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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  June 24, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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we're live. and we're tracking the downpours moving across our on area. will it clear out for our weekend plans? we'll check the fishls rst are neighborhood forecast. and today boyz ii men will be in town to celebrate a stretch of broad street being named after the iconic pop group from the '90s. who doesn't love boyz ii men, right? we'll get to that later on. good morning, thanks for being withmary connors. let's start with our weekend weather because we do have changes to our weather and we have issued a first alert. krystal klei has those details for us. >> and we've already seen some pockets of very heavy rain roll through the area over the last several days. so as a result, we get more heavy rain this morning and we could see some localized flooding in areas. and you see the reds, oranges,
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yellows and this long line cutting through parts of the suburbs including chester county, monday rirks butgomery, county. it is moving to the east. so areas of delaware and new jersey up next. the good news is on the back side of it, just spotty showers. otherwise we will start driving out in the late morning hours. even the humidity will start to thin out by late this afternoon. and especially by tomorrow. but this morning, this is what we're dealing with. gray skies, rain reporting. we're at 77 in philadelphia, but with the heavier rain, a70 in te suburbs. 80 in new jersey. lehigh valley where some of the heavier rain has passed by, 70. winds right now 5 to 15 miles per hour scale, but could pick up some into the afternoon for some breezy conditions in the forecast. overalthough the afternoon will be a lot better than where we currently are. we'll warm up nicely, typical for this time of year. into the upper 80s.
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and we'll see the clouds start to break to allow some sunshine in. have to get through the rain first, though. so we'll track the rain and let you know when it should get out of your neighborhood. >> and you can track the rain with the nbc 10 app. keep it handy all summer long for any severe weather threats. we'll send you an alert 30 minutes before a storm reaches your location. we're following breaking news, a woman was found beaten and stabbed to death right near a high school in north philadelphia. nbc 10 was first on the scene and that is where randy gyllenhaal is live for us. he has more on the investigation. >> reporter: and police are describing a very brutal and violent assault that led to a homicide here at a park near dobbins high school. a 33-year-old victim found in the grassy area by a passerby in this neighborhood sometime before 3:00 this morning.
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police got on the scene about 3:10. the victim had multiple stab wounds and her face was also beaten. this is near 21st and lehigh. and police say the passerby found the woman lying in the park and that passerby is being interviewed. the victim's pants were around her ankles. they are investigating it as a possible sexual assault in addition to a murder. she's identified only as a 33-year-old woman who lives near this area as police process a shred difficult crime scene. >> her condition shows an awful experience that she must have gone through. she was stabbed repeatedly all areas of her body. she's laying there on her back, her pants pulled down to her ankles. >> reporter: and right now live at the scene, a large amount of resources being spent by the philadelphia police department both gathering evidence here at
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the scene before all of this rain moves through and washes it away as well as an active search for a possible suspect. right now no indication of a suspect or no description right now. but police do say that the victim's belongings were scattered throughout the grassy park indicating some sort of a struggle. so that search for evidence and a suspect continues early this morning. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. this morning a cumberland county man is in jail can being accused of secretly recording his teenage employees in a changing room. larry bostic is charged with child endangerment and invasion of privacy. a neighbor showed us the photo he says he took of police handcuffing bostic on thursday. bostic's cool breeze ice cream shop is now closed. acting on a tip, police tell us that they found evidence that bostic secretly recorded girls in the employee changing room with the hidden camera connected to a monitor in his office. police are now asking any other potential victims to come
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forward. wildwood police officer is off the streets while an investigation into this video is completed. it appears to show the officer punching kevin pick piccolo beforehand cuffing him. the patrolman is on desk duty while the excessive force investigation wraps up. it appears the white house has met a congressional deadline for president trump to reveal if he had any recordings of his conversations with fired fbi director james comey. yesterday with the day of the deadline the administration sent a letter to the house intelligence committee quoting the president trump's tweets. one read i have no idea whether there are tapes or recordings of my conversations with james i and do not have any such recordings. the letter contained no other information. president trump had implied that such recordings existed in a
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tweet from are last month. during a hearing on capitol hill, comey commented lordy, i hope there are tapes. senators bernie sanders and ron johnson will be sitting down with chuck todd to discuss the health care bill on "meet the press." that comes your are way at 10:30 tomorrow right here on nbc 10. a busy intersection in north philly is now closed becauseare tomorrow right here on nbc 10. a busy intersection in north philly is now closed because of a renewal of project. broad street will reopen at 8:00 sunday night. some bus routes will be detouring during this time. ♪ this is like part of the sound track of my child hood. who didn't love boyz ii men? they will be in south philly this morning to watch as they get their very own street. that's right, a stretch of broad street just outside their alma mater fwill be renamed boyz ii
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men boulevard. the street dedication ceremony is part of the excitement leading up to the withawa festi. boys 2 men will be honored at independence hall on july 4th. official ceremonies for welcome america kick off thursday with six days of fun leading into the main event headlined by mary j. blige on the 4th. still ahead, why some health firnl officials fear the proposed senate health care bill could add to the opioid addiction crisis. and are you looking for a new car? why are experts tell us you may want to shop for a used sedan if you want a better deal. we'll explain.
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we can show you where the line of heavy rain is moving through. it's moves about 40 miles per hour, so now upper parts of our suburb counties and into the central portions. to buckingham, northampton, out to hatfield, you see the yes, ma'am lowyellows, oranges and s reds. but it is quick moving. but right now these are the areas seeing the heaviest rain. it extends down to norristown and right through parts of almost delaware county and down east nottingham and down near baltimore. so this line has been moving west to east. and that means if we time this out, that it will be slicing right through parts of delaware, philadelphia coming up soon. here is the timing we're looking at. by 6:20, wilmington seeing heavier rain. philadelphia getting some of the heaviest 6:45.
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stea sa wood bridge by 7:30. so this is continuing to move in this direction. with the timing like this, be they will be out of here by the time you want to get outdoors. so if you are going to the shore today, 87 degrees in arerehobot bea beach, avalon 84. water temperature 82 degrees. wave heights 5 to 7 feet and there is a rip current risk in the moderate zone. and i will let you know more about the forecast highs across all our neighborhoods comeing up. the all american barbecue continues today. it's all about treats from the grill. the menu also offers a variety ever beers and other goodies and there are free activities including games plus a deejay will be there. the fun begins at 1:00 and runs through tomorrow.
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plenty happening in south philly as the championship game in the carpenter cup tournament. delaware north will take on south jersey. the only tournament showcases some of the best high school baseball players in our area. the title game is scheduled for 10:00 this morning. talking sports, flyers trade away one of their longest tenured players in a draft deal and the team is thinking gold with their second overall draft picking last night. we'll hear from him next in sports.
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the cdc says drug overdoses are at an all-time high and that number could climb higher with
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the proposed senate health care bill. 70% of all opioid treatment is paid for my medmedicaid. critics say that if the proposed medicaid cuts go through, less would get treatment. >> so many people that are in substance use, they don't have the money to begin with. >> if you do not have health insurance, you do not have a chance. >> senate republicans argue the changes to medicaid are needed to save it from fiscal failure. tonight a bill that would expand dna testing for convicted of a crime is moving forward. it would require cheek swabs. right now it only applays to felony offenders. supporters say it will help solve serious crimes. the statehouse voted overwhelmingly in support of the bill and now it goes to the senate.
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if you are looking for a deal on a car, you may want to take a look at some used cars. a new study shows prices for pre-owned does ans are pricing because more americans are buying suvs. and also dealers are being flooded with used cars coming offer of leases. used car prices could drop by 9% between now and next year. more business news to report. uber ceo is shown the exit ramp and energy shares hit an oil slick be. jackie deangelis takes a look back at this week on wall street. >> travis kalanick is out of uber just days after announcing a leave of absence. he has been accused of culturing atmosphere but remains a board member. and senate unveiled their health care bill. it has to be reckon assigned with the house version before it becomes law. and energy stocks suffer aring their worst week in over a year, price of crude fell for a
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fifth straight week. oversupply continues to be concerned. amazon wants to dress you and feed you. they launched prime wardrobe, a try before buying service with free shipping both ways. i'm jackie deangelis. get all your business news on cnbc. 5:47. if you are just getting up and thinking about heading out, don't worry, it won't last all day. not even all weekend. christy cli hrystakrystal klei . >> yeah, you look at this picture and think you'll stay indoors all day. but you don't have to. things will be better late morning hours. and on top of that, it will be kind of sunny in the afternoon. so this morning you need the umbrella early. but then later in the day sunglasses, sunscreen, light clothes and staying hydrated. because we'll start to see a mix
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of sun and clouds out there. let's talk about the rain that we have right now though. we have the line of heavy rain we've been tracking slicing right through bucks, montgomery county and on into chester county, but now some of it is creeping close to delaware county and then wilmington, philadelphia, trenton seeing that line. so it won't be long before we start to see it hitting our area. the yellows, oranges and reds stretch all the way down south through and past baltimore and d.c. it could lead too localized flooding. but it is moving so quickly that it shouldn't cause major problems. if this was a slow mover, that much rain would be a big issue. no matter where you are at, you will probably see it. this is at 5:30. watch as we go through the next time slot, through 7:00 a.m., heaviest rain already starting to move out of philadelphia. that might be a little fast,
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when ybut i still think by 8:00 a.m., it is moving offshore. so 8:30, still cloudy, but we're starting to dry out. 8:30 to 9:30, clouds are starting to thin out, spotty showers are dissolving. and then we'll have some sun. remember these icons are just for the morning hours. and then the rain moves out. 89 in center city, right around the mid-80s for the lehigh valley. upper 80s for new jersey, voorhees, trenton, you're at 87. along the shore, we should see mostly those lower 80s. if you're a little inland, you could see upper 80s and in delaware, are upper 80s at well. let's go to the 10 day. humid this morning and late afternoon that humidity will start to drop. so by tomorrow, we are much less humid.
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we have mostly sunny conditions. and things look great for your sunday at 86 degrees. we continue this downward trend, 81 on your monday, tuesday all the way down to 77. and we're mostly dry. some showers possible tuesday, but otherwise staying on the dry side right into your friday. and then we could have some storms back in the forecast. >> all right, thanks. let's talk about the phillies now. out in arizona, they got a win from a pitcher making his first major league start. he's from toms river and his father used to pitch for the phillies. last night he held the diamondbacks to three hits. now here is the rest of your saturday morning sports. philadelphia selects nolan
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patrick. >> some scouts say he is almost a complete player. yeah, it is patrick's day. nolan patrick is a philadelphia flyer. i'm john clark. the flyers for only third time in team history have a top two pick and last night they get a really good wig centbig center. he can score and he plays on the defensive end. a two way player. he did have sports hernia surgery are last seaslast seaso still had a good year. he did play in canada and he wanted to be a flyer. you still had a good year. he did play in canada and he wanted to be a flyer. you still had a good year. he did play in canada and he wanted to be a still had a good year. he did play in canada and he wanted to be a flyer. >> it's obviously a great sports place and i like the way the team plays. hopefully i can fit in. >> whenever you can get a big centerman with size, good skating ability and the vision that nolan has, a prototypical power forward, we're really excited to have him.
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>> now yesterday was june 23rd. no flyer is safe day. on that day, over the last six years, four players have been traded. it happened again. so five now. flyers traded brayden schenn last night, a six year flooi ye. he goes to the blues so they could move up to the 27th pick. and with the pick, they take morgan frost and condition am first round pick from last year. schenn once second in goals each of the last two years, he had three years left on on a deal. so ron hexstall, why can? >> it just came out of nowhere. it wasn't like we were out there shopping, but the deal came along and we really like the draft next year and the late pick this year. and so just made sense. >> 6ers introduce markelle fultz. he is thrilled to be playing close to home.
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here is markelle with a 6ers jersey yesterday. markelle believes that he will ignite the process and he thinks the 6ers will start winning with him being here now. and he thinks they can be a playoff team. he does have a chip on his shoulder and he wants to prove people wrong. >> i feel like i'm the perfect felt. not because of my talents, but as a person, i think that i will bring great qualities to the team and the team has a lot to offer. so just looking forward to working with these guys. >> thursday night josh hart went in the first round last pick, he will play for the lakers. his nova teammates were there to celebrate with him when he found out. look at this. [ cheers ] >> on behalf of the team, we can't thank you enough for letting us share in this.
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>> thank you for coming out. it means so much to myself and my family. thank you guys. >> raise your glass. congrats to josh hart, a national champion and first round pick. i'm john clark at csn. [ indistinct chatter ]
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trust me when i tell you that this gorilla is lighting up social media with some dance moves. 16789 this is the dallas zoo. he really starts to make a splash. this is definitely one way to stay cool and some exercise at the same time. and summerfest is back at pens landing. it officially opened last night and it's better than ever. this year's hot spot includes a new carnival style amusement park. is this this is is live look at the ferris wheel. 5:57. we're following breaking news out of north philly. police are looking for the person responsible for a deadly attack. randy gyllenhaal is following the investigation. >> reporter: an active search under way right now in north
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philadelphia. next, a brutal and violent attack that philadelphia police say left a young woman dead in a local park. and take a look at first alert radar, this line ever oranges, yellows, reds, that is heavy rain moving through, but things look better across all of our neighborhoods once the rain clears. we'll talk about when that is coming up.
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right now, we are starting off our saturday on a soggy note. we're tracking the rain you can see on radar as it moves through the region this morning. hidden camera. coming up, the details of the man arrested to see kretly recording teenage employees in a changing room at his business. plus burglary spree. investigators hope this surveillance video leads to the group of men wanted for targets certain business owners in philadelphia and delaware county. thanks for being with us. it's 6:00. and i think soggy sums it up. we have a first alert issued because of the changes in


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