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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  June 27, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> as we move into the holiday week. >> pressure is on. >> thanks for watching. i'm jim rosenfield. "nbc nightly news" is up next. breaking news tonight. they won't vote. senate republicans retreat on a plan to push through an obamacare repeal this week. losing support, all gop senators summoned to the white house. heavy price. the trump administration threatens military action, warning assad may be preparing for another chemical attack on the syrian people. held for ransom. a massive cyber attack hitting airlines, banks and utilities around the world, even at american pharmaceutical giant. hackers demanding money, holding computer systems hostage. chaos underground. dozens injured after a subway derails in new york city. passengers evacuated through smoke and darkness. and battle of the sexes. serena williams fires back as john mcinrow
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courts controversy. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. great to have you with us on this tuesday night. it is deja vu for president trump and congressional republicans tonight. this time senate leaders have blinked, delaying this week's planned vote on health care on internal resistance of how many americans could lose their coverage under the plan. late today, president trump who made repealing and replacing obamacare a signature campaign promise, met with republican senators to discuss the way forward. our kasie hunt has late details. >> reporter: after seven years of promising to repeal and replace obamacare, a stunning delay. and a major blow to president trump and his republican party. they don't have the votes in the senate. >> we will not be on
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the bill this week. but we're still working toward getting at least 50 people in a comfortable place. >> reporter: republican leader mitch mcconnell retreating today after he promised over and over again he would hold a vote before july 4th. >> is your effort to repeal obamacare dead? >> no. we're continuing to talk about it. it's a very complicated subject. >> reporter: a complicated bill written in secret, released to the public just five days ago to immediate outcry. first from conservatives who said it didn't go far enough. >> i just didn't run on obamacare likes. >> reporter: moderate republicans worried about deep medicaid cuts. >> not the answer. it's simply not the answer. >> reporter: yesterday the cbo estimated 22 million more people would lose health coverage under the bill. this morning the number two senate republican insi insisting -- >> yes, we will vote. >> reporter: he was putting the whole thing off. vice president mike pence was in the room.
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>> we'll keep working until we get it done. >> reporter: a bus load of senators following him down to pennsylvania avenue summoned to the white house. >> if we don't get it done, if will be something that we're not going to like and that's okay, and i understand that very well. >> reporter: after the meeting -- >> i think everybody around the table is interested in getting a yes. >> reporter: worried republicans are urging their leaders to work with democrats to find a real fix. >> so when did we get to the point where we said no, we're not going to talk to democrats about a fix. we should be working with our colleagues on the other side of the aisle. >> reporter: but outside the capitol, and across the country, democrats have helped organize the opposition. >> this is exactly what senator mcconnell did not want. he did not want to have a reset where opposition would have time to build and spend money on ads and bring people out to events. that's exactly what the opponents of this bill are planning for
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the next ten days. >> reporter: republicans will face intense pressure back home next week. but republicans in the house tried and failed on their first attempt to repeal obamacare before they succeeded on their second try, and that could happen here, too. also, the president tweeting tonight that it's democrats who are refusing to work with republicans. he said the gop is trying really hard to get this done. lester? >> let's explore that. here to talk about the future of health care and overhaul is chuck todd. chuck, how are republicans going to get this done? do you see them sitting down with democrats? >> no, i don't see them sitting down with democrats now, all right? that is for the trilogy of this health care movie. that is part three of the movie. but we're a long way from there. we're still in the second -- the sequel here to obamacare, which is the republican version of this. look, if this passes, it's because mitch mcconnell and president trump make a promise for passage. failure to do
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something is going to be a political problem for you, in the long run, and may cost you your job. you're better off passing something that's unpopular than not passing anything at all. but the fact of the matter is, doing it on a partisan basis is a recipe for long-term failure of a bill. the democrats have learned that the hard way. when are they going to finally have a ceasefire in the health care wars and finally sit down together. i think it's going to take yet another election cycle. >> chuck todd, thank you. now to the late-night statement from the white house, the trump administration publicly threatening military action against syria, warning assad may be preparing for another chemical attack on civilians. it's a move that's caught some u.s. top officials offguard. kristen welker has details. >> reporter: a nighttime warning shot at syria, press secretary sean spicer writing, if mr. assad conducts another mass murder attack using
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chemical weapons, he and his military will pay a heavy price. the message coming less than three months after president trump launched an air strike against syria in april, for a chemical weapons attack that killed dozens, including children. >> you've seen activities that are similar to preparations of a chemical weapons attack, much like what we saw on april 4th. >> reporter: the pentagon adding the activity in the last 24 hours strongly suggests the intent to use chemical weapons, including activity with airplanes, ammunitions, at the same airfield the u.s. struck. today syria seemed to thumb its nose at the u.s., assad visiting a russian air base, who had its own warning for the u.s. a top official there calling america's statement an unprecedented provocation. u.n. ambassador nikki haley lashing out. >> i believe that the goal is at this point not just to send assad a message, but to send russia and iran a message, that if this
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happens again, we are putting you on notice. >> reporter: while some at the defense and state departments were aware of the intelligence, many officials tell nbc news they were caught offguard by the timing of this statement and the military threat. >> i think it's very likely the white house did coordinate the effort against syria with the other agencies and departments. they may have not coordinated fully the statement. but the substantive actions are more important than the statement. >> reporter: the white house insists all necessary officials were alerted. still, the disconnect underscores some of the mepresident's own team may be guessing on foreign policy. president trump has yet to address the syrian matter publicly, instead unleashing a series of tweets this morning on everything from the democrats to cable news ratings. mr. trump, however, did discuss syria during a pre-planned call with france's president today. >> kristen welker at the white house, thanks. computer security experts are in a race to stop a new kind of cyber attack under way that is hitting
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companies around the world, holding their computer systems hostage for money. it's affecting airlines, banks and utilities, even an american pharmaceutical giant. nbc's tom costello has late details for us. >> reporter: rolling across the globe today, another anonymous ransom ware attack, bringing ukraine's power provider to a halt, shutting down businesses even a drug giant. >> it's very far spl spleding spreading. we're seeing it in the u.s., india, uk and other countries. >> reporter: among today's targets, pharmaceutical maker merck, the and mare sk and the nuclear plants which to manual monitoring. >> in is a highly profitable business. we have to remember that organized cyber crime totals up to almost $445 billion on an annual basis. >> u.s. government security experts say this attack called
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petya was released by hackers. exploiting vulnerabilities in the windows operating system, and holding it all for ransom usually paid in bitcoins. >> they don't have to worry about what data you have. they only have to care about the fact that you care about your data. >> and you'll pay up. >> you care about your data, it's valuable to you, and therefore, the attack applies to nearly anyone globally. >> reporter: what can all of us do to protect ourselves? use long complicated passwords, mixing letters, numbers and symbols. keep your operating systems and anti-virus software up to date. don't click on suspicious e-mails or web links. experts say even if victims pay a ransom, they may not regain access to their data. tom costello, nbc news, washington. tech giant google is in some hot water tonight. the company is getting slapped with a $2.7
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billion fine by the european union for manipulating its search engine results. nbc news business correspondent jolene kent has more on the record-breaking punishment and what it means for google's users. >> reporter: the record $2.7 billion fine on google is over something millions see every day, searching online. those shopping apps marked with a sponsor tag. after a seven-year investigation, the european union now punishing google for illegally ranking ads for its own shopping service ahead of competitors. those sponsored ads coming from brands that have paid google. >> google has abused its market dominance. >> here's how it works. say you want to google running shoes. google shopping results would show up first. the eu analyzed 1.7 billion search results and found on average competitors were pushed down to the fourth page. >> so what the consumer wasn't knowing is maybe you weren't getting the best price. the europeans are saying to google, you have got to find a way
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that when somebody searches, it's not just your stuff that shows up first. >> reporter: google dominates nearly 80% of online searches worldwide. this decision could prompt u.s. regulators to go after google, too, forcing the internet giant to alter its algorithm that determines what you see when you google. >> google needs to work on being more transparent. they treated their algorithmic decision making as it's a secret sauce. >> reporter: google said it disagrees with the ruling and that its platform allows customers to find products quickly and easily. it will consider an appeal. a debate that could potentially transform what it really means to google it. jolene kent, nbc news, new york. now to new developments in the deadly police shooting that made national headlines and was caught on a police dash cam. as one chicago officer awaits trial for fatally shooting 17-year-old la quaun mcdonald, 16 times in 2014, today three other officers were indicted in an alleged cover-up.
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that dash cam vish yo appears to show mcdonald holding a knife but walking away from police. here in new york city today, chaos and panic underground as a subway hit a wall and derailed. dozens of people were injured, passengers had to be evacuated through smoke and darkness. the latest in a series of incidents in the largest subway system in the world plagued by aging infrastructure. nbc's ron allen has more. >> reporter: every subway rider's worst nightmare, a massive jolt, what sounds like an explosion. blinding darkness, choking smoke, deep underground. >> i really thought i was going to die, to be honest. at first i thought it was a terrorist attack. >> i thought, this is serious. >> reporter: for unknown reasons, the train's emergency brakes activated. two cars derailed, crashing into the subway wall. >> people were flying all over the cars. >> we knew it was a
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derailment. it was that violent. >> reporter: the latest episode in what new york governor has warned could be a summer of hell for commuters. amtrak racing to overhaul penn station. just weeks ago, panicked passengers trapped on another broken-down subway train over an hour. no air conditioning. today, at least 34 riders escaped with minor injuries. but no word on when service will be completely back on track. in the latest blow to america's aging infrastructure. ron allen, nbc news, new york. turning now to the growing sexual abuse scandal for usa gymnastics. today the organization released an investigator's 100-page report concluding usa gymnastics has failed to protect athletes from abuse. and needs a, quote, complete cultural change. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the latest. >> reporter: months after the shocking allegations -- >> many times i was placed in my own room.
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>> reporter: an investigator hired by gymnastics' governing body said the number of victims is surely far higher than the hundreds previously reported. >> there's a whole environment that in add vert ently suppresses reporting. >> reporter: among the failures the report highlights, no written protocol of how to handle allegations of abuse, reporting them to law enforcement and coaches suspended for sexual abuse were able to get new jobs. former olympics team doctor is facing a slew of charges in michigan, and more than 80 women have filed complaints with police. he's pleaded not guilty. >> we are extremely sorry that anyone in our sport has encountered any type of abuse. >> how can an organization that deals with thousands of children not have such a protocol. >> we did have a protocol, it just wasn't in written form. >> reporter: that's news to lindsey, one of dr. nasser's patients who said she was molested hundreds of times. >> we're so brainwashed at such a young age, we're never taught to be able to
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stand up for ourselves that this many of us were taken advantage of. >> reporter: usa gymnastics has now adopted the report's 70 recommendations, but still faces multiple lawsuits. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, milwaukee. still ahead here tonight, tennis' new battle of the sexes. serena williams firing back at legend player john mcen row for something he said about her introducing new parodontax. the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood
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it's a big challenge, but the challenge in itself is what keeps me going. i could really make a difference in these people's lives. that would be my dream. we're back now with the 21st century battle of the sexes. serena williams firing back after comments about another tennis superstar, john mcenroe and not backing down. nbc's morgan radford has that story. >> reporter: a heated match off the court. former tennis pro john mcenroe raising eyebrows with npr, questioning whether serena williams is as good as the guys. >> best female player
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ever. >> why say female player? >> if she played the men's circuit, she would be like 700 in the world. >> you think so? >> yeah. that doesn't mean i don't think serena is an incredible player. i do. >> reporter: still, williams fired back, tweeting, deer john, i adore and respect you, but please, please keep me out of your statements that are not factually based. serena williams has scored 23 grand slam singles titles, more than any other player in the open era, male or female. >> she's won ten of them since she was 30. that's incredible. who else has that kind of longevity and that kind of winning. lebron james? no. tiger woods? no. john mcenroe? no. no one except serena. >> reporter: she won her last one in january while eight weeks pregnant. today showing off that pregnant belly on the cover of "vanity fair." this isn't the first time williams has had to defend her accomplishments. in december, she addressed what her fans call a double standard on espn's the
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undefeated. >> if i were a man, i would 100% have been considered the greatest ever a long time ago. >> reporter: in march, "gq" came under fire for posting this photo of roger federer, calling him the greatest tennis player of all-time. fans quickly responded, that's not serena. mcinrow did step down on cbs good morning. >> would you like to apologize? >> no. >> reporter: he admits serena williams has earned her place as a tennis great. something her fans already knew. morgan radford, nbc news, new york. we're back in a moment with meals on wheels, the food truck with a very special mission that's inspiring america, next. ray's always been different. last year, he said he was going to dig a hole to china. at&t is working with farmers to improve irrigation techniques. remote moisture sensors use a reliable network to tell them when and where to water.
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or dental procedures. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots. plus had less major bleeding. both made eliquis right for me. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. it's time that we bring addicand into the light.kness to everyone struggling in silence - addicts, family, friends - you are not alone. it's time we lift each other up, reach out, say something. addiction is a disease. don't suffer. don't wait. help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or go to the road to recovery starts now. we're back now with tonight's inspiring america report. they're a great way to grab a quick bite to eat, and these days food trucks seem to be everywhere. but there's a special one in texas that's
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serving up more than delicious meals. katy beck tells us about it. >> reporter: cooking comfort food is what she does best. special recipes she delivers to kids with ailing appetites. >> it started with mac and cheese. and it's just mac and cheese. >> reporter: it started with becky and husband john's daughter libby, when she was being treated for cancer. mac and cheese was all she wanted to eat. >> it's very simple. and very calorie laden, which makes it really taste good. >> reporter: it gave libby strength to fight, but at 5 years old disease won. in 2006, becky started a foundation, loving libby. then last year an angel donor told her to dream big. >> and so i basically made up the food truck. >> reporter: she transformed an old fedex truck, painted it bright with memories of libby.
6:54 pm
>> good morning. >> reporter: delivering to the very clinic where libby was treated. >> when we were going through all of the medical stuff, sometimes it was hard to find good food. >> reporter: not anymore. becky stocks the hospital's freezers. she saved thanksgiving for this mom. >> we're doing awesome. and you've been such a blessing to us. so thank you. >> reporter: becky's food delighting doctors, too. >> sometimes i do sneak my own serving from the family kitchen. >> we won't tell. >> reporter: becky also caters weddings and other events, the proceeds funding her mission. >> i've created a world that libby still lives in. how do you walk away from that. >> reporter: her work, now her way of keeping honoring and loving libby. katy beck, nbc news, austin, texas. when we come back, who's the artist that's behind this painting that just
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finally tonight, check out a painting that recently sold at auction for more than half a million dollars. it might surprise you the artist behind it is former president jimmy carter. the 92-year-old carter like george w. bush has a passion for painting. another of his pieces sold last year for $750,000. the proceeds benefit the carter center's work around the globe. we appreciate your spending part of your evening with us. that is "nightly news" for this tuesday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching, and good night.
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taylor swift out of hiding. >> is their pop feud back on? now on "extra". >> new vid ye taylor swift, new hair, no makeup. >> he said you just have to shake it off. >> as her frenomy, katy perry gets sexy for the summer anthem.
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>> wasn't she just trying to squash the whole feud? >> mariah carey grilled about her billionaire ex-fiance. plus, will ferrell and amy polar sound off on the rumors maria was a major diva on the movie set. the bachelor in paradise tell all. >> kissing, like rubbing, like touching. >> then what happened? is. >> things got wild. >> why he says she was the aggressor and the new rules to keep the show's contestants in check. serena williams naked and pregnant, channelling demi moore's vanity fair cover. plus why ashley graham got totally naked for v magazine. >> i'm so thankful they


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