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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  June 19, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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terror attack investigation. firsthand accounts of what happened when a van plowed into a crowd in london. district attorney seth williams jury selection. tracking radar. this afternoon could see heavy rain, wind and lightning. just after 5:30. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 today. i'm tracey davidson. >> i'm say sivai sikahema ma. let's get to > storm threat will affect the entire area. first alert is for all neighborhoods during the afternoon and evening hours. first threat starts at noontime and we still could be tracking strong storms at 11:00 tonight. these severe thunderstorms will be capable of damaging wind and could produce large hail. plus, heavy rainfall could lead
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to flash floods starting this afternoon. right now, all that activity is to the west. some thunderstorms have been passing to the north. those are on the move. the activity to the west will be moving in during the afternoon hours. starting off dry, but it is uncomfortable. just like the last few days. humidity is high. temperatures haven't cooled off all that much. upper 70s in suburbs. lehigh valley 80 degrees. seeing the clouds. temperatures climb despite of the clouds. 85 for the storms taking shape for the lehigh valley. 88 degrees feel like it's in the 90s thanks to high humidity. afternoon the storms arrive. this evening, they'll be moving towards new jersey and the shore. show you when they're likely to reach your neighborhood with a future cast. first, monday morning. let's see how the roads are looking and say good morning to jessica boyington joessica
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boyingt boyington. average speeds still in the 60s. not seeing a budge yet for the drive time. also checking in with 95. 95 southbound side approaching the delawarerightearound the ro we're watching a crash. see the drive times in total from the blue route. no big problems at all there. speeds still into the 60s. minor lane restriction. traffic still get by the scene. watch for overturned vehicle. learning a deadly accident scene. fatal accident here on the expressway. might be there a little while. westbound ju westbound. you can get to route 40 from there. that gives you an idea of the location. right lane is blocked there. 5:33. now to breaking news. another terror attack. material in a dozen people injured after a driver plowed his van into a crowd of people outside a mosque in london. the city's mayor say this is is
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an act of terror. >> we've been following developments throughout the night. nbc 10 katy zachry live for us. breaking news center with new information. what have you learned. >> we've heard from investigator earlier this morning and from that press conference. they say the man driving the van is in custody. have no information that leads them to believe there are other systematics out there. still tensions in london are extremely high this morning. police are fanned out across that city. the mayor is calling this a quote, horrific terrorist attack. happened just after midnight london time. witnesses say they saw a van plow into a crowded sidewalk near a well known london mosque. many of the people n. crowd were finishing prayer for the muslim holy month of ramadan. here's an eyewitness. >> turned left with no indication, with no even suddenly, deliberately left into people. and one of them, he was under the van. people were gathered around the
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van to actually lift the van up to get this guy out. >> that eyewitness went on to say the man who was under the van was in extremely critical condition from what he could say. this happened in finsbury park neighborhood. the suspect was taken to the hospital. he will be arrested. one person died in the attack. we learned that person was being given first aide on the sidewalk for something unrelated. if it is learned that person was killed as a result of the van attack, it will be added to the charges. happening today, philadelphia's top prosecutor seth williams goes on trial for fraud, bribery, and extortion. district attorney accused of taking gifts and trips in exchange for favors. federal authorities indicted him in march and state suspended law license. still refused to resign from
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office. task with lawyers on both sides to pick a jury. told the lawyers will ask this question a lot. >> what do you think about this case? anything you learned going to make you unable to be a fair and impartial juror. >> williams maintained innocence. could face 20 years in prison if jury convicts on corruption charges. >> 5:36. today the jury in the boll co by trial. shielding identities. jury deliberations ended in a mistrial on saturday. not yet clear why jurors konts reach a verdict how how close they came. da kevin steele is promising to try the case again. cosby said all along he knew it would be a hung jury. reminded those around him during court breaks, he only needed one juror to be on his side. called the conference room he
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went for breaks and dressing rooms himself a stage. cosby also allegedly claimed he turned down an offer by the da for a no jail deal that would require him to register as a sex offender and wear a monitoring bracelet, but the prosecution team denies any offer was made. >> vote on a new contract just days after reaching a tentative deal with the school district. union members approve the contract, it would run to year 2020. expected to learn more details following the vote. school superintendant told us new agreement could mean more stability for the district the teachers and the students. sixers fans out there. time to trust the process again. >> big deal, right. likely to learn the sixers will pick first in the nba draft on thursday so nay can take washington. here's is working out with sixers on saturday. expecting to get official word the sixers worked out a trade with the celtics to get the top
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overall pick in the draft. i think it would be pretty cool being with the team. i think outside of the -- this city has great fans. >> close to home because he's from yandmaryland. last year you remember used top pick to pick ben simmons. opened summer camp at a dozen locations around the region. hear from current and retired sixers players and coaches. details on registering are on nbc 10 app. a steam my start this morning. this is a live view from easton. you can see the clouds that are out. the humidity is high and the temperatures are unusually warm. lehigh valley will be among the first to see showers and thunderstorms take shape this afternoon.
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start to see some strong storms, but this morning, east and allentown and redding are all dry this morning. even though clouds moving in. first of the showers and thunderstorms are missing us to the north. moving through north eastern pennsylvania and into new york. those storms miss us. this storm activity to the west will not. that's due in this afternoon. we're likely to see very strong storms take shape this afternoon. one clock this afternoon, you can see the storms in harrisburg swinging to lehigh valley during the early afternoon showers. 2:00 starting to move in. lehigh valley by 2:30 in the afternoon. as we go into the middle afternoon hours, that's when we could see some severe weather start to take shape for the lehigh valley and then into the suburbs during the afternoon and evening commute. look at those storms, heavy downpours and possibly damaging winds. could see large hail. 6:30 this evening. leading edge moves into new
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jersey and central delaware and by 8:00 this evening, storms approaching the shore. things start to settle down at the lehigh valley and berks county. steamy day ahead. threat of clouds and storms this afternoon for philadelphia. suburbs, sunshine to start with. the clouds move in. downpours this afternoon. the potential for severe thunderstorms during the afternoon hours for the suburbs. as i mentioned. the lehigh valley will be first to see storms. 8:00 first thing this morning. 80 degrees at 8:00. 79 degrees not much cooler. warming right into the 80s. dry this morning, late this morning and this afternoon, that's when the showers and thunderstorms will start to pop up. sunshine this morning, storms this afternoon for new jersey, you'll see temperatures climb into the middle 80s by
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lunchtime. for noontime on the threat of showers and thunderstorms. count on showers and thunderstorms this evening for the jersey shore. not a bad shore day, just steamy like the last few. the storms get going this afternoon. then some nice changes ahead starting tomorrow. show you what's to come with the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten minutes. >> that sounds good. >> all right. bill, thank you. 5:41. get a look at the turnpike this morning. >> where are you watching jessica. watching the jersey turnpike right near delaware memorial bridge. no problems mere. approaching delaware you'll have no problems moving southbound there on the turnpike. if you're headed northbound, pretty much the same story. no big delays there. new jersey roads for the most part look fine. we are watching an major turned vehicle and now fatal accident scene out in mays landing on the
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westbound side. p it is also blocked on the right lane so you're still going to be allowed to get by the scene there. also watching graduate hospital for a crash on 16th street. vai, back to you. >> thank you, jb. check out what's left of the house under construction at the jersey shore. in just minutes, why mother name could be to blame for all this damage. philadelphia pride and beyond. one internet giant making a big donation in the honor of the gay rights movement.
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we are continuing to follow breaking news from overseas where a van struck several worshippers leaving a mosque in london. one person died at the scene and ten others were hurt.
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eight have been seriously. police say the crash is all the haul marks of a terrorist incident. driver being treated at the hospital, but will be arrested. incident. driver being treated at the hospital, but will be arrested. promising a full investigation between the deadly container ship and the uss fitzgerald. the u.s. navy has identified all seven american sailor who is lost their lives when a container ship four times the size of uss fitzgerald hit the uss fitzgerald on saturday. the impact damaged sleeping quarters on the fitzgerald. more than 100 sailors were asleep at the time of the volition. >> how much warning that had, i don't know. that's going to be found out during the investigation. it was a significant impact that the crew had to fight very hard to keep the ship afloat. >> took 16 hours to toe the ship
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to port. >> we have a warning. a sewage spill. caused the spill yesterday. officials tell us a power outage caused generators to stop working which sent sewage pouring into the big timber creek. health department officials warning people not to swim, drink, fish in the creek until tomorrow. that includes gloucester township, camden city, audubon park. in ocean county an 11-year-old girl is dead after being electrocuted by playing in allah go allah go lagoon. police said adults were watching the kids at the time. >> now to county by county coverage beginning in cape may county. part of a house under construction came crashing down.
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>> home crumbled. fortunately no one was working at the sometime and no one was hurt. windy weather may have been a factor. lehigh valley hospital bring babies. this is time lapse of the building going up. officials will cut the ribbon this morning for the family health pavilion at the hospital in bethlehem. in addition to birth center, inpatient rehab center from patients recovering from everything to strokes to broken bones. >> in delaware, the governor will announce more than $900,000 in funding for 16 organizations that provide summer and after school programs from teenagers. settlements from big banks alleged misconduct. spent helping keep kids out of trouble through the neighborhood building blocks fund. >> atlantic city unveil a tribute to late radio and tv personality. help dedicate a plague along the
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boardwalk commemorating life and work. also at the jersey shore, wild woods host the 94th annual marbles tournament. marble shooters from around the country will compete on the beach. tournament runs through thursday. >> we played on dirt marble. we didn't have any of that. that's a really nice marble -- >> that's fancy. >> fancy field. >> i love that kids are playing marbles. >> i have no idea how to play marbles. >> you try to knock hem out of that circle. >> i was much better with jacks. i was like in fourth grade. >> i couldn't play that. i ruled in fourth grade. the video version of the jack's tournament is next month. >> virtual reality. >> absolutely.
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put on the goggles. >> you'll be watching storms this afternoon. i don't know. it's going to be quite a show later today. starting off with sunshine and a steamy morning. look at the clouds. racing past center city. the winds are blowing. that's warm moist air that is coming into the area. humanity keeps pumping into the area. sun coming and you happen temperatures will be climbing. right now wind out of the south at 16 miles an hour. nine mile an hour wind in philadelphia. above building level, winds are typically stronger. pretty quiet this morning. 80 degrees in the lehigh valley. 70s for the suburbs. not much cooler in south jersey. the shore has middle 70s right now. see enough sunshine to warm these numbers from the 70s and low 80s into the upper 80s this afternoon, but, even though it's 70s right now. feels like it's in the 80s for west mount airy.
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feels like temperatures this afternoon. that's 4:30 this afternoon. 90s for allentown. pottstown, doylestown. voorhees lower 80s. feel like 85. we will be tracking showers and thunderstorms this afternoon, but we are starting off dry right now. trenton, philadelphia, and wilmington. look to the west. there's a cold front on the way. which means the cooler, drier air in the midwest will be arriving tomorrow. sweeping into very moist air. that's the humidity we're feeling this morning. as they move in, it will be during the heat of the afternoon. strong storms are likely to develop, and, in fact, enhance risk of severe weather for philadelphia into the suburbs. the lehigh valley delaware, and new jersey as well. that's for this afternoon. and this evening. storms take shape. look for strong storms. possibly damaging winds. large hail and flash flooding is
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a possibility for this afternoon and evening. tomorrow, the dry air that's still to the west is going to be moving into the area for tuesday and the humidity comes down even more so on wednesday. then another warmup. upper 80s on tuesday. chance of showers on friday. 90 degrees and close to 90 will feel like the 90s on saturday for showers and thunderstorms. then we dry out on sunday. temperatures start to come down on sunday. drier and more comfortable air next week for monday, tuesday, and wednesday. high of just 79 degrees. >> make sure you have the free nbc 10 app for this afternoon. it will send you first alerts and weather updates. severe weather moves into the area and later today. eight minutes before six right now. now let's get you to work. with a look at route 1. >> let's check in with jessica to find out how the boulevard is looking. >> hey, guys. watching the boulevard. that's right. cameras just around ninth street. everything looks good for now.
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more volume on the southbound side. moving towards the schuylkill. for now, both directions still look okay. not seeing any major delays anywhere. a few problems to report. this one in graduate hospital. that area of the city 16th street between katherine street. little stretch right there won't be able to get by for now. easy to go around the block when you're in that area. especially not seeing a ton of volume moving there that part of the city. watch for major turned vehicle. financial statement accident scene for now. accident investigation underway. on the westbound side of the expressw expressway. access route 40 from the off-ramp there. watch for that. end here with mass transit. trenton train running 10 minutes late to only minor delays there. all running on time. vai and tracey back to you. >> thank you. camden county. free ice cream was one way to celebrate father's day. county police department hosted cops with cones event yesterday.
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dads and kids enjoyed food and refreshments while hanging with the officers who protect them every day. >> good for the neighborhood. definitely good for the neighborhood. we appreciate it. >> get to meet the police on a positive note where they can say, oh, i remember you. i had ice cream with you. >> that's a breakdown there. police say events like these strengthen the bond between themself themselves and the neighbors they serve. >> preserving pride. up next, why an internet giant is making a big donation in honor of gay rights movement. coming up at six. thousands of fans turn back the clock of iconic baseball movie.
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this summer, journey into the adirondacks where campers carve through stone. and to the thousand islands, where kids can be kings. if you like big adventure,
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you'll love new york state. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer getaway at look okay right now. top left-hand corner the sun popping out. sun glare at one point. for now a good drive.
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keep our eyes on the drive time for you and check on mass transit when i come back. london confirmed 79 are missing or dead in the london high-rise fire from last week. up another 20 victims from the last update on saturday. officials say the process of identifying victims is likely to take weeks due to conditions in the tower. back leer at home, first alert traffic closure that's happening today. septa will shutdown girard avenue between broad and 15th street in north philadelphia, pen dot can replace trolly trax. scheduled for 7:00 this morning or last through the middle of july. detours will be in place to get you around. if you commute by bus or troil. here'sd. here's here's another heads up. new schedule. toll help the summer demand. full list of summer changes.
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philadelphia's pride will be remembered as a celebration of lgbtq rights and diversity. troll performers on locust street yesterday. members of nbc 10 were also there. civil attorney gloria allred. made way to penn's landing for festival. will and grace actress. >> we just have to keep marching away from the darkness and towards that bright light that we all have within us. >> police reported no arrests from scattered protests along the parade route. philly pride festival sprang from gay uprising. gay rights uprising in new york city. yesterday we learned that google donated a million dollars to preserve the history of the uprising. modern gay rights movement began when the police raided a manhattan barback in 1959 back
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terror in london. van crashes into a crowd of people outside a mosque. police say the incident has all the hallmarks of a terrorist attack. >> district attorney on trial. today jury selection scheduled to begin. corruption case against seth williams. >> expected to finalize the trade that give philadelphia the number one draft pick. >> nbc 10 news starts now. >> a lot to cover this monday morning. 6:00 a.m. good morning. this is nbc 10 today. tracey davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema ma. first alert in effect from noon to 11:00 tonight.


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