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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 2, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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prison. and searching for a match. the rare disease that has a high school football star fighting for his life, and the donation that could save him. good evening. i'm jacqueline london. police investigating a rash of violence that has shaken the community. this morning, a tenth grade student from chester, pennsylvania, was shot and killed near 11th and parker streets, just blocks away from his school. we're live at chester high with the very latest on this developing story. andrea? >> reporter: jackie, zion was a sophomore this year. add to that three more shootings within a matter of hours. feeling a renewed sense of urgency today as officials asked the community to come together. a violent day in chester. >> really don't understand. >> reporter: left a 16-year-old
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dead. >> this wasn't just an act of violence against a student. it was an act of violence against a whole community. >> reporter: police say the tenth grader was gunned down after an argument while he walked to school just before 8:00 this morning. >> it was like -- my heart was in my stomach. >> reporter: the teenager collapsed here in this area near 11th and parker streets. >> i walked over there, looked at the body. walked around him. and -- just laying there. he was dead. >> reporter: within the next 4.5 hours -- >> you don't think about waking up in the morning and coming to a crime scene. >> reporter: three more shootings, all within close proximity to chester high school, keeping it on lockdown. police provided extra security during dismissal. >> come to get me children out of harm's way. >> reporter: and increase in gun violence. renewed calls for the public's health. >> we can't arrest our way out of it. arrested more than 2,000 people last year. >> reporter: because of the
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uptick in gun violence, the district attorney's office launched a new program giving $2,500 for information that leads to the conviction of somebody with an illegal gun. so far in this murder, though, no arrests have been made. reporting live in chest every, for nbc 10 news. overcrowded, understaffed, and poorly run. a new investigation reveals the conditions at vaughn correctional center at the time of a prisoner revolt earlier this year. nbc 10 tim furlong joins us live at that prison in smyrna with more. tim? >> reporter: reading this report all day on my phone suggesting the department of corrections has known about the problems at this facility for years and didn't do enough to make anything better. department not commenting on the report. i've been look at it here. the governor says it's time to get this place back on track. during the prison and itoff,
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isaiah got a call from inmates. isaiah on death row until a murder conviction was overturned just before the uprising. he spent time in building c, reached facetime, everything he's heard about the new report seems accurate. different officers with different sets of rules day to day and helping inmates grow as people, those programs cancelled on a regular basis. >> treat it as a business instead of as a rehabilitation service that it's supposed to be. >> reporter: the report showed many corrections officers in delaware simply don't make enough money to make it worth staying. they're forced overtime and dehumanizes them. gang activity in vaughn, if the information doesn't get out to the officers who actually deal with the inmates. information is insufficient and outdated and vaughn needs more surveillance cameras. cameras with a two-way speak worry have wb helpful during the standoff. many of the exact same issues
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addressed in this report were brought up in this one, all the way back in 2005. >> that obviously is troublesome in that in a 12-year period it appears the same things exist. >> reporter: i tracked gown the governor who tells me he will make changes and needs legislature to figure how to pay for some of them. >> time to step understand and show backbone. >> reporter: the report says they need better technology and communication. during the standoff, radio chatter wasn't encrypted. public could listen. and three command posts and communication between then. the report says at one point wilmington police asked by dell c.a.r.e. state police to throw think drone out, the warden didn't know about it. wanted his guys to shoot it down. that warden no longer works at this facility. live in smyrna for nbc 10 news. and we spoke to a correction officer at vaughn who says lack of staffing and order are a way of life at the prison. this woman says the facility is
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in crisis. she spent all of her nearly three decades in law enforcement, rising through the ranks at vaughn. it was wil stephen floyd's death that prompted her to retire. her recommendation to administrato administrators, support the officers. >> they really need to listen to their line staff, which they failed to do. they know what's going on. they, they are the front line. they're the ones that are hearing everything. seeing everything. they know the behaviors. >> her son is currently a guard at the facility and hopes the reports will lead to changes that make the prison safer. this is the kind of weather we want to see heading into the weekend. taking a live look at university city, where the sun is beaming. a view from our nbc 10 camera in cape may, a lot of people will be headed there for the weekend. definitely hoping for better weather than they had last
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weekend. go to first alert cheer meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz with more on that. >> that's not going to be too hard. especially memorial day at the shore was not pleasant. although, the last of the showers for today moved offshore. long beach island, to be specific. near ship bottom, just off the beach hostaaven, moving out inte ocean. came in fast. mooshed out fast, and we don't have to worry about it the rest of the night. this little weak weather system, racing down tomorrow morning and could potential toly provide showers for parts of the area. for a brief period of time during the morning tomorrow. you can see this batch coming down through the lehigh valley and into the philadelphia area, but once it moves through, it goes straight from showers to sunshine. so don't give up on the day if you wake up and got some rain drops. 78 in philadelphia now. up to 80 degrees today. go have even warmer weather for
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at least a part of the weekend, for much of the area. that's coming up along with the rain chances in a few minutes. tonight, penn state is taking action and taking control of its greek system after a death of a sophomore from new jersey. the school i nounsed changes today including limiting the size of the fraternities, deferring rush for pledges and only serving beer and wine at parties. this all comes almost exactly four months after 19-year-old piazza died after a hazing incident. he fell down a flight of stairs head-first and no one called 911 for 12 hours. >> what i heard was a lot of aspirational language with absolutely not one concrete action taken by the board of trustees of penn state today. >> other changes include fewer social, a zero tolerance policy for hazing and more frequent
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spot checks. today a judge sentenced form 0er penn state president graham spanier to two years in prison. he was convicted of failing to act on signs that jerry sandusky was a child predator. former vice president gary schultz and athletic direct curly also sentenced. lesser sentencing. and telling administrators, a coach saw sandusky molesting a fwhoi a shower in 2001. spanier, curly and schultz did not report him to authorities or police. an abrupt end today to the trial of a bucks county plan accused of sexually abusing six sisters, had received as gifts from their parents. the defense rested without calling witnesses. not even the defendant, lee kaplan. he's charged with child rape and our offenses. all six alleged victims testified. the 52-year-old sexually abused
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them for years. the case goes to the jury on monday. new at 6:00, a south jersey man admitted he coerced a 13-year-old girl into sending him nude photos of himself. threatened to abduct her if she didn't. he met that girl online. under a plea agreement, the 25-year-old will spend eight years in prison and have to register as a sex offender. physical councilman david oh back to work today after a terrifying encounter. a man tried to rob him outside his home wednesday night. he stabbed oh in the side and took off running. the councilman was treated for his injuries back to business at his office inside city hall. and bucks county, acme grocery store received serious damage when the roof caught fire. the store on bristol road. no one injured. they're working to find out what caused it. when we come back, the local restaurant that served children
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a glassful of chemicals instead of apple juice, and it won't face any charges. an allentown teenager searching for his match. no romance. next how this tip could help save his life. and why a group of wizards is descending upon centre city. ♪
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an allentown high school football star needs your help tonight. specifically, he needs your dna sample and hopefully thousands of others to have a fighting shot at beating a rare disease. as nbc 10 randy gyllenhaal explains, his family is gathering test kits this weekend looking for the perfect match. >> reporter: ever since he was a kid marcus has had more energy than he's known what to do with. >> played football, wrestle, throw indoor shot and outdoor shot. >> reporter: a tight end at william allen high school, even a few scholarship offers but this year his usually agile body started acting up. >> i wasn't performing at the level i thought i was capable of and weird to me. >> reporter: then a big snowstorm, marcus went to shovel
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his block. >> almost passed out. >> reporter: diagnosed with a rare, mysterious disease. severe aplass tia aminia. now even a quick trip down the stairs. >> i'm so sorry. >> reporter: will make him catch his breath. >> we have to do everything in ow pourer to make sure that marcus does to the get sick. >> reporter: and his mom says a common cold can kill him. marcus has to wear a mask almost everywhere he goes. >> and usually at the school -- >> prom, i actually went to. so i wore this. graduation. >> reporter: accepted to temple university, to study pre-med, but first he'll need a bone marrow transplant. and time is running out. so far, no matches have been found. >> be a match for a bone marrow for my son or anybody else. my family is asking for help. >> reporter: asking for more
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samples, take a swab, save a life. for nbc 10 news. and if you would like to be tested to become a bone marrow donor, find a link at nbc and get tested tomorrow at william allen high school in allento allentown. that event runs from 9:00 to 2:00 p.m. new at 6:00, police say it was lye that made two children sick. they drank what was believed to be apple juice. no charges filed in the case pap 10-year-old boy and 4-year-old girl taken to the hospital after their mouths and throats were burned by something in their drinks back in march. an investigation revealed the lye was not placed in their cups intentionally. some new jersey walmart stores are coming up with ways to stay competitive with online retailers like amazon. walmart is asking employs to deliver packages to customers on their way home from work. testing this in two stores in
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new jersey. are in stores in our area participating? they're not revealing that information just yet. and comic-con hit town today, and this time the convention focus is on wizards. >> i am iron man! >> wizard world philadelphia opened today at the pennsylvania convention center. costumed fans showed up as favorite comic book characters. the star of at batman and superman will greet fans and sign autographs. first alert weather -- >> turning to our weather. a live look from our nbc 10 camera in center city. looks like a beautiful night there. a live picture from temple university. a nice night as well. nbc 10's ted greenberg, probably had the best assignment of the day. yeah. how about that? he went parasailing above the
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coastline of ocean city. look at ted go! looks like a perfect amp to enjoy the sunshine, the warmth, water, whatever you please. >> oh, yeah. incredible. a beautiful look behind us, too. >> i know. >> showers and they moved through, tiny shelf. they're gone. >> good. >> beautiful evening. >> a good weekend? >> yeah. compared to last weekend. >> anything's better than last weekend. right. >> oh, yeah, yeah. one wrinkle in there i'll get into, and that will be coming tomorrow morning. right now, we have beautiful conditions, in the 70s everywhere. you can see, sunshine. from philadelphia through the lehigh valley. into delaware. speaking of delaware, a live shot of wilmington. look how blue the sky is. and conditions in cape may. still folks -- actually in the water. the water temperature, 63 degrees. a little on the cool side for me. now up to 64 this hour.
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and we're up to 77 in ocean city. 79 in bentner. 75 in holgate. varying between a land breeze and sea breeze all day today and getting a land breeze tomorrow and a sea breeze sunday. why sunday's going to be so much cooler at the shore. the temperatures today, well, almost exactly average. 80 degrees. down a few degrees tomorrow. then up on sunday and then going down. by tuesday and wednesday, well below normal temperatures along with some rainfall, and not just a couple little showers like today. those showers are gone. just raced away out of here. tiny, moved fast. this next area coming down from around the great lakes. it's a narrow band of moisture, and it looks like it might time out right into part of the morning. so a lot of you might wake up, cloudy skies. even showers around. don't give up on the day.
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because this is going to be moving from north to south, and the showers, going from showers to bright sunshine, and once the sunshine comes out, it's going to stay out for the rest of the day, and look at these temperatures, into the 70s, really, really nice. afternoon tomorrow and into the nighttime hours, and into sunday morning as well. so philadelphia, the early shower on saturday. lehigh valley, it may be over with by about 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning there. then on sunday, the only place i have showers is lehigh valley, and that would be in the afternoon, just a slight chance in any other areas north and west and, of course, the jersey shore, much, much cooler than the inland areas, and much cooler than saturday. here's rehoboth. not too much of a difference between saturday and sunday. wildwood, you can see a bigger difference in the temperature, but you could see an early
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shower, even in atlantic city, for example, about 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. and then the rest of the weekend is looking great there, too. hey, i'm danny from csn. and providing an update on velasquez and steph curry paying hom 567 age to a.i. that's coming up, next.
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hey, hey, happy friday. dannel pommells with you. phillies play their first game in june opening a series against the giants. a game you can see right here on nbc 10.
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who can forget a horrid month of may. second worst month of may in franchise history. phillies 6-22 for the month. now lost 25 of the last 31 games and lost star plass kaw to injury last time out. general manager updated his status today. >> it's a grade one mild flexor strain, which is about as good news as i could have hoped for, and he will, he won't throw for a couple weeks, just to -- let the inflammation die down. hopefully a couple weeks' time, up throwing and won't be out too long. >> lively calmed up from aaa lehigh valley making his debut tomorrow. and did you see things last night? steph curry and the warriors taking game one in fantastic style. curry sporting a shooting sleeve reminiscent of one allen iverson
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during pregame warm-ups. at the start of the game wearing that. wasn't coincidence. we got the answer during the postgame presser. >> steph, i noticed you ditched the sleeve for this game. i thought it looked pretty good fashionwise on you. wa was the decision behind that? feeling better? >> always wanted to be like allen iverson. that was the only way i could come close. >> reporter: low key, didn't we all. across the pond, jo ellen embiid, fully enjoying himself. on hand for the champion leagues finale tomorrow. and on the roster for a celebrity game but won't take part. here he is on his soccer skills. >> you know, i played football my whole life. so -- whenever i get the chance, but, you know, i got some -- >> reporter: current nba play here would make the best soccer
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player? >> joel embiid. >> did you expect him to say anything else? >> embiid said he'll head back to the doctor, one final check and hopes to be back on the court next week. that's a look at sports. danny pommells, nbc 10 news is coming right back. goldman sachs was one of those companies whose illegal activity helped destroy our economy... vo: as a goldman sachs president, phil murphy made his fortune in a rigged system. now the jersey machine has lined up with murphy and his millions. leaders should stand for the people, not the political machine.
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a live look at penn's landing where the roots picnic takes over this weekend. going to be pretty. how pretty is that shot? you can see the flag blowing a little bit. look at the wind turbines at lincoln financial field. windy out there, still a gorgeous night, glenn. >> yes. a nice wind. this time of year, sometimes real heat and humidity makes it uncomfortable. it's not that. and not going to be uncomfortable all weekend. tomorrow not quite as warm. morning showers and a lot of afternoon sunshine. sunday, starting with sun then cloud later in the day. the wet period monday into wednesday of next week. so -- timing.
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monday and tuesday, wish you had those off. >> "nightly news" is next. see you back here at 11:00. . tonight, nbc news exclusive, megyn kelly one on one with vladimir putin floating a conspiracy theory of his own, who he significa significant guests could be behind the packing. behind the secret meeting with jared kushner. why he took off from her camera. global backlash with president trump's decision to pull out of the paris climate teal and here at home we're in coal country, are those jobs really coming back? resort attack mystery, dozens dead after a man with an assault rifle lights a casino on fire. isis claims responsibility but authorities insist it was not terrorism. why did he go on a rampage? words of wisdom from the class of 2017. our favorite traditions, our annual solute t


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