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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  June 15, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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introduction at cherie hill losing a lane in both directions for the next hour and a half until the 6:00 mark or so. watch that. also, seeing small delays. 403 rang about 11 minutes late but the new jersey impact was on time. jurors in the bill cosby trial had more questions from the judge and could not come to a decision on the comedian's fate. >> why means the jurors will begin a fourth day of deliberation. bring understand to speed with all these requests and reviews. >> reporter: as you mentioned, a fourth day of deliberation from the jurors, even seaming somewhat tired even from the folks covering this trial inside and outside the courtroom have appeared tired, exhausted waiting for the verdict to come down. some jurors closed their eyes in
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the courtroom and one juror seemed angry while a court reporter read bill cosby's interview from 2005. last night, bill cosby left the courtroom without saying his hey hey hey catch phrase. the jury came back with two questions, one focused on the police detective, richard schaefer, who says cosby gave andrea 2 1/2 pills of benadryl the day she says cosby sexually assaulted her. constand was in the courtroom with her mother yesterday but showed no emotion. a cosby spokesman came out yesterday saying the comedian is still upbeat taking this one stride at a time and waiting. >> i think these are intelligent jurors. they want to be able to go to bed and sleep at night knowing they made the right decision. we feel good about that. >> reporter: we're hearing bill cosby has been taking naps in a
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conference room while they wait for word of a verdict to come in and go into the courtroom as one question after another has been asked in this case. the jury has been in deliberations more than a total of 24 hours and will be back at it again this morning. so far, no verdict in sight. >> thank you. as day four of deliberations plays out we will give you the news as soon as hit happens and you can download our instant app. an attack on a republican baseball practice, a congressman and three others were start. >> representative steve scalise, republican majority whip is in critical condition following surgery. scalise will need more surgery. he suffered a single rifle shot to his left hip which fractured bones and injured internal organs. president trump and the first lady visited him last night.
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zach barth suffered a leg wound and is out of the hospital this morning. lobbyist, matt micah was shot in the crest in critical condition and crystal griner was shot in the ankle and remains in the hospital. witnesses recorded dozens of gunshots that had republican lawmakers running for cover at that baseball field yesterday. the two capitol police officers who engaged the gunman and took him down are being called heroes. the shooter who had a rifle was james hodgkinson from illinois shot and killed by police after witnesses described a firefight between him and the officers. the fbi said there are no other suspects. the news reports he was angry at republicans and politics. lawmakers were practicing for a baseball game still set to
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happen tonight. that congressional baseball game is played every year at national park. the tradition began back in 1909 and used as a fund-raiser for charity in washington d.c. the congressman who played pro ball before taking office organized that first game. later, we will tell you about lawmakers who were supposed to be at that practice but never made it there. today, family and friends will come together for funeral services they say was found raped and killed. he was found at a home on con nest to a ga street. the stepfather is charged with raping and murdering him. police working to solve smash and grab burglaries that
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happened outside route 70 and the police broke into five businesses. police are looking to see if they were caught on surveillance video. so far they don't have a description of the burglars or cars involved. get ready for four days of music and fun. the firefly music festival begins today in delaware. the east coast largest music and camping festival is hoping in dover. video from last year. bands perform on nine stages, more than 140 bands including the weekend, 21 pilots and bob dillon, festival goes through sunday. new jersey governor chris christie's popularity is taking a new hit. >> he sets a new low. and what this guy was trying to sell on the frankfort l.
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and the return of rocky is back. live view from center city. you may have a few thin clouds. we're on the way to a pretty nice looking day and sunny skies. 69 degrees. your neighborhood forecast just ahead. ♪
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gunn good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you watching the roads moving through center city. our cameras around 24th street, we look okay for the most part but that's because we're closed, no traffic moving westbound or eastbound towards the schuylkill or 95. you can see flashing lights ahead of police activity and the ramps. we are still into the green, 22 minutes in both directions
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westbound and eastbound from route 1 and valley ford. we were seeing 10 minute delays. the rest of mass transit running on or close to schedule when i come back for the next update, the next one is in 10 minutes. your nbc10 first alert weather. 4:39, we're looking pretty good this morning. check out this landing in the distance. pleasant. temperatures cooler this morning. yesterday, in the upper 70s, 12 degrees cooler. sunshine is nice and bright. look at that warm-up, 77 degrees at noontime and upper 70s this afternoon. we peak in the low 80s. a little breeze off the oceaned a 9 miles an hour. suburbs cool, 63 and still in the 60s at 8:00. upper 70s to low 80s this afternoon. cars are starting to break in
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the lehigh valley after a mostly cloudy night. no showers. don't expect to see any today. those are tomorrow. take a peek at the 70s on the screen. there'll be sunshine but enough to warm up to 80 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. new jersey, southerly breeze will keep temperatures in the 70s all day long, after they reach the 60s and then into the 70s and that takes us to the evening hours. pretty nice day at the shore. degrees at 10 o'clocks and near 70 degrees. delaware will warm up to the upper 70s. look at those temperatures, peak in the low 80s. 66 degrees, plenty of sunshine during the day. wet weather, if you've been peeking at that 7-day, you will
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get an idea of tomorrow and the weekend. back in 10 minutes. >> see you then. 20 minutes before 5:00 a.m., phillies teamed up with citizens bank to collect food for the hungry last night. fans feeding food drive. fans brought non-perishable food items to the game and they lost, their eighth straight loss, bummer. moment at impact. what happened after a collision on a pennsylvania road and why witnesses think the stoplight is to be to blame. what your baby could be exposed to and how to protect them. plus, go fishing, how a new restaurant is hoping to put you to work.
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our county by county coverage begins in atlantic county. >> a judge tells a doctor of
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several criminal investigations he's staying in jail for now. the judge ordered him to remain behind bars until a detention hearing on monday. kauffman is accused of waving a gun when investigators served a search warrant earlier this week. they say it's not related to the 2012 unsolved murder of kauffman's wife, april. kauffman maintains his innocence. 2 of 3 defendants in the holland gun case have been accepted into a pre-trial intervention program and by doing so they could have the charges dropped. police pulled them over and found weapons and tactical gear in their truck. they said they were headed to rescue a teenager from a drug den. police are looking for the main this sketch, a police impersonator pulled over drivers
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in upper and lower township and south white hall township and wears a 30 that says "police." >> the newest citizens, 22 people participated in a naturalization ceremony. hatedy, bangladesh and yemen are among the 16 people in this group. police showing off a new all-terrain vehicle. not everyone is happy about it. windsor town police used 15 grand in funding to buy this and since then hundreds have bashed them and written comments saying the purchase is not money well spent. a police lieutenant says it's a tool to keep people safe. >> we had several drownings over the last several years, people back here either swimming in the quarry, drinking, bonfires at
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night. >> in just three weeks police have used the vehicle to stop an assault and confiscate drugs. >> the grand opening of new housing for veterans. the white ha hall apartments in spring city were to provide safe homes for veterans. it will provide onsite support services. the children's medical certainty in dupont will be used to treat brain disorders. doctors can combine p.e.t. and mri scans to detect seizures. moved up the inlet bridge closure from july 4th and working at the end of the bridge. let's find out about
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construction that's ending usually ends about now you're getting ready to know if you're heading out the door. >> 15 minutes away and a check on 76. >> i was just watching my camera around broad street. some of that ramp is open, starting to let some cars through. they don't usually clear everything until 5:00. if you are watching this at home and get out the door, you will be running through that and it will be clear by the time you get there. for now, still watching police activity on the vine. lehigh valley, both directions look good, looks nice. if you're up north, watch for this crash northbound at princeton. and harrison street. you have to detour around because of the accident scene. the bridge, they are clear and no openings for now and the bridge is clear to philadelphia.
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back to you. >> thank you, jess. 4:47. 65 degrees right now. >> 65. i think that's the coolest morning we've had so far this week, right. by a long shot. yesterday was 77 at this hour. 65 feels so much better and looks better. look at this beautiful view from cape may, a few scattered clouds around, just after 5:30 this morning. falling temperatures, 65 degrees in philadelphia. south jersey. 58 degrees. a lot of neighborhoods in the 60s, just barely in the 60s. audubon, 62. 55 in atco and nice drop. the humidity is dropping and will stay all day long.
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that's the only thing dropping. we are in the clear today. tomorrow, look to the west and see the wet weather that will return not just tomorrow. it will be tomorrow and right on through the weekend. not raining the whole time but there will be showers and thundershowers on saturday and sunday. the rain starts tomorrow. by this afternoon, those showers are to our west, central pennsylvania. we'll stay dry during the day, 3:30 in the afternoon. lots of scattered clouds to our west. a few scattered clouds this evening, jersey, philadelphia, and the rain will hold off until tomorrow morning. in central pennsylvania get storms overnight and chance of showers and possible thundershowers in the morning. enjoy the day while the nice weather lasts. sunshine, 81 degrees this afternoon. clouds increasing, showers,
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possible thunderstorm on friday and a chance for more thunderstorms saturday and sunday. not all rainfall for saturday or father's day. potentially heavier rain with shower storms on monday and then we dry out tuesday and see sunny skies wednesday and thursday and next week a chance for more thundershowers returning and temperatures stay in the 80s. there's a new american flag waiting outside the studios this morning. the american liberty boy scout troop stopped by to help us retire the american flag waving proudly for years here. thank you. >> proud to fly that. philadelphia's controversial soda tax is sticking around for now. >> next, what the appeals court had to say about the law.
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the fight isn't over yet. replacing christie. we will break down new numbers who has taken an early lead in the polls for the new jersey governor.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you right now. we're watching the roads, a quiet drive, our cameras on the germantown pike on ramp. not a lot of cars in both directions, everything is smooth here. there are spots of construction and an accident in new jersey. i will tell you more in the 5:00 hour when i come back. >> thanks, jessica. philadelphia police are asking for your help to catch a man selling stun guns on septa trains. >> an award is out for his rest. if you recognize him, you're asked to call philadelphia police. the city of philadelphia has won another legal battle over taxing the sugary drinks. the panel allowed the soda tax to remain in effect. it charged distributors in
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january and funds the city's pre-k program. the people that oppose the tax are prompting the case to be appealed to the pennsylvania supreme court. the senate appealed legislation to prohibit cities, towns and counties from taxing or banning these plastic bags. supporters of the bill say it would protect 1500 jobs. environmental groups are against it arguing it can help communities to fight litter. governor wolf also opposes the bill. we want you to weigh in on this issue. join the conversation and let us know where you stand on the plastic bag legislation. are you in favor of protecting the plastic bags or should there be environmental concerns. schools are about to get a financial boost. legislation leaders will provide
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$100 million for underfunded school districts and adds $25 million for preschool education across the state. a new poll of jersey voters finds the democratic nominee with a significant race for governor. phil murphy leads republican kim guadagno 59-26% and she was given a negative impression of her. >> governor christie has the highest negative of any governor in two decades. governor christie won a court battle to revamp the statehouse in trenton. a new jersey judge has dismissed the lawsuit brought by two lawmakers trying to stop christy's $300 million renovation plan and argued he pushed the legislature to push
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the sale of bonds to fund the 4 year project. the governor pushed a wage gap bill and employers won't be able to ask how much they were paid in other jobs. at the african-american museum, fatherhood awards, put on every year by a group encouraging african-american fathers to take a hands-on approach to parenting. last night honored local fathers hear rows in their communities. hey, kids, if you're watching this, this is not exactly the way to slide into second. tommy joseph had a rough time sliding on base after smacking a double. his teammates got a good laugh in the dugout. joseph, he finally cracked a smile. phils lost again, 7-3.
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phillies fan may remember this bad slide that pops up on bloopers, david palmer in 1988. >> ow! >> tripped up planting on third base. the fans had a pretty good laugh about it, too. the annual carpenter cup baseball classic continues at fdr park where local high schoolers tout their skills in front of major league scouts. rocky is ready to greet visitors again. >> the iconic statute had been closed to the public for two weeks. there was a big fence around there so crews could make improvements. the work is done and rocky is back. begin taking selfies again. i had friends visiting and the statute was closed, they came back, what's going wrong with
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the rocky? >> just a face lift, little update. >> stories we're following right now on nbc news at 5:00 a.m. congressman attacked. a baseball field turns into a battlefield as a gunman attacks a republican baseball field, how it unfolded. what jurors are looking at as they decide the comedian's fate in the bill cosby trial. this morning the search for missing people continues in the rubble of a high-rise. we have a lot of updates on the big news this morning. it's 5:00 a.m. >> we have a little bit of a cool start. that's good. let's get right to bill henley for the forecast. >> he humidity has come down, temperatures are cooler and
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still falling in lehigh valley. this is the warm spot, temperatures cooling down and it is falling. 64 degrees in delaware, 65 in philadelphia, the suburbs at 61 degrees. kink of prussia, 70 degrees and some clouds. 57 degrees right now in new jersey. new jersey close to yesterday degrees this afternoon. low 80s for the suburbs in philadelphia, and hits 80 degrees this afternoon. cool spot is the shore, a breezy developing coming off the ocean that keeps the temperatures in the low 70s this afternoon. i'll break it down hour-by-hour for you to see how the temperatures climb in your area. back in 10 minutes. first, let's see how traffic is moving, jessica boyington. >> right now we'


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