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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  June 17, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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on this saturday night, mistrial. the sexual assault case of bill cosby ends with the jury hopelessly deadlocked. the d.a. says cosby will be tried again as the entertainer's wife lashes out at the d.a. and the judge. tonight the search for missing u.s. sailors. divided nation, the shooting of a congressman brings momentary unity, but underscores political antagonism and the violent power of words. fantastic voyage, the high-tech world, the ending of a journey around the world using only the wind, the waves and the stars. "nightly news" begins now.
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good evening, i'm kristen welker in for jose tonight. it was a dramatic outcome to a court case that gripped the nation. a pennsylvania judge declared a mistrial in the sexual assault case against bill cosby. the jury was deadlocked on its sixth day of deliberations. this case has forced difficult questions about race, consent and the starpower. >> reporter: the jury deliberated 52 hours, longer than the entire trial. unable to agree whether cosby drugged and sexual assaulted andrea constand. cosby claimed the
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encounter was consensual. in a statement, constand's lawyer saying, we are confident these proceedings have given a voice to many victims who felt powerless and silenced. other women who have accused cosby of assault vowing to fight for justice. >> only 2% of rapists in this country ever spend one day in jail. it's time for reform, people. >> cosby remained quiet. while a spokesperson read a statement from his wife camille. >> how do i describe the district attorney? heinously and exploitively ambitious. how do i describe the judge? overtly arrogant and collaborating with the district attorney. >> with no hesitation, steele said he would put cosby on trial again. >> in all of our minds, this was the right thing to do. >> allegations cosby doe nighs.
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constand's case is the oath one recent enough for criminal charges. accusers like jewel alison who claims cosby assaulted her in 1990 were there supporting constand and hoping cosby would finally be found guilty. >> i thought it was just right there, it's like sitting in class and the teacher comes and writes it all out on the blackboard and it said 2 plus 2 equals 4. >> you think eventually a court will convict him of a crime? >> he walked out with the -- the bars were all around him. he's in jail new. i can see it in his face. >> it's too early to celebrate mr. cosby, round two may be just around the corner. >> there was a very emotional moment at the end of the trial, when several women who accused cosby came together hugging andrea constand. she still believes that justice will prevail, the jury has left here without making a comment. the judge saying the process of beginning
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the next trial could begin in 120 days. kristen? >> ron allen reporting tonight from pennsylvania. thank you. to a developing story we're following tonight. the search for a group of missing american sailors after their ship collided with a huge container ship off the coast of japan. our pentagon correspondent hans nichols has late details. >> reporter: the devastation of the late night collision plain in the morning light. a crater in the steel hull of a 50 foot navy guided missile destroyer. the uss fitzgerald. as the sun rose, no sign of the seven missing sailors. the u.s. navy scanning the ski for the lost crew, missing since the fitzgerald collided with the cargo ship called the acs crystal. >> we have a search and rescue going on for our missing ship mates. >> thoughts and prayers with the sailors of the uss fitzgerald and their families.
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three of the crew were airlifted from the destroyer for medical treatment, including the commanding officer bryce benson, reportedly in stable condition. the damage to the fitzgerald? just below the bridge, two birthing spaces were flooded as well as the radio room, limiting communication. >> there is every chance after a ship like that could have sunk. it was taking on water below the waterline. great courage occurred that night. >> they were heading from a port in central japan to tokyo. the collision happening about 56 nautical miles southwest of yagasuko. >> these ships are operating at sea at night, they're moving at relatively high speed, there's very dense shipping and traffic. this is an extremely rare occurrence. there has been a failure, we need a thorough investigation. >> almost immediately after the fitzgerald
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was pulled into port. divers began inspecting the hull below the waterline. developing a plan for repairs. >> the 20 filipino members of the cargoship were unharmed. gross tonnage always a factor at sea. >> a terrifying situation, hans, thank you for that report. for the second time in a week, there has been a so-called insider attack on u.s. forces in afghanistan. an afghan soldier opened fire today at camp shaheen. a base shared with american forces in the north. at least seven u.s. soldiers were wounded. the attacker was shot and killed. such attacks while rare come as the u.s. considers sending additional troops to afghanistan. president trump is releasing details from his businesses, including his new hotel in washington. this comes as the president and their family are making their very first visit to camp david. kelly o'donnell has
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more tonight. >> president trump and his family left the white house today for a father's day weekend getaway. the president's approval rating remains mired in a gloomy range. 39% of those surveyed like the job he's doing. mr. trump rolled out his own new figures. a 98 page voluntary financial disclosure form, not due until next spring. but not as detailed as tax returns he refuses to release. his family business income in wide ranges, a minimum $595 million since january 2016. his posh new washington, d.c., hotel that attracts foreign business posts revenue of $19.6 million, his palm beach resort saw profits sore to $37 million. that's more than double what candidate trump reported in 2015. despite tweeting this phrase about the russia probe, i am
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being investigated. sources close to the president's legal team tell nbc news he has not been informed he's under investigation, and was referring to news accounts. special council robert mueller has broad authority. >> bob mueller is going to go slowly, methodically and carefully, interviewing everyone, up to the chain of command to the president himself. >> the trump's are making their first visit to camp david in maryland. a retreat enjoyed by 13 previous presidents and a haven for history. site of negotiations for middle east peace from carter to clinton. personal diplomacy with world leaders and yes, vladimir putin has been there too. president trump likes to spend time at his own luxury resorts. once said camp david would be very rustic. unlike going to his homes in florida or new jersey, camp david is a military secured compound it costs
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taxpayers less, he does not lead the larger footprint of secret service and staff by going to camp david. we will have much more on all of this tomorrow morning on "meet the press." angus king and marco rubio will be among chuck todd's guests. cuba's government is reacting to president trump's new restrictions on travel and business in that country. in a statement, the government called it a backwards step and said the decision favors the political interest of cuban americans in florida, from havana, meanwhile, gabe gutierrez looks at the impact of the new travel restrictions. >> reporter: newly opened, this is the first five star hotel in havana, banking on u.s. twraflers, now it will be off limits to them. >> it's going to be a great day for cuba. >> president trump makes it harder for most americans to visit the communist island.
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colin just changed reservations for travel groups. the cuban armed forces control more than 60% of the economy. including a hotel chain, which is 26,000 rooms. >> i assume what the treasury department will do is issue a list of companies within the tourism sector that you're not allowed to do business with. >> the trump administration will also clamp down on people to people exchanges, forcing americans to come with tour groups, not alone. cruise ship and airline routes will not be affected, the u.s. embassy will stay open. americans we stay with are gladly visited now. >> i've always wanted to experience cuba, now that we're able to, i wanted to jump on it, before that could potentially change. >> miriam is a journalist and dissident on the island. the way to fight the human rights abuses is not through restricting travel.
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>> i think the government should be accountable. we, the cuban people are the ones that have to gain the spaces and open our society. >> patricia is an artist who restores stained glass for hotels. >> you think that will hurt the military? or do you think that will hurt the people? >> that's going to hurt everybody. >> the white house says it's goal is to reward entrepreneurs like her, not the cuban military. but on this island the line is blurred. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, havana. following this week's devastating shooting at a congressional baseball practice, calls for unity are growing louder. the country's been through this before, an outburst of violence followed by a push for peace, the gunman may have been targeting elected officials, there's new urgency for change. democrats and republicans coming together this week for their annual congressional baseball game. the night wasn't about
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winning, it was about showing strength in the face of violence. after a lone gunman's shooting rampage on republican lawmakers who were practicing before the big day. >> we are united in our anguish, an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. >> reporter: a brutal crime carried out by a bernie sanders supporter, that has many asking, has our political rhetoric become too violent. a 2016 pew research country shows the country is the most politically divided it has been in over 50 years. divisions that may have been deepened on the campaign trail and on social media, stoking unrest and a spade of violent acts, including two years ago in charleston. nine people killed at a predominantly african-american church. an anti-abortion activists killing
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three people at a colorado planned parenthood clinic. >> people have to learn how to be civil and respectful with people who hold different views. >> reporter: many are now looking to our leaders to soften their tone. president trump called for unity in the wake of the latest shooting. he's shied away from angry discourse. >> knock the crap out of them, will you? >> reporter: for mark kelley, it's personal, his wife gabrielle giffords was shot in the head while talking with constituents six years ago. >> you have to be careful with your words. people pay attention and read them and it's an example to others. >> from coast to coast, there's deep concern this moment of unity will be forgotten and abandoned too soon. you heard the reference there to the church shooting in charleston. today, on the second anniversary of that
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tragedy. several hundred people marched in honor of those killed. they called it the hate won't win unity walk. still ahead tonight, five officials in flint michigan charged with involuntary manslaughter. the case is tied to the city's water crisis. a young man finds his calling, becoming a role model in the process. how he's inspiring ahh. where are mom and dad? 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico! goin' up the country. love mom and dad' i'm takin' a nap. dude, you just woke up! ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. with my moderate to severe crohn's disease,... ...i kept looking for ways to manage my symptoms. i thought i was doing okay...
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the investigation into the water crisis in flint michigan resulted in criminal charges this week. they didn't do enough to prevent the spread of legionnaires disease. >> reporter: in flint, where residents still use bottled water to protect themselves from lead contamination. five officials charged with involuntary manslaughter for failing to alert the public about an outbreak of legionnaires disease. their inaction allowed the disease to keep spreading through the water system. michigan's public health director nikolai on. the man who's supposed to protect citizens well being said he couldn't save everyone and they have to die of something. >> nike lyon failed to inform the public of this health threat, a
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threat which cost the life of robert skidmore. >> the charges are connected to skidmore's death. the trouble started in april 2014 when the water supply was switched to the untreated flint river. by october officials noticed a spike in legionnaires cases. lyon was told of the outbreak, but there was no public notice. that summer, a second outbreak. robert skidmore died of legionnaires a month later the public was finally told of legionnaires. >> all they had to do was warn us. >> for some, the charges are some comfort. >> they're acknowledging that my water is due to the water p.m. >> reporter: a crisis that has yet to end. anne thompson, nbc news, new york.
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and artificial preservatives in all of our meat. every. single. one. why? for the love of hot dogs. . this is the scene in hyannis massachusetts where a ferry crashed into a jetty last night. the ferry was just finishing a trip from nantucket in high seas and rough winds.
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on the other end of the country hawaii to be precise, the end of a remarkable journey today. a traditional polynesian sailing canoe. it's only power the wind and currents traveling around the world. steve patterson was there when it arrived. >> an historic homecoming after three years at sea. this is the hokalaia. welcomed home after a journey around the world. rotating 150 crew members across 31 legs. the voyage spanning 40,000 nautical miles and 33 countries and territories. navigating to australia, south africa, new york and back home. >> it was very intense. >> the crew battle iing difficult weather and
6:53 pm
harrowing seas. they don't use gps or compass. >> let's say the sun is due west and you want to go south. >> sao it would be to the left of me. >> they reached back into history using the ancient polynesian art of wave finding. >> our ancestors have been doing it for 3,000 years. >> we measure altitude with our hands. >> the technique given the spotlight in the hit disney film moana. >> you're measuring the stars not giving the sky a high five? >> what we're doing is something our ancestors have done for many years. and we're able to practice it and keep it alive. >> a lesson that guides the sales of the ship, finding the way forward by honoring the past. steve patterson, magic island, hawaii.
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do not use if you are allergic to taltz. before starting you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you are being treated for an infection or have symptoms. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. inflammatory bowel disease can happen with taltz. including worsening of symptoms. serious allergic reactions can occur. now's your chance at completely clear skin. just ask your doctor about taltz. finally tonight, a story about a young man who is proving to himself and others what is possible. he's gotten himself a job in a place where he feels right at home, and where he can help improve the lives of others, because he knows the challenges they face. how he's inspiring america. >> reporter: when
6:57 pm
nathan seemens goes to work, his sunny optimism may be the most contagious condition there. >> how is it going, dude? >> he has good reason to smile. he's the first person in the down syndrome clinic's 50 year history to be hired full time who's also a patient there. >> how does it feel to be full time? >> i love working full time. >> he escorts patients to their rooms. >> we're right here. >> and handles administrative tasks. >> i make copies. >> oh, good. >> do like three each. >> showing how kids with down syndrome can lead full productive lives as adults. >> do you think you can teach these kids something special because you understand what they've been through? >> they look up to me, because i'm a good role model to them. they see me be independent, living on my own. >> for the patients and their parents, nathan is a symbol of hope. >> our young families
6:58 pm
who don't know a lot about what the future brings for their children, he shows an example of what things can be like. >> nathan's independence is an inspiration for a condition that affects more than a quarter million americans. >> our doctor was not very positive, to see different people with down syndrome doing so great, it's very hopeful. >> i get teary thinking about it. because the future of down syndrome -- >> it went from a scary time to an absolute joy. >> showing with a little hard work and lots of love, anything is possible. >> i just feel proud, very proud of my job. and i'm so happy to be here. >> morgan radford, nbc news, boston. >> a role model for all of us. that is nbc nightly news for this saturday. tomorrow on nightly news with kate snow we'll go to switzerland, a company is taking carbon dioxide from the air and selling it to help
6:59 pm
grow crops. for all of us here at nbc news, thank you for watching and have a great night.
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tiger woods arrested. brad pitt talks life after angelina. and what really happened between katy perry and taylor swift? we're only halfway through 2017, and it's been wild. all right. dag holt and nina parker with here with me now. we're going to go through each of the topics that have made headlines, and let's start with the biggest controversies of all. we can't get any bigger than kathy griffin. her headless photo with trump. when you first saw this photo, what did you think? >> i was like, big mistake, girl. big. >> i was trying to find the comedy in it. because i'm like this woman can be very funny but this was a huge misstep on her part. >> yeah. she's been very funny for a while and this kind of laid out how i felt about her. listen, i get wanting to have these political comedies but you just have to be a little bit tasteful with it because you have a job with cnn. >> i think


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