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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  June 29, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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football coach. what they say he did to young girls. >> and a team of people hard at work making a six-ton sandwich. >> suddenly i'm sort of hungry. it's 6:00 a.m. >> let's get right to bill in the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. >> good morning. the temperatures have cooled down this morning but it is a little bit warmer than yesterday. the cool spot, the suburbs right now. clouds are moving through. no sign of showers today. that sun is coming up over king of prussia and the temperatures will come a little faster today. up to 81 degrees by lunchtime. philadelphia, it's 66 degrees. 61 in new jersey and delaware, look at that sunshine over the stadium, 63 degrees. the winds out of the south at 7:00, 69 degrees and up 10 degrees by sock th10:00 this mo.
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so most neighborhoods will reach into the upper 08s. 87 in the lehigh valley. at the shore, just a little bit cooler as the wind will be coming off the cooler ocean. 76 degrees today. i'll break it down hour by hour and show you how quickly things warm up in your neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes but first your morning traffic. >> and this is a water main break tying things up on route 130 southbound. traffic still is getting by the scene though. just the right lane is blocked so we're not seeing any big delays because of that. this is route 55 around route 4. both directions look good. you can see -- i don't think i see a car in sight here. roads are dry, so a good commute there. there's a crash out 422, watch for some restrictions there. and the drive times are okay. here's 95. another drive time but this moving through delaware northbound from 295 to 495, ten
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minutes. thank you. we are following breaking news this morning out of philadelphia where police arrested a man who they say shot and killed a veteran. the family identifies the victim as howard robert white. family members say white had just returned from a tour of duty in kuwait. katy talked to the victim's family. look for that interview coming up in the next half hour. invest investigators lookina former football coach who they say assaulted three girls ranging in age from 4 to 18 and the crimes date back more than a decade. when he coached youth football in se lemm. we got reaction from his former neighbors. >> i'm glad they caught him.
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i'm very sorry what happened with the children. >> the d.a. released photos of him at younger ages and wants people to take a good look at them as they investigate whether there were other victims. president trump is calling for a crackdown on cities like philadelphia. lending cooperation with federal deportation forces and doing a meeting with families killed by undocumented immigrants. the president called on the house to approve two bills coming up for a vote later today. o . this morning we have new details about a scandal rocking the vatican. a top vatican cardinal is facing multiple historical sexual assault charges. australian cardinal george pell announced he's taking a leave of absence as the chief financial
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advisor to pope francis. he called the investigation a character assassination and will return to australia to face the charges. several people are accusing him of sexual a fences that happened years ago. the catholic church worldwide have faced a large selection of charges against the archdiocese. a truck crashed through a philadelphia brew hub yesterday. the driver was going the wrong way when he southwesterned on the sidewalk and barrelled through the glass. the u-haul also ran over a bike and scraped these cars along the way. look at that woman there, just had to jump out to get out of the way. >> my heart is still racing every time i see it. it's very scary. sitting there, having a conversation, next thing you know a u-haul truck comes crashing through the front window. >> the driver tried to get out and run but police arrested him
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and charged him with driving under the influence. the brew pub did reopen last night but obviously still a lot of work to do there. and the 2017 wawa welcome america festival is officially underway. >> and the philadelphia favorite, the hoagie. we're live at the national constitution center where a giant six-ton sandwich is being built. >> reporter: i haven't seen that one just yet but what i am seeing are a lot of hoagies coming together really quickly. take a look at the line here. 150 wawa employees working to get those sandwiches together and they're very close to reaching their first goal of 5,000 hoagies. those hoagies are going to go to fill abundance. from there they'll go to shelters all throughout the valley. joining me is the chief brand officer and tell us about what goes into getting all of this
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together. a lot of fun for employees but a lot of meaning behind it as well. >> it is organized chaos on here. we have got over 150 wawa volunteers here giving their time to be able to do this right, giving for abundance, giving to our veterans and being able to give the general public. 23,000 hoagies today all being given away it's amazing. we love doing it and we love doing it for the community. >> and tell us about that special delivery. >> we have over 1,000 hoagies going to different veterans organizations throughout the city it's a big part of what wawa does for a big part of the veterans and it's a big part to celebrate our nation's anniversary by giving to those who have defended us. >> reporter: you guys are moving fast and doing such a great job this morning. 23,000 shortties are going to be made this morning. they'll be given away and it's been fun talking to you guys but i think it's about time that i
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do my official taste test so i'm going to have to see you guys later on this morning. reporting live from the constitution center, nbc 10 news. >> just part of the job, pamela. enjoy that. somebody's got to do it. well, there's a lot of wawa america events happening today. you can see a special photo exhibit at philly international airport. philadelphia, the nation's first world heritage city, celebrate it is city's designation as a world heritage sight and tonight get ready for go forth and learn. mummer's museum, you and your child with experience what it's like to be a mummer. they've performed for decades. you can see those dances. tonight's event is free from 6:00 to 8:00 at the museum. 66 degrees outside and this is one of the reasons why we love working the morning shift.
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you get to see the sunrise just like that. >> it's glorious. >> let's check in with bill henley with the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. >> we get to see a lot of that sunshine today. the clouds you can see, those clouds are on the move. they'll be moving right on through the area. we'll get more and more sunshine today. so a nice warmup all around including the shore. just some scattered clouds right now in ocean city and inland as well but the clouds will thin out and there are no showers for our area. the nearest showers are passing to the north into the mountains and those showers are light. temperatures running a little bit warmer than yesterday. 61 degrees in south jersey. 60s for the lehigh valley. most of these were in the 50s yesterday and we had some neighborhoods in philadelphia in the 50s. 70 right now in port richmond and northeast philadelphia
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airport, 67 degrees. that's to start with. shows it stays nice and sunny. 79 degrees by late morning. by a noontime 81 degrees in philadelphia and 82 in wilmington and 70s south jersey for millville. warm into the middle to upper 80s this afternoon, but the humidity stays low. the clouds steer clear of us. they'll stay out of the picture for us and that's not going to change today and as we go into the evening hours, it cool from the 80s down into the 70s. at 6:00 we'll still be in the 80s. a little bit of time but we'll see some 70s by 9:00 this evening and by 10:00 most of the area will be down to 71 degrees in cape may. a pretty nice day and evening too, but hotter temperatures just around the corner. they start moving in tomorrow into the 90s and it's an extended stay for temperatures in the 90s. a heat wave will continue on through the fourth of july up to
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90 degrees and a chance we'll see some storms in the area too. i'll detail that when i'm back in ten minutes. thank you, bill. yesterday the blue route had some problems but it looks pretty clear today. >> let's check for sure. >> things can always change too. we don't want to get ahead of ourselves. it looks okay for now. no real traffic or delays to start. still a little bit early for that. we are watching a crash though. this is right around 422's westbound ramp to first avenue. watch for some lane restrictions headed that direction and that ramp is blocked as well. over in jersey, a water main break tying things up on route 130 southbound. the right lane is closed and here is route 730 in cherry hill. both directions look okay. we're not seeing any delays so far. so so far, a quiet drive but that can change. i'll have updates for you for
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the rest of the morning. starting today the president's travel ban is now in effect and there are new guidelines for people wanting to come here from muslim countries. up next we'll tell you who is permitted in the u.s. and who is not. and forget bubble gum and sunflower seeds. wait until you hear the dugout snacks that philly players tried out.
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new guidelines take effect today as part of president trump's travel ban. people from those six countries must now prove they're going to school or work here or have a close tie to business or family ties in the u.s.
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meantime, we have new details about air travel security. >> american officials will not expand the ban on laptops in carry on bags for people traveling to the u.s. from other countries. instead they'll face tougher security measures. more bomb sniffing dogs and more swabbing for explosives. in march, passengers coming from ten middle east and african airports were required to check any electronic device larger than a cell phone. tonight the iron pigs will be called whiz kids. it's the baseball team's salute to philadelphia night. the new name pays tribute to the phillies 1950 team and the city's love affair with all things cheese steaks. the team will wear whiz kids jerseys and hats and they can enjoy cheese steaks and also an appearance by the philly
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fanatic. they're enjoying a rather wild smash should we say. the phillies took on the mariners and they added toasted grasshoppers to statheir stadiu menu. >> is it salty? >> now the bugs toasted with a chili lime salt seasoning, so yeah. and they sold them out on opening day. now, this is a seattle ballpark so they do stuff like this there. >> rookie pitcher seen on the left there of your screen. he's one of the players who tried it. >> you're going to get it stuck in your teeth. >> he asked for seconds. >> really? >> yeah. >> just tastes like chewing coback cc tobacco. he tried to get the other players to eat them. the phillies tweeted a list of
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dugout snacks. grass hoppers, question mark. now, the phillies did win 5-4. >> there is no way a grasshopper tastes good. there's no -- you can't make that up. >> we're going to bring you something. >> now -- >> not even with a little lemon on top? how about some lime? >> i think it would be crunchy. >> it's not going to be good. >> i can't. >> it's probably like chicken or pork where if it's undercooked, it's not real good but crunchy, spice it up -- >> anybody know where you can get crunchy -- >> seattle. >> we're not going to seattle. >> that's the end of it. >> i prefer sausage and peppers. >> if you're hitting the road this morning what do people need to know? >> you're not going to be eating grasshoppers before you go.
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this is the vine eastbound just around the ben franklin parkway. you can see a disabled vehicle right before or you can say after the offramp. no big problems or delays on the eastbound side for now, moving toward 95 having an easy drive, still an easy drive with that disabled vehicle in place. we're good in both directions. 21 minutes, speeds are way up, so that westbound side clocking into the 7 os there. king of prussia, a crash on the westbound ramp to first avenue from route 422. the drive times are pretty normal for right now. we've been watching this water main break on route 130 southbound. the right lane is closed. back to you. >> it's 6:18, 66 degrees outside. a beautiful morning outside. let's find out what's to come as we take a live look at penns
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landing. bill has your most accurate raft. >> more and more of that sunshine and it's going to be a warmer afternoon. there are some clouds blowing past the studios but the sunshine takes over and the clouds are moving through without any wet weather. increasing the wind and the wind direction has changed for today. that's really going to boost our temperatures this afternoon and making for a slightly warmer morning. the winds out of the southwest. up to about 15 miles per hour for porkss of wilmington and delaware and dover, just a little bit stronger from wildwood this afternoon. that will boost our temperatures. still looks at some cool spots. berks county, 62 degrees and it's 59 in white hall. so a cool start. the clouds thin out. we'll get some sunshine and the temperatures take off this afternoon into the upper 80s. 86 degrees by 5:00 but the humidity, that stays low. the bigger the gap the more
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comfortable the conditions. this gap will thin tomorrow as the humidity starts increasing tomorrow and the heat will be on tomorrow. we'll have to wait until the weekend for some showers and thunderstorms. could use a little bit of rainfall. right now the showers are well to the northwest. our area will see dry conditions today and again tomorrow. it's saturday and sunday, the showers and thunderstorms turn likely. here's the hour by hour forecast. you can see as we go into tomorrow afternoon, that's 12:15 in the afternoon. showers to the northwest. we'll still be dry and it will be steamier tomorrow. you'll feel that humidity increasing and that will lead to some showers possibly as early as saturday morning. 10:30 in the morning. you see showers in the lehigh valley and the showers will start moving into philadelphia and delaware too. and the shower threat continues into sunday, but not today. nice, low humidity. 88 degrees the high temperature this afternoon. hot weather returns tomorrow. the humidity starts pumping up for friday and it goes higher on
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saturday. showers, thunderstorms late saturday and sunday and 90 degrees the high temperature on sunday. we'll see enough sunshine, those showers will be drying out in the afternoon on sunday and a dry day on monday. then there's a chance of some late day showers on the fourth of july. we'll be watching that one closely. the threat looks a little bit lower today than it has over the last few days. a chance of more storms on friday and another hot one next saturday, up to 93. time magazine wants president trump to take a made up version of its magazine off the walls of his golf resorts. we don't know if that will happen but we do know this. the internet had a field day with the front cover. some of the most creative means that we could find. and ball strikes and savings. how a major league um pair saved a woman's life. ♪
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penn state says a research center is expected to open in the next few months. the university is planning to open the center for healthy children in september. it is part of penn state's commitment to battling child abuse in the wake of the jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal. an umpire was walking to pnc park in pittsburgh for the game between the rye rats and the rays. he noticed a woman climbing up the bridge. he approached her and grabbed on to her. he held the woman until emergency responders arrived and got her to safety. >> this isn't about me. i appreciate this opportunity, but i know this is just for her and that people care about her. >> now, if you or someone you know might be suicidal you're encouraged to call the national lifeline 24/7. mean bhiel while in delawarw
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push to get you to spend some time outdoors. they say the upcoming holiday weekend provides the perfect opportunity to get outside. new castle county contains parks on more than 5,900 ache ers. we've got sunshine. there's a live view from center city. the breeze will be picking up. the winds are out of the south at 6 miles an hour. at 66, warms up probably more than 20 degrees today. i've got your neighborhood forecast just ahead. armed educators in classrooms across pennsylvania? >> it could become a reality. next, who would be allowed to bring guns to school and why it's getting resistance. >> and take a good look at this video. police say they were justified in how they reacted.
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break right now, veteran shot and killed. the violent encounter that killed a monowho just returned home from overseas. police in delaware county and now philadelphia say two young women are behind a string of robberies. >> from eyesore to eye catching, progress is coming to the property in camden county. good morning. it is 6:30 on this thursday. this is nbc 10 news today. >> let's begin with the weather. it's beautiful outside. bill has the most accurate neighborhood forecast for your neighborhood. >> temperatures are right where they should be for this time of year. 50s and 60s. there are some clouds moving through this morning. you will see fewer of those clouds later this morning.
6:31 am
that 6-mile-per-hour wind. 74 degrees at 9:00. the winds will be shifting, becoming more southwesterly and that's going to lead to a quicker warmup today. 81 degrees. that was our high temperature yesterday. we'll go bast that into the upper 80s for philadelphia and the suburbs. bright sunshine and a few passing clouds but dry and upper 80s for new jersey. the cool spot will be the shores as winds are coming in off the ocean. 76 degrees today. i'll break it down hour by hour. show you how quickly the clouds move out and sunshine warms up your neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. but first let's see how traffic is moving. >> and we're watching the expressway. we did have a disabled vehicle near the ben franklin parkway. that has pretty much cleared and i wanted to check in around 24th street to see if there were delays anyway. no problems there. westbound still moving and let's
6:32 am
check in with drive times here. you can see on the road right here there is a little spot of red, a little spot of yellow. starting to creep up there on the westbound side from the vine that we just looked at to the blue route, speeds dropping but still into the high 40s. out in cherry hill, no problems or delays. one car moving through or so at a time and we're still watching this water main break. right back to you. thank you. breaking right now, a veteran is the victim of overnight gun violence. family members say he served his country and recently turn returned home. >> you're learning more about the victim and the violence that killed him. tell us more. >> reporter: police is still out here. they've been out here for hours and they are cleaning up the last parts of this scene. the family tells me they are devastated. they are in disbelief that this
6:33 am
man served his country for years overseas and now he comes home only to be killed a block from where he lives. the family of howard white was outside the bar all night speaking with police and talking about the kind of person white was. they say he was doing what he does best, defending people when he was killed overnight. they say white, a marine, was with a friend near fifty and spencer street when a man who appeared to them to be on drugs pulled up looking to rob the green parrot bar. they say white tried to talk him out of it and then things turned viole violent. police tell us the man pulled a gone and shot the victim in the head and his stomach. white's family said he saved lives overseas but when he tries to defend people inside a philadelphia bar, he's killed. >> he was a good dude. ain't mess with nobody. he loved his family, you know what i'm saying, he served his country.
6:34 am
it don't add up. >> reporter: again, family and friends who have been out here all morning long are devastated. they say before all this, white was talking about going back overseas. now, the gunman got away. he ran away after the shooting. he ran down spencer street and then police say he tried to break into a nearby home as he was trying to elude them. that homeowner fought back. he was injured but he managed to take the gun away from the suspect. the suspect is in police custody. we're told he's a 25-year-old from north philadelphia. police say two young women wanted for a robbery spree are now suspected in a robbery in philadelphia. they say the surveillance photo shows one of the women robbing a domi domino's pizza earlier this month. the victims in upper darby include two cab drivers and two tourists from ecuador.
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the thieves crashed a hyundai and they are still on the run. a mother says she believes police used excessive force when they punched her son while arresting them. >> a video clip shows the confrontation escalating. his mother told us she thinks the officers were out of line. >> i don't have a problem with you doing your job, but you don't have to beat people to a pulp. i want to see the police punished for their actions. >> now, in a phone interview, millville's police chief told us that he became combative with the officers and their use of force was necessary. he faces several charges including aggravated assault on police. the state senate has approved a bill that would allow teachers and other employees to bring guns to school. school employees would be required to have a concealed carry license, pass a
6:36 am
psychological evaluation and meet certain fire arms training requirements. a letter written by educators who survived the sandy hook shooting in connecticut. they say having guns would not have made them or their students any safer. >> it's completely unrealistic that an educator with a gun would be able to take down the gunman without harming or killing other educators or god forbid, children. >> the bill still requires approval in the pennsylvania house. governor says he opposes it. >> today the family of a fallen philadelphia police officer will get a special gift. a member of the department's graphic arts unit will present an original portrait of officer lorenzo to family members. he was killed in the line of duty when a drunk driver hit his police motorcycle head on on i-95. and new jersey is making
6:37 am
certain fireworks legal for people age 16 and older. governor chris christie signed a how that immediately lifts the ban. fire crackers, roman candles and bots l rockets along with other aerial fireworks they'll remain illegal. the national fire protection association warns that sparklers can burn as high as 3,000 degrees and should be kept away from children. the wawa welcome america festival begins today in philadelphia. >> starting things off is the annual hoagie day celebration and wawa teams are building this year's hoagie day feast at the national constitution center. organized chaos as one of the people called it. the first 5,000 goes to fill abundance and the other will go to veterans centers. wawa will serve the rest free at the hoagie day celebration at noon at independence visitors' center. >> and you can see this sand
6:38 am
sculpture made from sand. philadelphia icons, you can check out the sand sculpture peck tack la spectacular. getting back to the hoagies, that's going to go to a good cause. >> always great for that. >> and also our veterans will get a taste of those wonderful hoagies. let's check in with bill who's got the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. >> a taste of that beautiful weather from yesterday. gorgeous sunshine, low humidity. today we've got some clouds moving through the area but they're passing through without any showers and they'll be heading right on out. they'll keep on going which means sunshine and a warm summer day. warmer than yesterday, but the humidity stays low, which means we'll cool down this evening and make for a nice mild evening with temperatures dropping into the 70s. 66 and the wind will be picking up and that's going to help
6:39 am
boost our temperatures. now looks like it's up to 82 degrees and middle to upper 80s this afternoon with those kind to 15 miles per hour later today. clouds will be thinning out in the suburbs. up to 75 degrees and climbing at 10 morning. lehigh valley, fewer clouds this afternoon. that's when the temperatures will be in the 08s after a cool morning in the low 60s. the winds up to 11 miles an hour. at noontime those winds will be warm this afternoon. 80s but the humidity will stay low today. at the shore, a little bit cooler than yesterday. same reason. the rest of the area is getting warmer. the winds will be stronger and they'll be coming off the ocean. 2:00 this afternoon for the jersey shore and also 77 degrees with sunshine at 4:00. so pretty nice shore day and for dellway, into the 80s right now. warming up to 70 at 10:00.
6:40 am
80s with humidity low for today but that's going to be changing the next couple of days. the humidity will be increasing and this weekend we'll see a chance of showers and a chance of showers for the fourth of july. we'll start the day on the fourth at 11:00 in the 80s. at 11:00 a.m. for the parade. during the afternoon the clouds will be building and for the concert in the evening there's a chance we'll see some scattered showers and the possibility continues at 10:00 for the fireworks. after that well, things change. i'll show you that with the ten-day on ten when i'm back in ten minutes. humidity will be increasing and so will the volume on 95. >> let's check a look with jessica boyington. >> i thought you were going to say the volume on tracy and jessica's hair. >> 95 right around girard avenue, both directions look okay. a little slower than that northbound side. 26 minutes right now for the
6:41 am
total drive to the vine street expressway so we're doing great there. for the most part there's a crash though. watch this right around water town road and king of prussia, still watching this crash. that's currently blocked off. so 422 looks typical though with the drive times on tooes bound side. route 130 southbound at riverton road, still dealing with that water main break. the right lane is blocked. a lehigh valley man was a life long harley davidson fan. >> and his passion for bikes lives on even after his death. up next, the last ride you've just got to see. >> this is not real but it is inspired by current events. up next the internet reacts to president trump's time magazine controversy. it's time that we bring addiction out of the darkness
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and into the light. to everyone struggling in silence - addicts, family, friends - you are not alone. it's time we lift each other up, reach out, say something. addiction is a disease. don't suffer. don't wait. help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or go to the road to recovery starts now.
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a quarter of 7:00 and let's take a look at county by county for stories across our area. >> the plan to reporm the department of corrections following that standoff at the correctional center. they named a temporary special assistant for the department. he will make changes that include better training for guards. earlier this year you'll remember inmates took over the prison and killed a krixal officer. and a 2-year-old boy is recovering after he was hit by a tractor in burlington county. this is lumberton on landing street last night. the toddler is expected to be okay. police are trying to figure out what led to that accident. at the jersey shore, ocean city police are trying to identify these teenagers who tras passed and caused damage at
6:46 am
the amusement park. they knocked over vending machines and trash cans. the park's manager say it is vandalism cost more than $8,000. and ofishes aficials are tun eyesore into a money making opportunity. they hope to attract millennials with a pool. it will have outdoor community kitchen and fire pits. construction is set to begin on phase one this fall. and police officer got quite an assist from a friend. check out this picture from their facebook page. police sergeant doyle was on traffic doughty when young shosh spotted her and brought her a lemon bar and a bottle of water. good for you, josh. >> the family of a lehigh valley man fulfilled the wish of a
6:47 am
89-year-old veteran on sunday. arthur warner asked to be buried in the side car of the beloved harley david son. >> this will be his forever home. this is like a custom cuss keas. he rode everywhere he went. >> he wanted to keep riding. >> his family says they'll hand his bike down to his great grand kids once they learn to ride. >> about 13 minutes before 7:00. at the top of the hour the beginning of the "today" show. >> hey, good to see you guys. coming up on a thursday, the trump administration in the wake of that key supreme court decision is expected to begin enforcing part of its travel ban today. >> also ahead, a popular meal kit services be the death of
6:48 am
fast food? >> those stories and are you listening to err hustle. this is a pod cast that is rocketing up the charts. >> and the legendary jewily andrews will be live in our studios. she's going to talk about despicable 3 me. all of these things later on on "today." >> and if julie anders is going to talk about her career, you'll need the entire show for that. all right. we look forward to it guys. >> all right. see you soon. >> how about we head down to the shore, cape may? >> how pretty is that? >> still early enough there aren't a few people -- there are a few people walking. >> my blanket. plenty of space there. >> let's check in with bill.
6:49 am
>> you won't need an umbrella for rain, but sunshine, that's a different story. you can see some clouds moving through penn's landing. we'll get a lot of sunshine today. these clouds will keep on moving and the wind is blowing and that is going to be picking up this afternoon. mostly cloudy in spring city, pennsylvania and there you can see the clouds over in ocean city. the sun is up so we're seeing some sunshine that will warm temperatures into the 70s. the rest of the area a bit warmer. right now 59 degrees in may's landing. 67 degrees for cape may point those cool ocean breezes keeping the beach cool but go inland and it's going to climb into the 80s fairly quickly. most neighborhoods are warmer. the suburbs we saw a lot of 50s. not so this morning. unionville is 5 degrees but most communities are in the 60s right now. climbing in fort washington
6:50 am
we've got 64 degrees to start with. 80s this afternoon. upper 80s but the humidity stays low. so it will still be comfortable. typical end of june. you'll see lots of sunshine and look at allentown east and middle to upper 08s for both of those areas. sunshine will be nice and bright for today and for tomorrow, the hiemt will start creeping in so enjoy this while it's here. you're in the 70s at the shore while inland areas warming into the 80s this afternoon. doppler radar picks up those clouds. no sign of any wet weather for us. the showers are passing to the north and far to the northwest. the next chance of showers arrives this weekend. so does the steamy conditions too. for saturday and sunday, temperatures into the 90s for philadelphia. the hottest and most humid day will be saturday with those showers developing during the day and some lingering into sunday morning. i don't think it's going to be an all day rainfall on sunday.
6:51 am
some clearing and that lead to a dry day on monday. today might be the nicest of the next ten. humidity stays nice and low, but this humidity starts climbing tomorrow and especially steamy be those storms developing on saturday and into sunday. then a dry damond. a chance of some late-day showers on the fourth of july. a better chance we'll see some wet weather for thursday and friday and that will bring an end to our heat. the showers start to move out and we heat up again next weekend. saturday afternoon up to 93 degrees. steamy. thanks. 9 before 7:00. let's get you a look at the expressway. >> looks like there's a lane closure. >> the westbound side approaching glad win where we're watching this accident. seen a few vehicles here involved and everything is over in the left-hand lanes. now one single file lane by the
6:52 am
scene so approaching the king of prussia area, right now look at this drive time. 61 minutes so it's going to take you an hour from the vine to the blue route. usually it's about 20 to 25 minutes so a big increase there. speeds are down even lower than the teens right now so that left lane on the westbound side is blocked. eastbound some typical morning delays. also watch for this crash on easton road. and we look great right around the atlantic city expressway. time magazine has asked the trump organization to remove the phony cover. the cover is dated march 1st, 2009. talks about his tv show being a smash and there was no
6:53 am
march 1st, 2009, edition. the story has now led people on the internet to create other fake magazine covers that are far less kind. espn, the magazine celebrating president trump as one of the absolute best athletes of all time. carson wentz told a large church gathering that his philadelphia teammates have lifted up his christian faith. >> men that are in that locker room and that have been continually uplifting me and that we've been pouring into each other. if i didn't have that community in philadelphia i wouldn't be standing up here talking to you guys. well, next, the top stories of the day including the murder of a veteran. >> what family members say the victim tried to do just before he was shot.
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a look now at some of the stories we're following today. >> police looking into what took the life of a veteran. the victim was trying to prevent a robbery when he was killed. police have a suspect in custody. today in washington the house will vote on a pair of bills aimed at undocumented immigrants. president trump is urging passage of a bill that could defund sanctuary cities like philadelphia. another would impose harsher prison terms on depor tees who reenter the u.s. and commit crimes. this u.s. department of agriculture plans to serve more than 200 million free meals to
6:58 am
children 18 years and under. no registration or id is required. kids simply show up and they receive a free healthy meal. and happening now, wawa teams are building this year's hoagie dayfest. here's a live look at the work going on right now. they're cheering some of the eagles are arriving. maybe that's who that is right there. i can't see. but they'll be making 23,000 shortties. the first 3,000 goes to abundance and the next will go to veterans centers. like another 1,000 hoagies to go to myself. that would be great. watching this crash here so a really big delay.
6:59 am
if you're headed towards king of prussia the left lane completely blocked which is forcing all traffic to go one lane by the scene. well over an hour to take you to the blue route. speeds below the teens. >> these clouds must be making jessica hungry because she normally only eats half a million in the morning. east in pennsylvania, a few scattered showers. the clouds are thinning out. no showers in our area. those are passing to the north. a few sprinkles farther to the north, a very light shower. sunshine takes over. in the 60s and already starting to warm up many the suburbs. the winds kick in and it will be a breezy afternoon and that's going to elevate the temperatures today. 88 degrees for philadelphia. 87 for the suburbs in the lehigh valley. the temperatures will be up as the humidity stays low today.
7:00 am
>> excellent. >> i thought we were going to wawa so i wore shorts today but we're going to the constitution center. >> everyone's been watching you all day with those shorts. >> thanks for watching. bender. breaking overnight. nbc news has learned parts of president trump's controversial travel plan set to take effect this evening, when you there are a lot of questions this morning. just who will be banned? how will officials enforce the new rules? criminal behavior? sex assault charges filed against highest ranking vatican official ever, a cardinal and member of the pope's circle. >> relentless character assassination. >> this morning why he claims he is a victim and what the pope is saying about the accusations. central park mystery. nearly a year after a teenager lost his leg when he fell on a bag of


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