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tv   Today  NBC  June 13, 2017 7:00am-9:53am EDT

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>> we'll keep you updated when the verdict comes in in the bill cosby case. good morning. in the hot seat. attorney general jeff sessions set to testify on capitol hill today, about his russian contacts during the presidential campaign. as a friend of president trump causes a stir, saying the president is considering firing the special counsel leading the russia investigation. how the white house and lawmakers are responding to that this morning. verdict watch. bill cosby's fate now in the hands of the jury. will he be vindicated? or will he spend the rest of his life behind bars? a decision coming any minute. we're live at the courthouse. dangerously close. >> oh, no. >> oh, no. >> a destructive tornado gives storm chasers the surprise of a
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lifetime. and the heat across the country is supposed to intensify today. and the mom who survived a vicious shark attack. >> i'm alive. i'm grateful for that, for sure. a bride's unforgettable gift to her best friend. curry, three. >> and the golden state warriors reclaim the nba championship today, tuesday, june 13, 2017. >> from nbc news, this is "today," with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. so glad to have you carren's in for early. >> matt is >> i was. the to. let's s to s including with peter r.wel inh
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>> reporter: good morning. jeff sessions recused himself from the russian investigation. but he will be in the middle of it. this is where he'll be testifying. what's unique about today, james comey had his issues with the president, jeff sessions is a fierce loyalist. and as for the special prosecutor robert mueller, is he the next man to go? this morning, the white house is pushing back. with the russia inquiry heating up, this stunning assessment about the future of robert mueller from one of president trump's close friends. >> i think he's considering perhaps terminating the special counsel. he's weighing that option. >> reporter: those comments from chris ruddy to pbs, shortly after ruddy was spotted leaving the west wing. sean spicer telling nbc news, mr. ruddy never spoke to the
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president regarding this issue. with respect to this subject, only the president or his attorneys are authorized to comment. earlier monday, a similar statement from another trump ally, newt gingrich. >> what republicans need to focus on is closing down the independent counsel. he's not independent. >> reporter: adam schiff firing back on twitter. the president fired bob mueller, congress would appoint bob mueller. don't waste our time. all of it, the backdrop, as attorney general jeff sessions gets ready for a grilling against his former senate colleagues this afternoon. under ooet and in public. he is expected to respond to james comey, who raised questions about sessions' role in the russia inquiry. >> we were aware of facts i can't discuss in an open setting, that would make his engagement in a rush investigation problematic. >> reporter: it will be sessi
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sessions' first time in the hot seat since his confirmation hearing in january. >> i did not have conversations with the russians. >> reporter: he raised flags by not revealing two meetings with the russian ambassador, sergey kisly kislyak. now, there's thoughts there was a third. >> i think the reason he's testifying is to set the record straight in his own mind. i'm surprised he is. >> reporter: president trump convening his cabinet on monday. there, an unusual display. the officials bathing their boss in pray praise. >> greatest decision of my life is serve you, the president. >> we consider it a blessing to serve your agenda. >> reporter: the senate's. democrat posting this online. >> you have great hair. nobody has better hair than you. >> before we go further, i want to say thank you for the opportunity and blessing to serve your agenda. >> reporter: now, back to jeff
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sessions' testimony today. there was a rare closed door meeting with the head of the security agency. that physicfollowed a meeting wy johnson, who oversaw a lot of efforts in the election to keep it safe from russia. the president trying to deflect this morning. he's on twitter. he writes, the fake news media has never been so wrong or so dirty. purposely incorrect stories for an agenda of hate. sad. savannah, back to you. >> peter alexander, thank you. pete williams is taking a closer look at the key questions the attorney general could face today. pete, good morning. what can we expect? >> for his first appearance before congress since becoming attorney general, aides say he wanted this hearing to be public. he's eager to respond to things comey said last week. sessions did nothing when comey asked him to prevent more
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private meetings with comey and trump. and he wants to answer questions that's come up over the last several weeks. >> how much can sessions say, if anythi anything, about the investigation into russia's meddling in the election? >> i doubt he will say much about that because he's recused. he took himself out of that investigation. but one question might be, why did he take part in the firing of comey as fbi director? and his aides said that sessions made that decision based on comey's overall performance. not just on the russia investigation. the deputy attorney general's memo mentioned the handling of the clinton e-mail case, carson. let's bring in maine senator, angus king, one of the senators that will be questioning jeff sessions. he is the senator from maine. i'm sure you heard that a friend and confidant, said that the
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president is considering firing bob mueller. does that report concern you? >> the mechanics are important. the president cannot fire bob mueller. he must request that the attorney general do so. and the acting attorney general has to use his discretion whether or not to take that action? >> and if he did so? >> if he fires him, it will be a huge mistake. this is an administration that says they want to get this over with and put it behind them. and if they want to put it behind them, the best way is to cooperate in the investigation and let ice take its course. if there's nothing there, as the president keeps asserting, why do you keep impeding it by threatening, anyway. in this case, somebody threatened to fire the special coupl counsel. let's get this done. >> would there be grounds? i think the argument on the
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president's side of it, would be along the lines of conflicts of interest. james comey has a long history with director mueller. and comey went out of his way, i counted five or six times, where he heaped praise on mueller. does he have a conflict there? >> everybody he preys heaps pra mueller. everybody in washington respects bob mueller. he's a career professional former head of the fbi, really outstanding individual. it would be hard to argue that somehow he's suddenly looks like he's biased. of course, he knows jim comey. he was the former director before comey. >> let's talk about jeff sessions before your committee today. what's the number one question for him? do you think he has explaining to do? >> there's two main questions. you hit it on the head in your
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opening. number one, what contacts did he have with the russians in the election, before he was campaign surrogate for president trump. and what role did he have in the fires of james comey, at a time when he was supposedly recused from the investigation? the president said the russia thing was on his mind when he fired comey. should jeff sessions been involved in that decision? those are two main areas. i know there's many other questions. nose are two of the areas we'll be looking into and giving jeff sessions a chance to give his side of the story. >> and very quickly, sir, because i'm out of time. the president said he would be willing 100% to testify under oath. would you like to see him before your committee? would that be possible? >> i don't think that's a good precedent to bring a president before congress under oath. i think that would be bad for the country in the long run. it's not the way we do things.
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i think we're going to get to the bottom of this. but the best thing, rather than enator king, good tstations. a lot more to g most urgente korea a few hours prompting speculation dennis rodman arriving to pyongyang on his fifth trip to north korea. hours before telling reporters why he's going. >> have you spoke to president trump at all? >> i think he's happy about the fact that i'm over here, trying to accomplish something that we both need. >> what are you trying to accomplish, sir? >> trying to open a boadoor. >> reporter: his last trip controversy. he sang happy birthday to kim jong-un and said that kenneth bae deserved a 15-year sentence.
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bae was freed the same year. why rodman has called kim jong-un a friend for life, jim mattis is calling north korea, the most urgent of security to the u.s. earlier this year, president trump said he would be willing to meet kim jong-un, saying this. >> he's a smart cook by. >> reporter: trump has praised rodman, who appeared on "celebrity apprentice" in 2013. the former basketball star denying he was hired to free the four americans in north korea. >> that's not my purpose right now. >> reporter: rodman also said this is about bringing sports to north korea. this morning, a senior state department official says they're aware of rodman's visit. he's there as a private individual and they wish him
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well. they warn all americans against going to north korea for safety. >> thank you very much. there can be a verdict as soon as today in bill cosby's closely watched sexual assault trial. the jury deliberated for four hours last night. they're back at it this morning. hi, steph. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. bill cosby's fate now in the jury's hands. they're going to begin their first full day of deliberations today. they asked two questions. one was looking for context for something that bill cosby said over a decade ago, when he referred to the bills that he gave andrea constand three little friends. >> are yhere to support your husband? >> reporter: bill cosby's fate is now in the jury's hands. camille cosby made her first appearance. in a packed courtroom, cosby, his wife and his accuser, andrea
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consta constand, listened as the defense presented its case in under six minutes. calling just one witness. in a fiery closing statement, the lead defense attorney highlighted inconsistencies in constand's story. arguing her relationship with cosby was romantic. and what happened the night that constand said she was drugged thaassaulted was consensual. cosby had telling the r marriage, you hav f him, plainas nt mcgoman gal si romantic? you should be insulted by that. it's y'statements sealed his guilt. over a sexual conduct. > reporter: he left spokespers mean cosby >> i know you will be watching the courte oakland
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this morning. >> reporter: this is what they play for it. all 15 pounds of it. the larry o'brien trophy. this year, it is back in oakland. they are still cleaning up the confetti inside oracle. the players tell us, it is so much sweeter this year, after last year's devastating loss. >> curry makes the pass and iguodala finishes. >> reporter: in the closing minutes of the closeout game, the incredible becoming the inevitable. >> celebration tonight here in oakland. >> reporter: the warriors, golden in game five. steph curry, sensational. kevin durant, unstoppable. his first nba championship. >> redemption for golden state. >> reporter: and his first finals mvp. >> we achieved the highest honor in the sport, which is winning the championship. and to do it with these guys is amazing. >> reporter: for the warriors and their fans, a championship trophy with a side of revenge.
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last season, the cavaliers led by lebron james, beat oakland in oakland. last night, in the third finals appearance for both teams -- >> a technical foul. >> reporter: a growing rivalry. the warriors taking their second championship in three years. >> i think it was great for us to face off in the finals. obviously, an amazing feeling to get the win. but i don't think it's the end of it. >> i left everything on the floor every game. all five games. have no reason to put my head down. >> james spins. james scores. >> reporter: already considered one of the greatest teams in nba history, the warriors on the verge of becoming a dynasty. a pair of floor seats to last night's game, selling for $133,000. the price to witness history and perhaps one of the greatest teams to ever play the game. >> we want to keep this crew together and go after it again. right now, we're going to
7:16 am
celebrate. truly a special moment. >> reporter: steph curry told us after the game, he wanted to bring back this trophy to the blue collar city of oakland. last time they won the championship, they were on the road. now, it's here at home. it will streets on thursday for the big parade. carson and savannah, back to you guys. >> imagine lebron james gets a triple double and averages that and loses. >> this is the third time they met. >> probably see you next year. al is on the road this morning. he's in wisconsin. he will tell us about that in a moment. hi, al. good morning. >> good morning, guys. we're in a secret location to surprise a deserving dad. we'll talk about that in a little bit with a backyard barbecue. in the meantime, it feels hot. one more day of oppressive heat. now, we add the humidity, as
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high pressure pumps up warm, humid air. we're talking about heat m indices that will feel from 90 to 100 degrees. dallas and new york city. we get a little break as we get toward the latter part of the week. but temperatures stay toasty in the mid selection of the dun. on the western part of the (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a coupe soup. [woman] so beautiful. [man] beautiful just like you. [woman] oh, why thank you. [burke] and we covered it, november sixth, two-thousand-nine. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. another heat wave, the hottest of the season. 95 this afternoon in philadelphia. it will feel like it's in the upper 90s this afternoon. sunshine and not much of a cooling breeze during the day. 94 for the suburbs. and in new jersey, 95 degrees. the exception will be the shore, 88 degrees this afternoon. that's a little warmer than yesterday. record temperatures in the lehigh valley, up to 94 for delaware. cooler temperatures arrive tomorrow. >> we'll have more from wisconsin and what we're doing here a a little bit later on. savannah, carson? >> all right, al, thank you. carson explained to me the triple-double. coming up, the disturbing video from the night of alleged fraternity hazing, shown in court for the first time. and what led to a shouting match between attorneys. and the mother who lost part of her arm to a shark attack. her ordeal and her inspiring
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♪ ♪ ♪ 7:26. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. we are headed to record heat. how hot will it get? meteorologist bill henley has the most accurate weather forecast. bill? hotter than yesterday. temperatures are going to be soaring into the 90s for all neighborhoods except the shore. the hottest time of day, noon to 7:00. that's when record heat and
7:24 am
higher humidity will make it feel like 95 to 98 degrees this afternoon. now we'll check the roads with nbc10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. watching 422. here's the cameras at oaks. they pulled the camera out from where you could see the accident scene. to the right-hand shoulder. a few vehicles are left in place. eastbound, slow, we're used to it being slow at this point moving toward the schuylkill. watching in white marsh, too, for a crash. ridge pike at joshua road. back to you. jurors in bill cosby's sexual assault trial will resume deliberations to this morning. they didn't reach a verdict last night. here's the courthouse in norristown. jurors left after discussing the case for four hours and asking a question. they asked the judge a question about part of cosby's deposition testimony from his accuser's lawsuit. the defense rested yesterday without cosby taking the stand. we will let you know when a verdict is reached. tonight, drexel university will hold its commencement. this is video from last year's ceremony. about 3,000 graduates will get
7:25 am
their diplomas at citizens bank park. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. join us weekbay mornings from 4:30 to 7:00.
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♪ 7:30. that's ground control rig our control room, tuesday morning,h, 20od. and carson her. let's get to the jeff sessions testifying before the he's expected to be asked about his contacts with ru ss's2016
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presidential campaign, somethin confirmation hearings.his role . a san centr federal appeals the president says it comes at a ts of mid size suv models teste marginal or poor. the only models receiving a good rating, the hyundai santa fe and the volvoc-50. check your headlights. also this morning, the disturbing case of hazing many in penn state university. gabe gutierrez was there and
7:29 am
joins us from the penn state camp campus. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: it was a dramatic day in court. the victim's family, front row, center. the prosecution yelling at the defense. and the video from inside the fraternity house played inside for the first time. we want to warn you that the details and the images you're about to see are disturbing. this morning, these fraternity brothers don't know if they're heading to trial for the death of tim piazza. his parents face-to-face, with the young men they say brutalized their son. >> you would have thought it was a fraternity reunion. and it did not go unnoticed by me. and more importantly, it did not go unnoticed by the family. >> reporter: after the ten-hour hearing, the judge putting off a decision for weeks on whether the case will go to trial. the prosecutor and multiple
7:30 am
defense lawyers shouted alt each other at times across the courtroom. >> they were coming across the courtroom at me and interrupting the commonwealth's case. >> reporter: inside, a drunk a piazza seen again an again. even trying to dress him before calling 911 after a fall. according to text messages, one brother wrote to another, one kid out cold and i have to deal with him because i'm one of the only sober ones here. but the defense attorneys are accusing the prosecution from overreaching. the charges to mnz and assault. >> it's an unspeakable, horrific, sad, challengic event. but it's not a criminal case. >> reporter: luke visser is charged with involuntary
7:31 am
manslaughter, aggravated assault and hazing. >> the charges against my client are wholly and absolutely unjustified, unwarranted and without any basis. >> reporter: back in court, tim piazza's father teared up and rocked in his seat. as the lead detective said his son looked dead. he looked like a corpse. piazza's parents left the room before the video played. i was in the courtroom and saw that video. it was awful to see. perhaps most troubling, watching tim piazza wake up, stagger around and fall head-first over and over again. just horrible to watch. penn state has kicked this fraternity chapter off campus and created a board to oversee changes in the greek system . it could be weeks before this goes to trial. >> gabe gutierrez at penn state for us. let's get more. we have
7:32 am
correspondent, ari excruciating to watc early? do you think there's a strategic reason? >>ar this tuation, going to say ge, in a involved? and the video shows collective responsibility,e rou the judge does allow to move on to plea bargain f lesser charge? >> absolutely. th'v book at these people. we've seen other trehis left al. this isle the opposite. they have gone very hard. we w be surprised if some people aren't getting a manslaughter charge but offense. >> watching some of this makes you sick to your stomach. how tough would this be to prosecute these kids?
7:33 am
>> the manslaughter charge is difficult. at the end of the day, you're going beyond bad decisions or assault and battery. and you're saying these people were indifferent to the loss of human life. we talked about why the video makes that case. but a jury might look at a situation, particularly with young people and say, bad judgment, some punishment. but did they in their heart of hearts or in the center of their mind think this person was going to die? or were they thinking this might work itself out. >> and the heart goes out to the parents that were in that courtroom. let's head back to al in wisconsin for a check of the weather. >> we had some showers here. boy, do they have severe weather out in the plains. look and listen to this tornado video. >> debris. big debris. oh, no. oh, no. no, no, no. no, we're good. >> some structures were damaged and destroyed. luckily, nobody injured. we got more severe weather
7:34 am
today, out in the plains. starting to fire up. and as you take a look, we have a severe threat today. 10 million folks at risk for the upper midwest. large hail, damaging winds. some of if hail can be two inches in diameter. more people at risk. chicago, green bay, all the way down to st. louis and kansas city. 24 million people at risk for torna tornados, large hail and damaging winds. we've seen showers. part of the warm front you can see there. we saw them here in wisconsin. we have a potential of storms later on in the day. rainfall amounts anywhere from one to three inches of rain. scattered but a wider spread area of about an inch of rain or good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. another hot day. in fact, the hottest of the second heat wave of the season. into the 90s this afternoon.
7:35 am
95 degrees in philadelphia. it will feel like the upper 90s this afternoon. sunshine and not much of a cooling breeze during the day today. 94 for the suburbs. and in new jersey, 95 degrees. the exception will be the shore. 88 degrees this afternoon. that's a little warmer than yesterday. record temperatures in the lehigh valley, up to 94 for delaware. cooler temperatures arrive tomorrow. >> don't >> don't forget. get the weather anytime you need it. check out our friends at the weather channel on cable. coming up in the next hour, we'll tell you where we are and which dad is getting the surprise of a lifetime. >> dad's in wisconsin. is roker in the yard? >> al, thanks so much. coming up, the beatles record just beaten by -- guess who? justin bieber. >> is that my song? >> your jam, baby. what a story. we're going to tell you about a north carolina mom who lost her north carolina mom who lost her arm in a shark attack. ♪ this is a story about mail and packages.
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7:41 am
with the rented gear they decided to go snorkeling. and then, tiffany says she felt something on her right arm. >> it didn't hurt. it honestly felt like i had bumped into something. i turned casually to see what i bumped into. and when i turned, i was face-to-face with a shark. >> reporter: within moments, tiffany says the crystal-clear bahamian waters turned murky with her own blood. but surprisingly, she felt no pain. >> i remember thinking, this is not tend for me. i'm not going to die here. he's not going to take my life. >> reporter: as she screamed for help, her husband jumped? . >> i seen her and half of her arm was gone. i figured it was a chashg. only thing in my mind was to save her. >> reporter: together, they made it back to the boat. >> i'm surprised it's not following us. >> reporter: the mother of three, with a bleed that could
7:42 am
cause death in minutes. gave her husband directions that may have saved her life. >> i was calm. and i told him, go get something. get a towel. i have to wrap it up. >> for her to be able to keep, you know, her calm during that whole time, i've never seen anything like it. i closed my eyes and began to pray hard core prayers. >> remarkably, tiffany made it to the hospital in nassau for emergency. arrangements were made for a medevac center in charlotte, where tiffany had a life-saving surgery. >> i'm here. he has me as his wife. my kids have me as a mother. you know, i have my family. and i'm alive. so, i'm grateful for that, for sure. >> reporter: as calm as she was during our interview, her husband says that's how she was
7:43 am
when she was attacked by the shark. he knows her way. that's not a case of her being in shock. it's just the way she is. there's been 40 unprovoked shark attacks worldwide. four of them were fatal. she's very lucky to be alive, guys. >> what an attitude. >> that's remarkable to hear her. another testament to faith playing a part in that, right? >> gosh, i mean. talking about revealing of her character. this just happened. >> lost a limb. we have carson here. someone has to be over there. it's dylan today. >> i got the early wake-up call, too. we're talking about this one bride's special gift to her best friend, asking, would
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♪ good morning. i'm tracy davidson. we are dealing with a heat wave. heat and humiditi, it can be dangerous. first alert meteorologist bill henley has your most accurate weather forecast. bill? temperatures are climbing quickly now that we've got sunshine up. it's going to heat temperatures back into the 90s this afternoon. that's a live view from easton. already into the upper 70s and low 80s. northeast philadelphia, at the airport, 82 degrees. allentown is 77. the temperatures take off today. middle 90s this afternoon. the temperature trend shows it cools down tomorrow. then it's 70s for thursday and friday. a few minutes before 8:00. if you're getting ready to head out the door, let's check traffic with nbc10's first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington. we're watching 95 now. huge delays. and that's moving from girard avenue right here in our cameras. the southbound side seeing this 52-minute drive time in total
7:54 am
from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. speeds there down into the teens. really slow on the southbound side of 95. we're also watching a crash out in plymouth on east ridge pike around conshohocken road. back to you. jurors in the bill cosby sexual assault trial will resume deliberations this morning. here's a live look inside the courthouse in norristown. jurors left last night after discussing the case for four hours and asking the judge a question about part of cosby's deposition testimony from his accuser's lawsuit. the defense rested yesterday without cosby taking the stand. count on nbc10 to bring you the jury's decision the moment it happens. we will have updates on air and on line. you can also get an instant alert by downloading the nbc10 app. we have new details on the search for a missing swimmer in atlantic county. earlier this morning, search crews pulled a body from the selma avenue pit in hamilton township. the crews responded following reports of a swimmer who went under the water around 8:00 last night. another update in 25
7:55 am
minutes. join us weekday mornings for "nbc10 news today" from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m.
7:56 am
7:57 am
it's 8:00 on today. coming up, in the jury's hands. a verdict could come at any moment in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. so, will he spend his life in prison? we're live at the courthouse. plus, what's in a brand? pharmacists reveal their best chases for over-the-counter products. and oprah's least favorite thing. the media mogul shutting down the rumors, we vealing the one thing she will never, ever do. today, tuesday, june 13th, 2017. ♪ >> i think i see some mermaids.
7:58 am
what are your names? >> ellie. >> and what's your name? >> haley. >> you're the most beautiful mermaids we've ever seen. >> did you draw these beautiful pictures? >> i did. >> selfie with issavanna. wine with hoda and kathie lee. how about i give you a check and a hug? >> that would be great. we're going to have a funky dance party on the plaza. ready? ♪ >> okay. we're in love with those little girls. >> i love "soul train," right? >> a conga line tomorrow. welcome back to "today." glad you're with us on a tuesday morning. carson in for matt, who is under the weather. a lot happening in your world this morning. let's get to the news at 8:00. attorney general jeff sessions can raise the stakes in the russia investigation, when he
7:59 am
testifies today before the senate intelligence committee. nbc correspondent hallie jackson is in washington with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. and this morning, you said it. all eyes are here on capitol hill. that's where jeff sessions will testify later today. and even though he's recused himself with all matters reltded to russia, that will be top of the agenda. sessions want s s to answer questions about his past contact with russian officials, that he wants this hearing to be open and is eager to respond to some of what james comey said last week. while sessions is in the hot seat today, it's somebody else who is the subject of heated speculation this morning. bob mueller, the special counsel investigating russia interference in the election. in a jaw-dropping moment, one of the president's friends, christopher ruddy, says the president is considering terminating mueller, firing him. the white house is pushing back, pointing out ruddy never spoke to the president about this.
8:00 am
and only the president or his attorneys are authorized to comment about the topic. pushback to that pushback, telling nbc news that the white house shouldn't undermine one of the few allies it has left. the white house cannot fire mueller himself. he could ask his justice department to do so. even the idea has washington buzzing. speaker ryan says the president should let bob mueller do his job. the president heads to wisconsin, getting on the road to talk workforce development. but he's frustrated with the coverage he's getting. accusing the media of an agenda of hate. savannah? >> hallie jackson in washington. jim mattis is sounding a new alarm over north korea. he told congress on monday, that north korea's missile and nuclear programs are now the most urgent threat to our national security. mattis said work on those systems has increased in pace and scope, despite new sanctions. in the meantime, former nba star, dennis rodman, arrived in
8:01 am
north korea overnight. this is his fifth trip to that country. he's friends with kim jong-un and president trump. rodman says he's on a mission to open a door and that president trump would be happy with what he's trying to accomplish. and jury deliberations resuming at the assault trial. his defense team wrapping up their case with surprising speed. stephanie gosk is outside the courthouse in norristown, pennsylvania. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. everyone on pins and needles here waiting for the jury. a full day of jury deliberations. they're considering three charges of aggravated, indecent assault. and each one of the charges carries a maximum sentence of ten years. bill cosby, 79 years old and not in great health. a guilty verdict of his life in prison. accompaniedeye had seen her.
8:02 am
en went quickly. the defense presenting a six-minute defense. then, went into closing had two questions. among them, oneoo that cosby pillsve andrea cond arrest in the monday nightord ks shot a traff weath weatherford was named an outstanding office last year. a body cam catches dramatic moments when a wildfire spread close to some homes in maine. take a look. >> get him. get him. get him. >> that was scary. a volunteer firefighter suffered first and second-degree burns to his face when a propane tank caught fire and exploded. this happened last week. that firefighter has been released from the hospital. are you ready to feel good? this is a story you do not want to miss. a boy that never gave up hope is
8:03 am
being reacquainted with his dog, in a reunion that was eight months in the making. >> chuck. >> oh. >> we're told that little 11-year-old boy in the video had other pets. but they were separated. a neighbor spotted jack at a gas station. brought him home. and looky what happened. i mean, that's the kind of video you love to see. >> what a doll. there's a lot more still ahead, including the best sunscreens, pain relievers and many more chosen by pharmacists themselves. and the one thing oprah says she will never do. plus, reuniting the cast of "northern exposure." a reboot could be in the works. and al's surprise for a remarkable dad.
8:04 am
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and get up to $30 back when you combine select essilor® brand lenses. visit for more details. bee to the hive to the comb combing that honey. into some gold gold to the o. it's the yum in your bowl good goes around...and around, and around. good goes around and around. welcome back to "today." whether you have a headache or a sunburn, sorting through all of the choices at the pharmacy can be overwhelming. "the pharmacy times" has just released their list of their recommended brands when it comes to over-the-counter health products. here to talk about it all, dr. natalie azar. how did they come up with this list? >> this list is compiled by surveying thousands of pharmacists. and the pharmacists give their
8:09 am
recommendations, their number one picks, in 163-product categories, over 1,100 different brands of which over-the-counter products they think are the most effective and have the best safety and tolerability profile. it's the pharmacist saying this is what we recommend for you guys. >> let's start with headaches. so many options. advil won it? >> advil won it. remember, too, advil is in a category of medicines called nsaids. that's a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. they can stop the risks of heart attack and stroke. from how did they become number one? >> because they work. they work really, really well to relieve headaches and aches and pains. i say that as a precaution to viewers that if you're self-medicating for things, you want to be doing it under the guidance of a provider. >> we're not in flu season.
8:10 am
but what's so great about dayquil? >> i was an advil cold and sinus girl. but dayquil is relieving the symptoms of cough and cold and flu. a couple of things to remind people is that dayquil has a number of different ingredients in it. some of it can be an expector t expectorant. not all dayquil takes cake of similar toms. you don't want to use a different medicine. read the ingredients, and choose the product of the dar symptoms. >> let's slide down for antihistamines. >> antihistamine for adults, their choice was claritin. it's a second generation antihistamine. technically, it is nonsedating. it can be dozed 24 hours.
8:11 am
to relieve the symptoms of hay fever and hives. nonsedating, 24 hours. and the sedating ones can be used at night. they put you to sleep a little bit. >> and this is for kids? >> here's the flip-flop. for adults, it was claritin first and zyrtec number two. for children, it is zyrtec number one and claritin number two. >> why is that? >> that was not part of the charge to give an explanation for each. some studies show that zyrtec might be more sedating that claritin. perhaps children can tolerate that better in the late afternoon or the evening. but again, read the label carefully. all allergies as well as cough and cold things. you want to read the label and you want to make sure you consult the pediatrician. >> hot dogs,nscrn. what won?
8:12 am
>> neutrogena makes the top list in "consumer reports." neutrogena gets number one from "pharmacy times." it's a great one. according to the american academy of dermatologists, any sunscreen you use, should be broad spectrum, an spf of 30, and follow all guidelines for application and reapplication. >> let's end moisturizer. >> eucerin, some of this is in my medicine cabinet. here's the thing, a lot of different within the brand, a lot of categories that you can find. some have oatmeal that are soothing. some have menthol for anti-itch. some have a licorice extract that can be good for anti-inflammatory and itch. you can find the one that works for you. a lot of the ueurcerin brands hs
8:13 am
that emollient. >> very helpful. you retain a lot of information, dak. head to our website, now, let's get a check of the weather from al, who is in wisconsin. >> "today's weather" is brought to you by honey nut cheerio's. >> let's show you what we have happening for today. a lot going on. first of all, severe weather to talk about. you can see on the radar, a lot of activity firing up nthrough the plains. we're expecting to see the risk of 10 million people. a tornado threat in the upper midwest for today. then tomorrow, that moves to the east. we have over 20 million people at risk. 24 million people for a few scattered tornadoes, as well. as far as the heat is concerned, it continues dangerous heat indexes, anywhere from 90-100
8:14 am
degrees, from chicago down to new orleans, out to jacksonville and up to new york city. philly and boston, both, under heat advisories. later this week, you can see that heat continues in the mid plains down into the gulf. but finally starts to cool off . . . good morning. i'm meteorologist, bill henley. another hot day. the hottest of the second heat wave of the season, into the 90s this afternoon. 95 degrees in philadelphia. it will feel like it's in the upper 90s this afternoon. sunshine, not much of a cooling breeze during the day today. 94 for the suburbs. in new jersey, 95 degrees. the exception will be the shore. 88 degrees this afternoon. that's a little warmer than yesterday. record temperatures in the lehigh valley, up to 94 for delaware. cooler temperatures arrive tomorrow. have a great day! >> guys, we're in wisconsin right now. and the dad we're surprising is in the house back over here. really quickly, we're going to -- there he is. he's back in there. he can't see us.
8:15 am
we're going to surprise him coming up in the next half hour. >> right now. do it now. >> you sure he can't see you? >> he can't see us. we even -- we even hit the satellite truck way back there in the neighbor's backyard. he has no idea. this is fantastic. >> i love that. can you imagine that? al roker is on your lawn and you don't know it. all right, al, we're going to get right back to you. we're going to do "trending." general in a is here for this. you're a really good talker on commercial. >> i think you look -- >> am i bothering you? >> is this part of "trending" or are you just freshening up? >> it is part of "trending." good call. this "new york post" article caught our eye. is it rude to do your makeup in public? >> i think the biggest lady, that i know. i wouldn't call us lady.
8:16 am
laura bush puts lipstick on every day after she eats. no matter where she is. in the restaurant and wherever. >> i want to hear the man's perspective on this. >> i never thought about this question. >> really? >> cities around the world are coming down on this. because on the subway, signs on trains and buses, clipping? primping? >> clipping is in a category by itself. >> okay. so, there's a line. >> doesn't seem to baother me a all. don't get ready for work driving. >> clipping nails on the subway, the plane. the sound of the snapping is nasty. >> what about nail polish? in a plane? >> no, the smell. >> what about lipstick on alt dinner? >> i noticed that if someone is there -- shoot, i want to do it. i want to borrow theirs. and that's weird. >> not after dinner. >> i feel left out.
8:17 am
>> what about swapping out bras? does that happen? is there a need for that? >> you swap underwear with matt or somebody? >> it's four against one. >> poor carson just sitting here. >> i don't think it's rude. >> what about a meeting? that's my last scenario. a meeting at work? >> i wouldn't do it in a meeting. >> we asked our viewers, 59% says it's not rude. 41% said, yes, it is. that's our trending for today. >> that's excellent. >> i know. that was a good talker. >> we liked it. >> that's my best. back to my lipstick. exactly. want to do "pop start"? >> yes. i would love to do "pop start," please. i will not be offended at all. start with oprah winfrey. will she ever run for public office? on "the hollywood reporter's" podcast, the talk show host put the rumors to rest. here's what she had to say. >> i will never run for public
8:18 am
office. >> that's a pretty definitive thing. >> so, there you have it. >> will you run for public office? >> i will never. oprah is my ringtone now. justin bieber, dominating the charts with your favorite song. he's broken a record held by the beatles. they had two songs in the top three. that's the longest run until now. justin bieber's "despacito" and "the one" have the top three for 13-consecutive weeks. the beatles are the one to dominate the entire top three. but justin has a chance to do that, because he put out a single, "to you." you hear that right now. if that jumps in the top three -- >> don't displace "despacito." jessica biel, the actress
8:19 am
just reached 3 million instagram followers. so, what did she do? she flipped out. that's a couartwheel, i guess. >> that's a roundoff. >> wow. >> sticks the roundoff. >> savannah, let's see your randoff. >> i couldn't do a cartwheel. can you do a cartwheel right now? i can do one. >> carson has got it. >> do a cartwheel. >> of course not. who of course not. >> carson, take us to your "daly click." we have a great video for you. this is victorio brumati. takes living on the edge to a new level. wow. gets his bike up there. wanted an adrenaline rush. this is the edge of a sea cliff, navigating his two wheels over the narrow path. he has a helmet cam on. he cruises along, pauses to
8:20 am
balance on the rocks there. he's been an avid biker since age 11. he holds guinness world records. do not try that at home. we'll leave the cliff riding up to him. wow. guys? >> that's impressive. >> crazy, carson. >> i can't ride a bike on the skinny wheels. >> i can't do a cartwheel at all. let's go to al in wisconsin to get the surprise going. are you there in. >> that's right. we have miron mix, the winningest man in barbecue, to help me surprise a deserving dad here in wisconsin. his family is here. it's all coming up, as we have al's backyard barbecue. we go across the country, surprising deserving dads. it's coming up today, after your local news and
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
good morning. i'm vai sikahema. we are headed for record heat. let's get to bill henley. >> back into the 90s the third day in a row. a heat wave for all neighborhoods except at the shore. hottest time of day, noon to 7:00, when temperatures will be in the 90s. record heat along with higher humidity will make it feel like 95-98. temperatures are climbing 77 at philadelphia international. some neighborhoods already in the 80s. look at port richmond at 84 degrees. >> thank you, bill. let get a check on the rhodes with jessica boyington. 295. >> we are watching 295 now here, vai. we are moving through route 561. average speeds are 38 miles per hour. the blue route, pretty slow on the germantown pike on ramp if you are starting to see the normal volumes. now, back to you, vai. jessica, thank you.
8:24 am
jurors in bill cosby's sex assault trial will resume deliberations in about 30 minutes. here is a live look inside. the jurors left last night after discussing the case for about four hours. before ending for the night, the jury asked the judge a question about part of cosby's deposition testimony about his accuser's lawsuit in 2005. you can count on nbc 10 to bring you the jury's decision the moment it happens. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. you can get the latest news and weather at the nbc 10 app. i'm vai sikahema. the "today" show continues in a minute. we'll see you at the top of the hour. ♪
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8:27 am
♪ happy birthday to you.s tue. the 13th of june 2017. great crowd on our plaza. everybodyg good morning right back. it's going to be a hot one today. it feels good in the shade. but in manhattan, they say it will get close to 100 this afternoon. >> nanny from mississippi, 81, happy birthday. >> and, too, something interesting. savannah and were scrolling through twitter. we found something. there's a little girl who doesn't play with dolls. she doesn't play house. she plays the "today" show. her name is ellie. ellie, are you the best friend, mae? >> yeah.
8:28 am
>> they boast posted a video. ell ellie's the producer. >> i play savannah. >> this is what they do at my house. >> hoda, i'm here. i got my button. >> your butt opinion won? who did you bring? >> my friend, mae. >> see you soon. and i love you. >> and who else do you love on the "today" show? >> we love you, too. >> you're good at the "today" show game. i wish we had mermaid outfits, though. >> thank you for coming to see us today. >> can you say thank you? >> thank you. >> i'm so happy the mermaids are here. >> you're in tomorrow morning, 5:00 a.m. see you here. >> who plays carson? >> actually, we talk about siri. and siri was cooking on our show. >> oh. >> she made yogurt with some blueberries. >> excellent. >> thanks, guys.
8:29 am
>> thank you. >> thank you, guys. coming up, "northern exposure" was a surprise hit in the '90s. two days later, jenna helped bring the cast together for a special reunion. and mr. roker is moments away from a surprise. first, let's get a check of the weather. >> thanks so much. let's show you what's going on. for today, we are looking at severe storms that will be firing up in the plains, making their way to the west. slow-moving storms with a ton of rain around the gulf. and showers in the upper ohio river valley. sunshine out west, in the chilly side good morning. i'm meet meteorologist, bill he. another hot day. the hottest of the second heat wave. into the 90s. 95, philadelphia, upper 90s feel this afternoon. sunshine, not much of a cooling
8:30 am
breeze during the day today. 94 for the suburbs. in new jersey, 95 degrees. the exception will be the shore, 88 degrees. that's a little warmer than yesterday. record temperatures in the lehigh valley, up to 94 for delaware. cooler temperatures arrive tomorrow. have a great day! >> that is your latest weather. all right. it is time to light this baby up. it's backyard barbecue al. surprising dads that rv break. and we're about to surprise a gentleman by theike pooler. mike's from lake elwood, minnesota. we're down miles down the road in his brother, bill's, backyard. mike has arrived. he is in the house right now. we kept him secluded with his family. before we surprise the life out of him, we're going to tell you
8:31 am
more about this well-deserving dude. the first thing you notice about mike pooler from lake minnesota, his big personality. >> he has a certain charisma that you want to talk to him and be his friend. right? >> i hope so. >> reporter: the second might be his striking resemblance to the dude. >> i'm the dude from "the big lebowski." i have the full costume. have the sweaters. the dude abides. >> reporter: when you get to know mike, you quickly learn what you love most about him is, what a great dad he is. mike and julie have two kids. 19-year-old annie. >> do you have your picture of grover you made? >> reporter: and 16-year-old daniel, who is autistic. >> daniel struggles and he has something he is focused on, i put myself in his shoes and say, what does he want to make happen? you want to make kids, not just happy, but excel.
8:32 am
>> reporter: it's been a financial strain over the years, especially when julie had to quit their job to take care of their son full-time. and there's been tough times. >> we're always under the gun. we tap dance. but we know that the reason that we do it is worth it. i can give up the monetary things, the physical things. they're important but not that important. >> not as important. >> nowhere near it. and it's easy to make those decisions when you've got a good reason to. >> reporter: the family's got a cooking business called daniel's desserts to help make ends meet. also, they say it's a great reason to spend time together. and mike says, that's the only place he wants to be. >> you have to be prepared for left turns. but take the ride. it's worth it. that left turn can be cooler than you thought it would be. you have to take the journey to enjoy the ride. >> all right. we've gathered mike's family all here. we have myron mixon, the world's
8:33 am
winning barbecue chef. we're going to surprise him. he doesn't know we're here. he hid our satellite truck behind a neighbor's house. i hope he's in there. [ knocking ] hello, mike. mike, how are you? you are live right now on the "today" show. >> well, hello. come on down. >> how are you doing, al? >> there's your wife, julie. come on down. and there's daniel. come on in. we want everybody to come meet your family and your friends. you scared me a little bit there. but you cleaned it up. did you have any idea we were out here, mike? >> not one bit. >> are you serious? >> not a clue. >> i'm totally, 100% serious. >> we're going across the
8:34 am
country to bring deserving dads fun and a backyard barbecue. look who is behind you, myron mixon. >> happy father's day. >> we want to bring you front and center here. we know you've been having a go of it with daniel, who is a lovely young man. and your daughter, annie, here. they nom do this. >>d hs -- he loves annie? >> he's someone who taughtdad, . he's always there.he all of your friends. other brothers h guys, we're going to do this and light some baby up and do some flintstone-style meat ribs. >> that was awesome. >> really fun. >> the dude. >> love it. >> he was good at the surprise, too. >> awesome. >> happy father's day. that was a great one. coming up, a "northern
8:35 am
exposure" cast reunion 22 years in the making. first this, is "today" on nbc. ♪ this summer in the state that invented the american vacation a legendary adventure awaits. heroes will rise. bonds will be forged. and memories will be made to last a lifetime. new york state. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer trip at
8:36 am
what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price,
8:37 am
he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee. welcome back, everybody. on this tuesday. in the summer of 1990, a mid season replacement called "northern exposure" made its tv. it became a cult classic. >> a huge fancky catch up with the cast. >> i sure creator of "northern exposure" together at the atx austin, texas, for a trip down memoryne picked up right where they left off, would be an understatement. welcome to sicily, alaska, population 214. make that 215, when dr. joe fleishman fresh out of med
8:38 am
school in new york city, was sent to work in the town. >> i hate it. >> reporter: if we couldn't do this interview at the brick, we thought a bar 4,000 miles away -- >> you have the antlers here. >> reporter: do you feel comfortable at a bar that resembles the brick? >> i am comfortable with everyone in the reunion here. >> reporter: an on-screen reunion 22 years in the making. for the group that gave the quirky but lovable cast of characters life on "northern exposure." rob morrow played the young doctor. >> you never knew what you would get. >> they were never boring. >> reporter: sharing the most screen time with morrow was jeanine turner, who played maggie o'connell. >> just a little turbulence.
8:39 am
>> reporter: shelly finds life and love at the town bar called the brick. >> shelly, honey, will you marry me? >> okay. >> reporter: and the force behind it all, joshua brand, who created and wrote the show. >> it's a fish out of water story. a fish out of water flops around. you have to get him in a place as far to watch him flop around. >> reporter: the cast didn't have to go as far as the last frontier to find their home away from home, but they did leave the big city for roslyn, washington. >> we were sheltered from hollywood. that gave us a bond and a naive naivete. >> i can't help but see the parallelism. you're from new york. >> totally. >> reporter: you were set in a tiny town in washington. >> yeah. >> reporter: is it true that you
8:40 am
sent bagels from new york? >> i did. >> i had salsa from texas. >> reporter: you were homesick new yorker for real. >> oh, yeah. h&h belags overnight. >> bagels? >> not just bagels. new york bagels. >> reporter: when did you know this show had something magical? this show has lasting power? >> we knew we had something that we thought was special. we didn't know it was going to be successful or not. >> reporter: and a success it was. over the course of six seasons, the show earned popular and critical acclaim, wracking up emmys and golden globes and two peabody awards. one critic called the show, the best of the best in the last ten years. >> they were right. >> reporter: what was the secret sauce that made the critics love it and people at home, wanted to tune in? >> it was a place where people thought they could be accepted there. as quirky as they were, they
8:41 am
would be loved in that town. >> it was a place where everybody wanted to be. >> reporter: these weren't the only actors that found fame. john corbin made his break. and a few guest stars showed up. >> homecoming queen supposed to be a babe. >> i love the episode with jack black. i worked with jack black. i had to look. oh, my gosh. a whole episode of blackjack. but he wasn't jack black yet. he was a wonderful actor. >> reporter: no matter how many years or miles away from sicily, alaska, the magic of northern exposure lives on. the cast told me they're asked about the possibility of a reboot. while nothing is official, they tell me something is in the works. >> wow. >> just for you. in the meantime, if you want to catch up on "northern exposure"
8:42 am
you have to do it the way i did, on dvds. >> those are coasters for your drink. >> they were not streamed online. that's a shame. >> it is a treasure. >> it will stream at some point. >> they were really enthusiastic about a reboot. >> it's the time for reboots. >> very in vogue right now. >> they said it's hard to catch lightning in a bottle twice. >> it was so cute and funky. i loved that show. >> just like you. coming up next, we're going to go back to al in wisconsin. about to have a big barbecue extravaganza with a deserving dad, mike.
8:43 am
8:44 am
are you good at cooking? >> he's the barbecuer. >> all righty. we're in hudson, wisconsin, at the home of mike's brother, bill, and his wife's home.
8:45 am
their backyard. we have myron mixon, the winningest man in barbecue. we're going to do a little barbecue. i know how much you love the grill. what are we making? >> you like to overcook your meats and underspice them. we have to fix that. overcooking is better than undercooking. you have to tear it off like fred flintstone. here's the rub. we got a recipe from one of you guys or gals and your family, gave us your recipe. i added a little sweet dried basal to it and black pepper and sugar for them. >> put that in. will whisk it up. this will be the new rub. >> all right. >> put your hands behind you, do the work. rub it in. >> do you take the -- i know these are beef ribs. on pork ribs, do you take the membrane off the back? >> yes. i take the meme rabrane off the
8:46 am
ribs. we've done that for him. >> look at that. >> after you do this, you want it to sit there and rest for about 30 minutes. we have one that's excellent. i don't know why you're wiping your hands. you still have work to do. >> momma taught me right. >> put that in the pan. uncovered. to your left, a cup of apple juice. pour it in there. right on top of it. don't want to wuash it off. this is our smoker right here, right behind us. we have to get you smoking what your brother has right here. this is about ready. >> okay. >> uncovered? it's uncover to start with. >> let me take this one out. thank you, sir. >> you go first, you're hot. >> all right. thanks for noticing.
8:47 am
>> of course. >> go get some smoke on. you're looking about a four-hour cook time on them, 250. you want to make sure that beef ribs are tender. i want you to tear it off, get a knife to the ribs. >> that's why you're fixing it, right? >> i'm fixing it for you. >> all right. now, over here. our finished product. to our finished product. we got a blade. >> yes, we do. >> you know how to have one? >> while mike is slicing that up, miryron, i think you have something you want to tell mike. >> you need to get a better cooker than what your brother has got over there. >> uh-huh. >> i'm giving you a better cooker. look at this bad boy. look at this thing. >> wow. wow. >> how much meat can you do in
8:48 am
this thing? >> 60 pounds of ribs at one time. what do you think, mike? >> i have some learning to do. >> there you go. >> i'm going to smoke them. i'm going to beat all you guys now. >> i got something else for you, mike. we got annie and daniel over here. where's julie. our friends at universal orlando heard that daniel is a big minions fan. >> huge. >> we're offering you, thanks to our friends at universal orlando, two days, three nights, at universal orlando resort. you're going to be staying at the sapphire falls resort. and you have tickets to all three theme parks. >> oh, gosh. >> you get to see the minions. >> we're so thrilled you are one of our dads. >> wait a minute.
8:49 am
daniel is saying, what about me? wait a minute. all right. god bless you. we thank you for everything you do with your family and setting a great example. and thank you to everybody. >> thank you, everybody. >> bill, thank you so much. and your brother, steve, here, too. come on over, steve. we have much more coming. first, this is "today" on nbc. as moms, we send our kids out into the world, full of hope.
8:50 am
and we don't want something like meningitis b getting in their way. meningococcal group b disease, or meningitis b, is real. bexsero is a vaccine to help prevent meningitis b in 10 to 25 year olds. even if meningitis b is uncommon, that's not a chance we're willing to take. meningitis b is different from the meningitis most teens were probably vaccinated against when younger. we're getting the word out against meningitis b. our teens are getting bexsero. bexsero should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects are pain, redness or hardness at the injection site; muscle pain; fatigue; headache; nausea; and joint pain. bexsero may not protect all individuals. tell your healthcare professional if you're pregnant or if you have received any other meningitis b vaccines. ask your healthcare professional about the risks and benefits of bexsero and if vaccination with bexsero is right for your teen. moms, we can't wait.
8:51 am
♪ back, now, 8:54. keeping his fans happy. >> he stars alongside will ferrell and amy poehler in "the house." and he is the star and executive producer of the netflix special "oh, hello." reviving the alter egos he made famous. you're the first one to bring a broadway show to netflix. you're a pioneer. >> i am. john had nothing to do with it. if he tells you otherwise, we're in a major fight and in litigati litigation, as we speak. i think we're going to bring netflix to broadway, as well, now. we're going to do "orange is the new black" the musical. >> you have cool guests on every night. who has been on? >> we did steve martin and martin j. fox. we also had whoopi goldberg, amy
8:52 am
schumer, aziz, a bunch of different friends. and f. murray abraham. >> "amadeus." >> "the house" looks great, with will and amy. you play a bad guy? >> i do. >> i don't picture it. >> i'm a nice guy. i don't seem like a bad guy. >> they set up a casino in the basement, is that the deal? >> that's the deal. >> nick, you're going to join us in your next hour. >> i can't good morning. i'm vai sikahema. just about 9:00. let's get right to bill henley. temperatures are heating up quickly. look at easton, sunny skies, temperatures in the 80s, 82, allentown, pottstown, 80.
8:53 am
83, wilmington and 86 in northeast philadelphia. into the 90s today. three in a row. we have a heat wave. cooler weather moves in for tomorrow. friday, we are in the 70s. >> thank you, bill. let's get a economic on the roads with jessica boyington. >> the schuylkill expressway seeing some slow speeds on our cameras. this is the westbound side. we are seeing pretty much stop and go. surprisingly, cars are moving off of the ramp right now. westbound towards king of prussia seeing a slowdown. a crash out in miller providence, audubon road. bill cosby is inside the courtroom in norristown as the jury begins day two of deliberations in his sex assault case. they deliberated for about four hours before calling it a night. as soon as the verdict happens, we will bring it to you on air and the nbc 10 app. dover air force base is
8:54 am
carrying three bodies of three soldiers killed in afghanistan. vice-president mike pence and his wife were there for the dignified transfer. the soldiers were from maryland, california and delaware. delaware will vote on raising minimum wage from $8.25 to $10.25. i'm vai sikahema. another update coming up in 25 minutes. you can get the latest news and weather at the nbc 10 app. back to the "today" show.
8:55 am
8:56 am
this morning on "today's take," country superstar brett eldridge is our co-host. you don't want to miss his new movie. then, bill gates and john cena putting their muscle behind a project. and get ready to rock out by the newest hit by nickelback, now. >> from nbc news, this is "today's take." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and welcome to "today." on this tuesday morning, june 13th, 2017. you're listening to "something i'm good at" by brett eldridge, who is our guest co-host. >> wouldn't it be weird if we
8:57 am
didn't play one of your songs? that would be rude. can we turn that up, by the way? >> yeah, turn it up. >> turn it up. >> let's go. >> al is on the road. he's in wisconsin for his prefather's day backyard barbecue extravaganza. >> hey, guys. we have myron mixon here, who helped me surprise the dude, mike from wisconsin. look at this. he is the dude. he's the barbecue dude. we surprised him. >> yeah. >> now, there is a black russian here. >> all right. we'll get back to you in a little bit. have fun surprising more folks. we're glad you're here. you know why? you have a new album coming out. >> it's coming out august 4th. it's my third album. so, i'm ready to get it out there. >> is it hard to come up with
8:58 am
the third album? or do the songs just pop into your head and you're like -- >> the title is easy because it's my name. i never had a subtitled album. we had that go on. this album, it's much deeper as any other record. i really dug deep on this one. >> it includes the new song, "love someone." is that what we're listening to now? >> makes you want to dance. >> does this mean you love someone? >> is there too personal to ask? >> no -- >> yeah,i le a lot of people. >> do you have apeis dog. >> she did meet my dog.f. >> we were shooting at my house he other room. there's my pup right there. >> yes. did you write "love on >> i didn't. but now i think about it, maybe i did. >> we want to know the gossip behind the song.
8:59 am
>> it's what i'm looking for in love. i wake up in the middle of the night, something someone hold me tight. someone that laughs at me and someone who is always there for you. maybe i don't exactly have that person. but i'm looking for them. and i have a lot of people i love. >> i was with your parent s. they have that type of relationship, right? they are hilarious. >> it's their anniversary in the next two weeks. >> there are right there. >> we made some beautiful cookies. we can't tell you. >> they tasted really good. it wasn't about the look. it was about the taste. >> did you make them from scratch? >> actually, it was brett's mother's recipe. but she hadn't cooked them in a long time. >> we did it so fast. we missed an ingredient. they went really high instead of flat. they were really good. >> yes.
9:00 am
we ate them. >> i've never known a cookie to go up. >> we hadn't, either. it was a special experience. >> it's a new thing. >> i want to try this. >> we're going to trade market those cookies. they will come to a grocery store near you. now, you are on the "hunting, fishing, loving," tour. >> are you having fun together? >> yes. luke is funny. look. >> there he is. i went on spring break with luke once. >> that's scary. >> i mean, if it was work, it's like -- he always has fun. >> i will say i was newly pregnant, with poppy, my youngest basebalby. on spring break. we have to have a shot. i'm like, no. it wasn't spring break like the
9:01 am
way we used to. >> we keep up for it for you now on the road. >> you keep the dream alive. >> we keep it going for you. you're okay with drinking alcohol. but not okay with carbohydrates. is that true? >> does that mean beer is off the list? >> i mean, i go for a vodka guy, i guess. >> because you're watching the cals? >> i'm watching the cals, sure. >> i love the way you say it. >> watching the cals. i try to - healthy. do you eat especially at instead ofng because i'm not ve fork. >> but chips are where it's at. >> i'm not afraid to eat a chip. when i eat the chip, i eat the bowl. then, i want fa hejitas. >> i eat all of the chips and then, the fajitas and i take
9:02 am
more chips and i scoop up everything. margaritas help. >> you know what will make you feel better? a cowboy boot game. >> what do we do? >> this is a game we like to call country confessions. we're going to bring out the boot. the boot is warm. >> there's some stuff in the boot. >> i hope these are good questions. >> did gavin write these? >> yes. in which case they probably won't be. >> they don't look warm. >> it's pretty fresh. i'm sproezed to read this? >> what was the first song you remember singing in front of an audience? the national anthem. >> was that -- what about your church singing? >> i did that, too. the first time i remember singing in front of people, was an audience at a family party. and i would stand on the other side of the door -- ♪ oh, say can you see i would be this little kid. like 5 years old. i had it. >> you were born with that
9:03 am
voice? >> when you came out -- you were like, hey, mom. >> what's up, mom. >> where is the eggos. where's the orange juice? >> is that true? >> i had a high-pitched voice. when i sang, i have the man voice. that's what the fam called it. this is a real long one. >> you ask really long questions, gavin. >> does dogs have a middle name? >> i like it all. a new survey says 54% of people would consider ending the relationship if their dog didn't like their partner. if you had a girlfriend and edgar boogie didn't like her, what would you do?
9:04 am
if he doesn't like her, he will come around her. >> i feel like they have a nice sense. >> they can sense like this girl is a -- not in it for your heart. >> she's in it for the wrong reasons. >> get her out of here. >> always listen to your dog. >> let's do one more. hopefully, it's not another novella, gavin. we don't have time for that. >> you've been keeping a strict diet on the bus. what's your favorite craving? have you cheated? >> these are fascinating. >> i have cheated. i love froyo or ice cream. >> living life on the wild side. >> all about the toppings. >> hard ice cream or soft ice cream? >> he just said froyo. >> i said or ice cream. i like all ice cream.
9:05 am
>> we don't have time. >> that's the famous one. just ahead, al's big backyard barbecue surprise for one deserving dad. we're going to go live to wisconsin to see what is wisconsin to see what is cooking, after this. nearly fifty years at of experiencety, has taught us that we're not so different. we all want to be healthy humans. we all want strong bodies for our families, who we love... most of the time. the drive to whip up a gourmet dinner... or order out, and destroy the evidence. and healthy hearts to pursue our passions, celebrate friends' victories... and endure their endless victory dances. we get it, you're good at bowling. that's why nature's bounty packs our nearly fifty years of wisdom into all we make. because we're all better off healthy.
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9:08 am
co-host, country superstar, brett eldridge. >> to you call yourself country superstar? >> when you say it in that voice, it works. >> i just laugh at myself for being an idiot. >> we will keep calling you that. country superstar. "forbes" is out with a list of the highest paid celebrities. there's a new name at the top of the list. could it be country superstar brett eldridge. >> are you on the list at all? >> i have no idea. i doubt it. you never know. >> it would be nice. >> how many people is it? >> a hundred. >> you might be on there. but just cut off a little lower. >> just missed it. >> we're going to start with number five. christi christiano renaldo, with $93 million. number four is drake was $94 million. i didn't see it. i thought drake was number one. number three, j.k. rowling, the
9:09 am
harry potter author. >> this is the issue. >> she's been number one, beyonce, now number two, with $105 million. >> just take some guesses. >> the highest paid entertainer. not just music but entertainer. >> you said someone on tour a lot. >> yeah, now that it's entertainer. >> throw it out there. >> bieber. >> and the answer is -- diddy. >> wow. >> $130 million. >> because of sean john. >> i think i have underwear. >> we have to come out with the cookies and come out with them fast. >> yeah. >> get our entrepreneurial side. >> and maybe get in the top 100. >> or in the top 1,000. >> i just want to be in the top 1,000. i'd be fine with that. >> i want to be an advertisement in the magazine.
9:10 am
whatever. >> somebody that could be on the list, al. he's in wisconsin, where he just surprised a deserving dad with a barbecue. >> this is mike pooler, his wife, julie. his brothers are taking picture. and annie and daniel nominated him. we actually surprised him. he had no idea. >> true dat. >> the fact is, we did a piece about him. and he thought they were doing a documentary on their cookie company that they make cookies to help make ends meet. daniel's cookies. and that was the moment. it took him so long to answer the door because he's putting his shoes on. and we brought his family and friends here. and mike oh, boy, myron mixon,
9:11 am
who is here, is one of the great barbecuers. gave him one of the great smokers, right over there. has it settled in yet? >> it started to settle in. i'm appreciative and shocked. yeah. i'm loving this. i can't wait to try out my new smoker. there's meat that's ready to go. >> there's meat ready to go. this is the meat already going. let's show you as far as your weather is concerned. we have severe weather to talk about. right now on the radar, strong storms firing up in the plains. wet weather down through the gulf. the heat continues on through the northeast. for today, we're looking at 10 million people at risk, tornado threat. large hail. tomorrow, we have up to 24 million people at risk, stretching from green bay to chicago, all the way down into the mid plains. and a lot of heat to talk about in the northeast. we have heat advisories. 90 to 100 degrees.
9:12 am
but it's going to continue that way intohe mid plains, i tnt good morning. i'm meteorologist, bill henley. another hot day, the hottest of the second heat wave of the season, into the 90s this afternoon. 95 degrees in philadelphia. will feel like it is in the upper 90s this afternoon. sunshine and not much of a cooling breeze today. 94 for the suburbs. in new jersey, 95 degrees. the exception would be the shore, 88 degrees this afternoon. that's a little warmer than yesterday. record temperatures in the lehigh valley, up to 94 for delaware. cooler temperatures, arrive tomorrow. have a great day. >> that's your latest weather. guys, you may notice an uncanny resemblance to the dude in "the big lebowski." this is the barbecuing dude. >> the sweater's the best. >> i'm jealous of your party. i want to be there.
9:13 am
>> can we come next time? >> we're leaving here today to go to some place else tomorrow, you can get on a plane and join me. >> i'm there. i have a day off tomorrow. coming up, he's hitting the big screen with will ferrell and amy poehler in "the house." he has a new special, too. nick kroll atblue diamond almonds wein our almondmilk.ia-grown and we're proud of that. but the whole "care-and-nurturing" part?
9:14 am
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9:17 am
our next guest rose to fame as rodney ruxen in "the league." and kept the laughs coming with his popular series, "kroll show." >> he has two new projects. in "the house," he stars alongside will ferrell and amy poehler as bob, a corrupt city councilman. he is producer of his special "oh, hello" on broadway. >> let's say hello to nick kroll. the first person ever to bring broadway to netflix. >> we're excited. and i think we're going to bring netflix to broadway. and do "orange is the new black" the new musical, and a fun comedy behind "13 reasons why." always thinking ahead. who are the special guests on the netflix special. >> we prank someone with too
9:18 am
much tuna fish every time we did the show. for the special, we had steve martin and michael j. fox. both of whom told us they looked up to us for a long time. >> did they ask for your autograph? >> they did. and i charged steve martin $50 for an autograph. >> did he pay? >> he kid. to his secret, credit, he gave picasso. >> talk about the characters and how they came about. >> we have been doing the characters for ten years. we were at the strand bookstore in new york. their thing is 12 miles of books. and we added 18 miles of loneliness. we saw the two older men walking around in turtlenecks and coffee. and we fell in love with them. >> you followed them around the city all day long? >> just for an afternoon.
9:19 am
>> is that called stalking. >> it is called stalking. the courts ended up being nice about it. they were -- became a model. and the truth is, these are the characters we play, are guys that everybody knows. if you have an uncle who is liberal but racist. or you have like someone who has terrible coffee breath. or hummer on the corners of their mouth. we all have a little something in us. >> someone like david letterman says this is the funniest thing he's seen in years. >> it made me feel like we got our money's worth. we paid off david letterman, as well. we had a bunch of comedy nehero do the show. >> you're in this new film "the
9:20 am
house," which sounds riveting. tell us about it. >> it's a riting film. amy poehler and will parents trying to put their daughter through college. they start a casino in their house. >> we want to hear more. but we have to go. nick, thanks. >> i can stick around. >> i found myself chewing on ice
9:21 am
and i realized this doesn't hurt at all. sensodyne has become a part of my life i can go on bike rides and have ice cream. i can have a beer and watch the game. i don't have to worry about what i drink. i don't have to worry about my sensitivity because that's already taken care of. ♪ heare you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® it's starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®. i'm vai sikahema. let's get to bill had enley wit the forecast. we are already in the low 80s, high temperature for this time of year. they are watering on this hot day at the stadium. 92 degrees on this hot
9:22 am
afternoon. into the 90s this afternoon. expecting to tie the record in philadelphia. the coolest spot, at the shore. 88 degrees today. >> thanks, bill. let's get a check on the road with nbc 10 jessica boyington. 4:22. watching some slow speeds there. look at the drive time, 29 at the schuylkill expressway. speeds down into the 30s. again, that was moving past cooper road. drive times, both directions, a little slow. eastbound, 28 minutes. that will take you the most moving toward vine street expressway. 27 miles an hour is the average speed. back to you. bill cosby arrived earlier this morning. he is inside the courtroom right now in norristown. the jury begins day two of deliberations in the sex assault case. they deliberated for about four hours last night before calling it a night. as soon as the verdict happens, we will bring it to you on air and on the nbc 10 app.
9:23 am
we have new details on the search for a missing swimmer in atlantic county. earlier this morning, they pulled a body from the thelma avenue pit in hamilton township. the crews responded following a report of a swimmer that went under the water at around 8:00 last night. vai, we'll have another update coming up in 25 minutes. you can get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. we'll see you at the top of the hour. pro tip: giant has great prices on produce. raspberries for john... strawberries for amy... what's a jicama? thanks! take a fresh look at giant's produce prices.
9:24 am
9:25 am
♪ they are two of the most well-known people in the world, just like brett, are superstars in their fields. wwe champ john cena and microsoft mogul bill gates. >> the two have joined to bring their star power to a great cause. >> john is working for rotary to end polio. and he went down to atlanta to catch up with bill and a big
9:26 am
announcement. you crushed polio in americas. crushed polio in the western pacific. then, polio fought back hard. you needed to bring more muscle into the game. bill gates came onboard. 15 years after their first $1 million donation to rotary, the gates foundation will increase their contribution to $100 million per year. >> that's going to get it tone. >> getting involved in polio eradication was simple. it's an achievable goal. and he believes that no children should suffer from this preventable disease. >> polio has been my top priority for a decade now. >> every morning i get up and look to see, did we go another day without cases. last year, we got down to less than 40. just a handful this year. >> reporter: by definition, polio is a highly infectious disease that can lead to por l
9:27 am
paralysis and sometimes death. >> the youngsters took to the immunization plan. >> reporter: in the 1950s, it was one of the most feared diseases in the u.s., causing more than 15,000 cases each year. today, fewer than 40 cases remain globally. and this disease has been reduced to just three countries. polio has been eradicated in america for quite some time. why is it so important to get to this last 0.1%? >> as we succeed, not only will it help polio, but it will be so uplifting. the ambition to say, let's go after malaria. we can't do that until we show we get this done. it's one of the greatest projects i've had a chance to be a part of. >> reporter: what will it mean when you get to zero? >> i'm going to keep working on it. because this one has been so tough, so much persistence, it
9:28 am
will be emblematic. the world is getting better. when you cooperate, amazing things can happen. >> graduation season is upon us. and many of our future world leaders receive the diploma. if you give the key to success, what would that be? >> picking something ambitious to do. the decision you make in your 20s, some of those are really going to set your path in a permanent way. we're counting on those graduates of today, to solve a lot of big problems. ♪ >> as a father, father's day coming up. if we ask your three kids to tell you something about bill gates, what would they say? >> you know, they'd say i read a lot. hopefully, that's a good example for them. they will say that, you know, i'm competitive at games. sometimes they want me to tone it down a little bit. >> do you have a favorite game
9:29 am
you're competitive at? >> all card games. and the kids want to pick one they have the best chance at. i hope they would say that we're a lucky family. >> how was that ping-pong paddle. >> the work is awesome. >> if you want to find out more about what john and bill are doing, go to doing, go to sarah is a fifth-grade teacher. when it comes to molding young minds, nobody does it better. doing, go to she also builds her own fighting robots. destroy. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident. fortunately for sarah, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple, so she can understand the details and be sure she's getting the right mortgage. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently. wearing powerful sunscreen? yes!
9:30 am
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9:34 am
that means that's not the boss of me. and i realized that the book was not the end, just the beginning of what's a life mission. it was a natural thing that the best-selling book morphed into a movement. now, we're the cancer sh mancer movement. >> can you believe it's been ten years? >> i'm going to be 17 years well. and the organization is going to be ten years. it's just an amazing journey. bad things happen to good people. but what we do with it, how we grow through it and what becomes of us as a result, is what makes all the difference. and i have to say that, you know, i'm not glad i had cancer. but i am better for it. because i've turned my pain into purpose. >> and one part of this purpose is this cabaret cruise. >> yeah. >> that is coming up.
9:35 am
>> in the spirit of cancer shmancer, that is very exciting or fun and motivating. this is our fun and motivating event. it's the cancer shmancer cruise, right here in new york harbor. i hope that everybody goes to cancer and gets their tickets. >> are you looking for a country superstar to sing at that event? >> i am. >> you can be friends of one. >> i wish. i wish. if you -- >> i love a cruise. >> really? >> i'd love to go on a cruise. >> if you are into it, we would love to have you. we have great talent. actually. wonderful people, you know, from great shows. liz and ann callaway, ann
9:36 am
hampton callaway, who wrote and song "the nanny" theme song -- >> you want to sing it? ♪ she was working in a bridal shop in queens ♪ ♪ when she was picked up in one of those crushing scenes ♪ >> nanny. >> yes. just great people. everybody is fantastic in it. and so, it's just one great singer after another. we're going to take a cocktail cruise in new york harbor. you see everything from the statue of liberty, to the george washington bridge and the beautiful new york skyline. and then, we come back and have an organic dinner, of course. and then, just one great singer after another. so, this is our fund-raiser. >> thank you for everything you're doing. really appreciate it. now, let's send it back over to al in wisconsin for a check of the weather. >> fran, i'm so sorry i am missing you.
9:37 am
>> al misses you terribly. >> al, my favorite weather man. >> there he is. >> hi, doll. good to see you. >> you, too. >> looking svelte. >> oh, stop it some more. stop it some more. anyway, let's show you what we got going on for today. we are looking at, first of all, our backyard barbecue at hudson, wisconsin. partly-sunny, 85. and for father's day, mike pooler, my man, that we surprised, chance of thunderstorms, about 73 degrees. for the rest of the country, today, we're looking at slow-moving storms in the gulf. severe storms in the plains. mountain snows in the western plains. for fotomorrow, severe storms t the east. the heat will break in the northeast and new england. more wet weather through the
9:38 am
gulf coast. western third of the country, sunshine and warming up. good morning. i'm meteorologist, bill henley. another hot day. the hottest of the second heat wave of the season. into the 90s this afternoon. 95 degrees in philadelphia. will feel like it is in the upper 90s this afternoon. sunshine and not much of a cooling breeze during the day today. 94 for the suburbs. in new jersey, 95 degrees. the exception will be the shore. 88 degrees this afternoon. that's a little warmer than yesterday. record temperatures in the lehigh valley, up to 94 for delaware. cooler temperatures arrive tomorrow. have a great day! >> our backyard barbecue with al, dad mike pooler. happy father's day, my friend. >> good to see you,you, al. >> we're ready to head to the airport to go to our next secret location tomorrow. we'll just tell you, it's very important that we salute the dad we're celebrating tomorrow. >> that sounds good.
9:39 am
>> looking forward to it, al, thanks. coming up, one of the best selling bands of all-time, nickelback, their album drops in a few days. before they head out on tour, they are summer took a hit this morning when frankie popped the alligator floaty. plus, the snacks and drinks are gone, people. and one of us used up all the sunscreen! i wonder who... . we're gonna need some reinforcements...quick. copy that. walgreens makes it easy when summer needs a little help.
9:40 am
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real energy harnessed from the earth. nature valley. hey katy, i'm going to go ahead and invade your personal space to run some things by you. it's going to look like i'm listening but i'm actually just paying attention to nugget. cool. i'll pretend you're answering the questions i have. i'll scroll through my feed and avoid making eye contact. i'm just going to keep hovering. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? hovering away. boo boo boo [making noise at nugget] the citi® double cash card does. only citi lets you earn 1% cash back when you buy, and 1% as you pay. the citi® double cash card. double means double. the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented by you from by citi. >> it's not often we have a band
9:43 am
on this stage that's diamond-certified, which means they sold a whole lot of music. >> in fact, they sold more than 50 million albums. that's insane. and their ninth album comes out this friday. it's called "feed the machine." >> let's welcome chad, mike, ryan and dan, who are n nickelback. good morning. >> good morning. >> in march, it was revealed that your 2005 album hit certified diamond. how to you find that out? are you like counting along? >> somebody is. >> somebody is counting. >> we have dings on everyone. >> a really big abacus. >> 9,999,000 oh. new abacus. >> your ninth album, do you have a lot of material to write? >> no. that was it. >> we ran out. the well's run dry. >> retirement, too.
9:44 am
no. great. what are you singing for us today? >> a little song for you called -- we're going to do "how you remind me," at some point in time, just to go back to the original handshake. and we're going to play a new one for you guys called "song of fire." >> thanks, guys. ♪ ♪ the first words that come out and i can see this song ♪ ♪ will be about you i can't believe that i can ♪ ♪ breathe without you that all i need to do ♪ ♪ is carry on ♪ the next line i write down
9:45 am
there's a tear that falls between the pages ♪ ♪ i know the pain's supposed to heal in stages ♪ ♪ but it depends which one i'm standing on ♪ ♪ i write lines down then rip them up ♪ ♪ describing love can't be this tough ♪ ♪ i could set this song on fire send it up in smoke ♪ ♪ i could throw it in the river watch it sink in slowly ♪ ♪ tie the pages to a plane and send it to the moon ♪ ♪ play it for the world but it won't mean much ♪ ♪ unless i sing this song to you ♪ ♪ sing this song to you ♪ i'm dying to show you this could end up happily ever after ♪ ♪ it doesn't ever have to be disaster ♪ ♪ and all you have to do is sing
9:46 am
along ♪ ♪ i write lines down then rip them up ♪ ♪ impossible describing love ♪ i could set this song on fire send it up in smoke ♪ ♪ i could throw it in the river watch it sink in slowly ♪ ♪ tie the pages to a plane and send it to the moon ♪ ♪ play it for the world but it won't mean much ♪ ♪ unless i sing this song to you ♪ ♪ sing this song to you ♪ i could set this guitar on fire ♪ ♪ i'd still hear the notes
9:47 am
drawn the memory in water ♪ ♪ i would hear its ghost ♪ sing the song spr somebody else we'd be out of tune ♪ ♪ play it for the world but it won't mean much ♪ ♪ i could set this song on fire sen send it up in smoke ♪ ♪ i could throw it in the river watch it sink in slowly ♪ ♪ tie the pages to a plane and send it to the moon ♪ ♪ play it for the world but it won't mean much ♪ ♪ unless i sing this song to you ♪ ♪ i could set this song on fire sing this song to you ♪ ♪ i could send this going to sing this song to you ♪ ♪ i could set this song on fire sing this song to you ♪ ♪ i could set this
9:48 am
i could set this ♪ >> woo. >> that's diamond. >> i love it. thank you, guys. our thanks to nickelback. they have one more song coming up in our next hour. >> all right. >> first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
9:49 am
9:50 am
way to go. >> have you met this country superstar? >> yes. >> isn't he the best? >> he has a dressing room here. he spends so much time at the "today" show. >> this is my hang. >> it was fun to be in nashville. or nash vegas. is that what you call it now? ♪
9:51 am
good morning. vai sikahema. let's get to bill henley with
9:52 am
your most accurate forecast. we are well on our way to the 90s. now, 86 degrees. updating in philadelphia. 86 degrees and in the suburbs, it is 84 with sunshine over king of prussia. we will see 90s by noontime. up to 94 by 3:00 this afternoon. let's get a check on the roads with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington. >> here is the vine street expressway. on our cameras at 8th street. it looks good. we are seeing westbound delays. that is mavioving to the schuyll expressway. we are seeing more volume heading down the northbound side toward philadelphia. for the most part, clear. if you are heading down the shore, it is the way to go to the expressway. bill cosby arrived early this morning as the jury
9:53 am
deliberates day two in the sex assault case. they deliberated for two hours before call teeiing it quits. happening today, the delaware senate will vote on raising the state's minimum wage, $2 from $8.25 an hour to $2.25. it will help low wage earners and help businesses and make goods more expensive opponents believe. see you at the bottom of the hour. pro tip for fruit lovers:
9:54 am
giant has unbelievable produce prices. so you'll never have to choose between your favorites. i thought i was your favorite. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. dear fellow citizen, spending time hunting treasures with my daughter is wonderful. because before i'm even ready, she'll be off to college. and though i've planned for it, i may need a loan to help her pay her way there. just like i do for my son. citizens bank student loans, call 1-866-999-0154. as a leader in student lending, we have student loan options that others don't. including better alternatives to federal loans.
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i can show you how to pay for your own child's way to college. in case you don't find that treasure chest. if you have a question about student loans, ask me. sincerely michele wright, fellow mom and fellow citizen. citizens bank student loans, call 1-866-999-0154 to apply now. . >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. welcome to booze day tuesday, june 13th. hoda's favorite day. >> why? >> because it's spanky tuesday. >> no.
9:56 am
>> that is "rock star." they are going to be playing a song later for us in the show. they're a canadian group. second best selling band in the u.s. behind who? >> the beatles. is that crazy? >> alsoe'
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