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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  June 14, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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we just started talking to our friends on facebook live saying there's a lot going on this morning. welcome to "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we're coming off our first heat wave of the season relatively unscath unscathed. meteorologist bill henley has the most accurate weather forecast. bill? we're two minutes away from sunrise. we'll see sunshine today. right now i'm tracking a couple isolated showers just moving through the philadelphia area. this shower is on the move. just past broomall this morning. it's a good downpour, but it's not going to last long. we'll see the showers break. most of the day is going to be dry. there could be showers developing again this afternoon. 74 right now in delaware. a northwesterly wind at six miles per hour. it's going to become northeasterly. that's going to keep temperatures much cooler today. 78 by 10:00 this morning. the suburbs, 72 right now. we've soon an isolated shower in the suburbs. you can still see clouds over
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king of prussia. a warmup, yes. still in the 70s by 11:00 this morning. yesterday was close to 90 degrees. 83 this afternoon for philadelphia. 82 and partly sunny in the suburbs. cooler in new jersey. 79 degrees. the shore, though, cool with a high of 70 this afternoon. i'll take a look at the futurecast and show you where the showers are most likely to pop up, when they will be coming to your neighborhood when i come back in ten minutes. first we'll say good morning to jessica boyington, get an update on the first alert traffic. yeah, good morning, everyone out there. we're watching now, if you're heading out the door on 95, take a look. around broad street, this camera is not working properly. it keeps freezing and resetting itself. that's okay. we can at least still see the scene. there we go. it reset. you see this on the northbound side, a crash here. we have police activity on the scene. a few vehicles look like they're involved. not necessarily maybe in the crash, but i can't see with all of the flashing light ahead. either way, what we know, it's 95 around broad street, then the northbound side.
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traffic that's moving more toward the center city area or toward the vine street expressway. heading that direction, no major delays. back here, you can't see any yet. very slow moving by the scene. this could make you a little bit later in the morning if it stays there for a while. i'm going to keep watching for you. 202, nine minutes or ten at the most southbound from the schuylkill to route 30. speeds into the 60s. i'll have more updates on 95 when i come back. back to you. >> thank you. 5:32. 78 degrees. breaking overnight, fire tears through a london apartment building as people rush to escape the inferno. overnight, we learned people have been killed and at least 50 injured. nbc10's pamela osborne joins us live in the digital operations center with the breaking details. pam, fill us in. >> reporter: we're beginning to hear firsthand accounts from residents who escaped that deadly fire. first let me tell you what we know now. officials have confirmed that there are fatalities. but they're working to determine how many people were killed and
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how many people are still unaccounted for at this hour. at least 50 people were injured when fire broke out at a highrise apartment building in the british capital. the images are stunning. you see every floor of that 2 4 24-story building engumped in flames. -- engulfed in flames. it happened as most people were in bed sleeping. there are 130 units in the building. officials believe that several hundred people were inside at the time the fire broke out. we're told the highrise had a stay-put policy in event of a fire. it urges residents to stay inside, shut their windows and doors, and await rescue. some people built ropes from sheets. parents were seen dangling children out of windows trying to get them to safety. people on the ground report hearing people screaming from as high as 20 floors up. >> smoke everywhere, literally everywhere.
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there was people downstairs -- tryi trying -- screaming. after a couple of minutes, people were still sleeping on the higher floors or didn't know what was going on. i'm not sure half of them get out, to be honest with you. kids out the windows. there was people trying to help. >> reporter: a chilling account. a live look. the highrise, it took 250 firefighters to put out the flames. you still see the heavy smoke coming off the building eight hours after the fire was first reported. we know the firefighters rescued large numbers of people very early on. some of them report making it up to the 19th and 20th floors. there was a structural engineer monitoring the stability of the building. right now it is still safe for crews to go in and work. the fire commissioner has called this fire unprecedented.
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officials say it's too soon to speculate a cause. it's under investigation. pamela osborne, nbc10 news. hey, hey, hey! >> bloill cosby uses his signate catch phrase "hey, hey, hey" after leaving court after two days without a verdict. matt delucia joins us live from the montgomery county courthouse in norristown. cosby's spokesman says he believes the trial is unfair, yet we haven't heard a verdict yet. >> reporter: that's right. no verdict yet. so far the jury has been looking at several questions. they've come back with questions for the judge for more clarification. they've spent so far 16 hours in the deliberating room. the jury has asked among the questions one about cosby's deposition testimony and to define the words "without her
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knowledge" and third question, to again hear testimony from a police officer who took accuser andrea constand's initial report. bill cosby's spokesperson, andrew wyatt, told us yesterday as mentioned here, he believes the trial was unfair because he says the judge refused to allow a new witness to the stand. the witness is a temple university employee who claims that andrea constand told her the alleged assault never happened. still, his spokesman says cosby is doing pretty well. >> his spirit's up, he's confident that this jury is -- they're intelligent, they're asking the right questions. he feels confident that they'll come back and make the right decision. >> reporter: the jury is due back a couple of hours from now. cosby is facing three charges. the jury could come back with a verdict on one or two and also be deadlocked on one or two. the charges are separate here. we wait. day three of deliberations beginning a couple of hours from
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now. live in norristown, matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> we'll let you know as soon as a verdict is reached on air and on our nbc10 app. it's 5:37. 78 degrees. now breaking news out of north philadelphia where a pregnant woman was shot during a home invasion. she's expected to be okay. police say two or three men broke into the front door of the home on north front street around 3:00 this morning. they went to the second-floor bedroom. they shot the woman in the leg after an argument. her boyfriend and two young children were also in the home. they were not hurt. there are no arrests. he he here are the other stories we're on top of this morning -- >> the husband of a murdered radio host is due in court for arraignment on a gun charge. nbc10 got in their -- got this exclusive video of police taking dr. james kauffman into custody outside his medical office in egg harbor township. officers said kauffman pulled a gun while they were serving a search warrant.
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a hostage negotiator talked him into surrendering. the search was due to suspected criminal activity. they wouldn't elaborate but said the search was not related to the unsolved murder of his wife, april kauffman. she was shot and killed in her lynnwood home in 2012. a former delaware countier is scheduled to go trial today for allegedly groping his 103-year-old mother-in-law. william spingler is charged with indecent assault. investigators say spingler repeatedly groped his mother-in-law while visiting her in a nursing home in wayne. spingler denies the charges, saying he was only showing her affection. investigators are looking for the gunman who shot a 6-year-old boy in wilmington after dropping charges against the initial suspect. police say they have new evidence that shows the original suspect didn't shoot the child. the 6-year-old was hit with the bullet last week while he was in a car on 6th street. he remains in critical condition. the city of philadelphia admits that it hasn't collected
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as much money this year from the beverage tax as it had hoped. the tax brought in more than $25 million through the month of april. that falls short of the projected $46.2 million for this fiscal year which ends at the end of this month. officials expect to hit targets for the next fiscal year that begins in july. the tax charged to distributors went into effect in january. it adds an extra 1.5 cents per-ounce tax to sugary drinks and funds the city's universal pre-k program. all philadelphia public schools will be equipped with lifesaving technology by the end of the month. the school district is putting automated external defibrillators or aeds in all district schools. the portable devices send an electronic shock to treat sudden cardiac arrest. in addition to the equipment, elementary school principals are learning hands-only cpr and how to use the aed machines. >> press, press, press.
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5:40. i have clouds moving in and a shower, too. looking at center city from the adventure aquarium. look at the downpour moving through lower marion township, marion, and into philadelphia. this will be an isolated shower, not lasting much longer. it is on the move. you may see a quick downpour. most of the day will be dry. what we're not seeing is a big warmup today. we're in the 70s now which is still warm for this time of year especially in philadelphia. 78 degrees currently. some of the suburbs have cooled down into the lower 70s. west bradford township at 75. middle 70s for ft. washington and gladwin. new hope, 71. the numbers will be climbing but only into the low 80s this afternoon. a few spots into the upper 70s. chestnut hill, high of 79 degrees this afternoon. lansdale hit 90, middle 90s in
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the lehigh valley yesterday. the jersey shore will be the cool spot getting the breeze off the ocean. upper 70s for cape may. just 73 for ocean city. trenton warms to 81. 82 in wilmington. and there is a chance of an isolated shower and thunderstorm during the afternoon, as well. most of the day will be in and out of the clouds. tomorrow, 79 after a morning low of 60. much cooler for your thursday. come friday, showers are likely. not heavy rainfall. on and off showers on friday. and then a chance of some showers and thunderstorms. again, not all day for saturday and sunday. a warmer day for father's day. we'll get some breaks of sunshine on father's day. not quite as hot for monday. a better chance we'll get some much-needed rainfall monday and into monday night. come tuesday, wednesday, and tli, dry, but another chance of showers and thunderstorms late next week. >> thank you. 5:41. we'll look at 95. >> first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has that. where what are you seeing on 95? >> we're watching this crash
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here, 95 around our cameras at broad street. it's on the northbound side. here you see a few vehicles involved here. it looks like two vehicles in the crash. penndot crew there. we also have police activity on the scene. the northbound side, as you see, only blocking the left-hand lane. not the shoulder, one of the actual working lanes. traffic is still getting by. i guess it's early for any big jam-ups or delays considering we only have one lane lost and the road is still pretty high here. 95 northbound at broad, watch for the crash blocking the left lane. back to you. highly offended. the father of a teen who died at a penn state fraternity is upset after fraternity members acted after their court hearing. and dodging through. the store worker pelted by avocados and is injured. now we've learned what sparked it all. blocked up. how a jail is being turned into a vacation spot.
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father of a penn state pledge who died in an alleged hazing ritual said he was highly offended by the way fraternity members acted following a court hearing monday. >> jim piazza described the behavior as overall and released the following statement -- "following the hearing, most but not all of the fraternity brothers and their families got together, laughed, patted each other on the back, and hugged as if this was just another fraternity get-together." 18 beta theta pi fraternity brothers face charges related to the alcohol-fueled death of timothy piazza. the 20-year-old from hunterton county died after drinking and falling during an alleged hazing ritual at the fraternity house in february. authorities allege fraternity brothers waited 12 hours before
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calling for help. video from the night piazza died was played for the first time during that hearing on monday. talk about a food fight. two men in new york city are wanted after an argument after a food order. they threw avocados and bananas at an employee. the worker's jaw was broken, and he had cuts all over his face. and the men took off. a volunteer firefighter in maine is being called a hero. look at what he faced last week. >> go! >> scott patton was on the scene of a fire when a massive propane tank exploded. the police chief's body cam captured it as others race today to get him to safety. the firefighter received burns to his face and head and was released from the hospital a day later. he plans to return to work in a few weeks. doctors at children's hospital of philadelphia are
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very hopeful after a complex and dangerous surgery separated twin sisters twho were conjoined -- who were conjoined at the head. erin and abby delaney have been hospitalized since they were born. this is video of their surgery last week. the 10 month-old girls became the 23rd successful separation surgery at chop. the most of any hospital in the country. doctors tell us the girls are doing well and are recovering in pediatric icu. today is flag day if you didn't know that. there are celebrations of the stars and stripes going all over. at the camden waterfront, the battleship new jersey will mark the day by flying a special holiday flag above the ship. they'll give out mini flags to visitors today. if you have a tattered and torn flag, bring it between 10:00 and 1:00. emergency legion members will help to properly dispose of it. in philadelphia, the museum of american revolution will celebrate the 240th anniversary of the adoption of the u.s. flag which happened right here in
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philadelphia in 1777. the rare and historic flags will be displayed there. visitors can add a stitch to the reproduction flag that will be sewn throughout the day. today i'll be the official emcee of the stars and stripes femp at national historical park -- festival at national historical park. is it interest rates the birthdays of the u.s. army flag and more. >> you're looking forward to that. >> yeah. and a jail in canada that's been closed for decades is reopening but tnot to house inmates. >> an entrepreneur is using airbnb to offer jail cells for tourists to stay in. >> jail cells? >> the dorchester jail opened for to tourists this month. visitors will stay in a cell with a thick door to get the real feel. there's a bonus -- many say the old aljail is haunted come is attracting people. he says the jail is one thing,
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but there are all these stories about being haunted. >> make that face again -- that face there. >> not my idea of relaxation. you can't go anywhere. >> not much worse than hotels i've stayed at. >> i don't want room service to be slid under the door. >> can you imagine -- the tray with compartments -- >> i'd like to check out. hello? anyone? >> the tin cup getting attention. >> terrible. the heat wave has checked out for the area. still warm and muggy. tracking showers in the area this morning. keeping an eye on broad street. this is a live view of the kimmel center. we could see showers in center city. they're very close now. the doppler radar shows the showers have moved through delaware county, montgomery county, and now into philadelphia and spreading toward center city at this hour. the quick heavy downpour coming in over an inch an hour.
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the downpours will be out of the picture for most of the day. don't be surprised to hear a about a quick downpour in the afternoon. 78 in philadelphia. 75, cooling a little by 8:00. a slow warmup toe-- warmup toda. not the fast warmup to the 90s like we saw yesterday. low 80s today with the chance of an afternoon shower. suburbs, 75. some sunshine, but clouds will be building this afternoon. that's when we'll see another round of showers popping up. we can see the clouds moving through the lehigh valley now. 72 now, near 80 at noontime. and new jersey, warms into the upper 70s. the difference here, the winds off the ocean today. we'll see that keep temperatures in the 70s at noontime. 79 at 2:00 this afternoon. even chillier at the shore. low 70s to start. by 10:00, temperatures down to 75 degrees as the cooler air that's started moving in overnight will really take hold
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at 10:00. winds kick in. you'll feel the winds blowing at the shore. a 17-mile-an-hour breeze at 2:00 this afternoon. for delaware, frawley stadium seeing clouds overhead. we will see some sunshine, too. 74 now. up to 80 at lunchtime. there's that chance of an afternoon shower for delaware, as well. the hour-by-hour forecast shows this afternoon we'll see those showers, just spotty activity. the shower activity will be moving through during the late afternoon hours with some clouds. clouds will break at times for some sunshine, as well. mother nature rainfall on the -- more rainfall on the way as we head toward the weekend. the ten day on 10 coming up in the next half hour. >> thank you. 5:52. the last time we looked at the roads, jessica was focused on 95 near broad. >> yeah. tell us what's happening right now. >> yeah. we're checking in for a quick update on 95. the northbound side, cameras around broad street. now we're seeing improvements here. earlier, this was over into the northbound side. the left-hand lane was completely blocked.
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we're seeing a little delay moving by the scene. now they've moved some into the right-hand shoulder before the off-ramp. the northbound lanes are back and moving along nicely with no big delays by the scene. a little caution if you're heading out the door. we'll end with mass transit. west trenton train 6322 running four minutes late. minor delay. new jersey transit, amtrak, and patco on all or close to schedule. back to you. >> thank you. sharing her superpowers. retired wonder woman talks about her moment of fame on "america's got talent" and shares secrets with nbc10. and trouble on the tarmac. a frightening scene halted a flight right before takeoff.
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we'll take it state by state and county by county for a look at stories from across the area. >> authorities in bucks county have captured a bear that had been seen on the loose yesterday. pennsylvania gaming commission trapped the bear dubbed yogi and released these pictures. game officials relocated the animal. a lansdale man is charged with kissing a stranger against her will outside a wawa.
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he's charged with assault and harassment. upper gwinnett police say the attack happened last month outside the wawa along valley forge road. an allentown man is going to prison for up to four years after giving 17 shots of vodka to his daughter at her 13th birthday party. charles younger was sentenced after pleading guilty to child endangerment. his daughter ended up in the hospital after passing out at a party in january. his wife was sentenced to 23 months last week. in new castle county, a clinic at the university of delaware is tackling major issue for athletes. the star health concussion clinic opened last week in newark. officials expect most of the patients to be athletes. the new facility serves anyone 13 years or older. the summer adventure is just beginning in delaware county. yesterday labor officials unveiled a program called "library quest 2017: journey across delco." students can pick up a passport,
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booklet at their local library. from there, they can travel to all 26 members libraries and collect the stamp for every book that they take out. we had to look fast to see a woman from history area on "america's got talent." >> she was only on the show for a flash before getting buzzers from the judges. that's not stopping her superhuman sense of humor. >> i heard four buzzers. >> yeah. i got four buzzers. i got news for you, though -- i was already buzzed. >> she's very funny. her name is donna renee. and she needs her superpowers because she returned from this audition at "america's got talent" and found her mother had had a stroke and her dad needed help. she moved back to delaware county. on the side, she escapes into her character, spreading smiles everywhere she goes. today, you can go to the phillies game and help feed the hungry. >> this is important to you, of course, because you're on the board of fill abundsance this. is part -- fill abundance. this is part of phans feeding
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families food drive. you can get a buy one-get one free ticket to a future game. the food will benefit fill abundance. very good program. now for more on the stories we're following on "nbc10 news today" at 6:00 a.m. -- >> the great fire of london. breaking this morning, flames continue to burn in an apartment building where people dangled from windows in an effort to escape. still no verdict. jurors return to the deliberation room this morning as they work to determine bill cosby's fate. and another lawsuit. democrats take what could be an unprecedented action against president trump. 6:00 a.m., good morning. this is "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. a few minutes ago, we heard the rain falling here in our studios, almost as bill was telling us the rain was rolling through the area. let's find out what's happening today. bill? most of the area is dry and missing out on the rainfall.
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that one lone shower has come through delaware county, montgomery county, and is in philadelphia. there is some sunshine making it through the clouds. the shourks most of them missing us to the northeast. one lone shower has developed. it's dissipating a bit. not as heavy as it was a few minutes ago. it's moving through center city. to the north, northeast philadelphia. for now it's dry. you may see a few sprinkles there. if you don't get a shower this morning, there's a chance we'll look at showers this afternoon. clouds, sunshine, 78 degrees in philadelphia. low 70s in the suburbs, new jersey, and lehigh valley. this is still warm for this time of year. these numbers should be in the 50s and low 60s. not going to see that today. tomorrow we will, cooler. warming into the 80s this afternoon for delaware. the cool spot will be new jersey, especially at the shore. will be low 70s with partly sunny skies. ye


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