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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  June 3, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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right now on nbc 10 news today, the search for a fugitive. police are on the hunt for this man who they consider the suspect in the stabbing inbing philadelphia councilman. a delaware county the community calls for change a day after a violent crime. among the vilctims, a 16-year-od boy. and greek life changes. penn state puts new rules in place following the death of a student during a fraternity hazing party. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. thanks for being with us. i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:00 on this saturday. plenty to get to, but let's start with our weekend weather, because if you're getting up now, you may see some changes out there. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking it all for us in the first alert neighborhood forecast. krystal? >> you're getting up right now looking and going, no, not again, the rain! but this forecast is actually much better than last weekend's was. we've got showers that are passing through right now. you can see the icons all indicating at least a few drops
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falling. the pictures are very gray. it won't stay this way for the afternoon. we're at 59 in philadelphia right now. cooler at 50 in the suburbs. and low 50s, as well, for new jersey to the lehigh valley. we're at 55 degrees in delaware. so right now cloudy, right now, a little rainy, as well, outside. take a look at your first alert radar view. so here's where the rain is coming from. and it's going to continue kind of dropping down to the southeast. meaning this is going to spread into south jersey as well and the shore. areas like cape may county and delaware may miss out on most of the rain. and here's the good news. this rain that we see, it's passing a little steadier now in the lehigh valley, berks county, parts of chester county and a lighter rain over philly. it's not going to last the whole day. it's going to start clearing out by around 11:00 a.m. to noon. so the afternoon, things will be better. here's a closer look at the steadier rain. we go to areas like richmond and reading, you see a deeper green, that's a steadier rain. see the pockets of yellow, that's a more moderate rain falling through the lehigh valley and allentown into parts
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of bucks county, upper buckingham and milford. not going to last the whole day, but if you have morning plans, you will need the umbrella. a little heads up there. as for your temperatures, day don't warm a ton in the morning hours, but here's lunchtime, 66. we get to 70s in the afternoon hours. we take a closer look at the forecast highs, coming up. >> we'll be looking forward to it. thanks, krystal. developing now, philadelphia police have identified a suspect in the stabbing of philadelphia city councilman, david oh. investigators say the councilman had just parked his car in his kingsessing neighborhood monday night when a man tried to rob him and then stabbed him. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live at southwest detectives with new information. pam? >> reporter: rosemary, the councilman was able to pick that suspect out of a lineup and positively identify him. since then, the search has been on for this man. 24-year-old sean yarburry.
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overnight, detectives searched his last-known addresses, but they were unable to find him. police say yar burry tried to rob councilman oh. the d.a. has charged the suspect with attempted murder, robbery, and assault as well as some other charges. police are hoping the public can help them locate their suspect. >> he has been a lifelong resident of this area, so people know who he is. we believe at this point, he may be homeless or living from house to house. so we're asking him to turn himself in or family members to convince him to come here and turn himself in, but it's an all-out effort up-to-the-to locate this gentleman and get him off the streets. >> reporter: as for councilman oh, he underwent surgery. that surgery was a success and you see him here. he was able to return to work yesterday. and we're learning much more about the attack itself. when i come back in the next half hour, hear what police are saying about that assault.
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reporting live now at southwest detectives, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> all right. thanks for that, pam. right now, firefighters are on the scene of this house fire in camden. you can see the flames coming out of the building at south tenth and morgan streets. this was a little bit earlier this morning. crews did get this fire under control, just within the last half hour. there are no reported injuries, but there are still a number of first responders on the scene, so if you live in this area, keep that in mind. you may have a little bit of a detour this morning on those roads. as soon as we get some more details on this, we'll keep you informed. calling for change. community members in delaware county are banding together, following a day of gun violence in chester that took the life of a 16-year-old student. police say zion abdullah was on his way to school when he was shot to death following an argument yesterday morning. police haven't made any arrests, but they tell us they are talking to people of interest in the case. the deadly shooting was just one of four gun-related incidents in chester within the span of a few
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hours. and it all happened on national gun violence awareness day. >> i feel for my family, i feel for my friend. we're going in the house now because she can't over that. that was her best friend. >> chester officials have announced that they are now teaming up with a gun reform group to try to find the sources of the illegal weapons that have been flowing into the city. last night gun control advocates who rallied nearby in media paused for a moment of silence for the victim from chester high school. during national gun violence awareness day, community leaders in philadelphia held a prayer rally just outside of city hall. neighbors brought pictures of loved ones lost to gun violence while police officers handed out free gun locks. right now, a portion of the pennsylvania turnpike is shut down while state police investigate a deadly accident. westbound 276 is closed between bensalem and willow grove. here's how you get around it. take u.s. route to route 132 to
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route 611 to the willow grove exchange. we'll keep you posted when police reopen the turnpike here. tragedy is sparking change at penn state university. yesterday, school officials announced they are taking over the greek life system, but the parents who recently lost their son because of fraternity hazing, this is what prompted the changes, they say it's not enough. timothy piazza died after a pledge party at beta theta pi in february. his blood alcohol level was four times the legal limit. piazza fell down the stairs at the frathouse. prosecutors say no one called for help for 12 hours. 18 frat members are now facing charges. yesterday, penn state's board of trustees did not vote to ban greek life. their new rules do include zero tolerance for hazing, restrictions at social events, such as no liquor, more spot checks at fraternity houses and a student fee for joining a fraternity. nbc 10 spoke to the philadelphia-based attorney, tom klein, representing timothy piazza's family. he called the changes
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aspirational, but lacking. >> what the piazza family is looking for is change. and that change involves concrete actions that are taken. >> on thursday, timothy piazza's parents sent penn state a letter asking the school to expel the students and fire the administrators who may be tied to their son's death. some more news out of happy valley, penn state's former president and two former administrators will do jail time for their roles in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal. yesterday, a judge sentenced former president, graham spanier, to two months in jail. a jury convicted him of child endangerment. spanier failed to report a sex abuse allegation against jerry sandusky in 2001. penn state's former vice president gary schultz and former athletic director, tim curley, pleaded guilty to the child endangerment charges. schultz got a two-month jail sentence. curley received three months. mike mcqueary, a graduate coaching assistant, testified
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that he told joe paterno he saw sandusky molesting a boy in a football team shower. neither spanier, curley, or schultz who became aware of the incident reported it to police or child welfare authorities. sandusky is now serving a 30 to 60-year sentence for molesting ten boys over a 15-year period. now to a flying tribute to a helicopter pilot who was killed just last week in delaware. yesterday, more than a dozen choppers took part in a flyby over the church in atco, new jersey, where michael murphy was laid to rest. among those helicopters was sky force 10. murphy served as a backup pilot for us. murphy was taking part in a training exercise when his medical helicopter crashed at an industrial park near the new castle county airport last thursday. his wife, erika, spoke exclusively with about murphy's career as a pilot. you can read more about it, right now on the nbc 10 app. i play football, i wrestle,
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i throw indoor shot and outdoor shot. >> but this lehigh valley athlete hasn't been able to do any of that lately while he battles a rare disease. a community effort today could help him find a life-saving match that he desperately needs. that story is straight ahead. and later, from gumby to ghostbusters, we're beginning to show you where you can celebrate things all pop culture right here in philadelphia this weekend. it takes a lot of people to make a good school day.
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>> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. live camera view in philadelphia here. beautiful shot. you can see these clouds really hanging overhead and it has this fuzzy line between the clouds and skyline. that's because there's some rain falling in areas right now. the rain is going to pass through the morning hours. it's not going to ruin our entire forecast. here's the radar satellite view. i've offset this a little bit to show where the radar is coming from. you can see the whole thing is
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shifting a little bit more to the east. while it is passing through our suburbs, lehigh valley, and berks county, it's starting to shift into south jersey, but kind of missing delaware and that's probably going to continue to be the case here this morning. this is not going to be a whole-day event. it's going to be a morning event. here's the hour-by-hour forecast. the model doing a pretty nice job of show wing where the rains at 6:00 a.m. 7:00 a.m., i think this is a little widespread, but still shows it's going through south jersey, clipping parts of delaware, and there you go. 10:00 in the morning, now it's starting to pull out of the lehigh valley and berks county. it's already out of mt. pocono and thinning over philadelphia, by the time we get into your afternoon, the sun has started to make a return, the rain is forced out. a few lingering showers over jersey, you see plenty of that sun. and that sunshine, it continues the rest of the day. we'll talk more about your sunday forecast and the temperatures that go with these clearing conditions, coming up. >> looking forward to it. thanks, krystal. 6:12 on this saturday.
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coming up, we're following new indications of an expansion of the probe into trump's possible campaign ties to russia. ♪
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with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it, america. now to the latest on the investigation into possible ties between president trump's campaign and russia. nbc news confirms special counsel, robert mueller, may look into the roles attorney general jeff sessions and his deputy played in the firing of fbi director, james comey. also, nbc news is reporting that mueller will take over the investigation involving former trump campaign chairman, paul manafort. meantime, investigators remain focused on a meeting last year between president trump's son-in-law and a russian banker. nbc's keir simmons pressed that
6:16 am
banker for answers at a conference yesterday in russia. >> reporter: sergey gorkov is the head of vnesheconombank, which is a bank that is sometimes described as the guided missile of the kremlin. he is very close to president putin and he met with jared kushner, who is of course, president trump's son-in-law, back in december. now, we don't know very much about what happened at that meeting, but here is some sound from when we ran into him and asked him what did happen. >> you're the subject of intense scrutiny in america because of your meeting with donald trump's son-in-law, jared kushner. >> not any comments about it. >> just a question of understanding about what happened in the meeting. >> no comments, please. >> but can i just ask you, was it a political meeting or an economic meeting? can we get -- can we interview you at a later date? would that be possible? >> please, all comments -- >> reporter: president putin insisting today that any
6:17 am
suggestion that the trump administration during the transition had negotiated with the kremlin to try to have russian sanctions removed was simply his terrifyyysteria. back to you. >> that was keir simmons reporting. the russian investigation and the u.s. withdrawal this week from the paris climate accord will be some of the main topics on nbc's "meet the press." moderator chuck todd will be sitting down with former secretary of state, john kerry, epa administrator, current epa administrator, scott pruitt, and former vice president, al gore. that's tomorrow morning at 10:30, right here on nbc 10. defense secretary jim mattis is calling north korea a clear and present danger to the world. the pentagon chief made that comment today at a global security conference in singapore. at the meeting, mattis called for international cooperation to denuclearize north korea. he also said he believes, ultimately, china will see the north as a liability. prince william is offering his gratitude for the emergency responders who helped after the
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deadly bombing at the ariana grande concert in manchester. the bombing killed 22 people and injured dozens of others. yesterday, prince william met with police officers and then spoke privately with injured victims at a hospital. tomorrow, a benefit concert will be held for those victims. ariana grande, justin bieber, and coldplay are just some of the acts that will perform. beginning with another live camera view, this is in spring city. and what you see is just a gray picture. unfortunately, that's the start of our day. fortunately, it will not be the end of our day. we're going to really clear out in the afternoon hours for a pretty nice saturday. here's our philadelphia neighborhood temperatures. right now, maybe a light jacket to step out the door and an umbrella handy. 53 degrees in chestnut hill. we're at 60 in graduate hospital and nearly at 60 in the airport. 64, the current reading in port
6:19 am
richmond. those temperatures will be boosting up to the 70s come this afternoon, once the sunshine breaks through. but right now, it's cloudy, a little cool, and rainy over at least half of our viewing area here. pretty obvious which half, right? the green one here. looking at lehigh valley into berks county and into the suburbs and parts of philadelphia, as well. it's a lighter rain over philadelphia, and more of a scattered, steady rain through the suburbs, upper montgomery and upper bucks county, we're also looking into the lehigh valley. you can see that little pocket of yellow, that's a little steadier rain, as well. here's a closer looks into parts of chester and delaware county, where light rain is just clipping new castle county. and here's where it's most spotty. it's farther to the north, but it's a steadier rain. that's going to continue being the case, but the whole area of rain is dropping farther to the southeast. so south jersey will get its share of showers this morning, as well. i think everyone should, for the most part, move out by right around 11:00 a.m. to noon.
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here's the forecast highs for today. once it clears out, we get sunshine, nice temperatures, 76, summer city, summerton. same for landsdale and 73, cookstown. allentown at 76 degrees. and i know right now it's very gray, but in the afternoon, mostly sunny skconditions are expected. mideven possibly some upper 70s in the forecast. and through delaware, 76. smyrna, wilmington, 77 for rehoboth beach. that's thanks to the fact that we're looking at those winds coming from the north-northwest. and so that's a land breeze that we're dealing with at the shore. temperatures, camera today. it's going to be breezy, though. 25 to 35-mile-per-hour gusts. you can see sustained winds around 13 miles per hour, coatesville, and 12 miles per hour for philadelphia today. let's talk about your shore forecast. today, 80 degrees for your our saturday, rehoboth beach. 75 for sunday, a mix of clouds and sun sunday, but otherwise, dry forecast. take a look saturday into sunday, a drop for areas like
6:21 am
wildwood at 76. and let's finish off with atlantic city, 79 degrees, going to 68 degrees sunday. so we get a cooldown for your sunday. finding a life-saving match. a community will come together today to help a young man with a rare disease. his story is straight ahead in minutes.
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today you can find out if you're a life-saving match with someone who needs bone marrow. a potential dornor could help a football player from a local high school. his disease limits the blood cells his bone marrow can make, so marcus is in dire need of a bone marrow transplant. so far, there have been no matches and time is running out. >> my immune system, it's basically my body is attacking its own immune system. >> to be a match for bone marrow for my son or for anybody else. and my family is asking for help. >> marcus' family is asking you to take a swab and hopefully save a life. if you would like to be tested for a bone marrow donation, you can find a link right now on the nbc 10 app or on our website, you can also get tested today at william allen high school in
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all allentown. the event runs from 9:00 this morning until 2:00 this afternoon. now to today's nbc 10 responds. a ride-sharing company agrees to issue a customer refund, but instead of money back, she's charged more. and after she couldn't get the issue resolved on her own, she decided it was time to call harry hairston and nbc 10 responds. >> we did a girl's night in atlantic city. >> reporter: susan and her fellow teachers were excited to have a night out during spring break. but she says suddenly, one of her friends wasn't feeling so well. >> so i wanted to uber her back to our hotel. >> reporter: but days after they took the ride, she says uber charged her $80 on top of the $8.80 fare. >> i went to my e-mail and there was an explanation that i was charged for a cleaning fee. >> reporter: she admits her friend did get sick, but that it happened outside the car. she says uber agreed to cut the cleaning fee in half, charging her $40 instead of $80.
6:26 am
but vanirnheart says it didn't happen that way. instead of crediting her account, uber charged her an additional 40 bucks. >> i e-mailed them at least 10 to 15 times. >> reporter: uber kept saying the issue was resolved, but her bank account showed otherwise. >> i was frustrateded. i wanted my $80 back. >> reporter: we contacted uber. within hours, they reached out to varnheart. >> they saw where the mistake was made, they apologized, and they were going to reimburse me $80. >> reporter: uber later told nbc 10 responds the same thing and vani varnheart credits us for getting this resolved. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> a quick reminder. if you do decide to submit your case to nbc 10 responds, make sure you have all of your paperwork and proof ready to send to us like varnheart did. it could help you get a resolution to your problem faster. if you have a consumer problem for nbc 10 responds or telemundo 62 responde, let us know. the best ways to reach us are
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right there on your screen, and we will respond to you. 6:27 right now on this saturday. and we're following pa polia po investigation into that stabbing of the philadelphia city councilman. we have details on it. pam osborne is live at southwest detectives with some new info. pam? >> rosemary, police have identified the suspect we are looking for. when we come back, we'll give you a look at the man and we'll also tell you a little bit more about the attack. just like pamela, if you're going out this morning, you'll edradar, green showing rain across the region enti at t,oming up.
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right now on nbc 10 news today, new developments in the stabbing of philadelphia councilman, david oh. right the now police are looking for a man they consider to be a fugitive in the case. a live report is next.
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prison review. dramatic changes in staffing and training after a standoff at a delaware prison. those dills are coming up. all right, we've got some showers and then some sunshine and warm weather to start our weekend. we'll take it. we're tracking it all in the first alert neighborhood forecast. i have a security camera outside my house in old city that i check incessantly and i just saw that we have some raindrops in old city, philadelphia. so some showers moving through. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. 6:30 right now on this saturday. meteorologist krystal klei has those details on these early morning showers. krystal? >> so most of our area is now starting to get the rain moving through, aside from parts of south jersey and delaware. because of where the rain is moving in from. it's moving in from the northwest. it's dropping to the southeast, kind of clipping delaware. in wilmington, the clouds have
6:31 am
blanketed over, this is in frawley stadium we're looking at a live camera view. we may see light showers this morning throughout this area. let's look at our radar. this is our first alert radar. the green indicating the rain that's passing through. the yellow indicateding the pockets of steadier to heavier rain. it's starting to purr off and out of our viewing zone, but it's pretty constant through berks county and the lehigh valley. pretty constant through the suburbs now, and right along the i-95 corridor, light, but passing through, breaking apart in south jersey. all of this will continue dropping out this way. we'll see rain through the morning hours in jersey and at least to the northern part of delaware. otherwise, in the afternoon, this moves out and the sunshine will return. but for now, this is what we've got to track. from reading to richmond, allentown into milford, you can see the deeper greens. limerick into parts of westchester, same deal, steadier rain that's moving through. and just a few drops that are falling over parts of
6:32 am
philadelphia county. upper 50s in philly, but low 50s, pottstown, to millville and atlantic city. we will be in the 70s, though. we'll track your temperatures with the planners, coming up. >> we'll see you shortly. thanks, krystal. now to a developing story we've been following since wednesday evening when this first happened. philadelphia splis a suspect in the stabbing of city councilman, david oh. he was attacked wednesday night when he came home from work. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live for us outside of southwest detectives with more on the investigation. pam? >> reporter: rosemary, the man that police are looking for is a fugitive. they say he should be considered armed and dangerous. we know it will district attorney has charged him with the assault, the robbery and the attempted murder of the councilman. take a look. yesterday, councilman david oh was able to positively identify the suspect. 24-year-old sean yarbury out of
6:33 am
a photo lineup. last night detectives searched his last known addresses but they were unable to find yarbury. the councilman was stabbed once in the side. here's what else police are saying a about that attack. >> it could have been much worse. and the way this guy attacked, went in attack mode right away, continuing to try to injure the councilman, if it hadn't been for him fighting as hard as he did, it could have been worse. >> and the fight continued. here's councilman oh. he underwent surgery, it was a success, and he was back in the office yesterday. police believe their suspect is known to the neighborhood. they think that he's from the neighborhood, so they're hoping that anyone who recognizes him or knows where he may be right now can give police a call with that information. reporting live now at southwest detectives, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> thanks for that, pam.
6:34 am
6:33 on this saturday. let's head to south jersey. firefighters are on the scene of a house fire in camden. you can see the flames that were shooting out of the building earlier this morning at south tenth and morgan streets. crews had the fire under control around 3:30 this morning. no reports of any injuries. new from overnight, a man is in critical condition following a shooting in southwest philly. police were called to gold street around 12:30 this morning. there they found the victim in the street with a gunshot wound to the chest. there are no arrests in this case. let's head now to delaware county, where police in chester are investigating the shooting death of a teenager. 16-year-old zion abdullah was gunned down on his way to school following an argument yesterday morning. police have not made any arrests. they tell us they are talking to people of interest in the case. the deadly shooting was just one of four gun-related incidents in chester that happened within the span of a few hours, and yesterday was national gun violence awareness day. the case of a bucks county man
6:35 am
accused of sexually abusing six sisters will go to the jury next week. the defense rested yesterday without calling any witnesses. prosecutors say the victims were given to defendant lee kaplan as a gift from their parents. the girls were reluctant to testify against kaplan until their mother met with them. jurors heard a recording of the girl's mother telling them to tell the truth about what kaplan did to them. the kaplan's defense attorney says the girl's mother cooperated because she wanted a plea deal for her role in the case. >> it's clear from my perspective that there was -- there was an influence from the d.a.'s office on those girls. as many times as they can tell you, they told them just to told the truth. i think that was said with a wink. >> that's a very hard thing for them to do. they did an amazing job and i just hope that we can get justice for them. >> closing arguments will be held on monday. a new report on the deadly prison uprising in delaware suggests a lot of changes need to happen.
6:36 am
in february, prisonersk part correctional officer. the report describes ser technology issues. the report also says that up, forced overtime needs to go down, and overall communication needs to get for the. many u in a previous review in 2005. delaware's governor, who just took office in jals us changes are coming. >> i've made a commitment to the people i represent here, to the floyd family, that we're not going to allow it to be a report that stays on a shelf and doesn't get implemented. >> lieutenant steven flo in th t lasted more than 20 hours. this morning, celebrities will rally in support of the philadelphia film history. director m. night shyamalan and actor aaron morris will join other officials at the art museum steps here at 10:00 this morning.
6:37 am
the greater philadelphia film office is hosting the rally to spotlight how important the local filmmaking industry is to the region's economy. 6:37 right now on this saturday. dumping the smoke. we'll explain why a philadelphia store is trashing its tobacco. . plus this -- >> it's its own world, i like to say. everybody's really happy and enjoys dressing up and nobody judges each other. >> sounds like fun, why not? comics, character characters, w to like? that's exactly what you'll find at the wizard world comic convention, it's happening this weekend in philadelphia and we've got a preview in minutes.
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you'busted tail.rd. and impressed the boss. maybe, it's time to be your own. transform your career with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it, america. just a few minutes now before 7:00 and we head to new york to check in with the folks of the "today" show. we say hello to sheinelle jones and craig melvin. hey, guys.
6:40 am
>> good morning! coming up on a saturday morning here on "today," an nbc news exclusive, megyn kelly's interview with russian leader vladimir putin. this morning, the cia fires back after putin claimed russia could have been set up to look like they were trying to hack the u.s. election. also ahead this morning, what could be nafta's most daring mission yet. a journey to the sun. why it could make a huge difference in your life. and, oh, the places we'll go. this morning, a visit to the new dr. seuss museum opening today that would even make the grinch smile. those stories and more when we get started on a saturday morning on "today." what's your favorite seuss book? >> that's a good question. i'm going to admit something, my parents didn't give me those books when i was a child. we were more like a berenstein bears type. what's your favorite, guys?
6:41 am
>> definitely "green eggs and ham." >> "sam i am." >> it's not too late, by the way, rosemary. you go out and get a few. >> i like, was afraid to admit this to friends growing up. i think we're getting a wrap. >> oh, really? >> you should have been. >> we're your friends. >> one fish, two, fish, red fish, blue fish. a live view of cape may marina. it's not a heavy rain, but there's starting to be some showers that are making their way closer to the shoreline. this is going to continue through the morning hours. so morning plans, not so good. afternoon plans, though, those still get the thumbs up. so here is a view of our first alert radar. the steadiest rain is over parts of the suburbs, lehigh valley, berks county. now spreading through parts of
6:42 am
south jerry and along the shore, as well. we'll time that out in just a bit. i want to talk temperatures for us. planner, 62 degrees for us this morning. cooler because of the rain-cooled air. but once the clouds thin out, and they will right around your lunchtime, more sunshine, better temperatures. 75 by 4:00 p.m. in the suburbs, low to mid-70s by 4:00, should get to the mid-70s for highs. same deal in the lehigh valley and berks county. delaware, 61, but up to 74. not so much rain in delaware this morning, but we will see that rain in new jersey and the shore, with temperatures also making their way into the 70s later on. your future model coming up in a few minutes. >> i feel like such a weight has been lifted with that dr. seuss admission. all right. let's talk some sports. the phils are coming off a tough series opener against the giants and cojoan joel embiid's skills the court translate to some skills off the court? we've go the video to prove it next in sports.
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a philadelphia store owner is getting rid of tobacco. tossing it to replace it with smoothies. dee medina owns medina mini market in north philly. she made the move with the tobacco-free project. that helps business owners make the transition while still remaining projects. >> there are other projects that are healthy or health neutral that they could sell in replace of tobacco and at least meet their bottom line and even be more profitable. >> statistics show each year tobacco-related illnesses claim 3,500 lives just in philadelphia. down the shore today, engineers will be presenting plans for dredging the back bay in ocean city. officials say it's to keep the lagoons and the channels open
6:46 am
and clear for boaters. the meeting will be happening at the ocean city tabernacle at 10:00 this morning. if you are in center city, philadelphia, this weekend, you may think it's halloween. that's because people will be dressed in costume for a very special event. nbc 10's keith jones takes us inside their wizard world at the pennsylvania convention center. >> reporter: from gumby to batman villains. >> i am bat man, if you can hear me. >> reporter: of course there's comic books, skulls, the throne from "game of thrones," and celebrities. >> i saw news from alien, it was oh, my god! >> reporter: not to mention "ghostbuster "ghostbusters". >> if you see a ghost, call the professionals. >> reporter: and characters you've probably never heard of. >> like a zombie who doesn't like being a zombie, but he's like, i'm already a zombie, so i might as well try to do something to help out. >> reporter: this is a taste of the pop culture offered at this
6:47 am
weekend's wizard world of comic convention or wizard world for short. >> it's its own world. everyone's really happy and enjoys dressing up and nobody judges each other and self-love. >> reporter: and apparently a family affair. izzie and annie drove up dressed as harry potter characters. >> something you can do with your kids and we like designing our costuming together. it's a fun family thing and we like to do it altogether. >> reporter: at wizard con, keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> that one's a little scary, but looks like fun. this looks like fun if you want to get totally muddy, dirty, and be exhausted this weekend. muck fest will have thousands getting down and dirty. 7,000 athletes are expected to participate in the 5ka obstacle course which is lined with mud pits. the event benefits a good cause. national multiple sclerosis society. it runs today and tomorrow. for a minute there, with watching them jump win thought they were going to jump into a pile of mud.
6:48 am
i think they're going to leave that to the actual participants. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking the weather for any of your outdoor activities this weekend. krystal, fill us. >> don't they claim that's supposed to be good for your skin if you put the mud on it? here's a look in philadelphia. look out the forecast and think, another gray, with ruined weekend. it's actually not going to be for the entire weekend a picture like this one. it's going to clear out, but not for your morning hours. gray and rainy the first half of the day, sunny, nice the second half of the day. here's our jersey shore neighborhood temperatures. and even the shore today is actually going to warm up nicely, although we're starting at 51 in upper township. dennis township at 52. cape may point, not bad, 60 degrees right now. we're also 60 in atlantic city, currently. as we progress through the day, we're going to see those 70s boost on in, even at the shore's edge. that's because today it's a land breeze. tomorrow, temperatures will be cooler, because it's going to be an onshore breeze. here's a look at radar and
6:49 am
satellite right now. this is the bump in the forecast we're dealing, this rain that's pumping on in from the northwest, dropping to the southeast. much lighter rain, but we got the sprinkles now over south jersey and the shore. a little more steady rain through philadelphia and up all the way to reading and allentown. you see the heavier rains, kind of just missing us here into more northern jersey, but mercer county getting a little hit now through trenton. here's the closer view, starting with parts of chester county into delco, even clipping new castle county, as it starts to move into south jersey, it's considerably lighter. a little steadier rain in philadelphia. you see through parts of bucks county, now some spots that are weakening just a tad, but still some light rain. and we'll go all the way up to allentown here. this is where it's been the steediest throughout our morning hours, but none of us will see rain for the whole day. this is for the first half of the day. so we go through 8:00 a.m., still seeing rain on the future model. from 8:00 to 10:00, now it's more focused over south jersey,
6:50 am
moving out of allentown and berks county. maybe a lingeri ining stronger shower. and by 1:00 in the afternoon, it's pretty much all gone. sunshine is breaking on through, and we stay on the sunnier side through the rest of the day. so i'm telling you, while it looks bad now, afternoon plans should be notably better. here's the forecast high temperatures for us. don't let the icons fool you. that's the first half of the day. 76 degrees pretty much across the board for forecast highs. sunday, we are warmer. 81 in philly, the suburbs, 80 for delaware, and we see a nice mix of clouds and sun. areas lake the suburbs and lehigh valley in the afternoon could see some passing showers, possibly an isolated thunderstorm in the afternoon. but it's looking like now it will mostly miss philly and areas south. if you're going to the beaches today, rehoboth beach, today, 80 degrees with a mix of clouds and sun after this morning's rain. sunday at 75 degrees, so we're looking still pretty good. in wildwood, saturday, today, at 76. and tomorrow, cooler due to that
6:51 am
onshore breeze at 68. >> announcer: this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> hey, good morning. good to see you, as always. i'm danny pommells from csn. the phillies kicked off the june portion of their schedule trying to put may in the rearview mirror. a month that saw the phils win just 6 of their 28 games. the phils opening up here on nbc 10. already 2-0 giants in the second. eduardo nunez with runners on the corners, base knocked to left. eickhoff didn't last three innings. the phillies get smacked around in the series opener, 10-zip, the final. we turn to hockey now. the nhl combine was held friday. the draft takes place later this month. the flyers have the second overall pick and will have their choice of the two consensus top prospects in this year's class. nolan patrick and nikko hisher.
6:52 am
flyers gm ron hextall met with both players and spoke afterwards about what he learned about those young talent. >> i can't say anything surprised me. i can't say that both kids seem like terrific young men. they conducted themselves like pros, very mature kids and they were both very -- >> how about a trip across the pond? joel embiid, all 7'1", are we giving him, of joel, enjoying himself, doing some juggling with the soccer ball. embiid will be on hand for the champion's league final which take place today. jo-jo also on a roster for a celebrity game, but will not take part. here's the sixers' big fellow on his soccer skills. >> you know, i play football my whole life, so wherever i get the chance, but you know, i have that in me. >> current nba player who would make the best soccer player? >> joel embiid. >> who do you think he's going to pick?
6:53 am
jo-jo also sent out this tweet of himself in his jersey for the celebrity game, calling himself el processo. the champion's league final features embiid's preferred team, real madrid, who plied their trade in the spanish league, hence the name adaptation. their interview with the website up rocks, embiid is heading back to the doctor for one final check and hopes to be back on the court next week playing basketball. one final note to pass along, in a surprising turn of events, the kansas city chiefs released former eagles wide receiver, jeremy macklin after just two seasons. macklin due over $9 million this year. not anymore. that's your look at sports. i'm danny pommells, csn. to be the one that rings. i need not to be missed phone calls... to not be missed. i need seamless handoff... canyon software. from reception, to landline, to mobile. i need one number... not two. i'm always moving forward...
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because i can't afford to get stuck in the past. comcast business. built for business.
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6:56 am
comcast business. penn's landing is going to be happening today for this tenth annual roots picnic. this year's headliner includes pharrell, the roots, lil' wayne, kimbra. of course, the roots from philly, quite the big deal hear. the picnic has grown into a very popular festival over the last decade. the all-star lineup playing on three stages kicks off at noon. 32 of the best professional triathletes will be in atlantic city this morning. they're taking part in the major league triathlon that starts at
6:57 am
1:00 thcis afternoon. this race is a little bit shorter and more fast paced that other triathlons. we wish them the best. another kind of race that's happening on the schuylkill river this morning. the independence dragon boat regatta begins at 8:00. 92 teams will be participating in the colorful event. some teams race for causes and charities. others do it just for fun. looking a little overcast out there at this hour, but eventually, it will move on out. >> it's actually a pretty good forecast for our weekend. let's take a look outside. the rain is coming down in philadelphia. you can tell from the live camera view, but it will not be the whole day. by around noon it exits, sunshine this afternoon, up to 76. tomorrow, 81, mix of clouds and sun. we do get rainy monday. >> but the rest of the week looks pretty decent. >> not bad at all. >> we'll take it. >> that's going to do it for us. we'll have an update on the "today" show and we're back at 8:00. see you then.
6:58 am
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good morning. nbc news exclusive. russian president vladimir putin on the defensive in a candid interview with nbc's megyn kelly, saying russia didn't try to interfere with the election and that his country could have been framed by hackers, even the cia. the president's son-in-law refuses to answer questions about the secret sit-down. >> can we interview you at a later date? the sound of silence? the white house not rolling out a move that could block former fbi director james comey from testifying next week. congressional


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