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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 19, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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side. >> overnight a van plows into pedestrians outside a mosque in london. at least one person has died as police investigate whether it was an intentional act. this morning we know about the sailors that died in a freak accident in the uss fitzgerald. >> and is president trump the target of an investigation or not americans at risk of extreme weather. "early today" starts right now. >> and we begin with breaking news out of london. an overnight attack has left at
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least one person dead, ten others injured after a van plowed into pedestrians after a van plowed into a mosque. many left at the scene terrified. here's a firsthand account that stopped the driver of the man intending to do more harm. >> were you afraid? >> yeah, i was afraid. yeah. i reacted automatically to save the other people. >> do you think this was a deliberate attack? >> the person was taken into kus bibby authorities. but with britain on high alert the questions many are asking this morning, was this an act of terror? for more we're joined by lucy on the ground there in london. give us a sense of the scene there this morning.
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>> reporter: well, this morning police are still holding that police line behind me just a few feet down that way to my right is where that white van driven by the 48-year-old gentleman who is now in custody plowed into a crowd of civilians just after midnight as people were exiting the two mosques in this area leaves their evening prayers before breaking their fast in the holy month of ramadan. waiting for the authorities to get here, ten people injured, one man died. it's not clear whether that man died because of the van plowing into him. the police say he was receiving first aid as that truck ran by. they are investigating this as a terrorist incident and i can tell you from speaking to people here, this is very much the impression on people's minds that this was a terrorist incident. they feel this was retribution on the aftermath on the
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terrorist attacks we've seen across the uk and they want more protection and that is something that they are getting. police announcing that they will be deploying more resources, more patrols toward the mosques surrounding the mosques across london. prime minister teresa may say thg is investigated as a terrorist incident. she will be holding a cobra meeting. this is the equivalent of a white house situation room. the police force to try to piece together what happened to try to determine whether there's any more risk to the public. but at this stage there are no other suspects except for the man who is now in custody. they will be questioning him looking into whether he had any mental issues. for now the situation under control but obviously an investigation still undergoing. combing through the evidence trueing to piece together exactly what happened in a city and a country that has suffered so much, so soon.
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>> more reason for them to be on edge. thank you. now to officials investigating the deadly collision between a u.s. navy destroyer and a container ship off the coast of japan. it happened saturday night. officials have now released the names of the victims. they are carlos victor ganzon, gary rehm jr. and hernandez from texas. doug los from san diego. nbc is in japan this morning. what's the latest on this deadly collision? >> well, the uss fitzgerald took quite a hit. damage to an area where sailors
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were sleeping alt the time of te collision. it was a scramble to save the ship from sinking. the crew had to work hard. many of them were trying to rescue sailors who were stuck in these various compartments that had been damaged. divers recovered their bodies after the ship had been towed back to port that took 16 hours. we were allowed to visit the port to have a closer look at the ship and the damage and it is considerable. it's crushed on the starboard side. there's a huge gash near the keel of the ship and the damage below water is considered to be far worse. how is it that a u.s. destroyer, an advanced warship with communications equipment on board was able to collide with a container ship at least three times its size? there were no fewer than three investigations that are
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happening right now and they hope to get closer to some answers. >> all right. thank you. portugal is reeling. firefighters are still looking for more victims. the prime minister declared three days of mourning saying that its country quote knows no end. >> reporter: a deadly inferno like no other. the wildfires that began spreading across this region spared nothing in their path. panic and fear as residents spread to fast moving flames. anguish the moment this woman realized she's lost everything but her life. 60 people killed, nearly half died as they tried to escape trapped in their cars on a road north of lisbon that was suddenly engulfed by fire. this woman says she was inside her home when it started to burn. the fire was all around us, she
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says. the firefighters came to get us because we could horardly breat. entire villages were evacuated to safety. the survivors left with nothing. news reporter was on the scene of a relief effort underway. >> reporter: people are showing their solidarity to the victims after fire. the ones escaped are donating to the ones that lost everything. >> authorities think lightning is to blame caused by a dry thunderstorm when rain evaporates before reaching the ground because of high temperatures. spain and france pitching in with water dumping helicopters as the fire continues to spread. three days of mourning have been declared for the victims. the pope this sunday offering his prayers, portugal's national
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soccer team offering a moment of silence for a tragedy words cannot describe. the president facing new questions on what is fast becoming an all encompassing investigation after a member of his own legal team openly disagreed with assertions that mr. trump is not under investigation. kelly has that and more. >> reporter: on this father's day the trumps returning from their first visit to camp david. and back to the heat, the political fever of the russia investigation. >> he's not afraid of the investigation. there is no investigation. i want to be clear here. >> reporter: spanning sunday morning tv screen, one of the president's personal lawyers going on offense. >> there's not an investigation of the president of the united states, period.
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>> but contradicting the president's own social media admission friday. i'm being investigated for firing the fbi director. notably he did not repeat that in a trio of tweets when he denounced the distraction of the witch hunt. but the discrepancy set off sparks. >> you don't know that he isn't under investigation now, do you? >> no one's notified us that he is so i can't read people's minds. >> jay is expected to be the public face of the trump defense, a team led by the long time real estate lawyer and his partner. and bringing the heft of washington criminal defense experience, veteran attorney john doud. while this is the washington headquarters for the government's team led by special counsel robert mueller with about a dozen senior level lawyers hired so far with experience that includes the fbi and prosecuting white collar
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public corruption and financial crimes cases. meanwhile the separate inquiries on capitol hill are progressing slowly. >> i can say that the collusion or cooperation aspect of the invest gauigation is not over a i'd say we're 20% into it. >> thank you. and this week may have even more news on the russia investigation with new developments coming from capitol hill. tracie potts joins us. >> reporter: both intelligence committees investigating the russia collusion question. the house is playing a bit of catchup after its chair stepped down from this particular investigation. they will hear from former obama homeland security secretary to talk about whether they thought there was evidence of collusion and evidence of russia trying to influence this investigation. the committee also meeting this
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week, one member says they're only about 20% done with their work. meantime the president's special assistant and son-in-law heads to jerusalem this week to start peace talks between the israelis and the palestinians. this is the beginning of what the white house says will be a long process. coming off the weekend there are now 60 million americans at risk of severe weather ahead today. bi bill has the latest. >> storms over ohio and pennsylvania. here's the map showing the 60 million at risk. all the way down to richmond, the timing will be typical for this time of year, late afternoon the storms will form and into this evening. as we take the storm across the appalachians they explode over the top of washington, d.c. by 8:00 p.m. over the top of philadelphia and new york city.
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our goal? to raise $1 million. visit petsmart to donate at the register. petsmart for the love of pets. here's that video we're telling you you've got to see. this man defended his home against robbers. so three armed men tried breaking in. the homeowner was sitting on the porch and the victim grabbed husband own weapon, a machete. he's fighting right back. he was able to disarm one of the intruders and hold the robber until police came. the other two suspects fled and were arrested nearby. one brave homeowner with a little pup right there. leading the news, the u.s. military shot down a syrian fighter jet for the first time in the six-year long civil war. the american f-18 took out the syrian jet after it bombed local u.s. allied forces.
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the military had been recruiting them and training them to help fight isis. they acted in quote, collected self-defense and that the u.s. does not seek a fight with the syrian government. two people are suspected after armed attackers waged war on a luxury hotel often frequented by werners. flames could be seen rising from the resort. they were able to take out the attackers and rescue 32 guests that had been trapped. a busy day ahead for president trump. plus, we will hear from assange later this morning. details next. come can do it! dogs just won't quit. neither does frontline. that's why there's frontline gold. with its easy applicator frontline gold delivers powerful protection
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president trump will host the president of panama monday. also illegal drug flow problems and illegal migration will be discussed. julian assange marks five years being holed up in london after being granted asylum in 2012 and the final day of campaigning in georgia who face off in a special race for the u.s. house.
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♪ all right. maybe dancing in the dark on broadway. sparking reactions across the country after reports saying the boss might be coming to the great white way. >> can you imagine what that ticket might be like? >> bruce springsteen is gearing up for an 8-week run this fall. some insiders believe the broadway gig could lead to turning his best selling memory born to run into an actual musical. no word from the boss himself on the big debut. i love it when you see these major rock and pop stars. >> he'd love it. >> i think it would be great. >> we're all waiting to find out. beyonce and j-z's twins have
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arrived. beyonce's pregnancy broke an instagram record in february being the most liked post on the social media platform. the two new additions are welcomed and the thing we're all waiting for, boy girl, boy boy, girl girl, the names we don't know any of that information. >> and pink rose or something like that if it's a girl. >> if you get that right -- >> disney races to the top spott this weekend. cars made its way right to the top. wonder woman fell to second place and a long time the all eyes on me took third place earning $27 million. just ahead, major news at the u.s. golf open, keep it right here on "early today." new charmin ultra soft!
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finsbury. right now, terror attack investigate. one person dead. others hurt after a driver plowed into a crowd outside a mosque in london. begins in corruption trial of attorney seth williams. tracking storms. here's a look at first alert radar. afternoon see heavy rain, wind, and lightning. good morning. nbc 10 today. i'm tracey davidson. >> i'm vai. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his forecast. affecting all of the neighborhoods. first threat pops up first thing
4:29 am
this afternoon. noon to the 11:00 hour tonight. that's when we could see severe thunderstorms. producing damaging winds and also capable of producing large hail. heavy rain could leave to flash flooding this afternoon. this morning, it's quiet. completely dry. warm and muggy and the heat and humidity to fuel the storms later today. right now the thunderstorms are to the west. first thunderstorms starting to die down. move into southwestern pennsylvania. on track for us this afternoon. look at this heat. steaming. 80 degrees in philadelphia. 70s for the suburbs and new jersey. looeehigh valley. pump the temperatures back to upper 80s this afternoon. afternoon storms. start in lehigh valley. suburbs and late this afternoon and evening, moving tole new
4:30 am
jersey and delaware as well. i'll break it down hour by hour to show you when the storms are most likely to reach your neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. first, jessica boyington has your traffic. starting off on the construction project this morning, but it's not the construction we're used to. 8th street ramp closed this morning. closed until 5:00. not creating a huge problem or delay. the goods thing is the rest of the vine is completely open. here it is right around 24th street. the traffic is allowed to move through on the vine. taking a different on or off ramp. that will be your solution there. considering the eighth street ramp is closed. again, only closed until five. not going to see huge problems because of that. main street and north fifth avenue for a crash into our system. also watching 95 moving through delaware. looks good so far. 11 minutes right now on northbound side from 295 to 495.


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