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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  June 12, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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breaking news right now at 11:00, jurors sent home after failing to reach a verdict in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. this is cosby walking out of
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court after the jurors went home for the night. jurors will decide whether cosby could potentially spend the rest of his life in prison for allegedly drugging and assaulting a woman in his home. the jurors deliberated for about four hours tonight. after receiving the case around 5:30 this evening they left around 9:30. the jurors had one question while they were deliberating. let's bring in denise nakano who was also here live tonight. that question focused on pills. cosby admits giving them to andrea constand. >> the jurors had a question about the pills that cosby allegedly gave to constand. they wanted to have greater context. jurors deliberated for a couple more hours before then calling it a night. bill cosby as he left the
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courthouse tonight. his fate resting in the hands of seven men and five women. the jurors need more time to deliberate after spending four hours behind closed doors. one legal expert says the longer the deliberations, the more this could work in cosby's favor. >> talk amongst the jury members. if it drags on for two or three or four or five days it could be a hung jury or not guilty. >> reporter: the jury heard about how the comedian took advantage and sexually assaulted andrea constand. the defense said that the night in question was consensual. the prosecution rested its case on friday after calling 12 witnesses to the stand. the defense made its case in six minutes after calling one witness to the stand today.
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the day started with cosby's wife camille walking with arms linked. hours of deliberations and a night with the verdict still in question. now if convicted cosby faces up to ten years for each of the three counts. jurors are back at the sequestered hotel rooms and will be back for a second round of deliberations at 9:00 a.m. back to you. >> denise nakano, thanks. tonight i asked gloria allred about that lone question the jury asked tonight on the pills cosby allegedly gave to constand. she said the evidence is clear. >> there's no dispute because he admits in his deposition, in his police report interview that, in fact, he did, after she ingested the pills, grope her breasts. >> so what happens if the jury
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cannot come to a consensus? that is a possibility. coming up in about ten minutes a legal expert explains how the judge may encourage the panel to keep deliberating. let go back to the studios and keith jones with other news of tonight. >> we're going to check back in with you later. let's go to the weather. brace yourself for dangerous heat. nbc 10 has issued a first alert for tomorrow. it could feel as hot as 100 degrees. it will be too hot for school tomorrow afternoon. the students will be released at noon tomorrow. in camden county at 1:00 and trenton public schools will dismiss early as well. let's start with first alert meteorologist tammy souza tracking how high the temperatures will get and how hot it will feel. >> we could tie or break a record tomorrow. we have a first alert for
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tuesday, for tomorrow. and the reason is, all the areas in orange, much of the area is under a heat advisory that starts at noon. that's why the kids are being sent home then. a heat index between 95 and 100 with an air quality alert. high ozone levels. this is going to continue until about 7:00 tomorrow night and it is going to be bitterly hot. today we didn't make it to the record. we thought maybe we would. joe captured this beautiful sunset that you're looking at. but we only hit 94. the record is 95. the highest wind gust was at 28 miles an hour. tomorrow the humidity is going to be on the rise. across the area, 79 in allentown. 83 in philadelphia. 76 in mt. holly. and 80 in trenton. the only relief is up in the mountains where you see 66 degrees.
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we're going to stay very warm overnight. tomorrow, 97 in fairmont. allentown at 94, chestnut hill, 92. egg harbor at 94. and dover at 93. add to that the humidity, all the moisture in the air and it's going the feel like 95 to 100. we'll talk about when this all goes away when i come back. >> you can track the heat wave when you wake up starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning. you can get the forecast on demand on the free nbc 10 app. the rescue crews are look for a missing swimmer. they were called to thelma avenue after reports of a swimmer who went under and never surfaced. several jurisdictions are taking part in the search. the bodies of three u.s. soldiers arrived at dover air force base.
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vice president mike pence and his wife were on hand. the soldiers were killed in afghanistan over the weekend. for the second time in as many weeks, another high level official will testify in washington tomorrow. attorney general jeff sessions will appear tomorrow afternoon. sessions will answer questions about the investigation into russian hacking and his alleged communication with russian officials. it is the same committee that heard testimony from james comey. count on nbc 10 to bring you that testimony tomorrow. we will be live with perspective no one else has starting at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. today the attorneys general from maryland and the district of columbia claim that mr. trump is violating a clause in the constitution that bars a person in office from receiving gifts and payments from foreign states. the president has 60 days to
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respond to the complaint. another legal defeat for president trump today as the ninth circuit court of appeals reruled against the revised travel ban. they said the ban violated the constitution because it disfavored muslims. the hearing for penn state fraternity brothers is over. we want to warp yn you hear, th sketches could be graphic. it allegedly shows a 19-year-old doubled over on the ground. it alshows him laying unconscious on a couch two people looking on. he died on february 4th an after falling several times. 18 fraternity brothers are facing charges in his death. they didn't call for help until 12 hours after he fell.
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the preliminary hearing will decide if there is enough evidence to take the case to trial. it has been one year since the pulse nightclub shooting in orlando. hundreds gathered for a vigil to remember those victims. friends and family member of the victims shared stories and performed musical acts. at home, a local victim was honored. west catholic high school was the site of a memorial basketball game. she was the youngest victim to die from the attack. the game featured some of the top girls players in the region. her family was presented the game ball along with a sixers jersey with her name. her friend was shot in both legs and spoke with us today and shared with us what this past year has been like recovering physically and emotionally. >> when i was getting back home it was really bad. i would wake up screaming and
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hear gunshots in my head. but now i could walk in a bathroom that resembles the one i almost died in and i'm okay. >> she is a student at nyu and is writing a book about her experience. new at 11:00, neighbors in this high raise had to leave their homes after a fire broke out. it happened at the park town place complex. the fire was put out just a couple hours ago. no word how it started. no one was hurt. up next, our live coverage continues from the bill cosby trial. what if the jury cannot reach a consensus? our legal expert tells us what the judge will likely do to bring them to a decision. plus, kicking president trump out of the yearbook. why a new jersey teacher is suspended for altering student photos. and protecting your groceries from this heat. the move by local farmers to
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make sure you can eat all the salad you want. and how long will this heat last? i'll have the answer to that. come on back after this break.
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welcome back. our live coverage of the bill cosby sexual assault trial continues here in norristown. the jury was sent home tonight with no verdict. the looming question, will they be able to reach a consensus. this retired judge explains what could happen if they cannot reach a verdict. >> the judge would give them what we call an allen charge which he would send them back to deliberate and give them a charge how no other jury can do this better than they can, how they should re-examine their view to reach a verdict if they can do so without compromising
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their individual values. >> if the jurors come back a second or third time without a verdict the judge will be forced to grant a mistrial. and another lingering question will he go straight to jail if he is found guilty? the prosecution will argue to revoke cosby's bail saying he is a flight risk. if the judge agrees cosby would go to the montgomery county correctional facility in eagleville until sentencing. the moment jurors make their decision in this case we will bring it to you live both on the air and on the nbc 10 app and join us for overnight developments tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. that's the latest live from norristown. back to keetsz ith in the nbc 1 studios. let's get back to the weather. the first alert forecast, the
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heat wave that is gripping the region now. we found it is causing local farms and animal shelters to make adjustments tonight. let go to brandon hudson. cooler out there than earlier today but it is going to get hot again tomorrow. >> reporter: cooler but muggy. we've seen people all day trying to get relief from the heat. some of them carrying around face cloths to get the sweat off their face from waiting in line to fanning themselves off at the bus stop. a little more humid and muggy than most eveningings but not enough to stop some people from work out before night fall. james fair child is one of several people running the stairs. >> how are you staying cool? >> i have a water bottle i keep. and i only live a few blocks away. >> at its peak, philadelphia
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reached 95 degrees, a near-record high. the school district of philadelphia decided on a noon dismissal on tuesday. one reason being not all schools have hvac systems. the hot weather is forcing changes for act philly. they will only be allowed outside 15 minutes at a time. >> the dogs are hot too. but we use the philadelphia code red alerts as a good benchmark of when we need to be strict. >> the shelter is making good use of its indoor cooling system. and farmers collected 200 heads of lettuce to sell at their co on stores. >> we had to get the heads out of the ground before the heats messed up their growth.
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>> as you heard earlier, several towns in this area are under air quality alert which means there will be some breathing problems or possible breathing problems for older people and children. >> it's a good reminder right there. the beach was the perfect spot to beat the heat wave, the sunset in cape may. a great night to walk along the waves there. some people thought roller skating could cool them off tonight. this is the blue cross river rink on penn's landing. let's bring in tammy souza. a hotter day for tomorrow and then a welcome cool down? >> a welcome cooldown. about a week ago everybody wanted the heat. now they want the welcome cooldown. so here we go. we are going to be looking at warm temperatures tomorrow. right now in philadelphia it is 83 degrees. when is the last time you remember it being this warm this
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late at night and look at the feels like, 85 degrees. that is a factor when you add in the moisture out there in the air. we're going to be dealing with a heat index tomorrow. the winds out of the southwest to 10. for the remainder of the night. 78 at 2:00 in the morning. 74 at 5:00 in the morning on the southwest winds with a high, thin haze tomorrow. the first alert tomorrow all neighborhoods except right on the shore and in the mountains are going to be under this heat advisory that we have going on. this is tomorrow from noon to 7:00. a feels like of 95 to 100. and that air quality alert out there. so if you have sensitivity to breathing with particulate matter or ozone be aware of that. it is going to be in effect all day tomorrow. stay hydrated out there. never, ever leave kids or pets in the car.
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not even for five minutes. it can be deadly in as little as 20 minutes. try try to spend time in shaded areas and wear light clothes out. there we don't have any rain here but there is a storm coming out of wisconsin. how does that effect us? you notice this line of green here there is a cold front it is associated with. this is all going to drift southward in our direction, bringing us the relief we talked about. here's where we go out of the southwest with winds tonight. tomorrow you wake up in the low 70s. we are in the mid and upper 90s. the record tomorrow is 95. if you want relief go to atlantic city. the water there is about 65 degrees. by wednesday morning, spotty showers are possible. i think the high is in the morning on wednesday and we drop into the 70s in the afternoon. look at the winds turning out of the east. atlantic city only 67 degrees by
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the time that we get into the afternoon. let check out your neighborhoods tonight. 73 in philly. and 70 in delaware. tomorrow across the area. look at this, 97 in philadelphia. 96 in south jersey even on the shore, 90 degrees. i'll have your ten day on 10 coming up. >> looking forward to that. a stolen wedding ring back on the right finger a decade after it went missing. the series of events that triggered this ring reunion at the jersey shore.
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get fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo for 1 year and multi-room dvr service for 2 years. all with a 2-year agreement. switch now at a north jersey teacher is suspended after altering yearbook pictures that supported president trump. the t-shirts were photo shopped
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to look blank. the school district says the teacher is on leave while the investigation is ongoing. an unexpected reunion a decade in the making. these wedding bands were returned. they were taken from the couple's home by a burglar ten years ago. they were found during an accounting of unclaimed items in the police evidence room. >> i have it. and i was like screaming on the phone. >> it was a present given to me from my mom. >> the ring was inscribed but investigators say the police report made no mention of it. they celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary this year. the phillies added a young bat to the fold. we'll introduce you. and the phillies were in
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the phillies opened a four-game home and home with the red sox tonight. eickhoff is winless in 13 starts. off rick porcello. that is two phillies to come in. it's 2-0. blanco off the monster scores joseph. scoring bl scoring blanco. boston coming back like bad
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tuna. the phillies retake the lead 5-4. eickhoff leaves the game after six and appears to be in pain. no word on his condition. we go to the eighth inning. and hanley ramirez tattoos this pitch over the monster and that's it. game tied at 5. the phillies just lost 6-5 in the 11th inning. the phillies chose adam haseley. it's the first time they selected a college position player. mandatory mini camp begins tomorrow. the roster should start to come into focus. jeremy maclin has signed a contract with the ravens and the eagles were second in the maclin sweepstakes.
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also former eagles quarterback michael vick officially retired from the nfl as a member of the falcons. he was drafted by the falcons in 2001 and signed with the eagles after being incarcerated for 18 months. an in-game icy contest and look at this kid on the right. man, does he pay for it. the brain freeze of all time just overtakes him. ouch! tough cookies for him. that's it for sports. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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a scorcher. >> it is going to be a scorcher and kind of dangerous. a heat advisory in effect and an air quality alert. 97 for a high with heat indices as high as 100. we start to cool on wednesday with an isolated shower on wednesday and thursday and rain settles in for friday, saturday, and sunday. way to spoil the weekend. sorry about that. >> for all of us here at nbc 10, thank you for watching "the tonight show" is next. thank you for watching. ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- demi moore, demitrius shipp jr., musical guests, nathaniel rateliff,


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