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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  June 21, 2017 5:30am-5:59am EDT

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80 degrees at 11:00 this morning. as far as philadelphia, little bit warmer southwesterly wind at 70 miles an hour. it will increase a little bit 11:00. notice a bigger increase. 82 degrees at 11:00. upper 80s today. warm start to summer. humidity will be coming down. there is a chance though we'll see a fewthis afternoon. suburbs possibly in delaware too. take a look at where those might pop up when i come back a futur first see how the roads are looking. jessica boyington with a first alert traffic update. starting on 95 this morning. looking good around camera at girard avenue. look here 12 minutes for drive time. southbound to woodhaven road. moving to vine street expressway. speeds in the 60s. not seeing in problems right now moving to center city and it's only a little bit ear of those problems. we do have a water main break out in cheltenham. mount caramel avenue. blocked and directed around the intersection there. schuylkill expressway drive
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times still look good too. eastbound from blue route to te average speeds still in the 60s. vai and tracey, back to you. happening today, a judge decides whether the names of jurors in the bill cosby sexual assault trial will be public. nbc is one of the media outlets pamela osborne joins us live. fighting to keep the names hidden, right. here's why. the prosecution wants to retry bill cosby. if the namesf released, the defense says that would make jury selection much more difficult the second time around and the prosecution actually agrees. of urse wants names so we can begin to unravel some of the questions surrounding jury deliberation and how they became hopelessly deadlocked and unable to acquit letter entered into court yesterday, defense attorney said, quote, we believe national coverage of thesewsrors could c
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defendants to not receive a fair trial. the judge is expected to announce later this morning and we'll be listening for it. reporting live, pamela osborne. here are more of the top stories we're keepi for you today. jury until trial of philadelphia district attorney zetd williams will hear more from an employee of a nursing home where williams was being cared for. alleged to take $20,000 alleged for the nursing home. williams's legal team say allegations represent sloppy on tix. not criminal activity. >> bomb making materials at a house in bucks county are back in their homes this morning. e materials yesterday along with several guns in a home and shed on easton road. troopers made the discovery when
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they tried to serve a warrant on the 70-year-old man who lives there. in the hospital for mental health check. no word yet on any charges. new from police want to knw who shot a man in the city's germantown neighborhood. friend rushed him to the hospital where he's condition. police are looking at surveillance videos for clues. hazmat team cleaned up diesel spill following a train over the scene yesterday, see three cars on their sides. told the refrigerated cars were carrying butter. other cars iing propane remained up right. could take a week to remove the damaged cars and clear the tracks. changes on the way for delaware's prison system. following a standoff where a correctional officer was killed. agreed on the changes which include boosting the officer's
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starting salaries and cutting mandatory overtime. this comes aft s after lieutena steven floyd lost his lifebill. calls for nonviability misdemeanor finding jobs and getting a fresh clean slate will save the state money and reduce the burden on the courts. new this morning, former phillies catcher williams can add a legal win to his resume. awarded him more than million and a half dollars in a civil lawsuit filed against mlb network. jury ruled they breached the contract after fired him in 2014 after reports surfaced he cursed and yelled while at son's little league game. community came togr to remember a man shot and killed
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outside a philadelphia luni 200 people gathered for a vigil. investigator say a fight broke out in the lounge around 2:00 sunday morning and spilled out on to arch street. at least 20 shots was shot twice and killed. another man was hurt. we spoke with a family member who said she helped raise him. >> i've never simileen him argud i've had him for 28 years. sai thing to me. >> please, give an opportunity for the future to live. put thedo. >> so far police have made no arrests in the case. authorities have stopped alleged drug traffickers from distributing three and a half kilos of heroin on the streets of atlantic city. a city task force and federal agents arrested the men last week. allegedly part of drug trafficking ring that runs from mexico to new york city. dozen companies across pennsylvania now have permits to
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grow and process medical marijuana in the state. none in philadelphia, but two will open in berkscounty. philadelphia council member is upset abo saying philadelphia should not have been left out of this opportunity for jobs andro comp next week dispensaries will learn if their application is approved. school district won't be able to uphold promise to hire teachers. can't afford to bring the teachers on board because of the coast of the teachers contract. approved $200 yesterday. run through 2020. the central and eastern gulf of mexico coast preparingtrical >> heavy rain and wind started yesterday along the coast of louisia louisiana. many have already evacuated ahead of the storm. parts of the gulf coa get as much as a foot of rain.
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tides as high as ten feet. also re now official it will national weather certifies says e f-0 rm touched down. winds packed around 80 miles an hour. got this video from the viewers. damaged trees andheork of a sma tornado. national weather service says another tornado touched down in sussex county monday. no one there was hurt. os weather and what's to come today. already looking at the weekend. it's because of cindy. right. bill has that. >> 5:37 and here we go. got the first risummer. it is officially summer. we'll see a lot of sunshine. there are some scattered clouds right now. there's a chance we'll see a shower later today, but most of the day is going to be erni
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you'll need your shorts and sunglasses today. going to be a warm afternoon. like yesterday, the humidity stays low. that isolated shower threat will mainly hold off until this evening. 72 degrees right now in philadelphia. we're starting off warm. 60s is normal for the very begiin the morning, 80s in the afternoon. that's where we'll be up to 87 degrees at 4:00. suburbs a little cooler here. 64 degrees warming through the 80s this afternoon. humidity stays low this afternoon for the suburbs and the lehigh valley. here's a sun coming up. see a few scattered clouds, but no sign of any wet weather. should be dry during the day. chance of shower will come as we go into turs. and it's a minimal threat for the lehigh valley and for new jersey. 69 degrees right now in new jersey. look at that sunshine. 84 degrees by lunchtime. in afternoon. the shore will get temperatures close to the 80 degree mark. see a southwesterly or southerly breeze at 14 miles an hour. that wind picking up this afternoon.
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pretty nicere and delaware sunshine and 68 degrees right now. look at the warmup from the 60s to the 70s into the 80s and middle 80s. that's my lunchtime today. those winds kick in. out of the southwest at 10iles an hour skpchlt tand the humidi low today. humidity does make a comeback this weekend and so do showers and possibly thunderstorms too. take a look at that along with the latest on cindy when i'm back inminutes. >> thank you, bill. 5:39. let's take a look at exit 31 heading northbound. >> want to come over here? do my job. >> i know the area. >> i would love a day off, vai. i'll get going and you'll see vai next in ten minutes. here's the route 73 griuys. around the atlantic expressway. watch both directions here. everything looks great.
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ac expressway looks good. if you're trying to get down the shore, now is the time to onot delayed this morning, more reserved for the weekend. watching o ining 495 southbound see lane restrictions there. possibly slow downs. not yet. we do have l in cheltenham. still water main break. mount caramel avenue and check with the drive times last. westbound to eastbound 22 minutes at the most. speeds still in the 60s. left in the street. nbc 10 has exclusive video of a hit and run. how it all philadelphia medical center and the search for a driver. plus supporting the president. commander in chief thanks a group of monmouth students and weighing in on yearbook controversy there. risky commute.
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what led drivers to leave a train and walk on the tracks.
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this morning. police are looking for a driver who hit a woman in a crosswalk. >> this is video showing the hit and run outside einstein medical center. happened may 26. after hitting the woman, the driver stopped for a few seconds and went around the victim as she's on the ground and took off. >> i hope he gets caught. whoever it was. take full sponlresponsibility ot you did. you could have killed that person. >> victim sumpe broken leg. president trump is weighing in on monmouth county high school that had yearbooks altered to remove references to
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trump. the president posted this letter on facebook page on monday thanks students who stood and you happen said their pictures are comments were aedefences to among the changes was the digital removal of a trump reference on a student's t-shirt. see the before and after shot here. that change was intentional. she says another photo change was unintentional and is unclear if a third student trump quotation was left out on purpose or not. according to the high school will print corrected year books and send them to students. take a look at video of underground steam pipe explosion baltimore that injured five people. happened as crowds were arriving for a baseball game there last night. blast sent dirtnd flying over the entire block. crews are working to figure out why the pipe burst. problems in the subway in new york are making commuters so desperate.
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jumping off the trains and walking the tr. rider so fed u yesterday he walked the subway tracks to get to work on time. officials say that can be a deadly choice with a live shith rail and possibility of train moving. signal problems cause the train to be stalled for hours. this is the two weeks that signal problems delaid trains. getting this ids with improved security. don't meet federal id requirements. re real ids needed to board flights. real eu won't be available in pennsylvania until 2019. homeland security is going to allow an extension to allow people to continue using current driver's license at airport until 2020. a south jersey football standout is really to play ball in college and he chose social media to break the news about
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where he'll go. north carolina state university. >> senior football star robinson from high school in burlington county posted the video on the twitter yesterday. robinson will take athletic talents which are state. only nbc 10 cameras were there in his home for the big announcement. made the all-county team this year. a big football future ahead of him. >> this 5:47 right now. ranked as second best vacation destination in the coy. has a l tourists from restaurant and thriving scenes. >> we're ahead ofwa hue and mow wee. >> i mean, where else can you watch this morning show. >> that is absolutely true.
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y here and miss out on maui. cool start tg. some neighborhoods cooled down to 50 this morning. >> don't have that in o oahu, i can tell you that. the sun is coming up in morning. going to where b bright enough to warm the temperatures to the 80s this afternoon. just shy of 76 sth jersey and delaware. suburbs are definitely cooler. low 60s. exton 64. 68 in saint david. look at this. milford township, 58 degrees this morning. pretty nice morning to start with. a lot of sunshine to warm temperatures quickly to the 80s. in fact, philahi
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080 degrees. that's at 10:00. into the 80s this afternoon. upper 80s later on. watch what happens as the day goes on if temperature line goes up. moisture content, how much moyes schur in the atmosphere comes down. a chance for a e pop up. at 1:30 this afternoon, sunshine. during the early evening hours, isolated shower. brief thunderstorm move through delaware and south skbrrsuijers quickly out of here. most of the day is going to be dry. sunshine start with sunshine, but i'm watching a system that ul bring us additional rainfall this weekend. that system is a tropical storm. op storm cindy strengthenstrengt host. over the next several days expected to make land fall. remnants tropical
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storm anymore. a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. going to get close to our area for the weekend. take a look at this for the next 24 hours makes land fall. each one of these lines is a different computer model. me it going be heading to the northeast on saturday and by sunday, some areas may see some additional rainfall with the remnants of cindy. not eecting the tropical storm. did see that activity move into the area. little over to the south. further to the south than what itoo our way. even if we don't get it, good chance we'll see showers and thunderstorms going boo the weekend. less likely today and less humid too. 87 degrees this afternoon. near 90 for thursday. humidity stays low, thursday. right back in the area. steamy day. afternoon showers and thunderstorms friday and a good hance we'll see activity for
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and possibly into monday, but mondays should be the driest day, 81 degrees. a little bit cooler. dry out completely for tuesday and wednesday. 81 degrees wednesday afternoon. by thursday, 85 and a chance of showers and thunderstorms coming right back into the area on friday. looks a lot like summer, doesn't it. >> yes. unsettled weather for sure. have the chance of rain even before we get to cindy's impact. >> yes. tremendous marainfall for the gf coast. up to a foot of rainfall there. vain theding b look at massive storm system. won't be a tropical storm. there will be a lot of moisture marching across t some of it could come our way this weekend. keep us posted. >> thanks. find out what's hni specifically 422. hey, guys. we're watching that. 422 around trooper road. still pretty quiet for the most part on all roads. here's trooper road right here.
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no backups there. eastbound towards tschukill. no problems there either. 8 minute trip from schuylkill. mass transit looks good. am track, pat doe, not catching yet. 95 going through delaware, looks food as well. look at the drive times. north and southbound. nine minutes both directions. 295 to 495. speeds up there. end here on 76 around market street. overy inew jersey. both directions okay. here's the northbound side you see move up towards the philadelphia area. right before you split off to go toll 676 or camden. that's also a good bet for you right now. vai and tracey, back to you. an academy award winning actor calling it quits. the reason for the decision. plus show support, the community coming together to help a man who was brutally attacked. coming up at six, mama to
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the rescue. calf takes action when she in the bond. steps she took to save her baby up next.
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four minutes before six a.m. breaking news from buckingham palace this morning. prince p admitted to the hospital. just a precaution for treatment of an infection arising from a preexisting condition. the prince is in good spirits and apparently disappointed. you can count on nbc 10 to follow in breaking news. take you state by state and county by county stories in our area. first in bucks county. police hope someone will recognize the man in these pictures. accused of stealing more than $10,000 in diabetic testing strips. hit several stores and got away in this car which a woman was driving. police in gloucester county say they have caught a car burglar. according to the police
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department, this man took several items on monday night and now working to return the stolen property. department is also reminding owners to lock their car doors. new program in newark county will help protect people with dementia and wonder away from caregivers. residents contact victim services or any newark police officer to get enrolled in a national database and then they'll receive a medical identification bracelet and free 24/7 emergency support services. progress means the end of an era in lehigh valley. crocodile rock will be demolished. here's a rendering of stores and apartments that will take place. once a popular place to hear 80s metal and punk rock bands. the club lost liquor license a few months ago. group of volunteers come ge disabled man attacked by a group of tine agers. held a card making party last night. simple gesture.
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hope the cards will help brighten theda here's video of the attack. two teenagers caught punching him in the face last month in flyers are stepping in to support smith. defenseman will host him today at the team east practice facility. three time officer winner daniel delewis is retiring. day lewis is the only person to win the best actor three times. my left foot, lincoln and there will be blood. we now know the street ur will affect you in philadelphia during the 4th of july festivities. >> include streets inside the grid, you see here on the map. also include the spring garden street bridge. on and off ramp from 76.
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and ben franklin parkway in and around the art museum. wawa welcome concert with performances from mary j bliej. boys to men. nbc 10 is only a the wawa welcome events. complete list of festivities connected just tap the nbc 10 app. explosive situation. bomb making materials found stashed in putting a neighborhood on alert. yes or no. today the judge of the cosby mistrial will decide to reveal the names of the deadlocked jurors. hello summer. new season begins with a weather threat to the south. impact on us in first alert forecast.
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a lot to talk about and we're looking forward to the weekend. >> good morning. i'm vai sikahema. let's find out what we have in store. >> most of the area starting with sunshine. cape may clouds in place this fist morning of summer. sprink mostly activity is offshore. radar picking up a little bit of activity right along the coast. then, clear skies inland, we're going to see enough sunshine to warm into the 80s. late this afternoon see showers in north eastern pennsylvania. slight chance we'll see a few isolated showers late in the day. most of the day is going to be sunny and warming up too. range of temperatures this morning with drier air from level and suburbs. temperatures in the 50s with sunshine and warm into the 70s by80s by lunchtime for king of prussia. quick warmup for the entire area. warm afternoon. temperature goes up like yesterday, h


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