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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  June 22, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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showers. going to come at the beginning of the weekend. right now we're droi across philadelphia area. even though it's pretty hot out there. this is the first area that we're watching near state college. there's a good bit of lightning with that and we're going to follow that through the evening.
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there's a good bit of lightning. we have another area of rain down in kentucky. that may be affecting us by tomorrow morning. the main area gets us saturday morning. here we are hour by hour. as we go to 6:00, there's not much around. but the activity comes into butters county and the lehigh valley and the polk knows. that's about 8:00 tonight. and by then, the sun is down and we're going to start to see these weaken because of that. but we have the threat of some showers. so don't leave the windows open tonight. through the night, it's not going to get too cool. the humidity is going up. by tomorrow morning, we're talking about temperatures in the 70s.
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it's going to be very sticky. and tomorrow during the day, we're going to be seeing temperatures going up into the 80s to near 90s. we have a first alert out for tropical downpours. more in a few minutes. >> tropical storm cindy made landfall early this morning in louisiana. >> the system has been downgraded but continues to cut a path of destruction as it moves to the northeast. a live look from just outside birmingham where a twister scattered debris in fairfield. a 10-year-old boy died when he was hit by a large post. minor flooding, damage and debro stretches from houston through the florida panhandle. >> water spouts to parts of the panhandle yesterday. this is what tourists saw tr
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their hotel rooms. there's a similar scene near pensacola. >> a trooper captured this video. a tornado in covington county. near prepared for the first alert. >> let's go to a closer look at what we can expect and when. >> this is for saturday morning when the worst of this weather is going to occur. that's when we have the first alert out for the tropical downpours. the main area is hit. philadelphia, the suburbs, counties just north and west of philly. much of new jersey except for the shore and much of delaware except for the beaches. all of those other areas are going to be seeing some rain, but not as much as the other regions. 3:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. on
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saturday. so most of your weekend is going to be okay. these are downpours with some localized flood iing. this is tropical rainfall. so it can come down really hard. you can see the center of this. and it's a good thing that it's going to be moving pretty quickly. because there are just huge amounts of rain with this. so we are tracking the remnants as different computer models and the closer they are together, the more confidence we have. we have a pretty good handle on the fact that we're going to get at least a period of some tropical rainfall around here. and that it is going to be a limited period of time. this is not going to totally
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ruin anybody's weekend. but here we are at 5:00 a.m. the cluster of the heaviest rain is coming right on top of us. and less rain and not much down the shore. less rain in the poconos and lehigh value low. right in the middle from the suburbs. more on the rest of the weekend coming up. >> don't leave home without the nbc 10 app. back to the trial of seth williams. rosemary connors is joining us live with an updit. >> we had a brief break, so i figured i'd step out to update
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you. the trial is one of the prosecution's main witnesses took the stand today for much of the day. lengthy testimony from a man named muhammad ali. he developed a relationship with williams. he testified that he would give williams gifts. he told the l courtroom, told the jurors that he arranged for an all expense paid vacation for seth williams and for his girlfriend. that on that trip he paid for extras like massages, dinners, a parasailing excursion. the prosecution during the testimony showed pictures of this trip and this resort in punta california na. cana. he gave him money when he was having trouble paying his bills. that he needed money. and he asked for $ 7,000. according to ali, he told him he
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would pay him back but that never happened. he also testified today that he would give seth williams gifts like watches for his boyfriend. again, paid for dinners. the prosecution, of course, asked mr. ali why he would give him these gifts. if this was typical in terms of his relationship with other friends. he said that he did it because he wanted to get closer to seth williams because he was the district attorney and that it was nice having seth around for when he had trouble. we're going to have more on that part of the testimony coming up a little later. president trump now says he never record ed any conversatios with fired fbi director james comey. today's admission comes a month after he insinuated that he had. in a pair of tweets, the president writes, with all of
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the recently reported surveillance, intercepts, unmasking and illegal leaking of information, i no idea where there are tapes or recordings with james comey, but i did not make and do not have any such recordings. >> i have seen the tweet about tapes. i hope flr tapes. >> that was james comey as he testified before congress last month. days after firing comey, the president tweeted that comey better hope there are no tapes of conversations the two had. health care is center stage on capitol hill this afternoon. >> senate republicans today revealed their plan to dismantle much of obamacare. keith jones is live in our breaking news center with more on this. >> today's unveiling has followed weeks of closed door meetings that angered democrats and some republicans. the proposal includes large cuts to medicaid. he would eliminate the penalty on people who don't buy insurance and it offers tax credits to help people afford insurance while slashing taxes for the wealthy.
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mitch mcconnell's optimistic about pushing the measure through the senate next week and hopeful he will receive democratic support. >> i can choose to keep stand ing by as their failing law continues to collapse and hurt more americans, but i hope they will join us instead to bring reloaf to the families who have struggled under obamacare for far too long. >> this was the scene outside senator mcconnell's office in washington shortly after his health care proposal was unveiled. several people including many in wheelchairs were removed during a sit-in to propose the cuts. democrats are criticizing the plan. >> this is designed to give a tax break to the folks who need it least. >> president trump praised the senate bill during an event at the white house today. four republican senators have
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announced their opposition to the bill putting it in jeopardy. the house narrowly passed their own version of the health care bill last month. keith jones, nbc 10 news. right now, critics of the health care proposal are protesting outside senator path toomey's office. that's where randy gyllenhaal is right now. he spoke with a woman who could stand to lose her new insurance because of the bill. he will have a life report at 4:30. new details about monday's attack on a police convoy in paris. a french prosecutor said the driver wanted to join isis. investigators say the man told his family to remember him as martyr. he had a large number of weapons used in the attack. the driver set off a fiery blast when e he drove his car into police patrolling the area. militants destroyed a piece of history in iraq. this is all that's left of a mosque and its historic tower in mosul that was built 850 years
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ago. the mosque had enormous importance for isis. it was used by an isis leader in 2014 when he declared himself a prophet. that man died in airstrikes last friday. the college student who died after his release is being remembered today. friends and family gathered in ohio for the funeral. the 22-year-old died monday less than a week after arriving in ohio. he was in a coma. he had been heldtive for nearly a year and a half. an autopsy is being conducted to determine what killed him. he suffered brain damage while in custody. back here at home, a a jogger says she fought back when a man attacked her in cumberland county and police are hoping you can help identify the man. that jogger was in parvin state park monday afternoon. a man grabbed her by the shoulder and hit her in the face and neck with a stick. she smacked him in the face and ran to a camp site where e she
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found a state trooper. now police released a sketch of the man wanted in the attack. here it is. they say he may have a cut or bruise where the jogger hilt him. you're asked to call state police if you recognize him. in bucks county the war on drugs could put a little money in your pocket. nbc 10 at the falls township municipal building as officials announce plans tr a new efficientive called push out the pusher. they are offering $5,000 to residents for information that leads to drug dealer convictions. >> the people of bucks county have endured these deaths and are frustrated. there's little they can do about it. that's why we have created this program. >> they are encouraging everyone to donate to the war on drugs. you can do son online at two more people have pleaded guilty in the fbi's ongoing corruption probe into allentown city government. they join seven others who have admitted to their part in the
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pay to play scandal. the guilty pleas are from men who gave campaign cash and worked for companies that got city contracts. he hasn't been charged and has said he did nothing wrong. today lawmakers in trenton will vote on bills to expand and improve paid family leave. also on the agenda, votes on strengthening child pornography penalties requiring schools to teach interaction with police and enacting the program to help children expose domestic violence. the effort to find homeless veterans reached a new level in delaware. john carney announced that the state has found house iing for veterans. two years ago a challenge was issued to end veteran homelessness in the state. the housing authority continues to locate and find them stable housing. delaware is considering cutting back the number of school districts in the state. a a bill to create a task force to figure out how much money the move would save is advancing. it's headed for a full house vote after getting a a green light from the house education
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committee. delaware has 19 school districts. proponents of the bill say reducing that number would mean fewer high paid administrators like superintendents. it's draft night for the nba and sixers moved heaven and earth to be in the position they are. >> less than three hours to go until the team has the number one pick. it's the straight year they have that election. it's been 34 years since the last hoisted the championship trophy. june 2nd, 1983. you see that grainy video tells you how long it was. the 1.7 million people grather gathered to celebrate with the rest of the guys. >> fans will be watching and waiting for tonight's big pick. >> guys are wondering if tonight
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will be the key piece to rebuild the 76ers team. the party has not started yet, so we're giving you a sneak peek. folks are setting up. this is inflatable. and come around here. you're going to see that the court has been set. there's going to be a dunk team. the dance team will be here. balloons are up. they are still getting set. the first 500 fans that come will also get a t-shirt. and you can't forget that huge screen up there where the crowd will see the number one pick. it's expected to be markell foults, the guard from washington. that's what everybody says the 76ers will choose tonight. we won't know for a couple of hours. doors open just before 6:00 where people will file this. there are also notable 76ers that will be here to speak to
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the crowd, get everybody amped up. there's so much in store for people. we're in northern liberty. if you're interested in coming down, i'm going to stay here and bring you all the action. reporting live in northern liberty, nbc 10 news. we have breaking news from sky force 10 live over this scene in hundredthing park. this is a dirt bike accident on whitaker avenue. the driver of the dirt bike we are told ended up actually under a box truck, which you don't see in this picture. next to the white car, the driver of that dirt bike we understand did not survive. was killed in this accident. again, breaking news on whitaker avenue. the driver of this dirt bike killed in this accident. it made landfall early this morning in louisiana.
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we have a closer look at the conditions. >> crashing waves and driving rains define cindy as the tropical storm makes landfall. the system is spawned water spouts and tornadoes. a twister rattled nerves and scattered debris in fairfield, alabama, just outside of winter storming ham. >> this is something we have to do. >> cindy has dumped 12 inches of rain in some of the hardest hit areas. flooding continues to be an issue across the central gulf coast. >> our rivers and our lakes are rising. so wherever there's water, citizens need to be careful and cautious. >> reporter: the storm turned deadly in alabama when a 10-year-old was hit by a large wooden post as he walked along the beach with his family.
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>> when the wave actually hit the timber, it rolled the timber up on top of the child. >> reporter: damage and debris stretches from houston through the florida pan hahandle. communities across the strike zone cleaning up as the tropical storm now continues to push inland. >> we are out of the woods yet. it's a long way from being over. >> reporter: millions in the path of the storm bracing for what cindy could bring next. jay gray, nbc news, new orleans. here at home, we are track the chance for scattered thunderstorms this afternoon. first alert radar shows you where they are headed across pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. >> let's go back to chief meteorologist glenn schwartz with the latest. >> the areas most likely to get hit by these storms is early this evening would be in the lehigh valley. we do have temperatures 88 degrees. it's warm, we have a fair amount of sunshine across most of the area. but some places have a greater chance of getting hit than
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others. right now in easton, it's 87. the thunderstorm threat most likely around 7:00. by 10:00 they are already drying out. this is a limited time period and a limited area for this first threat. 89 degrees in middletown. and close to 90 in southern delaware. not too humid yet. 89 in allendale. 86 in georgetown. and then look at the beaches again. we have 76. the wind off that cooler ocean taking care of that. now it feels like it's around 90 degrees right now. but tomorrow much higher humidity. we'll start feeling like we're in the mid-70s. then in the afternoon, this computer model has the feels like temperature close to 100.
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that's pretty darn steamy for tomorrow afternoon. could also help create a couple thunderstorms. you could see some thunderstorms coming through central pennsylvania. a long way from the philadelphia area. that's for sure. you can see how far away it is from us. it's moving in it our direction. there's a lot of lightning with that. there isn't much lightning down here, but this more solid area down in kentucky, that's way ahead of the remnants of zin cindy. that will be affecting us too. we have a punch here. the storms hitting allentown. then going into chester county. upper montgomery around 9:00. it looks like it will be weakening somewhat and much weaker in it delaware and south jersey as the sun goes down and
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fuel for those storms goes away. as we go through the night tonight, the humidity will be going up. you'll notice that. a lot of clouds around. some of the scattered showers as you saw in the morning. may start off dry for a little while. reading is the beginning of the next batch coming in. the showers across a good bit of the area tomorrow morning. and tomorrow afternoon we get a bit of a break until later in the day. here come more thunderstorms across the area. that's going to be the second issue. here's the third. this is from cindy. the first alert for the tropical downpours tr much of the area. except for the beaches and the lehigh valley. it's associated with cindy itself. here's what the futurecast locks like. friday afternoon, not a a whole
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lot. saturday morning, that's a lot of rain. fortunately you can change your plans around the 6:00 to 10:00 a.m. period and we'll have some pretty nice weather over the weekend. a bucks county man is not letting his illness get in the way of his dream. >> today a a big wish came true at citizens bank park for the long-time fan. that story coming up. plus family targeted. why police believe the same suspects burglarized a family business and their home. and animal escape, the horrific moments that followed when a pitbull wondered out of its yard. here's a look at the closing bell on wall street. both down. the nasdaq was up.
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the dog was supposed to be behind this fence but managed to get loose. the dog jumped into that nearby mini van and attacked the children. the children were taken to the hospital. they were being treated for serious injuries. witnesses describe the frantic encounter. >> kept it and got back to the blood. a man fell after dirt bike ing. moments before they hoisted him to safety. that was after he spent a night in the wilderness.
4:27 pm
the biker was so banged up he couldn't get up. rescuers spotted him 24 hours after he crashed. coming up next, a look at what you can expect in your neighborhood tonight. also doing double takes. a surprise guest causes quite a stir at one new jersey college. also ahead -- >> a day-long protest outside pat toomey's office as the health plan is revealed to the public. next a dramatic touch to medicaid and who could benefit from the new law. move out of the way, these deer are duking it out. it's caught an camera. that story is new on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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after weeks of secrecy, republicans unveiled their
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health care plan. >> it's being met with mixed reaction this afternoon. the proposal includes large cuts to medicaid and eliminates the penalty on people who don't buy insurance. and it offers tax credits to help people afford insurance. the plan also slashes taxes for the healthy. the republican-controlled house narrowly passed their own version of the bill last month. randy gyllenhaal spent the day talking to people about the bill. >> reporter: activists are gustavered outside pat toomey's office. he just held a conference call a few minutes ago telling reporters this new bill will reduce premiums and control costs of medicaid. but the activists here as well as patients we spoke with are concerned this means deep cuts to america's social safety net. a cable company and tree lancing
4:32 pm
as a writer, she never had her own insurance until medicaid expanded in pennsylvania. >> i wasn't locking over my shoulder. i now had access to preventive care. >> the new senate health care bill would make historic cuts to medicaid. that's why she's camping out today for 24 hours in front of pat toomey's office. experts say the cuts hit more than just the poor. a third of all children rely on medicaid, half of all births and many elderly patients too. if you're not on medicaid, chances are you have a parent or aunt or uncle or know someone who does. >> reporter: who does this bill benefit? first off, wealthy americans who could see large tax cuts on things like investments. also some americans could see lower health care premiums as insurance companies offer more flexible plans.
4:33 pm
>> if you have more policies, they can charge lower prices. >> reporter: conservatives like it would e defund planned parenthood. lots of unease for those who rely on medicaid, the long standing safety net. >> it's scary. it's something i don't like to think about. but it's something i'm going to have to. >> reporter: a few minutes ago, senator toomey wrapped up a conference call. he disputes that these are cuts to medicaid saying it's a way to preserve the program for future generations. we asked him a number of questions. hear from mim hymn at 6:00. >> "nbc nightly news" with lester holt will have complete coverage of the new health care bill and what it will mean for you. that's coming up at 6:30 after nbc 10 news at 6:00. now to our weather. tracking a chance of possible showers or thunderstorms tonight and again tomorrow. as you take a live look outside,
4:34 pm
it's hot and humid out there. there will be changes comes as we move through the weekend. make sure to keep the umbrellas handy. we're not going to dry out for a few days. >> chief meteorologist glenn schwartz has been keeping his eye on the approaching storms and has your most accurate forecast. >> we have three threats of rain between now and saturday morning. after we get through saturday morning, we're in pretty good shape for the rest of the weekend and next week too. we have a mix of sun and clouds. it is kind of hot. it's not nearly as humid as it's going to be tomorrow. tomorrow is really going to be a steamy day. we have thunderstorms just north of state college here. those are the storms that are moving in the general direction. a lot of lightning there. and this is a more steady rain coming through kentucky and into
4:35 pm
west virginia. that will get us tomorrow morning. we go through the evening and you can see this area coming in. thot until after 6:00. some places after 7:00. poconos getting it first and that's a pretty significant thunderstorm activity there. by 8:00 upper montgomery county, then this latest computer model updates every single hour. so it seems like each hour that it's updating, it's making these storms a little stronger and lasting a little longer. so through philadelphia and the middle of the evening, and then things quiet down later on during the night tonight. then round two comes tomorrow morning. round three is the biggest.comi. up. don't leave home without our app. you can customize the app to the neighborhood that matters most to you. your home, work or your child's
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school. here's a look at the stories we're following county by county. investigators are trying to figure out what caused this house to go up in flames this morning. the home is alongen huntington road. police want you to look at surveillance of four men who broke into a home and hours later broke into the family's business. photos were taken outside the e deli on woodland avenue. >> voters will soon decide whether or not to limit allentown's mayor to a two-term limit. there's no term limit. yesterday the city council overrode a veto by current mayor. a referendum on term limits will now be on the november ballot. in new castle county, it pays to take part in a study
4:37 pm
this weekend. researchers and the university of delaware are studying the relationship between health and violence on wilmington's west side. participants will be paid $75. they are asking for african-americans between 16 and 44 who were formerly incourse rated. hundreds of students received scholarships from the police athletic league. 200 adults were honored here at the union league. the scholarships are awarded to student who is maintain a high grade point average and participate in the community as well. talk about multitasking. work couldn't stop one politician from performing her motherly duties. plus women and the doctor. what research reveals about one reason some women don't go to the doctor. those stories and more next on nbc 10 news at 4:00.
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>> some women avoid doctors buzz of insecurities. a new survey says many women postpone or cancel doctors visits because they wanted to lose weight first. a quarter of women surveyed said having heart disease would be an embarrassment. they said they think others would assume they weren't eating healthy or exercising. a new fashion trend is hitting the kennedy dialysis center in new jersey. a nonprofit delivered 100 custom made sweatshirts to patients there today. patients can get cold during sessions because blood is being removed. and they have to release flows so nurses can monitor them. the warm sweatshirt have a pair of zippers and allow nurses to get where they need to during treatments. >> what a thoughtful idea. tropical storm cindy causing damage across the south right now. it could bring heavy downpours to our area by the weekend. >> for part of the weekend, you can see all that rain. that's coming our way.
4:42 pm
that's why we declared a tirs alert to keep you prepared. more on the timing for your neighborhood and when we'll dry out in your most accurate forecast. and dropping in for a visit, a surprise guest ends upturning heads at one new jersey college. those stories and more on nbc 10 news at 4:00. a toddler darts into traffic, what happened next is caught on camera. the dramatic video you won't want to miss. that's at 5:00.
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a politician made history today. she breast-fed her baby while standing up and asking to move a motion forward in parol the. the woman's daughter has been a regular visit to the senate chambers since may. the girl previously made history as the first baby to be breast-fed in parliament. a surprise guest has students on a new jersey campus doing double take this is week.
4:46 pm
alec baldwin caused quite a stir when he showed up in his trademark president trump costume tuesday. it's the impression he made famous this campaign season on "saturday night live." there he is. not clear why he was dressed in costume on tuesday. and yesterday may have been the first official day of summer. >> but today became a reality for kids across the region. the mayor kicked off the summer season at murphy recreation center in south philadelphia. the mayor blew the whistle to make the first jump. all pools are scheduled to be open by july 1st. but the opening dates are different for each. to find out when your pool will open, tap the nbc 10 app. the kids are love iing it. peco wants local seniors to stay cool during the summer months. they loaded 200 fans on to trucks this center city. some of the fans went to the
4:47 pm
senior center at the salvation army. >> we have a threat for showers of a taste of what's to come the next couple days. glenn schwartz is backtracking showers and the impact on our area. coming up this weekend from tropical storm cindy. >> we have at least three threats of rain coming into part of the area. maybe even four. and all by noon on saturday. 88 in philadelphia. now that's as high as it's been today. we have a fair amount of sunshine across the area. it's not especially humid. at least not compared to the way it's going to be tomorrow. it's 88 in leesport. 86 in reading. 88 in allentown. these areas are the first that are going to be hit by any of the thunderstorms during the evening. there's reading and it's not on
4:48 pm
our doorstep, but it's moving in that direction. it's bringing in all sorts of moisture. that will be affecting us saturday morning. here's the hour by hour. and by 8:00 they are getting pounded here in the lehigh valley and upper bucks. just getting into it. then it zips through. the lesser chance of rain in delaware and south jersey tonight. here comes the next area of rain for tomorrow morning. that's more of a solid area. and that may not be the only rain tomorrow. we have showers in the morning. a possible thunderstorm late in the day.
4:49 pm
it's going to be steamy tomorrow. 79 in long port because of the e sea breeze. because of the rain coming in saturday morning, we have a first alert issue for the tropical downpours. because there's less rain there. there are the downpours. here's the futurecast for that. it's not going to last. wait for the rain to come through. and then the sun is going to come out. even saturday afternoon and then sunday is beautiful. here's the forecast rain totals. we showed you one model earlier.
4:50 pm
this is another one. it gives you the general idea of less rain at the shore. less rain in the lehigh valley. more rain in between. morning rain on saturday. beautiful sunday. next at 4:00, a dream come true. why today's phillies game was a long time coming for an 80-year-old fan battling a terminal illness. drivers who smoke marijuana causing more crashes than ever and insurance companies say it's going to cost you.
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4:53 pm
an 80-year-old resident with a serious medical condition realizes his days ahead are not
4:54 pm
promised. >> that hasn't stopped him for wish iing for the things he lov and today a big one came true. keith jones is joining us with the story you won't want to m s miss. >> jonathan hillson rarely gets to leave the rehab center where he lives, but today he got out to see the phillies play. it was a wish come true for a man fighting a difficult diagnosis. >> today's game between the phillys and cards thanks to the wish first dooundation. he was nominated for the wish by his caregivers. one to honor his military service and interesting life after playing varsity baseball at syracuse university, he
4:55 pm
played for the marines and then went semi pro before getting married even though both families were against it. the marriage lasted 44 years until her death seven years ago. >> she was the best part of my life. >> it gave him a chance to forget about his health. he's dealing with prostate cancer. >> i'm here and we're going to get through it. >> but today baseball came fi t first. >> the phillies won today in a game you watched here on nbc 10. what a great story. next at 5:00, a juror in the bill cosby trial speaks out from the jury conversations to a breakdown on how each jury voted. hear what he says really happened during deliberations. and i'm tracking some i
4:56 pm
isolated thunderstorms and one or two popcorn showers. details coming up in it your most accurate forecast in just a bit. and a key witness testifies in the seth williams corruption trial. the alleged bribe he said the top prosecutor accepted. a complete wrapup of what happened coming up next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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4:58 pm
speaking out, a jury in the bill cosby trial breaks his silence. hear what he says really
4:59 pm
happened during the long deliberations. key witness a businessman testifies about the alleged bribes in the seth williams trial. and peeping tom. a man went into a woman's bathroom and snapped pictures of a young girl. a juror from the bill cosby trial opens up about deliberations. this comes five days after a judge declared a mistrial. good evening, i'm keith jones. >> and i'm jacqueline london. first at 5:00, hear it it for yourself. jim rosenfield is in the breaking news room with that story. >> a tense and tearful deliberation process is how the jury droibed it saying the room was packed with e emotion for more than 52 hours. take a listen. >> the tears came towards the
5:00 pm
end. it was so tense. >> we told you before that the jury said they were hopelessly dead lock ed after the 52 hours. tonight the jury said it was practically split even for much of the deliberations. 5 to 7, 7 to 5, one abstain, 6 and we weren't getting anywhere. >> the juror talked about reasonable versus unreasonable. he said reasonable was used in court, but the charges used the word unresponsible and there were a lot of arguments over that. live in the breaks news center, jim rosenfield, nbc 10 news. to this now. did a spectator record a portion of the cosby trial. court administrators say detectives are investigating a possible recording and images taken from an overflow courtroom. people were watching


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