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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 28, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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no go. the republicans' health care plan stopped in its tracks as lawmakers go back to the drawing board instead of try to force a showdown. chaos incaracas. a police helicopter fires on venezuela's supreme court as a terrorist attack aimed at ousting the president is thwarted. a massive global computer security breach as companies around the world are held hostage, including many in the u.s. every subway rider's worst nightmare and a summer of train travel troubles on the east coast. then, it's what happens after a bus barrels over this man that has people talking. and how's this for a new water buckle up, "early today" starts right now. good being with you on a wednesday morning. i'm frances rivera.
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delayed. that's the groundbreaking news spreading across the nation this morning. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell was dealt a massive blow, forced to scrap his long-held plan to ram through his health care plan by week's end after he was faced with defection upon defection from his own party. it is a stunning defeat for mcconnell and the president for a plan many republicans refused to rally around after just five days of scrutiny. still, dems say the fight against the bill isn't over. they're urging constituents to lobby their senators as they head home for their july 4th recess. here's nbc's kasie hunt on how it all played out. >> reporter: after seven years of promising to repeal and replace obamacare, a stunning delay and a major blow to president trump and his republican party. they don't have the votes in the senate. >> we will not be on the bill this week, but we're still working towards getting at least 50 people in a comfortable place. >> reporter: republican leader mitch mcconnell retreating after
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he had promised over and over again he'd hold a vote before july 4th. mr. leader, is your effort to repeal obamacare dead? >> no. no. we're continuing to talk about it. it's a very complicated subject. >> reporter: a complicated bill written in secret, released to the public just five days ago to immediate outcry. first from conservatives who said it didn't go far enough. >> i just didn't run on obamacarelite. >> then moderate republicans worried about deep medicaid cuts. >> not the answer. it's simply not the answer. >> reporter: the non-partisan congressional budget office estimated 22 million more people would lose health coverage under the bill. still, the number two senate republican insisting -- >> yes, we will vote this week. >> reporter: but it all fell apart by lunchtime, when mcconnell announced he was putting the whole thing off. vice president mike pence was in the room. >> we're going to keep working. >> reporter: do you think the delay is going to make a difference? >> reporter: leaving the capitol, a bus load of senators following him down the avenue, some to the white house. >> we'll get it done, and if we don't get it done, it's just going to be something that we're not going to like, and that's
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okay, and i understand that very well. >> that was kasie hunt. we're joined by nbc's tracie potts in washington. tracie, a number of republican senators came out against the bill right after the delay was announced, so can we say this is dead or is there a chance of being resuscitated? >> reporter: no, it's not dead, and there is definitely a chance of it being resuscitated, because we saw it done in the house. when they pulled the vote, they negotiated for several more weeks and then they ended up with something that the president ended up calling mean but that republicans in the house were able to work with. so, now, will that same thing happen here in the senate? now the arm-twisting begins. first of all, by democrats, and to some degree, by americans as well, as these republicans head home to hear from their constituents. what's important to them? to get something done, to save medicaid, to save money. they're going to hear it when they head home. now, will they have those town halls that we saw before? we don't know. some of them have avoided that. the arm-twisting also on the
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other side for republicans within their party. what can they give? what can they take? $200 billion in savings in this bill. can that be used to convince some of what ended nine republicans to get back on board here without losing others? the other big number that they have to grapple with, 22 million people that the congressional budget office says will lose health insurance. how will that play into this? so, is the bill dead? absolutely not. it is delayed. there are at least two more weeks now for that arm-twisting to begin on both sides. frances? >> and on that, we will certainly be watching. tracie potts for us. thank you. breaking overnight, an attempted coup in venezuela. according to embattled president nicolas maduro, when the country's supreme court and interior ministry were attacked from the sky. that's the sound of this police helicopter firing at the building after it dropped four grenades on the court. no injuries were reported. the government says the helicopter was stolen by a
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police pilot named oscar perez. well, he posted a video to instagram, declaring himself in rebellion against maduro, saying an operation was under way to restore democracy, but the chaos wasn't all directed against maduro. pro government protesters tried to storm the national assembly with opposition lawmakers inside. after months of protests, maduro says if his government is overthrown, he and his supporters would take up arms and fight. this morning, security experts are trying to contain a damaging cyber attack that crippled computers across the globe. the ransomware virus seems to have originated in ukraine. it affected banks, hospitals, in several european countries. some american companies were hit as well, including pharmaceutical giant merck. nbc's lucy kafanov is live in london with more. lucy, how is this virus working? >> reporter: good morning, frances. this is a ransomware attack, which is a type of virus that basically blocks access to a computer and then demands money
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to release it. so when a computer in this case is infected, the ransomware encrypts important documents and files and then demands a ransom, typically in bitcoin for a digital key to unlock those files. and if the victims haven't backed up their material, they either basically have to pay this ransom or face losing everything, so this could be very devastating for companies. this particular attack has been crippling computers worldwide. europe is affected. ukraine and russia appear to have been hardest hit in this attack. in kiev, we saw atms stop workinnd manually monitor radiation at the old chernobyl nuclear plant when their computers failed. in the united states, it's including one that owns food brands oreo and nabisco. there is a company, heritage valley health care system, which runs hospitals and care facilities in pittur hit. now, this virus's pace appears to have been slowing down. security experts say that they expect the impact to be smaller than the wanna cry attacks in may because many companies have
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been patched up with windows updates. and this new attack apparently used the same national security agency hacking tool, eternal blue, which was used in the wanna cry episode. frances? >> lucy kafanov for us, thank you. human error. that's what officials are blaming for a massive subway derailment that left up to 34 people injured in what one city paper is calling agony. it happened in new york city after a major subway line carrying hundreds of riders initiated its emergency brakes, jumping the tracks and crashing into a wall. well, it led to chaos and panic as injured passengers found themselves deep under ground, forced to evacuate darkness and smoke. >> i really thought i was going to die, to be honest. at first i thought it was a terrorist attack. >> i'm like, oh, this is serious. i started getting very fearful. >> according to the the derailment was caused by an improperly secured piece of replacement rail stored on the tracks. it's just one in a series of incidents plaguing the world's largest subway system. and the worry is that this is
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just the beginning in what the state's governor warns could be a hell" for transit riders. three chicago officers are charged with covering up fatally shooting another officer, jason van dyke's shooting of laquan mcdonald. he's on trial for murder for shooting mcdonald in 2017. authorities allege the three officers did everything they could to cover it up, including saying the teen assaulted officers. but the story was blown apart when the city released a video showing mcdonald with a knife being shot 16 times by van dyke. the prosecutor called investigating police a sobering responsibility and said this -- >> while they are sworn to serve and protect as well as uphold the law, they are not above the law. >> if convicted, the three officers each face up to five years in prison and up to $75,000 in fines. two have resigned from the force and a third is being suspended without pay. now to wildfires sweeping
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across parts of thest of the fia resort area of utah. flames scorched 72 square miles. crews are trying to fight fires in dry and windy conditions that have produced flames up to 100 feet high. but with severe weather threatening the midwest over the next few days, it has meteorologist bill karins' attention. what are we looking at? >> not too many tornadoes, but the possibility of wind damage. good morning, everyone. as far as the storms last night went through south dbrasaka, we these with wet weather to start your day in minnesota. round one will die off with round two this afternoon. 60 million people at risk with the greatest threat over omaha, into areas like madison, wisconsin, also the quad cities there. then late tonight dropping down towards kansas city and st. louis. again, not too many torna
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what a death-defying escape, and we have to warn some viewers here, you may find this video disturbing, but watch if you can. this 49-year-old pedestrian gets rammed right there by that double-decker bus outside of london. he gets just thrown on the side, but look! dusts himself off, gets right up and continues on to what's believed to be a pub. well, authorities say they're investigating and that the pedestrian was left dazed afterwards and left with just minor injuries and then just shakes it all off by guzzling down a beer. the story first reported by the "washington post." at least five trump properties, including mar-a-lago, are displaying a fake cover of "time" magazine featuring donald trump. the cover has the same barcode as an imagine in an online tutorial on how to create a fake "time" magazine cover. "time" is asking the trump organization to take it down. meanwhile, it is found that people around the world have more confidence in vladimir putin to do the right thing
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regarding world affairs than they do of donald trump by a full five points. and another milestone for facebook. the social media network now says it has 2 billion monthly users. that number has doubled since 2012. now to 21st-century battle of the sexes. tennis superstar serena williams firing back after john mcenroe said that she would rank 700th in the world if she played tennis against men. as nbc's morgan radford reports, mcenroe isn't backing down. >> reporter: a heated match off the court. former tennis pro john mcenroe raising eyebrows in an interview with npr, questioning whether serena williams is as good as the guys. >> best female player ever, no question. >> why say female player? >> well, because if she was in -- if she played the men's circuit, she'd be like 700th in the world. >> you think so? >> yeah. that doesn't mean i don't think serena's like an incredible player. i do. >> reporter: still, williams fired back, tweeting "dear john, i adore and respect you, but please, please, keep me out of
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your statements that are not factually based." serena williams has scored 23 grand slam singles titles, more than any other player in the open era, male or female. >> she's won ten of them since she was 30. that's incredible! who else has that kind of longevity and that kind of winning? lebron james? no. tiger woods? no. john mcenroe? no. no one except serena. >> reporter: she won her last one in january at the australian open while eight weeks pregnant. this isn't the first time williams has had to defend her accomplishments. in december, she addressed what her fans call a double standard on espn's "the undefeated." >> if i were a man, i would have 100% been considered the greatest ever a long time ago. >> reporter: and in march, "gq" came under fire for posting this photo of roger federer, calling him the greatest tennis player of all time. fans quickly responded, writing "that's not serena." as for mcenroe, he did sit down on "cbs this morning."
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>> would you like to apologize? >> uh, no. >> reporter: he admits serena williams has earned her place as a tennis great, something her fans already knew. morgan radford, nbc news, new york. just ahead, we'll tell you why google's $2.7 billion fine is such a big deal. and why did britain's queen elizabeth just get a huge raise? new charmin ultra soft! it's softer than ever. new charmin ultra soft is twice as absorbent so you can use less. and it's softer than ever... so it's harder to resist. okay, this is getting a little weird we all go, why not enjoy the go with charmin?
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queen elizabeth is getting .
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the annual sovereign grant will go from $55 million to more than $97 million, a nearly 80% raise, but that's not all for fancy hats. the increase will help pay for a ten-year renovation of buckingham palace that's expected to cost nearly $500 million. this morning, tech giant google is in some hot water. the company is getting slapped with a record $2.7 billion fine by the european union for manipulating its search engine results. after a seven-year investigation, the eu says google illegally ranked ads for its own shopping service ahead of its competitors. well, those sponsored ads coming from brands that have paid google. this decision could prompt u.s. regulators to go after google as well, potentially forcing the internet giant to alter its algorithm that determines what you see when you search. google says it disagrees with the ruling. its platform allows customers to find products quickly and easily, and it will consider an appeal. just ahead, why you should start watching your pet's
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cohen? >> exciting. >> it is exciting. >> and on the other side, it says "hunk of man meat." >> he looks great, you know? >> always reminds me of "the 40-year-old virgin." >> but at least silver-haired fox when it comes to that. say hello to 56 new ways to express yourself with a new batch of emojis coming to smartphones. you've got broccoli, which is good, zombies, t-rex, gender-neutral people and even people in a head scarf are part of the new additions. your voice can be heard. anyone can submit an emoji proposal to be submitted by the group. and a found that 6 billion emojis are sent around the world every day, and i probably contribute a little. >> do you send emojis every day? >> every time i'll post something, there is always an emoji. and sometimes i don't even put words. sometimes it's better to putoji
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>> you're cool. i feel too old to do that. >> i needed a s'mores emoji this weekend. >> for the summer, that would be timely. well, the number of fat cats and pudgy pups is a new problem in the u.s. abanfield pet hospital finds that one-third of american pets are overweight. researchers found a 158% increase in obese dogs and 169% increase in obese cats. the study says, and this is breaking news, lack of exercise and overfeeding, t ofhoseeight . did you know that? can you believe if you don't -- >> look at that cat! >> yeah that cat. >> tough if you're loving your pet and just want to feed them. the next level of water sports is here, an electronic lift, foil boards. they're made with a silent electronic motor -- >> little kids on those things! >> you can surf without wind, waves or paddling and enjoy a nice view of the ride. guess how much, $12,000! this is "early today." summer tog when frankie popped the alligator floaty. plus, the snacks and drinks are gone, people. and one of us used up all the sunscreen!
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armed robbery spree. investigators believe young we can are targets tourists. holiday get away. predict the record number of travelers over the 4th of july. 63 degrees. little bit of a school start this morning. get right to meteorologist bill henley. first alert forecast. most neighbors running 5-10 degrees cooler than yesterday. one exception is philadelphia. 54 in the lehigh valley.
4:29 am
skies are clear. the wind is light. middle 50s at 7:00. sunshine in the lehigh valley. 70 degrees at 10:00. this afternoon the humidity stays very low. even lower than yesterday. no showers today. beautiful weather for new jersey, for the suburbs. philadelphia 81 degrees. looking good at the shore. humidity stays low for lehigh valley and delaware. beautiful day all around. break it down hour by hour when i come back. first jessica boyington has your wednesday morning first alert traffic. watching the vine street expressway. here we are with cameras around the broad street. watching the construction. now it's closed on eastbound and westbound side. in between this point at broad street heading to the schuylkill. you can see traffic being diverted off of the broad street off-ramp. we are watching that. also watching 95. moving through delaware we have a crash and construction to worry about. accident on 95 northbound.
4:30 am
just near 295 and more construction on the 95 northbound side. ramp to route 141 is closed. here's the new jersey turnpike. watch for some road work on your way to the delaware memorial bridge. yeda starting to see huge delays here. maybe some of that later on in your morning commute. for now nice and clear. updates for the rest of the morning. back in ten. wrabreaking major night, gr of teenage es becomes the target. 16-year-old girl in the hospital after suffering several gunshot wounds. matt delucia is live. what have you learned from police. >> reporter: police say the girl was shot at least five times in the arm. a lot of gunfire aimed at her direction, but she is in stable condition and expected to survive. take a look at the


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