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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  June 6, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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his perch. a lot of news to get to. we can hear the rain coming down. >> pounding here. >> good morning, this is "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm katy zachry. it's 6:00 on the dot. speaking of the rain, let's get right to first alert meteorologist krystal klei. she has your most accurate weather forecast. a lot of talk about the rain and when it will move out. >> yeah. we said around 6:00 a.m. we'll see the heaviest stuff in philadelphia and the i-95 corridor. radar and satellite cutting through from trenton to philadelphia down to wilmington. the oranges, yellows, reds, that is the heaviest rain. heavy enough that when it's hitting the roof, we can hear it coming down. if you're heading out now and you're in this area or south jersey, grab the umbrella, grab a jacket with a hood. you are going to need it. in abington, you see the orange, pocket of red. heavy rain there. now into philadelphia, almost center city, heavy rain.
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wilmington, particularly heavy downpours in wilmington, northern new castle county. let's time this out as it moves into south jersey. in philadelphia, it's moving through right now. cherry hill by around 6:20 this morning, almost there. washington township on the tail end of the 6:00 a.m. hour. lakewood by around 7:30. this should be moving your way. this is going to continue moving along, cutting through south jersey and then moving to the shore. as for temperatures, it is going to stay cool out there for our morning hours. only the low to possibly mid 60s by lunchtime. we will continue to have in-and-out showers not just with the line of heavier rain but scattered storms throughout the rest of the day. coming up, we'll time it out hour by hour so you can plan the rest of the day. we'll talk better news, the temperatures warm up by your weekend. we'll look at that coming up. right now we'll go to traffic with jessica boyington. yeah, already problems on the roads this morning. watching the schuylkill expressway, rain really coming down here. here's the cameras around montgomery drive. we have a disabled vehicle into
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the right-hand shoulder here. check the drive times, already at 20 minutes. seeing an increase, adding eight minutes to the trip eastbound moving from center city from the blue route to the vine. speeds are dropping down into the 30s. we're starting to see the big slowdowns on the roads. the market line for sent aeastbound service dealing with equipment problems and 15-minute delays. new jersey transit, amtrak, and patco for the most part look okay. there's a crash in east johnson highway around dekalb pike. more updates, of course, and i'll keep you updated on the schuylkill expressway and watch the drive times when i come back. it's primary day in new jersey today. moments ago, the polls opened to voters who will begin choosing the replacement to republican governor chris christie. >> yeah. it's a race joe biden calls the most important in the nation right now. nbc10's matt delucia is live if cherry hill this morning with more on this crowded field of hopefuls. matt? >> reporter: quite a few candidates to choose from today. the polls are open in new
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jersey. just opened at 6:00 a.m. and folks here will be deciding who will go head to head in november to replace outgoing governor chris christie. of course that is the big question as folks head to the polls. we have 11 candidates in the two parties vying to replace chris christie. second in command, kim guadagno on the republican ticket. last week, former vice president joe biden called the upcoming election for governor the single most-important race of the next three years. he's endorsed democrat phil murphy. biden also mentioned that the world will be watching what happens here, especially in the first big ele sinction president trump took was. we'll look at the candidates running here in the garden state for the republicans. in addition to kim guadagno, we have jack ciattarelli hirsch sing, joseph rulo, and steven rogers, for the democrats, phil murphy, jim johnson, ray lesniak, bill brennan, and john wisniewski. a lot of candidates to choose from.
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the polls opened a few minutes ago. at 6:00 a.m. they opened, and they will stay open until 8:00 tonight. if we look at voter turnout for the primary, four years ago the last time there was a gubernatorial election in new jersey. turnout for the primary here was the%. not too good -- was 9%. not too good then. hopefully things will be better this time. live in cherry hill. matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> thanks. there are also races for camden and atlantic city and seats in the state assembly. as matt said, the polls opened minutes ago and will close at 8:00 tonight. count on nbc10 for updates throughout the day on air and on the nbc10 app. 6:04. three shootings in the span of about 90 minutes were part of a violent night across philadelphia. one shooting turned deadly in the city's manchua neighborhood. a man was found with gunshot wounds to the head before midnight. he died at the hospital. so far no arrests. to frankfurt, a man shot around midnight is in critical
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condition. police responding to reports of gunfire found the man walking along adams avenue. medics took him to hospital with a wound to the stomach. investigators hoping that private security cameras can help them find the shooter. a third shooting of a man in philadelphia on percy street. a domestic dispute led to the fire. police looking for the shooter who ran from the house. in montgomery county, dozens of homeowners in abington are still without water this morning. others are under a boil water advisories because of a broke -- advisory because of a broken main. crews are out trying to fix the pipe this morning. sky force 10 was over edge hill road yesterday where water rushed down to tyson avenue. the gusher damaged yards and basements. some homes had to be evacuated. repair crews from aqua cut off water service to at least 85 homeowners. thoufsz gallons of water rushed into -- thousands of gallons of water rushed into aaron houston's back yards.
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>> heard a whooshing sound. my wife was on the couch, and i said, oh, no. she goes, what? i got up, and we can see the wave coming down the back yard. >> only neighbors getting advisories from aqua need to boil their tap water. homeowners with damage should call the aqua claims representative. we have now details on russian interference with the 2016 election. it involves the first arrests of an alleged leaker. yesterday federal authorities arrested and charged reality winner, government contractor, with leaking a top-secret nsa document on russia's meddling in a 2016 election. the document describes new details about russia's efforts to hack voting software in the u.s. a week before the election. the document also suggests russian government officials were involved in that cyberattack. winner's arrest came hours after an online news outlet published that document. two men are facing charges in a massive warehouse fire known as the ghost ship fire in oakland, california, that claimed dozens of lives.
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derek january mena and max -- almena and max harris charged with involuntary manslaughter. officials have not determined the cause of the fire but say the two men who illegally allowed dozens of people to live there are responsible for their deaths. gone too soon. family, friends, and classmates remembering a beloved and respected delaware county student killed in a crash sunday night. >> father gods, we ask you to lay your -- father god, we ask you to lay your hands on j.r. smith's family. >> they lit candles, cried together, and released balloons in honor of jayon smith. he was killed in a rollover crash on i-95 sunday night. two other teens were also hurt. his death has everyone reeling. >> was loved. my baby was well loved. >> great kid. great teammate. >> almost a straight-a student, honor roll student. god took him too fast. >> as you heard, his football teammates called smith a mentor and inspiration to younger
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players. 6:08 and 61 degrees. relatively warm but boy, is it wet. it's coming down. this is a wet broad street. krystal klei with the most create, most wet first alert forecast. >> seriously, there is not the way you want to wake up for the morning. we've got the line of storms from berks county. we were watching it head our way. now it is here, looking over center city. you can't see the tall buildings because of low hanging clouds and visibility because of the rain. this will continue dropping south. south jersey, no rain here. it's coming, same deal with the shore. this is wilmington, wow, heavy rain coming down. that is not fog. that is from the rain that is quite heavily moving through. this is the first alert radar view. there's the line i was talking about th about. this line has been holding together well, which is why we're seeing the heavier rain.
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flooding in low-lying areas, dumping so much rain so quickly. we'll zoom in to the areas with the heaviest rain. in wilmington, that's what's happening. the red indicates a very heavy rain coming down. we look over into gloucester, camden county, the heavy rain just beginning to make its way through philadelphia. this is going to last another 20, 30 minutes before it weakens in the orange. abington, cheltenham, ben salem, lighter. steady rain continues into bucks and mercy county, as well. we're all getting some of it this morning as this drops south. here's the hour by hour, 6:00 a.m. through to 7:00 a.m. still along the i-95 corridor. 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., now right through south jersey and spotty over the shore. from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., hanging over the shore beginning to move off. cloudy, not the end of the rain either. scattered showers particularly
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west in the early afternoon. by the later afternoon, isolated thunderstorms creeping into philadelphia and south jersey, and then things will start to weaken as we go overnight. coming up, we'll talk more about the temperatures associated with this, they are cooler than average. wleeblg at when we start -- we'll look at when we start to warm up. >> thanks. 6:10. you may be heading out the door. you'll want to listen to jessica's report. >> rain usually slows things down, and i see flashing lights, where is that? >> yeah, on the schuylkill here. a few problems going on. let me list them off. on the schuylkill expressway around montgomery drive is where we're watching here. the drive time really climbing up there. 23 minutes now already on the eastbound side from the blue route to the vine street expressway. speeds are dropping into the 30s. they're even lower than they were when we saw them ten minutes ago. there's a disabled vehicle here, as well, into the right-hand shoulder. all this traffic is moving toward center city. so the fact that it already looks like that, that means coming up in the next couple of minutes or at least by the 7:00 hour, we'll be jammed. in bethlehem, watch for a crash on route 378 southbound between
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8th avenue and 3rd avenue closed and being diverted around that accident scene there. we're also watching a water main break in abington, edgehill road is closed between north tyson avenue around easton road. a crash on the new jersey turnpike is closing a portion of the outer roadway on that northbound side in cranberry township. that's exit 8 around route 33. you see delays on the map system. the inner roadways are still open. traffic is being diverted around to the left to get to the inner road. you can see delays. a lot of traffic heading northbound on the turnpike now. back to you. ahead, apple's unveiling. the tech giant's device that's giving siri a new voice. plus, expanding education. pennsylvania's new proposal that will mean a longer school day for the youngest students.
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6:15. boy, you'll want to leave the house a little bit early. it is a rainy ride to work on i-95 in south philly. meteorologist krystal klei has the timeline for rain in your neighborhood and when it will move out in a few minutes. only nbc10 was there as officers tranquilized and removed a bear who spent the past two days in and out of trees across feasterville and trevos in bucks county. we've been showing this bear up in the tree. now we see him there tranquilized. they had to use a police helicopter to scare him to the ground. then they were able to safely tranquilize him. the bear will be taken to game lands in the harrisburg area and released. opening statements set today in the child sex assault trial of jerry sandusky's adopted son. yesterday the jury was seated in jeffrey sandusky's trial. police arrested him in february. the 41-year-old is charged with several sex crimes involving two teenage girls. the jury convicted jeffrey's
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father, jerry sandusky, of sexually abusing ten boys. the former penn state assistant football coach is now serving a 30 to 60-year prison sentence. today jurors will be back at work deliberating the fate of the man accused of sexually assaulting six sisters who authorities say were gifted to him by the girls' parents. the prosecutors say lee kaplan fathered two children with one of the girls. he is facing several charges including rape of a child. the jury deliberated for five hours yesterday before being sent home for the night. philadelphia's city council is considering a plan to reimburse teachers who pay for school supplies out of their own pocket. because of budget constraints, many teachers buy books and classroom items themselves. they say that has to change. >> why is it accepted and expected for teachers to pay out of their wages? teachers are professionals, and we should be treated as such. i've spent countless hours fund-raising for my room, begging family members, friends, and the greater community. >> councilman david oh
6:17 am
introduced the bill to raise money for teacher reimbursements through public and private funds. full-day kindergarten could become a reality for students across pennsylvania. a bill introduced yesterday would require all pennsylvania school districts to add the full day by the 2018-2019 school year. supporters say half-day kindergarten programs aren't sufficient to prepare children for the future. 6:17 on your tuesday. 61 outside. the temperature is slowly dropping, the rain is increasing -- >> let's prepare you for your ride to work. >> there you go. >> jess? yeah, we'll start on the new jersey turnpike. cranberry township on the northbound side of the outer road. that's closed right now with the scene around exit 8. what they're doing is diverting traffic to the left so they can head up on the inner drive and get up past that scene there. we're seeing delays. in mansfield township, another crash on the turnpike's northbound side at exit 6, around the p.a. turnpike. we're also watching the
6:18 am
schuylkill expressway. now we have the disabled vehicle into the right-hand shoulder, still lingering into the shoulder at montgomery drive. 27 minutes. every time we look at this it's worse. from the blue route to the vine street expressway, speeds are into the 20s. very slow, and rain is heavily falling, as well. we're watching in bethlehem for a crash on 378 headed southbound between 8th and 3rd, that's also cl closed. watching an water main break in abington. edgehill road is closed at north tyson road. updates when i come back, and we'll economic in with 78 -- we'll check in with 78. there's a problem there. >> now you're updated on your ride to work. we'll update you on the rain coming down across the area. this is a live picture from wilmington. let's find out about the rain in your neighborhood and when it will move out if we can fast forward the rain. krystal klei has that. >> reporter: it would be flies
6:19 am
to fast -- it would be nice to fast forward the rain that we don't like. we have scattered showers through the afternoon hours. now, this is a live view of i-95 near south philly. i showed this 30 minutes ago, and it was still dry. this line is coming in like a bear, and it's pouring over us. let's take a look at the radar. right through trenton into philadelphia, philadelphia seeing some of the heaviest rain on the radar here with the oranges and reds. just now exiting wilmington. i could tell when we showed the live camera because the visibility's already improving. so as this passes, it drops visibility for 30 minutes and moves on. we'll take a closer look at the timing of where the storm may hit your neighborhood. the heaviest rain. that's the line that i'm showing here. lingering into philadelphia the next 15 or 20 minutes or so. south jersey, camden is about 6:45, starting to move through. the rest of south jersey continuing through the 7:00 a.m. hour. at 8:00 to 9:00 a.m., this will
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move offshore, but the shore will get its share of heavier rain, particularly from atlantic county and north through ocean. that's the areas that we'll see the line make its way through. we'll pull this out, and you see there's actually much better conditions now behind this line. don't be fooled -- scattered showers will continue into the afternoon hours especially along the western edge. berks county, delaware, and chester county into delaware itself. temperatures are going to be cool today. not warming like they should. average high is 80. 61 at graduate hospital. 60 society hill. 60 for west mt. airy. we'll talk temperatures through the day. neighborhood by neighborhood. we've got to talk winds first. winds from northeast. that automatically makes things cooler today. along the western edge, we have winds coming from the west because of a cold front that makes things cooler for the day. 61 to about 66 at 4:00 with the
6:21 am
rain. we're in the mid to upper 60s through the suburbs this afternoon. scattered showers in the lehigh valley. only around 63 at 4:00 p.m. we could squeak in a low 70 in areas like delaware with showers in and out. an isolated thunderstorm can't be ruled out in south jersey or the shore with the temperature of 63 degrees, as well. coming up in a bit, we'll look at that ten day on 10. i'll talk to the rest of our weekend. >> thank you. 6:21. apple unveiled its newest device. next, the debut that gives siri a new role. plus, on the run. how the father of this escaped inmate in bucks county helped in the getaway.
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the heat is on for the pittsburgh penguins. they dropped the stanley cup game four against the predators here on nbc10. the series is tied. the next game is thursday in pittsburgh. the penguins are trying to
6:25 am
become back-to-back cup champions. apple is getting into the home assistance business. >> it is beautiful, and we call it home pod. >> the home pod is voice activated and connected to the internet. it will work with siri and listen to your voice commands. the home pod will run you $349. it will be available in december. apple was careful to frame it as a product focused on music first with a better sound system to play music. to delaware county. hundreds of cancer survivors and their supporters are celebrating life. last night, the keystone health system hosted its annual cancer survivors day event in springfield. local survivors shared their inspirational stories. health system officials handed out awards to supporters of the fight against cancer. and a live look outside. this is looking over center city. hard to see because of the heavy rain that is moving throughout and along the i-95 corridor. coming up, we'll track when the
6:26 am
rain will make it into south jersey and parts of delaware. i'll let you know what temperatures are like the rest of the day as a result of the rainy weather. and will the mother of one of cosby's accusers be allowed to testify before a jury? we'll take you inside the judge's choice, next. caress, with floral fusion oil is more than one thing. it's soft skin and fine fragrance. discover more than one thing with caress. soft skin, fine fragrance.
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donald tmeet phil murphy,by former goldman sachs bankers. another wall street banker running for governor, whose firm helped trigger the financial meltdown that put millions out of work and out of their homes. murphy's trying to buy the election, paying off new jersey bosses. my name's john wisniewski, and i'm running for governor of new jersey. john wisniewski, the son of a millwright, who uncovered the bridgegate scandal and exposed chris christie's corruption. the choice -- insider wall street politics or main street, new jersey, values.
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tears on the stand. the first witness in bill cosby's trial details how she says the comedian drugged and assaulted her. [ shouting ] beach fight. a brawl involving hundreds of students at the jersey shore sparks security changes for the summer season. and on the fence. a nascar fan tries to get a little too close to the action at the monster mile. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today." i'm katy zachri. >> i'm tracy davidson. it's 6:30.
6:30 am
the rain is coming down. poor visibility. let's get you updated on the forecast with meteorologist krystal klei. have the umbrella handy as you head out for your drive to work, school system, whatever you may be doing. here's a live camera view. this is along i-95. the rain is coming down heavily in philadelphia. this is the sports complex camera. we're looking at heavy rain across the i-95 corridor. look at easton, pennsylvania. the rain has already moved through. now it doesn't look bad. still cloudy, but no longer dealing with rain. the fog has thinned, as well. once the line passes, we will have a little breathe easy moment before the showers in the afternoon. the wide view showing the line cutting through. it's moved out of wilmington, delaware. let's make it a nice, tight look into philadelphia. the heavy stuff falling over philly. it's now starting to move into parts of burlington county and camden county. now south jersey, you're up next for the heaviest rain. pull this out of a bit moore -- pull this out a bit more to time
6:31 am
it out. toms river into jackson, 7:30 to 8:00 a.m., looking at the heaviest rain starting to cut through. galloway township to atlantic city, closer to 9:00 a.m. that's when it will start to move off shore. we'll track this more closely hour by hour coming up. now to traffic and roadways certainly affected, jessica. that's true. we're seeing things pop up all over the place. in bethlehem, we'll start here. a jackknifed tractor-trailer is reported on 78's westbound side before 412. the right lane is blocked because of that. we're seeing slowdowns. another spot in bethlehem on route 378 southbound between 8th and 3rd is closed with an accident scene. they're diverting contract around there. here's springfield, here's the blue route around the cameras at route 1. everything looks pretty -- what you would you think it would look like for now. into the 6:30 mark, seeing pretty big slowdowns and wet roads, as well on, certain spots. in cranberry township in new ey blocked with an accident on the
6:32 am
new jersey turnpike's northbound sideun doing is taking everybody out of the outer roadway and forcing them off into the inner drive which is making pretty big delays. the crash on the new jersey turnpike, further south. also on the northbound side, around exit 6 at the p.a. turnpi township. back to you. >> 6:32. 61 degrees. explosive and tearful testimony opened bill cosby's trial in montgomery county as one. his accusers took the stand -- one of his accusers took the stand. >> today the judge is expected to rule on who else can testify against him. >> nbc10'sveutside the northtow courthouse with mirror what is ahead for today -- with more on what is ahead for today and the rest of the trial. >> reporter: i had, had it comes down to this -- will the mother of one of allowed to testify before a judge. the witness we heard from said she told her ma'am abouthe assault back -- her mom about the assault back in 1996 and
6:33 am
described it to the jury. the witness who worked at cosby's talent agency told the jury she was invited to lunch at a bel air hotel by cosby and the assault occurred in a room after cosby forced her to take a pill. remember, this is a sex assault trial about andrea constand. in opening statements, cosby's attorney said what happened between constand and cosby was consensual. constand said that it was not, and the prosecution is hoping that witness testimony will establish a pattern that they say cosby was gaining the trust of these women, drugging and assaulting them. the defense hit back questioning the witness' credibility. they wanted to know why she didn't tell anyone until decades later. she began to cry and told the jury that she was humiliated and embarrassed. she told them cosby was the biggest celebrity in the world and at the time, she thought it was just her. we're expecting testimony to
6:34 am
pick back up at 9:30 this morning. we'll be inside of the courtroom and bring you updates throughout the day. reporting live outside the montgomery county courthouse, i'm pamela osborne, nbc10 news. new, philadelphia police looking for three men who shot and killed a dog last night on orchard street in frankfurt. police said a large pit bull with a chain around its neck was shot several times. police are looking at security video of the scene. we're about to show an assault on camera, and the video is disturbing. >> philadelphia police are asking for help if finding the teenagers you'll see on the video who are responsible for the attack. it happened thursday on chelton avenue in germantown. you can see one of these teenagers punching a mentally disabled man in the face before another steps in and hits the man again. police are investigating the assault and asking anyone who knows anything about this to come forward. in new castle county today, voters in the colonial school district will take a second crack at an $11 million funding referendum. voters rejected the plan back
6:35 am
that february. district officials say they'll have to make big cuts if the referendum fails again. cuts include 170 jobs, middle school and freshman sports, and money for school supplies and field trips. delaware will join nearly a dozen other states committed to the goals of the paris climate accord to slow global warming. yesterday, governor carney announced his state's membership in the climate alliance. california, new york, and washington state started the pact after president trump said that he's withdrawing america from the paris deal. in washington, the white house says president trump will not block former fbi director james comey from testifying before congress on thursday. comey was leading an investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 election when president trump fired him last month. presidents can use executive privilege to stop government employees from testifying. the white house press secretary said president trump will not do so. 6:35. let's get to the stories making
6:36 am
headlines county by county. starting things off in bucks county. >> a morrisville mother will be spending the next 12 to 40 years in prison for the death of her 2-year-old daughter. kayla moore pled no contest to third-degree murder charges. prosecutors said the toddler was beaten, kicked, and stomped to death. moore cried in front of the judge and asked for a chance to return one day to her surviving daughter. new details about daniel selby jr., the inmate who escaped police custody in bucks county. we brought you the search for selby as breaking news yesterday. police have arrested his father, daniel selby sr. he faces charges. helping his son get away. police say selby sr. drove him to philadelphia yet afternoon. selby jr. is still on the run. to the lehigh valley. an autopsy scheduled for a district judge found dead inside his home yesterday. robert halal was 52 years old. the coroner and whitehall township police are investigating his death. in burlington county, state
6:37 am
police and postal workers will dedicate a tree in memory of trooper sean cullen. the trooper was on the scene of a car fire along i-295 last year when another car hit him. the tree dedication ceremony is set for later this morning at the cinnaminson post office. trooper cullen was a graduate of cinnaminson high school. camden officials cut the ribbon to open cooper's point waterfront park. the five-acre site north of the ben franklin bridge was once home to riverfront state prison. the playground features a half-mile trail with views across delaware river. [ blee [ bleep ]. at the jersey shore, margate police have plans to fight brawls like this. this beach brawl happened over the weekend not far from a wawa. the police department is adding a wawa detail this summer because large crowds of teens like these often hang out in the parking lot. wawa says it's tired of it and
6:38 am
is paying for the police overtime. if you have not stepped outside, wait, don't go. you need the rain jacket and umbrella. and you're going to want to hear krystal klei's report. right. i would even wear my boots, right? >> yeah, coming down hard. >> it's wet out there. >> i thought you were going to say, wait, don't go. stay home from work today. it's rainy out there. honestly, it is gray everywrch the line of rain we see now, it will exit this morning. we'll have more rain the rest of the day. so here's new jersey along the shore. haven't seen rain here yet, but we will be as the line continues to make its way east. it's been moving lehigh, the suburbs, affiliatio -- philade. first off, going down to new castle county, already out of wilmington, moving over the bay
6:39 am
into pennsville and salem. seeing heavier rain that is moving through. over to philadelphia, looking at some of the heavier rain. most of it's moving out and over into new jersey. haddenfield township into cherry hill looking at the rain. and actually the heavier rain moves all the way up through to trenton. not quite as strong, but still that deep green and yellow indicating pockets of heavy showers moving through lawrence and moving out of middletown and ben salem, as we speak. these heavy showers continue going along to the east. there they are now. we go through the morning, 7:30 a.m. now scattered across south jersey. central jersey and into new york city. to 8:30 at the shore points, around 9:00, 9:30, it should move off shore. more rain coming. it will be more scattered in nature as we go through the early afternoon, especially along the western edge. we go from 1:30 through to 5:00.
6:40 am
now we've got isolated thunderstorms popping up. they're moving into parts of philadelphia and the lehigh valley. this is a day-long event where we'll be tracking rain moving through. we're also tracking cooler temperatures on the board. they warm up for the weekend. we'll get to that coming up. >> thanks. 6:40. we'll get you to work in all the rain. >> not just the rain to contend with, but there's an issue on 476 that jessica is following. yeah, probably because of the rain. we're seeing a lot going on so far this morning. there is wayne. the blue route on the southbound side, to the shoulder, we have cones out. earlier, there was police activity there. looks like they left the scene. either way, the southbound sight is starting to be slow. 17 minutes if you're moving from the schuylkill expressway to route 1. average speeds there are down already into the 30s. 76 at market in gloucester and new jersey, everything looks okay. seeing slowdowns. this is the northbound side.
6:41 am
that's what's moving up toward the bridges or toward the walt where you see the 676 split, camden to the ben. seeing slowdowns and roads are wet there also. in trenton, watch for traffic lights out and malfunctioning at 29 and cass street. in cranberry township, watching the outer roadway of new jersey turnpike's northbound side. they're diverting it to inner roads at exit 8. back to you. mtv is coming back to the jersey shore. >> it is, when and where cameras will start rolling again. plus, the legendary actor who will take on the role of the infamous penn state coach joe paterno. and a woman pays to have her yard fixed up, but the work never happens. her story and how you can avoid falling into the same trap this summer.
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6:45 on this rainy tuesday morning. rainy walk or drive for sure. looking down broad street. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking when you can expect rain coming up in a couple of minutes. a delaware bhan man is faci charges after he tried to get a little too close to a nascar race. he climbed on to the safety net to hang over the tie-break monster mile in dover. officers -- officers arrested him. charges include trespassing and disorderly conduct. now to "nbc10 responds" and a case of a no-show landscaping company. >> the sure said she paid in full but got nothing in return. she contacted harry hairston and the nbc10 responds team. justice has w-- this is one of the tree stumps -- >> reporter: joan says benicki
6:46 am
brothers landscaping charged her $600 in advance to remove tree stumps, cut the grass, and trim the hedges. but it never got done. >> it makes me angry, very disappointed. >> reporter: she said she tried calling them time and time again. she tells us the company never returned her calls, and later, the phone number for the company stopped working. >> so i had to get somebody else. >> reporter: she tells us after trying for two months to contact the benicki brothers, she decided to reach out to nbc10 responds. >> the main thing, i'd like to have the money back. >> reporter: the benickis told us they were having tough times and promised a refund within a week. a week later we followed up to see if they kept their word. hours later, they hand delivered nacero $600 in cash. >> thanks, harry, for getting our money back. >> reporter: harry hairston, nbc10 responds. the biggest takeaway -- do not pay for the service up
6:47 am
front. wait until the work is complete, especially when you're not asking a landscaper to purchase materials. even then, you should only pay a small percentage of what the material costs. if you have a consumer problem for nbc10 responds or telemundo 62 responde, the best ways to reach us on the screen. it's easy, and we will respond to you. 6:47. a few minutes away from 7:00 and the start of the "today" show. >> matt lauer and savannah guthrie with a preview. good morning. >> good morning. new information on the georgia woman arrested for allegedly leaking that top-secret nsa document and what the files are now revealing about moscow's efforts to interfere in our election. and then, could it be right for you? the promising new surgery-free treatment that takes less than an hour, and it's helping patients lose weight fast. and a first look at that death-defying and dizzying video of the daredevil's historic climb up yosemite's el cap'n
6:48 am
without safety gear -- el capitane without safety gear. we'll have more coming up. every time i look at that video, i want to move back from the television set. >> it's scary watching every shot, isn't it? >> he's a freak of nature. >> i can't believe he did that. >> yes. >> see you in a bit. >> bye-bye. about 6:50. here's a live look at penn's landing. you see rain on the lens there. yeah. do not be deceived. it is a rainy day ahead . krystal klei has more in first alert weather. yeah, we've got this line of strong rain that's moving throu throughout the area. berks county, already moved through philadelphia. we still have some rain coming down. it's not nearly as heavy as it was, say, 30, 40 minutes ago.
6:49 am
now it's moving into south jersey. here's the view, the wide shot of what's going on from trenton to philadelphia. no longer in wilmington. it's now stretched to the southern parts of new castle county and is starting to move into kent county, as well. what we're going to have are steady showers and heavy pockets that are going to continue moving through south jersey. i want to look a little closer here into camden and burlington county, cherry hill, you're getting pummelled. same for audubon and mt. laurel. next up, easton township and summerdale seeing the heaviest rain that's going to move southeast. let's track it here through the next few hours. so as we go to about 8:00 a.m., some of the heavier rain making it to toms river. you see vineland here coming up very shortly. atlantic city, 9:00 a.m., the heaviest storms will move through. that's not the end of the rain. although you don't see much going on, scattered showers will build in especially along the western edge throughout the later morning, early afternoon.
6:50 am
could see isolated thunderstorms across the region by late day. here's the new jersey neighborhood temperatures where the storms are moving through now. voorheis, 69. cinnamins cinnaminson, 60. there's no warming through today. look at the neighborhood highs. 66 in summerton. you might be able to squeeze out a 70 around center city. that's about it. upper 60s through the suburbs. mid to upper 60s through the lehigh valley and berks county. in new jersey, 65 for trenton. hammondton at 65, as well. low 60s to mid 60s possible in the jersey shore. delaware, 73 for smyrna. that's the warmest we may see is low 70s. most of us will remain in the 60s. the good news, we'll stay cool wednesday and even thursday. friday, we see a warmup. by the weekend, things are great to be outside. 85 in philadelphia on saturday, all the way up to 90 on sundays. you also see the warmer temperatures through new jersey,
6:51 am
90 sunday and 91 in delaware. sunshine over the weekend, as well. we'll get to the ten day on 10 coming up. >> stay focused on the weekend, we'll be just fine. thanks. 6:51. we'll get you to work on this tuesday. >> yep. you might want to leave a few minutes early. is that sage advice? >> yes, that's pretty much -- i don't know what's going to help you if you leave just a few minutes early. you'll be stuck no matter where you go. blue route to route 30, we'll get through this quickly. southbound from the schuylkill to route 1, 18 minutes, an accident to the right-hand shoulder. the southbound lanes moving by, but slowly. there's a crash in plymouth on chemical road around ridge pike. and cranberry township, new jersey, a crash on the outer roadway of the new jersey turnpike's northbound side around exit 8. they have all of that closed down, and they're diverting traffic over into the inner road right now past the scene. still on the northbound side in mansfield township, there's another crash on the turnpike's northbound side. again, around exit 6, the p.a. turnpike. let's look at the p.a. turnpike.
6:52 am
this is what it looks like in the middle of those two points, around exit 7a, 195. almost at a complete standstill on the northbound side as you see. traffic snarled in between those two points. the turnpike not a good bet headed northbound right now. and trenton, there's traffic lights out on route 29 around cass street. and a jackknifed tractor-trailer in bethlehem on 78 westbound before route 412. give yourself extra time if you can before you head out. the jerry sandusky case is about to become the subject of an hbo movie. and reports say actor al pacino will portray penn state football coach joe paterno. according to "the hollywood reporter," pacino will play the legendary coach in the movie about jerry sandusky. penn state fired paterno in 2007 in the wake of the -- in 2011 in the wake of the child sex assault case that land ed sandusky in jail.
6:53 am
mtv is bringing back one of its classic tv shows. >> the new york is expected to begin taping "mtv beach house" starting this thursday in long beach township. the episodes will then air later this summer. "mtv beach house" began in 1993 and was billed as the ultimate summer party. it aired until the summer of 2004. and this reminder that today's the last day to vote for delaware's michael davis to become team boomer athlete of the year. the townsend teenager is battling cystic fibrosis but still manages to play lacrosse and run. you can find more on our website or our app. next, the top headlines we're covering on this tuesday including what's ahead today in the bill cosby trial. plus, the trouble in a montgomery county community because of this gusting water wall.
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6:57 am
now a look at today's top stories -- >> today a judge will decide if the mother of one of bill cosby's accusers can testify as his trial continues. yesterday the jury heard testimony from a woman who had worked for cosby's talent agency. she says cosby drugged her about a decade before he allegedly assaulted then-temple employee andrea constand. prosecutors hope to show the jury a similar pattern of behavior. cosby faces ten years in prison. to new jersey now. the polls are open in that state for its primary. voters will choose their party's nominee for governor. also state legislative seats, voters in camden and atlantic city will cast ballots in contests for mayor. happening now in montgomery county, dozens of horngs -- of home homeowners after a thousand glance of water from a water main break spewed into homes and
6:58 am
yards. water company crews are out repairing the water main now. only neighbors getting advisories from aqua need to boil tap water. homeowners with damage should call the aqua claims representatives. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you watching the roads. big problems out there. a lot to talk about. give yourself extra time no matter why you're heading from. 95 around 322 is where we're watching here. the southbound side dealing with an accident scene. a few police officers on the scene there, as well. big slowdowns if you're moving toward the commodore barry bridge and toward delaware. also watching 295. these are the cameras at hamilton township at sloan avenue. a little bit away from an accident scene. still already seeing some northbound delays because it's approaching an accident near route 1. in cranberry township on the turnpike in jersey, as well, the northbound side, outer roadway dealing with an accident. they're diverting traffic to the inner road and watching in mansfield township, further south on the turnpike. still the northbound side at exit 6, another crash near the
6:59 am
v.a. turnpike. now to video that we were just showing -- just into our studio in cherry hill new jersey on route 70. heavy rain was just coming down minutes ago. this is continuing heavy rain along south jersey and will move through the shore the next hour to two hours. things do look better, though, in the days to come. today, scattered showers continue. isolated thunderstorm possible. the warmest we will get is 70 degrees. a lot of us will say mid to upper 60s. we stay in the 60s wednesday, only 72 thursday. there's peeks of sun. friday, 80 degrees. then saturday, 84. if you like 90s, we've got those, too. it is hot for a three-day stretch. if we keep the 90s three days in a row, it will be the second heat wave this year. >> you said it earlier, we can get through this when the weekend looks like that. timing is everything. we will have local updates throughout the morning for you. you can always get realtime news, weather, and traffic on the nbc10 app. thanks for watching. the "today" show starts now.
7:00 am
don't forget, umbrella, you're going to need it today. good morning. breaking overnight, new details on the mysterious woman arrested for leaking a nsa document to a news website. the files filled with rsia was concerted efforts to hack into u.s. vot week before the presidential election. how a 25-year-old contractor got access to highly information. and what the kremlin is saying about that leak this morning. could it have been prevented? tiorng over why british officials didn't arrest the alleged mastermind of the terror attack in london before the rampage. the man isis in this video. his neighbors saying the threat was obvious.


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