bit less that be an hour and a half. and updates when i come back. we'll check in with '95 and the vine. >> 20 minutes before 5:00. cape may looking good. it's going to be a big warm-up. no showers there. but we could see a few showers moving into southern chester county. this is the last bit of showers before we get into a if i days of dry weather. the showers are moving at 35 miles an hour. so puts them in newark at 5:45 this morning. might see a a few sprinkles
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before they die out completely. 6 a 5 e degrees in philadelphia. that's been a little warmer than yesterday. lots of sunshine and this afternoon 78 degrees at noontime. we'll keep the clouds out of here. the rest of the area is fog free. and any fog will be long gone by 8:00 this morning. 75 degrees at noon and 77 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. the wind will be blowing. but look at the warm-up. and sunshine and the breeze e blowing in new jersey. 62 degrees and mostly clear skies. we're cleared for a pretty good warm-up. 80 gris at 2:00 this afternoon. it will reach into the low 80s in new jersey. you also get the winds that's
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not going to feel hot during the day. the shore will see a pretty good warm-up too. 64 degrees, low 70s at 10:00. with westerly winds, those temperatures will be climb iingo near 80 degrees at the shore. ask delaware, 80 degrees at 2:00 after starting off in the 60s. might see a brief shower this morning. but by 8:00 the showers are out of the picture and you'll need your sun glasses for the balance of the day. the warm weather, the nice weather, it's going to continue into the weekend. then sunday things go downhill. the temperature up to 78 degrees. you'll see clouds returning and a chance of some rain which is going to bring us below normal for monday and tuesday. a closer look at that back in teb minutes. >> here's a look at the stories we're working on for 5:00. >> trump hotel scare. police say they stopped a a potential disaster at the hands of a pennsylvania doctor. what they found in his car at a washington, d.c. hotel. and off balance, new police video shows what led to tiger woods' dui arrest. how it played out on the side of
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the road. i thought i was going to run in and out and the next thing i know somebody was backing up. >> chasing down a carjacker. a mother talks to nbc 10 about the moments a man took off with her car and her baby.
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all week long, we are taking you on a shore tour. we made stops in ocean city, today wildwood. >> i love being your tour guide. we're talking about baseball on the beach. it sounds pretty fun. not a bad way to spend the day. the guys that set this up say it's a lot more involved than the wilf ball you might be used to seeing out here on a hot summer day. this is real baseball for the kids. it will be set up here.
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they did this for the past couple years and we have a c couple e photos for you to get an idea of what it's like and when it first started they had four teams. now there are two tournaments. so this is happening later this summer in august. it really all began as an experiment. between games you can run into the ocean. you can have the kids playing on the beach, flying a kite. whatever they want to do. it's unique. >> it's the real sandlot. you're out here on the beach enjoying a good game of baseball and it's getti inting interest major league baseball. no one has smacked the ball into the ocean, at least not yet. if you go for a dip, how about the folks watching you? we're taking a look at that side of things when i see you in the
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next half hour. for now, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> beach and baseball, a great combination. >> thank you. today in philadelphia, you can stroll the street. that will happen every thursday night through the summer. it features food trucks and live music every week and stores and restaurants will have specials. 4:47. 65 degrees outside. i do believe we're still focused on 95. >> let's check in with jessica. >> 95 on the northbound side, we're having a tractor-trailer problem. so they may have closed off all lanes of traffic to get the scene over into the shoulder. we had the two left lanes blocked. so creating some big delay there is. so i'm thinking they are going to have it there for a little
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bit. all the traffic is going to get by in the two left lanes. so i'm going to keep my eyes on that. this looks like it's doing what i just saw. so all traffic is move iing to left. also watching the bridges. watch for construction on the expressway. we'll see it close between broad street and the expressway. and that will go ob for another 15 minutes or so. so watching that and i'll update you on 95 and drive times. >> this year's atlantic hurricane season starts today. the six-month season peaks between august and october. this october marks five years since superstorm sandy slammed into the shore.
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now the nbc 10 first alert weather team will be on top of the season every step of the way. krystal klei and experts from the hurricane center will break down the threats to our area over the next few months. that's today at 4:00 here on nbc 10. >> we could have nine. >> we have already had the first named storm. that was in april. . it could be. the forecast is just a forecast. and it was dr. gray out of colorado that started. he's in for about 20 years and gave up because he said it really doesn't work. it's always a possibility. it's later in the summer that things start to get going.
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a view from penn's landing. there are a few neighborhoods that have it. quaker town down to zero visibility. now the fog is starting to ease out of there. fog is not going to last long. the temperatures will be warming up. a lot of sunshine today. 57 right now in the lehigh valley. 55 in the suburbs. and 62 degrees in south jersey. in philadelphia, park side dropped to 59 degrees. but it's 65 in northeast philadelphia at the airport. so pretty nice start and a pretty good warm-up today with sunshine. we'll see temperatures climb to near 80 degrees at 1:00 and then right up to the 80 degree mark at 3:00 this afternoon. and you'll see a lot of sunshine today. a pretty good breeze blowing out of the west at 15 miles per hour. the winds are going to bring a few showers into the area first thing this morning. we're tracking this light shower
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activity. it's actually already starting to die down. but they may survive enough to move into southern chester county this morning and a chance to see a few sprinkles before we dry out completely. and that dry weather should take us right on into the weekend. we're locking good for today. 81 degree this is afternoon. partly to mostly sunny skies. the wind will pick up today. less wind for tomorrow. 80 degrees with sunshine. there's a a slight chance of a passing shower on friday and into saturday. most of the time it's going to be nice and dry. look at that improvement. 78 degrees for saturday. clouds are back on sunday. we'll get a a dry start on sunday morning and then the afternoon and evening hours you can count on showers returning to the area. 78 degrees on sunday. and then the rain becomes steady for monday and into tuesday the clouds will linger with a high of just 68 degrees. we'll start to clear out on wednesday. dry weather for thursday and friday. a chance of some storms next saturday.
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our county by county coverage begins in camden county. >> that's the trial of a father accused of murdering his young son ended in a mistrial yesterday after ten hours of deliberations over five days, the jury could not reach a verdict for dj creato. he was charged with killing his 3-year-old son. prosecutors say they plan to retry the case. creato remains in jail on $750,000 bail and will be back in court in july. this is at the jersey shore. a beach brawl caught on camera. kids at the shore got into an alcohol-fuelled fight saturday. police from neighboring towns were called this to help officers. two dozen teens were arrested and charged with assault and marijuana possession. in pennsylvania a new report shows underage drinking is on the rise among children as young as 8 years old. the state liquor control board
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says binge drinking overall was done. pennsylvania now ranks below the national average for teenage binge drinking. advertising the dangers of drinking are credited with the drop. in burlington county, the head of the first aid squad is facing charges he stole more than $100,000 from the squad. he's accused of making withdrawals totaling $118,000 for his own personal use. kellogs is cutting 292 jobs in montgomery county. the layoffs are expected this early august. the company also plans to close a facility near pittsburgh. what started as a traffic stop ended with a kind gesture in camden county. >> it was all caught by the officer's dash cam. tom sherman stopped a young woman earlier this month. sherman noticed the woman was anxious and worked to calm her down. the woman told him about some
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rough things happening in her life. and the officer decided not to give her a ticket. the woman was so grateful shi got out of the car and gave him a hug. the mets mascot had a run in with fans last night. now the person inside the costume is out of a job. >> what happened that got mr. met fired. plus getting into character. where pop culture is coming to life today. and the rod to victory. one student advances to the finals in the spelling bee.
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good morning, watching the roads and the vine. some police activity up ahead. so watch for that. once you get out the door,
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you'll be fine. we'll have updates on the vine and 95 when i come back in the 5:00 hour. sports mascots are supposed to make fans smile. >> it's supposed to enhance the game day experience. but mr. met is in trouble. he was caught on camera flipping off a fan last night. video of the foul play quickly went foul and the guy in the costume is now out of a job. >> the mets say they have several people who play mr. met and aren't commenting on anything further. the pittsburgh penguins are two win was from a a stanley cup championship repeat. they won last night against the predators to take a two-game lead in the series. the penguins travel to nashville for game three on saturday. the finals tr the scripts national spelling bee happen today and tonight and a girl from cherry hill made it to the
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final round. she's the only remaining competitor from our area. we'll find out what she spelled to get her there. but the winner get astro if i and $40,000 and a savings bond. movie comic fans this is for yo you. comic-con, the event brings together fans. headlining this year is jesse eisenburg and gene simmons. it runs through sunday. today marks the 50th anniversary of an album that many rock and roll krcritics consider the greatest of all time. >> sergeant pepper was released on this date in 1967. to mark the milestone, a 50th
4:59 am
anniversary deluxe version has been released for a crisper sound. the fab four only played philadelphia twice. this is in 1964 appearance at the convention center hall that you're looking at. f fans paid $2.50 and $5.50 for a ticket at a convention center. how crazy is that. >> now more of the stories we're following at 5:00 a.m. councilman stabbed, a robber attacked. now a manhunt is underway for the attacker. struggling to stand, police dash cam video shows the moments leading up to tiger woods' dui arrest. an inside look at a day in the life of a lifeguard. how they are preparing for the summer season ahead.
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good morning, i'm tracy davidson. >> it's going to be a good day to be a lifeguard. let's get to meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate forecast. >> going to be a great beach day. we have a few showers this morning i'm tracking. not much left of them. they are really dying out. that was a thunderstorm. but those may fall apart before making it to wilmington. don't be surprised if you see a sprinkle. you'll stay dry. look at the skies starting to brightenup. 64 degrees in philadelphia with a light breeze out of the southwest at just 3 miles an hour. the temperatures will climb from the 50s and 60s to 80 degrees. i'll break it down in ten minutes to show you how quickly temperatures will warm. but first jessica has your first alert traffic. >> we're starting with the expressway. here we are around our cameras at


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