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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  June 28, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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...where each drop was formulated to be smarter.... ...even smarter than that... if a color didn't go on evenly, it would balance itself out to reveal its truest, richest state. if a paint could realize the fullest potential of any color... have to wonder... is it still paint? aura interior from benjamin moo®e . only available at independently owned paint and hardware stores. one man, two guns, shooting in all directions from inside a city bus. truck smash. a wrong-way driver plows through a philadelphia restaurant. sex crimes, a former youth football coach accused of r5apig
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three girls. right now, at 11:00, u-haul truck smash, a driver plows through a philadelphia brewery right at lunchtime. a woman barely gets out of the way. and the driver runs away from it all. good evening. this brewery did reopen tonight. but repairs, they're going to take weeks. keith jones is joining us live at that crash scene tonight in northern liberty. such a close call there, keith. >> reporter: jim, they're open right now, though. second street goes this way, this u-haul was coming up the street this way, jumped the curve and demolished the urban village there. >> my heart races every time i see it. it's very scary. >> reporter: the u-haul crashing through the glass. one woman barely escaping. workers shocked. >> sitting there having a conversation, the next thing you know a u-haul truck comes crashing through the window.
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>> reporter: he said it was a miracle no one was hurt. even knocked off this bumper. >> all of a sudden you hear this noise. >> reporter: witnesses watched the driver get out and appear to make a run for it. confusion was captured on this cell phone video. >> he stopped over there. i think he was in shock. he was jumping up and down. >> reporter: police took the man into custody. the charge, driving under the influence. as soon as the cleanup finished, urban village reopened, aiming to make light of the near tragedy. >> we're actually getting a vim on the opposite side with a view of crashing through the window today. sorry for our appearance. >> right now at 11:00, a former youth football coach accused of raping three girls. shannon westmoreland walking out in handcuffs tonight.
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they believe the crimes happened for years and they're worried more victims may be out there. westmoreland just faced the judge, drew? >> reporter: that's right, jim. these sexual assaults happened more than a decade ago. but they've been able to back up the accounts of the women who have now come forward. the district attorney believes he'll be able to profb in court that this 47-year-old raped girls between the anges of 4 an 18. his hands cuffed and legs shackled, shannon westmoreland kept his eyes down and said nothing. police arrested him at the mall where he works earlier today. >> it makes me totally sick. it makes me sick. >> reporter: investigators say westmoreland was living in a homeless shelter in westchester. but his roots are in bensalem. his neighbors say they're disgusted. >> i'm glad they caught him. i'm very sorry for what happened with the children that he assaulted. >> reporter: it was on this field where westmoreland coached
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youth football more than a decade ago. it was during those years police say he raped three girls, one accuser told police he forced himself on her in his car in this parking lot. >> the most heinous of crimes that there are out there. >> reporter: these are photos of the now 47-year-old at different younger ages. >> we are asking for your help. >> reporter: the district attorney wants people to take a good look as they investigate the possibility of other victims. >> these types of cases take on a pattern, and we are just concerned that the pattern may have repeated itself in this instance. >> reporter: and west more land is now at the bucks county prison. a judge set his bail at $300,000 cash. live in bensalem, drew smith, nbc 10 news. new video shows a shootout between police in maryland and a man who opened fire on a bus. you can see the gunman standing at the rear exit, not firing one but two guns in all directions. officers stopped the bus earlier this month to talk to blaine because he was a suspected in an armed robbery. eventually he makes a run for
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it. police fire back and he goes down. >> drop the gun right now! drop the gun! >> he was killed here. prosecutors ruled police were justified in the shooting. controversial legislation that would allow pennsylvania teachers and other employees to bring guns to school passed in the state senate today. they would be required to have a concealed license and meet certain firearms training requirements. leach opposes this bill. he read a letter written by educators who survived the 2012 sandy hook shooting in connecticut. they said having guns would not have made them or their students safer. >> it's completely unrealistic to think an educator with a gun would have been able to take down the gunman without interfering with law enforcement's response or harming or killing other
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educators or god forbid children. >> the bill still requires approval in the house and governor tom wolf who says he opposes it. with the senate health care bill in a holding pattern, president trump is turning his attention to cracking down on sanctuary cities. during a meeting with family members of americans killed by undocumented immigrants, the president said the house will vote tomorrow on the no sanctuary for criminals act. the bill would seek to defund so-called sanctuary cities like philadelphia. tonight there are new guidelines for some people seeking u.s. visas. the move comes after the supreme court partially restored president trump's travel ban. people from six mainly muslim countries now must have a close family or business tie in this country. those affected now have to prove a relationship with a parent, spouse or adult child. some qualify, parents, aunts, uncles and other extended family do not qualify. president trump was met by
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protesters as he arrived at a republican fund-raiser tonight at the trump hotel in washington. the event benefits mr. trump's 2020 reelection campaign and various other republican interests. reporters were not allowed inside. developing now at the vatican, one of the pope's senior advisers will return home to australia to fight historical sexual assault charges. cardinal george pell is pope francis' chief financial adviser. he said the allegations are false. he is the highest rafrging vatican priest in the scandal. international travelers flying to the u.s. can keep their laptops. the department of homeland security said tougher security measures including more thorough bag checks, more bomb sniffing dogs and more swabbing for explosives. the changes will be phased in through the summer. domestic flights are not affected. tonight a vigil was held to remember a woman found stabbed
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and beaten at a philadelphia park. nbc 10 at 21st and lehigh avenue in north philadelphia where family, friends and neighbors gathered in remembrance of deborah gulliver. she had just gotten off a bus early saturday morning, when she was knocked to the ground and beaten and stabbed more than 12 times. police still don't have a suspect or a motive. a toddler's recovering after he was hit by a farm tractor in south jersey. in the 300 block of landing street. the 2-year-old's expected to be okay. independence day may have a little more sparkle for some people in new jersey. governor chris christie signed a law that immediately lifts the state's ban on some fireworks. they include hand-held and ground-based sparkleers. firecrackers and bottle rockets along with other explosive and aerial fireworks will still be illegal. in pennsylvania, a bill that could seal some criminal records cleared the state senate today. under the bill, records of
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nonviolent misdemeanors and arrests that don't result in a conviction would be sealed, but only after a person has remained crime-free for ten years. the bill now heads to the state house where there is less support. thousands of dollars in damage at a park on the jersey shore. ocean city police say a group of teens seen in these surveillance villages hit the park twice over the past few days. they knocked over vending machines and trash cans when they trespassed on the property. up next, police punch a confrontation on camera, after a man is stopped for jay walking. but is this excessive force? plus, meeting their life savers, special reunions tonight in south jersey. i'm timing out some weekend storms. when you'll be able to do some celebrating and when you're going to have to watch out for a mess headed your way. that's up right after the break. you don't want to miss this. one last ride. a lehigh motorcycle lover with a
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take on his final resting place. but first, check out some of the free events happening every day from now until independence day. it's all part of the wawa welcome america celebration.
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right now, all new at 11:00, excessive force allegations against a south jersey police officer. a man punched after he was stopped for jaywalking. but police say he was aggressive and resisted arrest. nbc 10's brandon hudson spoke with the man's mother tonight. she believes police went too far. >> reporter: this video clip shows two millville police officers forcibly restrain and punch barry while arresting him. a confrontation that escalated after the officers accused him of jaywalking. >> tell me when it's against the law to jaywalk in a residential area. >> reporter: she believes the
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officers were out of line. the police chief said the use of force was necessary. >> i don't have a problem with you doing your job, but you don't have to beat people to a pulp. >> reporter: she said her son was walking to the store. in a phone interview, millville police chief told us that 34-year-old wouldn't cooperate with the officers and walked away. the chief says cotton became combative with the officers after being charged with obstruction of justice. the video shows police had cotton down in this part of the sidewalk. now his mother is looking for other video that shows what led up to this confrontation. he was later arrested for an unrelated child support warrant. he's now facing several charges, including aggravated assault on the police. now, his family is considering legal action. >> i want to see the police punished for their actions. they did not act according to their job description. >> reporter: in millville, brandon hudson, nbc 10 news.
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a parent impairment didn't stop one man wanted for two arsons in camden, surveillance of him lighting a flagpole rope on fire on june 4th. police say the man has crutches and a cast or medical boot on both feet. new video tonight of an attack caught on camera. police in westchester asking for your help identifying the suspect seen here punching a man in the head. this happened just before 3:00 a.m. sunday on east gay street. the victim is now in critical condition with serious head injuries. today, crews managed to remove hateful graffiti from a group of homes in south philadelphia, like kill a cop, save a life, or it is right to rebel spray painted on homes. police are hoping a surveillance camera from a local business will help them identify the culprits. celebrating the gift of life in south jersey. nbc 10 in cherry hill where the organ trans plant center
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reunited patients with donors. more than 100 patients turned out tonight. the dedicated medical staff celebrated as well. the only provider of solid organ transplant in jersey. >> they had a second chance in life, you know. because of an organ. >> that man, jose, received a kidney from his sister back in 2014. he's urging everyone to consider becoming a donor. there's a new wireless service in town. xfinity mobile launched today for the philadelphia region. the new wireless carrier opened for business with a big bash at the king of prussia town center today, with live music, ticket giveaways and more. a national nonprofit is forking over some serious cash to help bring in the nation's 250th birthday. daughters of the american revolution donated $380,000 to plant 76 trees at the
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independence national historical park in philadelphia. it's the first step in the organization's america 250 initiative. the trees should mature just in time for the anniversary celebration coming up in 2026. wawa welcome america kicks off festivities tomorrow to celebrate america's independence. each day through the fourth, cities will take turns being open for free. many providing extra attractions for the entire family. last year 44,000 people visited museums and attractions during wawa welcome america. nbc 10 is your home for wawa welcome america. count on us for all the concerts, the fireworks and the fun you will not see anywhere else. a live look now at the bep franklin parkway where the wawa welcome america stage is taking shape right now. sure would love to have the weather we have right now for the show on july 4th, but we may get something kind of different.
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let's bring in tammy. >> oh, yeah, maybe a little bit different. not quite as nice as today. but not quite as bad as this. take a look at this, tim. all of you at home, too. this is one of 24 tornadoes reported across four states. iowa, wisconsin, illinois and missouri this afternoon and still ongoing this evening. no damage. this is in stewart, iowa, from this one, but still very spectacular. that big storm system is headed our way. i'm not saying we're going to have a tornado, but i want to prepare you that we could actually have some gusty storms, especially on saturday. it's going to be so hot and humid, that's when the first of these big systems will cross this area. we're looking at quiet conditions with doppler radar across all of philadelphia. not too far away, already the storm system, the first of two, is kind of separating out. some of the rain is headed through michigan, and you can still see severe weather across parts of missouri, and the chicago area. so all of this is going to kind of break apart and reenergize
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for tomorrow. then the second wave, the one that may affect us on the fourth, is still coming across parts of the central plains. so we're going to be watching both of these systems. let's break it down for you so you can try to plan around it. this is going to be an evolving situation, so we're going to update this for you each and every day. this is a look at what the models think is going to happen. the latest run. the winds are going to be out of the west, very warm winds. today we hit a high of 81. we're going up into the mid and upper 8 ohs tomorrow, and the humidity is going to start to flow into the area. clear skies, very quiet, mid to upper 80s tomorrow. a few showers well north and west across central portions of the state for tomorrow. everything should be quiet. we get into friday. friday, we're going to be near 90. it will feel rather soupy out there. winds out of the west, all that warmth, all that moisture pumped into the area. watch what happens saturday. we make it into the upper 80s, lower 90s. we start quietly in the morning,
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maybe an isolated shower. in the afternoon we could see showers and maybe some gusty thunderstorms crossing the area. this could continue into sunday morning. now, this is a different forecast model. it goes out further in time. look what happens. it's going to clear out by the time we get into mid-morning on sunday. sunday not half bad. could see showers at night. out of here for monday. monday a warm day. a pleasant day. best of all, it's backing off on all the moisture for the fourth of july. this will probably change. we still have plenty of time before then. but look at this, much of tuesday now looks dry. firework time, not half bad. it's kind of moved out of the area, so that's what we want to see. lovely night out there for tonight. 81 our high today. sunset was at 8:34. tomorrow in fairmont, 89. let's go to egg harbor where you'll see 83. rehoboth beach at 85 degrees. for tonight across the area,
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here's what we're looking at. temperatures that are very comfortable. under mainly clear skies. philadelphia 64. 60 in lehigh valley. 64 at the jersey shore. and 63 in delaware. i'll have your ten-day on 10 coming up at the end of the newscast. jim? >> tammy, we'll see you soon. this just in, though. police say two young women wanted for a crime spree in upper darby are also accused of a robbery in philadelphia. this is surveillance photo of one of the suspects robbing a domino's pizza earlier this month. they're also charged with tree robberies in upper darby. police say the suspects crashed a hyundai sonata used in those robberies monday in southwest philadelphia. and they remain on the run tonight. up next, the lehigh valley man won't let his love of motorcycles go, even in the after life. his one of a kind casket on wheels, next.
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the family of an 89-year-old lehigh valley man who died sunday is makings the veteran burial dreams come true. he asked to be buried in the side car of his beloved harley-davidson. so the funeral home arranged for a motorcycle hearse to carry the casket. >> this will be his forever home. this is like a custom casket. there's something about it. when you're on that road. he rode everywhere he went. he wanted to keep riding. >> that was his son there. as for arthur's beloved bike, his family says they'll hand it down to his great grandkids once they learn how to ride. going out in style. john laclark? >> carson said prayers on where he will be drafted. why he says his prayer was
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answered. why were the phillies celebrating so much in seattle tonight? we'll show you. and hear from them coming up next.
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i'm john clark from csn. the phillies are no longer sweepless in seattle. their first sweep on the road in a year. let's jump to the third. phillies trailing 1-0. take away the crown from king felix. his first homer as a philly. game tied at 3. robinson, oh, no. gives the mariners a 4-3 lead with a solo shot. mark leiter jr. gives up three. tommy joseph leads off the
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ninth, ties it up. the phillies were 1-39 trailing after eight innings. andrew knapp gives the phillies a lead. they come back and win it 5-4. freddie galvas said he wanted to see a better effort, and he got it. >> we swept the series. we're pretty happy about that. you hear them inside. they're pretty happy about the whole thing. >> i think everybody kind of takes it personally. it wasn't like an organized meeting or anything. but we all know what was said. it's a matter of, you know, taking it personal, taking it to yourself and making a difference. >> it did make a difference. carson wentz is back in north dakota. he spoke at a large church in fargo in front of 1,500 people. he shared his love for the phillies and the eagles. >> especially as a football
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player, i'm wired to work my tail off, and earn whatever it is that i'm going to get. >> reporter: carson wentz spoke of growing up a good kid in north dakota, but he did not become whole until he found god. and before the nfl draft last year, he prayed for one thing. >> i just remember praying almost every day, lord, i don't know where i'm going to be, but just put me in a place where i can grow closer to you. >> reporter: carson's prayer came through in philly. >> it came through big-time. the men in that locker room, that have been continually uplifting me, we've been pouring into each other. if i didn't have that community in philadelphia, i wouldn't be standing up here talking to you guys. it's the community and brotherhood that we have.
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have another nice day tomorrow. 89. very humid on friday. saturday we could see strong thunderstorms moving in. they'll clear out on snds. monday, a decent day. right now only an isolated chance of a thunderstorm at night on the fourth. let's hope it keeps going in that direction. >> isolated. that's our news at 11:00. have a great night. see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kristen wiig, paul dano, musical guest macklemore


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