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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  June 22, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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breaking right now, a deadly wrongway crash has closed roads. >> repo scare. a minivan repossessed with a 7-year-old girl inside. who police are considering chargi charging. and tropical storm cindy just came ashore just about 30
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minutes ago and now communi coa dealing with heavy winds and flooding. just after 5:30. welcome to nbc news today. >> people across our area are picking up the pieces after a damaging storm blew through the area last night. this scene. winds ripped the roof right off this house and the wind knocks down electrical wires sparking this fire. left a hole in the pavement there. in montgomery county two trees fell knocking down power lines. you can see the wires down on the street here. and now to burlington county where a downed tree forced police to close garland road. no one was reported hurt here. let's get our weather forecast. >> those storms are out of the picture today. still a few clouds in the area.
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59 degrees in the suburbs. we're seeing the sun just coming up over king of prussia. the temperatures will climb rapidly. near 80 degrees by 11:00 this morning. near 09 this afternoon for philadelphia, the suburbs and new jersey all in the upper 80s. looking for cooler conditions you'll find it at the shore with skies clearing at the shore. 81 degrees this afternoon. tomorrow we'll be dealing with the remnants of tropical storm cindy. cindy is a tropical storm. has made landfall and the last couple days has been spreading tremendous rain inland for the south. and some of that is coming our way. in fact, you can see it is already into tennessee. by tomorrow morning that rain is going to be moving into our area. i'll take a closer look at that impact when i come back in ten minutes but first jessica has your first alert traffic. >> right now we have video right now from a deadly accident scene
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and breaking news out in franklin township, new jersey, this is video taken about an hour ago. safe to say the scene looks exactly the same right now and it's route 55 northbound just south of exit 39 which is right around route 40. so there was a dump truck and a pickup truck that collided. somebody was going the wrong way. it's unconfirmed which vehicle was going the wrong way on the highway but for now that resulted in a fuel spill and a death on this accident scene. so we're keeping our eyes on that, but we also have to get you around it. the traffic is being forced off way further south here around exit 35 just around garden road. if you make a right and head to delsea drive, you can head northbound by the scene and you can bypass where the scene is which is right around 39. you can go up to 322 and get back on to 55 that way or you can get just northbound over the scene right there. so exit 39 actually isn't closed
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because that's just above where the accident scene is. we have another closure in the area. this time in harlee'sville though. both directions closed. main street, an accident seen there also. i'll have another come back in about ten. new from overnight, a repo man tows a car away with a 7-year-old girl inside. >> pamela joins us live from the special victims unit. the little girl was found safe but police are still considering charges against the mom and the repo man. right? >> reporter: that's right. we just finished up speaking with the repo man again after he finished up with detectives. he tells me his body camera was on and rolling the entire time. he says that it will impact show that he did check that mini van.
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he'd been tracking the minivan for a day. it turned out the mother was a pizza delivery driver. she realized the vehicle was gone and so was her child. she called police, they initially treated this as an abduction. they trackeddo the minivan a short time later. it was only about a mile and a half away. the tow truck driver said there was a lot going on when he repossessed that car. he did check the vehicle and what he saw was two car seats in the back. >> as i was driving away i heard everybody screaming. again, like i said, it's not something out of the normal. obviously everybody is screaming and running after you down the street. itis something i see on a daily basis. got out of the truck through all
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the heavy tint and checked in and i didn't see a child. later to find out that child was underneath a sheet which looked like to be a box underneath the sheet. >> and again, he was saying that he was not able to check the vehicle again while those people were yelling but the first time he had an opportunity he did stop and take a look in the back of that minivan. the little girl was still asleep in the back that minivan. she was okay. as we come back out here live you can see the repo man still on scene here at svu. the mother and that child still inside talking to detectives. we're going to continue to follow this story throughout the morning. isle be joining you next hour for another update. reporting life, nbc news. >> all right. thank you. tropical storm cindy has just made landfall in south western louisiana and people along the coast are bracing for flooding.
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heavy rain and the wind has downed trees and damaged homes. the already rising water levels are making it difficult for the wetl continue. and a developing story in mercer docounty. >> officials are trying to find the body of a teen who was swimming with friends. rescue teams spent four hours last night looking for him. one of the teenagers told us that he tried to rescue the boy, but he lost his grip. >> we now have our first inkling as to how the jurors may have voted in the bill cosby's sexual assault trial. abc news spoke to one of the jurors who said 10 of the 12 jurors agree the comedian was guilty on two counts but the two holdouts were not moving no
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matter what. the case ended in a mistrial last saturday. police are searching for a n at a restaurant.e was targeted, but are still trying to figure out why. in the lehigh valley, two defendants have pleaded guilty in connection to an ongoing fbi allegation. accordca, both gave campaign money to the mayor and worked for companies that got city contracts. the mayor hasn't been charged. today a union representing federal government employees plans to hold a rally to protest proposed cuts to the vieenviron protection agency. they will offer buyouts to the workers laid off. philadelphia mayor announced
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the new push to combat climate change. yesterday he said he is joining 99 other mayors pledging to transition their skis towards 100% clean energy. and even though he said over and over again he has no plans, joe biden is now still leaving the door open for a possible white house run in 2020. this week the 74-year-old former vice president told an audience in ful phil quote, i don't have any plans to do it but i'm not promising i wouldn't do it. he thinks president trump is often wrong on issues but he continues to root for him. we've got sunshine to start with and a few clouds. no storm clouds though. the storms are out of the picture for today. you'll see lots of sunshine. we'll heat up this afternoon. first thing this morning tracking a few sprinkles. they're already offshore. we'll be drawing for the rest of
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the day. come tomorrow that's a different st cindy now in store but look at the moisture. it's alabama into kentucky and that's going way for tomorrow so the chance of storms will return to the area.intoflorida. look at these thunderstorms. that will give us a risk of some severe weather again tomorrow but not today. 70 degrees. clouds over philadelphia. we saw partly cloudy skies. sunshine and then it's into the 80s this afternoon. the humidity is still going to be on the low side. it's not going to get steamy until tomorrow. suburbs 63 degrees. one of the indications of drier air is cooler air. warm through the 60s and 70s. 80s this afternoon with lots of sunshine for the lehigh valley. 60 degrees right now. 74 degrees at 10:00 and up to 88 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. i will be watching the lehigh
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valley for a chance of showers and thunderstorms late this evening, not associated with cindi and then we could see stormy weather from cindy come into play for tomorrow morning. that includes new jersey, 64 s see sunshine warm us into the 80s in the afternoon and the storms return tomorrow. 79 degrees at noontime, already in the low 70s at the shore. topping out at 81 degrees for the jersey shore and delaware has a few scattered clouds. you'll see more snoin unshine a morning progresses. upper 80s with a few more clouds this afternoon at 4:00. that's today. tomorrow if you've been looking at the 7-day forecast, the wet weather continues into the weekend but not all weekend. a look at what's to come when i'm back in ten minutes. >> all right. we're almost to the weekend. >> yeah. 19 minutes before 6:00 a.m.
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we want to still keep getting updates on that serious accident in south jersey. >> jessica has been watching it for us. >> reporter: so there is an accident investigation out in franklin township right now. there was a a dump truck that collided. one of them was going the wrong way and there was a collision. so there's a fatyscene, a fuel there, a lot of cleanup and accident investigation underway as well. this happened on route 55 northbound just south of route 40. that's in this general area right in here. so now the northbound lanes are closed just before exit 39. now, exit 39 still is open, but they are diverting traffic off of 55 right around garden road. that's exit 35. so once you get off on garden road you can take delsea drive northbound up to this exit around 39 and hop back on around route 40. a lot of people are doing that and i would assume they are,
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especially if they're watching this traffic report here, but if they do get back on you see that people are starting to get in some delays there. you can keep going northbound on delsea drive and get to 322. that will take you to 55 northbound also. we're still watching out in harleesvil harleesville. back to you. a 15-year-old boy is bit by a police dog but he wasn't who officers were after. how he ended up getting caught in the middle. >> what a woman mistook for a dog toy that sent her into a panic. and the number one pick and the special elections has a message for the team. i think you're going to like what you're going to hear.
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>> a family wants answers after a police k-9 officer bit a 15-year-old boy. >> a neighbor shared this video with us which shows a large police presence on tuesday afternoon. this is moments after police say the dog got away from its handler during a search for an armed suspect and went after the boy. >> i saw the dog biting him right here and it ripped his whole shirt off. >> it's something he's going to have to deal with. this was absolutely a terrifying experience. >> that was the teenager's attorney. officials in burlington county are looking for the cause of this fire that burned at a recycling center. several dozen cars went up in flames at the recycling center. the fire broke out just before 7:00 last night. thick black smoke could be seen for miles.
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one firefighter was hurt but is expected to be okay. >> okay. look at this video. how would you react if you thought you were picking up your dog's toy at home. >> oh, it's a a baby rattlesnak. just getting out of here. this is a california woman in her robe, video of her stepping retreat. like you wouldn't run like that. fortunately she dropped the snake and she managed to avoid a bite. and they gave away picks in order to get this guy, markelle fultz out o their first pick of the nba draft. fultz was asked when they will start winning and he says, as foon as i arrive.
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he can't wait to be a sixer. >> i love to play the game. my goal is the number one pick. i just want to go work out and hopefully i get drafted by them. >> this is the first time ever that the top four picks in the nba draft are exactly the same as from the previous years. so after the sixers the lakers and followed by the celtics and the suns will be number 4. >> we're probably going to hold you to that. >> i think he'll deliver. at least we all hope he does. >> it would be nice. absolutely. >> let's talk about cindy. >> well, cindy is coming our way for tomorrow. at least the remnants. we're not going to get a tropical storm, but the moisture so we could see some heavy downpours tomorrow. today is the break. storms yesterday, storms the day before. not today. in fact, the sun is just coming up and some scattered clouds around. you can see them in penn's
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landing. no rain with these clouds. no, the rain for tomorrow coming from cindy which has just made landfall this morning. it's moved into south western louisiana. that's the center of the storm. but you can see the problems extend way to thet the northeast of the storm. the center is here, but lines of thunderstorms mississippi and alabama, even some georgians seeing some heavy downpours into the atlantic area and into tennessee. this is the leading edge of the moisture from cindy and that will likely be with us first thing tomorrow. now, it is a weakening storm but the winds are the least of the problem with this storm system. it's all the moisture pushing into the deep south. 40-mile-per-hour winds moving to the north. the center of the storm is moving to the north so you can see the turn it's going to take. by early tomorrow morning the center will be in arkansas and then it quickly moves to the northeast. that's saturday morning. the center is to our southwest.
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but just like it is right now, the rain is extending far in advance of the storm's center, so we're going to see that rain starting tomorrow. in fact, first thing tomorrow morning and by tomorrow evening, we could see half an inch of rain on the ground in philadelphia but there will be amounts that come in a lot higher. allentown potentially close to two and a half inches of rain and topping an inch in redding. downpours and thunderstorms there on track for tomorrow but not today. the humidity is even in check today just like it was yesterday. 89 degrees this afternoon. sunshine will be nice and bright and the storm chance goes up for tomorrow. there is a risk for much of the eastern u.s. of having some severe weather with this storm system so i can't rule that out for our area either. we'll get periods of rain in the morning, afternoon and at night and into saturday as well. 87 degrees the high temperature on saturday and the rain will taper off in the afternoon and clearing skies for sunday and so much more comfortable.
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the humidity comes out on sunday. the temperatures into the low 80s on monday. there's a chance we'll see a shower on monday and really nice for tuesday and wednesday as the temperatures come down and the humidity will be dropping once again. low 80s on wednesday afternoon. then here comes another warmup for thursday and friday. thursday afternoon, 88 degrees and 90 degrees on friday. and then there's a chance of more showers and thunderstorms next saturday. >> all right. bill, what i'm sensing is that the remnants of cindy is not going to leave us with the kind lasof night. >> oh, no. they're getting tremendous rain along the gulf coast. 6 to 9 inches in many areas and some spots getting more than a foot of rainfall. we won't see anything like he s know, we've seen a couple times this week already is going to be back with us tomorrow. >> we'll be ready. thank you. let's check in and find out -- get another update on that situation on route 55.
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northbound lanes, is that what it is? >> it's the northbound lanes that are shut down right now. a really serious accident scene here, so here is video taken from about the 4:30 marker. so really what you can see is it's pretty much a mess. there was a collision of a pickup truck and a dump truck. one of these vehicles was going the wrong way on the northbound side. so now there was a collision. now there's a death reported from this accident scene as well. a fuel spill there, so now cleanup and accident investigation. you can see tons of crew there also from earlier this morning but what we're dealing with is route 55 just south of route 40 just in this general area here. diverting all traffic off garden road. if you take exit 35 you can head up to delsea drive. come back up to exit 39 because it's closed just before that point. that exit is still open. you can take exit 39 and get
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back on to route 55 and head northbound that way. back to you. making a difference, a local disabled man who gets attacked on camera gets a special surprise from the flyers. and a stunning case of road rage caught on camera. what sparked the motorcyclist's revenge.
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good morning, everyone. we're checking the roads. you can see the north and southbound sides here are doing okay. we're mostly quiet but we are dealing with a very serious problem. i'll have details on where and what happened, how to get around it and that's coming up at 6:00. now let's take you state by state and county by county. >> authorities in gloucester county have ruled the death of a woman found in a pool over the weekend a homicide. michelle long was discovered saturday at her home. county medical examiner says the cause of death was blunt force
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trauma. the prosecutor's office is trying to figure out how she died and who may have killed her. in delaware county, so officials say a worker was electrocuted while in a bucket truck yesterday morning. he was there to restore power following an outage. the worker had been with the company for more than 30 years. now to a celebration at the jersey shore. heaf to mark atlanta care's trauma center anniversary. they shared stories and memories. the police officer was among the patients who attended the event. he was treated at the trauma center after he was shot in the line of duty. well, the flyers made quite the difference for one fan yesterday. >> the fan is marc smith, a man headlines after getting punched in the face on camera. >> like it? >> i like it. >> looks good on you.
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>> that was the ghost helping smith look the part. he invited him, his care giver to the flyers skate zone. he got a personalized flyers' jersey and the chance to spend quality time with members of the team which he had a big smile on his face. and here's citizens bank park looking like the galaxy far, far away. hosting the annual star wars night last night. darth vader and others performed. the event benefitted stand up to cancer. >> now to more of the stories we're following for you at 6:00 a.m. route 55 northbound is shut down right now. a wrong way crash takes a life.
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and tracking cindy, the tropical storm just made landfall along the gulf coast in the past hour. the impact that we will soon see here. that's ahead in your first alert forecast. we have a lot to get to. 6:00 a.m. this is nbc 10 news today. >> we'll deal with the remnants of cindy tomorrow, but today it's going to be nice and toasty. let's get right to bill with the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. >> a few spots of fog as things cool down a bit and a few scattered clouds too. 60 degrees in the lehigh valley. the suburbs down to 57 degrees right now. it's 70 degrees in philadelphia and we've got sunshine with some scattered clouds this morning. no storms today. 74 degrees at 9:00. look at the warmup, 84 degrees and we'll be pushing close to the 90 degree mark this afternoon. no storms in the day and lots of sunshine for the shore. a little bit cooler


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