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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  June 23, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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we are tracking cindy's impact and when the heaviest rain will fall. part of the process we are about to meet the number one overall pick from last night's nba draft. plus crossing the line, what johnny depp said that's causing so much controversy this morning. we are tracking ra rairain rain falling. parts of the south cleaning up after cindy flooded coastal areas. we are seeing the effects of
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cindy now and it will have a bigger impact on us tonight and tomorrow. we have a lot to get to. erika martin has the most accurate forecast. >> we are tracking cindy. it is really the remnants of that moisture heading in our direction. notice all of that moisture across the delaware valley. we are tracking of course what to departmeexpect for the rest today and early saturday morning. doppler radar picking up on this. notice breaks in the rain. it's not very organized. it knows us what we do have going ochbn. we have already seen wind damage for you. we'll be tracking that for you
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and giving you updates. doppler radar showing us all of that moisture. this is what we call it, heading our direction here. more rain on the way. my biggest concern would be for late e tonight through the overnight hours. a live look outside. we are seeing really thick juicy clouds right now. plenty of rain headed in our direction. we want to show you hourly hour. notice some breaks in the clouds here right around 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. any time we see a breaks in the clouds there's a lot of sunshine that destabilizes the atmosphere. i want to talk about why we could see isolated
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thunderstorms. >> thank you. you can track any thunderstorms headed our way. live interactive radar shows when stormy weather will hit our neighborhood. you can get it right now. 76ers are about to introduce the newest draft pick. with the first pick, the 76ers. >> they selected the point guard with first pick of the draft. the team is putting the future of the process in his hands. he is ready to embrace the city of brotherly love. >> all of the hard work i put in, i'm ready to giving it my all. that's one thing i want to do, give it my all. i want to give back to the city.
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>> and here is a live look right now. the sixers raining complex where fultz and the others are about to meet the local media for the first time. we'll bring that to you live as soon as it happens. this morning we are taking a closer look at the details of the healthcare bill written by senate republicans. it would replace president obama's affordable healthcare act. republican majority leader says insurance companies are quickly pulling out of the obamacare insurance exclahanges. yesterday more than a half dozen gop lawmakers signals concerns with some of them saying it's similar to obamacare.
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it faces unanimous opposition. no votes by just three of the 52 republican senators would sink the legislation. one group of local demonstrators is holding a visual to show their opposition. pamela osborne is live. what's happening right now? >> reporter: the fate of the bill lies in washington. putting pressure on elected officials the demonstration you see here specifically for pat toomey. set up and sounding off listen to what people want. it is lack of availability staged outside of the old city
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office. >> i will rely on health insurance and the way things are going it will not be there for me. i need it to be there for me. >> makes me feel terrified. >> and peter who is celebrating three years clean and sober thanks to medicaid expansion the proposed cuts are a matter of life and death. >> i don't want to see anybody lose their chance of starting a new way of life. >> when they go low we go bow lowe kal.
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i called to see if he will make himself available to some of those who feel they have been ignored prior to that vote. i'm waiting to hear back. i'm pa la oz lorn, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. williams arrived at federal courthouse earlier this morning. jurors today are hearing more from a businessman who is a key witness. he is accused of taking bribes from that businessman. williams has pleaded not guilty. philadelphia police investigating a deadly accident this morning. sky force 10 is over the scene. police si a woman died when her suv crashed into a tree. a jackknifed tractor trailer continues to block traffic on
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the extension west near pennsylvania. sky force 10 was over the scene a little while ago. no one there was hurt. time for a check on the roads. what are you seeing? >> we are watching the roads through center city. first, remember that tractor trailer you were just watching. it is cleared out of the way. this is around 24th street. delays eastbound following earlier disabled vehicle on the other side. a little bit of a delay moving through center city. we are trying to move there. even if it has to move over we'll see lane stoppages there. slow downs moving from new jersey into philly. dealing with eastbound where the
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right lane is closed. we are also watching a crash on lancaster avenue. checking in with the airport we are seeing about 45 minutes departure delays. we want to check before you go there. back to you. >> thank you. a disturbing story. a man who called himself dirty old santa is facing charges for attempting to lure who he thought was a 14-year-old girl for sex. he was arrested after an under cover sting. the 56-year-old made plans to meet an under cover cop posing as a gifrrl. we can't confirm if he played santa. police are warning other departments to be on the lookout for a peeping tom inside a bathroom. she was inside a stall tuesday afternoon when she saw a man's
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hand come under the stall. the man ran off near the food court. we spoke with her mom. >> to see your daughter shake like that and you're angry. you know, it could have been worse. you know, all of us parents, you just never know. >> we are not identifying the girl's mother to protect the child's identity. a witness that saw the man run off will be a key to this case. a straight story on comey, whether he recorded conversations with james comey. >> the parents of a pennsylvania teenager post a revealing oh pito that places blame for their daughter's suicide.
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president trump said he never made tapes of james comey and always told a a straight story about the tapes. in the pair of tweets the president wrote with all of the recently reported electronic surveillance unmasking i have no idea whether there are tapes or
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recordings of my conversations with james comey. i did not make and do not have any such recordings. >> i have seen the tweet about tapes. lordy i hope there are tapes. >> that was james comey as he testified earlier this month. he said during private d conversations trump suggested he let go into michael flynn. the president tweeted comey better hope there are no conversations. what made lead to a misstriel it is ahead of a possible new trial this fall. stephanie reports. >> reporter: the deadlock was a win for bill cosby and his legal team. a jury describes how difficult it was agreeing to disagree.
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>> crying by men and by women and more than one and tears came towards the end and it was so tense. >> the case he says came down to credibility. andrea constand alleges that he drugged and sexually assaulted her in his home. cosby says it was consensual. the jurors spoke with nbc affiliate wpxi. he says the jury was split down the middle with no sense of a consens consensus. >> it was hopeless from the first time on. >> he made it clear he was among those that sided with cosby's defense. >> very very honest from his side. you could believe from his testimony what he did but not from here's. >> the jury doubted expert
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testimony that said it was a -- andrea wait add year before going to police. >> that's hard for me to believe that i've been injured and it takes me a year to report it. the. >> but there were jurors that disagreed who is not a part of the deliberation. he was left with a very different impression of andrea constand. >> i felt like he was given off vibes like shaking his head like no no no and i felt like she was very honest when she spoke of. >> reporter: before heading back to court the comedian is considering launching a tour to speak about the judicial system and sex crimes levelled against him. at least this juror says a retrial will be a waste of money. >> whatever the man did he has already paid his price.
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cities under consideration include birmingham, chicago and detroit. north korea denying a tortured and american student who died days after the country released him. north korea held warmbier captive nearly a year and a half for allegedly stealing a poster. north korea sent him home in a coma and he died days later. he was lay to rest in his hometown. they wrapped polls in his town with these colors. the jacket he wore was on display. i'm erika martin. we are tracking cindy moving in
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our droeirection. seeing a couple of breaks out there. also seeing increasing wind gusts. currently satellite seeing a couple of breaks here. a lot of rain is already offshore. we are not done yet. a wider perspective for the evening kplut acommute and earl tomorrow morning. we could see the center of the low to the southwest here. it will start to drive more energy into our direction and it could trigger isolated thunderstorms. i do have a few pause points. it is really important for you to understand. right now we are seeing plenty of dlouclouds with temperatures mainly in the 70s and dew points also in the 70s. it feels warmer than it actually is right now. by 1:00 p.m. right now notice these breaks in the clouds right around burkes county and
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montgomery county. seeing a few breaks in these clouds. that's really important when you're talking about weather in this kind of a situation. the reason why is we start to see more sunshine with those breaks in the clouds. it makes the atmosphere a lot less stable which means that we do have the threat of thunderstorms moving to our area and some times they could be a lot stronger with more sunshine throughout the day. at 6:00 p.m. we see one or two isolated thunderstorms. i think this is a modest model right now. we could see strong storms moving across the town. this is chester county. the cold front starts to trigger more. by 8:00 p.m. we are seeing a line of rain and thunderstorms moving across the area. notice here we are seeing pinks. it could be one or two pockets of downpours and stronger thunderstorms as well. the good news is this is not going to be a total wash out but the bad news is we do have a lot
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of rain tonight into early tomorrow morning. look at hour by hour. it clears everything by 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. everything is to offshore and also seeing a clearing as far as clouds go. forecast and rainfall totals we are seeing pretty much under an inch for everybody adaughters or sons the viewing area. by tonight almost midnight we are seeing just over an inch for philadelphia. almost at an inch. we are seeing nominal amounts right here. it is all through the overnight hours between 2:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. we start to see heavier rain moving across the area. here you are seeing lower numbers than we saw yesterday. that's good news. right now we are seeing lots of clouds at the beach temperatures are in the 70s. the deal is we are seeing temperatures in the 70s. dew points in the 70s as well.
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it's really thick and soupy out there. not a great hair day. vai's hair always looks great. >> what you see behind us and what you see down the shore, what we'll see later tonight and into tomorrow all of residue of cin cindy. >> and it clears by about 10:00 or 11:00 a.m. lots of sunshine. i will say that the weekend won't be that bad. we just have to deal with what's going on tomorrow morning and possibly localized. >> and lots of sunshine. >> stay ahead of the storms. you can get instant alerts. you'll know the minute a weather threat will hit your neighborhood. making fast foods faster, what's speeding up the ordering and delivering process at some of your favorite restaurants.
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the question can i take your order is not being heard as often. technology is making fast food faster. liz shows us how. rnchs the traditional cashier system has is shortcomings. >> it is oftentimes like a mosh pit. >> it is to make the lunch rush more efficient. it has made orders more accurate. >> panera 2.0 has changed that experience for the guest to the point where we see very few lines in our cafe because people are using digital orders. >> mcdonald's and others are using the do it yourself and mobile ordering is going
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mainstream. panera offered realtime tracking. >> when the driver is one minute away you get what we call the doorbell feature. we notify you that the driver is one minute away. i describe it as an uber type of experience. >> now the two companies are robots, rolling out the new age of fast food with no tip requ e required. and here is a live look right now. brian is sitting in the middle there or ke straiting this media
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event let's take a moment and listen in. >>. >> so that's subject to further discussion at a later date. we'll get back to you when dust settles on all of that. today we are here to talk about the future and there's a significant part of the future here in front of us. last year at this time we were introducing ben simmons and for us to be in a position to do that again today is some what unprecedented and to have m marquell here. >> i am looking forward to coming and giving it my all.
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>> okay. >> to be here, it feels very nice. i will bring my game to the city and i'm very excited about it. i'm waiting for that. >> you know, i want to say thank you to the organization of philadelphia for believing in me. i'm very excited for the future. >> aam blessed to be here and excited for the future and hoping for great things going up. >> let's open it up for questions. feel free to ask anybody anything. go ahead. >> how does it feel for all of
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you guys to be sitting under these banners and what can be your new home? >> for me it's exciting, really. zwro just to have this dream as a kid, i'm with these guys. we will turn this program around and this organization. i'm just excited. >> you were just hearing from the sixers number one draft pick markelle fultz. he was drafted by the sixers, first overall pick. they were all drafted last night. we'll get more later on. steamy and rainy weather today. a live look shows that the radar falling right now, where the rain is falling and we are in for a lot more.
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erika is following the impact it is having in our area. the comments he made about president trump that are causing quite a stir this morning.
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what's left of a storm that's brought heavy flooding to parts of the south. it's headed our way. erika martin is here for the most accurate forecast. >> today we have 16 hours of daylight. it's the longest day of daylight 2017. thick low level clouds across the entire area. in fact across the entire delaware valley as we do track
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remnants of the moisture due to cindy. here doppler radar is for the western portion of our viewing area. however we are not done. we have lots of tropical moist clur heading our direction. westbound area 74 and bustle -- i do think you'll see a couple of isolated thunderstorms this afternoon. nazareth 77 and currently at 75 degrees. but of course it is muggy outside. feels like temperatures in the 80s for many.
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i want to show you a couple of breaks in these clouds. you're seeing really moist atmosphere. we are seeing the potential for lots of daylight heating. it would trigger isolated thunderstorms. we do have the potential for thunderstorms later this afternoon into the evening hours and really that's what we are monitoring for you, the potential for one or two severe thunderstorms to make it across our viewing area. look at 6:00 p.m. look at what we are see for parts of new castle county. chester county, burkes county, philadelphia county. we are seeing one or two strong storms to make it through. really it is important tprobabl important part of this forecast. people in clean-up mode after tropical storm cindy.
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>> reporter: this morning the fa fast-moving storm is slamming the south and still packing a very dangerous punch. through the night tornado watches and warnings keeping residents in the atlanta area on edge. west of birmingham, alabama an ef-2 tornado collapsing walls and blowing away roofs. >> it is pretty considerable damage. >> all of a sudden winds started getting stronger. >> reporter: residents shaken by close calls. >> it was a stick of wood had gone through my windshield of my car and i'm just blessed to be here to tell this story. >> thousands are without power but no serious injuries. around the gulf coast remnants of cindy unleashing torrential rains, wind whipping up the surf, leaving the hardiest beach goers to brace the waves. >> there will be a chance of
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storms that may fire up later in the day. from sunday to tuesday much drier and cooler weather can be expected. >> and you can track any storms heading our way with a free nbc 10 app. it shows when stormy weather will hit your area. it is a free download you can get right now. happening right now the pennsylvania state senate is holding a public hearing on philadelphia's soda tax. here is a live look right now at philadelphia city hall where state senator anthony williams is holding the hearing to gather testimony about the city's tax on sugary drinks. williams opposing the tax. this is drawing a lot of protest on either side. just listen in. a lot of noise makers inside city hall.
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protesters have gathered. they are expected to talk about how the beverage tax is hurting them. revenues go in part to fund pre-k programs and community schools across philadelphia. the major will encourage anyone who benefitted from this tax to come and show their support. this morning we are taking a closer look at the health care bill written by senate republicans. it would replace president obama it includes med kate reductions and defunds planned parenthood and eliminates mandates to purchase insurance and offering tax credits to help people afford their insurance while cutting taxes for the wealthy. mitch mcconnel says they must act fast because insurance
11:39 am
companies are quickly pulling out. a group of demonstrators are peling a different story. they are opposing the senate bill. what are they saying? >> reporter: they have a lot to say. we'll get to that in just a moment. these people have been camped out for the last 20 plus hours. they are here because they say the senator hasn't taken the time to hear them out. protesters have come together to be heard. demonstrations like these are happening across the state. for some of the people attending this rally the health care bill and cuts that come along with it are a matter of life and death. >> and it's frustrating because
11:40 am
it's like there's no care. . >> the fight is not in d.c. as much as you would like to see the cameras going over there and all of the 13 senators including pat toomey, who won't even pick up the phone. i put in calls to see if he will make himself available to some of the people he hasn't been ignored.
11:41 am
if he will make himself available ahead of the vote we have not heard back yet. i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. we have details about the investigation into the high-rise fire that killed at least 79 people in great britain. they say they are considering manslaughter charges in connection with the inferno. they are talking to reports there for if first time since last night's nba draft. that is the general manager at the mic right now. you can continue to watch his news conference live on the nbc
11:42 am
10 app. both are 18 years old. they picked first and may take one of the two players. they will likely take which ever ones are on the board. it is tonight at 7:00 p.m. in chicago. it is definitely not the end of the road for boys to men. the big honor that will give these boys plenty to sing about this weekend. i'm tracking remnants of cindy across our viewing area. i'll time out these rain showers for you and what you can expect in your neighborhood on the other side of the break. see you soon.
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the family of 15-year-old sadie rigs said she died by suicide as she struggled from being bullying. s they say she was in counseling and taking medication. they also wrote to the bullies, please know you were effective in making her feel worthless.
11:46 am
an unprecedented effort to impact suicide and raise awareness in our community. you can watch it on and hear emotional stories from families here in our area. actor johnny depp appear today jokingly suggest he endorsed the assassination of president trump. take a listen. >> when is the last time an actor assassinated a president? >> it's been a while. >> maybe it's time. >> actor john wilkes assassinated lincoln in 1865. he made the remarks at britain's
11:47 am
largest music festival. happening this weekend motown philly back again. they will get their own street tomorrow. philadelphia high school for the creative and performing arts will be renamed boys to men boulevard. on july 4th the grammy winning trio at independence hall. it is part of the week long wawa welcome america festivities live right here on nbc 10. hundreds of people will be wearing their green and celebrating the luck of the irish tomorrow, a play some people call the 3rd county of ireland. here to tell us more about it, from the headlining act. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> tom, you put on several music
11:48 am
festivals in our area every year. tell me why you're bringing it here. >> delaware county has the largest per capita irish population in the country. it is pretty close to the top of the list. we thought it fitting that we do something with an irish theme to it. you don't have to be irish to come obvious. everybody is irish tomorrow. >> it has become very popular in our area. what do you think it is? >> i think a lot of rhythms and music draw people in. you know, i think it really is the music, the rhythms that everyone wants to be part of it. we welcome everybody to come and join us. >> tell us about your performance tomorrow. >> we are a quinquintet. it is great to come home and
11:49 am
perform. we play a lot of high energy tunes and high energy songs. i'm the vocalist in the band and we have guitar and fiddle and ban banjo. >> that is awesome. you have a concert in the park summer series kicking off next week as well. >> dwyes. we do. >> we are doing different parks. we are featuring the opening. it features lauren heart and the tim williams band this coming wednesday. a lot of what we are doing, everything that we are doing is to support the music, education and music programs that we help fund and support in the community. we are building -- taking a very aggressive step in building a performing arts center and creating performance opportunities for young students
11:50 am
whether they be in middle school or high school. we could work on showmanship and craft on a stage. a lot of what we are doing is fundraising for that effort to make that happen. >> not everybody that our guests of our show comes and decorates the set for us. we appreciate that you did that. >> we even brought you a gift. >> that's very nice. i appreciate that. how about that. it is happening tomorrow from noon to 9:00 p.m. it is near westchester pike. it begins next wednesday, june 28th with five evening summer concerts and five havertown parks. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> looks like just the right
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size too. i appreciate it. another look at philadelphia city hall where demonstrators for and against the philadelphia soda tax are making their voices heard. you can hear all of the noise there businesses and workers are expected to talk about how the local beverage tax is hurting them. a live look outside tells us we have soupy skies right now. already seeing rain out there. a wider perspective. this is our satellite. it looks important here. you can see how massive this is as it really encome passes all of the east coast. right now we are seeing breaks in the mid-atlantic and our local viewing area. let's go on in and see what we have going on. a couple of breaks and that's really important. i have been talking about this.
11:52 am
any time we see a break we have a potential for sunshine. it could destabilize the atmosphere. it's not a total wash for the weekend. i have to get to this very quickly and get you some good news here. i do think most of the clouds will clear by 10:00 or 11:00 a.m. keep in mind the second half will bring lots of sunshine on sunday and monday. it will bring us a mix of sun and clouds. hour by hour forecast shows us showers moving across our area and potential for isolated thunderstorms later this afternoon into techbihe evening hours. again, clearing by early tomorrow morningment you can see the hour by hour forecast doing a great job on the isolated thunderstorms and also picking up on 2 threat of heavier downpours through early tomorrow morning and the great news is everything does clear by about 10:00 or 11:00 a.m.
11:53 am
the second half brings us plenty of sunshine. look at this clearing. we definitely like that around here. forecasted rainfall totals, over an inch for many of us. it looks like just under an inch here. over an inch for burlington and trenton over an inch in rainfall. we were seeing rainfall totals over 2 inches. severe thunderstorm risk has been expanded. we are seeing nonsevere. we are seeing marginal for our area. duo have the potential for action around here locally especially by later this afternoon. we'll keep you updated on that in just a little bit. our ten day forecast, upper 80s for today and tomorrow. more sunshine for the second half. lots of sunshine. less humid. i do think it will not be the
11:54 am
worst forecast. sunshine and more news coming up after the break.
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the longest friday of the year. >> yes. 16 hours of daylight. i love when vai is happy. anything planned? >> no.
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just hanging out. >> thanks for watching. i'm vai sikahema. have a great day. ♪ it's here. the first night your teenage daughter stays out way too late. but after three years of specialist cancer care, to guide her into remission, you couldn't be happier about it.
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>> sonny: looks like you were bounced from titan just in time, deimos. >> justin: at least he had it coming. unlike those 50 titan employees you just pink-slipped. >> sonny: i told you i was gonna get rid of everything and everyone connected to deimos. >> justin: you kept your word... and made a big mistake. >> eric: i knew things wouldn't be easy. but jennifer and i decided to put our friendship first. >> marlena: i'm sorry things didn't work out. >> eric: it's just, i'm not ready to jump into a relationship right now. i think my focus should be on my work at the center. >> marlena: i know how important that is to you. something wrong, honey? >> eric: it's just that things... at work are gonna get somewhat complicated.


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