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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  June 30, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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four families out of home after the crumbled down overnight. music and fireworks. wawa celebration. have you covered throughout the july 4 holiday weekend. good friday morning. nbc 10 today. i'm katy zachary. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley. 73 philadelphia international. entire area is in the 70s this morning. suburbs, new jersey, lehigh valley and delaware too. see the sun coming up over frolly stadium in delaware. 10:00 this morning. southwesterly wind blowing the entire area will see a quick warmup today. right now sunshine over king of prussia. few scattered clouds there. 87 by 11:00 this morning. humidity won't be too bad during
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the day. a bit higher than yesterday. ramping up during even thing hours. 89 in the lehigh valley. we could see an afternoon shower or thunderstorm. those are likely to come into play this evening. during most of the day it will be completely dry. 90 degrees for inland areas. at the shore, 80 degrees will be the high temperature today. break it down hour by hour. come back in ten minutes. give you a peak at the concert at penn's landing tonight too. first jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. starting off this morning on route 309. empty right now. cameras moving around the fort washington area. one car moving through at a time. roads are dry. good morning commute we'll have so far. accident out in abington. watch for this on meeting house road. still keeping my eye on the
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burlington bristol. >> thanks for that. you will see a lot of people hitting the roads and taking to the skies and rails today for the july 4 holiday weekend. live look from farly plaza. you can bet some of those cars are headed to the jersey shore. here's what it looks like right now. jersey shore is always a popular place. during long holiday weekends and a long one this is. five days people are cashing in. businesses are getting ready for biggest weekend of the summer. ocean city board walk was already crowded yesterday. the surf mall is among local businesses that have been getting gear ready for the holiday weekend. merchants say this year a bonus because the 4th falls on a tuesday. >> i think any board merchant would prefer to have four very strong days as opposed to when 4th of july falls on a saturday.
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often busier for them. this holiday weekend usually have banner sales regardless of the weather. fun filled day for the wawa welcome festival. free events across our area. live look right now from penn's landing. the world renowned philadelphia orchestra will perform on the river stage at the plaza the concert begins at 8:00 tonight. that will be followed by the first fireworks show. six day wawa fireworks show. keeping you on top of all the events happening over the 4th of july holiday. also get updates on a free nbc 10 app. part of a row home came crashing down. red cross helping four families find shelter. nbc 10 was on the street neerm fifth. the front of the three story house came down around 3:00 this morning. no one was hurt.
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buckling at the peers. asked the neighborhood about it. >> sound like wind coming drown the street real hard. then it just the next thing i know, telling us to get out of there. came out and brings and debris everywhere. big gaping hole. it was like, wow. >> there are concerns that more of the home could collapse. crews and license and inspection officials are on the scene. happening right now. police across the region looking for a driver who murdered a chester county teenager in an apparent fit of road rage. 18-year-old just graduated from high school in west ocean township. authorities say a man in the pickup truck shot her in the head. looking for this red faded puptd. her father is looking for answers. >> i can visualize it in my mind
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what happened to my daughter and i know she was scared. >> we'll have more reaction and information about this case coming up in a live report at 6:30. new from overnight, police in delaware county are investigating a shooting in marcus hook. someone opened fire around midnight. medics took is victim to the hospital. working to find out the man's condition. this morning, former philadelphia district attorney seth williams waking up in jail cell after guilty plea in description case. brought you breaking news yesterday morning. decided to change his plea to guilty nearly two weeks into his trial. he also signed a letter saying he resigned as da. authorities took williams away in handcuffs yesterday after he admitted no court to taking illegal gifts in exchange for political favors. got reaction from all sides outside the federal courthouse. >> you saw how emotional he was. how upset.
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dramatic turning point. >> i really think it was leaning towards him being guilty. >> mr. williams admitted that he sold his office. >> he's a man in transition. and he's a man on the way back. >> williams could get up to five years in prison at his sentencing on october 24. the judge decided williams would serve jail time between now and then. 6:06, looking at new surveillance video of a veteran who lost his life while trying to stop a robbery. gunned down outside the green parrot tavern. video shows suspect being thrown out of the place. white was not far behind trying to calm things down. when the two got outside. the gunman shot and killed white and then ran away. the suspect then broke into a nearby home. father and son living there subdued the man until police arrived. it's 6:06.
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take a live look outside. pretty pretty shot as the sun has come up not too long ago. gosh, ten degrees warm emergency room bi-- warmer bill says this morning than typically. >> this is shot from camera on top of the loews hotel. looking at the delaware river. i've got a view of the ocean this morning. cape may new jersey. live view. see the beach. live view from marquis de lafayette hotel. 70s for lehigh valley. delaware just dropped to 71 degrees. 72 in south jersey. and it has made it to the 60s at the jersey shore. you'll see warmer temperatures at the shore during the day today too. near 80 degrees this afternoon. inland areas including the suburbs warming close to 90 degrees this afternoon. west callen township. the shore dropped down to 69.
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72 degrees in gland wynn. all in the low 70s to start with. warmer start and it's going to get hot this afternoon. many neighborhoods reaching up to 90 degrees. the humidity will also be coming in on those wind that we saw first yesterday coming out of the south. barely changed from yesterday. the temperatures changed. really ramp up during the evening hours. what you won't see during the day are showers. poconos mountains few showers this morning. fizzling right now. chance of more showers comes in evening, more for the north. the rest of the area is sunshine. temperatures climb to 91 in philadelphia. 6:00 this evening. suburbs see low 80s by 2:00 this afternoon. mostly sunny skies and 87 degrees at 6:00 this evening. lehigh valley sunshine to start with. 84, middle 80s by 2:00. late this afternoon there will be a few clouds around.
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slight chance of late afternoon shower. more likely afternoon hours. sunny skies for delaware. 89 degrees at 6:00 in delaware. 90 at 6:00 p.m. for new jersey and the shore. look at the 70s holding steady for most of the day. topping out around 80 degrees this afternoon. penn's landing. nice and sunny. 7:00. temperatures will be dropping as the concert starts at 8:00. down to 86 degrees. dry for the concert. storms on the way for just about everyone tomorrow. look at that when i come back in ten minutes. >> thank you, bill. 6:09. maybe you're headed towards delaware or maybe you're headed towards trenton and using 295. >> jessica boyington is here with a look at how the roadway is bearing. watching 295 again right around the black horse pike. right moving through the belmar
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area. trenton northbound no problem there. maybe you're heading to 42 freeway or the split towards center city and philadelphia. you'll have no problem so far even moving through the work zone. watch for delays opening over the tacomy palmyra. standby there. clear on the betsy ross bridge. alternate. keep checking on the burlington bristol for openings. not yet. also watching the schuylkill. end here. look good so far. see both directions still green. 12 minutes eastbound from the blue route to vine. speeds up in the 60s: vai back to you. be prepared for a shutdown. that's what new jersey's governor said in this letter sent to state agencies as lawmakers race for a midnight deadline to approve budget. what a shutdown could mean coming up at 6:30. alert for parents. police have a warning how a would be criminal is using fidget spinners like these to
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today president trump will meet with south korea at the white house. two world leaders had dinner together last night. reasharesing washington he will work closely with the u.s. dealing with the threat from north korea. republican led house passed two bills crack down on illegal immigration which is a priority for president trump. >> bill known as kate law. strip federal funding to sanctuary cities like philadelphia. the president says he hopes the senate will also approve the measures. the state of hawaii challenging the scale back version of president trump's
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travel ban that went into effect last night. injunction against the original travel ban be put in place until the new rules can be clarified. travel order stop unless they have close family connections or verifiable business ties. >> police in new jersey say a man is using fidget spinners to try and lure children into his car. authorities say man walked up to two kids and offered the popular spinning toy. one of the kids told the worker and the worker asked the man to leave. >> early summer and we are seeing some of the best high school football talent in south jersey. >> took the field last night for a good cause. >> it is still summer. not quite football season, but
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players were pumped up. the game is the biggest fundraiser for the foundation which provides help to people who suffered life altering spinal injuries. i needed a group of people and support. the group is here to provide that support. >> assemblyman paralyzed in 2000 playing for penn state. the game against ohio state regained the ability to walk after undergoing spinal fusion therapy. >> good cause there. right now when we typically on fridays don't see much of a morning commute at all. people take three-day weekend. approaching the holiday assume that's what is happening. see the rush is later on in this evening.
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blue route around the on-ramp looks great. no problems there. crash reported in abington. meeting house road around susquehanna road. bridges still in the process of opening. scheduled for 6:00 this morning. by the time you get out the door if you're watching this now probably okay not to worry about the alternate. if you want to be safe, you can do that too. cher so watch for lane restrictions there. we'll end here with a little bit of sun glare. route 38. most part roads are good. >> jessica, thanks for that. 6:17. 73 degrees outside our studio. it's warmer right now than it typically is for late june. this is a live look as we head down the shore. at cape may the water looks beautiful there. this is a great time to get out and head to the shore. bill henley with a look at holiday forecast. >> great day at the shore.
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little breezy this afternoon. winds picking up like they did yesterday. at the shore winds coming off the ocean. typically cooler at the shore. inland areas warming up into the low 90s. ocean city. skies nice and clear. temperatures climbing quickly. philadelphia and suburbs. view from nbc 10 is a sunny one. clouds move through overnight have kept on going. moving out for the rest of the day. 70s in the lehigh valley. suburbs and delaware philadelphia at 73 degrees. see the shore at 69. temperatures in the 50s. steadily climbing. mount laurel all in the low 70s. cooled down in princeton. 63 degrees. that's the exception. most of the area is starting off in the 70s. climb to near 90s this
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afternoon. what you won't see today during the day are any showers or thunderstorms. out of the picture. not all that far away. see them moving past north western pennsylvania and into western new york. the first chance of showers will come into our area later this evening for redding and into the lehigh valley. and then a good chance will see showers and thunderstorms especially later tomorrow for the rest of the area. see a round that's moving through the ohio valley and sbig storms heading through new jersey this morning. a ways to go before they get to us. 12:15 we are dry. a lot of sunshine at cape may. clouds building central pennsylvania. the chance of showers will come in during the evening hours for the lehigh valley. most of the activity will be to the north. don't be surprised to get some showers and thunderstorms into the late evening hours as well. 11:15 tonight. tomorrow the clouds start racing in first thing. we'll see sunshine today. turns cloudy tomorrow. the first chance of showers comes through in the morning and
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then another round of showers and thunderstorms sweeping in during the late afternoon and evening hours. keep an eye on the sky tomorrow. today you'll knee sunglasses. 90s 1 degrees. a hot one today. humidity not bad, but starts moving up tonight. extra cloud cover 88 degrees high temperature. back up to 90 on sunday. storms out of the picture. humidity starts creeping down a little bit on sunday. goes even lower on monday. look at this, looks like a winner for the 4th of july. 89 degrees. then wet weather arrives for wednesday. thursday once the showers come to an end, the heat is back for friday. chance of more storms next saturday. >> looks like summer. thanks for that. we are accident looing ahead to a fun filled 4th of july weekend. wawa welcome america celebration features a concert and fireworks right here at penn's landing. all taking place tonight. plus fun and a great learning experience for the kids today. details next. ♪
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go forth and learn event all about the spirit of ben franklin. kids can learn about technology and experience programs at pen park. event is from 12-4:00 at ace adams field. >> another event tonight. free screening of the batman movie. begins 8:00 at the playground in north philadelphia. we are making the summer fun for nbc 10 viewers. at least trying to, right? this year's wawa welcome america festivi festivities. summer of fun give away. little way of sing thank you. chance to win one of these prizes. all inclusive get away from
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apple vacations and cancun. year of free wawa coffee. patio set from county line fence. trip to watch a taping of america's got talent shot in la. go out there all-expaeense paid pair of two day passes to budweiser made in america. several ways to enter. >> you can get bonus entries liking our facebook page, following us on twitter or sharing this give away on facebook or twitter. announce the winner live on the parkway, you can watch live here on nbc 10 this tuesday night beginning at 7:00. it's going to feel a little like cancun in philadelphia today. sunshine, temperatures climbing, right now 73 degrees at 6:25. we're heading up to near 90 degrees this afternoon. there are changes ahead. i'm tracking a chance of showers and thunderstorms for part of our area. your neighborhood forecast just ahead.
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road rage murder. investigators now say this teenage girl who was run off the road in chester county was shot and killed by another driver. this morning police are on the hunt for that shooter. plus tweet storm. lawmakers from both sides of the aisle express concern even outrage over president trump's tweet targeting two tv news hosts. it's time that we bring addiction out of the darkness and into the light. to everyone struggling in silence - addicts, family, friends -
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racing toward a midnight budget deadline or face a possible government shutdown. get washingtaway. experts predict record number of people travel this holiday weekend. break down what's driving the
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increase. 6:30. good morning. this is nbc 10 today. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm katy zachary. comfortable low 70 temperature outside. that is all about to change. get to bill henley. he has most accurate first alert neighborhood forecast for the holiday weekend. you know where the temperatures are going today with sunshine. get closer to the 4th of july. into the upper 80s to right around 90 degrees. right now not too bad. just warmer than yesterday. 72 in new jersey and the suburbs. sunshine 78 degrees. by 9:00 this morning. 85 degrees at lunchtime. like yesterday, the winds picking up out of the southwest. help elevate the temperatures and also bring in some humanity, especially this evening. could lead to late afternoon or evening thunderstorms in the lehigh valley. most of the day it will be dry and near 89 degrees. 90 for delaware, philadelphia,
6:31 am
and new jersey. into the low 90s, but at the shore, 80 degrees in afternoon with mostly sunny skies. break it down hour by hour show you how quickly it warms up in your neighborhood, but first, jessica boyington is watching friday morning traffic. >> right now watching a crash. this is out on 422. right around egypt road. on the westbound side. being reported as a crash actually. can't see any other vehicles. look like they're involved. cones out. work crew here. it is being reported as a crash for now. either way doesn't matter. what matters is it's over into the right hand shoulder on the westbound side of 422. good things it's on the westbound. eastbound is where we see big delays in the morning. right now getting by, but every time they come around the curve and start to see the cone they move over a little bit. tricky spot. also watching mass transit. 805 dealing with 20 minute delays. right now only dropping off passengers on the train.
6:32 am
not picking up anybody right now on this particular train. keep my eyes on that. on time on new jersey, am track. the hunt is on for the driver who killed this teenager who had just graduated from high school. another driver shot her in the head in an apparent fit of road rage. following this investigation. li live. matt, this search stretches across several states. tell us more. >> reporter: that's right. what was initially thought of as a tragic crash has now turned into a murder investigation. a girl getting ready for college. her family is preparing for her funeral. >> her personality was very loved. she always smiled. always wanted to entertain and make your smile. >> her family is heart broken and dumbfounded this morning. wondering why the 18-year-old
6:33 am
was murdered behind the wheel as she drove south wednesday evening. her car started jostling with a red pickup truck. not actually hitting, but both of them trying to merge together. then she was shot. . the man in the red pickup truck shot her directly in the head. >> reporter: she was killed. the driver of the red faded pickup fled. this is a photo of the two vehicles together before the crash. >> when we went to go look at the site, she was forced off the road and i can visualize it in my mind what happened to my daughter and i know she was scar scared. >> reporter: her dad says she was coming home from a shopping trip at the time. she was getting ready to attend jacksonville university in a couple of months. >> we were all excited for her. she was excited. we were just happy for her. >> the police have been handing out flyers like this one in hopes it brings forth more information. police describe the driver as a
6:34 am
man 30-40 years old. medium build and blond or light brown hair. that pickup truck a faded red color. possibly a chevy f. you know anything, call police. for now live in west goshen. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. the wawa welcome festival continues today with events across the city. >> tonight listen to world renowned philadelphia orchestra for free. live look from penn's landing. take the stage in the plaza at 8:00 p.m. tonight. the concert followed by fireworks show over delaware river water front that begins at 9:30. are you traveling this july 4th weekend. if so, you are definitely not alone. live look from hamilton county. the roads are quiet right now. we bet there are people getting an early start on holiday travel. triple a mid atlantic projects more than 44 million americans travel over the holiday weekend
6:35 am
making it the most traveled holiday 4th weekend ever. ever area of travel is up from cars to plane to train. this uptick is due to low gas prices and healthy economy we're told. we spoke to travelers even though they're not traveling far. leave at offhours to beat the rush. >> anticipate tomorrow being a nightmare. people traveling all during the day. afternoon, evenings. >> experts suggest beating the rush. leaving outside of peak hours. traveling on the holiday itself. now to some other stories we're following for you this morning. philadelphia's district attorney is now a convicted felon and out of a job. seth williams is in jail after pleading guilty to corruption charges in court yesterday. nearly two weeks into his federal trial. williams also signed a letter of resignation from the da's office. he faces up to five years in prison at his sentencing in october. a jersey shore doctor who was involved in a standoff with police is not allowed to
6:36 am
practice medicine right now. doctor james kauffman's million license has been temporarily suspended. authorities say he had a gun and threatened to kill himself. prosecutors say this is not related to the 2012 murder of his wife. developing now, new jersey state government is bracing for a shutdown with a budget dateline looming at midnight tonight. last night governor chris christie sent this letter saying they should prepare for the shutdown. this comes after a failed vote on christie's $34 billion spe spending plan. christie said he will not sign the budget unless it includes plan no overall largest insurer. >> both the republican controlled house and senate are likely to vote on the proposed $32 billion spending plan. the budget contained more money for schools, pensions and the disabled. now like new jersey t deadline
6:37 am
is midnight tonight. and we are expecting reaction this morning from co-host of msnbc morning joe after president trump targeted them on twitter yesterday. >> in fact, joe scarborough are delaying holiday vacation to appear on the show later this morning. yesterday the president tweeted out i heard poorly rated morning joe speaks badly of me. don't watch anymore. and how come low iq and crazy joe cam to mar-a-lago three nights in a row. she was bleeding badly from a facelift. i said no. lawmakers in both parties blasted these tweets. >> that really saddens me because it is so beneath the dignity of the president of the united states to engage in such behavior. >> tweets like this are inconsistent with the greatness of the country and the offioffi
6:38 am
>> defending himself against continuing personal attacks from what she called the liberal media. >> labeled the incident humiliation. showing an american bald eagle hanging head and below that caption reading trump's new low. sexist facelift rant versus tv host. it is 6:38. holiday weekend. it's going to be a lot of people going to be interested in what the weather is like not only today, tomorrow, sunday. all through tuesday. >> bill henley is a popular name in most households. >> hopefully year round. heading out right now it's warm. the temperatures are up 13 degrees compared to yesterday. we will see sunshine and heating up this afternoon with a warmer start. be in the upper 80s to low 90s this afternoon. then humidity be a little higher during the day. really becomes muggier this
6:39 am
evening. right now in philadelphia, 73 degrees. warm to 76 degrees at 8:00. still nice at that hour. southwesterly wind today in the middle 80s by lunchtime. there it is, 90 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. suburbs. 72. in the 80s by 10:00 this evening. bring in the humidity for this evening. the lehigh valley has sunshine. clouds are already thinning out. see mostly sunny skies during the day. 71 degrees, but late this afternoon, the clouds will be increasing and there is a chance of isolated showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon. even better chance of seeing some of those storms during the evening hours in the lehigh valley. stays dry in new jersey. 69 degrees right now. just dropped into the 60s. quickly warm to the 70s. middle 80s at noontime. 90 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. with wind coming in off the ocean, the jersey shore, see a warmup here too.
6:40 am
70s right now. warm up just to near 80 degrees. that's 2:00 this afternoon. temperature coming down a little bit later this amp. s up. temperatures going up. 71. 80 degrees by 10:00. near 90 this afternoon. heading to the concert at penn's landing. great evening for it. humidity comes up as the temperatures come down. 89 degrees. that's at 8:00 this evening. fireworks 9:30. 10:0084 degrees. weather changing for the weekend. shower free in philadelphia today. tomorrow likely to get showers and thunderstorms. show you the latest timing when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thank you. 20 minutes before 7:00. looks like we've got police activity. >> jessica boyington here with details on that. we're watching that on the westbound side of 422 and our cameras just around egypt road. over into the right-hand
6:41 am
shoulder. that's a good thing here. traffic a little slow come around the curve here trying to get by. see the cones out there. have to go slow by the scene. for the most part, seeing light volume that way anyway. not causing too many problems. watching 95. very slight increase on this drive time from woodhaven to vine street expressway. 18 minute trip there. typically 12-13 minute trip. nothing bad reported there. no accident a worry about. watching one in abington. around meeting house road. susquehanna road. end on the garden state parkway. a lot of sun glare. can't see the roads north or south moving through the cape may area. everything is good though. katy, back to you. we now know where medical marijuana dwill be in our area.
6:42 am
in jail related to the jerry san dusty trial. asked judge to change sentence. explain why he's made that request.
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6:45 am
welcome back. requesting a judge change his sentence because he says he's dying. pleaded guilty to child endangerment for failing to report abuse allegations against jerry sandusky to police. now he says he has incurable lung cancer and liver damage. asking the judge to allow him to serve 7-23 month sentence on house arrest and work release. >> about a quarter to seven now. county by county coverage begin this is morning with the issues of medical marijuana in pennsylvania. >> dispensaries now on the clock after the state granted more
6:46 am
than two dozen permits yesterday. now have six months to start operates. breakdown of locations. three in philadelphia, two in montgomery county, one each in berks, chester and delaware county. lehigh valley one dispensary in north hampton county and one in lehigh county. pennsylvania has a new law to protect children from abuse. yesterday signed act 12: which strengthens the state's child endangerments laws. the law also requires abusers to undergo counseling. in ocean county, cracking down on board walk games to ensure they're fair. checking at games at point pleasant beach in seaside heights to make sure the games of skill aren't just games of chance. so far inspectors found violations involving more than a third of the games in the area. >> also at jersey shore, change
6:47 am
in plans for a $63 million beach restoration project. army core of engineers says work will stop at vendor beaches on july 6. project will move to margate where crews will add dunes and extend the beaches there. the engineer said it changed plans because of unexpected issues with dredging equipment. work will resume later this summer. just a few minutes before the start of the "today" show. >> matt lauer and philly favorite channel jones in new york with a preview. >> did you call her a philly fanatic. >> you know better. >> great to have her here. savannah wrapping up vacation. always good to have channel here. good to see president trump under fire for controversial tweet. some lawmakers calling for resignation. have the very latest on this story. new products that claim to make your license plate visible to red light traffic cameras.
6:48 am
do they actually work? titanic exclusive. we're live at a secret location with never before seen artifacts from the wreckage. all that and a live concert on the plaza from charlie puts when we see you here today. >> great way to kick off the fourth. >> yes, it is. >> see you in a little bit. >> see you in a bit. here's a live picture right now. 12 minutes before 7:00 a.m. >> that's right. parkway looks great out there. 73 degrees. >> why wouldn't it be great right now. >> it's great. can we bottle this, bill. temperatures are going to be climbing today. starting off new jersey. nice view. blue skies overhead. in for a quick warmup. in the 70s right now. warmer than yesterday. near 90 this afternoon. likely to very low 90s for
6:49 am
philadelphia. live view from the adventure aquarium. clear skies this morning. we are running warmer right now. warmer than yesterday. and warmer than normal. allentown, 71 in vineland. trenton in philadelphia international. mount holly 11 degrees warmer. up by eight for trenton. wilmington nine degrees warmer. got into the upper 80s yesterday. very low 90s this afternoon. hottest temperatures between 4-5:00 in philadelphia. this is the moisture keeping up a little bit. stays steady during the day. humidity won't wrap up during the day. starts to inch up this evening, temperature comes down, you'll feel the humidity going up during the evening hours. could see showers and thunderstorms develop during the evening hours for a few neighborhoods. most of the area is going to be
6:50 am
dry. top l doppler radar and satellite stays dry. showers we've seen so far have been fizzling in the lehigh valley. look at the storms heading into new york this morning. those are missing us too, but see the chance of some of these showers coming in this evening and tomorrow we will likely get some storms. what you see over new jersey. for this afternoon just after noontime. we'll see a few showers in central pennsylvania while it's dry in redding, philadelphia, and across south delaware and new jersey. then this evening, 8:45. chance of showers for the lehigh valley and into the poconos. isolated showers possible in the suburbs as well. just before midnight this evening and come tomorrow, the clouds arrive first thing in the morning. mostly cloudy saturday. first round of showers coming through in the morning. lining likely to see late day showers and sunshine as well. enjoy the sunshine when it's here.
6:51 am
stemmier day tomorrow. showers and thunderstorms first chance in the morning. better chance of widespread activity during the late afternoon and evening hours. 88 degrees on saturday. then they clear out and it's sunshine for sunday. 90 tre 0 degrees the high tempe. muggy on sunday. humidity comes down on monday. 91 dreeegrees the high temperat and humidity goes lower on tuesday. we noticed backed off and showers and thunderstorms hold off until wednesday. in fact maybe later on wednesday and into thursday. then bring our temperatures down even more into the low 80s for thursday. ramp right back up into the 90s for next friday and saturday. so looking good as we're heading into the holiday weekend. thanks for that. about ten minutes before 7:00. enjoyable outside. enjoyable on the roads if you're one of the few people on the roads rights now. >> not unless you're off the shoulder on route 4226789 wa. people not happy about that. 422 looks good with this
6:52 am
happening. i'm starting to think it's construction from the big earlier crash that happened here. police activity there in the westbound side and over into the shoulder. lanes are still getting by. this is right around the egypt road on 422. not seeing big delays or changes in the drive time. also watching the bridges. back down alternate was there with betsy ross bridge. clear too. burlington bristol is going to be on its way. 655 for an opening there. next couple of minutes watch for a bridge to be closed over the burlington bristol and speaking of bridges. admiral wilson boulevard. moving into philadelphia right now. no problems. >> making summer fun for nbc 10 viewers during this year's festivities with nbc summer of fun give away. >> our way of saying thank you. you have a chance to win one of these prizes. free night all inclusive get
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away from apple vacation. year of free wawa coffee. patio set from county line fence. trip to watch a taping of america's got talent. live in la. and a pair of two day passes from live nation wud wibudweise in america. >> log on to get bonus entries by liking facebook page, following us on twitter, sharing give away on facebook or twitter. announce the winner live during the july 4th concert on the parkway. that's tuesday. you can watch live right here on nbc 10. tuesday night at 7:00. just a few minutes before 7:00. next we'll show you a quick check of the stories that we will be following today. >> includes a budget showdown in new jersey. the clock is ticking toward a midnight deadline and possible government shutdown. >>joe: hi.this is pennsylvania state treasurer
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joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to launch the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including erin. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at
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police in three states looking for the driver who murdered a girl in an apparent fit of road rage. investigators say the man shot and killed the 18-year-old while they were both driving in west goshen township. police looking for this red pickup truck last seen heading sou south. could note as early as this afternoon. governor chris christie says the spending plan must include an overhaul of the state's largest insurer. if not approved by tonight's midnight deadline, state government will shutdown. wawa welcome festival starts today with events across philadelphia. tonight philadelphia orchestra perform a free concert at penn's
6:58 am
landing at 8:00. that will be followed by fireworks over the delaware river. >> and let's take a live look right now at the ben franklin parkway. stage is nearly ready for all the festivities. the wawa welcome america. it will be followed by a big fireworks show. you can watch all of that right here on nbc 10. good morning, everyone. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. even on the slow days you can always count on the schuylkill expressway to give us some stand still traffic. right here city line avenue on the westbound side through this merge. pretty much backing up from montgomery drive and headed forward. that's where we're going to see some of that. crash out in lansdale just popped up. bridges okay. on standby of the process of the opening. clear on the betsy ross and
6:59 am
tacomy palmyra for now. skies are clear for now as well. the temperatures are in the 70s for now. they'll be climbing into the 80s near 90 degrees this afternoon. a faster warmup. right now 72 degrees in the suburbs. just a few scattered clouds. near 80 degrees. that's by 9:00 this morning. closer to 90 degrees at lunchtime. climbing with winds blowing. the temperatures at the shore will be cooler right around 80 degrees with a lot of sunshine, but inland 90 degrees for new jersey. upper 80s for the sburks suburbs and the lehigh valley could see late day thunderstorms more likely to come in during the evening hours. then get another round of showers whiand thunderstorms. dries out on sunday. with temperatures near 90 degrees sunday afternoon. it's looking good for the 4th of july too with a lot of sunshine. >> it is looking good. good for those barbecues. >> everyone here is going to be
7:00 am
barbecuing. >> i'm not going to be barbecuing. i'm going to be eating the barbecuing. local updates throughout the morning. always get realtime weather and news on the app. thanks for watching. the good morning. twitter storm. democrats and republicans alike accusing president trump of crossing a line with his crude tweet about msnbs host mika and joe scarborough. >> i don't see that as an appropriate comment. >> i don't think it's a surprise that anybody that he fights fire with fire. >> this morning, joe and mika speaking out. president trump and vladimir putin set for a high-stakes meeting next week, their first face-t face-to-face. but will the president challenge the russian leader on meddling in the election. venus williams found out


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