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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  June 24, 2017 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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now down the shore at cape may new jersey looking beautiful out there. looking like a great beach day. the shore is one of the last places to see the effect of the rainy weather as the system is moving out to sea. krystal klei has been keeping us posted on this all morning long. krystal, fill us in on the latest. >> the good news is that the first alert lites lifts in the next hour because the line has moved offshore. left behind likely washed out roadways and certainly downed trees that may be blocking driveways. so that is why we're leaving it in effect just to remind you that if you get out early today, take it slow because there may be hazards out there that you don't typically expect to see. but otherwise our first alert radar shows a much better picture now, just scattered clouds in place and now we're seeing the sunshine break through across the area. take a look at some of the damage reports that are coming in. currently still coming in as we speak across the area. really looking over parts of gloucester, camden, burlington
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county. downed trees or power lines in the area. and you can see it tracks into mercer, as well. those are the areas that were at one points under tornado warnings because of the strong winds and heavy rain that was tracking through the area. again, that has now moved all offshore. right now temperatures are slowly trying to start climbing. we're at 76 in philadelphia. 723 in the suburbs. we're at 74 in new jersey. lehigh valley 77. and 76 in delaware. and these live camera pictures looking a lot better than they did a bit ago. now the sun breaking through, a beautiful shot over philadelphia and these nice conditions, they will persist as we go through the rest of today and your sunday. we'll talk more about rest of the weekend come thinkiing up. >> earlier there was a tornado warning for much of south jersey and the severe weather has caused quite a bit of damage throughout the region. reports of trees down, some flooding. randy gyllenhaal has been
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following the aftermath of the storm and he's in xwlos tgloss city. >> reporter: this is the area where the tornado warning was. we're not seeing any serious damage, just a lot of snapped branches. this tree actually just snapped off either from wind or lightning strike. and this is actually blocking the railroad tracks here as crews will begin this morning cleaning up a lot of downed trees because of this system. let me show you some video from just a few blocks away, another large tree completely uprooted this this neighborhood. falling on to the fence. but this tree did not hit the house. i talked to the people inside and they say they escaped by a few feet from the branches hitting their actual house. any described getting the tornado warning this morning and hearing the loud noises that that system came through just a few minutes later. take a listen. >> our house started shaking and then you kind of like heard like a bang kind of.
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>> a glorified mess to say the least. a reallyi ism prempressed and st the same time. >> reporter: aside from some concrete that got ripped up, buckled sidewalks and a few downed trees, we're not seeing any structural damage. we are still assessing a bit as the damage reports continue to come in, but early wake-up call for folks here in gloucester city and across south jersey as the tornts warning came through. the remnants of the tropical moisture from cindy. for now live in glossgyllenhaal. take a look at this tree in east falls around 7:00 this morning. you can see traffic has been getting around it, but a little bhits of cle bit of cleanup there. and near adams avenue, the system dropped buckets of rain through the region.
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you can track the weather this weekend with the nbc 10 app. it's a tree dofree download. we'll send you an alert 30 minutes before a storm reaches your location. now to breaking news we're following out of north philadelphia. police are sgrik tdescribing thr of a 33-year-old woman as brutal and violent. a passerby discovered the body next to dobbins high school. investigators tell us the woman had multiple stab wounds from her legs to her chest. police say her face was beaten. also they tell us that the victim had her pants around her ankles. investigators say her belongings were scattered through the grass. >> her chest was covered with blood, her hands covered with blood. this was a very brutal savage attack. somebody really wanted to make sure that she suffered and this she was killed. police tell us the woman
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lived in the neighborhood. right now there are no suspects. we will keep you posted on this. new overnight, a woman is in the hospital after the bicycle she was riding collided with a car. it happened around 2:00 this morning in south philly. the woman is in stable condition. the seth williams corruption trial will resume monday with a police official set to testify. the first week of the federal trial ended yesterday with williams praising his lawyers' efforts. >> what did you think about the testimony? >> attorney is doing a great job. >> bucks county businessman muhammad ali took the stand and he told the court he gave williams latchish gifts in part because he wanted help from the d.a. to resolve problems with tsa officials at the airport. the defense contends that the two men were friends and that williams never actually took care of ali's troubles. it appears the white house has met a congressional deadline for president trump to reveal if he had any recordings of
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conversations with james acomey. yesterday the administration sent a letter to the house intelligence committee quoting the president trump's tweet. one of them read i have no idea whether there are tapes or recordings of my conversations with james comey. but i did not make and do not have any such recordings. the letter contained no other explanation or information. president trump had implied that such recordings existed in a tweet from last month. and then during a hearing on capitol hill, just days after that post, comey commented, quote, lordy, i hope there are tapes, end quote. in other political news, the republican health care plan is up for a senate vote and run into another setback. dean heller opposes the bill. he is the fifth gop senator to come out against the measure. he also said the plan would leave hundreds of thousands of people in his state without thi discussion on "meet the press"
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tomorrow including the health care plan, bernie sanders and ron johnson will sit down with chuck todd. "meet the press" tomorrow morning at 11:30 -- 10:30, rather, right here on nbc 10. today in philadelphia, the state of pennsylvania will unveil and his tore cal marker commemorating the bombing of move headquarters. it's at 3:00 this afternoon.tor commemorating the bombing of move headquarters. it's at 3:00 this afternoon. it was may 1985 when police dropped a makeshift bomb on the bunker of the black liberation group during a standoff. 11 people died, including five children. hundreds of people lost their homes in the fire that followed. six flags is getting the green light to cut down 15,000 trees to build a solar farm. superior court judge deposit missed dismissed a lawsuit by vi environmental a group.
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six flags say that it would supply all their electrical needs. 8 past 9:00 on this saturday. spacex has made history once again. the private rocket company's latest launch was the first of its kind. we'll explain why it was so unusual. plus, saying sorry. actor johnny depp is apologizing this morning for some controversial comments he made about president donald trump. that is ahead. . and take a look over center city, we have pockets of blue sky, some scattered clouds. no sign of the line ever severe storms that passed through the area. the storms are now off and things are starting to look better. it's time that we bring addiction out of the darkness
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and into the light. to everyone struggling in silence - addicts, family, friends - you are not alone. it's time we lift each other up, reach out, say something. addiction is a disease. don't suffer. don't wait. help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or go to the road to recovery starts now.
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take a look at our radar. just with an hour ago, we track line of strong storms. and it's now moving offshore, which is good news. and it continues to weaken. no longer our issue. but the remnants are going to be felt now talking some washed out roadways possible as well as downed trees maybe in your normal location of driving. so a heads up. this storm passed through in the early morning hours. now we've got much better conditions behind that line. we'll go to about 87 at 3:00 in philadelphia. and we'll stay in the upper 80s. 7:00, we'll be at 85. in the suburbs, 84. we should see mid-80s for highs. upper 80s poshl. and right around the mid-80s at well in the lehigh vallue. delaware, upper 80s for highs there. new jersey the same, about 87.
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along the shore, right around the low to mid-80s today. nice sunshine and drying out. we'll talk more about rest of your weekend and into your workweek coming up. perfect time to head out to the marts festival. thousands come to main street to shop. this year nearly 300 artists will be showcasing their work. the festival runs until 7:00 this evening and then from 11:00 to 7:00 again tomorrow. touching the sky. coming up, one building out west is reaching new heights. we'll show you how it is reshaping the skyline of one of america's most famous cities and setting a record in the process. plus a young guy with nfl dreams. his biggest wish? for a forever family. we'll introduce you to this week's wednesday's child when we come back.
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spacex has made history with its latest rocket launch. the company sent a recycle falcon 9 rocket into space yesterday for the very first time. spacex then landed on a drone ship in the atlantic ocean. that means the company can recycle the rocket yet again. yesterday's launch delivered the first bulgarian communication satellite into high orbit. you could call it a towering debut for the skyscraper in los
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angeles. the tallest building west of the mississippi river is now open for business. the will shire grand center opened yesterday about that it features a unique curved shape roof made of glass and steel. and also a stebl lizing central core designed to withstand earthquakes. korean air developed the building at a cost of more than $1 billion. this morning johnny depp is apologizing after making some controversial comments with president donald trump. here's what he said that prompted the apology. >> when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? >> he went on to say that it's been a while, maybe it's time. depp was at a festival in england. skreet service officials say they are aware of the comments. the answer to his question of course it was bhooth who
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assassinated lincoln. depp says i apologize for the comment i made. it did not come out as intended and i intended no malice. anger other depp's comments has been pouring in on social media. many think the remark is particularly insensitive after members of congress came under fire on a virginia baseball field just last week. republican congressman steve ask a can leascalise was critic liad and remains in the hospital. he is a hard working teen who dreams of some day playing professional football. he is also looking for a forever family to give him the love and support that he says he's been missing throughout his life. this morning here is our
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wednesday's child. >> reporter: his reaction walking on to the field for the first time is understandable. to someone who plays football, it is simply breast tatbreathta. next we go inside the eagles locker room and he's blown away with its size. >> it's big. >> reporter: he also gets swag from the birds just like the pros. tell me what your plans are. i know you want to be an nfl player. tell me how you plan to do it. >> working hard every day on and off the field. academics, basically staying focused and on the right track. >> tell me about why is family is so important.
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>> family is important to anybody because we all need the suppo support. need somebody to rely on. >> what are some of the things that you think that you missed out on because you haven't had that? >> basically having a connection with somebody. like christmas or mother's day, stuff like that. i mean i ain't had like nobody. >> look at you. >> reporter: he's just a sophomore in high school and already had the size, but he will need to improve his grades to play college football. a former teammate and close friend is playing at vanderbilt, so it's within his grasp. he's taking an s.a.t. prep course tries a week. >> we're looking for a family who can step up and give him the independence that a 17-year-old needs, but also gives him that love and support that he hasn't really ever had.
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>> reporter: and he's our this week's wednesday's child. >> if you would like to make his dreams come true or the cream of any wednesday child, just go to and search wednesday's child. you can also call the national adoption center at 1-866-to-adopt. we're starting with a view in philadelphia. this is right in center city. and you can see the flag blowing in the wind. we have a little bit of a breezy forecast for the rest of today, but otherwise the rest of the day looks much better than it started. now early this morning, we had a line ever strong thunderstorms that rolled through the area. that has since moved offshore. you can see where it is now. no longer a threat to our viewing zone at all. instead just scattered clouds in place and we are looking at sunshine starting to break through way better than it was earlier. left some damage in its wake. but again, that has since moved offshore. as we go through the hour by hour forecast, what is left of the moisture really starts to thin.
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just spotty clouds around lunch timing and then into the afternoon and early evening hours, same deal. 4:00 p.m., model not evenicing up on much cloud coverage at all. that lasts right through 7:30. so a much better day that we have moving forward even though the morning started with the rough storms moving through. it did trigger some tornado warnings across the area. those no longer in place. we'll be up to 89 in center city. mid to upper 80s throughout the suburbs. 88 for lansdale. doylestown at 86. allentown, 86 always well and also easton. a nice mix of clouds us and sun across the board as we continue through the day. 87 in trenton, voorhees along the jersey shore, closer to the mid-80s. possibly up to 86 cape may. that might be on the high side. and through delaware, smeyrna a 89. dew point will start to drop and
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that is what tracks the moisture in the air. and so that is a good thing. it will really be low by tomorrow as things get very comfortable. winds for today like i mentioned, a little breezy out there. mostly from the west about 15 miles per hour across the board, you see philadelphia to wilmington to millville, 13, 14 miles per hour. gusts unto 25. so that's when the breeziness comes into place. sunday into monday, tomorrow we dry out even more, temperatures will be cooler. it should be a very nice sunday. mostly sunny to partly cloudy. 86 in philadelphia. 85 south engineer doctor engineer are city. monday, same deal. a mix of clouds and sun.jersey. monday, same deal. a mix of clouds and sun. a group of moms are on track to a brighter future. >> i don't know where i would be. probably are would have gave up because the shelter was so hard. >> how they overcame hardships to make a better life for their children. we have their stories next.
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we're back with a special graduation story. mothers who were once homeless celebrated a fresh start last night. keith jones tells us about the secrets of their success. >> celebration after years of pushing twin with mattresses together and bathing a daughter in a container. >> sleeping in a room with four other kids and their mothers. >> reporter: she moved with her daughter from shelter to shelter, a neighborhood over another woman cared for four young kids. >> it was pretty scary going into an environment that you're not familiar with. >> reporter: and then they came here sleeping in rooms like this one and when they leave, 96% of people here end up finding permanent housing. 98% find work, go to school or they leave in another program.
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the nonprofit offers transitional housing, child care and aftercare. all of the women endured some childhood trauma. >> i probably would have gave up. probably wouldn't have made it through. >> reporter: but now both women and several other families made it through the program and lined up housing and life lessons. >> as long as you pick yourself up and you keep going, you can accomplish anything. >> reporter: keith jones, nbc 10 news. 9:25. this morning we're following the aftermath of those storms. you may have excellent through it, but trust us, it happened. randy gyllenhaal is live in south jersey where there is a little bit of damage left. >> reporter: early morning wake-up call. some trees snapping including
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this one. we'll talk to neighbors who described the storm rolling through. and it's sunny now, much better new for the rest of your weekend forecast. a picture more like this. we're talking about drying out and staying dry in the extended forecast. details coming up.
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right now a stormy start to our saturday, the severe weather knocked down trees and we'll get a look at the damage coming up. rain moving out of here, radar showing the wet weather heading out to sea. we'll tell you what you can expect for the rest of the weekend. and we're following this out of north philly, beaten, stabbed, left to die. this morning police are looking for clues after the brutal murder of a young woman near philadelphia high school. breaking news of course severe weather that swept through quickly but was very powerful. good morning, thanks for being with us. i'm rose mayor ary connors. it is just before 9:30. let's start with the weather. what a difference a few hours makes. this is a live look over
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philadelphia. looking great out there. but early morning, heavy rain, strong winds. krystal klei has been following it for us. if you just woke up recently, you're probably saying i don't believe it, it looks great outside. but this is what radar looked like throughout the morning. the oranges and reds sliced through the entire area before what they are now doing what is moving off to sea. so all we have this morning now some scattered clouds, but earlier today it spawned several tornado warnings. in fact take a look at the damage reports that have to do in so far. you might notice there is more on the board now than there was just a half hour ago. so more reports starting to trickle in. a lot concentrated over damage de camden, gloucester. and mercer, you can see the flooding reports because we saw heavy rain with the line of
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storms. good news is that the storms have moved out. we're at 76 right now. 74 in pottstown. and later today, actually gets pretty hot and sunny. we'll talk more about the rest of your saturday and on into your sunday coming up. >> hard to believe it considering we had severe weather not too long ago. the storms have pushed out of here. that's the good news. however there is some damage done to our region. randy gyllenhaal shows us what the scene looks like in gloucester city. >> reporter: and this is about where the tornado warning was centered early this morning just after 6:30. what is left behind is a lot of just branches popping off like match sticks and a few trees that have fallen either on to the train tracks here as well as into some yards and fences. let me show you video from in neighborhood here into gloucester city where a tree uprooted completely taking out part of the sidewalk with it. but we were chatting with the neighbors and they say that they heard the loud boom when the tree came down, but it came just
9:32 am
a few feet away from their house, so it didn't cause any structural damage. but that storm came in pretty quickly. the remnants of that tropical moisture and they say that it woke them up pretty early. a nice alarm clock on this saturday morning. >> like our house started shaking. and then you kind of like heard like a bang kind of. >> a glorified mess to say the least. and really impressed and scared at the same time that it ripped out. >> reporter: good news is we're not seeing any major structure all damage to homes or anything like that here in gloucester city. we're also hearing reports about some damage over in collingswood, but most is similar to this, the trees that have snapped and the cleanup continues in south jersey. i'm randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. take a look at this, this tree that fell right across roosevelt boulevard near ridge avenue. this is about 7:00 this morning. traffic has been moving around
9:33 am
it. and to this picture, very high water in the crescentville neighborhood near adams avenue. the system swept through quickly and dumped buckets of rain through the region. so may see a little bit of flooding as the morning continues. if you are out and about this week echbd, you can track the weekend weather on the nbc 10 app. it is a free download. definitely keep it handy all summer long for any severe weather threat. we will send you an alert 30 minutes before storms reach your location. now to breaking news we've been following out of north philadelphia. this morning police are looking for the person who beat and stabbed a woman and left her to die in a park. she was discovered by a passerby in this area near dobbins high school near 21st street and lehigh avenue. the woman had multiple stab wounds from her legs to her chest. police also tell us her face was beaten. investigators say her belongings
9:34 am
were scattered through the grass. she suspect she may have been sexually assaulted. >> her condition shows an awful experience that she must have gone through. she was stabbed repeatedly. all areas of her body. she's laying there on her back. her pants are pulled down to her ankles. >> investigators tell us the victim lived in the area. they have not given us any information on suspects. we will stay on top of this and keep you posted. new this morning, a car slammed into an atm. you can see the car right there on its side. police officers tell us that the driver crashed right into several cars on m street before losing control and then smashing into the atm. a man was freed from the car. he had been trapped initially and then went to on the hospital. the cdc says drug overdoses are at an all-time high and now
9:35 am
some local health officials tell us that number could climb higher with the proposed senate health care bill. in delaware, 70% of all opioid treatment is paid for by medicaid. critic contend that the proposed medicaid cuts would mean fewer addicts could get the treatment that they need. parents say now is the time for more help, not less. >> only people that are in substance use, you know, they don't have the money to begin with. >> if you don't have health insurance, you do not have a chance. >> senate republicans argue the changes to medicaid are needed to save the program from physicfiscal failure. a wildwood police officer is offer the streets while an investigation into this video is completed. the video appears to show the officer punching kevin piccolo
9:36 am
beforeha handcuffing him. the patrolman is on desk duty until the investigation wraps up. and long beach island, an appeals court has ruled against home owners fighting the beach replenishment project. t a busy intersection in north philly is closed because ever route 15 track renewal of project are. broad street are and girard avenue are still closed. it will reopen tomorrow night at 8:00. in the meantime, bus routes are being detoured in that area. ♪ this song is going to be in my head all day and i love it. boyz ii men will be in south philly this morning to celebrate
9:37 am
getting their very own street. that's right, a stretch of broad street just outside their alma mater for the creative and performing arts will be renamed boyz ii men boulevard. the dedication ceremony is part the excitement leading up to wawa welcome america. this year's theme, everyone is a history maker. boyz ii men will be honored during a celebration of freedom ceremony at independence hall on july 4. earlier this week, the 6ers added a player that they hope will be a future star. last night it was the flyers turn. and they also shipped a family face out of town. we have the details in your saturday morning sports. . and take a look at first alert radar. not too long ago, a powerful line of storms was moving through. now moving off and we are dryeridryer i drying out. and we'll talk about your workweek coming up.
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hard to believe it after our morning, but this is a beautiful view over the art museum. you can see a great shot, plenty of sunshine now. the rain we were dealing with, the line of storms that was very powerful, has now moved offshore. instead we just have some clouds left and really no showers left in the region.
9:41 am
temperature-wise, it's going to be a hot one. right now we're in the mid-70s because the rain cooled air dipped us down. as we go into the afternoon, 12:00, 83. by 3:00, 87. and i think we should see temperatures very clee to those 90 degree mark with breezy conditions. gusts up to 25 miles per hour. and as we go across the shore today, mid-80s with clouds and sun. water temperatures around 62 degrees. and a moderate rip current risk so swim where lifeguards are. we'll talk about your sunday coming up. also coming up, following in his father's foot steps. the son of a former philly who grew up this our area takes the mound for his dad's old team and has an impressive night. that's ahead. it's time that we bring addiction out of the darkness
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and into the light. to everyone struggling in silence - addicts, family, friends - you are not alone. it's time we lift each other up, reach out, say something. addiction is a disease. don't suffer. don't wait. help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or go to
9:43 am the road to recovery starts now.
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it's that time of the morning. every saturday we do this. nbc 10 continues our commitment to clear the shelters. joining me this morning is a little kitten here and of course might be shem. tha michelle. >> and this little girl is about a month and a half. she was part of a litter with four other siblings.
9:45 am
so reminding everyone to spay and neuter their pets. but this month we're doing a cat and kitten adoption month. so all adoption fees are half pri price, so a great time to check them out. >> and how is the construction? >> we're almost complete. things have been going really well. we couldn't thank our partners enough helping to keep the populations town. down. >> and we were telling viewers if they were thinking about potentially bringing an animal in that they needed to turn into the shelter, maybe if they had to surrender one of their own pets to hold off. and you're still telling people that. >> yeah, the goal is if you can do a direct adoption where you can find someone who wants to take your pet directly,s that
9:46 am
the best bet. >> and speaking of the feline fun in the sun promotion, that information if you are interested, you can pay half price as michelle told us. and all cat and kitten adoptions now until june 30 and their shelters are open today and tomorrow from 10:00 to 5:00. and during the week monday through friday from 1:00 to 8:00. their address, 111 west hunting park ave right off the boulevard. michelle, thank you so much for coming. of course you can always 267-385-3800. philadelphia selects nolan patrick.
9:47 am
>> some scouts say he is almost a complete player. yeah, it is patrick's day. nolan patrick is a philadelphia flyer. i'm john clark. the flyers for only third time in team history have a top two pick and last night they get a really good big center. he can score and he plays on the defensive end. a two way player. he did have sports hernia surgery last season but still had a good year. he did play in canada and he wanted to be a flyer. >> it's obviously a great sports place and i like the way the team plays. hopefully i can fit in. >> whenever you can get a big centerman with size, good skating ability and the vision that nolan has, a prototypical power forward, we're really excited to have him. >> now yesterday was june 23rd.
9:48 am
no flyer is safe day. on that day, over the last six years, four players have been traded. it happened again. so five now. flyers traded brayden schenn last night, a six year flyer. he goes to the blues so they could move up to the 27th pick. and with the pick, they take morgan frost and conditional first round pick from last year. schenn once second in goals each of the last two years, he had three years left on a deal. so ron hextall, why? >> it just came out of nowhere. it wasn't like we were out there shopping, but the deal came along and we really like the draft next year and the late pick this year. and so just made sense. >> 6ers introduce markelle fultz. he is thrilled to be playing close to home. here is markelle with a 6ers jersey yesterday.
9:49 am
markelle believes that he will ignite the process and he thinks the 6ers will start winning with him being here now. and he thinks they can be a playoff team. he does have a chip on his shoulder and he wants to prove people wrong. >> i feel like i'm the perfect felt. not because of my talents, but as a person, i think that i will bring great qualities to the team and the team has a lot to offer. so just looking forward to working with these guys. >> thursday night josh hart went in the first round last pick, he will play for the lakers. his nova teammates were there to celebrate with him when he found out. look at this. [ cheers ] >> on behalf of the team, we can't thank you enough for letting us share in this.
9:50 am
>> thank you for coming out. it means so much to myself and my family. thank you guys. >> raise your glass. congrats to josh hart, a national champion and first round pick. i'm john clark at csn. out in arizona, phillies for the a win from a pitcher making his first major league start. mark lighter jr. is from toms river, his father used to pitch for the phils. last night he held the diamondbacks to three hits over six innings. and they locked up the victory with four runs in the ninth inning. those poor phillies, it has been hot in arizona. we don't have to worry about triple digits. instead we're talking very nice conditions outside now that that line of storms has rolled through. it has left a lot of damage in place, but you couldn't tell if you looked at this live picture.
9:51 am
cape may, blue skies and safe to be outside. looking like a beautiful day. temperatures out there are starting to warm up now that the rain cooled air has dipped them down. early this morning we were around are 80, but we all fell into the 70s as the line passed. 77 lehigh valley, philadelphia 76. 76 at the airport. parkside at 77. and while temperatures and sky conditions look good out there, a heads up. we had the line of strong storms roll through. still it is kind of windy out there, but earlier the winds were strong enough to knock down a lot of trees. so while we're at 10 miles per hour in millville and 16 in women mink ton, those strong gusts above 40 miles an hour in many cases above 60 with the severe storms was enough that you may run into some objects in the roadways if you're driving out there. counseled wire, downed trees. so take it slow as you get out the door because i would not be
9:52 am
surprised specifically in south jersey if you run into issues. and there is why. this is a full loop of the storm from 6:00 a.m. through right now. and you can see now the rain is completely offshore. not a threat to us at all. but this line just sliced right through our entire viewing area. as i mentioned earlier, it spewed a couple tornado warnings and those areas have the most damage reports. a lot of downed trees and wires starting to pop up on our system. but now that the rain is off, we're left with clouds and plenty of sunshine. as we go through the hour by hour here, we stay with the mostly clear conditions. rest of the day looks pretty good. we go 89 today, still a little humid out there. we're the a 86, less humidity tomorrow. really comfortable. and 81 monday. really good conditions as well because we see no storms rolling through. we say dry sunday in to monday. suburbs in the low 80s and only
9:53 am
77 by monday in the lehigh valley. today 87 in new jersey. 84 at the shore. and 89 in delaware with all of us falling to right around 80 by monday. we'll be right back.
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summerfest is back. plenty of entertainment. and now in addition it features the midway, a new carnival style amusement park. it includes boardwalk style games and a 60-foot tall ferris whe wheel. is this this is is live look. there is also a carousel. other rides will open up later this summer. we are just minutes away
9:56 am
from the championship game in the carpenter cup tournament. delaware north will take on south jersey. the annual tournament showcases some of the best high school baseball players in our area. and before we go, obviously want to get one last look at the weather. i mean, i can't get over this blue skies, just a few clouds out there. a few hours ago, it looked like it was something out of a movie. >> and we're smiling because it looks gorgeous. but a lot of you may be waking up to damage around your house because we saw tornado warnings early this morning. that line is now completely out of our area. so we'll get up to 89 today in philadelphia. we already saw the rain pass, so now it's sun with spotty clouds. the same for your sunday. and even better, the humidity starts to lower, so we're the a 86, a comfortable sunday. even monday looking good at 81. we're mostly dry through friday. could see spot showers tuesday evening. otherwise it's next week end where the stormy weather and high humidity returns.
9:57 am
>> 'tis the season for those summer stops make sure you have our app. we'll send you an an letter when a storm is approaching. >> and if you have a tornado warning, you will get the updates on your phone. do it fo saturday. have a great weekend.
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this summer, journey into the adirondacks where campers carve through stone. and to the thousand islands, where kids can be kings. if you like big adventure, you'll love new york state. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer getaway at
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hi, everyone. i'm alicia quarles, in for sarah gore, and this is open house. this week we're all about design in the city of angels, los angeles. costume designer janie bryant takes us on a tour of her stylish sanctuary. stylist erica pelosini invites us over for a look at her chic and mid-century home in beverly hills. but first, designer tatum kendrick shows us how she brought an eclectic vibe to her client's home. so one of my favorite things about this room are the two vitrines at the back of the space that houses a collection of americana bowling pins and juggling pins. hello, everyone, and welcome to open house i'm alicia quarles, in for sarah gore this week. now while she's away, i get to play.


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