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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  June 20, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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leaking into a basin that could approach the nearby perkiomen creek here. three affected cars and three completely off the tracks there. the investigation will take some time into what caused this. and several days and maybe even a week is this cleanup. you have has cat crews from bucks county and montgomery county here. more than 50 emergency personnel from state police to local police to the fire department all here trying to contain this. and as well as direct traffic. good news, no injuries, no evacuations and even though some of this diesel fuel may affect the nearby water basin, we're told that right now no concerns for residents. the most that they have to worry about at this point, they may smell some diesel fuel but hazmat crews here are cleaning that up. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> one gentleman said he lives down there and heard it going almost off the track. i live on north main street and i heard the sirens blasting coming through north main. >> but you didn't hear the train
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go off the rail? >> no, i live further down the road. >> that man, obviously, talking about that train derailment. deanna durante live on the scene and continue to keep us updated on that situation there. to this now sky force 10 over more breaking news in bucks county. over the scene of a home playing out in the 8700 block of easton road. police telling us they have found hazardous chemicals in that home. we have a reporter and photographer headed there on the ground and will continue to monitor the situation. and more breaking news. at least two people injured when a crane load dropped in long island city. this is video just into our newsroom. fire officials say one person is critically injured. investigators say it appears the building was under renovation at the time this happened. all right. new at 5:00, the list is out. tonight we know the companies will start growing medical marijuana in pennsylvania. this comes more than a year
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after governor wolf signed the state medical marijuana program into law. 12 winners announced today. randy gyllanhall spoke about the impact on our area. randy? >> philadelphia will not have a marijuana farm within its city limits but two are opening up in burkes county. next week we will hear about local dispensaries possibly opening up. they will be getting word next friday, including this one here on north broad and north philadelphia. lots of people waiting to see where the marijuana industry goes. pennsylvania's green brush, another step closer to reality. >> on track to get medication to patients with serious medical conditions in 2018. >> reporter: the department of health issuing just 12 permits with more than 170 applicants, including the wealthy snyder family of fliers fame who were hoping to open a grow operation
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in northeast philly but their application was deniedenied. instead the two winners plan to build up in burkes county franklin labs llc will operate out of a former pepsi bottling factory and prime wellness of pennsylvania says they, too, will open up in burkes. they already have facilities across new england. >> part of the facility is also going to have a lab where they will be turning the plants material into a pill, an oil, a cream. >> reporter: cannabis attorney bill york said the next step is setting up storefront dispensaries. some proposed locations are on third street and on second near spring garden and this vacant building on north broad. >> pennsylvania dispensaries are required by law to have a physician or pharmacist. so, to a certain extent, it's going to look like your cvs or rite aid. >> reporter: the pot bill original sponsor says today's permits are a step closer for cancers with seizures, cancer
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and ptsd. >> we have talked to these people and some have seen miraculous results and that is only the start. >> reporter: applicants hoping to open a dispensary and should know by next friday if they get approval. we talked to one of the grow operators up in burkes county on what that could mean for jobs in redding. in new jersey, lawmakers are laying the groundwork for legalizing recreational marijuana there. more than 20 supporters including medical professional and law enforcement officials spoke at a public hearing yesterday. the bill was introduced last month that would make small amounts of the drug legal for people over 21. the bill's sponsor says he wants the bill to be ready for go when a new jersey, when a new governor takes office in january. now, a similar bill is also being considered in delaware. eight other states nationwide had legalized marijuana. in south jersey, the family of a hit and run victim is speaking out as police in
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burlington township release new information about the case. it happened sunday night. police say the first car knocked 53-year-old kim henry off of her feet. and then a second car dragged her more than a block and neither driver stopped. police do know a 1997 or '98 mazda protege pulled in and watch as it turns off the headlights and the driver and the passenger trade places. henry's boyfriend of 21 years says his heart is beyond broken. >> anybody knows anything, please, please, go to the police and say something. kim, i love you so much. i miss you and i need you to come back. >> she'll need several surgeries including skin graphs because of being dragged. to the weather now and what a difference a day makes. sunny and breezy right now. after severe storms the same time yesterday. we caught a few people enjoying a break from the humidity here
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in center city. >> talk about catching a break heading down to the beach. this is a live view at cape may. just beautiful conditions down there. little hazy. still see dozens people out there on the sand on a tuesday afternoon. pretty lucky. lucky enough on a beach. let's check in now with nbc 10 first alert krystal klei. >> ocean city, new jersey. same idea. very nice conditions and people out and about and even on a tuesday. we do see that haze it looks like in the sky. lingering clouds on the back edge of that cold front that affected us yesterday. most of the storms now well out to sea. but some of the clouds clipping along the jersey shore. current temperatures out there we're at 87 now in philadelphia. so, that's the high so far today. 81 in allentown and 85 in dover. we're at 85, as well, in atlantic city. the water temperature at 66 degrees. now, ba not bad for the folks t are out there. temperatures in the next couple of days similar to this.
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which is just slightly above average. pretty typical start to summer as we get to official start tomorrow. here's a look at radar and satellite. there's the clouds i was talking about just kind of banked against the shore line and sussex county. sunshine we've been dealing with today. gorgeous conditions not just because of the nice skies but the cold front drug all the moisture out with it. we have these drier conditions which means it does not feel sticky and humid out there. let's talk about tonight. 81 degrees in philadelphia. low, mid-70s in our suburbs. nice if you want to be outside this evening. nice if you want to be outside early tomorrow morning, as well. 8:00 a.m., the morning commute. should be dry and you see most of us right around the low 70s. we'll talk about your afternoon conditions for wednesday. and when rain returns to the forecast coming up. >> krystal, thank you. day one of the trial of philadelphia district attorney seth williams wrapped up in the last 30 minutes. williams had no comment as he
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entered federal court this morning. he is accused of taking bribes worth tens of thousands of dollars in exchange for legal favors. in their opening statement, prosecutors portrayed williams as a man living beyond his means who knew better than to accept bribes. the defense told the jury williams certainly did take things, but that doing so was not a crime. now, to the latest from the white house. today president trump dodged questions about the russian investigation while hosting panama's president. this comes as both russia and syria continue to be hot button issues for him. nbc blain alexander has the latest. >> reporter: for many, it is a secret bill on capitol hill. >> we have no details on what the republicans are cooking up behind closed doors. >> reporter: a republican health care plan leaving even some republicans in the dark. >> i have not seen a final proposal. >> reporter: so, who has seen it? a group of about a dozen gop senators. the plan, release an outline
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tomorrow. full bill as early as thursday and a vote before the july 4th recess. even some top republicans calling this a bad process. >> we used to complain like hell and democrats ran the affordable care act. now they're doing the same thing. >> reporter: some democrats want to see it now. marching down to the congressional budget office where the bill's price tag is being calculated. >> three united states senators in a bill that will probably be voted on next week having seen the text. >> reporter: meanwhile, president trump, again, expressing sadness at the death of american college student otto warmbier. held captive for more than a year in north korea. >> that should never, ever be allowed to happen. >> reporter: the president appears to lay some blame on the obama administration. >> and, frankly, if he were brought home sooner y think the result would have been a lot different. >> reporter: with three americans still held prisoner in north korea, questions now about whether the u.s. will turn tough words into action.
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blain alexander, nbc news, washington. cracking down on violent crime. attorney general jeff sessions spoke today at the u.s. department of justice national summit on crime reduction. earlier this year sessions established the task force on public safety at the direction of president trump. sessions talked about the importance of working together at all levels of law enforcement. a victory and the war on drugs in atlantic city. today new jersey's attorney general announced the arrests of three new york men who are now charged with heroin trafficking. they were busted with 3 1/2 kilos last week. the drugs have a street value up to $1 million. now at 5:00, philadelphia police searching for a gunman after a man was shot and killed on his front porch. the shots were fired on east indiana avenue in north philadelphia around 4:30 this morning. the victim was shot in the head. he later died at the scene. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a fire at
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these apartments in philadelphia's frankfort neighborhood. neighbors were forced outside early this morning. the fire broke out on the fourth floor. no one was hurt. a new free program in delaware is helping to protect people with diminiementia and a. newark police say once residents enroll their information is sent to a national database. after that a medical identification bracelet and free 24/7 emergency support services. the program aims to locate patients with autism or dementia, if they wander away. some philadelphia residents say it's time city council invest in so-called middle neighborhoods. today council members heard from city officials in neighboring states. they talked about coming up with a strategy to shift the focus to include more than just tough neighborhoods and high-end areas. middle neighborhoods are typically affordable, located near grocery stores and transportation, have low crime rates and are near schools that perform well. stopping the sale of tobacco
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products in pharmacy. that's a possibility in new jersey. plus, costs. a burglar a serial car burglar arrested. the neighborhood that he was terrorizing and how residents can get their belongings back. and virtual triumphs could become a thing of the past. amazon's latest mission changing the way you shop. and blowing dust and low visibility lead to a deadly chain reaction crash. it is the last day of spring, folks. here's a live look right now from the comcast center looking down over philadelphia. beautiful day today. temperatures in the upper 80s. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist krystal klei joins us with your week forecast. we'll be right back. ♪
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this is nbc 10 news. intense flames ripped through this storage building in tokyo sending black smoke high into the air. more than 50 fire trucks and emergency crews rushed to that scene. investigators haven't said what sparked the fire this morning. the building was under demolition. at least one person was hurt. and firefighters have gotten a better handle on the deadly wildfires in portugal. 70% of the fires are contained. more than 1 th,000 firefighters battled the fires over the weekend. at least 64 people were killed
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including a firefighter. half of the victims died in their cars if they tried to escape on the highway. crowds are leaving tributes at the site of that deadly attack outside a mosque in london on sunday a speeding van drove into a crowd of worshippers after ramadan services here. one person was killed. seven others are still in the hospital. british authorities today identified the man under arrest in that attack. his name darren osborne. he is from cardiff which is 150 miles west of england. he is the father of four and was unknown to britain intelligence. meanwhile, scotland yard today announced it will arm nearly 2,000 more police officers with stun guns. the move means more than 6,400 officers in london will be equipped with them. this move follows sunday's attack and an overall increase in violent crime in london. tonight french police arrested four family members of the suspect who rammed a car into a police van on the
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champs-elysses. the man set off a fiery explosion in yesterday's attack. he died. no one else was hurt. authorities say he had an assault rifle, two pistols, ammunition and two large gas canisters in his car when he rammed a police convoy. investigators want to know why he had a gun permit when he was being monitored for links to extremism. to the weather now. an ugly day and not as hot out there. take a live look now at city center from our campus camera. great day to be outside. the humidity knocked back a little bit. go on and on. >> just beautiful. let's check in now with first alert meteorologist krystal klei. widespread nights, right? >> seriously, much better day than what we saw yesterday for a variety of reasons. you take a look at our satellite and radar and we don't have that
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line of nasty storms rolling through the area. that humidity knocked down a peg really feels better out there. you see the thicker clouds down to our south. that is actually the back side of the cold front that passed us yesterday. not going to affect us any more. instead, just some scattered clouds and drier conditions for us. here are the forecast highs for tomorrow. tomorrow is going to be very similar to what we experienced today. temperatures right around the mid, upper 80s. a mix of clouds and sun and lower humidity. 87 in fairmont and langhorn the same. easton 83 for the forecast high temperature and notice the icons. most of us a mix of clouds and sun and we could see a spot shower in the afternoon. this would be very short lived, light for the most part. aside from delaware, where we might see an isolated thunderstorm on some models. robinsville at 86 degrees and 83. we're looking at delaware, dover, you're at 88. rehoboth beach, pretty nice for us as we start our first day of
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summer officially. the summ solstice tomorrow morning. winds coming in from the south, southwest. gusts 75 miles per hour and sustained winds at 10 to 15 miles per hour. no commrapts for our midworkweek in terms of weather. here's the hour by hour and some of the showers we were watching and bring us a spot storm tomorrow. 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. we are still looking into sunshine and scattered clouds. so good commute to work. you go the to the afternoon hours, little more cloud coverage. the model was just updated. i think that's honestly too much. i think spottier in nature from 3:00 say through the evening hours. but notice by 9:30, most of the rain is out. and, again, we are on the clear side. in fact, i kept the icons with a mix of clouds and sun for most of our forecast that you see at the bottom of your screen because it is such spotty rain. don't cancel any plans if you have them tomorrow evening. we have to watch something that
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is well to our south. this has now become tropical storm cindy and you can see the arm bands here. the rain now pressing inland into areas like louisiana and through all the way to florida. so, this is something we're watching. not necessarily right now. it's a weaker storm, just pressing in a good deal of rain. but it could bring ten inches of rain and more by the time this is all said and done. that moisture looking to maybe head our way by the weekend. so, let's track here the spaghetti plots. this is just the potential tracks of where tropical storm cindy may shoot its moisture. these are all different computer models we're looking at here. thursday through friday and you see it's starting to arch our direction. we're still looking at thunderstorms from a separate piece of moisture and energy that is going to fire off the storms. as we go friday into saturday, now you see the potential tracks push some of that moisture our way which means we do have that possibility of a bit of a wet weekend. here are the forecast high temperatures and the forecast conditions. now, i have to say this is still
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well out. the track could change. it could weaken considerably. but right now given the possibility of showers and thunderstorms for our saturday. 87 in the lehigh valley and cooler at the jersey shore. 82 degrees. on your sunday, may see lingering showers, as well. 86 again for philadelphia. you see right around those mid-80s across the board. temperatures are nice, but there is the possibility that we will see some more rainy conditions, unfortunately, for our weekend forecast. take a look. this dust storm is being blamed for a deadly pileup that shut down a new mexico highway. police say 25 vehicles were involved in the chain reaction crash. high winds caused limited visibility from blowing dust. no word on when the highway will reopen. new help is on the way for people in philadelphia with trouble paying their water bills. today the city unveiled a program called tiered assistance program or t.a.p.
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about 60,000 households will be eligible. people can apply to the city starting july 1st. a special meet and greet for villanova basketball fans. men's basketball coach jay wright was at gino's signing autographs today. the championship winning coach spent an hour at the iconic cheesesteak spot. nova fans had a chance to buy that book and get it signed by coach wright and take pictures for them. i know you wanted to be there. you weren't. >> i wish. a farewell tour for a staple of local music. the venue that is getting dem demolished in lehigh valley. then, cutting down your time in the tsa line. the airlines that are adding two high-tech features that will get you to your terminal faster. and a senior prank gone wrong. nope. not here. students duct tape their principal on the wall for a good cause. that story ahead on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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in the state that invented the american vacation... a legendary adventure awaits. heroes will rise. bonds will be forged. and memories will be made to last a lifetime. new york state. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer trip at
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a celebration in south philadelphia. festivities today to break ground on a new affordable housing complex for seniors. nbc 10 at pierce street. once complete, this is the third phase of the anthony wane senior housing development. it will consist of 45 homes. tonight, a local high
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schoolteacher is getting thousands of dollars to lead his students in a stem project. the society for science and the public awarded him with a $4,000 grant. a teacher at philadelphia high school for girls will buy a desktop computer and new software for his work. all part of a nationwide grant program that gives money to teachers leading stem research projects. a sticky situation for one high school principal in massachusetts. this may look like a prank, but raises a lot of money duct taping their principal to the wall. there was no ransom, just a lot of fun. always have to put that out there when you see it like this. students paid a dollar for a strip of tape. went to pay for toys fat a hospital. >> definitely weird at first. i felt like she was going to get really mad and then she was all for it and just kind of made the
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bond between her and her students way stronger. it's really cool. >> get it the bond. the tape -- that's that. the goal was to raise $500. the students raised about $40 more. good for them and what a great principal, though. >> that she's willing to do that. >> she's game. that's great. banning american travel. >> the country lawmakers want you to stay out of. and an apparent punch caught on camera has a jersey shore community asking why. what witnesses say unfolded before this brawl began. hit by two cars and left for dead. only nbc 10 spoke to the family of a hit and run victim as they begged for answers. green business. today the state of pennsylvania issued permits for marijuana grow operation. we look at who won the potentially lucrative permits at 6:00. but, first, taking a live look at the philadelphia skyline. blue skies. beautiful clouds, great day to
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be outside. meteorologist krystal klei has a look at your forecast coming up.
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nbc 10 following two breaking stories tonight. the first a freight train derailment in bucks county. several cars have toppled on a bridge along the tracks in sellersville. happened around 3:00 this afternoon. no one is hurt. but several of the cars are leaking fuel into water that
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runs into the perkiomen creek. deanna durante is there and talking to emergency crews on the ground about what it will take to stop that leak. she'll a live report at 6:00. in bucks county the bomb squad is on scene of a home for a possible explosion. excuse me, that's oxville. playing out in the 8700 block of easton road. we're just learning now that police have found several guns at the home along with hazardous materials. we have a crew headed there and we'll continue tamonito monitor situation. dragged a block and a half and now clinging to life. police are looking for two drivers that hurt this burlington county woman and left her to die. kim henry was hit by those cars on sunday. >> she has two broken ankles, cuts to her face and needs skin graphs to most of her body. happened around 9:15 on route
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130. take a look. police say this is the video of the car that hit her. there it is. we spot shotted it for you. only nbc 10 cydney long is there. >> they are begging for answers here. >> that's right. the woman's boyfriend told me he is beyond heartbroken. they live just a couple of doors down. when he heard the police and ambulance and sirens on sunday t he learned his girlfriend was struck in the roadway on route 130 but ultimately her body was about a block and a half down. 53-year-old kim henry remains sedated and fighting for her life at cooper medical center. police say not one, but two cars refused to stop after striking and dragging henry along route 130 sunday night. >> that's my wife. that's my baby. my buddy, my friend. not just my girlfriend.
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all the above. >> reporter: today henry's boyfriend spoke out in hopes that someone might know the couple in this surveillance video. watch as they pull off into a car lot and turn off the headlines and then the driver and passenger trade places. >> suspicious? >> absolutely. >> reporter: burlington police detective said the car in the video is a 1997 mazda protege like this. he believes it is the car that struck henry, but another one took off after dragging her. >> we're just out here trying to collect any evidence that we can. anything we might not have seen that night. >> her whole face. jaw all broken up. the back of her head scraped on the ground where they dragged her. >> reporter: the impact left henry with broken ankles and the need to skin graphing due to being dragged. doctors at cooper are performing two surgeries today while legally blind, smith says henry can see enough to cross the street. there's no sidewalk in front of their home. >> kim, i love you so much.
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i miss you and i need you to come back. you need to get better. that's it. >> now, police in burlington township spent the afternoon today canvassing several businesses along route 130 south for any additional video. as soon as they obtain any new surveillance or able to zero in on the license plate number, we will certainly bring it to you. we're live in burlington township tonight, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. right now the search is on for a man accused of groping several women and it's so serious that police are going door to door to warn people. take a look, police in princeton say this man is wanted for multiple cases of groping women. last month officers were able to drop this sketch based on surveillance video from a local brewery where one of those gropings allegedly took place. the last hour the national weather service confirmed that an ef-0 tornado touched down in
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burkes county last night. it had winds up to 80 miles per hour. nbc 10 got this video from a viewer in bucks county last night that appears to show a funnel cloud. the national weather service also confirmed that a tornado touched down in sussex county, delaware, leaving behind damage. >> this was taken from a drone today. you could see a farm was hit hard by that storm. wow. exceptionally hard in that picture right there. now, those storms haveb!0xv cleared out. we have had a comfortable last day of spring. >> nbc 10 krystal klei. will this calmer weather stick around? >> for a little bit it will. we'll get back into the swing of things. summertime. pull in a couple more thunderstorms. but that's towards the end of the workweek. i want to comment real quickly the pictures we were showing you a couple seconds ago. one of the shots of the trees a circular motion the trees have gone down. that is one way to decide if it
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was a tornado that caused the damage instead of straight line winds when all the trees would have fallen in the same direction. 81 in the suburbs and 84 new jersey and also in the low 80s the lehigh valley. 84 delaware. beautiful camera shots out there. why is it so beautiful? it's still warm. but here's the difference. that humidity is much lower. you don't have that sticky feeling when you step out the door. radar and satellite. just some clouds down south and otherwise spotty clouds and sunshine and a very nice evening as we move forward. take a look at this temperature trend going through the evening. go down to 83 at 8:00. and by 11:00 p.m., mid-70s. tomorrow looks nice, too. we'll talk about the official first day of summer, coming up. >> krystal, thank you. arizona, nevada, texas are baking in extreme heat. nearly 40 million people are
5:37 pm
under heat advisories. in phoenix temperatures could be deadly. city forecasted to be 118 degrees. the air is so hot and so thip, airlines are canceling flights. in southern california, it can be even hotter there. up to 128. the heat making sidewalks buckle. new jersey legislators are considering two bills aimed at stopping pharmacies from selling tobacco products. flavored cigarettes and vaping devices. both bills clear the senate health committee. violators could have their business license revoked. promote health and selling cigarettes and goes against that. pennsylvania drivers check it out. penn dot will start issuing these newly designed driver's licenses and i.d.s. the new design will help improve security. the pilot program started today and all driver and photo centers will have them by october. there's a look at some of the stories making headlines county by county across our region today.
5:38 pm
in gloucester county, a serial car burglar has been arrested. the woodbury police department says this man has been terror e terrorizing the west end side of the city. working to return stolen propau. if you think you were a victim, call the police station. a popular place to hear '80s metal bands will be demolished. city center investment bought the property. they plan to put a strip mall and some apartments in there. in ocean county, one new jersey beach town is hoping to ease parking problems for beach goers. the bureau council will hold a public hearing tonight to discuss a new parking ordinance. it would allow visitors to park to up to four hours on streets near the ocean. the burrow is also discussing the addition of 74 spaces along route 35. a langhorn student got some help today as she heads to college this fall. sydney just graduated today at
5:39 pm
oxford valley mall she received a check for $1,500. that check was from the simon youth foundation, a nonprofit that partners with local schools to curb the dropout epidemic. changing the way you shop. the latest launch from amazon that is making your virtual wardrobe a reality. and a golfing legend now in a clinic. the reason tiger woods says he's taking time away from the spotlight. plus, the punch caught on camera that's raising eyebrows and questions tonight. we are pushing the wildwood police department for answers.
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seeking professional help within the last hour we learned that golfer tiger woods has checked into a clinic to get help with dealing with his prescription drug problems. woods released a statement on twitter saying he hopes to "manage my medications in the way that i deal with back pain and a sleep disorder." the athlete was arrested in may on dui charges in florida. he was found to only have prescription drugs in his system. woods has not entered a plea in his dui case. his arraignment is in july. from carry-on scanning to facial recognition technology airlines are working to make travel easier for you. near boston the tsa is testing new technology for screening
5:43 pm
carry-on bags. it involves giving carry-ons a ct scan. produces a three dimensional image that that current 2 dimensional x-ray machines can miss. meanwhile, delta is test agnew biometric baggage system at minneapolis st. paul airport. allows travelers to check their own bags after printing out a baggage tag. the traveler scans their boarding pass along with a photo i.d. takes a picture of your face and using biometric technology matches that photo with the image on your passport or dri driver's license. amazon strikes, again. online giant is launching a wardrobe subscription service that essentially puts a dressing room in your house. it's called prime wardrobe. it allows customers to order items that no up front charge and receive the order and only pay for what they want to keep. shoppers have seven days to decide. currently it's the testing phase. interesting.
5:44 pm
and take a look at this. a baby elephant was saved from drowning by a couple family members who was trying to drink some water when it fell into a pond in south korea. they utried to use their trunks to save it. they held the calf above the water with their trunks until they got it back to shore. >> that is amazing. you know how smart that is, too. >> this isn't working. we're going in. >> awesome video. got to love that. a famous four-legged visitor is heading to citizens bank park. >> the puppy with a purpose in philadelphia tonight. and a viral video causing concern. what witnesses say happened before this jersey shore cop appears to punch someone on camera. and take a look at our first alert radar. not a thing to track. as we head into the first official day of summer. looking pretty good, too. the details on your forecast coming up. supporting senior citizens.
5:45 pm
the project now under way in philadelphia that will give the elderly a place to live. pro tip for fruit lovers: giant has unbelievable produce prices. so you'll never have to choose between your favorites. i thought i was your favorite. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices.
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take a look at this. a vid crow catching fire on social media tonight shows a wildwood police officer punching a man to the ground. the video raising a lot of questions. >> new right now from our sister station is pushing for answers. it's a video that has many people asking questions. >> what caused the punch? i don't think it's right. >> reporter: the 19-second cell phone recording shows a wildwood police officer punching a man to the floor where witnesses say it all unraveled saturday afternoon on new jersey avenue. the person behind the recording
5:48 pm
has not come forward, leaving many wanting to know more behind this altercation. >> that made me feel a bit mad because -- >> reporter: we reached out to both city leaders and the police department, but we're told the matter is being investigated and we're unable to get a comment. witnesses tell us the man in the video was behaving inappropriately to the officer. we do not know exactly what happened before the video started rolling, but some say it shouldn't matter. >> they should do that. there are other ways to handle the situation. they should be trained professionally to handle that situation. >> reporter: investigators say the man behind the badge is a special officer, who was coming on duty and not wearing a body camera like others in the department. the other man was ultimately arrested without any reported injuries. well, the investigation is now in the hands of divisional professional standards from the cape may prosecutor's office who tells me they are investigating the actions of the officer. the captured video and those leading up to it. they also added the 19-second
5:49 pm
recording only shows the ending of the altercation. in wildwood, new jersey, nbc 10 news. new right now. police are looking for a man accused of stealing more than $10,000 worth of diabetic testing strips. investigators say the suspect hit several giant food stores in the area and was accompanied by a female get away driver. anyone with information is asked to call ben salem police. turning to your first alert forecast. the last day of spring is here. and it is a beautiful way to end the season, too. let's take a live look down the jersey shore at ocean city. few people enjoying the low humidity by relaxing there on the beach. little more than a few, actually. quite a few people out there on this tuesday afternoon. lucky enough to enjoy the sand. >> absolutely. in center city, take a look at this. some folks take a stroll in the sunshine. this is on south 17th street. we got into the mid-80s today. nbc 10 meteorologist krystal
5:50 pm
klei joining us. >> do nice temperatures stick around for that? >> they actually do. because you guys crossed your fingers. pushed it over. we have a nice forecast for our first day of summer tomorrow. things get dicy as we get to the end of the workweek and your weekend. here's the view in wilmington, delaware, right now. over looking trolley stadium. you can see a tree shimmying around a little bit because it is breezy out there. tomorrow's forecast is nearly a carbon copy of today. mid-upper 80s and a mix of clouds and sun and little breezy. on your radar and satellite. thicker cloud cover just down to the south of us. spreading further into parts of kent county and cape may county, but i don't think it is going to extend much further than that. aside from scattered clouds we have, we are not looking at higher humidity today or tomorrow. comfortable conditions. the steamy weather does not return quite yet. here is our philadelphia neighborhood temperatures. we actually made it up to 87 which looks to be our high for
5:51 pm
today in philadelphia. 84 in delaware and 82 in the suburbs. right now at 85. that is a little inland at the jersey shore. cooler conditions against the shoreline. overall nice out there. philadelphia neighborhoods a closer look in. 86 for port richmond and there's that reading at the airport of 87 and now at 89 graduate hospital. that did make it to 90 degrees about an hour or so ago. little hotter right in the center city. that happens from all the concrete. urban heat island effect. overall pretty nice out there especially because you didn't have the feels-like temperatures jumping up ten degrees higher. going to the phillies game tonights the cardinals. should be nice game weather. 85 for first pitch and 79 by mid-game. 77 for the ninth inning with winds five to ten miles per hour and a few spotty clouds out there this evening. hour by hour as we go am to tomorrow. we're starting this evening around 8:30. plans out on the deck this evening look good.
5:52 pm
80 in philadelphia. 79 millville and reading you're at 74 degrees. tomorrow morning. morning commute is fine. here we are at 9:00 a.m. right near 70 along the i-95 corridor. and as we go into tomorrow afternoon just a chance of a spot shower rolling by. this is at 4:30. most of us should stay on the dry side of things as we go through your first day of summer. we do have chances of rain that return there the weekend. talk more about that in the next half hour. he is the most famous pup on early tv. >> "today" show staple making an appearance at citizens bank park tonight. demanding action. delaware senator chris couldn'ts sounds off following the death of an american student who was found captive in north korea. the changes he wants to see, tonight at 6:00. ♪
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welcome back. >> a look at what is coming up on nbc "nightly news." hey, lester. >> ahead for us on a tuesday. europe jarred for a third straight day and late word from belgium after an explosion rattles central brussels. the president announces that china's efforts haven't worked out. now what and what might he be signaling. cloaked in secrecy. draft a new health care bill and some senators clamor to learn what's in it. we'll tell you more when we see you tonight on nbc "nightly
5:56 pm
news." now back to you in philly. >> see you at 6:30. thanks, lester. >> okay. all philly fans we want to thank you for hosting our puppy with a purpose. charlie staid yom tour. >> in a little more than an hour citizens state park is getting a famous four-legged state visitor. charlie "today's" show puppy with a purpose. >> american vet dogs training to help injured veterans and active service members. charlie visited comcast studios today and at 7:00 tonight charlie will be at the phillies/cardinals game to work on socialization and training. he's so cute. if you are headed to the stadium, charlie will daa meet and greet from 5:45 to 6:15. he's also going to deliver a ball to the mound for the first pitch. >> got to be there for that. >> he's so cute. >> very, very cute. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next.
5:57 pm
>> we are following two breaking news stories out of bucks county. our live crew just arrived on the scene of a home where a large amount of weapons found there. >> we're also in sellersville where a train derailed sending fuel into a creek. we'll bring you the progress of the cleanup. and tomorrow is officially the first day of summer. we'll let you know how hot it may feel for the first day and if it gets even hotter in time for your weekend.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
we're nafollowing two breakg news stories right now. a train derails in bucks county leaving fuel dripping near a creek right now. we'll get to her in just a moment. first, police are searching a home where they say they have found weapons and looking for possible explosives. this is video from sky force 10 which was over that scene just moments ago. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> brandon hudson just arrived on the scene. he's joining us live. brandon, what's the latest? apparently we don't have brandon right now. we're going taget o get to him. we know the story broke during our 4:00 p.m. hour as hazmat crews went to this home. so, we'll get more details on that. let's go now to that breaking story we're following the train
6:00 pm
derailment. >> we're seeing brandon right there live. can you hear us? if so, tell us what the latest is. >> yeah, jacqueline and jim. the bomb squad and the hazmat team is just further down easton road. you see that fire engine down the road. the house is maybe 30 to 40 yards on the other side of that fire engine. let's go to sky force 10 video that was shot not too long ago. we found out about this about 3:30 this afternoon. what we know weapons including guns and rifles inside the house. what we don't know yet is who those weapons belong to. who owns that house and what chemicals, what danger those chemicals pose to the people in this neighborhood. coming back live now, you can see traffic is open here on easton road. we have been told to keep a little further back. we do know that there will be other fire engines over in our area and we're hoping to grab a fire chief or police chief when they come over here to get more information. i'm brandon hudson, nb


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