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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  June 5, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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few minutes. now we'll go to traffic and jessica boyington. >> thanks. starting off on the vine street expressway. cameras at 24th street were open. last week we were dealing with the construction that closed it down in both directions westbound and eastbound. right now all lanes open again on the vine. moving through center city will be good. 95 through delaware, everything looks good here, as well. at least according to drive times. ten minutes on the northbound side from 295 to 495. speeds into the 60s. watching for a scheduled opening that was scheduled for 4:15 this morning. in the process of that over the 14th street bridge. the ben and walt are clear. back to you. now to breaking news we're following out of bucks county. a shelter-in-place order is in effect because police are searching for an escaped prisoner. the search covers doylestown, warrington, and shalton. >> matt delucia has new developments. what are you seeing out there? >> reporter: well, i just got some new information from
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doylestown police a few minutes ago. first, i want to show what is going on here. we're just off of 611 here by edison road in doylestown. you see police activity here. this is where the prisoner was last seen. let me tell you some of the information that i got here. the prisoner was in a bucks county sheriff's transport van. the suspect asked to be -- to stop the van because he was feeling sick. inside he was able to remove the foot shackles that he was wearing, got out, pushed the deputy, and ran away. at that point, he made his way here into doylestown. philly aviation units, k-9 units assisting. as you look at video here, this has been an intense search for the past several hours. the escaped prisoner was last seen in this area here by 611. the home where he was seen, this is exactly where we are now, the home is occupied. the escaped prisoner still has handcuffs on his wrists. he in custody, we're told, for a
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failure to appear in court charge. right now, this is the description that we're told, that he's wearing an orange shirt, jeans, and work boots. he's handcuffed, a white male, approximately 25 years old. he's not believed to be considered armed or dangerous. police are not advising that you approach the man. the shelter-in-place order is still in effect for warrington, shalfont, doylestown. reporting live, matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> thank you. 4:32. opening statements in the bill cosby sex assault trial begin today. he's accused of drugging and molesting andrea constand in his che che cheltenham home in 2004. the jury is sequestered and will be at a nearby hotel. news 4 will be following the story every step of the way. you can get alerts by
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downloading the free nbc10 app and look for full coverage on air and on line. we're also following another high-profile trial, this one in bucks county. closing arguments are scheduled in doylestown for lee kaplan accused of sexually abusing six sisters. he fathered two children with one of the girls. the girls' parents gifted them to kaplan. police are searching for a shooter who committed an schedule-institution double -- execution-style double murder. the bodies of a man and woman were discovered in this car on sidney street yesterday. it appears someone in the back seat shot the victims who were up front and then got out and ran away. the car may have been parked there for days. drew smith spoke with a neighbor who was traumatized by what she saw in the car. >> reporter: what was your initial feeling? >> oh, my god.
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these people are dead? it was obvious -- there was blood splattered all over the place. they were clearly dead. >> police have not released the names of the victims. they're both from the philadelphia area. today marks five years since the deadly market street building collapse in center city, philadelphia. on this day back in 2012, a building being demolished fell on a salvation army thrift store at 22nd and market. seven people died. a dozen others were injured or maimed. last month a woman who lost her legs in the collapse was awarded more than $95 million as part of a larger settlement. the construction contractor and excavator operator both serving prison time for manslaughter convictions in the case. the suspect is now formally charged with trying to murder philadelphia councilman david oh. sean yarbray was arraigned yesterday. police say he stabbed councilman oh while trying to rob him outside of his home in kingsessing last week. oh was back to work on friday. 4:34.
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pennsylvania governor tom wolf is backing a senate bill to overhaul pensions for future state employees. the measure passed a committee vote last night. a full senate vote is expected later today. the bill would shrink the traditional benefit for future hires while adding a 401-style benefit. also today, unionized school employees from philadelphia and across pennsylvania will rally support in harrisburg for governor wolf's budget proposal. wolf's budget includes more money for public education and restores a billion dollars in school cuts made during the corbett administration. pamela? the former president and ceo of the pennsylvania convention center regarded as a trailblazer in the community is now laid to rest. loved ones and local leaders attended ahmeenah young's funeral yesterday. she died after a battle with cancer. she was 69 years old. young spent more than 20 years with the center serving as the first african-american and first female president and ceo. city council president darrell clark said philadelphia has lost
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a shining star. a south jersey congressman who helped revive the gop health care law will get a boost from president trump this upcoming weekend. the president will join tom mcarthur at his golf club in new jersey. he represents portions of burlington and ocean county. activists opposed to the republicans' plan for health care rallied outside the philadelphia office of pat toomey yesterday. the american people look act passed the house last month -- the american health care act passed the house last month. >> if it's not the same for everybody and doesn't insure more people, the answer is no! >> no! >> many house republicans admitted they did not read their own health care bill before voting to approve it. 4:36. this morning, new video from the london terror attacks. >> what we're learning about the men believed to have caused the weekend chaos that killed seven. pulling an all-nighter.
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police in bucks county chase in bear up a tree. ahead, why they're now playing waiting game to safely capture it. and what's in a name? resolution. ahead, wawa reaches an agreement a small north jersey convenience store named dawa. and let's look outside in center city. still dark this morning. what we're going to be dealing with, morning showers. more likely to see the rain this afternoon. even possibly a thunderstorm. we'll track it out hour by hour coming up.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you now. we're watching the roads. we're starting with the schuylkill expressway. around girard avenue is our camera. everything looks good so far. you can see both directions look okay. the eastbound side moving toward center city is good. from the blue route to the vine, 13 minutes, average speeds up into the high 50s. remember, once you get to the vine, it's open this morning.
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we're not dealing with that construction there either. also watching the 42 freeway in new jersey, five minutes in both directions now. especially watching the northbound side from 55 to the walt whitman bridge. any traffic moving toward philadelphia, that's typically where we see delays in the morning. of course, not yet. we're ahead of the game there before we start to see any big delays. just like i said, jersey roads look good. route 57 at hoodenfield looking good. -- haddenfield looking good. and we'll have more updates in ten. all right. let's start with the first alert radar. we have showers this morning. they're light and very spotty in nature at this point. you see the green on the board. it's pretty much directly west to east as we speak. and for the most part, these little cells are weakening. here let's zoom in into parts of burlington county. one area of light rain at pemberton and taxnacle, woodland, passing into central
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new jersey until it moves offshore. this continues to move east. this morning, light spot rain that we are expecting. let's look at the hour-by-hour futurecast. i will make adjustments verbally as we go through this. this model you go from now through 11:30, no rain what is over. i would not not surprised by a spotlight -- i would not be surprised by a spot light shower moving west to east. this is light. a little windshield wiper, and you'll be good. and rain dropping through at 11:30. 3:30 in the afternoon, this brings a potential for thunderstorms mostly north and south. so not as good of a potential in the centralmost part of the area. we see the possibility around 3:30 in the afternoon through 7:00 p.m. now we see the possibility at philadelphia, trenton, and areas to the south, as well. from 7:00 through the overnight, still some lingering rain in the area. even into tuesday morning. spot showers still possible. so a rainy, dreary day with the
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cloudy conditions that will last throughout our forecast. actually, when we look at chantses of rain, they're -- chances of rain, they're not going anywhere for several days. we've got the potential from philly to reading, atlantic city to dover. you see the consistency on tuesday and wednesday, the possibility. none of the days are total washouts. all of the days we will see some rain move throughout the area. you see the notable droppoff thursday, friday -- drop-off thursday, friday. in reading, the potential for rain to drop. temperatures will climb. we'll take a closer look at that coming up in a few minutes. >> all right. thank you. time is 4:42. here's a look at some of the stories we're working on for "nbc10 news today" at 5:00 -- >> suing chris christie. new details about this nurse's lawsuit against the governor after he ordered her to be quarantined over ebola concerns. plus this -- ♪ the healing power of music. we have reaction to the concert
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benefiting the victims of the manchester terror attack. one lucky pup. at 5:15, hear how the dachshund got stuck in a tree and managed to get out.
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a quarter to 5:00 on this monday. a search for an escaped prisoner in bucks county. this shoegs where the shelter-in-place order remains. the man is 25-year-old daniel selby. he got away from a sheriff's deputy last night around 8:30. he was last seen at a home on route 611 at edison and doylestown. the prisoner was wearing an orange shirt, jeans, and work boots, not considered armed or dangerous. police urge you not to approach him on your own. we'll keep you updated. now to the terror in london. we've learned that the british police say they know the identities of the men who carried out the deadly attack on saturday. new cell phone video obtained by
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british newschannel shows the three attackers. the majts shimages show them we what appears to be explosives around their waists. police say the canisters were fake. then there was this -- >> i'm trying to keep myself safe. >> more video from witnesses shows the chaos following the attack. the gunshots you heard came from police opening fire on the terrorists. the image is also showing people running to safety. this morning, isis is claiming the attackers were members of its terror group. it offered no proof. police killed all three men. they also arrested more than a dozen others in connection with a van and knifing attack. seven people died. more than three dozen others were hurt. coming up in the next half hour, hear people arriving back at philadelphia national airport from the uk. washington is gearing up for potentially explosive testimony this week from former fbi director james comey.
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last month president trump fired comey with the russia investigation in mind. comey's scheduled to go before an open session of the senate intelligence committee this thursday. lawmakers are expected to ask comey whether the president wanted to influence or obstruct the investigation into his campaign's relationship with russia. president trump could try to block comey's testimony by using his executive privilege power. analysts say that's unlikely to happen. both democrats and republicans are urging against that. meantime, russian president vladimir putin is dismissing the idea that his government has damaging information on plump. >> in an exclusive -- on president trump. >> in an exclusive interview with megyn kelly, he called it a load of nonsense. take a listen -- >> translator: there was a time when he used to come to moscow. you know, i never met with him. we have a lot of americans who visit us. right now i think we have representatives from 100 american companies that have come to russia. you think we're gathering compromising information on all of them now or something? are you -- have you all lost
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your senses over there? >> also putin again denied any russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election and any knowledge of russian contacts with the trump campaign. our county-by-county coverage begins in bucks county. >> the waiting game continues between wildlife officials and a bear stuck in a tree. take a look. the bear's been hanging out over street road in feasterville since yesterday afternoon. authorities cratranquilized the animal several times, but he didn't budge. they're waiting for the bear to come down so they can take it to a more suitable place. in camden county, nbc's parent company comcast is affirming its support of national guard and reservists. it will sign a statement of support at noontime at its voorheis office. a hiring fair and networking event will follow later in the afternoon. volunteers cleaning up the conestoga river in lancaster county made an unusual discovery -- look at this. they found parts of an atm.
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lancaster city police are trying to figure out how it got there. no word on whether there's any money inside. at the jersey shore, the cape may county prosecutor's office will hold a conference today on bullying and domestic violence. it's called creating safe schools, safe communities. it's free and starts at :30 this morning at the wildwoods convention vecentre. another horse show is in the books. the 2017 edition of the deafyon horse show ended yesterday. it featured world-class horse and rider teams in different challenges. this was the 121st devon horseshoe. from a prison to a playground, the land that once held the riverfront state prison in camden today becomes the cooper's point waterfront park. the four-acre park is at the base of the ben franklin bridge. it will hold a multipurpose trail. at the jersey shore, the
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ultimate test of physical and mental toughness in cape may. nearly 2,000 athletes hit the water and trails and streets for the fifth annual escape the cape triathlon early sunday. just look could at what the -- looking at what the video is. the athletes started with a 12-foot jump off the cape may lucifery and ran through the back roads of cape may county. 4:50. let's check the ride to work as you head out around this time every morning. we'll check 295. >> first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington keeping an eye on it for us. how's it looking? we're doing pretty good now. early on a monday, not seeing backups or delays or big problems to talk about. 295 at west stdeficitford at 13 -- departmentford west deptford delaware, in the 60s. 422 looks similar at least with the drive times doing well here,
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eight minutes both directions, especially eastbound. that's moving toward the schuylkill. by 6:30 or so, seeing delays there. an hour and a half away from that. speeds in the 60s. and first train out the gate for the septa thorndale rline runnig 14 minutes late. new jersey, amtrak, and patco on time. >> thank you. we're tracking changes in the weather department. >> yes, and they'll continue through the week. krystal klei has you covered. we're looking at rainy conditions at least through the first half of the workweek. light showers are passing as we speak. light in nature. not a big concern. a heads up, you might get a few drops. it will be a warm afternoon. you're not going to have to worry about being cold throughout the day. you'll worry about that tomorrow. umbrella on hand, something to worry about. we'll have the potential of afternoon showers and thunderstorms particularly along
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the northern and southernmost parts of the area later today. here's the live view over center city now. what you see is it's still dark. you can't tell on the cam, but there's though rain passing through philly at this point. temperatures in the 60s. we're at 64 in manayunk and west mt. airy. 66 in graduate hospital. and at the airport. also 64 now for fox chase. these temperatures, though, are going to boost up nicely thanks to a warm front that scooted across the area. that means into the afternoon, some areas upper 70s to around 80 degrees. a few spotty showers are passing by. you see the area of thunderstorms that is moving off and over the sea. what we've got is -- over the city. what we've got is the first round of moisture moving through. farther west, not a lot heading our direction in the morning hours. it's the afternoon i think we'll tap into the next round of wet weather. here's the neighborhood forecast. temperatures for today, 80 in center city and 82 for
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summerton. upper 70s for the suburbs. 79 in lansdale. and the lehigh valley, up to 77 degrees in kutztown. i think the best chance for thunderstorms will be parts of the suburbs to the lehigh valley. still a possibility throughout philadelphia and even into new jersey, the shore, or delaware, just not as good of a chance. 78 for trenton today. cooler along the jersey shore. in fact, these are the temperatures that we're dealing with now almost. we're not going to see a lot of warming today. and as winds come from the south and southwest, the onshore breeze keeps things calm still. in delaware, 78 for the forecast high in wilmington today. that's the same for smyrna with cloudy conditions throughout. wind pattern will be changing. that means temperatures will be dropping. right now we've got winds coming from the southwest. that keeps in the warm air. here we go into your tuesday, now coming from the east. that is going to make the temperatures considerably cooler over a couple of days of the workweek. we'll get to the details with the ten day on 10 in the next
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half hour. thousands hope their dreams will come true after auditions for "the voice" in philadelphia this weekend. ♪ ♪ >> whoa. >> all right. real talent there. contestants drove in from boston, connecticut, and virginia for the chance to audition. they lined up for hours yesterday at the pennsylvania convention center to try to win a chance to turn the judges' chairs next season. >> long car ride. >> reporter: how long have you been singing? >> forever, my whole life literally. literally my whole life. >> i'm confident. i came here to do my thing. i wouldn't have come here if i wasn't confident. >> best of luck to the contestants there. the next open auditions are in st. louis. we may be nearing the end of the name game. >> next, what we're learning about the legal battle between this small north jersey shore and the convenience store chain with a very similar name.
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also, major leap mvp -- major league mvp. why the phillies pulled out all the stops for a special fan.
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heads up for drivers. watch for lane closures on city avenue this morning. expect slowdowns between bala avenue and winwood road from today through friday between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. as crews install new traffic signals. penndot is updating 17 intersections along city avenue with a new wireless communication system that should improve traffic flow. there will be new pedestrian push buttons, pavement markings, and overhead street signs. the project is being paid for with almost $3 million in federal funding. three minutes before 5:00. we have a followup on a legal case involving wawa and a convenience store in north jersey with a similar name. the story in patterson is called dawa. it said it will change its name.
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wawa sued the owner for trademark infringement claiming that dawa was taking advantage of the wawa brand. dawa is a casual way of saying come in or welcome in korean. the store comes one the new name -- when it comes up with its new name, we'll let you know. a south jersey boy dealing with a serious illness had a day to remember this weekend. >> he did. the phillies gave him the vip treatment. >> the pitch would come in, and i'd go ha! just like that. >> that's curtis and his family. >> you're not going to argue after that, are you? i didn't think so. >> part of their conversation. they got to meet with the major league umpire. the 9-year-old is battling cystic fibrosis and kidney disease. the ump cares charity and casey foundation teamed up to give the young fan a behinds-the-scenes look at the at the ballpark. >> i saw the equipment and saw
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things like if they're working out and hurt, they can work out down there. it was fun. >> matty and his family got to meet the philly fanatic. you see them posing for a picture. fun that he was able to do that. >> very sweet. now for more on the stories we're following now on "nbc10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. -- >> all-out manhunt. breaking now, police are scouring several bucks county neighborhoods looking for an escaped prisoner. people are being told to stay inside and lock their doors. deadly home invasion. philadelphia police say a man was shot to death by someone who barged right through his door. bill cosby on trial. opening statements are expected this morning in the sexual assault case between the comedian and a woman who claims he drugged and attacked her. just before 5:00 a.m. good morning and welcome to "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm pamela osborne. let's begin with meteorologist
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krystal klei with the most create nbc10 first alert neighborhood weather. and you're tracking changes today. yeah. so we're looking at the next few days being kind of this rainy period that we'll be dealing with. not washout days, but at least some rain over our area day after day. not the best start. looking at first alert radar now, we don't have a ton of rain to track. like i mentioned, this isn't going to be a washout. this morning particularly there's light showers passing by. now you see moving through parts of bucks county and moving out of burlington county. next round of rain is getting ready to move into chester county. this is very light. as you're driving through, maybe a few drops on the windshield. use the wipers, and you'll be good to go. a heads up, it means that extra hairspray, higher humidity, not the most beautiful day. yeah. tracy's like, yeah, we were putting it on early this morning. so we've got the moisture. we've got more to come in the afternoon. take the wider perspective. watch the area of rain that's directly to the west. watch the


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