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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 12, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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their wedding ring ten years after it was stolen. >> announcer: nbc10 news starts now. at this very moment, the jury in the bill cosby sexual assault trial is deliberating his fate. a verdict could come down as early as tonight. good evening i'm erin coleman. >> and i'm jim rosenfield, live in norristown. major developments today in inside the courtroom leading up to the jury deliberating tonight. cosby's defense team called one witness to the stand today. a detective who reminded jurors that constand had visited with bill cosby out of state after the defense described a consensual encounter. cosby told the judge he would not testify in his own defense. deanna durante was in the courtroom for closing arguments. she's joining us live with the latest on today's fast moving developments. >> reporter: yes, that meeting
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that witness was on the stand spoke for less than ten minutes to the judge. he was a detective the prosecutor's had already called before and the defense team seems to be taking aim now at the prosecution in the case as well as the judge. prosecutors describe bill cosby as a man who plots his assaults and lies in wait and then strikes. the d.a. says the two women who testified in the case are proof of the 79-year-old's crimes. they played a tape recorded phone call that cosby had with her mother offering to pay for therapy and school. another offering to fly constand and her mother to miami. what the jury did not hear? characteristic witnesses or bill cosby's own version of events in-person. >> this is the place where you come and get the truth. >> exactly. >> they tried to take the truth away. >> reporter: the judge and d.a. have been unfair, not allowing
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witnesses for the comedian to take the stand and points out after the alleged assault, constand and cosby stayed in contact. >> why make calls when you're drugged by a man, why come back and see a man multiple times when you're drugged? >> that's right. >> come on, people. >> come on is what the d.a. said to the jury if he asked them the night cosby and constand consensual, why did he leave her on the sofa half dressed to sleep. camille cosby spent two hours this morning also seated in a front row seat but she did not return for the prosecution's closing arguments. >> reporter: now again, the jury has the case since just before 5:30 tonight. we know that they have ordered dinner and they're likely to be deliberating late into the evening.
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reporting live in neeorristown. >> and speaking of that dinner, we want to tell you we just got video in the last 30 minutes of that meal being delivered to the courthouse for the jury. they could be deliberating as late as 10:00 or 11:00 tonight. cosby's wife of 53 years, camille cosby was in the courtroom for the first time in this six day old trial. she sat in the front row of the courtroom across the aisle. she was stoic during defense's closing argument and as -- she mentioned when it was the prosecution's turn to give their closing statement. we'll have more live coverage from here in norristown as we awake a verdict. for now i'll send it back to you in the studio. >> we know you'll be there. >> announcer: now your nbc10 first alert weather. >> right now check out the philadelphia skyline there. hot day in the city and school officials are taking this heat very seriously. tomorrow, all philadelphia public schools and early
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childhood centers will dismiss students early at noon. all afterschool activities are cancelled for today. meteorologist tammie souzza joins us. >> it's a lot of fun when it's hot out but can also be quite dangerous. the water temperature in the low to mid-60s. 86 right now in wildwood. winds out of the south at 10 miles an hour. let's go to doylestown where it's 90 degrees with a west wind out there. allentown 91, it just keeps getting warmer and warmer. in wilmington, 91 with west/southwest winds to 13 miles per hour and in philadelphia, we're looking at 92 degrees with a southwest wind to 11 miles an hour. look at this. when raes the last time it was 80 degrees at midnight southwest winds. that's what we're dealing with. not going to be sunshine. i don't know why they put that on there. we do have a first alert for
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tomorrow and why do we have that? it's because we actually have a heat advisory that has been issued for the pennsylvania suburbs and also for parts of delaware and for the parts of south jersey and also the city of philadelphia. that's from noon until 7:00 tomorrow. that's why the kids are getting out tomorrow. there's going to be a heat index of 95 to 100. air quality alert for high ozone tomorrow. we'll talk more about this in just a few minutes. >> dramatic moments in a courtroom in central pennsylvania today as members of the court watched surveillance video taken in the hours before the death of a fraternity pledge. the video shows 19-year-old tim piazza in pattern agony in the hours after falling down some basement steps. selections from the grainy footage so piazza going through a drinking gauntlet and staggering around the frat house. fraternity members waited 12 hours before calling 911. today attorney general from maryland and the district of
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columbia filed a lawsuit against donald trump. they he claim the commander in chief is violating a claws in the constitution. it bars a person in office from receiving gifts and payments from foreign states. the lawsuit, quote, absurd. >> attorney general jeff sessions will appear before a snas intelligence committee tomorrow. he'll answer questions about russian hacking. sessions will be public at the attorney general's request. today marks the first anniversary of the night a man walked into a nightclub and killed 50 people. several dozen others survived the pulse shooting including patience carter. that young philadelphia woman is sitting down with lauren mayk to talk about the friend she lost and how she continues to push forward. >> reporter: do you have
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flashbacks? >> not so much any more. >> reporter: patience carter has come a long way after the shooting one year ago. >> i got shot in both of my legs so the bullet in my right leg went in and shattered my feem mer bone. >> reporter: we met her when she was still in the hospital. >> we went from having the time of our lives to the worst nights of our lives all within a matter of minutes. >> reporter: today she can still feel the pain when she walks upstairs but she's stronger physically and emotionally. >> when i was just getting back home it was really bad. i wake up screaming, i would hear gunshots in my head. but now i feel like i'm in a place where i can walk into a bathroom that resembles the one i almost died in and i'm okay. >> reporter: the shooting took the lives of 49 people including her friend murray who got outside but went back to look for a friend. >> she's brave. a hero. >> reporter: one year later, patience says she wants to be optimistic but loses some hopes when she hears about other
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attacks and lives lost. >> so many people dying, you just want it to end some where. you just want it to stop. and then seeing paris happened directly after that, then seeing manchester happened most recently and it's just like, when's it ever going to end? >> the 21-year-old is a student at nyu. she's writing a book about her experience, loves writing and creating and is looking for the right fit for her future career. >> i'm trying hard every day to really figure that out. what my purpose is and how can i use my voice respectively to see change happening. >> reporter: in philadelphia, i'm lauren mayk, nbc10 news. philadelphia police need your help tracking down a man they said shot a father and his toddler. investigators say harris and another man fired 16 shots at at home last month. a 2-year-old boy and his father were sitting on the front porch of the home.
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both were hit and injured. we're getting our first look at a driver accused of killing a philadelphia woman who was trying to protect her children. police today released ryan mchues mug shot. they say his suv jumped the curb saturday hitting and killing linda rojas. she shielded her son and pushed her daughter out of the way. mchue faces dui and manslaughter charges. talk about battling the opioid epidemic. the topic, warm handoff programs. it's a process that gives overdose survivors counseling and a referral to go directly into treatment. the department of drug and alcohol programs requires county drug and alcohol agencies to set up procedures to help with the process. connecting with the community. how police officers are using this mobile unit to bring games like jenga and spike ball in local neighborhoods. a jersey shore woman's
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priceless treasure missing for a decade now back where it belongs. >> it really was a miracle. >> reporter: i'm ted greenberg where police finally found her stolen wedding ring and how they tracked her down. any dish and every glass might be the best you've ever tasted as long as you don't forget your appetite. new york state. it's all here. it's only here. plan your trip to the finger lakes at
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welcome back. i'm jim rosenfield. live outside the montgomery county courthouse in norristown. jurors have begun deliberating. the jury was instructed by the judge and began deliberating as we said just about before 5:30. the defense resting its case earlier today after calling just one witness. it was a detective who reminded jurors that constand the woman accusing cosby visited cosby out of state after that alleges assault. and the comedian himself telling the judge he would not be taken the stand in his own defense. also tonight, cosby's wife made her first appearance by his side in court today. camille cosby is so far the only family member to appear with cosby in court. if cosby is found guilty he could spend up to 30 years in jails. it carries a maximum sentence of ten years.
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the verdict could come down any second now. we will have live team coverage just as soon as it happens right here from the courthouse and on the nbc10 app. for now, we'll send it back to the studios and erin coleman. >> thanks for that. a reunion now that is a decade in the making. a new jersey couple's wedding ring was stolen during a burglary years ago. nbc10's jersey shore ted greenberg has the story. >> i can't believe it. >> reporter: a decade after it was stolen, tina of margate is stunned that her wedding band is back on her finger. the gold ring taken by a burglar from their former house. the couple's matching bands each with the others name engraved inside highly sentimental. >> when we got married, that was the last present given to me from my mom which she passed away right after our wedding.
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>> reporter: last month a call came out of the blue from ventnor police. >> i came across this case and there was a lot to it. >> reporter: that burglary suspect was arrested in 2012 and some of the items he allegedly stole were recovered during a recent accounting of unclaimed belongings in the evidence room. he found a watch he thought belonged to car lowe and it did. he asked if the ring with his name inside might be there too and sure enough, it was. >> it really was a miracle after ten years, that's a miracle. >> when i clean that ring up and i saw that name in there, i couldn't believe that we had it for all this time. >> reporter: the original police report had no mention of the rings inscription so authorities didn't know who it belonged to until now. >> it was like amazing job he did. >> reporter: a stunning surprise and an unexpected reunion with a
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priceless treasure. ted greenberg, nbc10 news. >> gloucester township police officers are working to improve their relationship with the community. the department debuted several news yishtives, among them are police body cameras and just in time for this heat wave and air-conditioned community outreach van. that will get a lot of use. it'll visit neighborhoods so officers can engage with the community. it was certainly a hot one today for much of our area. the sun tan lotion sprayer, it was going. it was going today on this first day at the ymca northern wilmington summer camp. counselors made sure the kids had plenty of time in the pool. the first heat of the season, it really is the hardest to handle because our bodies need to get acclimated to it. according to the occupational safety and health administration or owe sha, it electrically takes a few week to get our bodies to adjust to these temperatures.
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the people at greatest risk for injuries, outdoor workers and athletes. and taking a live look outside right now at camden. it is a hot and hazy night out there for us and now look at city hall. not always easy to keep cool on a night like this. tammie souzza joins us now with your most accurate forecast. it's going to get even hotter before we feel relief. >> yes, it is. if it takes a whole week for us to acclimate. we won't get there before we actually dial it back. i love looking at the reflections of clouds in the building the comcast tower. you can see a beautiful sky out there. we do have haze out there and we reached a high of 94 degrees. the record on today's day 95 so just shy of that. no rain out there. highest wind gust 28 miles an hour and your sunset will be at 8:30 tonight. it should be a pretty one with that moisture. let's check the numbers around the area.
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walnutport at 88, white hall 92 and bethlehem 92 degrees. let's check out what's going on in the suburbs, let's go to gilbertsville 91, bedminster at 89, ft. washington 91 degrees. 94 in philadelphia. society hill it's 94 and manayunk and airport 92 degrees. graduate hospital still very warm at 95. if we head off to south jersey, mt. laurel at 92, shamong at 93, princeton at 88 and lumberton at 93. out along the shore, we have 90 at mays landing. just z-blansing the shoreline coming across the cooler water. keeping everybody cooler. i don't want to leave you out in delaware. we are looking right now 92 in harmony hills. let's head off to middleton at 92 and lincoln at 92 degrees.
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so the afternoon highs are going to climb even more for tomorrow before they cascade downward back into the 70s bill the time we hit thursday and friday. doppler radar sweeping the sky. nothing out there. look at this little line of clouds. that storm system moving into wisconsin is associated with this line which is associated with some storms north of quebec. it's a cold front that's going to sag through the area. we call it a back door cold front and it could bring us some showers tomorrow isolated and again on wednesday and thursday. 91 will drop into the lower 70s when you wake up tomorrow morning with the west winds. take a look 95 tomorrow in philadelphia with that chance of showers and then we really start to cool down. look at that. only 83 degrees by the time we get into wednesday and 70s for thursday. 97 for tomorrow, 83 on wednesday, 79 on thursday. then a chanceful showers on friday, saturday and sunday. >> i'm danny from csn.
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we'll hear from the birds assistant coaches before the players hit the field tomorrow. >> how close was jerry macklin from returning to south philly. details coming up. it takes a lot of people to make a good school day.
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>> announcer: this is sports desk. brought to you by xfinity. good to see you. danny pom mels. eagles mandatory camp begins tomorrow. quarterback coach who was denied the opportunity to interview with the jets for their offensive coordinator position this off-season. his main job is help carson wentz improve.
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the eagles quarterback work with him this off-season and during this week there will be plenty of discussion about game situations. >> we're always talking about swigsal football and i think when i take situational football i mean, okay, down in distance, two minutes situation or two minute situation at the end of the game. always talking through those things. we're always from year one to year two that's when you see the amount of growth in a guy. >> elsewhere around the league according to multiple reports jeremy macklin has signed a contract with the ravens. it's a two year deal. multiple reports say the eagles were second in the macklin sweepstakes despite doug pederson denying interest last week. former eagles quarterback michael vic oefg retired. vik was drafted first over all by the fal cons in 2001 and signed with the eagles after being incarcerated for 18
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months. jared eickhoff the first phillies picture to go winless in his first dozen starts. he goes for win number one tonight and there are some lineup changes. nava will hit second. first major league hit with a grand slam. tonight he faces his old team. phillies have lost five straight. flyers fans you might want to cover your eyes and ears. the penguins are cup championships for the second straight season. sidney crosby hoisting the stanley cup for the third time in his career. former flier gets and hoist it above his head. he's the stanley cup champ. >> tonight, icing chugging
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contest. look at the kid on the right. crushing that icee. he wins the contest. we all know what happens tonight. pains the price with the brain freeze. ouch. that's got to hurt. i'm danny pomles from csn. we'll be right back.
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i'm jim rosenfield live at the courthouse in norristown where we are awaiting the jury's decision in the bill cosby sex assault trial. we will bring you a verdict the moment one comes down. both on air and of course on the nbc10 app. and join us tonight at 11:00 for a full recap of today's closing arguments and everything that develops with the jury tonight. for now let's send it back to the studios and erin coleman. >> we'll see you tonight. to the weather now. hot one. >> heat wave continues. we have a heat advisory for tomorrow from noon until 7:00 p.m. that's why the schools are being let out early across the area. 97 tomorrow then we drop to 83 with clouds on wednesday. could see an isolated shower and back to the 70s to end the week.
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>> thanks for watching. i'm erin coleman. up next "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. we'll see you again at 11:00. . developing tonight, to the jury, bill cosby facing potentially the rest of his life in prison. the defense rests after just six minutes, and we're at the courthouse awaiting a verdict, suing the president, a lawsuit accusing donald trump of violating the constitution with his foreign business dealings. will he be forced to turnover his tax returns? protesting putin, a wave of rallies across russia, demonstrators face down riot plaolice as a prominent putin critic is detained. instant pain reli relief, new treatment for millions with aching knees. in drugs or surgery. doctors say it can work better and last longer with fewer side effects. and 49 acts of love, moms of the 49 lost in orlando one


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