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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  June 23, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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here comes the storm. tropical rains will drench us, but can you salvage part of your weekend? burglary spree. why police believe certain business owners are being targeted. secret recording. teenagers getting undressed caught on a hidden camera.
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nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 11:00, tropical downpours heading our way. you can see the storms brewing on our live radar. we've issued a first alert for tomorrow morning as we could get a heavy shot of storms. let's get right to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. what can we expect in the morning? >> it depends on how late you want to sleep. if you sleep late enough you might miss the whole thing. one area of rain is heavy right now and we'll be affecting burks, lehigh, north hampton, bucks, montgomery counties and why do i highlight those and those are the areas that have had probably more than an inch of rain and they have flood advisories already before the main area comes in. look at the size of this thing. this is the remnants of cindy and it is obviously moving in our direction. here's the hour-by-hour timing as we go to the middle of the
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morning. heavy from the poconos down to burks county and then right across the area from bucks county to chester county and at 5:30, 6:30, right over to the philadelphia area itself. 7:30, starting to come into new jersey, trenton getting hit hard, but it's already drying out north and west. by 8:00, the sun is coming out. north and west, and by 9:00 or 10:00 it's already offshore. i'll be back to talk more about the rest of the weekend and next week coming up. glenn, track tomorrow's storm and any other on the nbc 10 app. it lets you know when the storm is about to hit your neighborhood. we'll send you an alert 30 minutes before the storm hits your exact location. wake up with nbc 10 news today for the updated forecast that starts tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. a south jersey man is in jail tonight accused of secretly
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recording his teenage employees in a changing room. ari bostick owns an ice cream shop in vineland and as drew smith found out, this is not the first time people have raised concerns about him. >> reporter: the sign says closed outside the cool breeze ice cream shop. armando rodriguez showed us the photo he took as police handcuffed 65-year-old larry bostick. >> he only let females work here. they found evidence the shop owner secretly recorded girls in the employee changing room and the device connected to a monitor in bostick's office. >> that is perverted and creepy. >> hannah bennett and warren stewart are not surprised by the arrest. they claimeded to have reported bostick 15 years ago after alleged inappropriate contact with their daughter. >> they brought a camera and told her to take pictures of her body. >> vineland police were not available to explain why that case ended with no charges. >> we told him stay away from us because i will hurt him.
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now i wish i did do it. >> reporter: police are investigating more of these types of cases because of the technology. you can see how small a camera lens is, but the device used in these types of crimes can be as small as a pen. experts say you need to keep an eye out for things that seem out of place in private settings and there are devices marketed as spy camera detectors. upon. >> he's taken away their innocence and it's not fair. >> for now in the ice cream shop case police are asking any other potential victims to come forward. in vineland, drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> new now from south jersey, crews had to use the jaws of life to free a driver trapped here when a car crashed into a pole in burlington and it happened on route 130 and no one else was injured and right now at 11:00, asian business owners targeted this surveillance video shows two men creeping inside one businessman's home and police say they broke into his shop, as well.
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brandon hudson joins us live in west philadelphia tonight, police believe these same burglars have hit the homes of other business owners as well. >> reporter: that's right. detectives in southwest philly say they're very calculated and they stole electronics and clothing and police believe the small business owners are being targeted because the suspects believe they keep money inside their homes. this is just one of four burglaries police believe these two men, possibly brothers committed last month and all of the victims are asian business owners in philly and delaware county, and this one happened above the house of chees grocery store in west philadelphia last saturday afternoon. >> going through every piece including cutting mattresses and they knew exactly what they were looking for. >> they were definitely calculated. >> these suspects thought they got rid of the surveillance video during the burglary and it was saved on an internet-based camera, and two of the other crimes happened early last month. >> and one in prospect park on
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the fifth of may and one on the tenth of may where asian families that own a nail salon in delaware county were also targeted. >> lieutenant john walker says the owners are concerned partly because this trend isn't new. >> we've had this problem in the past in the city and we want to make sure that this community is understanding that we're here with them. jeremiah edwards, a customer of the store in southwest philly says this crime is bad for the neighborhood. >> i drove there and bought a couple of sandwiches and stuff. it's terrible to see people doing that. they're good people over there. >> reporter: you saw two men in the surveillance video and police believe they're working with two other meb. live in southwest philly, i'm brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. new details tonight on a fight between a police officer and a man in wildwood caught on camera. the video appears to show the officer punching that man. he's now facing charges of disorderly conduct after he refused to comply with the officer and stood in his way.
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police are investigating the officer for potentially using excessive force. first week of the seth williams corruption trial ends with the philadelphia district attorney praising his lawyers' efforts. >> the attorneys did a great job. >> much of the testimony today came from a bucks county businessman named mohammad ali. he told the court he gave williams lavish gifts in part because he wanted help from the d.a. because he was having trouble with the tsa at the airports. the defense says the two men were friends and that williams never actually resolved any of the problems. today was the deadline for president trump to reveal whether he had recordings of his conversations with fired fbi director james comey. the white house responded by sending a letter to the house intelligence committee quoting the president's tweets. yesterday mr. trump tweeted i have no idea whether there are tapes or recordings of my conversations with james comey, but i did not make any do not have any such recordings. in a tweet last month the president implied such tapes
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existed. during a hearing on capitol hill comey famously cleommented, "lordy, i hope there are tapes." another blow to the republican health care plan which faces a critical vote next week. dean heller says he's against the bill making him the gop senator to publicly voice the opposition and hundreds of thousands in his state without coverage and he's the only republican senator up for reelection in 2018. tonight the cdc says drug overdoses are at an all-time high and now local police and health officials say that number could climb even higher with the proposed senate health care bill. >> in delaware, at christiane hospital 70% is paid for by medicaid. if the proposed cuts in the bill go through, fewer addicts would be able to get help and parent affected by the crisis say now is the time for more help, not less. >> so many people that are in
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substance use, they don't have the money to begin with. >> if you do not have health insurance you do not have a chance. >> senate republicans argue the changes to medicaid are needed to save it from fiscal failure. >> tonight, a bill that would expand dna testing in pennsylvania is moving forward. the bill would require cheek swabs from people convicted of first-degree misdemeanors and some second-degree offenses and right now it only applies to felony offenders and supporters say it will help solve serious crimes. the state house voted overwhelmingly in support of the bill and it now goes to the state senate. fire safety concerns with a public housing complex in london. after an inspection today the authorities deem the buildings unsafe. the evacuations prompted by a fire that killed nearly 80 people at this nearby high-rise apartment building. a faulty refrigerator is to blame for this fire. insulation and tiles in that building did not meet fire
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safety rules. remember this steam pipe explosion in baltimore from earlier this week? we are now learning that police officers who responded to the blast may have been exposed to asbestos. it damaged two nearby hotels and covered cars in debris. five people were hurt. >> up next, assassination joke. actor johnny depp explains his intentions after he talked about killing president trump. from homeless to house warming. moms who used to live on the street are celebrating a big accomplishment at a special graduation tonight. glenn? tropical downpours tomorrow. you can see where it's coming from. your weekend is not going to be a washout, not close to one. i'll it will you precisely when the rain's going to hit your neighborhood so you can finalize your weekend plans. plus big hockey news tonight. the flyers trade away one of their popular players.
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and later, first pitch fail. an actress struggles to even find home plate in a cringe-worthy moment. well, you just have to see it.
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an apology tonight from johnny depp after the actor's controversial comments about president trump. here's what he said. >> when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? he went on to say it's been a while. maybe it's time. depp made the comment speaking at a festival in england and the secret service says its been made aware of it. of course, it was actor john wilkes booth that assassinated abraham lincoln. he said i apologize for the bad joke in poor taste about president trump. it did not come out as intended and i intended no malice, he said. anger over depp's comment has been pouring in on social
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media. many think the remark is especially insensitive after congressmen came under fire on this virginia baseball field last week. congressman steve scalise was the most seriously wounded today. we learned scalise is out of intensive care, but he is still in the hospital. a special graduation in north philadelphia tonight, norths w mothers who used to be homeless are celebrating their success in new homes. keith jones shows us the secret to their new success. tonight, celebration after years of pushing twin mattresses together and bathing a daughter in a container. >> sleeping in a room with four other kids and their mothers. >> ellen moved with her daughter from shelter to shelter, a neighborhood over, angela jordan cared for four young kids. >> it was pretty scary going into an environment that you're not familiar with. >> and then they came here sleeping in rooms just like this one and when they leave, 96% of
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people here end up finding permanent housing, 98 actually find work, they go to school or they leave in another program. the non-profit offers transitional housing, education, child care and after care to break the cycle of homelessness. executives say all of the women endured some form of childhood trauma. >> i don't know where i would be. i probably would have gave up because the shelter was so hard. i probably would haven't made it through. >> reporter: but now both women and several other families made it through the program and lined up housing several jobs and life lessons. >> as long as you pick yourself up when you're down and you keep going you can do anything. >> reporter: in north philadelphia, keith jones, nbc 10 news. by the way, the center is celebrating its 30th year. the non-profit has served 3100 families including 6300 children. ♪ ♪ happening this weekend, rain
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or shine a special honor for phillys own boys ii men. they will get their own very stretch outside their alma mater, philadelphia high school for the creative and performing arts will be renamed boys ii men boulevard. the ceremony is part of the final wawa welcome america pre-festival event. the festivities kick off thursday with six days of fun leading into the main event headlined by mary j. blige on the fourth. the pens landing was the place to be tonight as summerfest officially reopened and it's even better than before. this year the hot spot at the blue cross river rink includes a new carnival-style amusement park and here is a live look at the 60-foot ferris wheel and there's a carousel and other rides open this summer and will it be dry enough for the people to enjoy the pens landing tonight? the area could see the tropical downpours tomorrow because of the remnants of tropical storm cindy. you can see the first action on first-alert radar right there.
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the nbc 10 weather team has issued a first alert for tomorrow morning, but your weekend won't be a total washout. here is a live look at beach avenue in cape may where we could get nice beach weather later in the weekend and here's the man that can tell us all about it and first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" s schwartz. >> we have showers moving through part of the area right now and the problem is these are areas that got hit hard earlier, and pottstown is getting hit hard and it's going into upper bucks county which got hit hard earlier today, too and now we've got this big blob that's headed in this direction. fortunately, some of the latest computer models and that just in so that this is not as powerful, not likely to be as powerful as it looked earlier, but we'll check it out hour by hour here as the -- these showers and
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thunderstorms come through. the heaviest rain still likely to be north and west. there's lehigh valley and burks county at 3:00 and by 5:00, down to montgomery and chester, coming in to philadelphia and there at 6:00, hour by hour, literally hour by hour right through this and then at 7:00, the last of the heavy rain right through philadelphia. so if you wake up late you'll miss it. 8:00, pennsylvania it's overwith. now in new jersey, they're getting hit hard at 8:00 a.m., but go ahead, sleep a little late you'll miss it, too. 9:00 a.m., that's out of here and the rest of the weekend is fine. the sunshine increases and the humidity goes down. it will end up being pretty nice. the amount of rain, a lot of this will fall in just an hour or two and there could be localized flooding like pottstown and doylestown and trenton. less and less amounts of rain as
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you go farther to the south. look how muggy it is now. it feels like 88. the temperature got to 89, very humid and it may get up to 8 tomorrow, too, but it's not going to be humid. we have the tropical downpours in the morning with temperatures in the 70s and then look what happens. by 9:30 already sun ney allentown, exton, quakertown, redding, already the rest of the day is fine. look at the afternoon. sunshine close to 90 degree, but lower humidity, so it's going to be a nice afternoon. a beautiful saturday night. a beautiful sunday. how about the beaches? ro ho rehoboth, the early showers. ocean, 69 degrees. wildwood, ocean 71. early showers saturday and sunday is perfectly sunny and atlantic city, the ocean's kind of cold at 63 degrees and those
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brief, early showers on saturday will get less rain than just about any other part of our area and then a beautiful day on sunday, too. >> doesn't sound too bad, glenn. the flyers are thinking goals with their draft pick tonight and trade away one of their top players. you'll hear about that, plus not your average senior prom and senior citizens show us all how to party next.
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oh, they are getting down to the beat here in germantown. nearly 100 residents and guests at the cortland life germantown gather here at the senior prom. therapists tell us it gives the seniors much-needed exercise. you go there, pal. it also helps them with soci socialization. they are having a good time.
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we've seen ceremonial good pitches that are less than impressive and nothing quite like this one. that's actress scarlet groober. she didn't know where home plate was at marlins park in miami. she took the field and faced second base. after doing a 180, she delivered. it wasn't the strike, though, and it was a spike to the ground. john clark, i just don't understand how she could have gotten so turned around. >> pretty good, jim. bravo. respect for you tonight, going into the weekend. >> what's going on in sports and the flyers. >> they trade away one of the longest tenured players in a draft night trade. flyers had the second overall pick and they get a good one. we're going hear from him and also mike folts with the sixers. that's next.
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this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. it will change the way you experience tv. >> philadelphia selects western hockey league's nolan patrick. >> some scouts say he is almost a complete player. it is patrick's day. nolan patrick is now a philadelphia flyer. i'm john clark from csn. the flyers for the third time in team history, they get a top two pick and they get a really good big center. nolan patrick can score and plays on the defensive end, as well. a two-way player from manitoba. he did have sports hernia surgery, but still had a very good year and the flyers are okay with his injuries and he did play with ivan in canada, and he wanted to be a flyer. >> i'm really excited. i've been there a few times and it's obviously a great sports player, and you know, i like the way the team plays and hopefully i can fit into that. >> i think whenever you can get a centerman with size, good
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skating ability and the vision that nolan has and a prototypical power forward, and i'm excited to have him. >> june 23rd. no flyer is safe day. on this day over the last six years, four players have been traded on this day. it happened again and the flyers trad trad trad traded braden schenn and the flyers get a conditional first-round pick next year. schenn was second in goals and he had three years left on the deal for over 5 million per, why, ron heckstall, why? >> it wasn't like we were out there shopping brayden and this deal came along and we liked it this year and we likedorry and it was a deal that made sense. >> sixers introducing their number one overall pick today.
11:30 pm
markelle foltz. here is markelle with a sixers jersey today. he believes he will ignite the process and he thinks the sixers will start winning with him here now. he believes they can be a playoff team. he also has a chip on his shoulder. he wants to prove people wrong. >> i feel like i'm the perfect fit not because of my talents, but me as a person. i think i'm going to bring great qualities to the team and the team has a lot to offer me, and i'm looking forward to getting in the gym and working with these guys. >> phillys up on the diamondbacks 1-0 in the seventh. we'll be right back. (man) hmm. what do you think?
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okay. we cannot get enough of this video today. this gorilla can't get enough of the pool. this is at the dallas zoo. this is unbelievable. some part of me is questioning if it's real, but hey, our producer says i'm willing to go with it. >> flash dance part two. >> yeah. >> all right. we have a great weekend once you get past tomorrow morning and a really nice week ahead. >> plenty to splash around with in the morning. that's our news. have a great weekend. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- keanu reeves. cat deeley. comedian ali kolbert.


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