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tv   Today  NBC  June 8, 2017 7:00am-9:46am EDT

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10 app. >> "today" show starts right now. enjoy the day. good morning, moment of truth. the most anticipated showdown on capitol hill in a generation just hours away. fired fbi director james comey set to testify that president trump repeatedly had inappropriate and concerning conversations with him. the commander in chief allegedly demanding loyalty, pressing him on the russia investigation. overnight, a former top intelligence official calling the russian scandal bigger than watergate. so why does the president say he feels vindicated? "today," thursday, june 8, 2017. >> from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today." the comey hearing with matt lauer live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, and savannah guthrie live from washington,
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d.c. and good morning, everybody. welcome to this special split-edition of "today" on a thursday morning. so glad you're with us. it's a big day here on capitol hill. matt, you're back in studio 1a and the stage is set for some consequential testimony. >> this is the political version of must-see tv. millions of people are going to stop what they're doing and watch from home or from their workplace. but what does it take, savannah, to be one of the lucky one toss actually get a seat in that hearing room? >> well, you have to be an early riser, that's for sure. i can show you a live shot outside the hearing room in the hart senate office building. people are already there. it will be filled with lawmakers, with staff, a lot of reporters, but also spectators willing to wait in line. we'll take you what we think will be happening here today. this hearing gets underway, 10:00 a.m. eastern, former fbi director james comey will begin his testimony before the senate intelligence committee. he's going to begin by reading an opening statement, one that was, in fact, released ahead of
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his appearance yesterday. in that statement he recalls nine one-on-one conversations with the president. he details five of them, three meetings and two phone calls, that happened between january and may. >> now, according to comey, those conversations focused on the investigation into possible russian interference in the 2016 election. and he considered the interactions, everything from very awkward to inappropriate. now, following those opening remarks, comey will then face two rounds of questions from a panel of eight republicans, six democrats and one independent. >> as you might expect, we've got every aspect of today's pivotal hearing covered for you. and we'll be talking exclusively to some of the lawmakers questioning mr. comey in a matter of hours, including senator harris that you see right there, but let me start with nbc white house chief correspondent hallie jackson with more on what we are learning from comey's opening statement. good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. and this room is really the
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center of the political universe right now up. this is what it is all going to come down to where james comey will be seated in just a couple hours from now. yes, we're already getting a preview of what he's going to say in his opening statement, but it's the questions coming from senators lined up here that could reveal new information as these photographers behind me here get set up early this morning. the white house, the president's allies, the rnc, already getting their counter-pony strategy ready, e-mailing out talking points overnight to try to bat back some of the criticism the president is expected to get, particularly from democrats on this committee. but remember, some of this testimony that james comey has revealed so far does contradict what the president has said publicly. all of it setting up a kind of he said/he said showdown. not even james comey could wait until today to deliver his testimony, asking the senate intelligence committee to release his opening statement early. in vivid detail, the former fbi director outlines his meetings with the president who fired
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him, including the first, january 6th, at trump tower. it's where he says he told donald trump, we did not have an open counter-intelligence case on him, comey writes. i offered that assurance. the president pointing to thatted a validation. his outside counsel says he is pleased that the president was not under a russian probe adding, the president feels completely and totally vindicated. gop allies acknowledge comey said that it would be good to find out if satellite associates of his did something wrong. still, other parts of comey's statement contradict what the president has said publicly, like when comey describes a meeting on february 14th, the day after then national security adviser mike flynn resigned. comey writes, the president began by saying, i want to talk about mike flynn. adding later, he is a good guy. i hope you can let this go. >> did you, at any time, urge former fbi director james comey
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in any way, shape or form to close or back down the investigation into michael flynn? >> no. no. next question. >> reporter: then there was a dinner in late january. comey says the president called him with the invitation. here's what the president told lester holt. >> that dinner was arranged, i think he asked for the dinner, and he wanted to stay on as the fbi head. >> reporter: at that dinner, another crucial moment. the president said, i need loyalty. i expect loyalty, according to comey, who writes, i didn't move, speak or change my facial expression in any way during the awkward silence that followed. we simply looked at each other in silence. later, he says he told the president, you will always get honesty from me. >> is it appropriate for the president to ask for a question of loyalty for the fbi director? >> yeah, no, obviously, i don't think that is. that position is treated e independently and he crosses that. >> do you think james comey is
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credible? >> i don't have any reason to doubt his credibility. >> james clapper weighing in on the significance of the russia controversy. >> i have to say, though, that i think, compare the two, that watergate pails, really, in my view, compared to what we're confronting now. >> reporter: comey's testimony will cap an intense 24 hours on capitol hill, which started wednesday when the nation's top intelligence officials faced questions on reports that the president asked them to get involved in the fbi's russia investigation. >> i do not ever recall being pressured to do so. >> i do not feel pressure to intervene or interfere in any way. >> reporter: when asked to share more, they declined. >> i'm not going to discuss the specifics of conversations with the president of the united states. >> i'm not going to answer any questions. >> it's inappropriate for me to share that with the public. >> reporter: the committee's top
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republican shot this sharp warning. >> at no time should you be in a position where you come to congress without an answer. >> reporter: so expect to get more questions today coming from this lineup right here, this is where the senators will be sitting. and here are the key folks to watch up here, number one, the top republican on the senate intelligence committee, richard burr, also senator rubio aggressive in his questioning question. and seated here is mark warner with a preview of his statement. watch for him to say that this behavior from the president is simply unacceptable. savannah, back to you. >> hallie jackson, thank you. senator harris from california is one of the democratic members of the senate intelligence committee, she's with us exclusively. senator, you're one of the people sitting in those chairs asking questions today. you have read the statement, of course, from director comey. you're a former prosecutor among other things. >> correct. >> if you accept every single word of that statement as true, do you think there's a
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sufficient case for obstruction of justice? >> i think there are a lot more questions to ask of mr. comey. i'm looking forward to the hearing today, but there's no question we have to get to the truth in what's going on. comey's statement, the written statement, validates some of the reports that we have been hearing that led us to this point, whether we are questioning if there's obstruction of justice. he outlines conversations initiated by the president that seem to be intended to interfere with the investigation, at least as it relates to flynn. his letter in terms of his written statement, comey's statement, validates that he was asked to take a loyalty oath. you know, when i think about that, i was a district attorney of san francisco, the attorney general of california and then a united states senator. i've taken the oath many times. the oath was to the constitution of the united states, not to an individual. it's completely inappropriate. >> but, on the other hand, there are aspects of this statement that do corroborate what trump himself said. the president said, i was assured personally three times
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by director comey that i was not personally under investigation. you were asked about this on an interview. you said, as a prosecutor, you would have never talked to someone who may have been in the zone of the investigation and tell them they are not someone we're looking at. that just doesn't happen. your words. it happened. >> that's right. you are right. and so, at least it is inappropriate. but what it will say today is, we're going to get more facts and more information and see what's there in terms of what should be the next inappropriate, next step for the united states senate and any investigator looking at this matter. >> do you think the comey statement would be more of a smoking gun than what you see? >> i didn't have any expectations. i think there's actually about all of this, nothing that any of us could have expected when we think about the normal goings-on of a president of the united states or a criminal investigation. but i will say that as we go forward, it is very important that we get to the heart of the matter and to the truth. what happened?
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that's the most important thing. this certainly is taking on a proportion of drama, and everyone is watching it, but this is not a television show. this is about the office of the president of the united states. and it is critical that we find out what is going on, what has happened, to get to the truth and move on. >> but some people say, look, you look at these facts, if you put them in the light most favorable to the president, this is not a washington guy, this is somebody who came in and maybe did not fully grasp that it's not appropriate, for example, to say, hey, do you need to get to this investigation? or could you say publicly i'm not under investigation, the thing you told me privately? why is it not a reasonable interpretation? why is that not -- to give him the benefit of the doubt, why is that not credible? >> when you take the oath to be the president of the united states, the american public has a right to expect that you know better. period. >> what's the number one question you have for comey today? >> i have lots of questions,
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including whether he spoke with jeff sessions about the investigation. was that before or after jeff sessions' recusal? what conversations were initiated by any other member of the staff about what was going on with the investigation? i have questions about whether there were any other conversations with anyone else initiated by the people of comey about the nature of the investigation or asking him to slow it down or stop? >> kamala harris, a busy day for you, thank you for getting up with us. >> thank you. we turn to chuck todd and our national security analyst. chuck, i'll start with you. this is vintage comey because there are things that republicans will like and there are things that democrats will like. and, therefor, nobody is totally pleased by it. >> no, there's not. and it's also very much written with a narrative. and that is something that, i think, if you are in the trump white house, you're really concerned about that because he
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knows how to wag the tail. we saw that. one of the things everybody sort of needs to take a breath is, there's another thing about james comey. he doesn't -- he doesn't put it all out there at first. so i have a feeling this is an appetizer as far as he's concerned. and that there is, look, there are three interactions he did not talk about at all or detail at all. he had nine conversations, we're missing three. it will be interesting to hear the story behind those three. >> jeremy, you're a lawyer, do you consider this document standing alone sufficient for a claim of obstruction of justice? >> well, what struck me, savannah, is that the president made jim comey re-audition for the job. the statute says the fbi director serves for ten years to avoid this situation. so what the president was doing is holding a threat over his head saying, if you don't pledge loyalty to me, if you don't shut down flynn, if you don't lift the cloud, i will fire you and he made good on that threat. so i think there is at least a very reasonable basis for bob mueller to proceed here. we need other witnesses. we need to ask other people
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involve in the comey firing what was discussed. and that's where the white house could exert executive privilege to shut down those witnesses. >> we'll see because there's a lot more to come here. but, chuck, i know you picked up on an interesting did tidbit in this statement. if there was a satellite person, someone in my orbit, some staffer who did something wrong on, with regard to russia, that would be good to know. it comes very close to acknowledging that perhaps something did go on. he just wants to be clear he himself didn't do it. >> look, there's been by some investigating this, one of the assumptions is, trump himself would not have been told the details. would not have been told much other than, you don't want to know where we got this information or that sort of mindset. and then here is now the president almost confirming his own suspicion on that. at a minimum, that to me is striking news. there's a number of questions if i were a senator up there that you suddenly want to ask when
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you ask director comey. he said that, did you immediately take that to the investigation or thes? is that a new line you're pursuing? that could be the most important nugget that comey has shared. >> just about out of time, but jeremy, is director comey liable for that allegation. if this is so bad, why didn't you do something? why didn't you raise it right away? >> yes, he is. but let's not forget the gravity of the situation. he was an investigates an adversary's attempt to interfere in our election. that's about as big as it gets. >> chuck and jeremy, thank you. coming up, we'll have a lot more on what to expect when mr. comey arrives. and yes, we'll take a look at the watch parties being held across the country. and chuck, lester holt and i will have special live coverage of the morning's hearing starting at 10:00 a.m. eastern right here on nbc. for the moment, mat, back to you. we'll get back to you as soon as possible. thank you very much. a lot to talk about here as well including new developments in a desperate search for a military
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plane from myanmar that disappeared with 120 people on board. nbc's kelly cobiella has that story. kelly, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. they think they found the wreckage of that plane that disappeared mid-flight with 120 people, soldiers, their families, including 15 children on board. this happened off the southern coast of myanmar. the plane was heading north when it vanished. the aircraft, a chinese-made y8 transport plane took off wednesday afternoon local time, lost contact just 29 minutes into flight while at cruising altitude over open water. the military sent out search planes and they are still out this morning. they now have spotted several bodies, including a woman and a child along with some debris. life jackets and debris 15 miles offshore. no reports of a mayday call. they are still hoping to find survivors. >> kelly cobiella, thank you
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very much. there's another big story we're following, a new court appearance today for reality winner. she's the 25-year-old nsa contractor accused of leaking a highly-classified document about russia's election meddling into an online magazine. gabe gutierrez is at the courthouse in augusta, georgia. gabe, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. the government says reality winter admitted to leaking classified information, but her lawyer says he has not seen the proof. today her family hopes she'll be released on bail while she fights the charges. she's the first leak arrest of the trump administration and today reality winner's lawyers say she plans to plead not guilty. >> the bigger issue is why the government has put so much effort and resources into prosecuting the low-level government employee as opposed to the bigger question, was russia involved in an attempt to interfere with our election? >> reporter: prosecutors say winner admitted to leaking a top-secret document to an online
7:17 am
news site targeting local election officials in a company that provided software for the 2016 election. the 25-year-old yoga instructor was an air force vet who worked for an nsa contractor in a georgia military base. >> she would not jeopardize anybody's safety. she would not. i can tell you that for certainty. >> reporter: the white house says any disclosure of classified information could threaten national security. if she's convicted of violating the espionage act, winner could face up to ten years in prison. matt? >> gabe, thank you very much. a lot of people up late last night because of a big game. the golden state warriors now just a win away from the championship after knocking off the cleveland cavaliers. the final in that was 118-113. game three of the nba final, the warriors ended the game on an 11-0 scoring run. kevin durant led his team with
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31 points. golden state has not lost a single game in the playoffs so far. they will try for the sweep and another nba title on friday night. and don't forget, game five of the stanley cup final is tonight. pittsburgh penguins and national predators are all tied up, two games apiece. you can see them at 8:00/7:00 central time right here on nbc. a lot happening. >> i love when you do sports. >> i love sports, you know that. dylan is in for al with a check of the weather. a lot of rain down through florida. take a look at some of the flooding we saw in plantation, florida. cars trying to drive through what was about 11 inches of rain all said and done with this storm system. that's still continuing. but look at this, entire neighborhoods under water, horses out in the fields just trying to survive all of the rain that was out there. and the car still trying to drive through it. and it's not recommended to do that because you just don't know how deep that water is. now, we are going to see more rain today. but take a look at tallahassee, five times the normal amount of rainfall this june.
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ft. myers, almost three times. and ft. lauderdale, four times as much rain we would normally see. this cold front is going to stall out across florida as we go throughout the next several days. so that means another round of showers and another round of storms. more rainfall is possible. i would say another three inches is possible in some areas. that's raz, where are you? guys...i'm trapped, my boss wants me here. we are not leaving without you. just go downstairs now. ♪ rapunzel?! ♪ look for my c-hr. ♪ that was fun. wait till you see where we're going. introducing an all-new crossover. toyota c-hr. toyota. let's go places. good morning, i'm meteorologist erika martin. the temperatures are climbing into the 70s for today. 82 on friday. 86 on saturday. we will officially start
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tracking a heat wave with temperatures climbing into the 90s by sunday. 93 is the expected high. 97 on monday so we're flirting with 100 degrees. 96 on tuds. the record high is 95 degrees. we will break that record. so keep in mind you want to stay hydrated with sunscreen and >> and that's your later forecast. matt? >> dylan, thank you very much. coming up, the twists, turns and secret conversations that have led us to today's capitol hill showdown of a former fired fbi director james comey. savannah? and as serious as it is, it's a drama set in the television and social media age. how far some people are going to watch the hearing this morning. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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we're back. hoda's here. still ahead, i'm going to get s show you the importance of early
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♪ good morning, i'm katy zachry. let's get right to first alert meteorologist erika martin with your most accurate forecast. a pretty nice start today. >> i think it's a goor jous start. lots of sunshine. temperatures in the 70s today. we're tracking a heat wave for sunday, monday and tuesday. we could see record temperatu temperatures. likely for monday and tuesday. back to you. let's get a check of the roads with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> watching 295 in new jersey. the northbound side actually approaching an accident. that's where we're seeing a slowdown. right around the cameras showing that it delay. if you're moving towards trenton, you might actually see
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one of the northbound delays. here's the big delays around city avenue. this is the westbound side. traffic moving towards the area. same for head hadding towards center city. a little bit of the normal slowdown. but a typical drive for the most part. four people are dead after a shooting in a supermarket in northeast pennsylvania. it happened ntsds the weis market. police believe the gunman shot three others before turning the gun on himself. you can watch the james comey hearing live here on nbc 10 at 10:00. and watch for reports from nbc 10's lauren mayk and jim rosenfield who are in washington, d.c. to cover the testimony. we'll have another update for you in 25 minutes. you can join us every weekday morning for nbc 10 news today from 4:30 to 7:00. i'm katy zachry. now back to the "today" show.
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7:30 on a very busy thursday morning. it's the 8th day of june, 2017. take a look at that building. the eyes of the world focused on that building, the u.s. capitol, where today fired fbi director james comey is set to testify. probably one of the most highly-anticipated congressional hearings in decades. i'm in new york. savannah is down there getting ready for it. savannah, good morning again. >> hi, guys, good morning to you. the president will be watching today. he's got a busy schedule as well as a speech at a washington hotel this afternoon. he's hosting a summit with governors and mayors. but the real question is, what will he be doing with his device? will he be tweeting during that hearing with director comey which starts at 10:00 eastern? we shall see.
7:31 am
>> we'll find out soon. thank you, savannah. but first a look at other stories making headlines in our world today, including a missile launch from north korea. the regime firing cruise missiles into the waters between the korean peninsula and japan. that's according to south korea's defense ministry. today's launches come a week after the u.n. security council passed sanctions against north korea. and the bill cosby trial, could prosecutors be wrapping up the case against him? his accuser says he sexually assaulted him at his home in 2004. her mother also took the stand. the jurors could get the case as early as next week. we'll have a live report from that courthouse in our next half hour. and here is a fascinating one. scientists say fossils discovered in morocco are the oldest known remains ever found of homosapiens and are around
7:32 am
300,000 years old. that's 100,000 years older than previously discovered fossils in ethiopia. and the search continues this morning for your voice. what happened there? >> i know. a late night in nashville does not bode well for any of us. >> tea, honey and lemon, hoda. >> gotcha. back here in washington, james comey's testimony before the senate intelligence committee today has been months in the making. it will mark the first time he's spoken in months since that abrupt firing last month. but just how exactly did we get to this point? nbc national correspondent peter alexander has part of this story this morning. peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah. good morning to you. new details this morning, a senior white house aide telling me, president trump will be monitoring james comey's hearing as time permits in a white house dining room alongside his legal team and close advisers. comey's testimony today marks the most consequential day in prurp president trump's nearly 20 weeks in office, in what he says
7:33 am
will shape his legacy and our understanding of this complicated relationship. at 6 footfoo6'8", james comey h looming over this relationship. this relationship dates back to the 2016 campaign. >> they were extremely careless in the handling of the highly sensitive information. >> reporter: comey's review of hillary clinton and her colleagues talks about ending the investigation without criminal charges. >> after reading all these findings of her being so guilty, he let her off the hook. >> reporter: comey informed congress he reopened the inquiry after discovering new e-mails prompting mr. trump to change his tune. >> it took gut, i'll tell you what. what he did, he brought back his reputation. >> reporter: their first
7:34 am
face-to-face meeting early january in trump tower. there the president briefed mr. comey about being involved with something in years before. something trump denied. their paths soon crossed again, a one-on-one dinner a week after the inauguration. comey stunned when the president said, i need loyalty, i expect loyalty. his answer? you will always get honesty from me. the next bump in the oval office. according to comey, the president asking him to back off an investigation into ousted national security adviser michael flynn. after acknowledging the russia investigation, comey would return to capitol hill in may to defend the decision to discuss reopening the e-mail case. a call clinton claims cost her the election. >> it makes me mildly nauseous to think that we might have had some impact on the election. >> reporter: he was fired six days later. the president offering this
7:35 am
assessment to lester holt. >> he's a show bug, he's a grand stander. >> reporter: a day after meeting with russian officials in the oval office, privately dismissing him as a nut job. but ahead of today's testimony, the president tempering his tough talk. >> i wish him luck. >> reporter: i just hung up with a top white house aide moments ago, they insist president trump is feeling very good going into today. that he did feel vindicated as his attorney insists. we'll hear from him today. he has the midday speech before a friendly crowd at the conservative coalition. but again, his public schedule is clear this morning. so will he tweet or will he leave the rebuttal to his rapid response team? we'll be watching. and apparently so will he. matt, back to you. >> peter, thank you very nicolle wallace is the host of e.m. ari melber, ourom is out tt the tab i'm going to swear you both into the
7:36 am
sena nicolle, i'll start t opening with you, w comey today? >> he met w president typing up his report. he started ki car. what happened at gutel sense th donald trump waship was going to be anywhere closen'tait unti got back to the office t first interaction? >> you? what's the question to ask gym comey? >> does jim comey think he was fired because of his resistance to all of the contacts he describes by donald trump, including interfering with the flynn investigation? >> and then i think for people who are still talking about possible obstruction of justice, that's where they put the period on the sentence. you've got the demand for
7:37 am
loyalty. you've got, can you back off of and get away from the flynn investigation. jim comey or james comey does not agree with either of those things that he's fired. does that complete the sentence? >> that's the question that savannah posted to camala harris there. what is obstruction in the short answer is it's not made of words. it's made of words plus action. so jim comey could outline further today whether he thinks subsequent actions were punishment for his resistance, what he views is his integrity. >> nicolle, if you read that statement, you say, this is my take on it. this is a guy who happened to be the president of the united states sticking up for a pal, mike flynn, who had a bad day the day before, he was forced to resign, he's saying to james comey, hey, can you do us a favor, can you back off? he's already gone through a tough time. as you could say, this is a guy who is a businessman, donald trump. he's used to surrounding himself with loyal employees. and what he's doing here, he's
7:38 am
demanding loyalty from a guy who is in a key job. it might be icky, it might be awkward, it might be inappropriate, but it's not illegal. >> well, it may be. listen, this is where the white house has landed. they have landed on the stupidity defense. he just didn't understand that the fbi is an independent law enforcement agency and was doing what you just described. this is where they have landed. this is where they have landed on foreign policy. he just didn't understand that you don't blow the cover of undercover agents. so he didn't get the intel. he didn't understand it was inappropriate to ask for the arms of your press operation and rapidly respond to stories you don't understand. if this is where they have landed, this is where they are going to have problems over and over again. >> let me play you a quick sound bite, ari. listen to this. >> did you, at any time, urge former director james comey in any way, shape or form to close or back down on the investigation into mike flynn? >> no. no.
7:39 am
next question. >> you have read the seven-page statement, opening statement from james comey. if he's telling the truth, can the president be telling the truth? >> no. i don't think so. this is an area where there was a very clear assertion by jim comey. by the way, he's under oath. and that goes to the problem with the so-called stupidity defense. is the defense that you did these things, but you didn't know what you were doing? or that you didn't do them, because that's different if you were misleading the public and potentially, at some point, potentially investigated bodies. the president has a lot of power. the question here is whether he went beyond that power. and jim comey's testimony might shed some more light on that. >> ari, nicolle, thank you very much. i know you'll be watching. let's get another check of the weather now for dylan in for al. thanks, matt. we have pretty wild weather out of north dakota yesterday. we saw a pretty wicked tornado on the ground there. you can see just how dark it is. that indicates it is picking up a lot of dirt and debris off the ground. no injuries were reported. it was in a pretty rural area.
7:40 am
but it is incredible to see that product on camera just spiraling around there. now, we are not really looking at that area across eastern north dakota to see storms today. it's a little farther to the west across most of montana where they could see a few isolated tornadoes. but the bigger threat will be for large hail and damaging wind gusts, including helena, montana. high pressure is building in through the middle of the country. that warm ridge is going to start shifting to the east. so temperatures today, minneapolis, 84. 84 in st. louis. birmingham, alabama, 80 degrees. but then we are going to notice temperatures get even warmer as we head through the weekend. by saturday, minneapolis, should hit 95 good morning, i'm meteorologist erika martin. temperature trend for the next couple days include temperatures in the 70s today. 82 on friday. 86 on saturday. we will track a heat wave with temperatures in the 90s by sunday. 93 is the expected high temperature. 9 on monday. we are flirting with 100 degrees to kick off the following
7:41 am
workweek. 96 on tuesday. the record high is 95 degrees. i think we'll break that record. so keep in mind you definitely want to stay hydrated. >> and you can find youd your f forecast 24/7 on the savannah? dylan, thank you. coming up next watergate, james washington's long history with washington's long history with high-profile on imy hand. i decided to see if there was a way for design to play a... ...positive role in what was going on in the world. there's a jacket that's reflective for i usually do my fashion sketches on the computer. there's no lag time at all. it feels just like my markers. with fashion, you can dresspe it's really cool to sou i looked for reald ingredients for real taste.
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welcome back to a special split-edition of "today." we learned last week former fbi director james comey would be testifying here on capitol hill this morning. and the countdown clock has been eagerly ticking down ever since. very soon, that hearing will take its place alongside other historic washington showdowns. and nbc's andrea mitchell has more on that. hi, andrea, good to be in your neck of the woods. >> it's great to have you here. in just a few hours, former fbi director james comey's words will be broadcast over three social networks and cable news, putting all eyes on bombshell rell ovations about his dealings with president trump. throughout history whenever a high-profile hearing happens on capitol hill, the whole country turns to watch. there are moments so dramatic, so compelling the nation comes together to stop, watch and listen. in 1954, a powerful senator joe
7:46 am
mccarthy, his political career imploding before the cameras, exposed as a demagogue for falsely accusing people of being communists. >> have you no sense of decency, sir? at long last, have you left no sense of decency? >> reporter: 1973, two decades later, the country is again glued to their televisions as the watergate hearings are broadcast on the evening news. >> what did the president know and when did he know it? >> reporter: all 250 hours broadcast on public television. in 1987 it was iran contra threatening to consume ronald reagan's second term. >> on the advice of counsel, i respectfully and regretfully decline to answer the question based on my constitutional rights. >> reporter: just four years late eer in 1991, anita hill delivered her bombshell accusations against supreme court nominee clarence thomas.
7:47 am
>> after a brief discussion of work, he would turn the conversation to a discussion of sexual matters. his conversations were very vivid. >> reporter: her riveting testimony launching a long-lasting cultural discussion about harassment in the workplace. >> as far as i'm concerned, it's a high-tech lynching for blacks who are ordained to think for themselves. >> reporter: but none of them were held in today's media world with 24-hour news flooding the public with images and sound bites. only hillary clinton's 11-hour testimony during the benghazi hearings comes close. in the middle of the presidential campaign, both sides instantly turning key moments into viral online clips, living long after the live coverage faded from now on jam his best to distract,ci
7:48 am
comey's testimon years of will be watchingth social medi. we'll find out the hoda in new york. >>n the orange room with more in deal, . rs hos with themed specials. ixing up the good.. the tavern
7:49 am
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7:56 am
erika martin is here with a look outside. it's going to be a nice one today. >> such a a great day. if you like 90s, that's for sure. upper 80s but then 90s by sunday, monday ask tuesday. the heat wave is in the works. we will keep track because it will be breaking records on monday and tuesday. back to you. let's get a check of the roads now with jessica boyington. she's keeping her eyes on some sun glare earlier. >> definitely some sun glare in some spots. also watching the lehigh valley. there's a crash at route 22 on the westbound side. right before 15th street, we are seeing some soft the delays and that moving in the other direction. we're seeing some delays and slowdowns. . same for 295 moving through lawn side. so right before you get to 42 or heading towards philadelphia, we'll see some of those slowdowns as well. prosecutors in the bill
7:57 am
cosby sexual assault trial are expected to raise questions about evidence following seven hours of testimony from his accuser. yesterday andrea constand denied suggestions by the defense that she and cosby had a romantic relationship. she alleges the comedian drugged and assaulted her in 2004. cosby has pleaded not guilty. today atlantic city will host an official reopening for a newly rebuilt section of the boardwalk. the new stretch runs between new jersey avenue and new hampshire avenue. we are keeping tabs on mary lee, the great white shark. overnight she swam to ocean city and back. you can track her movements. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. now back to the "today" show. we just moved into this house
7:58 am
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8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." comey. the former fbi director set to hill. what to watch for today in one of the most in years. the woman at the center of the sexual assault trial faces hours of cross-examination. courthouse. and big night innashville. country music's biggest stars come out for the cmt aw.he winners, performances and red carpet style "today," thursday, june 8, 2017. >> where are you from? >> arkansas. >> i can actually hear you through that. so 55 years, what's the craziest thing you have done together? >> kiss. >> well, this is my favorite
8:01 am
sign ever. can i kiss you right here? all right. hi! well, this must be you. why are we all holding your face? >> celebrating 50 years here in the big apple. >> that's awesome. do i look just like him? and good morning, everybody. welcome back. thank you for joining us on this special edition of "today." we are anticipating the hearing of james comey. and matt and hoda are back in new york. >> you talk about how anticipated this is. i thought it was an interesting decision that former director comey wanted the senate intelligence committee to release that opening statement in a day in advance of him appearing at this hearing. >> yeah, usually witnesses will release an opening statement, but it usually comes the morning of, maybe an hour before. this was unusual in that it came the day before. it was clear that director comey
8:02 am
wanted this to digest the complex narrative and perhaps give a hint to the intelligence committee members of questions he may be asked. so we'll see what happens. it could be the most pivotal day yet in the russia investigation. the fired fbi director james comey testifying before the senate intelligence committee. we already know some of what he's going to say because of that statement. let's go right to nbc's chief white house correspondent hallie jackson. hallie good morning to you again. >> reporter: good morning to you. the chairs are everyonety but you know every seat in here will be fill in a couple hours. no seat is as important as this one. this is where james comey will be sitting as he looks straight ahead at the senators asking him questions. i actually snapped a picture of that a couple minutes ago. i want to show you what james comey's view is essentially going to be for this thing. the questions that you just talked about with matt and hoda are going to be crucial in providing information about the president's actions. all of it, of course, the testimony from comey, what the president said publicly before, setting up a he said/he said
8:03 am
showdown. it's the most anticipated congressional hearing in years with fired fbi director james comey already offering a preview of what's to come. >> his statement reads more like a tom clancy novel. >> reporter: in his opening statement, comey describes telling the president-elect in january, we did not have an open counter-intelligence case on him. i offered that assurance. the president pointing to that as validation of what he's been saying. >> he said, you're not under investigation. >> reporter: this outside counsel writing, the president feels completely and totally vindicated. but comey appears to c describes a discussion about former national securitymikefly. comey quotes the president as saying, i hope you can see your way c t to letting flynn go. he is a good guy. president said last month. >> did you, at any time, urge irrmer fbi in any way, shape or form to
8:04 am
close or back down on the and also -- >> no. no.eporr: comey describes another crucial moment at a dinner in january. thesi need loyalty. comey, who writes, i didn't move, speakr expressio during the awkward silence that followed. we simply looked at each other in silence. >> is it appropriate for the president to ask for a question of loyalty for the fbi director? >> yeah, no, obviously, i don't think that is. fbi directors are supposed to be independent. that's something that is very, very critical. >> reporter: today's testimony by comey comes just one day after the president announced his intention to nominate christopher wray to replace him. the former head of the department of justice's criminal division now in line to become the next fbi director. so this room really is center of the political universe. there is a lot of media here. i'm stepping over some of the still cameras here to show you where the senators will be
8:05 am
seated along this row to ask these questions of james comey. people will be watching, not just live on network television, but through these doors is a line of people that have been waiting here for hours already. it stretches, this is a live shot here, it stretches around the corner. we don't see this every day here on capitol hill. we rarely see this, in fact. and it is a sign of just how many eyeballs will be in this hearing on this room today. matt, back to you. >> hallie, thank you very much. it's getting a lot of attention, not only here but in other parts of the world, especially in moscow. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is there for us. richard, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. russia seems to be the one actor, not taking the stage today. we have spoken to analysts and officials close to the kremlin, and they effectively are presenting donald trump as a victim. as someone who is being attacked by the so-called deep state, by the cia, the fbi, the entornado
8:06 am
watched entrenched bureaucracy. so the president wants a better system, he kremlin has repeated denied that it tried to place sympathetic individuals in the white house close president, has denied that it tried to hack the elections, but as you have seen time and time again, whenever president hacking, even when he does it in sort of a coy way, i think that if, in se of satisfactions fact, russia may have manipulated the american political process, t rsians sho feel proud of. savannah? back to you. >> richard engel, thank you. we're joined now by two p chanc question james comey this morning. two members of the senate intelligence repuican senator j langford of oklahoma and joe manchin of west virginia. senators, it is nice to have a little bipartisan cooperation
8:07 am
this morning. you have both read the comey statement. if you take every fact as true, do you think what he alleges is inappropriate conduct by the president? for example, asking for loyalty oath? is that true or inappropriate? >> it is inappropriate. that's the first week of the presidency and it describes that trump is saying this to everybody, we know that from other cabinet officials. he made the same statement he's treating comey the same way. >> do you believe comey's statement then? >> it sounds like the president would say that to other cabinet officials. comey said it felt awkward but didn't get close to saying it was criminal. >> do you think it is inappropriate? >> i don't think anybody thinks it was inappropriate. it's something i wouldn't do. as a former executive, you know the dos and don'ts. you don't mess with your intelligence. you don't mess with the law enforcement or your security details. >> that is step one then. the next part is, according to comey, the president saying, i hope you can see clear to let this flynn matter go. up to interpretation what exactly he meant.
8:08 am
is that inappropriate? >> well, i would think that -- did mr. comey anticipate or think that might lead towards his dismissal? if he wasn't submissive? those types of things, what he felt at that time. because in his testimony, he said, he thought he had already been named for a ten-year term. and all of a sudden he was asked, do you really want this job? is this a job you want to seek? do you want to stay in this job? i understand that you wouldn't want to be there. so there's a lot of questions in his mind. and he thinks he was threatened. so that will be a question to be asked. >> but when you look at this, you look at these facts and we know how it ends in the fact that comey was fired. he was fired from a ten-year position. does this amount to obstruction of justice on the fact that is you see in this statement? >> a couple reasons to say no for that. comey comes back to say it was awkward and uncomfortable in february. it was february the 14th, in particular, in this conversation about michael flynn, to say, can we let this go? but he also, comey, at that same moment said he was not pressured
8:09 am
to stop the russia investigation. he was not pressured to back off anyone else. he felt like it was just about flynn, not about the rest. and comey states that in testimony. that's very different. and one of the things i want to ask is, what happened after that? any other conversations with white house officials? >> comey does have many statements in here that would in some way be beneficial to president trump. president trump says he feels vindicated by this statement. on the other hand, what comey describes is, asking others to leave the room and having comey stay behind. doesn't that suggest to you some kind of consciousness on the part of the president that maybe it was not appropriate behavior? >> i've been in a setting with the president before and he's asked people to leave to talk about different things we were going to talk about. this pertaining to west virginia, how to help west virginia, things of that sort. so i don't find that alarming whatsoever. i think you ask the question to james about do you think that's obstruction of justice? it's not whether we think it is obstruction of justice, it is whether comey thought it was obstruction of justice.
8:10 am
but he has to answer that. he was -- he had a ring-side seat, did he fill that? i'm not a lawyer, he's a lawyer. >> if you were a fbi director, perhaps it would matter if it felt like obstruction of justice. but now it's in the hands of congress. on these facts, does that rise to the level of obstruction of justice? >> i would tell you, he doesn't get close to that in his written statement. in seven pages he reaffirms, yes, i told the president three times you're not under investigation. never felt pressured to stop the russia investigation. never felt pressure, in fact, he articulates that the president said, you told me i'm not under investigation. if therein the president described in comey's statement, if there are satellite individuals part of the campaign, continue to the move forward. he continues comey to move forward on the investigation. but he seemed to say, clear my name at least because i'm not in this. >> do you agree we the president in a former tweet when he said the russia investigation is in his words a taxpayer-funded charade? >> no, i don't. this is about the president and
8:11 am
the presidency. i think we need to get all the facts. this is what this investigation really is. let's go after the facts as they are and resolve the fact issues and move on whenever cway it goes. >> the facts show russia got more involved and have done more than ever before. there's no doubt whatsoever on that. >> you're a republican, do you hope he tweets through the hearing? >> it doesn't matter whether i hope he's going to. >> at the end of the day, james and i said on this committee, we have to sign off on a report at the end of the day. but the facts have been presented to us. this is one committee that will sign off on the facts. and no one is above the law. no matter if the president or anybody else in his not going t sign off. it will be good to watch.s doc thank you very d areminder, we' special coverage of theightere . yst for us until
8:12 am
then. we'll be back >> thanks. we'll be tcabou other big stori covering,l. i the jury heard testimony on wednesday fvictim. her appearance daughter. nbc's stephanie gosk good moin matt. ehis morning sources close to prosecution getting over to the defense. it h testimony from andreaig questioe jury believe them? > good morng,rious trial, the . around with security guardsousea
8:13 am
back in the courtroom, andrea c confronting gianna i was distraught man. through tears she told the ry f. betrayed her.e audio played for would be willing to meet with andrea constand her in his pennsylvania home in. during deliberately dinners one another. thttno, ma'am. constand often checked hersby mw alleged alongside film co-star sheila frazier who showed long-time support for her friend. >> the most important thing is to come and find out what truth is. >> reporter: we dhe k prosecutig
8:14 am
to go next. we do know that there's a key piece of evidence they haven't introduced yet. a 2005 deposition with cosby where he discusses buying a prescription quaalude and giving them to women he wanted to have sex with. >> stephanie gosk, thank you very much. take a look at this one. a graphic video that appears to show police officers kicking a man who was on fire. and it's triggering outrage this morning. this happened after a car chase on sunday in jersey city, new jersey. the car crashed into a utility pole and then burst into flames that also engulfed another car. prosecutors say the man in this video is the innocent driver of that second car. and an investigation underway, the mayor of new jersey of jersey city is calling for the officers to be fired. however, the police officers union says the officers were actually trying to put out the flames. the driver's family says he suffered severe burns and
8:15 am
fractured ribs. well, the search for a suspect is over this morning after a break-in at a medical supply store in logan, utah. store owners a arrived to find this mess, glass was shattered everywhere, but investigators concluded nothing was missing. the surveillance video revealed all. the intruder was actually a duck. it's not the first time the webbed bandit struck the office. the dentist office upstairs was also once the victim of fowl play. >> so a story that is funnier with your voice. we've got a lot for you today, including one of the reasons i lost my voice a little bit. we had such fun at the cmt awards last night. we'll talk about that right after this.
8:16 am
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back at 8:20. it is time for pop start. >> it is all about the cmt awards. it is nashville's biggest night. a historic night as well. carrie underwood is the most awarded act with 17 wins. keith urban took home a total of four awards. he also won video of the year. he thanked his wife, nicole kidman. >> i want to say a massive thanks to my wife, nicole mary, because you have no idea how much of what i do she's involved in every little piece of it. she hates me saying this, but i want it to be said, because she helps me so much, make these videos what they are. >> a nice moment there. a lot of people are talking about that today.
8:20 am
if there's an award for best presenters, we would give that to our own hoda and kathie lee. how was the show last night? >> we had such a blast. i mean, the country music stars are terrific. i actually did a little karaoke with blake the night before. but we had -- we had wine out there, i mean, we didn't want to leave. we were having a ball. >> we were all gushing about the cmt -- that whole vibe, they are great people. it was fun to see you on the show. that will do it for "pop good morning. i'm first alert meteorologist erika martin. temperatures are climbing into the 70s for today. 82 on friday and 86 on saturday. we will officially start tracking a heatwave with temperatures climbing into the 90s by sunday. 93 is the expected high temperature. 97 on monday. so we are flirting with 100 degrees to kick off the following work week. 92 on tuesday. the record high for monday and
8:21 am
tuesday, 95 degrees. i think we'll break that record. keep in mind, you definitely want to stay hydrated and sunglasses and sunscreen. >> and that is your latest forecast. forecast. dylan, thank youhey allergys are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® it's starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®. close your eyes and make a marshmallow wish. it can come true by winning one of 10,000 boxes of only marshmallows. find your code in special boxes of lucky charms. they're magically delicious what makes a lipton meal? first you start with this then add this and this face wait, we can do better yeah that's the one and fresh brewed lipton iced tea ah that can wait oh but not you buddy. bring everyone together with the refreshing taste of lipton iced tea.
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time's up, insufficient we're on prenatal and administrative paperwork... your days of drowning people are numbered. same goes for you, budget overruns. and rising costs, wipe that smile off your face. we're coming for you, too. for those who won't rest until the world is healthier, neither will we. optum. how well gets done. 8:25. we're back, carson, look over your shoulder. >> check, check, check. >> lock wok who is here. my
8:25 am
good thursday morning. it's about 8:30. i'm tracy davidson. let's go to meteorologist erika martin with the most accurate forecast. >> we have a really nice day in the works. temperatures will climb into the 70s. mostly clear skies. upper 80s by saturday. a heatwave starting on sunday through tuesday. record-breaking temperatures for possibly monday and tuesday. air quality alert may be issued. keep that in mind. follow us on social media for more updates. back to you, tracy. let's check the roads with jessica boyington. >> it looks pretty much the same around montgomery drive. 26 minutes both directions on the eastbound side from the blue route to the expressway. into the 30s for the average. we're watching a crash at
8:26 am
royersford. also a vehicle fire at riverfront and diamond. four people are dead after a shooting in northeast pennsylvania inside white's market around 1:00 this morning in eaton. police believe the gunman shot himself as well. tonight in buck's county, parents will learn how a budget cut will affect their children. they are proposing laying off dozens of teacher and staff positions instead of increasing taxes. a parent/teacher meeting will be held tonight to discuss further cuts. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. you can always stay updated with the latest news and weather with the free nbc app. i'm tracy davidson. the "today" show begins in a few minutes. have a great day.
8:27 am
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8:29 am
we're back now, 8:30 on a thursday morning. it's the 8th day of june, 2017. just a day away from a live concert out on the plaza. music superstar halsey will be here. >> great voice, great live show. huge fan base. interesting lady. awesome. that will be a great crowd. >> it will be fun, yeah. >> looking forward to that. meanwhile -- >> if you are interested in taking a vacation this summer,
8:30 am
guys? >> let me say hi to my -- what is your name, young man. >> i'm jackson. >> this is jackson. i have a son named jackson. look at jackson's sign here. this is his brother, patrick. i saw you get a kiss from dylan earlier. >> yeah. >> a good birthday gift. you want my job? >> yeah. >> i have a few jobs, you can have it. you are in the orange room right now. we'll put your picture up there. there you are. you have one foot in the door. and i'm sure once i'm out, you'll be in. nice to meet you. thank you so much. and happy birthday, patrick. guys? very, very cute. >> jackson's got big shoes to fill. >> he does. >> size 12. >> all right, guys, if you are planning your summer vacation and wondering where you should go. we have terrific travel tips to get to your destination. and siri will show us how to do father's day for carson. you'll try these recipes on the special men in your lives. >> you can't have her, jackson. that one is mine. also, the past few weeks we
8:31 am
have been helping you with our drop 10 plan. now more than 5,000 have jumped on board. we'll go to the orange room where joy is there with a one-minute tip to keep you on track. joy, good morning. >> reporter: hey, guys. today i'm dishing out low-calorie sweet treats and i'm starting with chocolate. quite a few companies are pre-portioning dark chocolate into squares no more than 60 calories a pop. check out dove promises. this is endangered species, and hershey's has dark chocolate kisses. here's another idea. if you measure out one to two tablespoons of semi-sweet chocolate chips, you get a whole bunch of morsels. and check out this vanilla and ice cream sandwich. you mix ice cream or froyo with six-pitted cherries, sand witch it between two graham crackers and let it firm.
8:32 am
you get a fantastic dessert for just 145 calories. and lastly, the bonus recipe, this is an ice pop with no added sugar. and a secret ingredient is waiting for everyone. the full recipe right on the website at >> joy, you did it again. thank you. the full drop 10 "today" meal plan is on share your progress with us with the #drop10today. and al is off, dylan has a check of the weather. >> and it is going to warm up across the northeast. temperatures will be getting to levels we haven't seen in quite some time. the heat is also building tomorrow through parts of the midwest and the northern plains. it is beautiful down south, although still dealing with some scattered showers and storms down through florida. that continues into saturday. we'll most likely break some records, especially up near minneapolis, where temperatures will start soaring. and then on sunday, that's where the heat is going to build into the mid-ed a land tick. temperatures in the mid-90s and northern new england, temperatures will get into the 80s. but on the flip side of that out
8:33 am
west, we're going to see another storm system make its way onshore. so we'll replace the 80s with th good morning. i'm first alert meteorologist erika martin. the temperatures for the next few days involves temperatures climbing into the 70s. 82 on friday and 86 on saturday. we will officially start tracking a heatwave with temperatures climbing into the 90s by sunday. 93 is the expected high temperature. 97 on monday. so we are flirting with 100 degrees to kick off the following work week. 96 on tuesday. the record high for monday and tuesday, 95 degrees and i think we will break that record. so keep in mind you want to stay hydrated, sunscreen and sunglasses. this portion of "today" is brought to you by optum, how well gets done. >> all right. with the official start of summer approaching, there's some good news and a little bad news when it comes to skin cancer. it's the most common cancer here in the united states. but it's highly treatable if it's spotted early.
8:34 am
that's why the skin cancer foundation has launched destination healthy skin. throughout the summer, this r.v. will make 50 stops in 17 states offering free screenings from local dermatologists. dr. elizabeth hale, a board certified dermatologist is the senior vice president of the skin cancer foundation. dr. hale, how are you? nice to see you. >> nice to see you. how are you? >> what a pleasure. this is a great idea and a great facility. can we first tell people, this doesn't take long. >> it takes ten minutes. it's so great the skin cancer foundation is doing this. early detection is so important when it comes to skin cancer. >> hucauchb do you suggest adul and children get tested for skin cancer? >> we recommend adults get a chance once a year. if you have specific risk factors like a personal history of skin cancer, a lot of moles or indoor tanning, you should get checked twice a year. >> i'm going to get up on the chair or table here.
8:35 am
normally, you would look at more of the body. we are not going to do that. but what are some of the areas you would look at immediately. >> okay. so especially in men who choose to wear their hair short, we like to look at specific areas. >> i didn't choose to wear my hair short. >> but there are certain areas that we don't see when we look n this way.ehe top of the head.asymmetry, borderr, ch. that's the jumps out of away. >>an early age because that increases the risk of s r.v. is going all over the place. u'peveryone has a healthy u'peveryone has a healthy suhe. easy way to save he improves his farm and invest in hi gle day. we join you.
8:36 am
theucky for you we have the perfect tip missy bell is here. misty, how are you? >> i'm great, how arey taking ue summer ofeabsolutely. san francisco's pier 39 is actually anniversary. so there are events all throughout the year, where they going to commemorate the 50thme love with a big dance party. we can go a that's going to be place. if you want to go international but don't really feel like always a great spot. >> canada is always a celebrating their anniversary. there are celebrations all throughout the year. this year you will find y 1st is
8:37 am
celebrations all throughout the county. >> i've been seeing a lot of ads foha l of people who are thrill seekers, they want to get on the roller coaster and find where the best one is. there's one not far from where we are right now. cle. it's the grandma of all cyclones. she's turning 90 this year. >> up went on that thing and it is scary. it throws you around. >> it does. but people love it and they are celebrating on june 25th with brooklyn's biggest block party to celebrate her birthday. >> and in a few, there are also great amusement parks in colorado that i know nothing about. >> in glenwood spring, we have the alpine coaster, the first coaster built down the side of a mountain which is very cool. and they have an amazing canyon swing that will swing you about a quarter of a mile over the colorado river. >> oh, my lord. you know what? you couldn't pay me to get on that thing but it does look like fun. some people love a road trip. carson almost busted in on the
8:38 am
segment because he did the road trip on route 66. a lot of people want to take the ride. >> it's the ultimate road trip. and route 66 is celebrating its 90th as well. you can do the entire 2400-mile stretch from chicago to santa monica, california. >> right. and if you don't want -- there are different versions of this you can take as well, right? >> there are. and you can actually sort of festival hop. so start in san bernardino on june 15th at the bluegrass festival and hop on down to albuquerque for springfest and end up in springfield, missouri. >> if you wanted more history, which way would you go? >> a more bite-sized version, you can do the illinois version that will take you about two days comfortably to go from chicago to alton. >> let's give people some travel tips because a lot of us are figuring out the right way to save money and save time. all right, getting to the airport, the timing of this is always something kind of debatable. i thought it was an hour before departure, but what is the truth? >> it was, but now because
8:39 am
summer is so busy, you need to get there an hour before boarding, which is really important. that's something new. also, make sure you allow two hours for your layovers so you have sufficient time. >> there are ways to get through a little quicker, too, right? >> there are. invest in a trusted traveler program. it's so valuable. and i love clear because clear is going to allow you to bypass the tsa lines, you're going to go to the kiosk, you don't take out the i.d. and it will screen you. >> do you apply for that? >> you apply for it. it's really quick and easy to do at the airport. kids under 18 are free with it. >> oh. one of my favorite tips on the whole list is the one about hotels. you have an interesting take. tell us. >> yes. stay in the least expensive room in the best hotel because you're going to get the amenities, you'll have the experience, the service, but at a lower price point. >> and you say when you check in, there's a right time to do it. >> there is. 3:00 is check-in for hotels. make sure you are there right then. if you don't like your room, you
8:40 am
can always switch. if you wait later with more people and less inventory, you don't have options. >> misty, a lot of people are taking road trips, they want to rent a car. it seems so convenient at the airport to rent one, but that will be more costly. >> it is. so rent at a non-airport facility because the rate is likely going to be lower and you'll bypass the airport taxes which can be a lot. >> misty, thank you so much. we appreciate you coming to see us. we have more of the summer travel tips on the "today" app. coming up next, our girl siri daly is here with an ideal menu for father's day. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:46. we're cooking up a delicious dinner for dad. in case you forgot father's day is a little over a week away, but you don't need to make reservations to celebrate. "today" contributor siri daly has a menu that will at least
8:43 am
please carson daly. >> let's go bingo! >> this is surf n turf. >> this is a healthy version of surf n turf. >> do you have an unhealthy version? >> we do the indulgent kind. on father's day, this is what he prefers. to not feel -- so full. >> we do a lot of meat and heavy stuff. so this is a nice break with a healthy meal as you'll see. >> this is a super simple baked halibut dish we do all the time. halibut is a sweet, flaky fish, we have lemon, oil, salt and pepper and chives. this is oililive oil and lemon juice. pour it, drizzle it over and put it in a baking dish. season it with salt and pepper. bake it for about 12 to 15 minutes at a 400-degree oven. the best way to test to see if they are done is take a fork and just, if it flakes easily, like that, then you know that your fish is cooked.
8:44 am
>> surf handle. done. >> i like to drizzle it with a little olive oil at the end and. >> okay, perfect. that's the surf. because this is a little bit different. >> this is a very different take on our turf. but we're snge asian beef lettuce cups things in le do, secrets. >> i don't know wt deal with him,th is ginger and garlic for the it. you doherean and in thise nicely to this. and then'm thicken it. >>else? >> we do brown chicken. iturkey, nice. andanswer this, but ladies, how
8:45 am
three things veggie, , ten minutes. to top mine nuts, summer quashght, bingo? .r it's true. >> he requests it a lot. good. >> you cut it. ian scoop out the flesh. dish. you're going to squh with th parmesan, whi is why it's so o
8:46 am
>> i love this carb substitute. e here. and you bake itso. add some salt and for a side. >> this is good food at your house. how does carsonik celebrate father's day? alon time with the off and golf on father's ou think? maybe the kidsan for him.didn't. look at this. you're supse oh, li
8:47 am
away. what is going on>> y took the k for hello, lola. this >> happy early fath thank you s. see yo ideas at this is a >> what is going on? the best father's day ever.lergf new flonase sensimtlmist in a gentle mist experience you'll bary to help block six key inflammatory substances at cse your symptoms. most allergy pills only block one.
8:48 am
and six is greater than one. new flonase sensimist
8:49 am
welcome back. daly family reunion here. >> yes. it's a happy father's day after all. >> that's so cute. by the way, way to keep a secret, guys. nice job. >> it's all jack. we have a camera in our house that jack unplugged this morning. >> so carson couldn't spy on them. >> like you do. >> dylan, you have some birthdays? >> yes, i certainly do. right now on the smucker's jars we'll celebrate some terrific people. we'll wish a happy birthday to margaret white, she turns 100 years old from woodland,
8:50 am
pennsylvania. she was the director of the vacation bible school in her community. lou dickerson is from waukee, iowa. he's celebrating 104 years and describes himself as a life-long and very patient chicago cubs fan. good for him. happy 100th birthday to catherine gunsey from ocala, florida. she worked here at nbc as a typist typing scripts for radio shows. does that still exist, matt? >> don't look at me. >> frank kubik from dickinson, north dakota, is 100 years. and margaret from portland,my, is here. and happy birthday to ada taylor. she didn't retire until she was 70 years old. as always, if you know someone celebrating a milestone birthday, tell us all about that at >> thinking of birthdays, what
8:51 am
are our ages here? >> how are you, jack? >> 8. >> greta? >> 4. >> and she'll say she's 4 but she's 2. >> and they all get along famously, right? what do you have coming up next hour? i go back to my high school. i know you're excited for that story. >> the softball field. the field of dreams. >> and courtney vance is also on. so big show. >> jackson, will you say, that's coming up, but first your local news. >> okay. that's coming up, but first your local news.
8:52 am
it's just a few minutes before 9:00. i'm tracy davidson. let's find out what's to come with first alert meteorologist erika martin with your most accurate forecast. >> we have a stunning day with mostly sunny skies across the delaware valley. we have temperatures climbing into the 90s by sunday. so heads up now, we have a heatwave that we're monitoring for you so be sure you're prepared. lots of sunscreen, water and maybe ac. back to you, tracy. now let's check the roads with jessica boyington. jesse? >> we're watching 422 and seeing slow downs. this is at oaks on the eastbound side.
8:53 am
19-minute drive. average speeds there into the 20s. we're watching a crash in hatfield township. at north line street around cowpath, there's police activity. also checking in with 95, a 38-minute drive time on the southbound side from woodhaven moving through the expressway. 13 minutes with no delays on the northbound side. tracy, back to you. >> thank you, jessica. following seven hours of questioning in the bill cosby case, cosby arrived at the courthouse in norristown moments ago. andrea constand alleges that the comedian drugged and assaulted her in 2004. and there's an official reopening for a new section of the boardwalk between new jersey avenue and new hampshire avenue.
8:54 am
and the great white shark mary lee, you can track her movements on our nbc app. thanks for watching.
8:55 am
this morning on "today's take," can you handle it?
8:56 am
celebrity co-host ken jeong is back again. and we're kicking it from the epic cmt awards. plus, i'll head back to high school and hit up my old softball field. all that and more coming up now. >> from nbc news,his is "today's take" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and welcome to "today" on this thursday morning, june 8th, 2017. you're listening to the remix of "call on me" by starley. and we want to welcome back ken jeong. al is still on his super secret assignment. >> whoa. i will say, it's not so secret because he posted something on instagram. when you say super secret -- >> i don't know if he knows it's a secret. >> oh, he doesn't know if it's a secret. >> the location is a secret.
8:57 am
>> oh. >> you have a little lipstick on your teeth. >> could you have told me before the show? >> we'll edit the show. it's not live. >> you actually have fish in your teeth. >> yours are looking good. >> that's all i care about. >> you are a domestic goddess. tell us about this. >> i'm not. first of all, i don't know what happens when you get pregnant and you have a baby. all of a sudden -- >> i know what happens when you get pregnant. >> you become a mom. >> and i know what happens when you have a baby. and it ain't pretty. >> you're going somewhere with this story. >> i know where i'm going with the story. i don't know how i had a subscription to "family circle" magazine, but it just happens. the baby comes and then you get the subscription. >> did your mother-in-law send it to you as a hint? >> is there a "family circle" stork? >> if so, thank you. >> it's from ken. >> you're welcome.
8:58 am
happy hanukkah. >> they have great recipes in it. this is an ice cream cake that i make. >> that looks awesome. >> it's raspberry sorbet, sauteed raspberries mixed with ice cream and a nice or oeo crumble crust. >> you know what, dylan? keep your pies to yourself. >> stop bragging about your ice cream cakes. i didn't fly all the way here to brag about your food stuffs. >> that's what i did yesterday. >> you talked about it yesterday, too? >> no, that's what i did yesterday afternoon. >> she talked about making great food. >> last night i made something else. >> it's just not fair. >> these are really, really easy recipes. it was a case of melting ice cream and putting it in a pan. >> melting ice cream takes some time. but anyway. >> you're a cooking genius. >> you also graduated from eighth grade. so congratulations. >> i did. >> look at this thinkrsty thursy
8:59 am
picture. >> it's throwback thursday. >> you're on the left. >> she's so cute. she looks like my grandma. my mom's mom has that hair-do. >> a lot of work goes into that hair-do. >> that kind of looks like an ice cream cake in a way. >> in what way? >> i think it does. >> you know how i know we're at the very similar age. that brown lipstick. >> the brown lipstick, right? >> you tried to be kind of goth but not too goth. >> and it was brown and orange. >> oh, zoom in a little closer. can we go closer? >> there are braces involved there. too. >> did you have clear braces? >> i had just metal braces. >> my sister and i had clear braces and had a theory they wouldn't turn brown. your braces are just brown braces, people. >> they are really gross. >> it was not a good look. and eighth grade is kind of when you want boys to go for you. >> they weren't going for me, that's for sure.
9:00 am
>> but look at you now, making ice cream cakes and stuff. >> making it work. >> your son just graduated from -- >> fourth grade. 4 and 4 so twins. kind of. >> so they are fraternal twins. just like you, alexia and -- zoey, that's right. that was at warner bros. for their birthday. it was a harry potter cake. if you look at it, that's the hat. and then we celebrated at warner bros studio in burbank. we had a whole thing. 30 of their friends. they had a great time. >> are they in the same class? >> no, they are in different classes. you as a kid -- >> we were in different classes. my sister and i are very different. >> same with alexia and zoey as well. >> there's nothing better than being a twin. >> you have a best friend for life. >> my parents never had to have play dates. it was just us.
9:01 am
but it's so much fun. i actually have -- there's us. >> oh. that's a throwback picture. >> a throwback. >> who is who? >> who yawning. i was the littler baby and the larger adult. which shows you that you can grow and blossom into a larger person. >> right. right. >> that's what happens. >> like a flower. >> babies don't stay babies forever. >> the flower blossoms. >> and gets bigger and bigger. >> how do i get out of this conversation? >> i do love the twin talk. i'm watching a tennis match. >> alexa and zoey, i was asking in the meeting, were you and barbara competitive because i read studies where fraternal twins are more competitive than identical twins. >> wow, i'm surprised. >> so it is really cool to hear -- >> we were not competitive. had we been competitive, i would
9:02 am
have come out the loser in that situation. >> what do you mean? >> come on. >> my sister missed one problem on her math s.a.t.s. i missed more than one. >> how did you do on the writing s.a.t.s? >> not better than she did. but i am funny. >> you're funny. >> you are very funny. >> and you got bigger as a baby. you have a lot of stuff going for. a lot of stuff going for you. >> i could arm wrestle her. i could arm wrestle her. she's actually very fit. so i'm not sure, but i'm bigger so i can throw myself on her. yeah. >> put your whole body into it. >> yes. >> and yesterday she came over to my apartment to say good night to my daughter. and i was writing, we are working on something together at her apartment because she's childless so it's not so loud. and i had stolen two of her necklaces. and she walked in and she was like, you're totally busted. those are my necklaces. >> you put them right on? >> yes. >> subtle. >> that's what twins get in fight, over clothes.
9:03 am
>> they don't steal each other's necklaces, maybe they will, but you have both of the necklaces you stole on? >> yeah, it was like a layer. >> like chains, the naughty by nature look. >> no, it was layered and dainty, just like me. >> there you go. you have that going for you. you have five things going for you. it's so great. >> ken, can you come back every day? >> yes! and all i will do is praise you! it's great. >> earlier i had a curler in my hair and he goes, you have a curler on your hair. >> it's like a bun going on. >> speaking of buns -- >> i think we were talking about it, yeah. >> do we have time to talk about this? can we talk about the new men trends? men trends. this is a -- >> the man bun. >> yes. so the man bun is not new, but there's a new fashion trend super hip and that's wearing black shorts, black socks with shorts. and sneakers. >> that's what's so weird about it. >> the old granddad look. >> that's not a granddad look. >> is that jonah hill?
9:04 am
>> just one of your good friends. >> sorry. >> not trying to name drop. no big deal. bradley cooper, i worked with in "hangover 2" and "hangover 3." don't worry about it. there can never be too many "hangovers." that's all i got to say. >> man buns is one of the other -- it's an older trend. >> right. >> but we were wondering, dylan and i were, could you put this beautiful -- >> yes, i trust -- yeah. >> you have a lot of hairspray in here. >> thank you. >> that's not enough. you have to get it from the back and really get this back. get in there. >> i was going to be dainty but now i'm going to -- >> imagine this is a piece of ice cream. >> bradley cooper, your bff, another one of your best friends, also wore a man bun. >> oh, is that me? that looks like me. that looks exactly like -- that looks exactly like me.
9:05 am
>> can we do a side-by-side? oh, let's see. well, similar. >> you're just missing the sunglasses. >> i think we are fraternal twins, you know? >> do you ever feel compared to bradley? >> we are not competitive. we are really good friends. you know, i was really good in math and he was very dumb. no, we are like best friends and i was at his place, i was working on a thing with him and stole a couple of his ipods and ipad. and he was like, girl, are you wearing my ipad, girl? i was like, how do you know? it's like mirror life going on. >> i love ken so much. but guess what? we have a huge announcement coming up for all the star dads in your life. >> i just want to be taken seriously right now. >> we have a prize that is a real home run. you aren't going to want to miss it. it. can you actually love
9:06 am
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against dove. so we are using this test paper... ...that represents skin. the paper is dissolving... and dove is not dissolving... at all! with < moisturizing cream dove is gentler on your skin. we're back now with more of "today's take" and our guest-cohost wearing a man bun, ken jeong. >> we have been calling you that behind your back, is that okay? >> stealing necklaces, you wear them in front of someone. >> and talking about your best
9:09 am
friend, bradley cooper. it was when we saw you shirtless we started calling you bradley cooper. >> you should see the shot. it is smoking. >> thank you. >> we have a new contest. >> really? >> you can enter it. >> do tell. >> well, i will tell you. we are launching a very special contest for some very special guys in honor of father's day. so it's called "today's all-star dads." we are looking for incredible all-star dads who also happen to love baseball. >> go rangers! >> i have my own hat over here. >> just head to, submit a picture and in 50 words or less tell us why your dad is an all-star dad. next week, we'll take your dads to new york city to compete in a baseball-themed contest. we'll make it. and that will give you a chance to win a trip to the 2017 mlb all-star game in miami. >> and what else does the all-star dad receive? the all-star dad is going to enjoy the home run derby, celebrity softball game, all star futures game and fanfest. >> and have shots with me in
9:10 am
this man bun if you're lucky. >> and wearing this texas rangers cap. get the entries in. because you could be coming to new york in the next several days. you have to do it by today. and wives, you can write them for your husband. surprise them. >> honey, if you're watching, 50 words or less, just say "baseball" 50 times. >> baseball, baseball, baseball, baseball. >> and end with a nice man bun. right? man bun. >> do emojis count. a man bun emoji? >> no, but we should create one. >> that's the koopa emoji. warm weather is here, i like to ask dylan, is that correct? it's time to take off the shoes and enjoy the water and the grass and maybe the sand. one little girl 11-month-old kai, tried to avoid her toes while sitting in the grass. her father tried to sit her down in the grass and look at her.
9:11 am
>> oh, my goodness. >> that's crazy, isn't it? >> i feel like she's going to be a famous gymnast, right? >> wow. that's amazing. >> i can just watch that all day. >> that's awesome. >> can we watch it again? we have to move on? >> so as we were saying, it is warm. >> dylan, tell us about the weather. >> let's transition over to the weather. >> segway. >> in the northeast today, we are looking at that stubborn low that's been sitting across the northeast, that cooler air is finally going to move away. so you've been missing the summertime temperatures. it's sitting through the midwest today. highs in the 80s. then going into tomorrow, it's going to slowly spread to the east, but the nice warmer pattern that's moving in, some areas like minneapolis on saturday, downright hot, 95 degrees for a high temperature. we're in the 90s in kansas city heading into the weekend. and in the northeast, temperatures should get into the 90s starting on sunday. that could be the start of a heat wave. do you know what
9:12 am
good morning. i'm first alert meteorologist erika martin. the temperatures for the next few days involves temperatures into the 70s. 82 on friday and 86 on friday. we have a heatwave with temperatures into the 90s by sunday. 93 is the expected high temperature. 97 on monday. we are flirting with 100 degrees to kick off the following work week. 96 on tuesday. the record high for monday and tuesday, 95 degrees and i do think we will break that record. so keep in mind you definitely want to stay hydrated, sunscreen and sunglasses. >> and that's your weather. why are you snorting? >> i don't know. >> snorted. country music's biggest party, the cmt music o it'sine. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six
9:13 am
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and those places keep changing every few months. the quicksilver card from capital one doesn't do any of that. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. leave complicated behind. what's in your wallet? no one knows how to throw a count trip music party like nashville, tennessee. >> and maybe me, ken jeong. but anyway, last night music city threw a wild one, the cmt music awards. >> and "today" contributor lilliana vasquez was there for all the highlights. take a look. ♪ >> reporter: music city is always rocking, but when the cmt music awards roll into
9:17 am
nashville, it's a nonstop party with some of the biggest names in country. >> nashville, smashville, music city. >> reporter: do guys like rhinestones? >> they do like rhinestones. >> reporter: how do you decide which cowboy style hat to wear? >> i like to pull mine down low so you can't see my eyes. >> what's the memo on cream and white? >> it was, actually. i think you got it. >> i'm so excited about this dress. it's different than anything i have ever done. >> reporter: with your bow and my sleeve, we are like a dynamic fashion show hero. we are like -- well, well, well, look who it is. why is the energy so high at the cmts? >> it just has this vibe of like, let loose and don't worry about a thing. let's have fun in the show. >> you listen to country music and you are like, they wrote that song just for me. might not have, but you can think that. >> reporter: today is date night for the two of you. >> every night is. >> reporter: you're still going. i feel like you've been at it
9:18 am
since before i was. what time did you get up this morning? >> i only do that for fishing, hunting and kathie lee and hoda. >> it's a free world in terms of music right now. genres are mixing. >> reporter: i have a big fan waiting in the wing. let's let these ladies in here. let's say how cool it is he's on the red carpet. >> it's cool. >> reporter: why is it a special time to be a part of country music? >> just the community, the music, country music is taking over the world right now. we seem to be a part of it right now when it is blossoming and exploding. >> reporter: what was happening to me during that darius interview? >> we are just trying to ride on his train. >>some people call that photobombing, but we call it standing in the presence of greatness. >> that's right. >> live from nashville, it's the "2017 cmt music awards." ♪ i got the rug to keep from
9:19 am
riding ♪ >> welcome from the "today" show kathie lee and hoda kotb. >> we love to come down from new york to be in nashville because you guys make us look like rank amateur. >> right there. >> the cmt muse you can award goes to -- jason derulo and luke bryan. >> i won my first cmt. >> you never get tired of being recognized for doing what you love. >> keith and carrie. >> are you going to do anything to celebrate the award? >> this has been such a nutty, like time. i'm going to go home and go night-night. >> keith urban. >> keith urban. >> keith urban again. >> you just had a clean sweep! >> it's all the fans.
9:20 am
>> reporter: 4 for 4. >> yes, thank you. that's why we make music. make music to make a connection. when it does it like that is the greatest. >> we should have come back with kathie lee and hoda take nashville. >> you are right, you almost got it. coming up, guess what we get to see ? dylan heading back to school since graduating 18 years ago. >> look at that picture. there we go. >> dylan and her old softball coach. he's going to spill some dirt. he's going to spill some dirt. but first your local news. the toothpaste that helpstax, prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try new parodontax toothpaste.
9:21 am
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9:22 am
it's a beauty of a day. first alert meteorologist erika martin has the most accurate forecast. erika? >> i'm tracking a chance of a spot shower on friday and possibly late saturday but i'm still going with sunshine because it's late in the day. temperatures into the 90s. we are tracking here at nbc 10 a record-breaking heatwave in store starting next week. back to you, tracy. >> looks nice but what about the traffic this morning? just a quick glimpse and i can tell you jessica boyington can tell you. >> huge delays on 202 because two left lanes are blocked of route 202 just before chesterbrook boulevard. the other side looks like a standstill because it looks like only one lane is getting by with emergency vehicles there on the scene of that accident. we're also watching another crash on the platt bridge. left lane is closed but causing a huge backup.
9:23 am
>> jessica, thank you. today, prosecutors in the bill cosby trial will expected to call an expert to testify about how trauma can impact a crime victim's injury. yesterday, andrea constand denied suggestions that she and cosby had a romantic relationship. cosby's lawyers are trying to poke holes in her story and credibility and saying that there are inconsistencies in her testimony. she alleges that he drugged and sexually assaulted her in 2004. stay with nbc 10 for courtroom updates. a reminder, you can watch the james comey hearing live here at 10:00. jim rosenfield is in washington to cover the testimony. more news in 25 minutes. thanks for watching. grill, they. you think he cares if i smoke ribs for six hours? what? the best food at amazing prices, giant.
9:24 am
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9:25 am
sincerely michele wright, fellow mom and fellow citizen. citizens bank student loans, call 1-866-999-0154 to apply now. we're back. and now it is dylan's turn to take a trip down memory lane.
9:26 am
>> romething some of us consider our worst nightmare, go back thool. >> yes, agraduated from the high nol 1999 and haven't been back since. but it wase right in. ♪ well, this is a blast from the past. i haven't been back to my high school since 1999 we'll see if i have any teachers ache i don't know what to expect. >>ol >> it's nice to be her ilan. >> i'm adam, the principal at the high school. these are our a nice and in unison.>> this is your varsity from softball. >> oh, m so cool. graduated. >> that's the year i was born. >> the born in '99, the year iif i didn't feel old
9:27 am
already, seeing all the changes in upgrades didn't help. starting with the library which now looks more like a computer lab. so if i ask them what the dewey decimal system is, they probably wouldn't know? >> they probably wouldn't know. >> i don't know it either so it is fine. as the halls filled up with periods, i thought it would be a good time to peek into physics class. so who in here actually likes physics? really? >> what would you say would be the hardest part of being a meteorologist? >> besides everybody ripping you apart for assuming you're always wrong, we're not always wrong. we actually make a lot of correct forecasts. we said it was going to be hot today and it's hot today. >> reporter: the classroom time is important, but my true passion in high school, softball. i was so excited to find out my coach, mr. natoli is still teaching. mr. natoli, how are you doing? >> how are you? >> it's so crazy seeing you
9:28 am
here. >> great to see you. this young lady was the toughest, the fastest, quality person we had here. >> why didn't you tell me that when i played? >> well -- >> i brought this bat because i was in a really bad batting slump. and you take this bat and you go, you suck! and you just launch it into the brush behind the field. do you remember that? >> i remember. i'm not coaching anymore, but there's a new coach here. >> i see that. >> the girls are going to see what you have. so why don't we -- >> i don't know if i have much. i'm like a mom now. i play slow pitch softball but we'll try. oh, my gosh, i'm so out of shape. oh, geez, sorry. don't use that one! don't use that one! >> let's turn a pair! >> i broke my nail. then it was time to bat and prove the slump is definitely
9:29 am
behind me. i'm going to swing at anything. because that's what mr. natoli would tell me to do. >> there you go. >> come on! come on! >> nice throw. >> that's not the way you slide. you go head first. >> i'm breastfeeding. base hit. it felt so good crossing home plate one last time. one, two, three, "today" show! >> dylan, how is your nail? >> i didn't want to sound like a total girl there. but i really broke my nail down far and it hurt. it hurt. i don't know why you guys, matt, the producer of the spot, i knew he was going to put on all the spots that i fell. >> that wasn't enough. >> how about that hat, huh? the marvin martian look from the bugs bunny -- >> you are tough.
9:30 am
you are awesome. >> thank you. >> and fast. everything he said. >> it's hard playing with the high school girls again. but yeah -- >> the spring chickens. >> when you have the helmet with the antenna on it, you blended in. it was amazing. >> thank you. coming up, no easy feat to keep tom cruise in check. but c [ dog whimpers ] man: let's go! man #2: we're not coming out! man #1: [ sighs ] flo: [ amplified ] i got this. guys, i know being a first-time homeowner is scary, but you don't have to do this. man #2: what if a tree falls on our garage? woman: what if a tornado rips off our roof? flo: you're covered. and you've bundled your home and auto insurance, so you're saving a ton. come on. you don't want to start your new life in a dirty old truck. man #3: hey. man #1: whoa, whoa. flo: sorry. woman: oh. flo: you're safe. you're safe now. woman: i think i'm gonna pass out. can you stop using the bullhorn? flo: i don't make the rules. can you stop using the bullhorn? oh, it's actually... sfx: (short balloon squeal) it's ver... sfx: (balloon squeals) ok can we... sfx: (balloon squeals) goodbye! oof, that milk in your coffee was messing with you, wasn't it? try lactaid, it's real milk, without that annoying lactose.
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9:34 am
courtney b. vance is having quite a performance in o.j. simpson. >> and now she's starring alongsidcruise in "the mummy." >> colonel, this is a significant find. ecure this village. >> we are not even sure to be here. >> it's my job tta out of enemy hands. we have no idea what can be down there.
9:35 am
the contents valued at $650 mil pounds of ng. understand? >> colonel? if i may. we can close the hole right up and come back another day. >> shut up. >> okay. you have two hours and then we're moving out. you're getting in the hole with her. >> him? >> me? sir -- >> you gear up, that's an order. >> oh, courtney, good morning. >> we have a guest of what is down in the hole, something that starts with an "m." >> marshmallow. >> messy. >> how fun was this role? >> it was fun to tell tom to get himself in order. >> and you did it well. >> it was very hard to do that. because he don't listen to nobody. he definitely didn't listen to me. >> how hands-on is tom? we had jake johnson on the other day, and he said he wants to do his own stunt, his own training,
9:36 am
what was your experience? >> well, he's hands-on but all about the project. so, you know, whatever it takes, whatever is necessary, he's really about helping us all succeed. and we, the call is that, 6:00 a. a.m., and 4:00 a.m. he's in the gym. he's completely submitted. that's some serious weightlessness. i would not do that. he's completely committed. >> he's the first on the court and last one to leave. >> he's like bird and magic all wrapped up into one. and because he's like that, we all -- what can we do to help, tom? because you leave here, you -- i don't know when he sleeps. >> so many hats that he's wearing. >> so when you are on a film like this, do you get scared? is it scary at all? >> no, because we're prepared.
9:37 am
you know, we're all prepared. you're prepared to go there, but we're prepared to go there and then you find out with tom and alex, our wonderful fearless leader and director, things change. when i thought the scene we were doing was just we were going to be sitting around talking like out it was a 300-yard walk and talk with a i come in on a helicopter, get off it and walk in and things are flying arowaing and talking >> all in one take. >> over and over. like 70 times. >> wow. >> and we walked -- and mye hur. he was like, we will only do it a couple ofo green screen, people? >> it's not in front of a green screen. he don't do green do a green sc? >> no. >> okay. >> he wants everything to be realestic. so the sets were completely real. >>re t? no. she's real.
9:38 am
real. >> good, good, good! you're almost there. >> coming to a theater near you tomorrow. >> but first, i want to in "american crime story" as o.j. simpson. thumen as johnny cochr cochran, it was amazing. >> thank you. that? >> that closing argument was actually very thought we had more time to prepare. and they sprung it on us. and so we really had that, a day to get that closing argument down, which is crazy. >> you did nail it. by the way, you have something in common, both fat twins. >> hey! twin.lla! she's twinless, don't talk to her. >> thank you so much, courtney b. vance. "the mummy" is broht cpany univd is in theaters tomorrow. dylan, you want to give us at ge you weather and you guys can talk twins. >> twins. >> i'm going to give them the
9:39 am
weekend forecast. >> you're a twin. that's great! this. weather, people. we are looking at a pretty nice day down through the south back through the midwest as we head into the start of the weekend tomorrow with highs in the 80s and 90s. still a little unsettled across new england. but going into saturday, we'll start to lose the storm system. the coastal front to just brush the coast. the record high temperatures likely across the midwest. the heat will start to build into the tennessee and ohio river valley as we go into saturday. then on sunday, finally some summer-like temperatures. highs should get into the 90s. we could see several record good morning. i'm first alert meteorologist erika martin. the temperature tracks for the next couple of days involving temperatures into the 70s. 82 on friday and 86 on saturday. we will officially start tracking a heatwave with temperatures climbing into the 90s by sunday. 93 is the expected high temperature. 97 on monday. so we are flirting with 100 degrees to kick off the following work week.
9:40 am
96 on tuesday. i think we'll break the record high of 95. stay hydrated, sunglasses and sunscreen. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you, dylan. in honor of ken's last day with us, we'll play a fun game, some of us call it fun, celebrating his hilarious co-stars from his favorite films and our favorite film. and our favorite film. can you name that co-star? be the you who doesn't cover your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara® just 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. some serious infections require hospitalization. before treatment, get tested for tuberculosis. before starting stelara® tell your doctor if you think you have an infection or have symptoms such as: fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches or cough. always tell your doctor if you have any signs of infection,
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that's why i'm taking the activia probiotic two week challenge and adding activia yogurt with billions of its exclusive probiotic to my healthy routine. take the activia probiotic two week challenge with me. it works or it's free. it's throwback thursday. and ken's last day co-hosting with us this week. >> we combined the two and played a fun game "ken you name the co-star." >> we have katie hart from st. louis, missouri. and i have paula from missouli. >> i'm going the ask you a question from one of my super famous film. the person who buzzes in will try to win the question.
9:45 am
i played a roll of floyd in "despicable me 2." >> sorry, i know who it is. >> one, two, three. steve carell! >> steve carell! that was amazing, jenna. great job. >> cheating but great job. >> she's on a role for once. question two, in "the hangover," which two co-stars find my character mr. chow hiding in their -- >> i'll bend the rules. >> bradley cooper. >> katie and jenna, you guys -- you guys have rules to break, my friends. >> we are following the rules. >> sorry, rule followers never win. >> you're right. >> in "knocked up" katherine heigel is knocked up by -- >> seth rogen. >> dylan, give jenna a victory. question four, in the scene from
9:46 am
the show "community," my character sing er -- >> danny glover. >> no. >> in the scene from "transform ear ear ers 3" my character is sipping a drink next to which co-star? >> shanna. >> okay. in my movie my character is -- >> kevin hart. >> this is the final question, guys. in the show "dr. ken" who co-star live in the boat of the driveway of his ex-wife's house? >> dave fole.
9:47 am
>> good job! >> yay! so it looks like -- >> do we have prizes? >> well, it looks like team jenna is the winner! you get so many dvds! >> oh, my god! >> i'm going to give it -- >> look at that. >> jenna, we're friends and you are a sharer. i like people who share. i can't sign it. i won't look you directly in the eye, but jenna, you did amazing. i'm so proud of you. why am i patronizing you? >> i don't know but i love it. >> i love you guys. >> thank you, ken. >> thank you. >> excellent job co-hosting. >> okay. thank you. >> i can do it. >> you can do it. >> thank you. but first, this is "today" on kenbc.
9:48 am
pro-tip: chop all your veggies for the week at once. super pro-tip: buy your veggies pre-chopped. boom. the best food at amazing prices, giant. with the laughing cow's nine flavorful varieties of creamy cheese, there's no end to what you can discover.
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the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. ♪ come to sesame place before little kids become, big kids. before dress up, turns to make-up. and tag becomes hashtag. before furry hugs, become first loves. come to the only place, that makes little hearts race. now, the earlier you buy, the more you save. only at sesame place with floral fusion oil is more than one thing. it's soft skin and fine fragrance. discover more than one thing with caress. soft skin, fine fragrance. caress. oh, so crazy.
9:50 am
>> do you know how crazy you are? >> is your voice okay? >> no. >> from nashville? >> with the crowds. >> no, hanging out with blake shelton. >> i sang "boys round here." >> and you just seem to have a blast, right? >> we had the best time with ken. we had the best time with him. we love him. >> we have a big show. >> who is on it? >> everyone is watching. >> like a dog. >> we have a show to do. >> oh, yeah. >> well, apparently there are some kind of hearings. but for those of you watching, we'll be here. >> what hearing is that? >> i don't know, jenna. >>
9:51 am
9:52 am
good morning. i'm tracy davidson. a couple minutes before 10:00. sunshine to start your day. first alert meteorologist erika martin has your most accurate forecast. erika? >> 82 on friday and 86 on saturday and i switched things up. the high for monday is 96 and high for tuesday is 97. no matter how you slice it, we have a heatwave in the works. back to you. >> whoa. let's take a look at the roads. jessica boyington has that. jesse? >> we're seeing a little bit of a delay, very minor and typical for right now. no problems reported. that's the good thing. cameras on montgomery drive, 26 minute force the eastbound drive moving into center city. also watching an accident in
9:53 am
plymouth on ridge pike around butler drive. a little slow on the southbound side. tracy? >> jessicha prosecutors in the bill cosby trial are expected to call a expert about how trauma can impact mem. andrea constand testified that she and cosby had a sexual she alleges that the comedian sexually assaulted her in his . and the jameshaens live her. es at 10:00. jim rosenfield is in washington to cover today's testimony. i'm tracy davidson we just moved into this house
9:54 am
and didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to with an open floor plan, you need to separate it with furniture. bassett had everything the rooms together.
9:55 am
this is an nbc news special
9:56 am
report, the comey hearing, from washington. here is lester holt and savannah guthrie. >> good morning, everyone, on a day of high drama here in washington. we will show you a live picture of the senate hearing room where in just a few moments the fired fbi director james comey will begin his testimony. we are waiting to see if he will be sworn in in public or in a back room as he had at another appearance. >> this is a packed hearing room. high anticipation for this testimony. comey expected to tell the senate intelligence committee about his interactions with president trump in the months leading up to his firing. >> of course, we got a preview yesterday in the form of his statement, if you will.
9:57 am
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