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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  June 20, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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area. good morning. this is nbc 10 today. i'm tracey davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. people across the region are waking up to storm damage. philadelphia suburbs to jersey shore, neighborhoods feeling the bank accouimpact ofe weather. treeing falling, power lines down and streets flood along the shore. strong storms could still have an impact on travel today. more than 150 flights were cancelled yesterday afternoon and last night because of the weather. you see that cancelled, cancelled. cancelled. and the extreme heat out west could cause more cancellations today. if you're flying, the airport recommends you check with your carrier. we turn now to first alert bill henley. relief in sight today. >> you're in great shape. still a little muggy this morning. got sunshine. look at the sun congresswomming just a few thin clouds there.
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we will be heating up. humidity will be dropping. nice breeze blows in for last day of spring. what's blowing out, at the shores. cleared out for wilmington, redding, allentown. if i sprinkles. watching the poconos moving out quickly too. heading out the door, need sunglasses. leave the umbrella at home. 66 degrees at the suburbs. nice and sunny view from king of prussia. pruss prussia. winds will come in out of the west. humidity goes lower and lower as the afternoon progresses. westerly winds, nice warmup not only for inland new jersey, but also at the shore. temperatures in the low 80s. 86 degrees for philadelphia this afternoon. i'll walk you through it hour by hour with the future cast when i come back in ten minutes. first, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> we're watching construction. this is to start over in
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wilmington. where we're watching 495 in both directions moving through wilmington where we're seeing some delays. right now more of a clay on the northbound side. two lanes closed. both directions until later on this evening or around 3:00 p.m. or so for the one side. the other side that could be subject to change of course as well. so around 3 -- anywhere between 3-5:00 p.m. see closures lift. also watching 422. cameras around cooper road look okay here. not backed up. seeing more volume heading that way. not jammed yet. speeds there still up. also in media watching a down tree on rose tree road. right now closed. see it right in here. closed between sandy bank road and crumb creek road. a lot of different areas like that. want to give yourself extra time at the door this morning. happening today, we could learn the names of the jurors involved in the mistrial of bill cosby. judge will decide whether or not
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to release their identities. comes just days after they failed to reach a verdict in the comedian's sexual assault trial. nbc pamela osborne joins us live from the courthouse. prosecutors fighting to keep the names secret. that's right. the da is going to ask a judge to keep the names sealed. the prosecution as you said does not want those names to be made public. this motion comes only a day after we heard from one of the alternate jurors in the cosby case. mike sat through the testimony, but did not take part in deliberations. he says he did try to learn more on the bus ride back to allegheny county about how the jury became deadlocked, but no one was talking. all he knows is that he would have voted to convict cosby had he been one of the 12. here's why. he says hearing about cosby giving pills to women, and his talk of what he described of consensual sex with con stand
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has a big impact. >> it didn't feel like he did this one time. it felt like it happened over and over and over again. they did a decedent job of proving that went over and over again. i don't know why he wasn't convicted. >> there's a lot of questions of how the jury became deadlocked. what it was that had jurors so divided and unable to reach a verdict. those are questions we may only learn the answer to if a judge decides to release the names, make those names public of the jurors. find that out later this morning. here are other top stories. >> opening statements begin in seth williams trial. accused of taking gifts from business associates in the form of vacations, money, a car and household items in exchange for
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favors. williams has denied the charges. new from overnight, fire broke out in apartment building in philadelphia's frankfort neighborhood. forced outside this morning. voted for the contract. haven't had a raise since 2012. 95% of the union voted for the new three year agreement. we found members who did so it's heart breaking on one hand, but you're also happy they were able to come to an agreement after all this time. >> new contract includes pay increases, but does not make up for what teachers missed out during four year contract
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stalemate. now pay into health plans for the first time. georgia voters go to the polls to put an end to moist expensive house race in history. $40 million spent on the race to replace tom price. battle seen as a test over the president donald trump's low approval ratings will impact republicans in 2018 elections. price stepped down to become the president's health and human services secretary. democrats are trying to slow efforts to replace affordable care act. doing it with words. spent much of last night back door republican meetings. last night democrats took over the floor with back to back speeches about what they call a shameful health care bill. >> the u.s. .s. demanding that release americans. medically evaluated in a coma.
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doctors say he suffered severe brain damage. president trump condemned the brutality of the north korean regime. >> cuban officials say they will not return a woman who fled to cube after she was sent to prison in the u.s. for killing a new jersey state trooper. serving life in prison when she escaped nearly 40 years ago. fled to cuba and was given asylum. cuban leaders consider her a political refugee. last week president trump called for her extradition. died on the turnpike in the 1973. look at the storm damage to a home across bucks county. heavy winds and rain blew down these trees and limbs. nbc 10 viewer sent pictures showing uprooted trees and damaged roofs there from the trees. not even the best umbrella can keep you dry from rain like
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this. scrambled to their cars to recover. 6:08. 72 degrees outside. live look from camelback. look at that. after the rain yesterday afternoon, the sun is looking beautiful. best time of the day. morning when the sun comes up. >> almost hear angelic choirs singing. beautiful sun like that. been up half hour or so. great way to end spring. last day of spring. going to feel so much more comfortable and spring like that's the last few days. sun coming up. few thin clouds, but the rain has ended. ocean city starting to see some glimpses of sun. the last few showers have happened at the shore. only been light showers this morning. ocean city will see more and more sunshine. less and less humid conditions. that will be dropping today. temperatures that are coming downright now. 60s for the lehigh valley.
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suburbs definitely cooler than yesterday at this time. delaware, still on the warm side. at this hour, delaware, philadelphia, south jersey should be in the low 60s for the last day of spring. not the low 70s. so still a little bit elevated and most neighborhoods in new jersey are in the low 70s. mount laurel is 71 degrees. pitman 71 as well. 72 in florence. 69 just dropped to 69 down in princeton. getting a nice start. going to get more comfortable as the clouds move out and the dry air moves in. showers are completely offshore. the storms we had yesterday are out of the picture for today. so we'll see the temperatures climb with bright sunshine. going to be a quick warmup. this is noontime. hour by hour showing 79 degrees. millville 80 degrees. 82 for wilmington and philadelphia. middle 80s this afternoon. it will be warm. may be a few scattered clouds.
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definitely not see any rain drops for today. standby for a sunny, snow and ice spring day. philadelphia 82 at lunchtime. winds kick in for the suburbs and lehigh valley. humidity drops as the day goes on. low 80s by lunchtime in delaware. see that nice warmup not only for interior new jersey, but also at the shore. and eventually that dry air will make its way to the beach as well. 7 day forecast. always scrolling at the bottom of the screen. take a look beyond the seven day with ten day on ten when i'm back in ten minutes. >> ten minutes past six. getting on the schuylkill, it's a good time. road closures later on. >> right. let's find out what it looks like now. jessica boyington has that. right now it's good. schuylkill around route 202 is okay. eastbound here, this is where we're looking cars coming towards the camera. 13 minutes from the blue route to vine. speeds up. still not seeing any really big problems or delays on the schuylki
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schuylkill. we are watching more obstructions on the road. could be a down pole, down tree. storm damage. blue route and drive time everything still in the green. 14 minutes in both directions north and south from 95 to schuylkill. speeds in the 60s. >> thank you. fighting with an officer. new video sheds light on a brawl in the street. what happened next that sparked an investigation. plus this. >> wait until you see how a woman jumped into action to save a cat after it plunges into the water. mistake involving coke and philadelphia that has a lot of people talking this morning.
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a video surfaces that appears to show a police officer punching a man in the face. >> you can see the altercation at the top of the screen. we don't know what happened leading up to this punch. the chief of police tells us the matter is under investigation. the officer will remain on duty. kitten used up one of its nine lives. fell into a florida river. take a look. stuck on the side of a drawbridge in tampa. after it went in the water, see the woman riding on the water bike. jump in. gets the kitten. pulls to safety. once able to get back on water bike with a cat, the cat tried to make another escape and right back in the water. so the woman went back in the water a second time. good for her. >> another animal showed up in unexpected lace. how about this. two friends driving along a texas highway. realize a snake had crawled
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under their hood. the reptile started to slither out as the car drove along the road. men pulled over and let the snake out. >> i would have jumped out and taken my chances. >> i don't know. that's crazy. so coca-cola aimed a tweet at people living in pittsburgh fell flat because look at this. yes, how about you check a map before you tweet something out. soda giant sent out a tweet targeting customers using the record heat over the weekend. used philadelphia inside. >> spokesperson apologized saying they quote, literally missed the mark. hashtag, no kidding.
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everything looks okay. we are seeing a little bit more of a delay here. that's moving towards the schuylkill. northbound doing better now. roads are okay. watching construction moving through wilmington. on 495 both. boast directions until later on this afternoon. mid-afternoon or so. two lanes closed north and southbound. right now seeing northbound delays. you see right here. map system a little bit red approaching that point through wilmington. here's 95 also moving through delaware. check in with drive times here. 10 minutes right now from 295 to 495. speeds in the 60s. still going well on 95 and end here on the garden state parkway in jersey. just near the cape may toll plaza. a little bit difficult to see. wonder if some of this is fog. have to check in with bill henley for that. other than north and southbound on the parkway looks like a good drive. updates when i come back in ten minutes. thanks for that. 6:19.
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72 degrees outside. going to be a nice day after those storms roll through. look at that morning. how about it. meteorologist bill henley has the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. bill? >> going to be a beautiful day. last day of spring. see a lot of sunshine. look at the great view from penn's landing. the sun is coming up this morning. brilliant sunshine this afternoon. and temperatures will respond. it's going to be a warm one. the humidity drops during the day. 69 degrees lehigh valley and the suburbs. philadelphia and 72 degrees. 71 in south jersey and delaware. the shoreline, still some lingering clouds this morning. they will clear out. the temperatures will warm from the low 70s in the low 80s and at the beach. this will be a westerly wind that develops during the day. as far as clouds and showers, we saw a few showers first thing this morning. at the jersey shore. you can see the last few showers that just clearing the delaware beaches after a big storms last night. the rain showers will stay offshore during the day. we are cleared for a beautiful
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and more comfortable afternoon by far compared to where we've been lately. thank the winds. gust 20-25 miles an hour this afternoon. not strong enough to do damage. enough wind to bring down the humidi humidity. winds steady at 14 miles an hour. everyone will feel that drier air today and another beautiful day tomorrow. sunshine will be brought today. 86 degrees this afternoon. the first day of summer, very similar. humidity stays low. little bit cooler in the morning. 67 degrees and 86 in the afternoon. little bit warmer on thursday. mainly dry on thursday. there's a chance we'll see scattered showers and thunderstorms friday and into saturday. not a big threat. some lingering clouds on sunday before we dry out and clear out and cool down again. next week. low 80s for monday. look at tuesday. nice comfortable for the high of 79 degrees. back into the lower 80s for wednesday and next thursday. standby to enjoy.
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>> excellent. thank you. >> local doctor gets into a standoff with police and now we see the video. drop the gun. drop the gun. >> what sparked chaotic scene and how it all played out. plus, getting help. tiger woods speaks out about strug and will plan to change following his dui arrest. it takes a lot of people to make a good school day. miss hoffman gets us there safe every time. mrs. migliaccio teaches us all about fractions - and haikus - and the erie canal! miss reeves makes us sound amazing. and miss santoro always takes time to see how we're doing. miss simpkins keeps our school looking great. recess wouldn't be recess without miss basile. and mrs. mccarthy always has tons of good books to read. which makes for a pretty good day at school. ♪
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new jersey lawmakers lay the groundwork for legalizing medical marijuana in the state. law officials took to a public hearing yesterday. bill introduced last month and would amount small amounts of drugs for people over the age of 21. wants the bill to be ready to go when a new governor takes office in january. if approved, new jersey would become the ninth state to leg
6:24 am
legalilega legalilega legalize recreational marijuana. eight other states nationwide have legalized marijuana. new this morning, less than a month after police arrested him for driving under the influence, tiger woods tweeted he's getting professional help and managing medications and the way he deals with back pain and a sleep disorder. also thanked everyone for the amazing outpouring or support and understanding. woods recovering from back surgery he had back in april. carry fishers's daughter talking about her mother's battle with addiction after autopsy found cocaine and heroin in her system after death. also found methadone, several painkillers and ecstasy in her system. daughter released statement to magazine saying fisher battled drug addiction most of her life and ultimately died from it. says her mother would want her death to encourage people to be open about their struggles. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you right
6:25 am
now. watching the roads. we're having a pretty decent commute. i thought the roads would be worse today. going to be honest with that. watching 295 right now. right around the black horse pike. you can see we are starting to see a little volume out there. everything is still moving. no stopping right now on the roads north or south. have more updates. check in with 95 and downed trees and construction spots. that will be back when i come back at 630. for now get a chak on the forecast with the meteorologist bill henley. in for a beautiful day. lingering clouds in ocean city. a live view from ocean city new jersey. clouds will be moving out and humidity coming down. the last day of spring. 72 degrees at 6:25. got your neighborhood forecast coming up. corruption case opening statements are set to begin today in the trial of philadelphia district attorney seth williams. charges jurors will have to weigh. plus, taking a dip. dangerous pool guests that showed up at a mercer county home.
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strong storms blow through the area. opening statements. jury is set and corruption trial begins for philadelphia da seth williams. standoff with the doctor. guns drawn and chaos unfolds during an arrest in atlantic county. just about 6:30. tuesday morning. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracey davidson. today the national weather service will be investigating whether this was a tornado. nbc 10 viewer sent us this video of the dark cloud spotted turning near berks county yesterday afternoon.
6:30 am
another possible tornado was reported in sussex county in delaware. let's get to meteorologist bill henley. most accurate first alert forecast for your neighborhood. look ahead with sunshine this morning. >> looks nice. storms are long gone. lingering clouds at the shore. sunshine for wilmington and inland communities. here see a few rain drops. last little shower moving across cape may right now. heading out for a walk, might see a few sprinkles right now. won't last much longer. clouds push offshore and nice comfortable day ahead. humidity has been so oppressive lately will finally come down as the winds kick in this afternoon. temperatures also cool down nicely. 69 degrees in the lehigh valley. see a few scattered clouds there. went on the air at 4:30 this morning, there were a few showers. not out of the picture for the rest of the day. look at noontime picture. it will be a warm one this afternoon. that includes philadelphia. 72 degrees right now.
6:31 am
sunshine and 76 at 9:00. 82 degrees at lurnchtime. notice the winds get stronger. drier air with us this afternoon. feel the humidity getting more comfortable. 85 for suburbs and philadelphia. at the shore, into the low 80s this afternoon. i'll break it down hour by hour. see how quickly neighborhood warms up when i'm back in ten minutes. let's see how the photographic is mo -- pratraffic is moving. little slow on the southbound side. this isn't going to affect you if you're heading to center city area. going to affect northbound traffic. not seeing as much of a delay there on the southbound side. 28 minutes right now southbound from woodhaven road. moving to the vine street expressway. speeds dropping to the 20s. another obstruction on the road. storm damage. right around station road.
6:32 am
media down tree here. 6:32. 72 degrees outside. happening today, opening statements are expected to begin in the trial of philadelphia district attorney seth williams. he's facing federal corruption charges including allegations of bribery. nbc 10 katy zachry joins us live at federal courthouse. > >> reporter: as you said, opening statements begin in just a matter of hours. jury selection in this case took only a day. it's mostly female jury. that's philadelphia district attorney seth williams as he confidently walked into federal court monday. attorneys said they were feeling good. williams is facing federal bribery, extortion and fraud charges. accused of taking gifts from business associates in the form of vacation, money, car and other luxurile items in exchange
6:33 am
for favors. the 50-year-old has denied the charges. in court lawyers for both sides asked potential jurors if they know anything about this case or know any potential witnesses that may be called. which may include a former district attorney for philadelphia. someone who ran for da this election cycle, police commissioner, and federal agents. >> what matters is that you don't want to get people that have already prejudged the case. that have read about it in the newspaper. that have watched it on television and already have a decision made because jurors have to come into the courtroom very, very important and only decide the case based on the evidence that they hear and the documents that are introduced into evidence. seth williams has denied all of the charges against him. we're live outside federal court this morning. katy zachary, nbc 10 nooz. today a montgomery county judge could decide to release the jury members in the bill
6:34 am
cosby case. several media outlets have requested the names to be released. if the judge decides to release the names, it could happen immediately or perhaps be delayed. montgomery county district attorney kevin steele wants the jurors names kept secret. new this morning, philadelphia police want to know who shot and killed a man on his front porch. police were called to a home along east indiana avenue around 4:30 this morning. the man was shot in the head and died at the scene. mercer county, offduty police officer is dead there after a two car crash yesterday afternoon. hit the back of a van along nottingham way. driver of the van was not seriousry hurt. officer's name has not been released.
6:35 am
officials say they found the body of a 16-year-old girl. she and her friend were swims near martin luther king boulevard last thursday when they got caught in a rip current. quinn's body has not been recovered. stories state by state and county by county starting in delaware county. >> teenager under arrest for trying to rob the same wawa twice in a 24 hour period. police say the 17-year-old pointed a gun at the clerk at the stony bank wawa at chester heights saturday and ran off without taking anything. came back on sunday and did it again. that time he got away with cash. yesterday an officer recognized the teen from surveillance video. chased him down and arrested him. 10:00 this morning it will be safe again to use the water in communities across camden county. health department lifting restrictions after a generator malfunction caused a sewage
6:36 am
spill. telling residents to lock their cars following a spring of burgla burglaries. got into three different cars last weekened. one case used a garage door open to get into a garage and steal $5,000 worth of property. neighborhood building block grant giving $900,000 to fund more than a dozen kororganizati. berks county. trees and pour lines blown down by strong winds and rain. and check out this video, people had to cut their workout
6:37 am
short in south philadelphia. the electricity wasn't working with the equipment there perhaps. yesterday's storm knocked out the power at this planet fitness location or the fact it is dark, hard to work out in the dark. >> you would just take them outside and say all right. let's go. >> let's find out how the weather is looking right now. 72 degrees. not bad. power on the dumbbells had to put them down. don't work anymore. >> heading out right now. lingering clouds and last few rain drops at the shore. overall drying out this morning. in for a nicer day today. humidity drops as if day goes on. winds will pick up this afternoon and that's dry air that is going to blow into the area. going to make for a beautiful last spring evening. summer, officially begins early tomorrow morning just after midnight. right now we're looking at dry conditions for wilmington. philadelphia, trenton,
6:38 am
allentown, the last little bit of rain is stretching across with just a few sprinkles into delaware for the delaware beaches and the jersey shore. they're not going to last long. activity will move offshore. blow out of the area. sunshine already nice and bright over philadelphia. 72 degrees. nice warmup. look at the winds. 13 miles an hour. that's at lunchtime. 12 miles an hour for the suburbs. dry air that blows in and makes it nice and comfortable for the lehigh valley. still scattered clouds. showers have ended in lehigh valley. 69 degrees now. up ten degrees by lunchtime and then into the 80s this afternoon. for new jersey, you'll see plenty of sunshine. the winds 12 mile an hour wind. 2:00 this afternoon. 84 degrees and at the shore, warm into the 80s too. clouds this morning will thin out. you'll see plenty of sunshine. 80 degrees at noontime. humidity is a little elevated at the shore compared to the rest of the area. eventually the winds will bring the drier air across the beach
6:39 am
this afternoon. look at the sunshine in delaware. no showers there. 71 degrees now. 78 at 10:00. 80s this afternoon. seven-day forecast always scrolling at the bottom of the screen when i'm on the air. i look beyond that with the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten minutes. >> just gets going so fast. >> thanks bill. speaking of fast. roads looking good on 78. no, not you, jess. >> i talk fast. i'm from jersey. >> you do. everything looks good so far. east, west, flying through. very quickly, drive times are up. speeds are up there as well. wilmington, not the same story. watching construction on 495 from the north and southbound side. we have lanes closed in both directions right now seeing more of that northbound delay. see that right here. moving through wilmington with that construction project and that's going to be here until
6:40 am
later on this afternoon. late afternoon as well. even maybe see some delays there into the evening commute. also watching a disabled vehicle out here around easton road. we'll end here on the schuylkill expressway with drive times. now everything looks green for the most part. see a little yellow, red on the map shehere creating this drive time. 19 minutes east and west. blue route to vine. speeds dropping now. >> 20 minutes before 7:00. tense scene as police move to arrest a local doctor. >> how it quickly turned to a standoff and video that shows it all unfolding. turning the tables. local man says s furniture compy was breaking deal. the problem he was facing and nbc 10 response team accept ssto help.
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atlantic county doctor will remain in jail after prosecutors showed a chaotic video of his arrest. watch this. >> drop the gun. drop the gun. this is police body camera video shown in court yesterday. the doctor is accused of pulling a gun on officers last week when they were serving a search warrant. the attorney revealed that the search warrant was connected to health care fraud and to a homicide. the doctor's wife april was murdered in 2012. the doctor has never been charged in her death. check this out. the pool is a great place to beat the heat. you may not have a pool. how about this bear here. find his way into the backyard of the family in mercer county. took out the video and takes a dip and just wonders back into the woods.
6:45 am
very nice. nearby princeton police shot this video of a black bear running near the road. school was out, but police still warned residents in that area to be very care and feel be alert. >> the future looks a lot brighter for sixers fans. team's general manager is already predicting plenty of home game sellouts this next season. has a lot to do with this guy. markelle fultz. made it official he's their primary target at this week's nba draft. this week traded with boston celtics for overall number one pick. plan to pick fultz from washington. been on their radar for a while now. hopefully a good player. now to nbc 10 responds. viewer says just months after purchasing a kitchen table, he discovered problems. >> he tells us the next four months the company promised and promised to fix it. when that didn't happen, turned attention to harry hairston nbc 10 responds.
6:46 am
>> after 35 years of law enforcement, changed his tune. his new lifestyle lets him spend more time sar nading his wife. when he couldn't get help with a table he bought last june. >> we noticed it wasn't closing right. coming apart right here. he bought a three year warranty and he complained and sent out a technician back in march. technician came and said this is a problem. we're going to have to replace the entire table. >> he says he calls every week for updates. they have your table, it's on the truck and it will be arri arriving sometime in august. >> his warranty shows he was entitled to take out a new set up to the same value.  when he asked about this option, he says a rep told him, that isn't going to happen.
6:47 am
>> we wound up contacting nbc 10 responds. >> we contacted the furniture store. company tells us it's still not sure if the replacement table will be in stock. under large warranty, he's entitled to a replacement of the same model or different one of the same value. just one day after we went to work for him, the furniture contacted him with the good news. he's pirking out a new set to take home. >> you guys did great. nbc 10, man, you guys are the best. i'm telling you. >> harry hairston, nbc 10 responds. >> this is a case that shows how important it is to know what is in your warranty. if you have a consumer problem for nbc 10 responds, just let us know. you can reach us all those ways right there on your screen and we'll respond to you. >> 13 minutes before the top of the hour and start of the "today" show. >> matt lauer and savannah guthrie standing by with a preview of what's to come.
6:48 am
>> coming up on tuesday here in the show fallout over the death of north korean detaineele otto warmbier, demanding the release of more americans held by the north korean regime. >> startling look at the opioid crisis as we take you to the overdose capital of america. >> new ways to keep your family safe from invisible dangerous at lakes and pools. >> good day at the office for matt and me. two of hollywood's funniest men stopping by. will ferrell and ray ra man know. see you on a tuesday morning. we could use some laughs. we will get them. >> i think we will. i can't wait. and now let's take you
6:49 am
outside. look at a beautiful morning. much different than yesterday afternoon, right guys? >> that's beautiful. >> that's what's to coming. a lot of that sunshine. see that all day long. grab your sunglasses heading out the door. leave the umbrella at home. nice sunny view from center city. sunshine will make for a warm day. cooler start this morning. 60s now in the lehigh valley. the suburbs at 71 in delaware and 72 in new jersey. low 70s for south jersey and the jersey shore. cooler neighborhoods,. humidity still elevated right now. on the way today, winds kicking in from the west. dry air that is going to be blowing in. winds gusting to 25 miles an hour this afternoon. most of the time be up to 14 or 15 miles an hour today. going to make for a more comfortable afternoon. temperatures will be going up. temperatures shows that 3:00 this afternoon 85 degrees.
6:50 am
actual moisture level will be dropping thanks to winds making for much less humidity this afternoon. doppler radar and satellite show there are some still lingering showers just offshore. we have seen a few rain drops and a few sprinkles really delaware beaches and south jersey. there are few more on the way. first thing this morning. then the rest of the day should be looking at mainly dry. the next chance of showers is going to come later tomorrow from this. long way to go. just gives us a chance of afternoon showers tomorrow. by this evening, showers are way to the west. still enjoying some nice weather during the evening hours as temperatures will cool down to 70s. then tomorrow morning, see scattered clouds at 8:30 in the morning. showers just to the north and west. here comes a chance of isolated showers tomorrow afternoon. not a big threat, but could see it later tomorrow. most of today for the last day of spring, looking good. 86 degrees this afternoon. 24 minutes after midnight. summer arrives and the first day
6:51 am
of summer will be a warm one. up to 86. humidity stays low and nice day again thursday. chance we end the week. workweek with showers and thunderstorms. just a chance. not a huge threat like yesterday. friday and saturday could see showers. lingering clouds on sunday with a slight chance of shower on sunday. then clearing out and cooling down too. 82 degrees. high temperature on monday. 70 for tuesday. and then back into the low 80s on wednesday. and plenty of sunshine later next week too. up to 84 degrees on thursday. humidity looks like it's going to stay low late next week. >> can't wait for the lower humidity later today. >> you'll notice the difference today. >> good. things are clearing up. national weather service to investigate the possible tornado. >> couple in our area. >> we preeshappreciate and rely viewers to send us video and walk us through what you're going to see this this video. >> this is from berks county.
6:52 am
train spotter that spotted this. you can see there was a warning out. expired just as this video was being shot. see a little bit of spin there. i don't know if this was shot after a tornado they saw, but they'll be out to investigate. usually what they do is go look for damage. doesn't look like much in the way of damage from what i just saw on that video. frequently if you get damage, it starts to take up some of the debris into the tornado itself. if it was a tornado, it was a week one from what i saw in that video. they'll go out to look at the damage. did it all fall in the same direction? that would suggest not a tornado. hazard, large trees chris crossing each other, that would suggest a tornado. go out for historical purposes to find out. >> >> launched sky force ten to
6:53 am
give you a view of some breaking traffic news that came in. an accident on brawn street. jessica is over there. we're locked out in north philly. see with injuries on the scene there as well. might be this might be there for a little bit of time. going to keep eyes on that for you. maybe you need help getting around it. shouldn't be too hard. especially because you can see the general area. we are seeing southbound traffic on the end of broad street right there. if you do need to get by, hold right over here. germtown avenue over hereantown
6:54 am
upka updates on this for the rest of the morning and back in about five minutes. >> thanks very much jessica. back to the days top headlines sglrm includes opening statements set to begin in the trial of district attorney seth williams.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
the jury will hear opening statements in the seth williams corruption trial. ten seven women and two men chosen to sit on the trial. accused of taking gifts in exchange for favors. denied the charges and remains district attorney even though law license has been suspended. judge could decide to release the names of jury
6:58 am
members in the bill cosby sex assault trial. several media outlets requested the names released. both attorneys want the names kept secret. first alert traffic reporter. breaking news. out in north philadelphia, we have sky force ten live over the top of the scene multi-vehicle accident here. at least three vehicles involved that we know of. injuries reported on the scene. now this is on broad street, right around erie avenue. injuries we might see this here for quite some time. cleanup underway. tow truck on the scene also. here's broad street and erie avenue. starting to see red. delays on germantown avenue. give extra time. have to head out of north philadelphia this morning. and right now, sunshine over easton.
6:59 am
nice view. started the day with just a few light showers in easton. showers at the shore are well, a few scattered showers right now for the delaware beaches and jersey shore. last little bit of wet weather that's streaming across the area. most of the day is going to be dry. 66 now in the suburbs. 73 degrees in philadelphia. lehigh valley is at 68 degrees. look at that sunshine in delaware and 71. new jersey, 72 degrees right now. warming into the 80s at the shore this afternoon. 85 degrees inland. as the day goes on. even though warm last day of spring, it is going to get more comfortable with the humidity dropping. summer arrives at 24 minutes past midnight tonight. >> very nice. last day of spring. hard to imagine. local updates throughout the morning. get realtime news, weather, and traffic on the nbc 10 app. >> thanks for watching. today show starts right now. enjoy the day and the sunshine
7:00 am
and the low humidity later today. good hair day later. >> yes. good morning. international outrage. the death of college student otto warmbier ratcheting up the tense relationship between the u.s. and north korea. >> it's a brutal regime. we'll be able to handle it. >> was that a warning to north korea's leader? and what will happen to the other americans still being held? nail-biter. down to the wire in the most expensive congressional race ever. georgia voters heading to the polls today. the candidates neck-and-neck in a republican district. the president weighing in this morning. why the outcome of this race could be a game-changer.


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