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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  June 20, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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days. 87 degrees for the suburbs. heading to the shore, 82 degrees this afternoon. skies will clear out for sunshine today. break it down hour by hour when i'm back in ten minutes. strong storms created a mess for people flying in and out of philly international. 150 flights cancelled yesterday. nbc just checked and airport recommends you check with your airline about possible delays. let's take a look at the rest of tuesday morning commute on the ground. we're watching the veps right now. there's no construction here. we're not starting this week off with any work. right around 24th street is where we're watching right here. both directions look good. westbound moving towards the schuylkill. get there no problem. a lot of your majors look okay. there is a down tree. reported out in lower marion. different areas see different kind of road obstructions like this. down tree on north roberts road around lancaster avenue. watch for things like that.
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when you head out the door you might be detoured. watching the pa turnpike for construction here. eastbound side between north side is closed. not affecting drive time. jury is in place in the federal case against seth williams today trial begins with opening statements. >> katy zachry live at center court. what will >> reporter: to start off, i want to tell you a jury and alternate medical school in this high profile federal corruption case made of mostly women. two men chosen yesterday to serve on this jury. seth williams was confidence when he walked into the courtroom.
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he's accused of taking gifts in exchange for favors from him. the 50-year-old has denied the charges and remains district attorney during the trial. he is not running for re-election. this is a high profile case. presented the first problem for lawyers yesterday as they picked the jury. >> what matters is that you don't want to get people who have already prejudged the case, that have read about it in the newspaper, that have watched it on television and they already have a decision made because juror haves to come into the courtroom very, very important and only decide the case based on the evidence that they hear and the documents that are introduced into evidence. >> reporter: when i return at 5:00, we will share with you some comments made by former philadelphia mayor and pennsylvania governor on why this case does damage to people's trust of all public officials. that's coming up in the next half hour. for now, katy zachary nbc 10
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news. now to another case, a judge could decide to release the names of the seven men and five women who served on the big cosby sex assault trial. wants the names kept secret as he works to retry the case. lawyers also don't want names made public. several media outlets requested they be released. yesterday we heard from the alternate who listened to testimony, but was not picked to deliberate. >> i believe he was guilty of all three charges. if i was a member of the jury, i would have convicted him on all three charge sgls didn't like his kmeern in court and found his accuser to be credible. the judge has urged members of the jury not t talk about their deliberation. an offduty police officer is dead after a two car crash yesterday afternoon. the officer cliefded with another car along nottingham way and hamilton township. ollided
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another car along nottingham way and hamilton township. last night more than 4600 teachers voted in favor of the contract. members of philadelphia federation of teachers haven't had a raise since 2012. while 95% of the union voted for the new three year agreement, we found several members who did so reluctantly. the money we're not getting is kind of like one of those things it's heart breaking on one hand, but then on the on the other hand you're happy there was something. they were able to come to an agreement after all this time. >> the new contract includes pay increases, but does not make up for what teachers missed. teachers will now pay into health care plans for the first time. >> 10:00 this morning, it will be safe to use the water in
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camden county. lifting water restrictions after a generator malfunction caused a sewage spill in the big timber creek on sunday. happened on the black horse pike in gloucester township. people living there and camden, belmar, were all told to avoid use of the water. those restrictions will be lifted at 10:00 this morning. berks county storm cleanup continues today. trees and power lines blown down by the strong winds and rain. three of them hit houses. people lives in cothis area sai it left quite a mess. >> line of storms came within a couple of minutes and five, ten minut minutes, that it was. >> we heard a yak and it just fell over. i didn't expect to see a tree in our backyard and a tree across the street. >> no one was hurt. utility poles were blown down
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during the storm, but power was not impacted. more storm damage to share from the lehigh valley. watch the top left of your screen. see the wind snap a tall tree right near its base. then fell on the street here in. no one was injured. powerful wind and rain turned tree branchs and pour lines into a tangled mess. in fact found branches down all across the area. several homes here also damaged by debris. lightning strike sparked fire in kenneth square. home's which i ammy was hit and electricity spread through the walls starting fire in the basement. everyone got out safely. >> check out this video. yesterday's storms knocked out the power at planet fitness location. you can track severe weather at
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any time. atlantic county doctor is in jail after standoff with police. >> and now we're getting a look at what happened when officers tried to serve him a warrant. watch this. >> drop the gun. drop the gun. we'll show you how this chaotic scene played out. 4:37. underinvestigation. video posted on social media appears to show a police officer punching a man in the face. >> also, taking a dip. unexpected guest shows up in a south jersey yard. there he is. we got a clear view of the moon this morning. look how nicely it is cleared out. live view coming from camelback mountain. 73 degrees at 4:37. looks like a pretty improving situation weather-wise today. there are some changes ahead. break it down neighborhood by neighborhood coming up.
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good morning everyone. checking in with the roads. watching the schuylkill expressway. everything look clear. here is the eagles side. check out that drive. blue route to vine still in the 60s. not seeing any portions of storm damage on the roads either. also watching speed restrictions because of the weather. rain and slippery spots reported on the bridges. down to 25-mile-per-hour over the ben franklin, walt whitman, c should be within the next couple of hours. also watching a down tree in lower marion. lancaster avenue and checking in with the pa turnpike. watching construction here on the eastbound side just between
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norristown and fort washington. left lane closed. drive times are good. at 23 minutes and speeds also into the 60s. more updates for the rest of the morning on my next update back in ten minutes. 19 minutes before 5:00. tracking the last few showers in the area. no storms here. just a few sprinkles. really see some light showers move through the lehigh valley and at the shore. already dry in philadelphia. already cooler than yesterday. we were 77 degrees at this time yesterday. we're running a bit cooler and the humidity is dropping. we will see sunshine today and becomes more comfortable as the day goes on. warm into the 80s. typical for the last day of spring which is where we are today. summer arriving early tomorrow morning and it's going to be a beautiful day not only today, but also a great start to summer too. humidity stays low for both days. 68 degrees right now. nice breeze blowing today.
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winds out of the west. dry air coming in. winds 12 miles an hour. gusts could be up to 20-25 miles an hour this afternoon. lehigh valley getting some breaks in the clouds. just huge sprinkles now in the lehigh valley. those are destined to fall apart completely in the next half hour. 70 degrees right now up to 80s at lunchtime and into the 80s this afternoon. for new jersey, 72 degrees right now. look at nice sunshine through the day. winds blowing, but, again, that's the dry air that you'll feel rushing in during the day in new jersey. it will eventually reach the shore too. a few rain showers right now. the clouds will be thinning out. partly sunny 82 degrees at noontime. into the lower 80s this afternoon. right on the beach. and delaware, showers have ended. storms are long gone. 73 degrees right now. humidity still running a little bit high. it will drop as the day wears on. 82 degrees by midday and 85 degrees later this afternoon. show you how long the nice
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weather lasts with the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten minutes. >> see you then, bill. here's a look at some the sorries we'sorry -- stories we're working on. head to the polls. keeping a close eye on this ration. across the country most expensive in congressional history. senate talk a on this. hold the floor and blast republican health care. managing medicine. tiger woods said he is getting professional help following run in with the law.
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. and july 4th will be full of colorful fireworks in bucks county. several grouping came together to raise money. last week forced to scrap the display because of funding issues. officials in montgomery county brought the school year to a close yesterday at mckinley elementary school. annual flag lowering ceremony. particularly special for the
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sixth grade students moving on to junior high school. they brought it inside because the weather yesterday. >> yes. in delaware a new program is funding summer and afterschool programs for kids across the state. governor introduced the neighborhood building blocks grant. giving $900,000 to fund more than a dozen organizations. and the pool of course a great place to beat the heat. even if you're a bear. look at this, a family grabbed their cell phone and took this video. black bear took a dip in the pool before running off to the woods. >> hey boo boo. >> nearby princeton police shot the video of a black bear when it road in the school. school is out. police still warn residents to be very kirful. work continues on the schuylkill. >> big heads up if you take the schuylkill during lunch hour. $21 million project includes new pavement, guardrails and other
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traffic improvement to the schuylkill. there will be temporary lane closures eastbound from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. 202 and city afternoon. wednesday and thursday. work happening on the westbound lanes. temporary lane closures are expected to be finished on friday khloe shuclosures. it's fine. i don't . . . >> we need route one. how about route one? i like to play games. we're going to start off route one right now. this morning right around 17th street. roads look better this morning than i thought they were going to be. we're on 17th street. no problems. roads are pretty dry. both directions are okay headed southbound towards the schuylkill expressway. also watching 95 and moving
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through delaware. everything look good so far. ten minutes both directions north and south. speeds into the mid 60s at points. everybody is moving out there. expect going over the bridges. heads up here. having speed restrictions down to 25-mile-per-hour. because of rain and slippery spots reported. ben franklin, commodore also dealing with that. downed tree on lower merion road and lancaster avenue. all the drive times and details when i come back with update in ten minutes. >> thank you, jessica. 4:49. feels much less humid out there today, right? >> i don't know if jessica and i would agree with that. i'm sure it is. bill henley says it is, but our hair is not really cooperating. >> no, trust the hair. trust the hair. the humidity will be dropping during the day. not all that much. just come down a little bit.
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temperatures a little lower. your manes do not deceive this morning and look fantastic as always, by the way. few scattered clouds. no sign of showers. storms are long gone. 70 in lehigh valley. suburbs 68. delaware at 73 degrees. there are a few sprinkles. nothing more than that in south jersey at 72 degrees and 74 right now at the shore. going to be nice weather all around. some of the neighborhoods in philadelphia running a little bit cooler down to 73 right now in park wood and 71 in west mount airy. nice warmup. going to be a warm day today. temperature comes up. humidity will be dropping. won't need umbrella today. definitely need sunglasses. see a lot of sunshine.
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these are just getting ready to move towards the township. winds will be picking up. that's the dry air going to be blowing in this afternoon. winds at 13 miles an hour for philadelphia. gusts could go as high as 25 miles an hour. not enough to do damage. just enough to mange it feel a whole lot comfortable later today. temperatures look pretty good for tomorrow too. 86 degrees. less humid conditions. humidity goes even lower tomorrow. morning temperature of 67 degrees. little bit warmer. nice day ahead for thursday. partly sinai skies. heating up to near 90 degrees friday and saturday. there's a chance we see scattered showers and thunderstorms friday and a chance on saturday too. then another cold front comes through. dry out for sunday and temperatures come back down. look at low 80s for monday. tuesday could see temperatures stay in the 70s all day. really comfortable weather. looks like just a little bit warmer for next wednesday and
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thursday. it will be dry. stantd by for a nice hair day this afternoon. >> excellent. all right you promised it bill. you don't need to go to the shore to see sand sculptures. crews delivered sand artists will transform into works of art at liberty place. part of wawa welcome festival. artists will make hand carved sculptures of famous philadelphia acoops. new new big band rehearsing for the welcome wawa festival. putting on two shows 4th of july celebrations. celebrations start way before the fourth. six days of fun kick off on june 29. 50 free events in the city. leading up to wawa concert. fireworks show in the park. you can see only on nbc 10. a philadelphia community comes together to demand
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answers. >> still ahead a rally for justice following the deadly police shooting. up next, a puppy with a purpose. special guest at last night's philly's game.
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look at the roads today. i'm actually surprised. having a good commute so far. looks like everything is pretty dry. some spots with storm daniel and check in with construction spots though. back with that update in 5:00 hour. atlantic county doctor will remain in jail until trial after prosecutors showed a chaotic video of his arrest. watch this gl drop the gun. drop the gun. >> this is police body camera video shown in court yesterday. doctor james is accused of pulling a gun on officers in egg
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harbor township last week as they were serving a search warrant. search warrant was connected to health care fraud and a homicide. doctor's wife was murdered in 2012. the doctor has never been charge instead her death. >> members of a community held a rally for justice as they demanded answers from police. >> dozens of residents made their voices heard in front of 15th district police department demanding justice for david jones. jones was shot and killed by police officer who stopped jones for riding erratically on a dirt bike. >> this is surveillance video of the incident earlier this month. some felt jones was shot after he allegedly pulled a firearm. the officer questioning him. that security officer on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation mpkts investigation underway after a video appears to show a
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police officer punching a man in the face. see the altercation on the top of your screen. it's important to note we don't know know what happened leading up to the punch. the chief of wild wood police tells us the matter is under investigation. officer will remain on duty. man apparently punched involved in a disorderly persons complaint. a teenager is delaware is under arrest for trying to rob the same wawa twice in less than 24 hours. point add gun at the clerk in the wawa in chester heights saturday. ran off without taking anything. came back sunday did it again. that time he got away with cash. yesterday an officer recognized the teen from surveillance video. chased him down and arrested him. fishtown. sky force ten over one and a half acre strip south of the park. 19 unit luxury townhome community called the view will be developed here in june it
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will feature a two car garage, elevator, and rooftop deck. project is valued at $7 million. construction is expected to start immediately. charlie, the "today" show puppy with a purpose visits citizens bank park tonight. black plan lab training to become a service dog. meet with fans and then he will deliver the first ball to the pitcher's mound and pose for pictures with another chally, former phils skipper. future looks brighter for sixers fans. plenty to do with this guy. markell, not a sixer yet, but team made it official he's their primary target at this week's draft. yesterday traded number one overall pick. sixers plan to pick him and think he'll fit right into the
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process. >> fultz i'm close to home. so a lot of people come out and show love. this city has great fan sgls may be one or two franchise level players. >> sixers had their eye on fultz for a while. second straight year they'll have the number one pick. tweet by coca-cola aimed at people living in pittsburgh fell flat because. >> it's not pittsburgh. >> you got it. why didn't they get it. sent out this tweet targeting record heat over the weekend and used a map of philly instead of pittsburgh. a spokesperson for coke apologized saying they literally missed the mark. the mayor of pittsburgh tweeted about the mistake. saying i was elected to represent people of pittsburgh, not philadelphia. >> oh, boy. we don't mind. now for the stories we're following right now. continue at 5:00 a.m. naming the jury today.
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aftermath of bill cosby trial play out in court during a hearing of whether to release the names of the jurors. special election, all eyes on georgia's sixth congressional district and democrats and republicans scramble for a seat up for grabs. >> after the storm, people across our area are teaming up from yesterday's severe weather. a lot to get to. 5:00 a.m. good morning. i'm tracey davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. ve ve region is drying out. storms blue across the area. power outages. bucks county, chester county. jersey shore. caused the streets to flood. showers are out of here, look at the sky now breaking over easton. getting closer to


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