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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  June 3, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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right now police are looking for a man they consider a fugitive in the case. princeton review. a new report reveal dramatic changes in staffing and training following a deadly uprising earlier this year at a delaware prison. those details are coming up. we'll have some showers, then sunshine. that's mother nature's plan for our saturday. those details are next in the first alert neighborhood foreca forecast. it's not a bad shot there looking over philadelphia. good morning. thanks for being with us. this is nbc 10 the news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:30 on this saturday. plenty to get to. let's begin with that weather. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking a little bit of a hiccoup to start our weekend. krystal? >> but overall, a pretty good weekend forecast. what we're looking at right now is the hiccoup rosemary is talking about. this is the rain that's passing through. look out the window this morning and you think, my weekend's ruined again? are you serious? but it's not.
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it's not going to be ruined. right now the rain is passing and we see pockets of heavier rain near the lehigh valley, now stretching that rain into philadelphia and into camden county. but it won't last your whole day. about the first half of your day. let's take a closer look at where the rain is a little steadier. and now creeping on into parts of upper bucks county, as well. once we get down into the lower suburbs and into philadelphia, it's a light rain right now, but the steadier stuff is heading our direction and this will be spreading into south jersey and parts of delaware, as well. temperature wise, you can tell when the rain clears, because the temperature bumps on up. we've got 60s this morning. you might want a light jacket or an umbrella as you head out the door. but as we get into your afternoon hours, right about here, lunchtime. that's when the rain clears out, the sun will come out, and look at how nice the afternoon is for us. mid-70s for us. so coming up in a few minutes, we'll talk more about the showers this morning, but the afternoon sunshine. also look into your sunday, temperatures keep warming like
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that. we'll talk more about it coming up in a few minutes. >> i like that, too. thanks for that, krystal. now to a developing story, philadelphia police have a suspect in the stabbing of city councilman david oh. the councilman was attacked wednesday night as he came home from work to his kingsessing neighborhood. right now, pamela osborne is live at southwest detective with what we're learning about this case. >> reporter: rosemary, the man police are looking for is now a fugitive. the district attorney has charged him with robbery, assault, and attempted murder of the councilman. yesterday, councilman david oh was able to positively identify the suspect, 24-year-old sean warburry. last night, they were unable to find yardburry. they say he tried to rob councilman david oh on wednesday in the city's kingsessing
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neighborhood. the councilman was stabbed in the side. here's what police are now saying about the side. >> it could have been much worse, and the way he attacked oh right away, continuing to try to injure the councilman, if it wouldn't have been for him fighting as hard as he did, it could have been much worse. >> reporter: councilman oh underwent surgery, that surgery a success, and here he is yesterday, back at work. police believe their suspect is well known to people who live in that neighborhood. they're asking anyone with information as to where he is right now to give them a call. they are on the streets right now, searching for him at this hour. reporting live at southwest detectives, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. right now, a live picture of a fire at southwest tenth and morgan streets in camden. you can't see any flames here, but you do still see smoke
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coming from this building. there are no reports of any injuries right now. there are still a number of first responders on the scene, i'm sure make sugar that hot spots are out. we're going to continue to follow this. as soon as we get some more details, we will pass them along to you. new from overnight, a man is in critical condition after a shooting in southwest philly. police were called to gold street around 12:30 this morning. they found the victim in the street with a gunshot wound to the chest. right now there are no arrests in this case. let's head now to delaware county, where police in chester are investigating the shooting death of 16-year-old zion abdullah. they tell us he was gunned down following an argument while he was headed to school yesterday morning. police have not made any arrests in this case, but they do tell us that they're talking to people of interest. the deadly shooting was just one of four gun-related incidents in chester that happened within the span of a few hours and this all occurred on national gun violence awareness day. the case of a bucks county man accused of sexually abusing
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six sisters will go to the jury on monday. the defense rested yesterday without calling any witnesses. prosecutors say the victims were given to suspect lee kaplan as gifts from their parents. the girls were reluctant to testify against kaplan until their mother met with them. jurors heard a recording of the girl's mother telling them to tell the truth about what kaplan did to them. according to the defense, the girl's mother cooperated because she wanted a plea deal. >> clear from my perspective that there was an influence from the d.a.'s office on those girls. as many times as they can tell you, they told them just to tell the truth, that was said with a wink. >> that's a very hard thing for them to do. they did an amazing job and i hope we can get justice for them. >> closing arguments will be held on monday. again, the jury will get the case next week, as well. a south jersey man will spend eight years in prison after admitting that he coerced a 13-year-old girl into sending
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him nude photographs of herself. he threatened to abduct her if she didn't. authorities say craig wyatt of willingboro met the girl online. wyatt was already on probation for stalking and threatening girls on facebook. wilmington is considering a change to its curfew law. hear here's what we know. the city council would propose an ordinance that would impose earlier curfews on anyone under the age of 13. kids would have an 8:00 curfew in the summer and 9:00 p.m. the rest of the year. the committee will consider the curfew on june 14th. the mayor's office says more work needs to be done on the plan. a new report on the smyrna, delaware prison uprisie ining suggests a lots of changes need to happen. prisoners took over the "c" building at the vaughn correctional center in february. the report shows serious training, staffing, and correction issues. they say salaries need to go up, forced overtime needs to go down, and communication overall
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needs to get better. many of these issues came up in a report in 2005. the governor's team says changes are now coming. >> i've made a commitment to the people i represent here, to the floyd family, that we're not going to allow it to be a report that stays on the shelf and doesn't get implemented. >> lieutenant steven floyd was killed in that deadly prison standoff that lasted more than 20 hours. if you live in camden county, today is your last chance to vote early for tuesday's new jersey primary. the elections until archive centers in gloucester township will be open today from 9:00 to 3:00. governor's office and all legislative seats are up for grabs. you can find sample ballots right now on the county's website. this morning, some local celebrities will rally in support of the philadelphia film industry. director m. night shyamalan and director morris will join others at the bottom of the art museum steps at 10:00 this morning.
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the rally is to spotlight how important the local filmmaking industry is to the region's economy. 5:38 right now on this saturday. dumping the smoke. we'll explain why a philadelphia store is trashing its tobacco products. plus this -- >> it's its own world. everybody's really happy and enjoys dressing up and nobody judges each other. >> judge-free zone, for sure. comics, characters, and fun. that's what you'll find at the wizard world comic convention going on this weekend in philadelphia. we've got those details, coming up.
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and those who finders, their heart's desires. there's a little klutz in all of us. that's why we made clorox splash-less bleach... splashless. shine on, klutzes. shine on. another live camera view outside. this is a live camera from right here at the nbc 10 studios. you can see that crack of sunlight, but fairly cloudy out there. i suspect a few drops of rain falling over parts now of our
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area, as you can see, on our live radar view, the rain pumping on in, passing through parts of pennsylvania and then clipping the southeast corner. so, a lot of this is really light rain. some of it might not be making it to the ground yet. certainly is making it to the the ground of the lehigh valley and now in upper bucks county, as well. and this is spreading to the southeast. so it's going to move in to south jersey, the shore, and clip through delaware as well, although delaware may miss out on the majority of the rain. here's your planner for today. 60 at 7:00 a.m. through 11:00 a.m., we are cloudy with some rain passing, mid-60s. a look at that, mid-70s and sunshine by 3:00 in the afternoon. first half of the day, a little damp. second half of the day looks great to be outside. showers at 55 degrees in the suburbs. 72, though, by 3:00 p.m. about the same, sunny in the lehigh valley this afternoon. mostly sunny through delaware, new jersey, the shore this afternoon, but we've got to deal with those morning showers. a little cooler temperatures, as well. mid- to upper 50s to start. but mid-70s as we get into the afternoon across the board.
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music lovers will be at penn's landing today for the tenth annual roots picnic. this year's headliners include pharrell, the roots, will lange, savage, and kimbra. the all-star lineup kicks off at noon. 5:42 right now on this saturday. the phils are coming off a tough series against the giants. and can joel elmby's skills on the court translate to soccer. pro-tip: chop all your veggies for the week at once.
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is accused of taking pictures up women's skirts while they were
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grocery shopping. police arrested jeffrey wilson jr. last month. he's charged with invasion of privacy and harassment. investigators say the incidents happened back in april at two different supermarkets in hamilton township. a philadelphia store owner is getting rid of tobacco and replacing it with smoothies. dee medina owns medina's mini market. the changes made with the help of the tobacco-free retailer project which helps business owners make the transition while remaining profitable. >> there are other products that are healthy or health neutral that they could sell in replace of tobacco and meat least meet their bottom line and even be more profitable. >> each year, tobacco products claim 3,500 lives just in philadelphia. two walmart stores in new jersey are testing a new home delivery concept to stay competitive with online retailers like amazon. walmart is asking employees at those stores to deliver packages
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to customers on their way home from work. nbc 10 asked the retailer if either store in our area would be doing it, walmart wouldn't reveal that information. we'll keep you posted. in cape may county, engineers will present plans today for drudging the back bay in ocean city. officials say it's to keep the lagoons and channels open to boaters. the meeting is happening at the ocean city tabernacle at 10:00 this morning. if you are in center city philadelphia this weekend, you may think it's halloween, that's because folks will be dressed up in costume for a special event. nbc 10's keith jones takes us into their wizard world at the philadelphia convention center. >> from gumby to black man vi villains. >> there's the throne from "game of thrones" and celebrities. >> i saw alien. >> if you see a ghost, call the
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professional. >> and characters you've probably never heard of. >> like a zombie who doesn't like being a zombie, who's like, i don't like being a zombie, so i'll try to do something to help out. >> this is a taste of wizard-con. jessica is dressed as a street fighter. >> it's its own world. everybody's really happy and enjoys dressing up and nobody judges each other and self-love. >> reporter: and apparently a family affair. izzie and annie drove up from virginia dressed as harry potter characters. >> it's something you can do with your kids and we like designing our costumes together. so it's really a fun family thing and we like doing it all together. >> reporter: at wizard-con in philadelphia, keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> this weekend's muck fest will have thousands getting down and dirty in glenville delaware county. 7,000 athletes are expected to brave the 5k obstacle course lined with mud pits. the event benefits the national
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multiple sclerosis society. it runs today and tomorrow. and it'll be a little bit muddier out there this morning, because we've got some rain passing through. meteorologist krystal klei has the details on that. >> i see that and picture myself falling right into that mud. here's a look at eastern pennsylvania. rosemary's right, we have some rain passing through. it's making for a really pretty picture. the sunrise reflecting the moisture we've got in the air and these gorgeous colors overlooking the cloudy weather. and in easton, i think there's some rain falling right now, as well as from the ground observations nearby. neighborhood temperatures, we've got 50s across the board, lehigh valley, 59. philadelphia, 59. and south jersey at 51. in delaware, let's take a look at our neighborhood temperatures. what we've got are mostly low 50s. delaware doesn't get the rain, except for parts of new castle county. 52 in marshalton. low 50s right now in harmony hills. farther south, 51 in lincoln, 54, bridgeville.
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i actually think that later today, the southern-most parts of delaware will likely be our warmest areas with some upper 70s possible in the forecast highs. radar and satellite now. here's where the rain is falling currently. i've been looking at ground observations. not seeing a lot of reports along the i-95 corridors, but i am seeing rain reports through the suburbs, lehigh valley, and berks county. this is a light rain at this point p point. a little steadier over near allentown and that's going to drop into mercer county this morning. the rest will pass through south jersey before it starts to weaken. but let's take a closer look where it's starting to fall right now. a few sprinkles in ben salem to warrington. and a little steadier as we get farther to the northern parts of our viewing area this morning. here's the hour-by-hour forecast. we go to 7:00 a.m.. i think the model is going a little too widespread with this, but does a nice job with the timing and indicatiing where th rain is passing. new castle county, maybe starting to get into parts of kent county, but missing up on
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sufficient foak suffolk county. now the rain is mostly over south jersey, it's moving out of the lehigh valley in berks county. and the sun is pushing on in. the sun is just forcing on out the rain. look at that, we've got a lot of sunshine by 1:00 over the area. we stay mostly clear through the rest of the day, as well. so today the second half of the day looks very good. but the morning, you'll have to deal with some of the rain outside. here's the forecast highs for our weekend. 76 in philadelphia and the suburbs. about the same, actuallying w, s the board. a little warmer, a few spots on the jersey shore. that's because we have this land breeze. so we're going to be pushing in the warmer air to the shore. and then you dgo to your sunday and bump up those temperatures. 81 for us in philadelphia and the suburbs. 81 as well. 80 for delaware and 68, cooler jersey shore, because of the winds shift directions. then you've got the onshore breeze and it's cooler. here's the ten-day on 10.
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81 for your sunday, like i just mentioned. there's monday. monday does look rainier. tuesday into wednesday, some spotty showers possible, cools us down to 70. then we boost things back up, rain time for your weekend forecast. >> announcer: this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> hey, good morning. good to see you, as always. i'm danny pommells from csn. the phillies kicked off the june portion of their schedule trying to put may in the rearview mirror. a month that saw the phils win just 6 of their 28 games. the phils opening up here on nbc 10. already 2-0 giants in the second. eduardo nunez with runners on the cancer, base knocked to left, didn't last three innings. the phillies get smacked around in the series opener, 10-zip, the final. we turn to hockey now. the nhl combine was held friday.
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the draft takes place later this month. the flyers have the second overall pick and will have their choice of the two consensus top prospects in this year's class. nolan patrick and nikko hisher. flyers gm met with both players and spoke afterwards about what he learned about those young talent. >> i can't say anything surprised me. i can't say that both kids seem like terrific young men. they conducted themselves like pros, very mature kids and they were both very -- >> how about a trip across the pond? joel embiid, all 7'1", are we giving him, of joel, enjoying himself, doing some juggling with the soccer ball. embiid will be on hand for the champion's league final which take place today. jo-jo also on a roster for a celebrity game, but will not take part. here's the sixers' big fellow on his soccer skills. >> you know, i play football my whole life, so wherever i get
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the chance, but you know, i have that in me. >> current nba player who would make the best soccer player? >> joel embiid. >> who do you think he's going to pick? jo-jo also sent out this tweet of himself in his jersey for the celebrity game, calling himself el processo. the game features real madrid who plied their trade in the spanish league, hence the name adaptation. their interview with the website up rocks, embiid is heading back to the doctor for one final check and hopes to be back on the court next week playing basketball. and in a surprising turn of events, the kansas city chiefs released former eagles wide receiver jeremy macklin after just two seasons. macklin due over $9 million this year. not anymore. that's your look at sports. i'm danny pommells, contraction sn.
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for lunch, try our steakhouse burger, or any steakhouse lunch combo. only at longhorn. ♪ dave mathews will be back tonight for his second performance at the man center. a sold-out crowd enjoyed the show last night. matthews played alongside his longtime guitarist, tim reynolds. i just started listening to dave matthews again a few weeks ago. reminded me of high school.
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32 of the best professional triathletes will be here this morning. this race is somewhat unusual, because it's short and fast-paced. each athlete will swim 1,000 feet in the atlantic ocean and then bike four miles and run a mile on the boardwalk. sounds lock to me. another kind of race will be happening on the schuylkill river this morning. the independence dragon boat regatta begins at 8:00. 92 teams will take part in the colorful event. some teams race for causes and charities, other just do it for fun. 5:57 this saturday. developing right now, philadelphia police have a name for a suspect in the stabbing of a councilman. pam is live. >> reporter: a warrant has been issued and police are searching for that fugitive suspect. when we come back, we'll give you a look at that suspect and tell you how the councilman is doing now. and you see pamela with the
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umbrella. showers this morning. we're going to track those out and talk about the shore forecast. it is not a washout, don't wore. we'll get details on that and if you're staying in philadelphia, here's a live view of the art museum. the details in philly and all our surrounding neighborhoods, coming up.
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right now on nbc 10 news today, the search for a fugitive. police are on the hunt for this man who they consider the suspect in the stabbing inbing philadelphia councilman. a delaware county the community calls for change a day after a violent crime. among the vilctims, a 16-year-od boy. and greek life changes. penn state puts new rules in place following the death of a student during a fraternity hazing party. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. thanks for being with us. i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:00 on this saturday. plenty to get to, but let's start with our weekend weather, because if you're getting up now, you may see some changes out there. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking it all for us in the first alert neighborhood forecast. krystal? >> you're getting up right now looking and going, no, not again, the rain! but this forecast is actually much better than last weekend's was. we've got showers that are passing through right now. you can see the icons all indicating at least a


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