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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 22, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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a 10-year-old boy is killed as tropical storm cindy moves inland with over 30 million americans at risk of flash flooding. incredibly, another 30 million are facing seemingly never ending heat waves. an act of terror as a police officer is stabbed in the neck at a michigan airport. republicans in the senate say today's the day they will release the details of their health plan. a case of road rage as a motorcycle rider appears to kick off what becomes a frightening chain reaction multicar crash. "early today" starts right now. good to be with you this morning. 30 million people are at risk of
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severe storms right now. parts of the gulf coast are under states of emergency as tropical storm cindy closes in triggering water spouts and bringing flash flooding. jay gray is in new orleans this morning. what's the latest from there? >> reporter: yeah, francis, new orleans and much of the central gulf coast has been dealing with cindy for the last day or so. forecasters warn it's still not over yet. tropical storm cindy has battered the gulf coast with high winds and waves spawning water spouts in florida and mississippi along with tornadoes across the strike zone. but it's the rain that defines this system. flooding is already a problem in dozens of communities and before it's over some areas could see a photo of water or more. >> we cannot stress enough the importance of avoiding high water. >> reporter: the storm turned deadly in alabama. >> a 10-year-old male in the
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water approximately 20 minutes. >> reporter: a 10-year-old boy on vacation with his family was hit by debris, thrown from a huge wave as it crashed against the shoreline. >> pray for this family. this is a tragic event. a tragic day. >> reporter: right now, damage from cindy stretches from hughes to be through the florida panhandle. >> it was pretty rough. we had quite a bit of lightning and thunder. >> reporter: put iting a damperb summer vacations. >> i thought i would go home with a tan. >> reporter: the sun hid b behind the clouds as cindy continues to push inland. and the possibility of tornadoes and flooding will continue to follow this storm as it now moves to the northeast. that's the latest live in new orleans. francis, back to you. >> jay gray for us, thank you. now to meteorologist bill karins with how much flooding the storm is going to produce. >> it's going to be isolated but it can be severe. already seeing one of the strong bands near panama city.
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another band or two through louisiana as the storm begins to move on shore. as far as flash flooding, 10 million people are at risk. we just added the memphis area, so that area is going up. these are the only warnings so far. the storm hasn't been that severe as far as the flooding. we haven't seen mass evacuations, but we'll see tornadoes with the spiraling bands later this afternoon through areas of louisiana, mississippi and portions of alabama. also near chicago and des moi s moines, watch out for wind damage. and as far as our heat, it continues in the west. still 27 million people at risk of heat warnings or advisoriead. a lot of active weather throughout the country. authorities are investigating a potential active terrorism at the bishop international airport in flint, michigan. a police officer was stabbed by a canadian man. officials say he entered the u.s. last week and yesterday went to the airport carrying multiple bags outside of the tsa
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area. >> he went into a restroom. he spent a little time in the restroom. dropped both bags and came out, pulled out a knife, yelled and stabbed lieutenant in the neck. >> he fought until another officer could handcuff him. after surgery he was upgraded to stable condition. officials believe this is an isolated incident and that there's no threat to the local community. he's charged with violence at an international airport and further charges could follow. president trump wakes up in the white house after visiting iowa speaking to thousands of supporters in cedar rapids. it's a victory lap for the president one day after republicans won special elections in georgia and south carolina. they promise legislative wins in the near future, including health care. >> it's been incredible. we're 5-0, we're 5-0.
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they thought they were going to win at least like three, wouldn't you say? at least three. it would be a devastating defeat. the truth is people love us. and i'll tell you i think health care is going to happen. and infrastructure is going to happen. you're going to have a lot of exciting thins over the next few months. >> it was the president's fifth campaign rally in his first five hos in office. and he used the opportunity to tout a new initiative while making news on the border wall. >> i believe the time has come for new immigration rules, which say that those seeking admission into our country must be able to support themselves financially and should not use welfare for a period of at least five years. and yes, we will build the wall. we have already started
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planning. it will be built. and we're thinking of something that's unique. we're talking about the southern border. lots of sun and heat. we're thinking about building the wall as a solar wall so it creates energy. and pays for itself. >> the president also wished house majority whip steve scalise well as he continues his recovery after the shooting that left him in critical condition. it's been upgraded to fair just eight days after the attack. he'll begin rehab. the president wasn't the only one wishing scalise a speedy recovery. bono signed get well soon cards for the congressman and meeting with his staff. bono's gesture became before a moment of unity when the capitol hill police officer shot in the ankle while trying to defend lawmakers against the gunman last week threw out the first pitch for a charity softball
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game between female members of congress and the media. this morning speculation runs wild on capitol hill as lawmakers ask the public question just what exactly will be in the senate gop secret health care bill. and now after days of conjecture and protest, members of congress may get a glimpse of what they will be voting on in a handful of days. for more we're joined by tracie potts. >> good morning, that discussion draft that republican leaders have promised is due out in a matter of hours. but take a look at this. there's already quite a bit of pushback from people on what is going to be in this senate version of rolling back obamacare. senator rob portman's office take b over by protesters, staging a sit-in, demanding to know what's this the bill. another demonstration by democrats here on capitol hill concerned that it will roll back benefits for working families. listen. >> we have a very simple message.
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no hearing, no vote. >> we only have a few days left. we have to stop this bill. >> we can whimper about it, we can whine about it or we can fight back. me, i'm fighting back. are you fighting back? >> our job is not to throw 23 million more americans off of health insurance. it's the guarantee health care to all as a right. >> more than a dozen republican lawmakers were supposed to be crafting this, but it turned out to be just a few. some of these complaining that they were left out of the process. but it's unveiled today and there are at least eight republicans to watch very closely because as the president said last night, this is a razor thin margin. they can only afford to lose two. if three republicans decide to vote against it, it's dead in the water. the schedule at this point is to unveil destales of the bill today. early next week we're expecting
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cost estimates from the congressional budget office and then a vote planned for next thursday. francis? >> going to be news to us. thank you. a new study out this morning that maybe some parents minds. the centers for disease control reports that fewer high school-aged teens are having sex. the latest data finds 40% of boys and girls report having sexual intercourse by age 18. it's a big decline from 57% in 1988. the new study found that all teens reported using some form of contraception the firsttime they had sex. time to check on the wicked weather. we're feeling something drasticallien different from coast to coast. >> the rainfall is going to move. we have a flood threat towards kentucky. here's the rainfall forecast. this is today along the border. that's the worst of it. then we track the storm through the memphis area and nashville. 3 to 4 inches of rain if it comes in a short enough period of time we could get flash floding out op that.
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louisville, cincinnati and west virginia as we go into friday and even into saturday morning. we're not quite done with cindy yet even though the storm is weak as it moves on shore right skies are clear this morning. low 60s in the suburbs. you might see some spots of fog in the suburbs and in the lehigh valley. it's going to be near 90 this afternoon. mostly sunny skies. temperatures in the upper 80s for new jersey and at the shore just 81 with mostly sunny skies. >> here's a look at what we're working on for nbc news today. >> cars crushed and power lines down. we'll help you get around any storm related issues. >> and a minivan taken with a
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with two pounds of steak. in each hand. dixie ultra. stress tested so you can stress less at dinner. here's a fighter jet buzzing a russian plane over the baltic sea carrying the russian defense minister. the f-16 tried to approach the aircraft until a fighter jet displayed its weapons. nato confirmed the face-off but denied acting aggressively or knowing the minister was on board. thts latest escalation between the west and russia. the country's deputy foreign minister claim it is cancelled a high level meeting with the secretary of state due to expanded american sanctions in russia. in california there's a stunning multicar crash that was caught on video. it may have been caused by road rage after the motorcyclist was cut off. you can sigh the rider kicks the
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car and slams into the motorcycle. the car swerved into the median and flies back out of control right into the pickup truck to the right flipping it over. local police say no one was killed in this crash. the truck driver was hospitalized but is expected to be okay. police are looking for the biker and they are investigating the crash as a possible hit-and-run. in california a georgia man arrested with a cash of weapons and ammunition in pasadena. deputies approached the 28-year-old man for urinating in public. in his duffel bag authorities found a loaded ar-15 semiautomatic rifle, loaded handgun, machete, magazines, ammunition and other dangerous items. it's not clear what the suspect's plans were. he's being held on $10,000 bail. the sheriff credits the deputies for averting catastrophic violence. sblnchts in iraq the 845-year-old mosque has been destroyed.
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the culprits, according to military officials there,ist militants as they fight to hold on to their territory. it's bringing increased significance. lucy cavanaugh joins us with more on that, good morning. >> gorng, there's been dispute over who destroyed the mosque. isis claiming it was the americans in an aircraft. but both say that isis used explosives to blow it up. this is an immensely significant location, symbolic location where the isis leader declared his caliphate in 2014 after his fighters took over mosul. that was the first and land time baghdad day made an appearance. forces have been making steady forces in retaking mosul. fierce fighting, street by street, the u.s. and coalition officials have been observing the area for some time. they have seen explosives at the
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site. that mosque tower oefrg the city for more than 800 years. so many other ancient landmarks destroyed by the militants. isis tried to take it down but residents form ed a human chain. now the site reduced to rubble and militants on their back tha. "early today" will be right back. for mom" per roll more "doing chores for dad" per roll more "earning something you love" per roll bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer... ...than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper and now try bounty with new despicable me 3 prints. in theaters june 30.
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fast forwarding into thursday, the u.s. student who died days after he was released from north korea will be laid to rest today. funeral services will be held at the high school he attended in ohio. president trump and the first lady will hold an annual picnic for members of congress at the white house. and the nba draft takes place in brooklyn tonight. here are the top usa draft picks here and the predictions. markelle fultz is expected to be the number one pick for washington. just ahead, the number one summer vacation expectation. plus, the new deodorant that will leave you smelling like your favorite wine. more on what's trending, next. whimper yap yap yap yip is your dog trying to tell you something?
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the new season premier starts on july 16 th. >> one week after the tragic high-rise fire in london that killed 9 people simon cowell released a charity single to help the victims. ♪ >> more than 50 artists came together to record a cover of "bridge over troubled water." the song is available on itunes, spotify and apple music. >> it's beautiful to get that many people together. >> he does some nice things. >> this summer looks like most people will be ditching the long hikes for long nap on the hammock. a new associated press poll finds that the number one thing americans want to do on vacation is zip, zero, absolutely na da. only 22% say they will completely disconnect from cell
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a deadly crash has lanes closed down in route 55 in gloster county. >> and a repo man mistakenly tows this nguyminivan with a ch inside. >> and the sixers are getting ready to make the number one pick tonight. very exciting for sixers fans. this is nbc news today. >> for the second time people are waking up to storm damage and check out this scene in philadelphia where winds ripped the roof right off the house and the wind knocked down electrical
4:29 am
wires sparking this fire that left a hole in the pavement. and police forced to close a road. >> and two trees fell knocking down power lines. you can see the wires down on the streets here in philadelphia's logan neighborhood. this car was no match for a huge tree that toppled and crushed it. no one was hurt. bill joins us now with the day ahead with the storms out of here. >> the storms are long gone and clearing skies right now which could lead to a bit of fog after the rain yesterday. you'll see some in the suburbs. low 60s right now and cooling, but once the sun is up we'll see a fast warmup today. 75 degrees and this afternoon we'll be storm free but temperatures close to the 90 degree mark today. philadelphia, the suburbs and
4:30 am
into new jersey into 80 for today. delaware too, temperatures a little bit lower at the shore but still in the 80s this afternoon. hour by hour we'll show you how quickly it warms up in your neighborhood when i come back but first your first alert traffic. >> thank you. yes, good morning, everyone. jessica boyington here. a live shot of a very serious accident. it looks like we might be the opposite side of 55. this is out in franklin downship. one of those vehicles caught on fire, now also with fatalities on the scene. a fuel spill there so a lot cleanup underway. so here it is on our map system here, so approaching the scene if you're heading southbound on 55 you're not going to


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