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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  June 22, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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tropical storm just made landfall along the gulf coast in the past hour. the impact that we will soon see here. that's ahead in your first alert forecast. we have a lot to get to. 6:00 a.m. this is nbc 10 news today. >> we'll deal with the remnants of cindy tomorrow, but today it's going to be nice and toasty. let's get right to bill with the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. >> a few spots of fog as things cool down a bit and a few scattered clouds too. 60 degrees in the lehigh valley. the suburbs down to 57 degrees right now. it's 70 degrees in philadelphia and we've got sunshine with some scattered clouds this morning. no storms today. 74 degrees at 9:00. look at the warmup, 84 degrees and we'll be pushing close to the 90 degree mark this afternoon. no storms in the day and lots of sunshine for the shore. a little bit cooler. a high of 81 degrees.
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those clouds will be thinning out for lots of sunshine at the shore. tomorrow we'll be dealing with the remnants of tropical storm cindy. cindy as you mentioned has made landfall but look at the moisture spreading into mississippi, alabama and even into tennessee. this starts reaching us tomorrow. we'll take a close look at that when we come back in ten minutes. and part of route 55 northbound in gloucester county is closed right now because of this deadly accident. a pickup truck and a dump truck collided in franklin downship. one of the trucks was driving the wrong way. one person was killed. let's get to jessica boyington for how to get around this area. >> so again, just an update, franklin township, that's where this accident scene is. route 55 on the northbound side just south of route 40. that's in this general area here. that's closed. so you're not going to be able to get by or at least approach exit 39 for now. they're diverting all traffic
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off at garden road. so once you get off exit 35 you can take garden road, you can jump on to 47. that's delsea drive. it will take you parallel to route 55 to approach this scene. exit 39 is still open, so that's just above where the accident scene is. you can get back on to 55 that way. if you head in that direction and you notice a little more volume you can delsea drive. so keep taking 47 northbound and you can get to 322. once you get to 322 hop back on to route 55 northbound that way and then smooth sailing from there on out. back to you. we are following a developing story in mercer county where crews are trying to find the body of a teenager who vanished while swimming with his friends after school. rescue teams spent four hours
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last night looking for him, but just couldn't find him. one of the teenagers spoke to nbc 10 about an attempt to rescue the boy as he struggled in the water. >> i had like -- i reached out to try to grab him but like -- we were like this and then since the current was so strong it took him away from my hand. >> hamilton township is making counselors available today for anyone who needs them. the jury in the seth williams corruption trial will hear from more witnesses this morning. yesterday prosecutors questioned several people about money the philadelphia d.a. allegedly stole from his mother that was supposed to pay for her nursing home care. prosecutors claim he spent the money on himself. williams is accused of taking bribes and gifts in exchange for legal favors. we now have our first glimpse into how the jury in bill cosby's sexual assault trial may have voted. ten of the 12 agreed he was guilty on two counts but the two
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holdouts were not moving no matter what. on the third count only one juror voted for guilty. the case ended in a mistrial last saturday. the judge who presided over the trial ordered that the names of the jurors be released. police are trying to track down the gunman who shot and killed a man outside a restaurant in burlington county. officers found the victim in a lot behind iron hill brewery yesterday morning. police think he was targeted but they're still trying to police are searching for two men who shot a cab driver in the leg during a robbery in the city's fairmont section. this happened yesterday afternoon at 39th and ogden street. they got away with $400 and the driver's cell phone. this morning senate republicans will get their first look at the draft version of the obamacare replacement bill and all republican closed door
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meeting is scheduled at 9:30 so they can discuss the details of the proposal. the bill has no democratic support. the fbi is investigating the stabbing of a police officer at a michigan airport as a possible terror attack, but officials don't believe it was part of a larger plot. a canadian man shouted in arabic before stabbing the officer in the neck outside a security check point yesterday. the officer is in stable condition. and funeral services are scheduled today for otto warmbier, the american college student who died just days after he was released from north korea. family and friends will remember the 22-year-old student. warmbier was on a study abroad travel tour when he was arrested in north korea last january. >> people are waking up to storm damage this morning. >> winds just ripped the roof right off of a house and the wind knocked down electrical
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wires sparking a fire. it left a hole in the paisment there. the winds also knocked down trees. meantime in the south, states are bracing for another day of rough weather as tropical storm has now made landfall. the storm came south western louisiana about an hour ago. it's already hit the area with coastal flooding, water spouts and tornados. and the storm is already being blamed for one death. a ten-year-old boy dayed when he was walking outside of a waterfront condo and a large wave knocked a log on to him. >> hurricane -- since hurricane katrina devastated the city the federal government has spent $14 billion to prevent the flooding. >> it's been a little more than
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an hour since cindy made lavl landfall. tomorrow we'll deal with it. >> let's start off in wilmington where we're seeing some clouds this morning. this is left over from the system that came through with the storms yesterday. you may even see a sprinkle in parts of delaware. you can see some showers moving through eastern maryland heading into southern kent county. just some light showers. no storms there. dry for most of new jersey. we did see a few showers first thing this morning. they're already out of the picture. but look to the northwest. we could see some storms tonight that are not associated with cindy. these storms will push through into the lehigh valley during the evening hours and then come tomorrow morning we'll be dealing with the rain that's moving way in advance of cindi. cindi is centered down in south western louisiana and a weakening storm. but the winds were never a
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problem. it's the rainfall and the potential for heavy downpours. 6 to 9 inches over much of the south. we could see some downpours starting tomorrow morning and there will be multiple opportunities during the day tomorrow. for today, mostly sunshine and look at the warmup. this computer model shows we may even make it into the low 90s this afternoon. upper 80s and that's at this afternoon. as we go into the evening hours you may see some spotty showers at 7:00 and then by the middle of the evening some thunderstorms are a possibility this evening for redding and allentow that's that system off to the northwest. it rolls through the area and then we get a break during the overnight hours tonight and the temperatures drop into the 70s. it won't get all that cool because the humidity will be much higher tomorrow and 7:00 tomorrow morning, here comes what's left over from cindy and
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that first round of showers and potential thunderstorms moves through during the morning hours. then we'll get a break and more showers and possibly thunderstorms developing in the afternoon and another chance of some showers coming through tomorrow evening. so we'll get multiple opportunities of storms coming in from cindy. in fact, some of it is likely to continue even into your weekend. you may have noticed that with the 7-day forecast scrolling at the bottom of the screen. a closer look at your weekend forecast when i come back in ten minutes. 9 minutes past 6:00 a.m. for those just waking up in south jersey, listen up. >> northbound, let's find out, this fatal accident is causing problems there. >> we're watching this out in franklin township. route 55 northbound is completely closed down. we do have a live picture of the scene taken about 4:30 this morning. a pickup truck and a dump truck actually collided. one of those vehicles was going
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the wrong way but one of the vehicles was going the wrong way and that resulted in that collision. also somebody has died at the scene as well. so an accident investigation is underway so we a really messy scene right now. northbound just south rte 40 right in this general area here, diverting all traffic at garden road. once you get off at that exit you can take delsea drive. you can head north that runs parallel to route 55 and you can hop back on to exit 39 here. main street closed between main street and harleysville. updates for the rest of the morning on route 55 and i'll have the rest of your roads and drive times when i come back to you. all right. thank you. a lehigh valley's attempt at a free makeover has her in trouble
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this morning. up next, the illegal way she tried to get a new do. >> plus road rage caught on camera. what police say put this angry biker over the edge. and coming up at 6:45, a billion dollar deal. how boone's just made george clooney a whole lot richer.
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take a look at your screen. the passenger who shot this video in california yesterday says a car cut off that motorcycle. the motorcycle kicked the car. the car loses control and hits the truck and the man in the truck was hurt. he will be okay. police are still trying to find the cyclist who took off from the scene. a he lightnilehigh valley w
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accused of stealing services from a salon. she got highlights on sunday and then said she had no money to pay for the service. she's currently in jail. and a family wants answers after a police k-9 bit a boy. >> this is moments after state police say their dog got away from its handler during a search for an armed suspect and went after the boy. >> i saw the dog biting him like right here and it ripped his whole shirt but it pulled him away from the dog. >> it's something he's going to have to deal with. this was absolutely a terrifying experience. >> that was the teenager's attorney who showed us pictures of the boy's injuries. he said he will request a police report to try to get some answers. will he or won't he? joe biden is leaving the door open for a possible white house run in 2020. this week he told an audience in philadelphia that quote, i don't
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have any plans to do it, but i'm not promising i wouldn't do it. prior to this biden has repeatedly said he has no plans to run for president. he says he thinks president trump is often wrong on issues but he continues to root for him. >> 70 degrees outside. we continue to watch this fatal accident on route 55. >> so we're still we had a pickup truck and a dump truck that collided u. one of those vehicles was going the wrong way on route 55. this resulted in a fuel spill, a messy accident scene and a fatality reported there as well. a lot of cleanup underway here and again, let's tell you where this is and how to get around it. route 55 northbound just south of route 40. that's in this area right over here. so they're diverting all traffic off on the northbound side around garden road.
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once you get off at exit 35 you can head to delsea drive. that's route 47 and that runs parallel to route 55. so you can head up northbound that way. you can pass this thing completely and go to 322. that will save you all the volume as well. that can get you back to route 55 northbound or you can jump right back on at exit 39 because the accident scene is just south of that. exit 39 is right around route 40 so you can take delsea drive to route 40. here's 95 on the northbound side. looks like we're just removing this disabled vehicle into the shoulder. causing a little bit of a delay. but we're starting to see some of that slowdown on the opposite side southbound moving toward center city. >> all right. thank you. now let's take a look outside. it's a beautiful morning. find out what's to come as we take a live look at wilmington. let's find out what's to come with bill. >> those clouds overwilmington and over cape may and over the rest of the area will be thinning out.
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lots of sunshine today. the sun is up. you will see more and more sunshine and even though we have a few puddles left over from the storms on beach avenue, it will be driving up and storm free during the day today. 60s now for the lehigh valley and the suburbs. a few thin spots of light fog but most of the area is fog free this morning. philadelphia at 70 degrees. a little cooler in nej. -- new jersey. >> 71 degrees in atlantic city. low 80s today so a really nice shore day today and nice all around but it's going to get warm this afternoon. possibly up to 90 degrees in a feworhoods. it's 89 degrees this afternoon. plenty of sunshine for new jersey. humidity stays low today at the shore. the temperatures into the low 80s with partly to mostly sunny skies and a nice breeze that's going to keep the temperatures
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in the cool zone and warmer heating up inland for wilmington. 88 degrees this afternoon. shower free today, but we could see some thunderstorms in the lehigh valley late this evening and then tomorrow we all get a chance to see some showers and thunderstorms coming at us from the remnants of tropical storm cindy. still a tropical storm. moving inland, has made landfall with 40-mile-per-hour winds. the wind is not the problem. it's these storms streaming into the southeast and heading toward the north over the next 24 hours. 40-mile-per-hour winds is moving to the north already at 12 miles an hour. expected to take a turn and all that moisture is coming from the east coast and some of that will be here first thing tomorrow morning and what it's going to do is increase the risk of severe weather developing for most of the eastern u.s. including for our area for tomorrow. so we'll be watching those storms come in first thing tomorrow morning and some of those will be coming in during the day on saturday too. so the storms continue on
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saturday with temperatures that will be very steamy. we'll be in the 830s b0s. storms most likely in the morning and clearing in the afternoon. much nicer for sunday. temperature 80s at the shore. 7-day forecast is always at the bottom of the screen. got the on 10 going beyond the 7-day coming up. philadelphia mayor will kick off the summer season at the city's public pools today. everybody into the pool. this is video from last year. the mayor will visit the murphy rec center where he'll blow the whistle for the kids to make their first jump into the pool. all the pools are scheduled to be open by july 1st ening dates are all different so make sure you check with your neighborhood pool. president trump is touting a new deal for his wall along the mexico border. next the plan he says will cut
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cos costs. and the mistake that gave a rape suspect unexpected but short lived freedom.
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6:24 on this thursday. breaking news this morning. we're live over a house fire. it's along huntington road. we're working to find out if anyone was inside the home. firefighters are on the ground. we'll have updates on air and on the nbc 10 app. a recovering police officer threw out the first pitch. griener and severals we hurt when a gunman opened fire. you see her there at the women's game. steve scalise was the most seriously injured in that attack. he's still in the hospital but
6:25 am
doctors say his condition has been upgraded to serious. he rallied for support of the plan to build a wall along the border and he revealed a new idea for the wall. >> we're talking about the southern border. lots of sun, lots of heat. we're thinking about building the wall as a solar wall so it creates energy. and pays for itself. >> president trump says that the plan will save mexico money. trump has said that he intends to make the country pay for the wall. the theme was promises made, promises kept. a new push to combat climate change. yesterday the mayor said he's joining 99 other mayors pledging to transition their cities toward 100% clean energy. good morning, everyone.
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right now watching the roads, watching the 42 freeway on our cameras here. this is right around route 41. no big problems or delays. starting to see a little bit of a slowdown on that top lane up there. that's the northbound side moving up toward philly but all new jersey roads aren't doing so smoothly. we're closed right now on the northbound side just around exit 35. traffic is being detoured around. i'll tell you exactly what happened and how to get around it, coming up. a repo man takes off with a 7-year-old child asleep in a minivan. when we come back i'll tell you why this investigation could lead to charges. what if there was a paint... ...where each drop was formulated to be smarter...
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double trouble. storms leave behind a mess in our area as a new weather threat closes in on the region. >> and a girl is accidentally
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taken when a repo man tows away her mom's minivan. >> and legalizing marijuana is having a dangerous impact. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. >> we're following two weather stories for you today. first cleanup after strong storms swept our area shutting down trains, knocking out power, bringing down trees. the other story, tropical storm cindy threatening millions of people along the gulf coast and that wet weather is headed our way tomorrow. let's get right to bill with today's forecast and then how cindy will impact us. >> cindy has made landfall. it's a weakening storm. but all the moisture which is into mississippi and this is going to be making its way into ourtomorrow. before that gets here, this evening look to the northwest. these showers and thunderstorms are moving into michigan.
6:31 am
that's a possibility for parts of our area during the late evening hours. during the day things will be quiet. 50s and 60s to start with. 70 degrees in philadelphia and with some sunshine already lehigh valley at 60 degrees. we'll see a fast warmup. the clouds will thin out and then 81 degrees at noontime today climbing into the upper 80s this afternoon. looking for cooler temperatures, you'll find them at the jersey shore. 81 degrees this afternoon. i'll break it down hour by hour and show you how quickly those temperatur temperatures rise in your neighborhood. but first your first alert traffic. >> right now what we're watching is a live -- not a live video. a video taken earlier this morning around 4:30 this morning of an accident scene on route 55. this is out in franklin township. a pickup truck and a dump truck collided. one of those vehicles was going the wrong way so now a fuel spill is there. we have an accident investigation and unfortunately
6:32 am
a now deadly accident scene. route 55 northbound is closed right now just south of route 40. that's just in this general area here. that's around exit 39 but it's closed right before that scene. where they're diverting traffic off is around garden road. once you get off garden road and you take delsea drive, that's your alternate here. you can still get back on around exit 39 and head back up to 55 northbound that way. that's your alternate there. we're also watching another crash. main street is closed between maple avenue and harleysville pike. here we are right around 8th street. eastbound towards 95. right now no problems. back to you. now back to yesterday's storm. downed trees caused signal and power issues. you can see the shot from sky 10. they had to get off their train and walk along the tracks to the
6:33 am
brenmar station. the signs of yesterday's storms aren't gone yet. winds ripped the roof of a house. knocked down electrical wires, left a hole in the pavement. the storm also knocked over trees. you can stay ahead of every storm this summer with the free nbc app. it's so important to keep you and your family safe. you can get instant alerts so you'll know the minute a threat is hitting your neighborhood. and some breaking news out of montgomery county. crews working to put out this fire at a two-story home. we're working to find out if anyone was home at the time. we'll have updates on air and on our nbc 10 app. a repo man sparked an abduction scare when he towed away a mother's minivan with the child still inside. >> the child is okay and back with her mom but now police are
6:34 am
trying to decide if anyone committed a crime here. pam, tell us how this unfolded. >> reporter: well, police say this all appears to be a mistake, but they do have a couple of concerns though. it's why they brought the mother and the tow truck driver to svu. they're trying to figure out why the 26-year-old mother who was working at a pizza shop at the time left her 7-year-old daughter alone in her minivan at 2:30 in the morning. police are also trying to determine why that tow truck driver repossessed a vehicle and how he did it without noticing that there was a child inside. police say the repo man had been tracking the vehicle for about an hour before he towed it. they say he did have the proper paperwork to towpoke to him twi morning. he describes seeing two empty car seats many the back aind wi. he said he did check the minivan but never saw the child inside. >> and then the next
6:35 am
intersection, stopped, got out of the truck, walked through all the heavy tint and checked in and i didn't see a child. later to find out that child was underneath a sheet which looked to be a box. >> this tow truck driver believes he just has a car on the hook, but what he doesn't realize, he has a car with a 7-year-old human body in that vehicle, which makes it a whole different scenario. >> the little girl was still asleep when police tracked down that tow truck with the minivan. they reunited her with her mother. she likely didn't even know she had gone on a ride. police say the child should have been buckled in the back, not sleeping on the floor. they're working to determine if any possible charges should be filed as a result of this incident. reporting live, i'm pamela osborn. nbc news. and developing, crews are resuming their search for the
6:36 am
body of a teenager who vanished swimming with friends after the last day of school. three boys made it back from swimming but a strong current pulled a 17-year-old boy out into the creek that runs into the delaware river. rescue teams spent hours looking for him. now our county by county coverage begins in gloucester county. the death of a woman found in a pool over the weekend ruled a homicide. michelle long was discovered saturday at her home. the medical examiner says the cause of her death was blunt force trauma. the prosecutor's office is trying to figure outowdied and her. and take a look at these flames. several dozen cars burn at the recycling center at springfield township. it out just before 7:00 last night. a jury duty scam, several people have gotten calls saying they failed to report to jury
6:37 am
duty and the sheriff will arrest them. the person then told them they can avoid arrest by paying a fine. officials said residents are always notified about jury duty by mail, never by phone. a special olympics will take runners and walkers over the delaware memorial bridge for the first time. 2,500 runners are expected to compete. this is the first time that people have been allowed to cross the bridge on foot since the bridge opened in 1951. we've learned the hard rock is set to open up next year on memorial day. crews will work to transform the trump taj majal in new york city. it will have stores, dining and entertainment. looks like it's going to be a beautiful morning. >> yeah. cloudless out there but let's check in with bill and find out more details about today and the weekend. >> well, we get a break from
6:38 am
showers and thunderstorms today. the sun is up and you can clearly see we have a few lingering clouds in the area, but they won't last. sunshine takes over and heating up this afternoon. close to 90 degrees. the humidity stays low today and i don't expect to see any showers or thunderstorms during the day today. but come this evening, we could see some evening showers pop up and possibly even some thunderstorms during the later evening hours for somenoeverybo that. but we'll all enjoy some sunshine today. a little bit warmer in philadelphia than the rest of the area at this hour. 70 degrees at this hour. upper 80s this afternoon and look at that sunshine. again, storm free for the daytime hours in philadelphia. the suburbs, huge spots of fog this morning after the showers yesterday. but most of the area is looking at sunshine right now. 66 degrees to start with. 82 degrees at lunchtime and then middle 80s this afternoon. humidity stays low for the lehigh valley. we'll see a quick warmup into
6:39 am
the 80s for the afternoon hours. 88 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. lehigh valley is one of the areas we'll be watching for storms later this evening and a chance of more storms tomorrow for the entire area and that includes new jersey. not today. 64 degrees right now. 78 degrees at 10:00 and 87 degrees this afternoon for new jersey. at the shore you'll see sunshine and a few clouds to start with. more and more sunshine and the winds coming in off the ocean today so that will keep afternoon temperatures in the 70s at the shore and delaware, mostly cloudy right now over delaware. 68 degrees. we've seen a few sprinkles in central delaware this morning but not during the day. 84 degrees. in fact, 80 degrees by 10:00 this morning and upper 80s this afternoon. storm free today. likely get some showers and thunderstorms tonight and then tomorrow what's left of cindy comes our way. cindy is still a tropical storm. a minimal tropical storm. it's this moisture that's going to impact tomorrow and the weekend too. got the details with the ten-day
6:40 am
on 10 when i come back. if you use route 55 in south jersey, northbound especially, be sure to tune in right now because we want to help you get around. >> a serious accident we've been watching all morning long. >> i think this is going to be there for quite some time especially with an accident investigation underway. a deadly accident scene, there's a fuel spill there, a pickup truck and a dump truck collided. one of those vehicles was going the wrong way on the highway causing this mess here. this is earlier this morning around 4:30 or so but now we're still dealing with the same closure. route 55 northbound is closed just south of route 40. 39 just in this general area right over here. so traffic is being diverted off. that's right around exit 35. get to garden road, now you're going to get to delsea drive that way. that's route 47 so take that all
6:41 am
the way up past the scene and just keep on your way northbound, but you can get back on to 55 around exit 39. that's still open. so right around route 40 you can get on that way. some big westbound delays. we've stop and go on that westbound side if you're moving toward the king of prussia area and backed up from the boulevard all the way past that point. also watching a crash out in white marsh on east north lane. updates on these accident scenes and more drive times when i come back in about ten minutes. a mystery at the cia is solved this morning. >> up next, the vending machine trick that got several contractors fired. plus, taking a stand. parents push back against a local school's plan about teaching kids about sex and abortion.
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a suspect in an attempted rape case is back in custody after police released him by mistake. he was arraigned on unrelated theft charges tuesday. after that he was supposed to be returned to prison on sexual assault and attempted rape charges, but because of a mixup in the paperwork he was released. police rearrested him earlier yesterday when an officer recognized him. philadelphia police are reviewing what went wrong. a high school at the center of debate over birth control and sex education. last night protesters demanded the redding school board vote no on a proposed health center for students inside the high school that would be affiliated with planned parenthood. opponents are against any talk of contraceptives or abortion in a school setting but the program could reduce teen pregnancy
6:46 am
which in redding is three times teens in the state. >> sex education should be done by the parents and clergy in a private setting. >> some kids might feel safe talking to parents but not everyone does so this is a safe place for kids to be able to go. >> the school board could vote on the issue by next week. a new study suggests the legalized recreational use of marijuana may be a rise in car accidents. collision claims in washington, oregon and colorado went up nearly 3% after legal marijuana sales began in those states. they've been considering bills to legalize the reck reauatioree of the drug. new this morning record numbers of people will hit the road for the july 4th holiday weekend. here's a look at the always packed expressway.
6:47 am
more than 44 million people will travel over the holiday. aaa says most people will drive to their destination but holiday air travel is also expected to rise. now to the stories trending on social media this morning. first a cia mystery solved. a declassified report showed why several contractors were fired in 2015. >> the workers hacked into the vending machine system and stole more than $3,000 worth of food before getting caught. they were let go, but no charges were ever filed. also trending, george clooney's billion dollar business deal. >> and the actor sold his he tela -- tequila company. they launched the company four years ago. clooney's company is expected to get money over the next four
6:48 am
years. this time the couple will use a surrogate. that's according to e news. >> kardashian has a condition that could be life threatening if she were to become pregnant again. the issue has come up several times on their reality show. this couple has a daughter who is four and an 18 month old son. just a few hour a thursday, tropical storm cindy lashing the gulf coast right now. the flood waters are quickly rising. there are evacuations underway.. >> and new dangers you could face on the roads and states where marijuana is now legal. >> and an interview with prince harry. the surprising things he's saying about his royal family and its future when we see you here on a thursday morning on "today." >> look forward to it.
6:49 am
all right. and how about the sun? gorgeous. right? this is always a very pretty live picture at ten minutes before 7:00 and that's an indicator of what's to come at least today and then we'll see some changes. >> a break from the storms. they returned yesterday. a few clouds left over from the showers, they're moving out and that sunshine will take over. it's going to be a warm afternoon. may even hit 90 degrees in a few spots but we will be storm free. we saw a few sprinkles when we went on the air in south jersey. that's not happening and the last few showers have died off. come tonight, showers and thunderstorms. look at the activity moving into northern michigan. the lehigh valley and some of the northern western suburbs most likely get some of these late this evening. future cast hour by hour shows at 1:00 this afternoon, 88 degrees in philadelphia but look, it's dry for the entire area. that changes as we go into the evening hours.
6:50 am
clouds return and at 8:00 this evening you see some showers, possibly even a thunderstorm popping up to the north and west and then thunderstorms lehigh v into some of the northern suburbs in montgomery county and that's going to drop the temperatures. thunder and lightning and gusty winds. then overnight those storms clear out but that's not the end of the storm threat. the next s comes because of cindy. cindy is spreading tremendous moisture into the south aat'soid us for tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night and into saturday and nai rainfall. you can see a line of showers and another line and more wet tp coming our way as we go into the weekend. another view of the future cast. cindy is weakening but all this moisture has to go somewhere and this afternoon it' tennessee. then come tomorrow morning it's going to be on our doorstep.
6:51 am
now, 9:00 this evening it's still to our southwest, but first thing tomorrow morning we'll be tracking those showers and thunderstorms. that's at 7:00 tomorrow morning. baltimore getting those heavy downpours. the first round moves through during the morning hours. then we'll get a break and watch tomorrow afternoon. a line of showers and thunderstorms returning to the area. then another break and another chance of some showers and thunderstorms as we go into the evening hours and even saturday, a good chance we'll see some showers and thunderstorms most likely in the morning hours. so stand by. we've got some wet weather ahead. but not during the day today. 89 degrees this afternoon. humidity stays low today, but very steamy tonight. that storm chance goes up for friday and saturday. finally clearing out on sunday. in fact, sunday will be dramatically more comfortable. the humidity dropping on saturday. a few showers possible on monday. not expecting severe weather there. by tuesday the humidity drops, the temperatures come down. nice weather for tuesday and wednesday. heat right back up into the
6:52 am
upper 80s on thursday. 90 on friday. more showers and thunderstorms possible next saturday. >> looks great, bill. thank you. eight minutes before 7:00. we remain focused on this serious fatal accident in gloucester county. >> it's been well over two hours we've been following this. >> it happened about 3:00 in the morning or so. one of those vehicles unconfirmed on which one it was was going the wrong way on route 55 so now there is an accident investigation underway of a deadly accident scene. fuel spill, this is video taken from about 4:30 this morning. a lot of emergency crews there and a lot of cleanup underway. so again, where this is is franklin township. route 55 northbound just south of route 40 right in he so that northbound side is going to see some delays because they're diverting traffic off at garden road at exit 35. once you get off at exit 35 you'll take garden road to route 47 which is delsea drive.
6:53 am
take delsea drive northbound up you can actually get back on at exit 39 on to route 55 northbound. that's from route 40 or if se delays moving by the scene there because that's what everybody is taking as their alternate, you can completely pass it on route 47. back to you. seven minutes before 7:00. the flyers made quite the difference for one fan. >> the fan is mark smith, a man who has special needs and he made headlines after getting punched in the face on camera. >> like it? >> i like it. >> looks good. >> how nice is that? helping smith look the part. he wanted to help so he invited them to the flyers skate zone. he got a jersey, a bag full of gifts and a chance to spend quality time with members of the
6:54 am
team. >> next we'll run down the day's top headlines we'll be following on this thursday. >> that includes the latest developments in the search for a missing teenager who disappeared while swimming in the new jersey creek.
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6:57 am
three minutes before 7:00 and we're following breaking news out gloucester county. one of the trucks caught fire. we're also following breaking news in montgomery county where we're over a house fire. this is just a few minutes ago. we just learned no one was in the house when the fire started. and developing now crews are trying to find the body of a
6:58 am
teenager who vanished while swimming with friends after the last day of school yesterday. three boys made it back but a strong current pulled a 17-year-old out into the creek. and people all around our region will be cleaning up damage today caused by storms that rolled through last night. winds ripped off a roof and knocked down wire and sparked a fire. states along the gulf coast are in for another weather now that tropical storm cindy has come ashore. the storm is causing flooding and it's being blamed child. prosecution is set to call more witnesses today in the seth williams corruption trial. the district attorney is accused of taking bribes and g exchange for legal favors. good morning, everyone. breaking news here out in franklin township, a pickup truck and a dump truck have collided earlier this morning on
6:59 am
route 55 northbound just south of route 40 which is exit 39. traffic is being diverted off around garden road. you want to take delsea drive once you get off around garden road and you can come back up to exit 39 and get back on to route 55 northbound there. we're also watching another crash. main street is closed between maple avenue and harleysville pike. >> tropical storm cindy a weakening storm season centered over south western louisiana but it's having a big impact well past louisiana even into tennessee and south carolina. that's the moisture that's coming for us tomorrow, but not today. we'll see sunshine today. after a cool start, a nice warmup in the afternoon. we're in the 50s, 60s and low 70s right now. we will warm to near 90 degrees but the humidity stays low with mostly sunny skies today. no showers during the day today but the lehigh valley, some of the suburbs could see thunderstorms tomorrow and we'll be tracking the remnants of
7:00 am
cindy into our area. >> enjoy the day. thanks for watching. "today" show starts right now. good morning. breaking cindy roars ashore making landfall in louisiana overnight. the tropical storm blamed for at least one death. torrential rain leading to dangerous flooding across the we're live in the storm zone. the big reveal. republicans set to unveil their new healthare bill this morning. president trump >> i hope we're going to surprise you with a really good plan. >> what's in the plan? terror in the terminal. a possible mot police officer inside a michigan airport. the suspect, a canadian who investigators say shouted in arabic and expressed hatred for


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