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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  June 3, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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terror in london. breaking news. six people are dead in london after two separate attacks that left the entire city on high
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alert. good evening everyone. tonight a van plow undered intoe walking along the iconic london bridge while another stabbed people at a market nearby. they say he was going about 50 miles per hour before hitting the crowd. that van then drove to the second scene. attackers got out and started stabbing people at borough market. they're calling both terror incidents. six people were killed. at least 20 other victims were taken to hospitals. others were treated at the scene. three attackers were shot and killed by officers. this all started unfolding round fie 5:00 p.m. our time. here with with the very latest from london.
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>> reporter: it started on london bridge after 10:00 local time. witnesses say a van swerved into the crowd of people mowing down everyone in its path. >> i saw people running, screaming. i see people with blood. >> reporter: moments later reports of men stabbing patrons with large knives at borough market. >> i just saw some loads of people run away from the, market and there was people lying on the ground and a taxi driver who was shouting at people to run. and we ran for 100 meters. there was a period of quite intense gun fire. >> and they was running up and started stabbing this woman. >> reporter: videos posted to social media showed police evacuating restaurants and screaming at patrons.
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now the race is on to figure out who is responsible. >> whether or not this is really the work of isis or whether -- >> reporter: he made tweet but not before his renewed pitch. chris cologne nbc news. >> nbc 10 spoke with a man in philadelphia tonight who lives in london. he tells us he lives near the london bridge scene but in philadelphia when the terror unfolded. he says despite the number of security cameras all over london, these types of attacks keep happening. >> knowing there's so much security in the uk that eve within the cameras everywhere, these terrorists are penetrating into the market, into the city
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and these horrible incidents, three now this year have taken place. >> his partner is in london tonight. an atlanta county teenager and his grandmother were on london bridge an hour before the attack there. this is a photo of 14-year-old catherine dorseen earlier in the day outside bucking hm palace. loved ones back at home are still badly shaken. >> they are for sure helpless. helpless is the besz way to put it. it's a strange feeling to have your 14-year-old and your mutmo thousands of miles away when this is going on and just hope for the best. >> joshua and catherine doerr are on a tour of the uk, not scheduled to return home until a week from today. they'll be covering this breaking news all night long as
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we get more information. from london to manchester where people are still reeling after a terror atack killed 22 people there less than two weeks ago. officers in england continue to investigate the manchester suicide bombing outside an ariana grande concert. a 22-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of violating the terrorism act. they seized a car they cia important to the investigation. 11 people are in custody for connection to the attack. tomorrow night ariana grande will headline one love manchester. a concert to honor the victims of the bombing and their families. other stars will also perform. workers are still setting up for the concert. more than 1,000 people are expected to be there. ♪
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shifting gears. a bit of beautiful evening in our area. time for the first alert forecast. so for that we turn to erika martin. >> right now the breezes are starting to die down just a little bit and temperatures are pretty mild. keep in mind we have mostly clear skies. so knany daylight heating goes right to the atmosphere. allen town, 62 degrees. wilmington, 62. and satellite and radar image really tells us a good tale here because we're not seeing much as far as clouds go. and sometimes we need those clouds to keep us like a blanket through the overnight hours. it is gorgeous across center city and a great night especially if you're getting out to enjoy the roots concert and the nexets three days look like this. keeping it dry, tracking showers
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sunday into monday. back to you. >> erika thank you. a delaware county toddler is dead. and it appears the little boy accidently shot himself. drew smith is live indexster township. >> reporter: one township leader told me it may be laying under a bed and when this child found it and began playing with it, it went off a bullet hitting fatally in the chest. dozens of family members rushed to this home, crying and attempting to comfort each other. >> i'm blown away. i'm not sure what happened here. but i know he's gone. >> reporter: a toddler they called junior pronounced dead in the house from gun shot wound. >> i find it difficult that a
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child that age would be able to hand algun. >> he was just a little kid. >> reporter: the tragedy comes one day after the city of chester was rocked by four shootings, including of a 16-year-old. >> this is a sat and unfortunate situation and i'm really lost for words. >> reporter: a young life ended because of a gun. >> he's a child monopoly you know. he's a baby. he had so much potential. >> reporter: police were questioning family members at the police department tonight. they did not wish to make a comment to us. we also ask police where does this investigation go from here? will there be any charges but so far no answer on that. nbc 10 news. the man accused of stabbing a philadelphia counselman is facing attempted murder charges. he turned himself into police this morning.
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he says he didsa didn't do it. he lives near o's neighborhood where he was stabbed wednesday night. o is doing okay and says this attack is a chance to confront issues that lead people to commit violence. >> motivated to get out and address the underlying issues about why people end up in unfortunate circumstances. >> he surrendered so he would not be a fugitive. next, an update on a man acused of mocking someone with a disability before assaulting him. plus marches for truth. why thousands across the country took the streets to demand answers from president trump. i'm danny pommels from csn. the phillies long losing streak is mercifully over.
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the bats came out in bat breaking fashion. the highlight oofz much needed win coming up.
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built for business. they call it a march for truth and hundreds of people stepped out in philadelphia today demanding answers in the russia investigation. the protesters want a transparent and impartial investigation into russian medaling into the u.s. election. the movement aims at holding president trump's administration accountable. this is part of a national campaign there were marches of truth in more than 100 cities today. a joke too far.
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up next on nbc 10 news at 11. why comedian bill maher is back tracking after a word he used last night and ted, while it is dry and mostly icalclear, i'm tracking showers to kick off the work week. ♪
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major back lash for bill maher, the late night host is appaologizing tonight for using racial slur during a live taping of his show, "real time." >>. [ bleep] >> as seen in this clip, the comedian used a slur during a conversation with a senator who
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invited mar to visit him in the fields of nebraska there was an out cry. mahr saying in part the word was offensive and i regret saying it and i am very sorry. authorities hunt for a suspect caught on camera punching a disabled man in chesterer county. they say berry baker punched a man outside a westchester 7/11 last month. now they're offering a $5,000 reward leading to his arrest. he was charged, paid bail. rocking out with the roots. they hit the stage to headline their music festival just a few hours ago. ♪ >> the roots picnic was at festival peer at penn's landing
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tonight. thirts 10th year, featuring big name performances like geezy and 21 savage. >> it's like three or four stages they have set up, so it's very interesting to see how everything's inside. this is my first time and i'm really excited. >> reporter: they say the lights, cameras, amplifiers, four stages and acts took months of planning to put together. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> i'm first alert meteorologist erika martin with your mostly clear forecast. a live look outside, not seeing much in the way of clouds. high temperature in philadelphia, 76 degrees. top wind gusts, 27 miles per hour, coming out of the northwest. so, yes, it was a little gusty for today but the winds are starting to die down. coats vill cooler, at 59.
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trenton 57 acurrent temperature in philadelphia, 65 degrees. we do have this broad area of high pressure. i always say anytime we see this area of high pressure, means we cannot develop clouds. usually we need rising air and mostly clear for everyone. overnight lows, the average for philadelphia, 58 degrees. and i'm forecasting 58 for tonight. 52 for mt. holly. and atlantic city you're expected overnight low a pair of fives for you. hour by hour forecast keeps conditions dry at least through tomorrow night. we start to sesee a couple of showers and picking up on clouds tomorrow evening. we can start to see showers move nothing to our area, some pockets for parts of lehigh valley, so of course we will be tracking this for you.
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be sure to follow us on social media for more updates on your hour by hour forecast and what to expect for your monday morning. we're tracking temperatures in the low 80s for tomorrow. i have p.m. showers in the forecast sunday into monday. i also added the chance of isolated thunder storms and we're tracking the potential for showers tuesday. and then rebound slightly by thursday. notice we see 80s on friday with a chance of rain showers late into saturday. 81 on saturday and then next monday we're tracking temperatures in the upper 80s. this is the 12th and 13th, 89 on monday and 88 on tuesday, the 13th. so it looks like conditions will rebound nicely. if you like really hot conditions, hang on until then. keep your umbrellas handy because you will need them to
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kick off the following work week. here's danny pommels and sports. this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x1/. >> thank you. danny pommels with you once again. desperate for anyone to help them. ben lively making his major league debut and it was one to remember. check him out in the sixth inning. the phillies down 1-0 tommy joseph lifts one long and gone to left field. 447 feet. longest by philly this season. we're tied at one. he gave the phillies a much needed quality start in his debut. he allows just one run in seven strong. phillies offense determined to give him a win. herrera with the bases juice. the juice, the two bagger, clears the pads.
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that double in the gap brings everybody home and the back flip once again pretty effort. he knew he got ahold of that one. lively knows that seized his first major league win. his mom and sister all in the stands. nashville hosting a stanley cup final game for the first time ever and the fans in nashville ready for the opening face off. they came in trailing two games to none but dominated from the opening skate. in the third period, craig smith pounces to beat matt murray for the score. game four monday night in nashville. that is your look at sports. we'll be right back.
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an update on breaking news from london. six dead and at least 20 hurt in two attacks in the city. they now believe they killed all the attackers. both cases are being called terrorist incidents.
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a van plowed into people walking across the london bridge. suspects then got out and started stabbing people the three attackers were shot and killed by police. very latest on that coming up on nbc news "today." >> the 10-day forecast brings us a little bit of a mixed bag. tracking a major warm up by monday the 12th into tuesday the 13th. notice how i have those days down pat. 89 monday, 88 tuesday. >> creeping up towards night. thank you so much for being with us. for erika and all of us here, we hope you have a great night. "saturday night live" is coming your way next.
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♪ i wanna rock and roll all night and party every day ♪ >> good morning. >> here we go. >> good morning. that's "rock and roll all nite" by kiss. >> great song. >> if you're listening to loud classic rock, followed by the most casual of political conversation, it must be "morning joe."


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