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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  June 8, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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breaking news. a deadly police exclusive nbc 10id running from officer before she's shot in the
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did president trump lie? where accused the being truthful but the president feels vindicated tonight. woman nasty w that breaking news right now at 11:00. a philadelphia police officer shoots and kills a man who appears to be running away. this exclusive video that shows a man running before he's apparently shot in the back. please say an officer stopped a man on his dirt bike and there was some sort of struggle but the man's family is outraged saying he did not deserve to be killed. let's go to andrea with emotional family members tonight. >> reporter: now the evidence
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marker for the gun police say belonged to that man was found in the parking lot behind the restaurant. and police admits there are a lot of unanswered questions tonight. ♪ >> reporter: exclosive moments of a family of a man shot and killed by a philadelphia police officer shows up demanding answers. [ bleep] >> reporter: an officer allegedly confronted a man for driving his dirt bike erratically. they say the man did not acknowledge the officer and ran away. the officer felt the man's waist and felt a gun. >> clearly there's a struggle and clearly demands not to pull a gun out and from obviously the pasfger's vaptage point they did indeed pull the gun out.
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>> reporter: the officer fires, striking him in the back. he later died in the hospital. >> although it's a violent inkournlt, there are concerns for us at this point. >> he's a good boy. >> reporter: concerns a family shares. they say the man in his late 20s never posed a threat. they're investigating whether the conduct of the officer was warranted. >> there's footage that shows us thing that gives us pause. >> reporter: now the officer involved has not been named. he is off the street tonight and that is standard procedure. he doesn't even work in this district. he was transporting witnesses of another crime when he made the initial stop. reporting live, nbc 10 news. >> reporter: and more breaking news in washington d.c. tonight. two police officers are hurt after being hit by a truck. one in critical condition, at least two others injured.
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witnesses say a pick up truck swerved around a itty bus and hit the officers on beaks. d.c. police say a person has been taken to custody. both of these stories are breaking right now. stay with nbc 10 app for updates the minute we get them. and at news starting at 4:30. rngts those were lies plain and simple. >> former fbi director james comey captivated the country with bomb shell testimony on capitol hill. >> i was concerned he might lie about the nature of our meeting. >> the president never directed or suggested that mr. comey stop investigating anyone. ♪ i'm jim rosen field live in washington tonight after one of the most highly anticipated capitol hill hearings in
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decades. exfbi director james comey testifying for two 1/2 hours today. and the president's top advisor and son in law will meet with staffers of the same committee this month. comey told the senate committee he believes president trump fired him because of the fbi's investigation into russian election hacking. he believed the president directed him to drop an investigation into national skur security advisor, michael flynn. but the white house feels vindicated. >> reporter: president trump on message at an evangelical conference. >> the bible tells us we know that the truth will prevail. >> reporter: but had no further comment. after fired fbi director james comey accused him of lying and defaming him. >> by saying that the organization was in disarray, that it was poorly led, that work force had lost confidence
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in its leader, those were lies plain and simple. it's my judgment i was fired because of the russia investigation. >> reporter: which was a focus. did the president explicitly tell him to drop the investigation into national security advisor, michael flynn? >> i took it as a direction. >> that's not what he said. >> correct. >> reporter: an extraordinary moment in u.s. history. at one point implying a special counsel is looking into whether the president broke the law and ubstructed justice. >> i'm sure the special counsel will work to find out what the intention was and whether that's an offense. >> reporter: in response mr. trump's personal lawyer called today vindcation. >> the president never informed or substance directed or suggested that mr. comey stop investigating anyone. >> reporter: and alleged comey's
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arranged leak included privileged conversations with the president some mr. trump has previously hinted were recorded. >> lordy, i hope there are tapes. >> reporter: and we have this just in. during today's closed session, senators learned about a third previously undisclosed meeting involving jeff sessions and the russians. saying that was during the presidential race. as for the trump administration's reaction to today's testimony, i caught up with kellyanne conway here on the hill hours after the hearing ended. do you think james comey lied under oath? >> i'd refer all your questions to the president's personal lawyer and he made a strong statement. so i'd have to refer you to that. today was business as usual for president trump. >> reporter: we heard james comey paint the president as
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liars. do you have no reaction to that? >> i don't. but i love philly. was married there. go eagles. >> reporter: meanwhile local law makers are reacting to today's hearing. we asked chris coons if he heard anything that strikes him of obstruction of jurss? >> what i heard that president trump engaged in unethical, shocking behavior in repeatedly meeting with the fbi director and pushing him to abandoned an investigation against general flynn. >> meanwhile pat toomey of pennsylvania is pointing a finger at the former fbi director. "mr. comey once again raised questions about his own behavior. for example he gave an implausible explanation for leaking his memo to the media rather than sharing the memos with the bipartisan senate
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committee." james comey suggested that russia will keep hacking u.s. elections. cyber experts tell us how the tletd could impact you the next time you're marking your ballot. but now back the nbc 10 studios for all the other major headlines we're following. turning now to a case the nation is watching. we heard from the comedian without cosby actually taking the stand. they recounted decade old testimony in which cosby admitted giving his accuser pills and reaching into her pants during a sexual encounter at his home. cosby testified in 2005 as fpar of a lawsuit. they're expected to hear more from that deposition tomorrow. a 16-year-old girl is recovering after police say she was grabbed by three men in ski masks and sexually assaulted.
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they say the victim was walking in the frankfort neighborhood when the man forced her into a car, driving her to an abandoned lot where they assaulted her. police are still searching for those men. new information tonight about a woman who was attacked outside of a hospital and nearly stuffed into a bag. take a good look at the bottom left of your screen. police think she is the one who attacked a woman last week across from the frankfort campus. they say he punched and kicked a woman and tried to stuff her in a bag. a confession and an arrest in connection to this house fire. they tell us last saturday's blaze started with fireworks. the flames consumed much of the home. they're planning to hold a news conference tomorrow morning with new details about the
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investigation. if you use atm's in bucks county, check your bank statements. police are looking for three men caught on camera installing skimming devices. these pictures were taken in south hampton last thursday. the devices were also found on atm's in doyles town, springs field and philadelphia. major news tonight in the fight to stop the opioid epidemic. and that drug maker is located in our area. the faa asked malvern based to stop selling opana er. saying the risks out weigh its benefits. our coverage of the james comey hearing continues live from washington d.c. up next the current threat from
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russia. >> it's not about republicans or democrats. they're coming after america. >> reporter: why the former fbi director says you should be concerned the next time you go to the voting booth. but first a distracted tumble on a new jersey sidewalk. rngts i'm tracking great weekend weather. just how high temperatures are going to get and the best way to
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. our coverage of james comey's dramatic testimony continues live from capitol hill now. they will be back. that message from comey as he warned russia will keep trying to interfere in u.s. elections. >> they want to undermine our credibility in the face of the world. they think this great experiment of ours is a threat to them and so they're going to try dirty it upads much as possible.
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and they will be back. >> and tonight growing concerns the attacks could become more sophisticated next time. randy jigyllenhaal is live tonight. what does comey say about the evidence linking russia to these hacks? >> no fuzz about it. the evidence is clear, warning that the russian government from the top down may just be getting started. we talk about how these hacks happen and what we could see in years to come. >> the russians interfered in our election during the 2016 cycle. they did it with purpose, sophistication. >> reporter: jim comey under oath laying out the timeline, the fbi's radar spotted the first russian intrusions in the summer of 2015. comey says the hacks of the dnc and hundreds of other americans were done through infected email. >> attacked as part of this
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massive spear fishing campaign. >> reporter: spear fishing is largely a low tech approach. >> so typically a user see said an email that looks legitimate. >> reporter: he says victims would click a link that would steal their log in credentials or infect them with malware. and they're accused of breaching state-level voter data bases. comey testified there's no evidence any voting machines were hacked or vote tallies were changed. but experts warn as more of the infrastruck dhr goes online that could become a target. >> there's a threat happening. and so it doesn't surprise me theress they're coming after us on a digital front. >> but they're talking about using technical intrusion and
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effect how we think and feel and act. that's a big deal. >> reporter: democrats right now it's unclear where that attack originated and experts say the best way to prevent yourself against these kinds of spear fishing attacks is to never click suspicious links and two factor authentication. jim. >> and our coverage of james comey testimony continues on the nbc 10 app and an inside look at the testimony room. you can find it all on the nbc 10 app. that's going to do it for me here at washington d.c. let's send it back to the nbc 10 studios in philadelphia. >> great coverage and insight on a very busy day in washington. to this now. look out below. a umwooen is recovering after falling six feet down an open
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sidewa sidewalk graet in north jersey. emt's had to climb down to get her. workers were repairing an underground gas line. there's nearly a mile 1/2 of new bike lanes. the project is just the latest part of the east coast greenway. when the entire project is finished there will be more than 3,000 miles of trail up and down the east coast. and south jersey tonight the night market food truck event is back. 16 food trucks set up shop along king's highway. people showed up to get a taste of a little something for everyone. turning to our first alert weather now. a warm up will have you flocking to the beach. going to take a live look along
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beach avenue in cape may. let's bring in chief meteorologist glen hurricane schwartz. a great weather weekend. long awaited. >> quite a change from the lousy weather. now the wind is going to change. it's still coming out of the northeast but it is going to shift. 58 degrees in philadelphia now. in the 50s across the entire area. we've got the northeast winds now but watch what happens as we head to tomorrow with totally reverses a westerly wind that's a land breeze. so it's warm at the beaches and it's bringing in warmer air from the middle of the country. it's going to get warmer and warmer and warmer around here. up to 72 atoday. 82 on friday. 92 on sunday and that's not the peek.
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it will be hotter near monday and tuesday, record heat those two days. a lot of clouds around especially in the morning and the coast but the dryer air has come in. we've cleared out and now we're ready for some fun. sunshine returning tomorrow. throughout the area. fair mont 82, allen town, 78 degrees. nothing but sunshine across the area. on the beach, 72 degrees. that's 10 degrees warmer than it was today. into the 80s and this weekend we're going to be seeing temperatures get in the 90s. 94 lehigh valley, sunday afternoon. dry weather everywhere and spaelths at the shore it's going be really nice but the delaware beaches are going to be hotter than thursday. in new jersey it will be more of
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a sea breeze and limited in the low 80s. but that is just delightful weather. nothing but sunshine. and we have just beautiful conditions. great place to escape into early next week too. that's comfortable long time.
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this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x1 will change the way you experience tv. >> i'm john clark from csn. they leave with a split. ben lively goes seven innings in his second major league start. fist phil's pitcher to start that way in 19 years. he settles down. in the fifth. look out. his bat goes flying into the stands. they eventually get it down seventh inning. another double.
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10 doubles in six games for odoobal. longest streak in phillies history. phils lose 3-1. coach doug peterson says they're not interested in bringing in former bird. why? they're happy with the receivers they have. they were 5-1 when lane johnson played. et of course he was suspended for ppds. he made a few other bold predictions today. >> you go watch the film and whenever i'm playing -- i'm not talking out my. bleep] i feel like quewe're in a good spot. >> looking for a tryout. yeah.
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goes to temple. maybe he shoul to phillies. open to you the fans friday jul. we got cat fish. penguins. they beat up nashville 6-0. they're up three games to two. next game is rightinetnet 10 an crosby here.punk, look at at the ice several times. ng alright" plays ] al, transfer, there's no minimum balance.
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e all that space together. bassett had everything that we needed. s been invaluable. i'm so loo beautiful beginning of next week when wes about thes
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thanks for waumping. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in the of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- will arnett. courtney b. vance. laurie metcalf. ca
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