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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  NBC  June 18, 2017 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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right now on "nbc10 news today," jurors can't reach a consensus in the bill cosby sex assault case. this as the defense wonders if the d.a. will follow-through. and then the top official hits this 7-year-old girl on the road and why investigators tell us this accident was unavoidable. showing pride. in just hours from now thousands will take to the streets of philadelphia for the gay pride parade, and we have a view from penn's landing. thanks for being with us. i am rosemary conners. it's 7:00 on this sunday and doesn't look bad out there, and it's muggy, of course, and we
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have a potential for severe weather coming this week. >> today not really wearing about the severe weather, but as you said it's sticky outside already and the high humidity, the muggy conditions will continue through the rest of today. here's a look at the first alert radar. not tracking rain this morning. as we get into the afternoon, we may see spotty showers and an isolated thunderstorm develop, and overall today it's about the heat and humidity. right now we are at 76 degrees in philadelphia. atlantic city, at 74 right now. and so we're already in the mid-70s currently. in the afternoon, we will see upper 80s and a few of us may see 90 degrees for forecast highs. then we get to tomorrow and we issued a first alert for the stormy weather we are expecting. this will be across all of our neighborhoods and particularly we are talking noon into the nighttime hours, and include at
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least 11:00 at night, we could see heavy rains and strong thunderstorms and thunderstorms comes a threat for damaging winds. as the cold front moves through it will provide the lift that storms need to really cause problems so coming up in a few minutes we will take a closer look at your father's day forecast neighborhood by neighborhood and then we will talk about the first alert. new overnight philadelphia police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened outside of a center city nightclub. according to authorities, a fight broke out inof reserve lounge around 2:00 this morning and spilled out to arch street. 20 shots were fired and one man died at the scene and another victim showed up at a hospital in wilmington and is in stable condition, and so far no arrests in the case. bill cosby's defense team says he's resting at home after the jury was, quote, hopelessly deadlocked in the sex assault case. we followed all the developments in the breaking news team
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coverage yesterday. the jury deliberated for one hour yesterday morning on the sixth day of deliberations when the judge declared a mistrial. prosecutors say they will retry the comedian. this is the beginning of the juror's long bus ride, and they were chosen from allegheny county. they spent six days coming from a unanimous decision on the sex assault charges. a retrial in the case would start the entire process from scratch. cosby's team tells us with that in mind it may be more difficult the second time around to find an impartial jury. >> i don't think you will be able to get jurors out of allegheny county. >> it's too early to celebrate, mr. cosby. round two may be just around the corner.
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>> that's gloria allred, an attorney representing 13 women that also say cosby sexually assaulted him, and they are fighting him in civil lawsuits. the accuser in this trial, andrea constand, did not comment publicly about the jury's decision, but they said she would come back again and she testified just last week in this case and also released a statement, her lawyer, that is, thanking prosecutors and saying we are confident these proceedings have given a voice to those that have felt violenced, and the d.a. says he will retry cosby as soon as possible. >> the citizens of montgomery county where this crime occurred are entitled to a verdict. >> in the meantime, bill cosby is free on bail. he and his team left court
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yesterday telling us they were hoping for an acquittal. >> and you are looking for an acquittal, and like the rolling stone song says you always get want you want and sometimes you get what you need. the team expect the comedian to go back on the road and resume working again. news of the mistrial stirred strong reactions from both sides gathered outside the montgomery county courthouse yesterday. >> if you try this again and waste taxpayer money, you will lose even worse. >> i feel for these women who have come forward and i so hope that they don't feel that any of this is in vain. >> both critics and supporters of cosby vowed to be back when the retrial happens. nbc10 has been with you every step of the way during the first trial, and of course there will be updates over the next days, weeks and months and you can
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count on nbc10 and the nbc10 app for instant alerts. overseas, the search is over for the seven navy sailors that went missing after their destroyer collided with a container ship near japan. the bodies of the sailors were discovered inside a flooded compartment on the "uss fi fitzgera fitzgerald." an investigation into the collision is now under way. 7:06 right now on this sunday. let's take a look at some other top stories we are following for you. one mayor was driving his work vehicle on route 30 in atlantic city around 3:30 yesterday when a 7-year-old girl ran off the sidewalk and on to the road. the little girl went to the hospital with only minor injuries. detectives determined the crash was unavoidable.
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we have a quick heads up for anybody that takes the bus or trolly. new schedules go into effect today. the changes are designed to accommodate summer ridership demand. you can tap the nbc10 app to get a full list of the changes. hours from now thousands will pack the streets of philadelphia for the pride parade, and it's one of the largest lgbt event in our region. matt, the parade is just the beginning of today's festivities. fill us in. >> reporter: that's right. it will begin about 11:30 in center city, at 13th and locust streets. this is what the pride parade looked like last year, and there are a lot of people that come out for it and the festivities start on friday and that was the pride kickoff party and this
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will wrap up the things to do, and this parade will go from market to front street and then over to where we are, the plaza at penn's landing and a festival will go on from noon to 6:00 p.m., and there will be live performances, music and food, and if you have to travel in this area around center city from 11:30 to 1:00, beware of the traffic and the closures that will be out there as a result of this pride parade. for now, live at penn's landing, matt delucia, nbc10 news. demanding answers after the deadliest fire in london in a generation. this morning the death toll from the high-rise inferno has risen, and this as the residents say the government failed them. making the list, why four local cities are ranked in the top 50 worst places to live in the country.
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be a powerful force. nature valley the eighth annual wild woods maritime festival wraps up down the shore from 10:00 this morning until 4:00 this afternoon at the light house. the event includes a family friendly pirate show. the firefly music festival continues today, and today is the annual festival's final day. you know, we had some showers that came through
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yesterday and some of them were actually a little heavy, at least at times, and this is some flooding that a viewer took mon. first alert meteorologist, krystal klei, told us we would get passing showers yesterday and today she's telling us, guess what, tomorrow, we could get flooding. that's the problem with showers. if you have a light rain it's light but when you have showers you have the possibility of pockets of heavy rain that pour quickly over an area that lead to flooding problems. here's a look at the father's day forecast. this morning, already sticky outside. 77 degrees through 8:00 a.m. 84 and humid as we get to 11:00 a.m. mostly cloudy conditions and peeks of sun here through 2:00 in the afternoon. right near 90 degrees i expect by the afternoon hours, and here's the problem with that. a forecast high of 90, and very
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steamy conditions. it will feel like 94, 95 degrees. heads up, it's hot today. 87 degrees, and the temperatures still at 5:00 or we could see an isolated storm pop up. at the shore, even to a lesser extent, just mostly cloudy we expect. 84 the temperature at the beach today. 80 along the jersey shore locations. water temperatures increased since yesterday, 63 to 73 degrees. wave heights around five to six feet and the rip current risk is still high today so a heads up if you are at the shore or going to the shore, do not go into locations without a lifeguard. there's the afternoon that we are looking at. remember i said spotty showers are picking up, and could see spots of strength, and a brief period of heavy and that could continue possibly in philadelphia this evening. we have more on the first alert
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coming up. grief turns to anger following the devastating high-rise fire in london. coming up, why some residents in the building said it could have been and then seth williams will be in court facing corruption charges tomorrow. we'll take a look at the case and what's expected in the week ahead.
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the toll has risen to 58 people presumed dead in the high-rise apartment fire in london, and britain's prime minister has been the target of residents who say the government failed them.
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>> reporter: we're here in london. grief and anguish turning to anger after residents demand answers of how the blaze was able to rise so quickly trapping so many inside, and many are still missing, 58 presumed dead. >> that number, 58, may change. i really hope it won't but it may increase. >> there are growing questions about whether the tragedy was preventible. these residents were some of the poorest residents in one of london's wealthiest areas. they reported numerous fire safety concerns that they say were ignored and there were no sprinkles or fire alarms and the prime minister may have failed to meet with the victims in the aftermath of the fire, and she
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did invite 15 victims, the families, to join her. >> to see her holding the hand of a sobbing lady next to her during the meeting was quite shocking, i think, to most of us there. >> authorities did announce they have resumed searching the building. >> it's important for families that we do absolutely everything in there to find their loved ones. >> identifying all of the loved ones will take time and weeks and possibly longer and for the hundreds of desperate families here seeking answers that simply is not good enough. nbc news, london. >> queen ae hreelizabeth attend air force flyover. 7:18 on this sunday.
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a skwr the headlines coming up in business news. and cnbc's morgan brennan has the details. >> the latest numbers on sales of existing homes come out on wednesday and new home sales are out on friday. the paris air show is set to begin this coming friday. the oldest air show will feature the latest and greatest from the aircraft makers as well as an announcement of who is buying them. wednesday is deadline day for health care insurers and we will find out how much obamacare plans will cost for 2018 and regions of the country could be left without coverage. all of this, of course, subject to change, if congress moves to repeal and replace the affordable care act. we will find out if while the expectations for cars were met following the debut of the latest entpixar series.
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i am sure this is going to be a talker. the website 24/7wall street shows camden as 48th worst city, and detroit, michigan, was listed number one of the worst city to live in, and the poverty rate was that. i am a transplant and i love it so far. i am not just saying that. i wouldn't just comment if i didn't feel that way. going to be mostly cloudy today and if you stepped outside, you will notice it's already so humid out there. that will continue across the
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entire region. and usually you can see some of the buildings in the distance, and we have low hanging clouds and haze. when you get a lot of moisture and air it holds on to the particles in the air so you get the hazy view instead. radar and satellite right now, we have cloudy conditions but do not have any rain to track. this morning don'tshowers. this afternoon, we may see spotty showers move by. thursday and friday we were in the low 80s. yesterday, we i 85. that was right near the average. and today the average goes up to 84 degrees, but look where we are going, 90 to the forecast. and because of the high humidity, i think it will feel more like 92 to 95 degrees in the afternoon throughout the philadelphia area. not comfortable to be outside. not a great father's day to be outdoors, and indoor plans are better. monday, quite hot. monday the hot weather comes with the threat of severe storms. here's why. we have this cold front hanging
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to the west of us right now. this is going to continue moving our direction and you can see the storm center rotating here. as this moves our way, it looks like it will become more organized. we already have all this moisture and it's going to provide the lift that storms need and it will happen in the late afternoon which is typically when we are hottest, and heat provides a key ingredient for stronger storms. tomorrow, we're right around slight to enhanced risk. that's not a good sign. this is from the low to high end and we are getting to the high end of things, so generally speaking, these type of situations you get when you are at the level of enhanced, numerous storms are possible and that intensity stays around a little longer. you may see a few tornadoes and that is not a high threat, that's at a low level, but scattered wind damage that's a higher threat for tomorrow. one to two-inch hail is possible when you get this type of threat. we may see larger hail tomorrow
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in the forecast. really our focus on the damaging winds and also on the flash flood potential. the green areas, those are the zones right now under the flash flood watch, and that's from afternoon to evening tomorrow. we are looking at a better forecast drying out by tuesday. we'll talk more about it and looking at that future model on monday in the next half hour. road to recovery. we have new tails on the condition of representative scalise scott during the congressional baseball practice this week. and then observing father's day by helping children that don't have parents. and then the sixers looking to make a move in the nba draft, and we'll tell you about a deal in the works that could impact the future of the team.
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i'm your host, and we're here at the studio and joining us in the kitchen is the chef. >> how are you? >> great, thanks. we have a beautiful spread of ingredients. what are we making? >> traditional sandwiches. we are going to take one quart here, and i am toasting the rice and i will show you how to marinate this, and we come with a nice puree. and all i will do is just pour it over the top and let them sit for an hour. these are sauteing, and they are getting nice and tkpwrecrispy. we will garnish the top of the plate. >> beautiful. >> see the crispiness.
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>> that's what you want. >> mm. >> wonderful. >> you can divide it up, so if you wanted this section, or you wanted this section, we would divide it up for all of us. >> always great to have you on the show. come back and do it again. >> to see today's recipe and all of the recipes feature on "the chef's kitchen," log on to chefskitch chefskitchen. we have a follow-up on a
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shooting at a congressional baseball practice, and representative steve scalise underwent another surgery yesterday and his condition was upgraded from critical to serious, and so he is improving. four others were injured in the shooting also, and police shot and killed the gunman. trump is spending his first weekend at camp david. they flew from the presidential retreat in maryland and will return to the white house today and this is the first time since taking office the president has spent a getaway at a property he doesn't own. moderator chuck todd will have an exclusive interview with maine's senator king, and a member of president trump's legal team and that's coming up later this morning. vowing to retry bill cosby,
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the d.a. looking to continue the case against the comedian after this mis, but cosby's defense attorney says there's a lack of evidence here. we have reaction from the fallout from both sides. i am live at penn's landing, and later on this morning we will have the philly pride parade and festival happening and we will have a breakdown of the events happening today. krystal, how is the forecast looking for that? >> we are looking at a pretty good forecast for father's day and the parade, but we have this to worry about. we issued a first alert because of it, but before we get ahead of ourselves, penn's landing, cloudy conditions to start and humid.
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right now on nbc10 news today, cosby mistrial. the famed comedian is back at home on bail after the jury could not reach a sun census in
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the sex assault case. and now they expect cosby to be back to work. pride parade. the lgbt community will celebrate in the streets of philadelphia today, and we will have a live preview of the festivities from penn's landing. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today," i'm rosemary conners. thanks for being with us. hope you are doing well. let's start with your weekend weather and i am sure everybody is looking for the father's day forecast. krystal klei is here to fill us in. >> i want to take a moment to say happy father's day to all the fathers out there. golfing or anything outdoors should be taken indoor if you are not a fan of the heat. we are at 76 already in philadelphia but later today in
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the upper 80s and near 90. we are 76 in new jersey, and lehigh valley and delaware. you can see from the live cameras it's ay start to the day as well. that will continue through today. mostly cloudy, and some peeks of sun, and a spotty shower possible in the afternoon. but right now no rain to track. our first alert radar, just clouds out there and even those are hard to see on our first alert satellite view, but what we have going on is a lot of moisture in the air, and you see haze low down to the surface because we have these warm temperatures and all the moisture right now. as we into tomorrow, all that moisture becomes a bigger problem. we issued a first alert for a stormy monday forecast across all of our neighborhoods. from noon through 11:00 at least, we are expecting the threat of heavy rain, which may lead to flash flooding as well as strong to severe thunderstorms and with those types of storms we are particularly focused in on damaging winds.
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we are going to talk more about your first alert and more about your father's day forecast coming up. we are following breaking news out of portugal this morning. forest fires there have killed at least 39 people and the portuguese government said many of the people died in their cars when flames swept over their roads. firefighters are fighting the flames 95 miles northeast of list been. the judge declared a mistrial in the comedian's sex assault case. it was about an hour into yesterday's deliberations, the sixth day for the jury, when they told the judge they were hopelessly deadlocked. the jurors are already back in the pittsburgh area and were chosen from allegheny county. the d vowing to retry cosby. the jury spent more than 52
7:34 am
hours deliberating and in the end they could c unanimous decision about whether bill cosby sexually assaulted constand in 2004. the comedian claims the contact was consensual. the defense team believes the case was a lack of evidence. >> her claims were just not strong enough and did not vet out as truthful. >> while the defense says they are ready for a retrial cosby's team wonders if the d.a. will follow-through, and speaking of which, that's what the d.a. insists he will do. he said constand and the people of phumontgomery county deserve verdict. >> we hope that doing this and moving forward in this case
7:35 am
sends a strong message that victims of these types of crimes can come forward and can be heard. >> a new trial could start as early as october with a new jury. nbc10 has been with you every step of the way in this trial and there will be updates in the upcoming days, weeks and months, and you can count on nbc10 and the nbc10 app to keep track of the developments. here are some of the stories we are following for you today. investigators have discovered the bodies of those seven missing sailors that were found insided partments on the damaged destroyer the "uss fitzgerald." three other crew members including the commanding were injured. an investigation into the collision is now under way. staying overseas, we are learning an afghan soldier open
7:36 am
fire in the military space wounding seven u.s. soldiers. the injured americans had to be evacuated for treatment. the taliban praised the attack but did not claim responsibility. here are more of the stories we are following for you specifically tomorrow. in philadelphia, the trial will begin for district attorney seth williams on federal corruption charges. pra williams has pleaded not guilty. also tomorrow, the man accused offing a philadelphia city councilman will appear in court for a preliminary hearing. he is facing several charges, including attempted murder. prosecutors say he stabbed city councilman oh when he tried to rob him outside his home late last month. and the philadelphia teacher's union will vote on a
7:37 am
contract. the union and the school district reached a tentative agreement on friday and it would last him through the year of 2020. no other details have been released but we caught up with the school superintendent and he said if it was approved it would mean more stability for the district, the teacher and their students. today thousands from the lgbt community will show their pride through the streets of philadelphia. the celebration kicks off the parade ten hours from now. matt delucia joins us where the parade will wrap up and continue the festivities. >> reporter: it will be busy through the streets of philadelphia later on this morning as the pride parade and festival begins, and it will make its way over to penn's landing later on. this is what it looked like last year at the pride parade. thousands of people are expected to be part of this today and the festivities really started on friday with the pride kickoff
7:38 am
party so this wraps up an entire weekend of pride events. starts at 13th and locust and will move up to market and over to front street and over here to the plaza at penn's landing. that starts at 11:30, and the festival at noon and there will be live performances, music and food and a lot of things going on here at penn's landing later this afternoon and that will run until 6:00 tonight. keep that in mind if you are going to be around the 13th and locust area, in case you are driving in that area there could be closures as a result of the parade. matt delucia, nbc10 news. coming up, a show of support following a tragedy on the roads. this special visit for two children who lost their mother in the crash they witnessed. plus, born to run. bruce spring teen could be taking his show to a different stage.
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testimony, lawyers' arguments and jury deliberations, the sex assault trial for bill cosby ends in a mistrial. the d.a. says he will try the 79-year-old comedian.
7:42 am
we talked to our own legal expert about how difficult that would be to select a second impartial jury. >> now you have to go and find an impartial jury not only that didn't hear about the accusations but a person that did not follow the trial and know it ended in a deadlock. >> until there is a retrial, cosby remains free on a $1 million bail. the children of a woman that was struck and killed earlier this month met the police officer that helped them after the crash. she died protepbcting her kids from a driver that jumped a curb and struck a pole. the driver tried to then blend into the crowd. the man best known as flounder in the movie "animal house" died, and he starred on "st. elsewhere," and was a director and producer, and the
7:43 am
family says he died of complications from diabetes and he was 63 years old. and let's talk some sports. the sixers on the verge of reaching a deal for the number one pick in the. by fultz says he likes what he sees from the team. we'll tell you more about what the deal involves. plus one organization is urging you to use father's day to give back to children in need. that story straight ahead. speaking of father's day, we will take a look at your father's day forecast for today, then we will talk more about the first alert for tomorrow. here's a live view outside center city, and also a bit breezy today and you can tell from the flags moving.
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7:46 on this sunday. let's get a quick check of the top headlines this morning. the d.a. in montgomery county says he will retry bill cosby after the deadlocked jury led to a mistrial. right now he's free on bail. the philadelphia pride march kicks off later on this morning. it starts at 11:30 at 13th and locust streets and heads east
7:47 am
and will end up along thelong p. last year's parade had better weather, but that's all right but i am sure there be plenty of people out and about, the tpers festival happens from noon to 6:00, and thousands are expected to attend. and then changes are designed to accommodate summer ridership demands and just tap the nbc10 app for the fullest of the changes. this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. >> good morning to you. happy sunday. danny pommells from csn. the 76ers, fultz was in town to work out with the team making the short drive up from maryland. deal has been agreed upon
7:48 am
between celtics and 76ers and could be done on monday. the guard would seemingly be a pe roster is currently constructed for the sixers, but everything depends on the deal being completed with the celtics. he says he likes what he sees in the sixers squad. >> i think it would be cool to be on the young team, and i am close to home so a lot of my fans can come out and show love. i play with great players all the time, so whatever he needs me to do, if i am running the ball or setting up the screen or giving the ball back, it doesn't matter. >> the sixers this photo following his workout. a tantalizing sight see for the
7:49 am
fan base as it could be four pieces of a possible five-man starting john next season. let's go to the phillies. mother nature not helping them out yesterday afternoon. the game was delayed 15 minutes. heavy rain sent fans flying for cover at game time. the seventh inning, paul goldschmidt, he sent one out to center. and then at the end, a chance to tie the game but goldschmidt squeezes it, and it's 5-1, diamondbacks. and then this is a live look at citizens bank park where the
7:50 am
teams will wear special uniforms to promote prostate awareness. and then the miracle foundation helps to ensure that millions of orphans are educated, fed, loved and are safe. one father and his son from texas travelled to india in 2015 to meet face-to-face with the children who they say need extra love. >> it was a great bonding experience for both of us and we are able to see part of the country but to dig in deep and provide a surface and spend quality time with the kids who really don't have male role models necessarily. >> if you would like more information about the miracle foundation father's day campaign, we have a link right now on now your first alert weather. >> let's start with a look at our temperatures out there. beginning with an early start, already in the 70s, 76 at lehigh valley, and philadelphia and south jersey and delaware, and low 70s for the suburbs and now
7:51 am
it's that 7 degrees along the jersey shore. and temperatures in our philadelphia neighborhoods almost to 80 already. graduate hospital, 78. in spots like graduate hospital and center city will be around 90 this afternoon. look at that, 79 degrees for bustleton. later on, hot and humid and not going to be comfortable outside. and also 88 in allentown with spotty showers possible, and an isolated thunderstorm not going to be a washout. because of the high humidity, not a nice outdoors. most of the shore points near 80 degrees and 90 for smyrna this afternoon. the problem with tomorrow is we are looking at this cold front heading our direction, and
7:52 am
that's why we mentioned a few minutes ago we issued a first alert. we can see strong storms popping up along the system but it's heading our direction but has a lot of ground to cover so it will take tomorrow afternoon and evening to affect us. see how it looks kind of like a line? that's a front that passes through and it cuts right over us. take a closer look in. the orange area moving through philadelphia puts us at an enhanced risk for severe thunderstorms. what does that mean? normally we see thunderstorms and maybe lightning and a spot of flash flooding but when you have a severe thunderstorm risk, that's not only a flash flood ri risk, but you also have that risk of strong damaging winds or larger hail moving through. take a look at the timeline of this. there's the front overnight going into monday. monday morning through sev11:00 a.m., maybe spotty showers but
7:53 am
not a rain threat yet and as we get into the afternoon it becomes a problem. at 4:30 you can see the heavier rain moving through lehigh valley, and some of the suburbs, and then the orange passing right over philadelphia and that indicates the strong storms moving through and then they will start to move off overnight into early tuesday. we'll look at your 10 day 10 coming up in a few minutes. born to run on broadway? yeah, some say bruce will be shortening his show to take it to the theater. we have details next.
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is right for your teen. moms, we can't wait. 7:56 right now on this sunday. irish rockers, u2 will return to the stage, and a live look from our eagle's nest camera here at the lynx. ♪ ♪ >> the band is celebrating the 30th anniversary of their classic "joshua tree" album which they will perform beginning to end, and a folk rock band will open the store starting at 7:00 this evening. ♪ ♪ could the boss be headed to broadway? a new report says bruce
7:57 am
springsteen will play an eight-week run on broadway in the fall. and the run could be a precursor for a potential musical based on string steen's memoire, born to run. and then one last day at the father's day forecast. >> it's hot and humid for us today. this is a live view right now, and i believe maybe down broad staet that we a street we are looking. good sign, no rain this morning. we may see spot showers this afternoon and an isolated thunderstorm can't be ruled out, but mostly dry and cloudy and up to 90, and it could be 94, if you can believe it. and then tomorrow, strong to severe thunderstorm. >> quick message for dads? >> happy father's day, dad, and he's still asleep in arizona,
7:58 am
but i will call you later. >> have a good one.
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8:00 am
shots being fired. >> an attack on all of us. >> this is our innuendo and i don't appreciate it. >> i'd like to thank the jury. >> the warriors are nba champions again! >> good morning, and welcome to "sunday today." i'm hallie jackson in for willie who's enjoying a little breakfast in bed on father's day. happy father's day to him, to all you dads out there and of course my own pops. a devastating end to that slip collision off the coast of japan. a body of a number of u.s. sailors recovered this morning as the navy works to figure out what happened. we are live in japan. plus, a


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