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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  June 10, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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at right now on nbc 10 news today here comes the heat. we are at the start of a big warm-up, much of it in the 90s. that means we have the potential for a heat wave. >> child smacked. a daycare worker knocking a little boy to the ground. now the woman is speaking out about the woman's punish. fixing i-95. that's the good news, right? yes, except the upgrades will mean several more years of orange cones on one of our area's biggest highways. biggest and busiest highways. this is nbc 10 news today. thanks for being with us. i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:30 on this saturday. a lot to cover this morning. let's begin with the weekend weather because things are really heating up. tammie souza has the most
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accurate forecast in the region. >> it's a pleasure to be able to say. it will be that way for much of the week. we won't have 90s for five days. i feel we should be playing here comes the sun. this is out of cape may. beautiful sun rise on the way. 65 degrees, winds out of the west and southwest to 6 miles an hour. in philadelphia a few high, thin clouds. a sprinkle to some portions. if you're sniffling and sneezing this may be why. here is your day today. allentown, 86. the southern poconos and the
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upper pennsylvania suburbs. a little cooler along the jersey shore beaches because of the winds across the water there along the shoreline and in smyrna 87 degrees. thanks for that, tammie. now to breaking news this morning. philadelphia police are looking for the suspect to stab three people in crescentville overnight. george spencer is live outside einstein medical center in olney with the latest from police. george? >> reporter: rosemary, as you mentioned we are learning this is not only a triple stabbing but a robbery of those three male victims as well. witnesses who first called said one of the victims was stabbed over his entire body. nbc 10's cameras were there at the scene in the 600 block of mayfair earlier this morning. police were still holding that scene. this happened after 3:00 a.m.
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one of the victims, a 27-year-old man, was stabbed in the neck. a 28-year-old man stabbed in both the chest and the back. we're still working to figure out the injuries of the third man. all three were rushed to einstein medical center. we have learned they are all in stable condition. they are looking for two suspects in the case last seen running from that scene. live this morning, i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. thanks for that, george. pennsylvania state police tell us careless driving led to a man's death in langhorn, bucks county. this is video from that area. police say the man was speeding on i-95 and tried to pass a tractor-trailer on the shoulder. the car hit a sign and flipped over. the driver was not wearing a seat belt. a woman was hit by a subway
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train near temple university. the woman was trapped beneath the train. medical crews were able to get her out but her foot was severed. she is in the hospital in critical condition. an investigation into the accident is under way. video appears to show a woman slapping a little boy on the head causing him to fall down. take a look at this surveillance video. it appears to show the teacher slapping his head, with the child falling flat the on his fa face. brianna woods' son came home with a bump on his head. she filed a police report. >> i'm glad to hear she's fired. when i looked at the video myself i wondered why she wasn't in cuffs. >> there's no room for that in a daycare with little kids with any teacher disciplining. >> the daycare says it followed
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protocol in the case by quickly notifying state investigators. a confrontation over a car being repossessed shows a shooter acting inĂºr/ self-defen. a woman called her boyfriend who pistol-whipped the driver. according to police the driver heard the sound of glass shatter, thought he was being shot. he told officers that's when he pulled his gun and started shooting. more than 20 gunshots were exchanged, and the boyfriend was killed. >> it's sad that it happened. things didn't have to turn out that way. it's unfortunate they did. >> it's sad. it's very sad. it's a different world out here. people are crazy. >> so far no charges have been filed in this case. today fiphiladelphia's newest mural will be dedicated to the first woman firefighter to die in the line of duty in the
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city's history. lieutenant joyce craig. the ceremony is set for later on this morning. painted the mural in tribute to the fall en hero. lieutenant craig of engine 64 died after she became trapped n inside of a burning house in 2014. bad equipment and a breakdown in communication were factors that contributed to her death. in other news this morning penndot crews will begin a major reconstruction project on 95 in pennsylvania. funding to revamp a five-mile stretch between south broad street. it is to reconnect the waterfront to the rest of the city. improvements around penn's la landing and the terminal will be developed. we have a quick traffic alert for drivers. traffic will be closed tomorrow morning from 6:00 to 8:00. it's all to make way for the
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american cancer society's annual charity bicycle event. the bridge's pedestrian walkway will stay open. delaware's only va hospital is teaming up with the state's largest college to improve service for veterans. yesterday the university of delaware signed an agreement to two institutions will mainly work together in the field of body mechanics and prosthetics. one veteran lost his leg to bone cancer. he says this is what the va needs right now. >> it just brings the old with the new. >> the deal will give the va access to the university's labs and technology. in return the school's researchers and students will receive valuable experience . celebrating birthdays by getting their license renewed.
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governor chris christie changes the date from the last day of the month to the driver's birthday. governor christie suggested the change is a way to ease wait times at the state's motor vehicle offices. it will apply to cards issued or renewed after that. 5:38 right now on this saturday. coming up taking dinner to new heights. plus, a warning the shore, serving as a lesson to others before they dive in this weekend.
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brussels, belgium. for $320 a crane lifts your table off the ground. the chefs and the kitchen staff come with you. how else could you eat? the sky high meal is only offered through next week. >> i have questions. >> you have questions? >> if you need to use the restroom, what do you do? >> i'm not going there. go ahead. >> these are things i'm concerned about. if you have to use your cell phone, you want to step away from the table, what do you do? there are a few things probably that you need to take into consideration there. >> it's only happening for the next week. >> i guess we're not going to brussels. maybe they'll do it here in f l philadelphia. the temperature 61. the winds are calm. we're all off to a good start. we have a few high, thin clouds, some showers that are approaching from the west.
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the lehigh valley, burks county, 50 at mount pocono. 61 in wilmington. atlantic city, 66. we're going to climb very quickly into the 80s. look at the 90s. we will have a heat wave over the next three days. 95 on monday and tuesday. that would tie the old record. we'll see temperatures falling throughout the day. that 84 is likely going to be early on the day wednesday. here are the little sprinkles and showers making their way, again, towards parts of the lehigh valley, two waves that come through. some of this is evaporating before it gets to the area. some will fall in the form of little showers. 88 going to the beach. monday 95 in fiphiladelphia.
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95 on tuesday. here is where we drop. we drop on wednesday with a chance of showers. you notice it's pretty pleasant out at the beaches the whole time, just a little bit cooler out there. rosemary? >> thanks for that, tammy. a furry intruder, a mom and her kids take cover when they come home to find a bobcat inside. what they did until help arrived next.
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it seems animals want to head indoors. this deer smashed through the window of a paint store. it ran through the aisles sliding all over the tile floor before finally darting back outside. the deer caused thousands of dollars in damage. call his lawyer.
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and what do you do when a bobcat wanders into your house? well, a mother and her two children found out this week when a bobcat got into their house in morris county. the family locked themselves in the bathroom. police opened all the doors. the bobcat left just about an hour later. the bobcat also attacked a dog nearby and was captured by new jersey fish and wildlife. it's unclear if this was the same animal. this weekend an elevated risk for rip currents down the shore. it's easy for swimmers to get caught off guard by the force of the ocean not to mention we haven't been down to the beach for quite a few months. reporter ted greenberg tells us about some swimmers in ocean city who had a very close call. >> reporter: pulled to safety by lifeguards, rescued friday after getting caught in a dangerous rip current. >> the waves just kept coming and pulling us out further and couldn't catch our breath. >> couldn't keep our heads up. we were it trying to come in.
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losing too much breath and started to get scared. >> reporter: an elevated risk of rip currents expect ed to continue through the weekend coupled with hot weather sure to attract crowds and beach patrols not yet at full staff. >> it's absolutely something on our minds. >> reporter: ocean saed will have 24 this weekend with more added in the coming weeks. at the height of summer atlantic city has lifeguards at about 50 beaches. this weekend they'll have half the number. >> people may have to walk half a block in either direction. >> pay attention and stay close. >> learning they're no match for the mighty atlantic. >> it's the real deal. we're fit people, 25-year-olds, and it takes you down hard. >> reporter: the ocean
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temperature is still only about 60 degrees but as we're seeing that chilly water is not keeping people out. in ocean city i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. keep this in mind if you're on the shore, rip currents often form on calm, sunny days. they can be hard to spot. the best advice is to swim parallel. >> the best thing to look for the warning signs out there. avoid going in the watt thor where there isn't a lifeguard and make sure you know where you're going so they can help you. >> calm, sunny days, and that's what we have ahead. >> look at this. >> that is right now. look at the river. a more pleasant start to the day. we are looking at a dew point of 57.
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the humidity will be on the rise as we head through the next couple of days. so plan to see a little bit of a heat index developing. winds to 8 miles an hour. i could look at that all day long. we've talked about it for days and days and days. for the most part we are possibly going to break the record. i don't think tomorrow but monday and tuesday are a strong possibility. 90s all three days. we are going to see cooler temperatures along the jersey shore because of a southwest wind clipping right along the shoreline and that's over the cooler water. ted mentioned it was in the low 60s and we're going to see the 70s and 80s along the jersey shore. the back door cold front brings us a chance for rain that will linger throughout the rest of the week.
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just some sprinkles heading toward allentown and a brief shower may be possible today. there are two waves of this. the atmosphere is still dry. some may make it to the ground and we'll see the high, thin clouds out there. hour by hour for you so you can see what's going on. a land breeze keeping us warm, climb very quickly into the upper 80s and, again, this forecast model wants to bring in a little bit more activity than i think we're going to see. a sprinkle or a shower to the lehigh valley. by the time we hit monday we are firmly near record territory there. get ready to sweat in your neighborhood for the day. 88 in philadelphia under mostly sunny skies but we will see some high, thin clouds from time to
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time out there. you'll see 87. the exception in the 70s there. delaware 87 degrees. for tonight we are going to see mainly clear skies. 70 in philadelphia. 63 in the pennsylvania suburbs. 66 in lehigh valley. 66 at the shore and 67 in delaware. your ten day on 10, it's a cooker. even when it stops being hot it's seasonal. 88 today. 95 on monday. some showers 0. we stay seasonal. a chance of showers. philadelphia firefighters are honoring teenager who saved a baby from a burning building.
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the department presented this plaque to rudy edwards. the 17-year-old went back into his home last month to rescue his 1-year-old nephew. edwards tells us he didn't think twice about going in despite the heavy flames. joe biden is looking forward to spending the sum earp in his beach house in delaware. he and his wife recently purchased a home overlooking the state park. biden tells us he and jill have always dreamed of buying a place at the beach where they can bring the whole family. biden called the area, quote, the place that matters most to us in the world. 5:52 right now on this saturday. up next the great escape. we're right back with the toddler's strategic plot to help his brother break free.
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let's take a look at events happening across our area today. neighbors will get together to remember autumn and hold a walk to raise awareness for autumn's law. the 12-year-old was strangled in 2012. two teenaged brothers were charged with her killing. her parents have been pushing for autumn's law would make parents criminally liable in some cases for murders committed by their children.
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want to get hooked on a new pastime. free pisfishing today. anglers can fish without buying a license or a trout stamp. get ready for two days of vintage cars and motorcycle races known as the race of gentlemen in wildwood. the races run today and tomorrow from 10:00 to 6:00. live moususic, a kids area and plenty of food. in delaware the cookoff for the colonial competition. teams perfected their recipes during craft beer night. jim owe donald from the nbc 10 investigators will compete under the team name breaking news barbecue. i had no idea this is what he does in his spare time. today in montgomery county investors of the future will display their creations at the young innovators fair in oaks.
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exhibits steeped in science, technology and. some includes drones, rockets, robots and custom built vehicles. the fair runs through tomorrow. a crafty little guy manage d to get his baby with bro out of his crib using a plastic stool, lots of encouragement. the video has more than 32 million views. after both boys tumble to the floor, they give each other a hug and walk out hand-in-hand. now to a follow-up about a young soccer player in nebraska who says her team was of kicked out of a tournament because someone thought she looked like a boy. her teammates chopped off their hair in support of milley hernandez. the team was disqualified from the tournament. her teammates say they were d disappointed they couldn't play in the finals but they were more concerned for their friend. >> i cut my hair because it's not fair what doing to millie.
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just because she has short hair doesn't mean she's a boy. >> that happened to me when i was a kid. i had a short pixie cut like that and i had to explain to people for a long time that i was, in fact, a little girl. her father says he showed officials her insurance card to prove she was a girl. didn't matter. turns out she was marked as a boy on the roster and that violated the league's rules. officials still wouldn't let her play. 5:58. george spencer is with us this morning live out in philadelphia's olney neighborhood following breaking news. george? >> reporter: rose mmary, a trip stabbing overnight in the northeast followed by a rob are robbery of all three victims. the condition of the three men injured. and 60s now but 80s by 11:00 a.m. yeah, here comes the heat. what a warm weekend we are in store for and a beautiful sun rise. just look at that. we're gold in fiphiladelphia.
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right now we are heating up. the weekend is off to a hot start. the warm weather ahead could


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